February 28, 2007

The language of Parrots.

Some years ago, I read a beautiful Sufi treatise by Farradin'Attar entitled "Conference of the Birds".
Like all powerful Sufi stories, this one stayed with me.
The story, an allegory, is basically about a flock of different kinds of birds wanting to meet the Simorgh. The Simorgh being none other than the "highest" Bird.
After a lengthy and torturous travel route, only a few made it to the Simorgh.
Many gave up half way. Some got stuck in their own stories, others just dropped out from sheer exhaustion and others were afraid to venture beyond...
But only those that were earnestly seeking to meet Him, managed to make it and reached their final destination.
Of course, Farradin'Attar in his brilliant way, meant the Simorgh as a metaphor for Truth.

Now, I have been receiving tons of mail, from all kinds of people...
I assume they too are searching for the Truth.
But like some of the birds in the Sufi tale, they are stuck.

Some write to me with the same old verbiage, regurgitated about a thousand times...
And it goes like this:" I am anti-occupation, but...Saddam was an Imperialist thug"..."I am against what is happening but you see, you have to understand, that Saddam was a tyrant"..."I really don't like this, but frankly you guys brought it onto yourselves...after all he was a dictator"..." It is all because of him...he was nothing but a traitor"..." He was a CIA/Zionist agent...yeah that's him"...

Some are slightly more sophisticated. They use "important" terminology.
Like big impressive words and get their nickers in a twist with detailed analysis that amounts to nothing really. Others are plain obnoxious...

But none of the above actually bother me ...I see them for what they are.
Either a very ignorant bunch, or people who can't be bothered to think for themselves and opt instead for ready made slogans and that is so much easier, I do concede that.
And some are simply too "basic" to articulate ...
In the past, this would anger me. Then it irritated me. Now I simply don't care.

I have studied closely what is happening to Iraq - too closely, for comfort.
I know who the main players are. I know what the long term plan is. I know what the regional interests are all about...And more importantly, I am made of the "same mud" and "some things" you just know. Informed comment or no informed comment, with and without Empire analysis...

And I know enough about human psychology to realize how power plays, influence and coercion, manipulation and outright deceit work...

I like details but I prefer the end result. I like to see the trees, but I prefer gazing at the forest.
I, in fact, like to see the bigger picture. And for that, one needs to fly high above.

You see, am a bird too... and I love soaring...
And during one of my flights, this is what I saw:

That an imperialist thug would not voluntarily walk to the gallows when he had a chance for a compromise with his predators...
That a dictator who cares about Unity is no longer a dictator...
That a tyrant would save his backside. He could become another Pinochet or a Shah in exile...
That a traitor would not have men loyal to (his) similar ideals still fight the Occupation, sacrificing their families, their future, their lives ....in the same manner that he did.
That a CIA/Zionist agent who wants the blessings of the twinsouls, would still be alive now and running the show...Just look at the majority of the other Arab leaders.

I also saw that Freedom with no dignity is worthless...That democracy with no voice is an empty corrupt word...That love with no commitment is cheap...
And, that parrots look good on the outside. They have a colorful and exotic plumage...but their language is ....oh well....you know...only slogans.
And like in the Conference of the Birds, the parrots kept talking to themselves whilst other birds reached the Simorgh...

Moral of the story: Parrots are just what they are...parrots.Teach them a few words and know that you have owned them for life.

Painting: Iraqi kurdish artist Serwan Baran.

February 25, 2007

Last Tango in Baghdad ?

Zeynab, my dear friend (a shia - just in case you wondered) and I were chatting this morning over several cups of coffees.
We occasionally play this mind game which we have dubbed with the code name "Imagine"
It goes like this:
Imagine you had a million dollars...imagine you met prince charming...imagine you had your own swimming pool...imagine you are a famous singer...imagine you are a well known actress...imagine you did not have to worry anymore...imagine you can travel wherever you desire...imagine you are a politician (we hated that one)...imagine you were a cleric (we hated that one even more)...imagine you were forced to cover your face (no,we skipped that one quick)...imagine you could learn a new dance.

Yes! We both digged that one. We both love dancing and one of our secret wishes was to learn how to dance Tango in Buenos Aires.

So we imagined this tall hunk of a latino guy (preferably a Che Guevara look alike - without the beret and minimal hair gel) teaching us Tango steps to some smooth "Mi Confesion" tune...Us, dressed in those sleek black dresses and high heels...just heavenly...
But suddenly a grey cloud hovered our heads...Our faces changed expressions "subitamente".
We stared at each other and remembered Muqtada al Sadr, Al Hakim (father and son), Al-Maliki and Co...

Our smiling eyes lost their twinkling shine in matters of seconds and we instantly redressed ourselves in a prime and proper fashion as if some invisible "morality" militia guard appeared out of nowhere and was brandishing a gun and a drill to our heads.
Oh dear me, what an anti-climax that was.

We were obviously brought back to our shitty reality with one lightening of a thought that worked as a thunder bolt to wake us up from our innocent "reverie".

So we naturally deviated our fun game to more "serious" matters...Yeah you guessed right, the future of Iraq...
Did I say the "future" of Iraq? Seems I did.
Let us see what this future holds for us and yes Iraqi women are included in this future and no it is not solely about your tedious, dry, pseudo-academic, political analysis which has little bearings on our daily realities.

- P.Cockburn in a very rare moment of fractional truthful lucidity (let us keep our fingers crossed and hope that it lasts - even though I personally doubt it) "reported" in his latest article on the partial British withdrawal from Southern Iraq and I quote:

"...But long before then almost all the remaining British forces will be located at Basra air base and act in support of Iraqi military and police units..." the articles continues "...As a result, southern Iraq has, in effect, long been under the control of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) and the so-called "Sadrist" factions...The Iraqi forces that Britain helped create in the area were little more than an extension of Shia Islamist control by other means."

Now how do you read this? I read it as follows:

1) the so called Iraqi military and police are part of the current government presided by Al Maliki. Members of his government are : Al Hakim, father of the Badr Brigades from the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Council who helped the safe passage of Chalabi into Baghdad after its fall in 2003.
2) Chalabi the three in one agent who has made a noticeable comeback ( read the full article by R. Dreyfuss here) as I have mentioned it my previous post "Diss Information.
3) and last but not least, Muqtada al Sadr with his Jaysh Al-Mahdi also known as the Sadrists.

Finally P.Cockburn admits (even though he goes on to distort a few facts later on in the article but I will not dwell on them here) that Southern Iraq has fallen under the total control of both the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Council Iraqi Branch headed by al Hakim and the Sadrists.
If you remember in one of my previous posts, "Persian for Dummies", I confirmed that Southern Iraq has become an official Iranian enclave ...
I even mentioned in a subsequent piece, that the pictures of Ayatollah Khomeini, the lunatic, is plastered all over the city to the dismay of Iraqi Arab shias themselves.

- The second important development which has already been alluded to in one of my earlier posts, namely the new oil law that aims at the partitioning of Iraq into three statelets.
The North, the South and the Center. And I also mentioned that the ethnic cleansing that is taking place is part of that forced demographic change to facilitate that partitioning.

- The third important point is the so called "Security Crackdown plan".
Since its effect, this "new" plan has focused mainly on sunni areas and not on others.
For instance, Sadr city is virtually untouched and so are other predominantly shia areas.
Iraqileague website and al Haq agency report daily raids, mass detentions, and killings of sunnis, both civilians and so called "insurgents" aka anti occupation resistance fighters.
And today, Muqtada al Sadr has resurfaced calling the security plan a failure - translate that into the Mahdi Army returning full force to the streets of Baghdad.

Another interesting fact that emerged lately and which I touched upon in my previous posts and now it has become official- the three in one Chalabi (the triple agent/Mossad,Iranian/CIA) is a close friend to Muqtada Al Sadr and a mediator so to speak between the Americans and the various Iranian/Iraqi members of government.

So anyone with a modicum of common sense would conclude that:

a) the current Iraqi Government is nothing in fact but an agency for Teheran's directives.

b) the current Iraqi Government is nothing but an agency for Washington's plans in both Iraq and the region.

c) that the Brits partial pull out is not due to defeat as some like to claim but quite the opposite. The "pull out" from the South is precisely because they established their primary objective - facilitating the partition plan by handing over the south to the Iranian Revolutionary Council and to the Sadrists and their military base will back the so called Iraqi Army which is comprised by none but the above group.

d) that the so called security crackdown plan is really aimed at "cleaning" out all pockets of resistance be it armed or civilians both in the "sunni triangle" and in the northern city of Kirkuk by "flushing" out Turkmen and Arabs. (both groups are anti-occupation by the way)

e) that the new oil law that will be passing soon in parliament for approval, came out when all the above operations are fully underway paving the path for the ultimate partitioning of Iraq.

f) that those who are stuck in the details fail to see the bigger picture. Namely that an Iranian Islamic State in Iraq is in, full fledged and getting stronger and that none other but America has helped install it and counts on it for its "success" in operation Freedom.

After this sobering realization of an Islamic State Iran style in Iraq backed and approved by America, Zeynab and I needed more caffeine short of a stiff drink.
So we continued our mind game...What would you do if?

Imagine there is no occupation...imagine there are no Iranian mullahs...imagine there are no explosions...imagine there is no torture...imagine there are no detention camps...imagine there are no starving Iraqis...imagine we have functional hospitals ...imagine there is clean drinking water...imagine you can walk the streets without fear...imagine you did not have to be in knee high sewage...imagine your family is safe and happy...imagine you have electricity...imagine you can go back to school...imagine you can easily find a doctor...imagine you can go back to your old job...imagine you can go out shopping...just imagine Saddam Hussein is still alive and running the show...Imagine all of this is just a bad dream...

...Imagine Ahmadinajad (or Rafsandjani) with a flagellating whip dangling on one of his shoulders dancing Tango with Bush with his cowboy revolver swaying on his hips.
They pause, clink their champagne (or some good Rojo Argentinian Vino) glasses, passionately gaze into each other's eyes and say "Here's looking at you kid".

We laughed hysterically. But we knew that was no laughing matter...that was Reality.
Oh yes, it does take two to tango or to...trip.
Someone call our latino Che now!

Painting: Iraqi artist, Jaber Alwan "Dance Series".

February 24, 2007

Ashes & Dust ...

Let me teach you a few words in Arabic.
Ashes is "Ramad" and Dust is "Turab" which also means earth, the soil, and "Turba" may also mean tomb or more exactly the grounds where someone is buried.
Ramad and Turab is what Ramadi looks like today. Ramadi in the Anbar province.
The hated Anbar, part of the "triangle". The ever so despised Anbar by both the Americans and the Iranians.
The hatred was most evident today.
The American Forces - wait, I take that back - they are not forces, they are cowards.
The American cowards bombed Ramadi today.
Many homes were demolished. A family of thirteen was buried under the rubbles.
More than 26 civilians were killed, out of which 4 women and several children. Two infants, the youngest was 1 month old.
Men rushed to the ruins trying to rescue whatever human form they can find.
Bare hands, rugged, dust covering their faces and hair, digging and digging...
Most had nothing but a shirt on. No vest, no sweater, no nothing, just a shirt, in this bitter cold.
And I watched their feet, they were wearing plastic slippers in winter, no socks, no shoes...no nothing.
I watched even more carefully and most were very thin and looked malnourished...
They finally managed to pull the little infant out from under piles of thick bricks.
A dust covered baby with an ashen complexion and her tiny lips ripped apart.
A small piece of greyish white cloth was handed and she was wrapped in it in a tiny bundle...

Then the camera zoomed in on the eyes of the onlookers. They all had this one common, identical expression.
A kind of a hollow, lingering gaze like being here and not here.
Then the camera zoomed in even closer... and behind the hollowness in the eyes, lied the utter void, an endless void. A tunnel of despair that seemed to stretch to eternity...
A younger man, not older than 16 wept then stared back at the camera and he kept staring and I saw a lingering death about to explode, in his deep black eyes.

Meanwhile in Baghdad, a bunch of kids, not older than 13, scavenge through dumps and piles of garbage.
One is orphaned, her mother was shot in Falluja. The girl lost a finger when a metal scrap from the junk yard severed it from her small hand. The other, piles up empty cans to sell for 1 dollar a bag. Another, found 4 pieces of bread, he dusts them and keeps them for breakfast to share with the rest of his family...

A lost infant in the ashes, lost faces in the dust, a lost finger in the garbage dumps, a lost mother in the debris, a nation lost in the fire, a country lost in the greed ....and eyes lost in that endless tunnel of helplessness, anguish and despair...
Lost in the total emptiness, in the void of the living dead.

Where is Gilad Atzmon, I need him to hum something to me, I am choking with endless Grief...
You sleep well now.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Mohammed Muhraddin.

February 22, 2007

Broken Wings...no more.

Rape - That dreaded four letter word.
How hard it is to write, talk, think, about rape.
No woman needs a dictionary for a definition of what the act means.
Even women who are fortunate enough not to have experienced it, instinctively know about it...
It is as if that knowledge is imprinted in our archaic limbic system, from times immemorial.

Rape may come in different forms and shapes, as various as the forms and shapes that commit it.
And just as it disguises itself under different forms, it also has several levels - the several levels of rape.
The mental, the emotional, the spiritual, the political, the geographic, the economic, the social...
All the above categories necessitate de facto the physical realm of which the body is an essential part.
The body thus becomes the recipient, the receiver, the receptacle, the reservoir...of this ultimate act of violence.
The body is an integral part of rape as it is the gate, the entry point, the door, the orifice...of any forceful invasion, penetration. The body and its inner realms, mental, emotional and spiritual are hence, all non consenting recipients of the wrath coming for the "Other".

Seen in that light, rape becomes the ultimate weapon not only of coercion and domination, but also the ultimate weapon of breaking the Spirit of Resistance of its victim(s).

I am aware that men can also be victims of rape but for the sake of conveniency and since female victims outnumber male ones, I shall refer to the victim as a She.

Any victim of rape, will tell you that they tried to resist in the beginning, by words and acts...but were left no choice in the end, but to submit, to resign, to surrender...

This overpowering of the resisting victim and breaking her resistance is in my opinion, the crux of the dynamics of the act of rape.

This profound violation on all four levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, is precisely to break the victim's will to resist and later to continue on living.

Many rape victims would basically utter the same sentence, over and over, using different wordings - " All I want to do is die" or " I wish I was dead" or for those who cannot express that death wish, they would self destruct bringing about their own death.
This wanting to die may seem to do with the self loathing that these victims experience after the act of rape. I would argue even further. The wish to die is because these victims have no sense of self left. And I will explain that point later on.

In fact, rape is a highly sexualized form of torture. And like torture, it is a slow death ...

Much has been said about Sabreen's rape and I will not go over what has already been said, the details have already been covered.
I watched Sabreen's interview on al-Jazeerah and before saying more, I would like to salute her courage and bravery.
Speaking about rape in private is already a very hard thing to do, let alone in public like she did.
Specially in Arab culture, where shame and honor are also very much tied to the sexual realm and in particular to female sexuality.
So yes, her outstanding courage deserves nothing but praise.

I would like to focus on her words as opposed to the political reactions that later on ensued.
Sabreen's own words encapsulate everything there is to know about rape.
I, therefore, ask you to concentrate on her words well.

Sabreen is taken to some "judge" after having been raped by two "Iraqi" guards.
Whilst waiting for this "judge" to appear, a third guard puts his hands on her breasts and tells her: " They are still ok aren't they...they look good."
She replied: "I beg of you let go of me" and his reply was "I will, only if you give me one more thing"
She then says: "I have nothing to give you". He says " Yes you do..."
Then Sabreen says he took her to an adjacent room where there was a metal bed and she tried to resist and he hit her with a black hose on her thigh...as he was trying to rape her, another "higher" guard walked in and said "leave her to me, she is mine" and she was raped a third time...
She continues: "He did what he did...I told him why are you doing this to me, I am not one of those girls...his reply was " We do with you what we want, you are here for our Mutaa..."
Mutaa in arabic means extreme pleasurable gratification and not simply pleasure.
"You are here for our extreme pleasurable gratification" she continues "we will then throw you away or kill you."

I trust you took the time to reflect on Sabreen's words. What strikes you most?
For me, it is the "objectification" of the woman. She becomes literally an object of gratification.
And once a person is objectified, they are already stripped of all humanness.
They become a non-person. Hence they can be disposed of, thrown away, killed...

That is why the first thing a rape victim will tell you is "I feel cheap."
Adjectives like cheap are usually used for objects. This object becomes cheap, valueless, worthless...it lost its use so it can be easily gotten rid of, thrown away...

And when a woman becomes an object of pleasure, gratification, desire, lust, power, politics...she loses her sense of self, she irretrievably loses herself.
She becomes anything and nothing at the same time. She becomes the public orifice, the public door, the public entry point, the public gate...A non being.

In this light, the whole of Iraq and its people has become an object of rape under its various forms.
From the collective to the personal. From the public to the private. From the general to the particular...geographically, politically, economically, historically, socially, culturally,individually...raped.
In fact, Iraq has become the ultimate object of gratification.

Since 2003, this country and its women and men have been raped...over and over with no respite until "they" have reached its Soul...to break that resisting Self.

The rape of women has not only a racist, but also a sectarian flavor to it.
From the Fatimas and the Zeynabs of Abu Ghraib, to Abeer, to Sabreen and the latest victim a sunni woman from Tel Afar gang raped by five "Iraqi" guards.

Moreover, the Association of Muslim Scholars reported yesterday on the Iraqi League website, that in 2006, they received no less than 68 reports from rape victims. These are only the known figures. Only God knows how many other women are hiding that terrible "secret".

Added to the above rape victims, one can add those who were raped by the sectarian militias, then mutilated in their genitalias and subsequently thrown in some dump.
And one can also add the three women who are to be executed soon, and one can add the victims of torture from both sexes, and the list goes on and on...

For the most part, all the above victims are sunnis and are related one way or another to the Spirit of the Resistance. The rape is nothing but another mean of breaking that spirit.
The highly despicable,corrupt, sectarian "Iraqi" government and its Iran backed militias are accomplices in this collective act of rape. They are faithfully continuing in the footsteps of their masters, the Americans, who have objectified Iraq and her people, rendered them into things to be coveted, used, abused, pillaged, plundered, raped, vilified, tortured and ...killed.

The Western media is not less vile than the "Iraqi" government who discredited Sabreen's rape case as well as that of others.
The Western media overriding words are: false, allegations, claims and I shall leave you with this last quote from ABC News:
"Like so many things in Iraq these days, it is complicated and all about religion, tribe and the struggle for dominance."

Again, Iraqis living experience of the Occupation with its ramifications is blatantly denied.
Do they think that we are all Monica Lewinskys here? Carefully hiding and saving our sperm stained dresses for later?
Let me assure the Western media, we have no such calculating minds when it comes to sexual abuse and rape. You, on the other hand, are experts at it.

Iraq and Iraqis have become "the object" of the 21st century.
Stripped of her clothes, beaten, relentlessly raped in her body and soul, raped with their collective hands on her mouth so if she does remember her humanness, she must scream quietly or the neighbors will hear her and we don't want the neighbors to be disturbed...we want to break her Spirit in silence...

Out of curiosity, I did check the dictionary even though I did not need a definition of rape and I found an interesting one.
"the residue of grapes, after the juice has been extracted, used as a filter in making vinegar."

Women of Iraq, you owe it to yourselves for you are Iraq herself.
You are the grapes and the juice that has been forcefully extracted and you have become the sour vinegar...So let your revolt be as sour as that vinegar.

Speak out and scream louder and louder...
Let your screams fill the air and its sky, reaching up to the heavens.
Break it, roar it, thump it, spit it out back at them with full force.
Reach it, feel it and reclaim it .

Painting: Iraqi artist, Mohammed Sami

February 20, 2007

Paradise lost ...

Some months ago, I wrote a piece called "Stuck at a Red light".
This piece was referring to the Green Zone/Red Zone divide in Baghdad. I urge you to read it because it is most accurate.
Today, a friend forwarded me an article that appeared in the Guardian on exactly the same subject. Life inside the Green Zone : "Mission Imperial" (read full article here and it is a must).
The author, a fairly astute writer describes perfectly well, life inside the Green Zone.
The import and juxtaposition of the rotten American way of life into the city of Baghdad.

Reading it, I felt polluted...

I felt polluted by those three meals a day swine eaters. I could smell the barbqued pork ribs,bacon and sausages.

I could see the wobbly fat personnel diving their shiny sweaty bodies into Saddam Hussein's pool and I could see a trail ring of grease forming behind them...

I could hear their obnoxious nasal accent laughing hard over cocktails and bourbons.

I could see the dining hall with the imposing chandelier and the Americans offering their prayers before each meal, thanking Jesus for his blessings whilst the Muezzin in the Red Zone is calling for the evening prayers intermitted with the Allah Akbars as a code of distress for an imminent attack on a particular neighborhood.

Whilst the Iraqis are begging for food and whilst Iraqi kids are dying of water borne diseases because there is no potable water and cholera is looming, these scums import their water from Kuwait even to rinse their veggies.

Whilst we long to listen to a song or watch a film, these scums are learning how to dance salsa taught by one of the CPA reps.
Remember the Salsa teacher I told you about? Well he is not only in charge of reconstruction projects, he also does what he does best, wiggles his ass to salsa tunes.

I also mentioned secret love affairs in the Green Zone in my article.The author confirms it too. On Thursday nights at the hotel al Rashid disco, the "operationally single" engage in some "mercy" fucking, a question of easing PTSD tensions.

And of course, the few Chinese who are eager to make quick bucks are there to follow up with a scented massage. Thai style perhaps? But now I remember, it is the year of the Pig in the new year Chinese calendar.

Not only the Chinese, you also have a few Iraqis and I have met a few of them...
The Green Zone hookers parading as vendors of kitsch souvenirs and paintings and occasionally other things...eager to please their new masters and ready to oblige in the name of the new Democracy.
But don't be too hard on them. These Iraqis are not the only ones.

There is also the official "government" called puppets but I like to call them the Iraqi pimps from Iran, the USA, GB and the Israeli representatives, the Kurds, headed by our new Ariel Sharon, Jalal Talabani.

But there is also another worse category because they hide behind slogans that are ever so appealing.
Do you know who they are? They are the so called "Iraqi democrats" that populate the blogs and the "alternative groups".
They are the "new Iraq" personified. They are the men and women of the so called "middle way."
The ones who would die to get the approval of the white man (symbolically speaking) yet engage in anti-war demos and cry, oh so much, over poor Baghdad.
And there are many of them around. They are settled just about everywhere...
They are the ones who cried "oh dictatorship" and hold the oh so politically correct language of their masters and parade behind some pseudo intellectual jargon. They of course have their equivalents amongst their "Arab brethren".

You know something, the thing about hitting one's forties is that nothing becomes a secret anymore. One's sense of smell becomes acute and one can whiff the bullshit however old and hardened it may be.
Why am I mentioning them? Because they are as instrumental as the Iraqi hookers and pimps that have politically constructed the Green Zone and have led thousands of Iraqis into the hellish predicament they find themselves in today.

This latter category of "reconciliation" and "managed pocket accounts" are the worst of the lot. They are the hidden corrupted ones who find their echoes in the anti war, left movements in the West. And the list of names is too long...way too long.

The Green Zone would have not been possible without the three above categories. The hookers, the pimps and the politically corrupt sell out... Iraqis.

Truth is harsh, as harsh as the Green Zone fortress that protects the biggest murderers and bandits history has known.
But nothing comes out nothing. Iraqis are also to blame for letting them in and for riding with them by intentions, words, deeds and acts...and supported by those arabs and non arabs dancing to the same beat.

If there is anything that is more hurtful than the Occupation of Iraq, it is these Iraqis.

One can spot one's enemy but the enemy from within is the bitter poison that Iraqis have to swallow daily, whilst the American priest in the Green Zone's mass hall is singing God bless America and Jesus loves you and will forgive your Thursday night mercy fucks for he died for your Iraqi sins on the Iraqi wooden cross...

Good God, the irony is just too much. Someone ought to make a film and I am willing to starr as the one who is "stuck at the red light".

The Iraqi story is a long story...a very long story.
There are so many angles to it and so many corners and so many players.
It is no ordinary occupation story. It is unique, very unique just like Iraq herself.
"Hey my occupation belongs to me" kind of thing...
What a desperate attempt to regain control of at least something...my occupation belongs to me and to no one else...it is mine.
Sheer madness brought on about losing everything else...

Why can't they find something for our PTSD ?
A swimming pool maybe, a couple of chinese masseurs, or a Thursday night disco?
Or can someone call the priest so I can confess my sins and maybe he can exorcise me from him and his lot's presence in my life?

Those who beefed up (or porked up) the Green Zone were not only the Halliburtons and Co.
There were other caterers as well. Do you want to know whom?
The Arabs of course. You have the Egpytian, Saudi, Kuwaiti, Lebanese, Syrian...middle man.
And do you know who else? I know it will shock you, but hey, the whole Iraqi saga is shocking, you might as well hear the whole thing. The Palestinian middle man. Yes him.

When the CPA was comfortably settling in the Green Zone and putting out tenders, the biggest bidders for catering, food, laundry....contracts were the "prominent" Palestinian families settled in Jordan.
These families would sign contracts with the American army during the day and organize charity dinners and anti-zionist talks in the evenings in solidarity with Jerusalem and the West Bank.

There is an old persian saying that goes: "Don't stir the shit, it might smell worse".
Well I just did...

A new "leaked" oil report from the "Iraqi Government", points to the partition of Iraq into three states. Something I have been repeating over and over and arguing that it is for that sole purpose that the demographic changes through ethnic cleansing are taking place.(with the generous help of Iran through its sectarian militias).

Iraq is finished and lost for ever...at least for a long, long time.

Iraqis and Arabs you should be so fucking proud of yourselves now.
Take your millions to the grave with you but I doubt you will find a paradise beyond...
There was one here and yes it was not perfect but you sold it for a very cheap price as cheap as you.
Today's Iraq is your own mirror.

Painting: Iraqi painter, one of the pionners, the late Khaled Al-Qassab.

February 16, 2007

Ishtar at the gallows.

What kind of government hangs its women?
This is precisely what the IraNqi/American government in Baghdad is planning to do.
Three women not older than 31 are to be hanged with no trial, no legal counsel, no defence, no witnesses and obscure charges that no one has bothered to elucidate.
These three women Zainab, Liqa and Wassan are held in the Khadimyiah prison in a " predominantly shia area" (see I caught the virus too) (see articles here and here).
If you remember well, this is exactly the same place where the late President Saddam Hussein met his fate. At the gallows of the Khadimyiah prison H.Q
Another sectarian lynching is about to take place not too far from Imam al Kadhim shrine.

Ahmadinajad and Khamenae will be giving Muqtada al Sadr, Al Hakim and Maliki the highest medals of the Quds Brigades for bravery and patriotism.Those same brigades that have trained their militias in the art of rape and torture.
And they will be providing M.Al Sadr with a new set of more performing drills whilst he is hiding in Teheran or have them door delivered in Najaf.

Or maybe they should ask Mr.Cockburn to deliver them himself. Our new Lawrence of Arabia with a nasal twang, behind his red and white checkered kuffieh and carrying a copy of the New Yorker...so he can pass incognito.
Can anyone get more orientalist than that?
That partly explains his fascination with Muqtada al Sadr in his new article on Counterpunch.
Again, Cockburn proves to be the expert,par excellence,in the art of disinformation.
Read his article and you will find a good deal of his insidious twisting and turning, rock and roll style.
To start with and I shall not give Cockburn more than a few lines, he states that 70% unemployment rate in Iraq remains unchanged from the days of Saddam Hussein.
Either Cockburn cannot read or he is simply lying.
The CIA Economic report on Iraq from 1989-2003 states that the unemployment rate was 28% and not 70% as Cockburn claims.
Moreover, the unemployment rate has been steadily increasing since the "liberation" of Iraq because the American administration under the CPA had decided to monopolize ALL the following industries : Construction, Dairy, Food, Agriculture, Oil...
And when a group of Iraqi engineers from various specializations met with CPA officials in late 2003, they were told that Iraqis can settle for blue collar jobs for 150 dollars a month! Alternatively they can branch out into small enterprises and the CPA guy giving the lecture gave as an example "A mushroom farm."
"Let Iraqis grow mushrooms" he said...

Furthermore when Cockburn states that Sadr is the only anti-imperialist that needs to be included in the political process, how does he explain than more than 6 sadrists members of parliament are already actively involved in the political process? And that Sadrists are in charge of the ministries of Education, Health and Labor?
Moreover his claims that Al-Sadr family was killed by Saddam Hussein is disputable-read what Roads to Iraq has to say about that.

Moreover Cockburn fails to mention that in 2004, Muqtada al Sadr deposed his arms against 50 dollars for each of his boys only to take them up again upon directives from the hardliners in Teheran who bought him off both politically and financially and turn his arms against the Iraqi sunnis calling them "Jihadists and Wahabists".

And last but not least, when Cockburn states that the sadrists militias have not infiltrated the Iraqi Army and the Police,he is not only blatantly disinforming, he is also belying what thousands of Iraqis already know and have experienced at the hands of these street thugs. Hence disrespecting not only the victims of the "sunni pogroms" (the only truthful thing he alluded to) but also in the typical condenscending, patronizing, orientalist manner that we are so used to from both Western Academia and Journalism, discounting the Iraqis experience of their OWN reality.
I am offering Cockburn this video by Muqtada al Sadr where he mentions clearly that his boys are to infiltrate the Iraqi army followed by scenes of mass detention of what the extremist shias call "Jihadists and Wahabis" i.e. a) anyone who opposes the current state of affairs-the resistance under its different forms and b) anyone who is not a shia.
And let him find a real Iraqi to translate it for him in his Green Zone living quarters.

No wonder Cockburn was a finalist for the National Book Critic Award...He knows the music all too well!
Enough on Cockburn, he deserves no more.

Mind you Cockburn is not the only one,there are a few others who hold the same line.
They are almost teary eyed at the "oft demonization" of Muqtada al Sadr.
How about I have a few boxes of tissues sent to them special delivery. You can all sit together with Cockburn and cry your droopy eyes out. Too bad those Iraqis who had their eyes gouged out by the Al-Sadr militias will not be able to join you lot.

For those of you who can't be bothered to read daily news coming from Baghdad and yet profess themselves to be "experts" on Iraq, and that includes the "reporter" above, just so that you know, not less than 10 people were found in a Shia mosque, being tortured to death plus another 40 plus already dead. All this information can be found on www.uruknet.com.
Check the various articles gathered from different newsources.

Moreover, a reliable source informed me today that there has already been an infiltration of the Resistance by sectarian shia militias in al Anbar province for a final inner purge and I heard the same for Baghdad.
A lot of these sectarian militias are now pretending to be anti-occupation.You have been forwarned.
Furthermore, I was told and I personally cannot confirm since I did not go around personally interviewing resistance fighters, that there is a request that all of you who support the resistance to ante up your prayers and the sentence told:" We are at hour zero, this is the decisive hour, either make or break."

Back to these three young Iraqi women, daughters of this land who are going to be executed by none other than "Iraqi" men.
What horror, what a predicament, what a message for the rest of us surviving women.
It seems they were involved in anti-occupation resistance but nothing more was said and no proof given.

Their possible execution if we don't act now, should be seen in the general context of the sectarianism financed by Iran and encouraged and planned by the USA for the ultimate partition of Iraq. I will keep on repeating it until I am blue in the face.

The "pogroms of the sunnis" are part of the partition plan. Change the demography first, then partition. It is no civil war as some of you like to believe.

No shame, no morals, no ethics, nothing but a filth ridden bigoted, sectarian, fascist thugs in full cooperation with the Americans. Disgusting, nauseating sons of bitches.
Where have these bastards emerged from? The womb of Iran's government?
What kind of "men" throw the women of their own country in filthy jails and am sure these women were raped too, with no trial and no real charges?
What does that tell us about these people?
And the irony of it all? It is all done under the name of "liberation and democracy."

Where are the famous Iraqi "democrats" males and females who supposedly underwent torture under the previous regime? How come they have not filled the daily newspapers with their stale, jaded rethoric?
Or is it because they have suddenly felt an upsurge of sympathy towards their own sect?
Where are the Kanan Makiyas and his like who made millions from lamenting to the Western press about their ordeals in pre-liberated Iraq when they themselves had left Iraq since childhood?

It took someone like Saddam Hussein to keep this sectarian filth off our backs and rightly so.
In retrospect, everything he has done, mistakes and all, was absolutely correct.
Let Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch sue me now.

Execute the women of Iraq, young and old. Execute anyone who speaks out against both the occupation by America and Iran. This is it. This is what it boils down to.
Yet so many deliberately refuse to see these stark facts.
How many more Ishtars will it take?

Anyone who knows about mythology, will also know that Ishtar is not only the Goddess of fertility and love in ancient Sumerian legends but she is also the Goddess of War, capable of great cruelty and capable of foresaking her self in search of her ultimate love Tammuz.
She plunged into the underworld looking for him and resurfaced triumphant.

Daughters of Ishtar, you too will return triumphant. I do not know when, but I know you will.
I know this analogy is not of much help...and I feel totally powerless.
I know it will not bring your lives back. But when everything is being uprooted around me, pulled out from its origins, I have nothing to go back to but the ancient ones.
It may be my own helpless way of comforting myself even though I know fully well it is not of much comfort to you, daughters of Ishtar.

On the same subject of Iraq. I saw this call for action by "Troops out now", the anti-war movement, for a march on the occasion of the 4th "anniversary of the "war" i.e the invasion and occupation of Iraq.
It was no war, it was/is an occupation - call things by their names will you!
When I read it, I did not know if I should laugh or cry.
On the agenda are the following items:
- Withdrawal from Iraq - well thank you.
and listen to this:
- End colonial occupation from Africa to Asia passing by Puerto Rico and the Phillipines, Palestine, Iran, Lebanon, Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia... wait it gets better...
- Solidarity with immigrants and Katrina survivors, stop racist policies, demand education grants...

Hey, why don't you add protesters against the rising price of cucumbers too?
You know, just to complete the picture.
Or maybe chronic back pain sufferers ...like myself for instance. Why don't you invite me to join your wonderful march? I have been suffering from back pains ever since 2003. Do you think you might have anything to do with it or should I blame Puerto Rico for being a pain in the ass?

Well, well,well...What a wonderful way to DILUTE it all...
Anyone reading this tract will say...Hmm, Ok Iraq figures about once or twice...
What a wonderful way to demand for a FIRM END TO THE OCCUPATION OF IRAQ NOW and nothing else.
The 17th of march "Anniversary" as you like to call it, should be your friggin priority...IRAQ is your PRIORITY.
And if 3 million dead and 3.7 million displaced because of YOUR government are not a priority then you are either a stupid lot or a bunch of sell outs and I would personally settle for the latter.

Back to Baghdad...
Spoke to Naeema earlier on.
-How are you?
-Al Hamdullah we are alive
-What do you mean we are alive, I know you are alive but how are you?
-The important thing is that we are alive

I put the receiver down and I simply broke down...
You know it is these sentences that come out almost automatically, in a semi unconscious mode, blurted out from some deep recess that conveys it all best.

We are alive, it does not matter how we are alive, it does not matter how we are living, it does not matter what our situation is, it does not matter what we are going through, it does not matter that we don't have water, electricity, food, jobs, hospitals, medication...the important thing is that we are alive...

This is what you have rendered us into. A people counting their breaths and making sure they are still alive.
You took the whole of Iraq, Ishtar to the gallows.
Old and young, men and women and you have hanged all of us gasping for air and thanking God for being alive.
You will never be forgiven for that, ever.
And I have no other cheek left to turn.

Postscript: This video just came out, showing what happened in Haifa Street. Massacres conducted by the Americans and the torture conducted by the Shiite militias of which Jaysh Al Mahdi that Cockburn defends. He said in his article, for Iraqis , all the militias are the Mahdi Army, they cannot differentiate .WE were waiting for that SOB to give us the nuances...F... you Cockburn.

Painting: Iraqi female artist, Betool Fekeiki.

February 14, 2007

Love is in the Air...

Today, the day for Lovers.
Every single website talks about virtual boxes of chocolate, virtual roses and virtual cards ....Ahhhh Love is in the air. Soapy, sloppy, sentimental, tear jerking heart shaped wishes and millions of dollars are made in profit out of "Love", American style, today the 14th February.

Sorry, was never inclined to much cheap romance myself. I have no love card to show you, no amorous song to sing and I can't stand virtual flowers.
I usually go for the real thing. And the only real thing for me today are my feelings.

So today it's official: I absolutely hate, loathe,despise, abhor the sectarian mullahs in power in today's "liberated" Iraq.

One would have thought that on this loving day, I would entertain at least one empathic wish towards them..but no...nothing. Quite the opposite in fact.
I tried to give it more thought, with difficulty, as they actually make me cringe and all I want to do is recoil , close my eyes and make them disappear for ever...
It is not so much that they are "religious" men that bothers me. I have nothing against religion per se and I consider myself "religious" in my own way.
It is what they represent that bothers me and makes them detestable in my eyes.

And what do they represent? They represent the deep misogyny that was latent in some segments of Iraqi society and that has now erupted to the forefront fuelled not only by sectarianism but also by the most perverted interpretations of the holy texts.
It is this mixture that has given rise to the most grotesque violence Iraq has witnessed in centuries. I am by no means absolving the American occupation of any responsibility.I have spoken in the past about the occupation and "foreign" interventions.

But today I want to concentrate on the "current" Iraqi fabric,(if such a thing still exists) regardless of anything else.
I know Iraqi society quite well- The Before and After. Actually, sometimes I feel I know it all too well and that is not forcibly a good thing, as that knowledge rips away at any illusions I may secretly harbor.

And since today is Valentine's day and it is the day of gender "exchanges", I must add that I also know the psyche of Iraqi men quite well. And I want this piece today to be dedicated to "Iraqi" men, at least some of them.

Not any Iraqi men. Not the struggling Iraqi men, nor the imprisoned Iraqi men, nor the resisting Iraqi men, nor the exiled Iraqi men, but to the Iraqi men today running Baghdad. Them and their followers, each single one of them. And for the sake of easing my "love declaration", I will focus on the sectarian men whom I have come to know directly and indirectly.

These fanatics and the "men' who represent them share a deep commonality.
Their hatred and fear of women. Does not matter if they are wearing a turban and a cleric's robe or a suit.
I can usually spot them miles away. I will give you a few cues, maybe they will come in useful to you.

I am not someone who dwells too much on details nor do I like to write about them but on the other hand, am a keen observer of details.
One does not need to be a skilled anthropologist to notice certain common traits in a group of people and in this instance our sectarian men.
And yes the devil hides in the detail.
Take for instance Sistani, Al Hakim, Muqtada al Sadr ,Hassan Nassrallah and Fadlallah.
What do they have in common apart from their turbans? Did you ever look at their hands?
Well they all wear a silver ring with a stone either on the small finger or the one next to it.
You might say yes so what ? Hold your horses and be patient...
Now take J.Solar, Al-Jaafari, Al-Maliki,J.Bolani,M.Al Rubaie aka K.Shahpour, or any of the official sectarian "Iraqis" in power, or take the Lebanese representatives of Hezbollah and what do they have in common?
The proverbial ring of course and what else? They have all the same attire. A three day beard, preferably no tie and a shirt buttoned up to the neck amongst other things and I forgot, the famous "rosary". (Thank God,Hamas has not caught up with the official attire yet)
Everytime I see this lot, I can't but notice this common "look" to them.As if it was some kind of uniform.
Who elses dresses that way? The Iranian officials.
Observe them well next time you switch on your tv and watch out for the ring. The ring made in Qom.
You might again protest so what? What has that got to do with gender exchanges?
And I will respond,everything! Provided of course, you make an effort to think deeper.

It is difficult to explain in simple words without having to resort to extended sociological analysis.
But I shall abstain from engaging in extended analysis and just concentrate on my gut feelings, that "place" that women need to listen to more often.
I personally believe it is from that place that "the Spirit" speaks to us.
So am going to try and put into words those deep visceral feelings and try to give them shape and form and some coherence.

The occupation of Iraq brought to the surface what I like to call the retrograde renegades.The reactionaries, the "religious" fascists.

A commentator called them the lumpenproletariat, maybe an accurate description but I will stay away from labels in this context. I would like to concentrate on the male/female dynamics here, away from class analysis and that, despite the theoretical objections you may have.

This group of men, from ministers, to mullahs, to average middle class men turned sectarian, to less privileged ones, have one common thread that ties them together. It is actually not a thread it is a rope: Their deep hatred of women. And I shall explain why.

As above so is below and the microcosm reflects the macrocosm.
Try to imagine the men in power today in Iraq as a microcosm and their followers as macrosoms. One is a mirror for the other. And they in turn are a mirror for the greater power, their true Mother, the concubine Iran,the only woman they have pledged allegiance and loyalty to under the guise of political Shi'ism.
I will not even use the word Islam here, as I believe true Islam is free from clerics and from reactionary fascism.

The women in Iraq prior to the American occupation were amongst the freest in the Arab world. They had access to education, employment and were ruled by civil law as opposed to religious law. For example, universities had over 50% of female students. 38% of Iraqi doctors were women, 70% of working women were employed by the government in public civil activities.
The 1970 Iraqi constitution affirmed that all are equal in front of the law regardless of gender.
Labor law 71 stipulated that men and women must have equal pay, are eligible to vote, acquire businesses, and have an equal opportunity in all spheres of life.
In 1993, during the sanction years! Unicef reported:" Rarely do women in the Arab world enjoy as much power and support as they do in Iraq..."

In fact,anyone who knows about Iraqi contemporary history, will affirm that women were active since the 1920's, engaged in struggles against the British occupation, involved in the 1958 revolution, full participants in the political life of their country....until...
Until the Americans landed bringing their retrograde renegades and placing them in power with the apparent blessings of the Iraqis.Remember those famous elections?

The family and civil laws were changed, women were stripped of the many rights they had during the "dictatorship" as you so much like to call it, they faded away from public life and from the streets...
The occupation with its insecurities, its brutality and its pauperization of women was further enhanced by the coming into power of a bunch of reactionary, backward thugs provided courtesy of Iran.
Just like you have your neo nazis, we have our neo fascists (not to mention our thieves) "graduates" from Qom, Teheran, Najaf and Kerbala...
Your neo-nazis shook hands with our neo-fascists and we women paid the price and continue to do so, the price of their love affair.
(Incidentally the concubine (Iran) and the Sultan(USA) are coming together again- just check the news closely, can't be bothered to link tonight)

I can't even begin to tell you how hard this subject of women is, for me.
How much it makes me angry and sad at the same time and fills me with such a rage,
I can't even begin to describe...
This is one of the reasons I have not written about it before and as I am writing now, I feel myself having to chose my words carefully because if I don't, I can easily re-ignite the fires of hell with my tongue. So I am holding back and letting it trickle gently.

As I was saying earlier on, added to the occupation, Iraqi women had to face the brunt of political religious fascism Iranian style. (Keep checking the cues I gave you above...)
Not only the men in power had their own vestmental attire but us women had to have the same.
A "safeera" meaning a woman who is not covered up is shunned to the point of being ejected from her job. I have many, many, examples in mind.
And not so slowly even covered women were relegated back to the domestic realm for the atmosphere in the public sphere, the work place, was becoming intolerable vis a vis what they considered the "weaker" sex until they weakened us into silence....

But as I have affirmed it before, they will not silence me. Nor them, nor their supporters at home or abroad. I will keep on denouncing them today, tomorrow and from beyond my grave until the day of judgement.

Added to the torture, rape and massacres endured by Iraqi women from the occupying forces, came the rape, torture and slaughter by our "new men" in power and their boys.
Added to the Fatimas and the Zeynabs of Abu Ghraib who either banged their heads until death or committed suicide, added to the Abeers, came the rape and torture of Iraqi women who did not comply and/or who belonged to the wrong sect.

Those who did not comply were harassed and harassed and harassed some more,until they fled the country.

Fawzia, a ballet dancer has become a manicurist in a hairdressing salon in Amman.
Salma, a Phd in chemical engineering, spends her days peeling potatoes(about the only thing she can afford) in her damp moulding tiny appartment in Cairo.
Lootfiyah, a professor in the History of Art is now working as a supervisor in a kindergarden in Amman
Sumaya, a brilliant artist spends her days teaching spoiled Gulf kids how to draw pictures for special occasions like Valentine.
Najwa, a medical doctor with two postgraduate specializations from England, is now working as a assistant in some remote clinic in a God forsaken village in Syria... and the examples abound...
The younger ones who dropped out of college are caught in other Arab capitals as "filles de joie".
The older ones, widows and destitutes, like the Umm Husseins and the Umm Ibrahims make a living selling garbage bags and cigarettes and sleep on the dirty pavements of Amman, Cairo and Damascus, eating left overs and stale bread given by passers by...
The examples given above comprise Sunni, Christian and Shia women by the way.

"Educated" kurdish women on the other hand are hardly concerned.They are quickly sent out by H.Al-Zebari,the Kurdish minister of foreign affairs, to fill up the ranks of the Iraqi missions abroad even though they can't speak Arabic or English. But we are reassured they represent Iraq. Good to know that. Now I can sleep in peace.

Those who were left behind and could not escape were given the royal mullah treatment.
Not only they need to cover up and become anonymous again, quietly slipping incognito so as not to disturb the women haters, but they are also deliberately targeted.
They have either quit their jobs, stopped going to schools or universities and those who still need to work are daily harassed.
If they belong to the wrong sect or religion, Sunni or Christian, their lives are made a living hell.

One christian woman, Batul,an ex-graphic designer, opened a hairdressing salon for women only, using all her savings as she could no longer tolerate the work atmosphere. Only to have the Sadrist militia thugs close it down one day and threatening to burn her and her shop.Why? She had pictures of female uncovered heads on her window sill.
Shereen, with a degree in economics, is harassed daily in her workplace and accused of stealing even though she has been working in the same place for the past 10 years. Why? She is sunni. Shereen will be quitting her job at the end of this month.
Madiha was forced to leave the hospital she worked in even though she was a very qualified surgeon. Why? She was a sunni and the hospital and the ministry of health were taken over by the Sadrists. Besides which, she refused to cover up.

Since they belong to the wrong sect, these women have become kosher, both in the eyes of the occupier and the eyes of the fascists that roam Baghdad's streets.
(I hate to think what the situation is like in Basrah another fascist strong hold.)
If they are not harassed, they are abducted, kidnapped, raped,mutilated in their genitals, slaughtered and thrown in the streets.
Those who escaped murder, committed suicide or escaped never to be seen again.

Why target women and in particular educated working women? Because they happen to be educated, knowlegeable, intelligent, vocal, creative, active, expressive...
And these mullahs and their followers cannot stand anything of this sort.
These women are their antithesis. These women represent everything they hate about the female sex.
They cannot be fitted into the box of a "uterus" reproducing machine, nor do they fit the image of the subdued female that can be easily made to shut up...
These women represent an equal if not more and our brutal, violent, sexual sadists cannot stand anything but their own mediocrity - both spiritual and intellectual.
These women present a true challenge to them, they have an individuality and hence they are silenced through exile or death.

Ironically in the "new democracy" the "individual" woman is no longer tolerated.
But and that is the dark, dark, side of the equation, those women who have never worked and are in dire need are taken in temporary marriage contracts in exchange for a few dollars, another form of "halal" prostitution allowing these "brave" men to remain the sole, unchallenged "players" in the public and private spheres.

Some of you may argue that political religious fascism has nothing to do with it.
You might exclaim, but look at Iran, women work there and they are not harassed.
I will respond - true (and maybe not so true,Iran is not my concern).

But since when do the colonizers and the would-be imperial strivers want their subjects to excel in anything? They would want them to stay dependent, totally dependent and at their mercy.
Tear away the social fabric and target the women and you would have achieved your goal.
If you have not figured this out by now, then you have not understood anything about colonialism western or eastern.

So Iraqi women have retreated back into silence, into obscurity, into the blinding shadows we have fought so hard to unshackle ourselves from for centuries...
All of this shrouded by a deafening silence.
Where are the Layla Ahmeds, the Nawal Al Saadawis, the Amina Waduds, the Fatima Mernissis, the Kate Millets, the Gloria Steinems, the Betty Friedans, the Germaine Greers of this world?
Not one voice,not one article, nothing. Nothing by these "famous" arab and western feminists.

If you see them per chance, tell them there is no "Feminine Mystique" left in Iraq, there is no feminity in Iraq, there are no feminists in Iraq, there is nothing that remotely resembles a living "woman" anymore in Iraq.
Tell them we have become shadows in the obscurity when we used to be free wings in the sunlight.
Tell them we have lost our voices and our joy.
Tell them we have lost our creativity and our inner surge,
Tell them we have been hushed through death threats, exile, rape, torture and slaughter.
Tell them neither Agape nor Eros are with us tonight.We have none but Thanatos as a dependable companion.
Tell them on this Valentine's day, that there is no place for Love in Iraq.
The lovers have been silenced, the poet is dead and the music has stopped.

P.S: I mentioned that I have not seen one article by women lately but I have failed to mention that I found one beautiful piece by an Iraqi,Arab, man in Honor of Iraqi women. Maybe this is a good omen ... maybe just maybe, our salvation will come at the hands of the true Iraqi men who resist both the fascists and the nazis.
P.S.S: Keep checking those rings though and the 3 day beard. Many "hidden" ones pretend that they are when they are not!

Painting: Iraqi female artist, Betool Fekeiki.

February 12, 2007

Diss Information.

A surge, a crackdown, three Iraqi women to be hanged with no legal counsel, no witnesses and no defense, Iraq's VP, tortured and to be executed, a blast in two markets with over 120 dead and over 140 wounded,the continuous siege of Haifa Street, Al Adhamyia, Karrada,Al Amariya, Al Amil,Al Yarmouk...So please tell me where to begin ?

To simplify this monumental task I will start with the obvious.
A blast rocks Al Shorja and Al Haraj markets in downtown Baghdad. Over 120 killed and hundreds of injured, black dense smoke covering half of Baghdad.
The reports say "a predominantly Shia" area, I say horseshit.
Anyone who knows downtown Baghdad knows that these two souks are nothing but a mixed commercial area.
The blast happened whilst Maliki, "the shah'n'shah" of Iraq has declared not 1 minute of silence but 15 minutes of silence to reflect on the blast that rocked Samarra a year ago.
15 minutes of reflection by Maliki is a tall order indeed.

Reminds me of the reflection of Talabani, the buffoon president, when he watched the execution of President Saddam, he took one hour to reflect in his Prince de Galles suite then resumed his reflection with cigars, champagne and foie gras.
For a comic description of the new "maoist " "cartesian" pathetic, grotesque buffoon/thief/Mossad agent also known as Jalal Talabani, read the full article here.

Since am on the topic of criminals, thieves and agents, a piece of news you might have missed on your TV screen. Fox would have relayed it though, seeing the importance of the event.
None other but the crook, embezzler, CIA/Mossad Iranian agent, Chalabi was in Sadr City yesterday.
You know Sadr city. Your favorite neighborhood in Baghdad.
The one that your brilliant zion professor Chomsky praises as the grassroot movement, the new inklings of socialism in Iraq...(am laughing hard as am typing this), the final resurrection of the oppressed proletarians (from Iraq to Saudi Arabia) led by the revolutionary Muqtada the rapist, hole driller.
(By the way, football lovers will be disappointed, Muqtada frowns upon football, saying that it is a degenerate sport - I understand, he prefers his boys to engage in rape and torture, a better work out I guess. Call it an Iranian sport specially designed for Baghdad dwellers.)
Well Papa Chomsky should know all about the manufacturing of sectarianism having completed his "manufacturing of consent."

Seems that Patrick Cockburn has caught the Muqtada virus as well. He is terribly worried that the surge will decimate his favorite idol. And Cockburn assures us, that the mass exodus that all the agencies talk about, was in fact done during Saddam's reign, at least the bulk of it.
Well that is to be expected. P.Cockburn lives in the middle of the Green Zone, Hotel Al Rashid most likely. But I will blame it on his iranian translator. He maybe missed a few sentences and numbers here and there. Pity, Cockburn has not bothered to see the latest pictures from Haifa street and the latest piece of news about refugees preferring to live on borders than return to the Jaysh al Mahdi Militias. Someone please ask him to forward copies to Chomsky& sons- the anti war movement.

Ok, back to the embezzler, crook, CIA/Mossad Iranian agent Chalabi. I like that,"Three in one" but the Iraqi people got no discount on it.
Where else can one find a three in one like Chalabi?
As a matter of fact, the other gestapo sons of zion, Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith shoved this 'three in one" into the corridors of the White House and he landed in Rumsfeld and Cheney's lap. The plan was being prepared as far back as the early 90's by the way. Once the plan was achieved,Chalabi kept a low profile for a while and he was replaced by Al Hakim of the Iranian Badr Brigades. Wolfowitz and Perle, gently retracted to the background - the typical way- and left the goyims,Cheney and Bush face the music alone. Nice one Israel...not bad at all.
But Chalabi has made a comeback.
As I said he was in Sadr City yesterday, surrounded by heavily armed militias courtesy of Muqtada and al Hakim ,your favorite boys.
The purpose of his visit?
Check this out:To re-open a sunni mosque as an act of good will. So they did close the sunni mosques huh? One could see scaffoldings around the mosque, a quick fix it for propaganda purposes.
Meanwhile, the other mosques in Baghdad in the "soooneeee triangle"(a very masonic symbol by the way) are under siege and used as torture centers by the same militias that were guarding Chalabi. When not used as torture centers, they are burned down, like this one in Basrah.
Al Adhamyia, Al Amariya, Haifa Street, Al Yarmouk, Al Amel and others...are still under siege and totally encircled by the American Army, the Iranian backed militias and so-called Iraqi guards.

Pity Basrah did not get a foretaste of this new spirit of tolerance that has taken hold of the Chalabis, Malikis , Hakims and Sistanis - the not so grand Ayatollah Khomeini pictures are still plastered all over the city to the dismay of the Iraqi Shias.

You may argue if this is the case, why is the U.S bullying the ayatollahs in Teheran?
I will try to make it simple for you.

Imagine a Patriarch, in something akin to a Harem. This Sultan(USA) has one official wife her name is Israel. She is the mother of his kids.
And he also has several mistresses that are "tolerated" by the wife: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan...and he also has as in every good harem, a couple of concubines:Iran, Syria.
And as you know like in all Harem stories, the concubines could bring about much mischief if they put their minds to it and they do so by making secret alliances with the wife.
And this is what happened in the Baghdad harem. Israel and Iran had a common objective in Iraq since the days of the Shah (and I would add since the days of Cyrus): Regime change in Iraq.
They were natural allies. Chalabi the three in one is a prime example of this natural alliance.
So the concubine and the Master of the House with the blessings of the wife agreed to collaborate on Iraq and continue to do so.
The Master of the house is being given a rough ride in the Iraqi Palace.
Like any macho man he cannot admit that the Iraqi resistance is giving him a hard time and that those Arabs are truly unruly, despite his surge.
An admission would mean utter defeat. So what does he do? He blames his concubine.
A bit of bullying here and there but the concubine knows it is just talk because the concubine has already received the wife's blessings.

Both the concubine (Iran) and the wife (Israel) are happy with the disintegration of Iraq. They are both partying up north with the Kurds and have hired Talabani and his lover Barazani, for a special folk dance whilst his boys clean out Kirkuk of Arabs and Turkmen.

The macho Master is stuck in a quagmire and they both know it. But like any macho,he will ultimately please-He will continue his ethnic cleansing helped by both the Iranian concubine and the Israeli Wife.

And as one Iranian blogger named the "king of bloggers" summed it up beautifully well to Haaretz :"The Iranians remember that the Palestinians supported Saddam Hussein when he fought against Iran. And some also remember that Israel tried to transfer arms to Iran in the Iran-Contra episode, and that's something in Israel's favor."

He adds: "You have to distinguish between rhetoric and actions. Iran has no desire to destroy Israel. If it did, Tehran would have permitted Hezbollah to use long-range rockets against Tel Aviv in the last war. Ahmadinejad is not Hitler. The one who controls the army is Khamenei, and he is not pleased by Ahmadinejad's declarations. Iran and Israel have a common interest: They live in a region controlled by Sunni Muslims." (full article here)

The bullying of the Master is for domestic use so he can remind his dutiful kids back home that he is still in charge.

And who is Iraq in all of this ?
She is the woman who was highly coveted but difficult to approach - the "Femme Fatale" if you wish.
She had seen it before from the times of Babylon through the Moguls, the Ottomans and the Brits. She was old enough to know better. She had to be decapitated by the threes in one. The fatal blow was a must.
And as Saddam used to say:"Our nation has a message.That it why it can never be an average nation. Throughout history, our nation has either soared to the heights or fallen into the abyss through the envy, conspiracy and enmity of others."

Got it now ? A brief resume of the Iraqi political orgy.

So when I read that Saudi Arabia (one of the mistresses) is the cause of sectarianism in the Middle East, I can't but laugh. Saudi Arabia and her sisters care about their privileged positions, they care about their little thrones , they will not budge and create anything, trust me on this one.
Yet,this is what a good deal of the "alternative" "thinkers" like to push forward.
Understandably so, being the good children of Papa Chomsky. Some were even disappointed that Saudi Arabia managed to broker a truce and an agreement between the Palestinians.
They were in fact echoing Tzipi Livni concerns and anxieties, albeit from the other side of the fence/wall.

Back to Baghdad and the "security crackdown."
As I mentioned the "sunni" areas are totally under siege. I called Khaled.
He said: "They came this morning at 5.am (the US army, the Iraqi Guards and the militias.) They turned the house upside down. I have nothing to hide. The kids were scared and they would not stop crying. The fridge is empty. I can't even go out and shop for food. And to top it all off, I received a notice from my employer (a Dawah party member) stating that if I don't show up for work within the next 24 hours,he will sack me. How can I show up for work if I am not allowed to leave the house?... They are doing it on purpose. Starving us, harassing us, sacking us from our jobs, torturing us and killing us..."
Khaled,I said: what will you do with the termination notice though? It's your job, your livelihood.
To which Khaled replied "I will send it back to Muqtada, he can stick it on his ass."
And that is no disinformation.

After some dissing, we both agreed that this what you should also do.
Everytime you get some piece of news that does not fit the facts, send it back with a note:
"Stick it on your ass" and diss the information and the informant.

PS : Don't forget to tell Cockburn and papa Chomsky.

Painting : The late Iraqi artist, one of the pioneers, Ismail Fattah.

February 11, 2007

A common Language.

In difficult circumstances, we gathered today.
There was around twenty of us. Men and women. From different nationalities and different religions and denominations.
We were muslims and christians. Sunnis and shias."Middle easterners" and "North Africans."...
(can't say more-the walls have ears)

Middle Easterners may mean: Iraqis, Jordanians, Palestinians,Lebanese,Syrians and North Africans may mean Sudanese, Egyptians, Tunisians,Lybians,Morrocans,Algerians...
(Just a small lesson in basic geography 101.)

What brought us together on this dark cold evening? Just a memory of our Hero Saddam Hussein.
Some of us loved him, some of us liked him, some of us disliked him and some of us were critical of him and some of us used to hate him... But we gathered nonetheless in his memory.
How come? I asked myself.

Here we were: "Mesopotamians,canaanites,pheonicians,carthagians,pharaonic..." yet we still managed to assemble. No questions asked.
The meeting was nothing grandiose in view of the current situation. Just a simple, sober gathering around a cup of coffee.
The conversation was equally simple and down to earth.And it went like this:
"I am no baathist, but...." I am no Saddam supporter, but...",I am no Iraqi, but..." I am a palestinian and ...", I am a shia and I have to tell you...", "I am a christian and I must say that...","I am a north african and..."," I love Saddam and will always...."," He made mistakes but ..." and I could go on and on till tomorrow.

Suffice to say, he managed to gather us together in his absence by his presence.
By his thoughts, his vision, his ultimate sacrifice...

We may have not agreed on much, but one thing we agreed upon: There is no leader, or any man in history that accepted to walk to the gallows and refuse a compromise like he did.
He was offered a "way out" on more than one occasion.
An International tribunal, which meant he would have to leave Iraqi soil and another compromise, his liberation and "safety" in exchange for a halt to anti-occupation resistance.
He refused both.
He knew that both options would mean the end of Iraq.
He refused both options knowing fully well that his end is nearing.
He prepared himself arduously for his assassination refusing to eat, so he can be as light as a bird...as light as a feather...

He sacrificed his life to save Iraq and its people. His personal life.
If that does not make him a hero, a martyr and a saint,I don't know what does.
He had prepared his end, whilst they were preparing his.
They, the americans and the iranians (and the israelis- ask Pilatus, Jalal Talabani, the kurd, for those who don't know history, Pilatus refused to sign the death sentence of Jesus and asked the jews to do it instead...after all they were the instigators and he was the accomplice)

He outwitted them... till the last second, the last breath....

How can anyone not see this? How can anyone deliberately obliterate that simple simple truth?
Saddam Hussein was not only a great man, a hero and a martyr, he was also a true visionary.

That ARAB man from the simple village of Tikrit, understood it all.
He understood his neighbors and understood the importance of Iraq.
He understood (again for geography students 101) that Iraq had 4 important elements that your media does not tell you about and for the most part you do not bother to reflect on, namely :
1) oil
2) water
3) fertile land
4) brains

No other Arab country has this combination. I defy you to give me one example.
Except if you think that Iran is an Arab country.

Which brings me back to our gathering.
What did we have in common, despite the different nationalities and religious backgrounds?
Apart from his living memory, we had the Arabic language as a common denominator.

It is a pity that your "respectable linguist" Noam Chomsky and his blind sheep have not bothered to dwell on this fact. Or maybe they have,in between their kibbutz activities.

Saddam Hussein gathered us here tonight in his memory only to show us that we spoke a common language...Arabic.

More will be taught on the Arabs and the Arabic language,the language of Islam, the language of the Koran...for later...and despite the death threats (iranian, american and others...that I have been receiving.)

You know me by now. I don't leave a stone unturned...till the very bitter end.

Rest in total peace ya Saddam ya ibn Al Arab. The message is well received.
And the Palestinians at al Aqsa Mosque received it as well despite the slumbering of their "revolutionaries", their "leaders" and the arab "Ummah".

Painting: Iraqi female artist, Suhair Salman.

February 9, 2007

Forty Days Already ...

Forty days since you have been physically gone. It still feels like yesterday, the first day of the Eid.
Your spirit lives on...

This Video is in your memory.

For Arab Viewers this Video is in Arabic with the President of Iraq Saddam Hussein making a Du'aa, an invocation.

And another one here with a poem in dialectical Arabic composed by a Palestinian from occupied Palestine.

And this one here in Iraqi and Kurdish dialect for my true Iraqi brothers and sisters.

And the last one here for the dumb americans and co.

PS: The puppet said we are not allowed to commemorate.....lol

Video 1 showing: by KSM 199- Saddam the King.
Video 2 : SITHFE - The Eid Invocation./ King Saddam 2.
Video 3: by zzoo1- Never Forget You.
Video 4: by eeo1akk- Umm Al Maarik.
Video 5: eeo1akk- You can't touch this.

February 7, 2007

The Uncensored Anger Manifesto-Part IV

This unending sequel to I, II & III contains foul language. You don't like it ? Tough!
I have been way too polite with you lot so far - Enough is enough.

I read that the criminal you voted for not once but twice and don't give me this crap about your rigged elections - this is your screwed democracy and this is not my problem and you voted TWICE for a bastard, criminal, thug , so shut up and don't you interrupt because I have heaps to tell you...

So this bastard of yours wants 3 trillion dollars for his war efforts in Iraq.
Four years down the line and your fucked up country with its equally fucked up military has not managed to control and seize a country the size of California.
You can stuff your flags right where the sun does not shine for starters.

Three trillion dollars to kill more innocent,poor people who have done absolutely nothing to you. Nor they nor their President Saddam Hussein nor his government.

And dont'you give me the crap about your upholding a dictator.
For us he was a saint not a dictator and when you could not get him through years and years of inflicting misery and starvation through your smart criminal sanctions, you got us and him with your filthy smart bombs...And tell that shitty anti-war "liberal" "progressive" reps of yours that you did not uphold him in power, the people of Iraq did, by hook or by crook...and however much you hate it.

So get off your high sham pedestals for you are nothing and deserve nothing but the utmost contempt and get that truth right into your thick little skulls, skulls numbed with drugs, junk food, violence and trashy soap operas and of course...dollars.

Those same dollars that you will be spending on killing us some more.
A study , and only a fucked up country like yours would produce such a study, estimated that the cost of killing one single Iraqi is 2.40 Dollars.
This is what our lives are worth in your filthy calculating minds and in your shameless eyes.
So three trillion dollars divided by 2.40 and you would be finishing us all off.
This is what you are - a people who get high on blood and murder.
You make money out of killing in reality and in films and that is the only thing you can produce.
Just look at your disgusting hollywood and your cocaine addict stars,that is all you know in life and that is all that life will dish out to you.
The same way you have treated others, you will be treated. I can assure you that. Nothing goes unaccounted for in this life or in the one after, even though you have no one above auditing you but there is One that will not miss a single act. This is my promise to you.

Getting back to dollars, your green lord.
What happened to the 12 billion dollars you stole? And they were not 12 billion they were over 20 billion dollars that you stole from Iraq and the plan was to use this sum for "our liberation."
Twenty billion dollars that we got in exchange for "oil for food."
Just look at this sentence alone - "Oil for food program."
What a despicable sentence coming from a despicable people. This sentence is what describes you best. It encapsulates everything you stand for ... ugly, ugly lot.
You give us your oil and we will give you food . And the message behind it, we will just feed you with your own oil. Just feed you, like you feed your pets but then you took us on a leash too like dogs (remember Abu Ghraib - you sons of bitches) but I am reserving as special treat for you on that subject,later.
I will not leave anything out, you can trust me on this one .

Liberating us with our money and our own blood. What a hideous lot you are . Sickening, truly sickening. I can't even begin to tell you how much I despise you. You rolled into Iraq with your crusading motto of Infinite Justice and my motto for you is Infinite Contempt . And you deserve nothing else. Nothing else at all.
And I don't want to read any of your patronizing, condenscending comments about how I should show you compassion. Fuck that.
Again, this is what your arrogance is all about. You ask the victim to show the perpetrator compassion and you come and say lamely, "I am sorry for what my country did to yours."
Sorry , you are sorry ?

You have destroyed us, you have destroyed our homes, our families, our livelihood, you have destroyed our country for ever, for generations to come and you say you are sorry and be expected to be off the hook that easily ?
You think you assuaged your guilt for 3 seconds? Is that it ?
You raped and killed a whole people for no reason at all and you are sorry?

Fuck you and fuck your "am sorry". I don't want your sorry faces and sentences.
I want my loved ones back. I want my relatives who are rotting in your camps and being tortured back, I want Omar back, I want little Hassan back, I want Nabil back, I want my home back, I want Iraq's wealth and treasures back ...I want JUSTICE.
And the 3 million Iraqis dead that you killed and their relatives want Justice and the 3.7 million displaced because of you, want Justice .... You are sorry my ass.

I know how you lot live. If someone dents your car or takes one extra penny from you or you burn your lips on some crappy cup of instant coffee, you whine that your rights have been usurped and you sue and make millions. But then you go with impunity and unscrupulously steal other people's wealth and livelihood, strip them of their rights,rape them ,massacre them and you install puppets who are in your own image, as filthy and as corrupt as you are. And you have the audacity to say you are the greatest nation on earth ?

These 20 billion dollars that your administration stole and which are unaccounted for were the livelihood of millions of people, their rationing to eat and survive thanks to your oil for food program against the Tyrant.

The Tyrant ? Who is the Tyrant here you sons of whores, who exactly is the Tyrant?
Your heinous "left" along with your equally heinous "right" moan:
" oh he gassed his people" and what did you do ? You burned us alive.
"Oh he displaced his people" and what did you do? Conduct mass genocide and mass exodus.
"Oh he did not respect minorities" and what did you do? "Clean out" the whole of Iraq along sectarian lines and kill all minorities by starving them, bombing them, raping them....
And you have the audacity to keep pointing the finger at a dead man.
A tyrant huh ? what hypocritical sons of bitches you are.

You are the tyrants, your minds are tyrannical, your minds are terroristic, your minds are psychopathic,your minds are sadistic.Your are the tyrants indeed. Tyranny runs in your veins along with your arrogance and ignorance.

You are one hell of a sick nation, that feeds onto others like some parasite.
6 % of the world population that feeds on over 40 % of the world resources.
Ignorant, apathetic, obese, spoiled, indifferent, arrogant, stupid, shallow, hollow, violent, neurotic, sadistic, perverted, superficial, ugly, evil lot.

You starved , killed, maimed , raped, traumatized a whole people, a whole nation with roots that dates thousands of years compared to your limited history of not more than 200 years , 200 years of a society made of smelly drunk white cowboys, slave traders and ex convicts. Yes this is what you are.
And for what? So you can continue being the apathetic, shallow, hollow, obese, psychopathic, ignorant, indifferent, arrogant, stupid , superficial, sadistic, perverted, violent, neurotic,ugly, evil lot that you are.
This is your curse.Enjoy it.

There is not one people you have come across that you have not destroyed or forced to liken you in character or behavior.
You destroyed the Native Americans, these noble people who have more wisdom than all of your race put together.
You destroyed the Africans whom you brought to your country chained and starved.
You destroyed the Asians whom you nuked senselessly and napalmed and more examples abound through history and they have not ceased...
They have not ceased because you have not changed . You have remained the uncivilized, primitive, uncultured, arrogant, haughty, greedy, covetous, gluttonous, people that you have always been. This is why it has not ceased.

It is not about oil. You love barking like rabid dogs and blaming the "neo-cons".
You keep using that word like a moronic parrot. The neo-cons are part and parcel of you. The neo-cons are a product of who you are, of your fabric, of your psyche, of your society to which you have blindly contributed like sheep.
Stop blaming your neo-cons and start looking at yourselves because this is where it all began.... Right inside of you. Yes you.

Getting back to dollars. When Baghdad was occupied forcefully, when Baghdad was penetrated violently, when you have raped Baghdad and the rest of Iraq, your government for which you voted twice, set up a so called CPA-a coalition provisional authority.
Many gangsters came to the Green Zone representing you and your CPA and you hired thieves like yourselves from the "locals" and you trained them in the art of perfection.
In the art of perfect stealing, raping and murdering...
Back in 2003, 364 million dollars in cash were found. Part of Iraq's wealth.
A special aicraft transported these 364 million dollars to New York to be "counted".

Someone I know very well asked, following a press interview, one of your CPA representatives who was in charge of "reconstruction projects" and who was an ex salsa dance teacher before he joined your"respectable" government of criminals.He asked him what happened to the 364 million dollars in cash. Your salsa teacher smiled and replied "It is still being counted." My friend pressed more and said "It's been 6 months!", the salsa thug's face grew stern and said:"You don't ask questions, you should be grateful." And it was our money, Iraqi money.

Well I ask questions and am not grateful you mother fuckers. I want to know where Iraq's money went? I want to know who took it and I want all of you criminals tried for theft, embezzlement, rape, slaughter, destruction and mass genocide...
Yes this is what I eagerly want, this is what I yearn for, what I long for ...
I want to see you all, the lowly USA, convicted and shamed in this life and in the hereafter for crimes against humanity, crimes you have conducted since your inception till this very day...That is my ardent desire.

And my last wish for you, is that those 3 trillion dollars bring about your bankruptcy, your down fall, your end. Money is your weak point and this is where you will get hit hardest. Of this I am certain.

Al-Sahaf, the Iraqi ex minister of Information did not lie when he said Iraq is going to be your quagmire and your graveyard.
Iraq will be your moral, financial, political and physical graveyard.
Civilization started here in the Land of the Tigris and the Euphrates and this land will bring you down to your knees.
This land will finally liberate you from your phoniness, your deceitfulness,your deceptiveness,your arrogance...in sum your ugly shadow self.
It will liberate you from your spiritual bankruptcy. You will be able to be born again as a true people for a change.
You need to be eternally grateful to us and bow in humility and awe, for we are paying for your true liberation with our own lives.
Mark my words and say to yourselves, an Arab woman told me so.
But in the meantime, am not done with you yet...

Painting : Iraqi artist, Rafa Nasiri.