November 28, 2010

Crucified Fragments...

Iraq's mosaic, social fabric has disintegrated - that's it. I do not want to hear any bastard talk of national reconciliation no more. There is no national reconciliation because there is no national project and there is no national culture because there is no Nation-State and no Nation left.

This is the stark Truth. A destroyed, disintegrated, torn, fragmented, crucified country. Crucified at the altar of American democracy and freedom, crucified at the altar of Iranian political Shi'ism, crucified in the offices of big business contracts, crucified in an oil field. Crucified and abandoned. Will it ever resurrect ? I don't think so - I have lost faith. God has abandoned us. And I want to shout - Oh Lord why have you forsaken us ?!

Yesterday - 265 Iraqi Christians families have fled from Baghdad and Mosul to Erbil. They were carrying a blanket, a pillow and a few belongings. They are roaming the streets of Erbil to find a place to sleep. One said - we can't even find a tent.

A Christian committee has been set up and they declared the following : We are Iraqis, we will not follow the Western agenda that is urging us to leave our country - into exile. This is our land. We demand autonomous self rule in the plains of Nineveh.

Is there more to say ?

November 27, 2010

Open Chapters in Dungeons...

I am starting to sound like some old woman - you know, the one who keeps repeating the same story and everyone around nods their head in politeness and once she turns her back, they raise their eyebrows as if to say --- yeah it's her again, she's at it again !

Well yes, am at it again. Why shouldn't I ? What has changed for me to change that "broken record"?

How many of you can live a "normal" life not knowing what has happened to the people you care for ?!

I still don't know where O. is and if he's still alive. It's a big mystery. Why can't anyone tell us ? What is this Freedom where you simply disappear and no one knows anything about your whereabouts ? Is he dead, is he alive, where is he, what happened, if dead where is his body, in which mass grave, who saw him last, in which prison, was he badly tortured, how did he die, did he die, can we keep hope, can we still wait some more, can anyone tell us anything ? these are questions I live with daily...

I still want to know what happened to O. I need closure, I need to close a chapter, a story, I need to add it to the list of victims of Freedom and Democracy...I need to know. This not knowing is driving us sounds rather expedient, matter of fact, kind of - let's get on with it...we have no options...we must get on with it. But we still need to close chapters. Excuse me if that bothers you, if that's too much of a demanding exigent request, but yes, we're willing to face death, as long as we can close chapters...or maybe that's too much to ask? Maybe we're not allowed that basic thing...maybe we're supposed to stay in a limbo forever...suspended in between life and death like some purgatory for unknown sins...or maybe the sin of his name - O. for Omar.

I finally managed to get news from K. We now know in which dungeon he's been taken to again, again, and fucking again. K. was detained by the Americans, then transferred to the Shia forces - in both instances he was badly tortured, but when I met him last time, after his first release, he told me that the Shia forces were worse than the Americans. He was electrocuted in his private parts and his wrist went paralyzed from hanging from a hook. He's over 65 years old.

When he was released the first time, after much bribes and extortion money, he kept sleeping in different locations so that his Mukhber - the spy who receives a commission from the government - does not arrest him again.

Two months ago, K.was arrested again, and we did not know his whereabouts...finally we received news via a janitor. He's been tortured again, electrocuted again in his private parts and again they are demanding extortion money to release him - 50'000 dollars.

Again there are no charges against him - his only crime - he's a Sunni Arab.

That means that Sunni Arabs will always be preys for this sectarian Shia government. No matter how much money we're willing to secure for his release, they will always find another excuse to arrest, and torture one of us.

Their message is clear - they want us all out of the country...they are telling us you don't belong here..they are telling us -- we will keep on making your life hell...

K's family refuses to leave. They say -- this is our country. K. will probably not survive this second round of torture/punishment for being a Sunni Arab. Still, the family is obstinate.

They said to me - We are here to stay.

Like open chapters in secret dungeons...

Further reading to confirm the above -- since most of you are lazy ignorant cynics who can't be bothered to read and are gullible enough to only believe your own press - so read that : Iraqi's Sunnis view Justice system as cudgel.

November 26, 2010

Iraq : An American-Iranian Ecological Disaster.

I wanted to go for a long walk, and breath some fresh air, but I changed my mind. I have stored yesterday's information in my mind and scribbled a few facts on a piece of paper and I do not wish to lose any of the data. This is urgent. Dead urgent, like everything else in Iraq.

I have written before maybe not a great length, about the ecological disaster that has befallen Iraq following the American occupation in 2003. A multifaceted environmental crisis which has already produced some bitter fruits.

There is of course the million of years life span contamination of Iraqi soil and water with Depleted Uranium, and I suppose by now, the reader is familiar with the effects of D.U on Iraqi people and their health system, with the soaring birth defects, and cancer rates among children not sparing women, men nor the elderly. A quick search on Falluja and Basra will be a good reminder.

Besides D.U there is also the destruction of arable land. The Americans proceeded to burn entire agricultural fields, orchards and palm trees. By way of example, in the past Iraq had 350 different kinds of dates and used to export dates to the whole world, today it imports dates.

The destruction of arable land was also exacerbated with the drought situation in Iraq. The diminishing levels of water from the two major rivers due to Iran, Syria and Turkey basically diverting the water flow to their countries, through the construction of illegal dams -- despite signed protocols and agreements between Iraq and these countries. The drought had become so severe that Iraq had to beg Turkey for some water last year. Iran on the other hand has been let off the hook for obvious reasons - it has a government in Baghdad.

But there are more aspects to the nefarious Iranian role in Iraq besides having a government in central Baghdad and stealing water...Iran dumps its radioactive nuclear waste in the Anbar province and of course no one talks about the cancer rates in the Anbar, and it also dumps daily an efflux in cubic meters of polluted industrial sewage water through three huge pipes from the Khuzestan province into Shatt Al-Arab in Basra.

Shat Al-Arab is the main source of water for the whole southern area of Iraq. The dumping of industrial toxic waste and sewage into that strait meant a higher salinity of the waters and in the space of a few weeks due to the contamination and salinity of the water 17km of Basra's agricultural lands are no longer of use. They basically dried up with the industrial toxic salts. If this trends continue, all of Basra's arable land will die. The ratio is roughly 40 cubic meters of dumped industrial poison a day causes 3km of arable (Arab) land to vanish. So far Iran has dumped between 40'000 to 65'000 TDS (total dissolved solids) of toxic waste.

Independent Iraqi environmental experts are already talking of an another ecological disaster in the South, the extinction of flora and fauna, the end of biodiversity in that area, and most important the irremediable contamination of water that is used for drinking and agriculture.

Despite the fact that both Iran and Iraq are signatories to various Environmental agreements including the RAMSAR agreement of 1971 and the Rio agreement of 1992 plus other bilateral protocols (that includes Syria and Turkey by the way), it seems that none of these agreements have been respected. Iraqi environmentalist are urging to take Iran to the international court of Justice to stop this disaster from engulfing the whole Iraqi provinces.

Iran of course could process its industrial waste in a different manner instead of dumping it into Shatt Al-Arab, polluting, contaminating and contributing to the death of the Iraqi south, but Iran considers Iraq its garbage dump. The sectarian Shia government in Baghdad ensures it does.

And there is much more to the Iraqi ecological disaster...but I will content myself with the above for today.

November 24, 2010

Discourses in the Aftermath...

Someone remarked the other day - "Tweeting/reading/blogging about Iraq is simply super depressing. And am just an outside observer! "

Yes so true. It is super depressing.

Going daily through material related to post liberated Iraq leaves me hopeless, enraged, traumatized, gasping in horror at the extent of the hideous, heinous, grotesque acts that have been committed and are still committed in the name of Freedom.

Daily I go through not less than 50 articles, in Arabic and in English...I watch out for a sentence, a line, a word that will reveal the bigger picture...hidden underneath layers of politically correct garbage reporting and journalism.

I am still to finish my reflections on the Wikileaks war logs - and am exhausted, am mentally exhausted of being one of the few that sees the whole bloody picture staring me, glaring me in the eye, in my waking days and in my sleep, while others are still trying to sweep it under the thick carpet of silence, breaking the already shattered Truth into tinier shards of piercing glass, tucking it in between the lines of discourses, twisting the spiked broken glass, and sticking it somewhere in a text, in an article, in an interview with the dexterity of a devilish magician.

I watch out for words, syntax construction, omissions...and through these I see in no time where the author is coming from and what his/her political agenda is.

This is how discourses are constructed and maintained through their subliminal messages and omissions.

Some are quite sophisticated, others less so, but once you get the knack of it, it is so easy to spot them, read between the lines and figure out the manipulations, the deliberate use and twisting of words with the aim of burying the Truth even further.

The task of reconstructing that Truth is monumental because insofar as Iraq is concerned, there has not been at any time in History, such a cover up.

The reader needs to understand that this occultation of the Truth is done on many levels.
From the camouflage of real data - figures, to the concealment of gross human rights violations - arbitrary executions and the most sadistic forms of torture and rape, to the secrecy of daily killings that go unreported. And it does not stop there.

It does not step there because you also have the "aftermath of the Liberation". The thousands untold stories of the after effect of Liberation : stories of ethnic cleansing, stories of cultural cleansing, stories of rape, stories of post torture trauma and lives that will never become whole again, stories of disease from toxic contamination, stories of sex trade and trafficking, stories of lost lives in exile, stories of daily violence and disappearance, stories of loss of references and anchors, stories of displacement, stories of destitution and poverty, stories of usurpation, profiteering, exploitation, extortion embezzlement, corruption, theft...and it does not stop here either...

So daily, I try to retrace that Truth, through the hundreds of untold stories...because that picture must remain whole in my mind. And am vigilant, very vigilant...on my guards, on the look out for that word, that sentence, that discourse that tries to obliterate that Truth.

I will use two cases here to illustrate my point, by way of example. By no means exhaustive examples...just a sample of the kind of discourses that are maintained from both political poles - Right and Left. And hopefully their mendacity will be revealed.

Let me start with an article by Christopher Hitchens. I can't go through all of it, I suggest you read it. In that article  C.Hitchens is hoping that Tariq Aziz's death penalty be lifted. What a noble thing to do! And in that same article Hitchens goes on to praise the humanism of Jalal Talabani (noting that his party is a member of the Socialist International), he mentions en passant the "extermination of the Kurds", and in the same vein gives an overview of the "terrifying regime" of Saddam Hussein, the beastly declarations of Tariq Aziz on Iran and his atrocious crimes against Shias, links Baathism to Terrorism only to conclude that Jalal Talabani - the social democratic humane and brave puppet of the American occupation must be given the full sympathy he merits by the West.

What has started as an appeal to lift the death sentence against a Tariq Aziz, an ailing sick man imprisoned by the American occupation ends as a bolstering of that same occupation and a praise for its puppets.

Not one word is mentioned about the daily executions and bestial torture that goes on in Iraq's dungeons by Americans, Iranians and their Shia and Kurdish supporters in the "Democratic Humane" Iraq.

The above example is rather blatant, well to me it is. Let me give you a more difficult one to decrypt and decode.

The other day I was zapping and landed on CNN, a TV station I never watch as a rule of thumb. But this time around I did. I saw Nir Rosen being interviewed about his latest book on Iraq. I had in the past read Nir Rosen's articles and they left me unimpressed. Nir Rosen is supposedly an anti war writer. If one can qualify him that way that is. He visited Iraq a couple of times, pretending to be an Iraqi, he looks kind of Arab (his Iranian and Israeli origins did help) and was even a short guest of Muqtada Al-Sadr boys, under their protection so to speak.

So in that interview he was being asked questions about Iraq and how he saw the Future of this bleeding country - in the Aftermath...

On the surface, his replies to the CNN questions sounded good. He mentioned ethnic cleansing, he said that there is no democracy, he mentioned torture...but then he said a few other things that gave him away. He said that the structure of a "representative government" in Iraq has been established, and that it will take time for this government to conduct Iraqi affairs according to the laid structure. Then when talking about ethnic cleansing and current Shia sectarianism - he said en passant, now that the Sunnis have been defeated...

I was watching this with my mom. We both grabbed our slippers ready to shoot them at the TV screen. The only thing that prevented us is that we can't afford a new TV. Even my mom who never heard of Nir Rosen, never read his articles, does not know where he's from, is unaware of his "leftist anti war" stands, saw the twisting and the plot of the discourse.

So what Nir Rosen is basically telling the world is the following : The American occupation of Iraq did lay the foundation for a representative government. OK, there's ethnic cleansing of Arab Sunnis, but they were defeated. Re-read these sentences, they are textual.

A more representative government in Iraq implies that the previous one was not. It implies that Shias and Kurds were disfranchised in their political representation. Exactly what the neocons and the theorists for the Occupation of Iraq have been harping on for the past 20 years.

Now the second sentence - yes there was ethnic cleansing but the Arab Sunnis were defeated. That means that the Sunnis engaged in a war with the Shias and were defeated. They're out of the equation. So again Nir Rosen is reiterating what has been shoved down our throats for the past 7 years, namely that Saddam Hussein and his government was an Arab Sunni government, but that in the aftermath of the invasion (because Nir Rosen there is no Aftermath of the Occupation - we are still occupied - unless you consider Iraq to be sovereign now) the Sunnis engaged in a war against the Shias hence were defeated through ethnic cleansing.

Is this not the same discourse we've been hearing all those years ?! Namely Iraqis killing each other in a civil war, because the Sunni insurgents bombed the Samarra shrine, and that Shias and Kurds have been so oppressed and now finally the Arab Sunnis who are really insurgents read terrorists, are finally defeated. And after all, yes there's no true democracy in Iraq, but there are the structures for a representative government in occupied Baghdad.

I called on Nir Rosen with the crafty crap he spewed on CNN - he said that I confused explanations, descriptions and justifications. Basically he was telling me I understand nothing about my own country and what happened to it -- because only the likes of Nir Rosen (travelling incognito to Baghdad a couple of times under the protection of the Mahdi Army) and the likes of C.Hitchens understand really what is taking place in Iraq.

And before I wrap up - Did you notice the most obvious ? Not yet ? Well please do next time you read anything on current Iraq - notably : despite the fact that article after article mentions the extensive torture, executions, and killings in Iraq's prisons, be it in the North, South or central Baghdad, (UNHCR figures: 1 in 5 Iraqis have been tortured since 2003) not once did I read from the Right or the Left that Iraq today is a terrifying oppressive Dictatorship and that Maliki is a brutal Tyrant.

Ladies and Gents, the occultation of the Truth through such discourses is the occultation of Iraq and her people.

And this was EXACTLY the American Iranian and Israeli goal.

November 17, 2010

Iraqi Christians - Who is behind their Massacre & Exodus ?

I said it on Twitter and will repeat it again here - You can't divorce the death sentence issued against Tariq Aziz - an Iraqi Christian and FM under Saddam Hussein and the latest spate of violence and murder committed against Iraqi Christians.

In Baghdad - the blame is laid on Al-Qaeda. In the following article, you will see for yourselves who Al-Qaeda Iraq is. Iraqi Christians in Baghdad also point the finger to Jaysh Al-Mahdi of Muqtada Al-Sadr. (article here)

In the North, in Mosul in particular there's a massive exodus of Iraqi Christians, either outside the country or to the outskirts of the Nineveh province. Hundreds of Iraqi Christians have closed down their businesses and are living in rented Churches, in dire conditions.

Information that I've been receiving lay the blame on the Iraqi forces (loyal to Maliki and the Shiite parties) and the Kurdish militia called the Peshmergas.

Below is an email I just received regarding the massacre of Iraqi Christians in Baghdad. Read it till the end.


Ibrahim Ebeid , Iraq Palestine Committee

November 14, 2010

Iraq, known in history as the Cradle of Civilization, never knew terrorism. Security, progress and pursuit of happiness were enjoyed by all its citizens and residents until the Cradle of Civilization was invaded and occupied by the dual occupiers of the odd couple, the United States and Iran. Their intent was to weaken Iraq, rip it apart, and to destroy it. They would not be content until they eradicated Iraq’s Arab identity and stole its wealth as spoils of war.

The chief terrorists, Maliki, his Dawa Party, the Badr Brigades, the Supreme Islamic Council of Hakim and others were trained and financed by Iran and installed as “rulers in the “Green Zone” by the United States. They and their sectarian militias are behind the mass murder that is occurring in Iraq on a daily basis.

The attack on the Lady of Salvation Church was designed and executed by Maliki and Iran. A reputable source, Munathamat Al-Rasd wal Maloomat Al-Wataniah, an Iraqi monitoring intelligence organization, informed The Iraq Palestine Committee with the following information:

Murtaza Kashmiri , a high ranking commander in the Iranian Itlaat planned and supervised the criminal attack on the church in Baghdad with the approval and blessing of Maliki’s office headed by Sadeq Al-Rikabi a close confidant of Maliki.

Al-Rikabi is a long time Itlaat agent who was recruited in 1986, his code name Abou Jaafar al Iraqi. He took part with Dawa Party in bombing and blowing up the Iraqi Embassy in Beirut on December 15, 1981.

Seven people were recruited to commit the crime; two of them knew about the plot between Itlaat and Maliki, while the others only knew that they were going to participate in a “jihadi” mission. All of them were salafis, fundamentalists, close to al Qaeda operating in Chechnya. Only the leaders of the group, Ahmed al-Shishani and Sibghatullah, fought in Afghanistan and Iraq with al Qaeda, which is financed by Iran.

The terrorists were instructed to attack a church. They were given a cell phone number to contact, supposedly belongs to the Ministry of the Interior and were told to speak classical Arabic demanding the release of prisoners in Egypt. The phone number was that of Baghdadia Television, belonging to Awn al-Khoshlook. For this agreement, al-Baghdadia was paid $150,000. The coordinator was Abdul Hameed al-Saleh who received $30,000 sent to his account in Damascus where he lives with his cousins.

One of the terrorist was instructed to blow himself up to make the operation a genuine terrorist act .The rest of the terrorists would have stayed three days in the church to conduct negotiations. But the order from Itlaat to al-Maliki was to eliminate all the terrorists immediately so none of the terrorists was allowed to exit alive.

I, Ibrahim Ebeid, a Christian Arab, lived and worked in Baghdad for a few years in the 1970s and visited Iraq before and after. I never witnessed or experienced any discrimination of any kind or heard of any indiscriminate killing under the Ba’ath. All religions were treated equally. Saddam Hussein helped finance the building of churches, as well as maintaining and renovating them. Christians were part of the fabric of Iraq, They held high jobs; they served in the Armed forces; they were pilots, engineers, doctors, and educators, who participated in building Iraq until the Americans and the Persians invaded the nation. They spread terrorism and destruction. Not only Christians are under attack, all Iraqis are. Bombs fall on civilians while mosques and other places of worship are being blown up. Terror is all over, conducted by the militias and gangs of the sectarian government and parties that the US and Iran support.

Mr. Obama is not serious about ending the war in Iraq. He continues to support the sectarian terrorist regime of Maliki and others who were created by Iran. More than 50,000 US troops and 100,000 mercenaries are still terrorizing the people of Iraq. The war has not ended.

If Mr. Obama is concerned about the state of Iraq and wants the Iraqi people to enjoy democracy, security and prosperity, he should recognize that the Iraqi National Resistance is the one entity that is capable of achieving these goals, not the agents in the Green Zone.

Further Reading :

Ethnic Cleansing Driving Christians out of Iraq

Video Iraqi Christian Refugees continue to arrive in Turkey

4 Christians killed in Mosul as Exodus continues

Iraq - War Logs Reflections.3

I have finally managed to write my third in the series. This one is not directly related to the Wikileaks revelations but rather will provide the reader with the background framework without which the Wikileaks documents do not make any sense.

In my two other posts I used metaphors to illustrate certain points, and I mentioned that at times the use of the logical rational mind is also needed to complete a picture and make sense of it.

This post will rely solely, most likely on the use of the rational mind and the logic of deductive thinking.

Remember what I said about Oral History and its transmission ? That too relied on deductive thinking on the part of the receiver - and I hope you shall use yours.

Iraq - a hard nut to crack.

Iraq was a hard nut to crack - granted. Saddam Hussein and his regime held onto it tighthly and at times with an iron fist.  In retrospect that proved not such a bad thing after all. As the Koran says - it may be that you detest something but it holds goodness for you.

Much had to be manoeuvered to have that "nut" finally crack open. Imagine a fortress, one cannnot subdue a fortress overnight, it requires long  preparations. And a long preparation did take place.

The sanction years were a preparation for 2003, the year of invasion and occupation of Iraq. This is most important to keep in mind as some see the sanction years totally separated from what befell us later. Not so.

The Embargo was an essential instrument for the subsequent invasion and occupation of Iraq. Not only did the sanctions fragilize an already vulnerable society that had just come out of a 8 years long war with a fanatic entity called Iran, but those sanctions years also helped plant the seeds of divide and rule, the seeds of sectarianism in which Iran played a major leading role.

In the aftermath of Gulf War I - Desert Storm, both Iran and Israel capitalized on the fragility of the Iraqi apparatus and started their ground work of Ethno-Sectarian divide that was to be finally completed by the US invasion.

It is fair to say that without Iran's predominant role, the invasion and occupation of Iraq would have not been able to last that long for we are a tenuous resilient people, I know it to be so. Iran with its militias and parties played an incremental role in not only maintaining the US occupation of Iraq but also in furthering the destruction and the tearing apart of the Iraqi societal fabric.

Many Iraqis I know, are still bewildered by the fact that the Outside world, all of it, still does not believe them when they tell people that these sectarian ethnic divides were foreign to us before 2003. I still don't understand why the outside world refuses to believe that fact. We can't all be lying about our own country.

Of course there were two categories of people who for the most part lived either in the West or in Iran mainly the Kurds and the Iraqi Shias bred by Iran's Khomeini's revolution who in cohort with Western and Israeli intelligence worked very hard to prepare the ideological framework for the partition of Iraq along ethnic and sectarian lines. The Left, in general, (and that includes the antiwar movement) both Western and Arab also played an important role in backing the Zionist US agenda for Iraq by parroting the same discourse. This discourse has not died yet and is still used to maintain and perpetuate both the American and Iranian presence in Central and Southern Iraq and the Israeli presence in its North (via the Kurds).

The American plan for Iraq could not have been executed without the ideological and logistic help of the above groups.

And as in any plan, there must be victims. The firs victim of this genocide is of course the Iraqi people, the second victim within that grander genocide are the Arab Sunnis and other minority groups in Iraq like the Christians, the Sabaeans, the Yezidis, the Armenians, etc...

It was impossible for the US plan to take hold in Iraq without the destruction of the Iraqi Mosaic, a multi religious, ethnic mosaic. Hence the ideological splitting of Iraq into three distinct categories Shias, Sunnis and Kurds (who are majority Sunnis) was an absolute must.

The "brains" behind this ethnic sectarian plan of confessional, communal divide were non others than the Zionists who rule the White House during, before and after Bush's reign. Their names have been repeated often and I shall repeat them again tonight. Wolfowitz, Perle (ex adviser for Netanyahu) Feith and the rest...

R.Perle in an interview on al Jazeera English on Riz Khan's program was one of the first advocates for Kurdish and Shia rights in Iraq as separate entities from the rest of Iraqi society. This interview is still available online, google it. This idea was later on advocated by J.Biden current VP for Obama.

Oddly enough or maybe not so odd, Chomsky, the Left Guru was another advocate of the same. Hence one can understand the abysmal stand of the Left on the war on Iraq and its ideological contribution to the American agenda.

Again in the aftermath of Gulf War 1, A.Sharon (who am told has risen from the grave) was hell bent on regime change in Iraq over and above the fact that Israel (and Iran) have been supplying Iraqi Kurds with training and arms and that since the 70's. Israel did attempt to negotiate with Iraq via third parties a Peace deal in the late 80's which Iraq flatly turned down (unlike Syria). The Israelis understood that Iraq and its regime led by Saddam Hussein was not going to give in like Egypt and Jordan did. Iraq had to go.

For it's part Khomeinist Iran, despite a peace truce never ceased its old ambitions to conquer Iraq - an ambition stemming more from a populist ideology made of a mish mash of Persian empire national aspirations and political Shia Revivalism that fitted beautifully well in the American plan for the invasion and partition of Iraq. It is no coincidence that the Iraqi National Opposition in the 90's led by Ahmad Chalabi to the White House (under Clinton) was mainly constituted of "Iraqis" exiled in Iran. And it is most disconcerting that the great majority of people totally fail to understand the crux of this Persian ideology, for it has cost us our lives.

In the above paragraphs I gave you a brief background layout against which the American invasion and occupation took place.

One can see clearly that Iran's and Israel's regional interests found their window of opportunity in the American invasion of Iraq. Israel had already planted its Zionist seeds in so-called Kurdistan and Iran in the South and in the Holy Shiite centers of Iraq. It was a matter of time before they could make their full move and each grab a share of the ancient coveted pie - Iraq.

Historically it made sense for both Israel and Iran, who saw Iraq - Mesopotamia as some mythical center to which they lay claims. Ideologically, it was also imperative for both to destroy the last bastion of Arabism. Israel used the Kurds and enhanced their so called hatred of Arabs in the form of Kurdish chauvinistic nationalism and Iran used Shii'sm and portrayed it as some Persian made cult that is devoid of Arabs and cloaked it in Islamic garb. (note: Persia only became Shiite in the 15th century).

to be continued...

November 10, 2010

Short of Words...(for now)

It feels as if I have not posted in ages...

Am too taken by some sectarian Shia shit who's harassing me - deliberate evil on his part for no reason...for no objective reason except, maybe because I am a non Shiite Iraqi. Well yeah I don't like shit nor the smell of it...that's a good enough reason I suppose.

Anyways...seen too much so far. Fucking Mercy where are you ?

Guess I've got to go through another episode of the Sunni Witch Hunt...keep the motions going until the awaited Mahdi lands...somewhere in Mesopotamia.

Do nudge me when he a chalice filled with fresh blood to offer him.

In the meantime...until...I am going to listen to songs.

I like this one, understand nothing of the words...but no matter. I understand it all.