There are no Secret Prisons in Iraq - Part 3

This post was not possible without the wonderful help from a) Al-Rafidain Iraqi sat TV who provided all the transcripts from phone calls - calls by Iraqi ex-prisoners (from the secret prisons) and /or their families and b) A.H. aka Um Al-Ward. Her inside knowledge and great support is indispensable.

So thank you Al-Rafidain and A.H. for the fantastic work you do for our beloved Iraq.

In part 2, I said I will provide detailed information about Iraq's secret prisons including names of officers responsible for the torture that takes place.

But before I do so,  I need to denounce once more, once again the utter deceit and  hypocrisy of the Shiite parties of Iraq.

Muwafak Al -Rubaie, ex spokesman for Al-Maliki, decried the abuse of Human Rights in Iraq. Now that is so laughable...this joker is now another Gandhi.

The despicable Sadrist party on the other hand, through one of his mouthpieces - Sister Maha aka Maha Al-Douri, Sadrist MP, stated on al-Sharqiya TV 2 days ago that " the sadrists were aware of these secret prisons and they did everything in their power to stop the abuses...." Now you can REALLY laugh because -- in an article published today on Uruknet, an Iraqi Shiite journalist, appalled by the killings of the Sunnis at the hands of the Sadrists, denounced them . Sadrist members had him arrested, tortured, and had his family members killed.

Now for the transcripts that I will translate to the best of my ability. (so help me God).

Bear in mind that these are a SAMPLE, a few samples of witnesses account.

Transcript 1 from witnesses /victims. Transcript 1 mentions names and locations.

- Brigadier Sadik,director of the Al- Muthana secret prison, member of the DAWA party, is a criminal who uses the most abject forms of torture - that of a hamburger grill - among other methods of torture, forcing the detainee to sit naked on the hot grill, burning his buttocks until the skin sticks to the hot grill. This brigadier was aided by another criminal by the name of Ala'a - a member of the military  security apparatus, hired by Maliki's office.

- Lieutenant Hatem Al-Maksumee, one of the directors of  the counter terrorist bureau , affiliated directly to Al--Maliki's office, also responsible for the joining of the militia members with the armed forces is also a director of the military security apparatus in the Green Zone. His area of expertise is the torture of ex-army officers, where he tortured and finished off over 50 ex army officers and has numerous torturers under his supervision, all directly hired by Al-Maliki's office.  He is also responsible for supervising the detainees held in the following secret prisons :

* the Harithia secret prison in Baghdad
* The Shareef secret prison behind the Ministry of Human Rights inside  the Green Zone - Baghdad
* the Il'wiya secret prison -  section 54, Baghdad, led by  Brigadier Ali Fadel Al-Obaidi
* and another secret prison in section 24 led by the terrorist Officer Raheem Rissan Al-Baydani.

- Brigadier Ghassan, head of the 11th unit aided by Farook Al-Araji - one of the directors in Maliki's office - their task is to supervise officers from the joint militia/armed forces units, related to the DAWA party. Their job is to execute the orders regarding the physical liquidation of some of the detainees in the secret prisons. Thereafter the detainees bodies are thrown on the outskirts of Baghdad city  The bodies are then transported in the middle of the night by vehicles belonging to Unit 56 - unit in charge of Baghdad's operations whose headquarter is in the Green Zone.

- Lieutenant Haidar, responsible for intelligence operations in Unit 54, Division 1, Group 6. This criminal is responsible for the arbitrary arrests in the Mansour and Harthi'a districts and that without any arrest warrants.Those arrested are then transferred to the Muthana secret prison and heavily tortured. Thereafter that same criminal contacts the families of the detainees demanding huge sums of money. If the families in question cannot afford to pay this extortion sums, the detainee is killed and the body is then dumped in the street. This criminal is also a member of the DAWA party and part of Colonel Fadel Al-Obaidi's team.

Secret Prisons ? What secret prisons ? --- to be continued with the rest of the transcripts.

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