February 4, 2007

The not-so hidden "Imam"

I spotted an article on barabie.blogspot , a link to a piece of news from the BBC dated 2001, in which an influential prominent Rabbi says :"It is forbidden to be merciful to them (arabs), you must send them missiles and annihilate them, they are evil and damnable." Then the Rabbi, one the most influential religious figures in Israel adds: "The Lord shall return the Arabs deeds on their own heads, waste their seed and exterminate them, devastate them and vanish them from this world..."

By the same token, in response to my previous post about little Hassan's death, an Iranian said in the comment section : "I propose mandatory vasectomy for all Arab males. That way we will be rid of Arabs, and these terrible tales at the same time."

I find it more than coincidental that a staunch zionist nazi like Rabbi Yosef and an Iranian have so much in common.
I am sure that this "fellow" Iranian does not represent all Iranians and I am giving it the benefit of the doubt. But in all likelihood he does represent a good section of his government's (past & present) "aryan" fascism- from the days of Khusraw till the present, with the seeds firmly planted during the Safavid period.

Now Iranian racism is well known, at least to some minorities in Iran.
Curiously, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch who had ceaselessly reported unfounded human rights abuses in "pre-liberated" Iraq (for more on the demonization process see the following articles (1 - 2 - 3 - 4 and 5) are quite silent on the abuses in "post liberated Iraq" and on the ongoing human rights abuses in Iran.
The Azeri writer Doctor Alireza Ashgarsadeh summarized it quite well in his article "The Anatomy of Iranian racism." and you can also check the plight of Ahwazi minorities and read more about the psychology of chauvinism on this website.

In view of the above, what is currently happening in Iraq and particularly in its capital,Baghdad,is not the least surprising.
A mass ethnic genocide is taking place against Sunnis.
A genocide within a grander genocide carried out by the US occupation forces.
A ghettoization within a greater Ghetto that has become Baghdad.
Sunnis and others have been driven out, starved, imprisoned, sieged, tortured and slaughtered.Incidentally,American detention camps in Iraq count over 90% of sunnis.

Sunnis and anyone else who is perceived as standing against both the occupation and the "Iraqi" government is eliminated. That also includes shias and immigrants who have lived in Iraq for decades (syrians and egyptians) and of course Palestinians.

The ethnic cleansing of sunnis (and others) is systematic, planned and carried out by the "Iraqi" government with the collaboration and supervision of the American army.
I have said it before and will repeat it again. The Iraqi government is comprised of three main players. The Dawah party of which Al Maliki and M.Al Sadr are members and their militias Jaysh Al Mahdi. Al Hakim who is an Iranian and his militias The Badr Brigades and the Ministry of Interior (an Iranian)Jawad al Bolani with his Maghawir squads. The other members of the Iraqi government are there for a show apart from our kurdish "brothers" who are accomplices with the main players cited above.

These three groups are directly funded, backed and trained by Iran. These three groups do not represent Iraqi Shias , they represent Iran. All their criminal actions have one single aim:
- supress all dissent
- extract loyalty to the Occupation and to Iran
- cleanse and weed out all unwanted stumbling blocks (and these stumbling blocks include the Sunnis, the Arab shia's and anyone else who are both anti occupation and anti-Iran.)

I have many examples in mind but will pick the most prominent two to illustrate my point.

1) the Haifa Street Massacres.
During the ongoing siege of Haifa Street, the "Iraqi Government" with its "army, militias and police" informed the American occupying forces that Haifa street was riddled with "insurgents."
It turned out that these "foreign" insurgents were none other than a few syrian families who had emigrated to Iraq ages ago (most of them Christians by the way) and a few egyptians and sudanese who were immigrant workers in Iraq for years.
What happened of course was a carnage carried out by both the Iranian/Iraqi Government and the American forces in their campaign of ethnic cleansing of sunnis. This latter group is associated with being "arab,anti occupation and pro-resistance".
(The raid on the Ministry of Education is also another good example. All sunni staff were tortured and slaughtered thereafter and the shias who were deemed "acceptable" by the death squads were released.)

2) the second example is the Najaf massacres. This incident was very revealing to all those who care to find out the truth about the nature of the "Iraqi" government and of the "stupidity" of the American Army. (The Americans are shooting robots, they don't really give a damn who is who and trust me they are not as smart as they pretend to be - I mean have a look at the average IQ of one G.I and you can make your own conclusions).

Getting back to Najaf. Two Arab Shia tribes Al Hatami and Al Khazali on their way to Najaf to celebrate Ashura. Massacred after a phone call from the "Iraqi" government accusing them of being part of al Qaeda terrorist network. The American rush to help out the "Iraqi" Army and the result was 300 arab shi'as dead.
Now these two shi'a tribes are both anti occupation and anti Iran. (for more check out these two articles 1 & 2)
After the slaughter, a prominent Arab shi'a religious thinker Dr.Taleb Al Shatri posted a vitriolic letter addressed to Al Hakim literally accusing him of Idolatry. Al Shatri says in very clear terms that the Imams Ali, Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein are Arabs and not Persians and whomsoever strives for the disunity of Iraq because of an Iranian agenda is committing the sin of the unbelievers, that of Division.

In a zionist essay dated from 1982 entitled " A strategy for Israel in the 1990's", the ultimate objective of Israel is to "break down ALL arab states into smaller and smaller units."hence insuring their complete dissolution.

In Iraq, the "backbone of the Arab world", the only force that is fighting the American occupation is the Iraqi Resistance.It's objective is two fold :to drive out the occupier and to maintain the unity of Iraq (i.e one iraq not three statelets).

Both America's (include Israel everytime I mention America) and Iran through its proxy the "Iraqi" government aim for the division of Iraq into small fragments.

I contend that America and Iran are in total accord over Iraq. I also contend that Iran has played into the zionist plan perfectly well and will continue to do so. The Great Satan and Iran are playing ball in Iraq and lo and behold they belong to the same team!
For me it is no coincidence that in every country where America(Israel) and Iran are involved, we see these countries on the brinks of a civil war: Iraq, Palestine(Hamas and Fatah) and Lebanon.

I find it stupefying that the so called "left" along with the so called "anti-imperialist,anti-war" movements , who are supposedly pro palestinian and anti- occupation of Iraq blatantly support the street rapists and thugs - Iran's proxies in Baghdad - Muqtada M.Al Sadr,Al Hakim and M.Al Rubaie who are now considered pacifist choir boys.

I assert that by doing so they(the anti- potato movement) are not only giving legitimacy to the American occupation and condoning fascist sectarian ethnic cleansing, but they are also playing into the zionist plan of division and fragmentation.

So it seems after all that it is not only our venerable Rabbi Yosef and our Iranian who are in full accord, you might as well add the anti-imperialist lot and make a trio.
A wonderful "menage a trois" made in the Iraqi Hell.
Oh yes, the fig leaf has fallen for sure.

Painting : Iraqi female artist, Nadia Mohammed Yass.