February 2, 2007

The Iraqi Holocaust-Part IV

The Holocaust continues...
Again, true to the spirit of the Holocaust Memory as commemorated by the United Nations,I am presenting you with the final series of visual exhibitions, video no.4, of the ongoing Iraqi Holocaust, a genocide that is going on till this very moment as you are watching it.
This was taken after 2003, a year that marked the turning point in the history of Iraq and of its people- the year of "Liberation."

I debated with myself for a while as to whether I should present you with a short film on mass detention camps and prisons , or a maybe a short clip on mass torture, or maybe again another one on mass destruction and mass death... I opted for this one instead.

And just like the United Nations, I would like to give you a musical recital that goes with it, except and unfortunately so, I can't afford to fly in a cantor for the occasion like the U.N has done. So I hope that the accompanying musical piece will be pleasurable to your ears.

Also, since it is not possible for me to have a book signing event to close this week's memoriam, I suggest you send instead your own signed letter to the United Nations (who only sheephishly unofficially condemned the occupation of Iraq and called it illegal after 3 years of despair and pain.)
No need for sophisticated letters, keep it really simple. Just title it :
"The ongoing Iraqi Holocaust , Rememberance and Beyond." and if you wish you can just add a few figures : 3 million Dead,3.7 milion in Mass exodus and an unknown number of injured and.....

Thank you and hope you have enjoyed and learned from this Iraqi "Shoa".

Video: "Blues 4 Baghdad" by jimparker123