February 12, 2007

Diss Information.

A surge, a crackdown, three Iraqi women to be hanged with no legal counsel, no witnesses and no defense, Iraq's VP, tortured and to be executed, a blast in two markets with over 120 dead and over 140 wounded,the continuous siege of Haifa Street, Al Adhamyia, Karrada,Al Amariya, Al Amil,Al Yarmouk...So please tell me where to begin ?

To simplify this monumental task I will start with the obvious.
A blast rocks Al Shorja and Al Haraj markets in downtown Baghdad. Over 120 killed and hundreds of injured, black dense smoke covering half of Baghdad.
The reports say "a predominantly Shia" area, I say horseshit.
Anyone who knows downtown Baghdad knows that these two souks are nothing but a mixed commercial area.
The blast happened whilst Maliki, "the shah'n'shah" of Iraq has declared not 1 minute of silence but 15 minutes of silence to reflect on the blast that rocked Samarra a year ago.
15 minutes of reflection by Maliki is a tall order indeed.

Reminds me of the reflection of Talabani, the buffoon president, when he watched the execution of President Saddam, he took one hour to reflect in his Prince de Galles suite then resumed his reflection with cigars, champagne and foie gras.
For a comic description of the new "maoist " "cartesian" pathetic, grotesque buffoon/thief/Mossad agent also known as Jalal Talabani, read the full article here.

Since am on the topic of criminals, thieves and agents, a piece of news you might have missed on your TV screen. Fox would have relayed it though, seeing the importance of the event.
None other but the crook, embezzler, CIA/Mossad Iranian agent, Chalabi was in Sadr City yesterday.
You know Sadr city. Your favorite neighborhood in Baghdad.
The one that your brilliant zion professor Chomsky praises as the grassroot movement, the new inklings of socialism in Iraq...(am laughing hard as am typing this), the final resurrection of the oppressed proletarians (from Iraq to Saudi Arabia) led by the revolutionary Muqtada the rapist, hole driller.
(By the way, football lovers will be disappointed, Muqtada frowns upon football, saying that it is a degenerate sport - I understand, he prefers his boys to engage in rape and torture, a better work out I guess. Call it an Iranian sport specially designed for Baghdad dwellers.)
Well Papa Chomsky should know all about the manufacturing of sectarianism having completed his "manufacturing of consent."

Seems that Patrick Cockburn has caught the Muqtada virus as well. He is terribly worried that the surge will decimate his favorite idol. And Cockburn assures us, that the mass exodus that all the agencies talk about, was in fact done during Saddam's reign, at least the bulk of it.
Well that is to be expected. P.Cockburn lives in the middle of the Green Zone, Hotel Al Rashid most likely. But I will blame it on his iranian translator. He maybe missed a few sentences and numbers here and there. Pity, Cockburn has not bothered to see the latest pictures from Haifa street and the latest piece of news about refugees preferring to live on borders than return to the Jaysh al Mahdi Militias. Someone please ask him to forward copies to Chomsky& sons- the anti war movement.

Ok, back to the embezzler, crook, CIA/Mossad Iranian agent Chalabi. I like that,"Three in one" but the Iraqi people got no discount on it.
Where else can one find a three in one like Chalabi?
As a matter of fact, the other gestapo sons of zion, Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith shoved this 'three in one" into the corridors of the White House and he landed in Rumsfeld and Cheney's lap. The plan was being prepared as far back as the early 90's by the way. Once the plan was achieved,Chalabi kept a low profile for a while and he was replaced by Al Hakim of the Iranian Badr Brigades. Wolfowitz and Perle, gently retracted to the background - the typical way- and left the goyims,Cheney and Bush face the music alone. Nice one Israel...not bad at all.
But Chalabi has made a comeback.
As I said he was in Sadr City yesterday, surrounded by heavily armed militias courtesy of Muqtada and al Hakim ,your favorite boys.
The purpose of his visit?
Check this out:To re-open a sunni mosque as an act of good will. So they did close the sunni mosques huh? One could see scaffoldings around the mosque, a quick fix it for propaganda purposes.
Meanwhile, the other mosques in Baghdad in the "soooneeee triangle"(a very masonic symbol by the way) are under siege and used as torture centers by the same militias that were guarding Chalabi. When not used as torture centers, they are burned down, like this one in Basrah.
Al Adhamyia, Al Amariya, Haifa Street, Al Yarmouk, Al Amel and others...are still under siege and totally encircled by the American Army, the Iranian backed militias and so-called Iraqi guards.

Pity Basrah did not get a foretaste of this new spirit of tolerance that has taken hold of the Chalabis, Malikis , Hakims and Sistanis - the not so grand Ayatollah Khomeini pictures are still plastered all over the city to the dismay of the Iraqi Shias.

You may argue if this is the case, why is the U.S bullying the ayatollahs in Teheran?
I will try to make it simple for you.

Imagine a Patriarch, in something akin to a Harem. This Sultan(USA) has one official wife her name is Israel. She is the mother of his kids.
And he also has several mistresses that are "tolerated" by the wife: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan...and he also has as in every good harem, a couple of concubines:Iran, Syria.
And as you know like in all Harem stories, the concubines could bring about much mischief if they put their minds to it and they do so by making secret alliances with the wife.
And this is what happened in the Baghdad harem. Israel and Iran had a common objective in Iraq since the days of the Shah (and I would add since the days of Cyrus): Regime change in Iraq.
They were natural allies. Chalabi the three in one is a prime example of this natural alliance.
So the concubine and the Master of the House with the blessings of the wife agreed to collaborate on Iraq and continue to do so.
The Master of the house is being given a rough ride in the Iraqi Palace.
Like any macho man he cannot admit that the Iraqi resistance is giving him a hard time and that those Arabs are truly unruly, despite his surge.
An admission would mean utter defeat. So what does he do? He blames his concubine.
A bit of bullying here and there but the concubine knows it is just talk because the concubine has already received the wife's blessings.

Both the concubine (Iran) and the wife (Israel) are happy with the disintegration of Iraq. They are both partying up north with the Kurds and have hired Talabani and his lover Barazani, for a special folk dance whilst his boys clean out Kirkuk of Arabs and Turkmen.

The macho Master is stuck in a quagmire and they both know it. But like any macho,he will ultimately please-He will continue his ethnic cleansing helped by both the Iranian concubine and the Israeli Wife.

And as one Iranian blogger named the "king of bloggers" summed it up beautifully well to Haaretz :"The Iranians remember that the Palestinians supported Saddam Hussein when he fought against Iran. And some also remember that Israel tried to transfer arms to Iran in the Iran-Contra episode, and that's something in Israel's favor."

He adds: "You have to distinguish between rhetoric and actions. Iran has no desire to destroy Israel. If it did, Tehran would have permitted Hezbollah to use long-range rockets against Tel Aviv in the last war. Ahmadinejad is not Hitler. The one who controls the army is Khamenei, and he is not pleased by Ahmadinejad's declarations. Iran and Israel have a common interest: They live in a region controlled by Sunni Muslims." (full article here)

The bullying of the Master is for domestic use so he can remind his dutiful kids back home that he is still in charge.

And who is Iraq in all of this ?
She is the woman who was highly coveted but difficult to approach - the "Femme Fatale" if you wish.
She had seen it before from the times of Babylon through the Moguls, the Ottomans and the Brits. She was old enough to know better. She had to be decapitated by the threes in one. The fatal blow was a must.
And as Saddam used to say:"Our nation has a message.That it why it can never be an average nation. Throughout history, our nation has either soared to the heights or fallen into the abyss through the envy, conspiracy and enmity of others."

Got it now ? A brief resume of the Iraqi political orgy.

So when I read that Saudi Arabia (one of the mistresses) is the cause of sectarianism in the Middle East, I can't but laugh. Saudi Arabia and her sisters care about their privileged positions, they care about their little thrones , they will not budge and create anything, trust me on this one.
Yet,this is what a good deal of the "alternative" "thinkers" like to push forward.
Understandably so, being the good children of Papa Chomsky. Some were even disappointed that Saudi Arabia managed to broker a truce and an agreement between the Palestinians.
They were in fact echoing Tzipi Livni concerns and anxieties, albeit from the other side of the fence/wall.

Back to Baghdad and the "security crackdown."
As I mentioned the "sunni" areas are totally under siege. I called Khaled.
He said: "They came this morning at 5.am (the US army, the Iraqi Guards and the militias.) They turned the house upside down. I have nothing to hide. The kids were scared and they would not stop crying. The fridge is empty. I can't even go out and shop for food. And to top it all off, I received a notice from my employer (a Dawah party member) stating that if I don't show up for work within the next 24 hours,he will sack me. How can I show up for work if I am not allowed to leave the house?... They are doing it on purpose. Starving us, harassing us, sacking us from our jobs, torturing us and killing us..."
Khaled,I said: what will you do with the termination notice though? It's your job, your livelihood.
To which Khaled replied "I will send it back to Muqtada, he can stick it on his ass."
And that is no disinformation.

After some dissing, we both agreed that this what you should also do.
Everytime you get some piece of news that does not fit the facts, send it back with a note:
"Stick it on your ass" and diss the information and the informant.

PS : Don't forget to tell Cockburn and papa Chomsky.

Painting : The late Iraqi artist, one of the pioneers, Ismail Fattah.