April 24, 2012

The New Iraq: The Iranian-American Concubine.

I happen to like my own company, so I muse with myself. I play around with words in my head...I like to get to their roots, their essential meaning...words are windows, doors and gates...

I thought of the word concubine nearly all day. I am not sure why this word popped out of nowhere.

When Islam made its first breakthroughs in ancient Arabian society, it recognized two statuses for women - that of concubine and that of a free woman, hoping eventually to ease the concubine status to that of a free woman.  A free woman was defined as a woman who was not a captive - captive in the largest sense of the word. 

I thought of that word concubine - in Arabic - Jarriah. And since my neighbors are a pain in the butt, it took me to the word Jarr - meaning neighbor in Arabic and obviously since Iraq is almost always at the back of my mind, it took me to Iraq...

And since am on Twitter, because am a lazy blogger, and prefer 140 characters to long posts, ( I also came to realize the utter uselessness of blog posts) so  while I was musing with myself  I was also checking out news headlines...

And I just love how things come in full circle all by their own accord.

Nouri Al-Maliki the prime minister of Iraq is on a visit to Iran to consolidate bilateral ties of "cooperation" He's been received by the usual Iranian crowd and had a special session with the Supreme leader, the not so great Ayatollah.

Western reporters noted that the Iraqi flag was "strangely" missing and only the Iranian flag was raised.
Furthermore the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs stated that "these two Shiite nations" (Iran and Iraq) made one, united in interests and vision.

At the same time, the USA and Iraq signed an energy, electricity (what's that ?) and an infrastructure development  (what's that ?) accord.  (won't link for you lazy readers, scroll down my tweets - make an effort, I have been making it for years)

What does that say ?

It says and reiterates the fact that you refuse to see.

The "new" Iraq is the Jarriah - concubine - of the Jarr - the neighbor - with the blessings of Uncle Sam

And I shall not rest my case...

April 7, 2012

Iraq again, over and over...

I type in this title but inside of me a voice has died...a part of me is already dead and buried. Yet I still find myself typing...Iraq.

Am I fooling myself ? Am not the kind that fools herself easily...even though I do understand that grand illusions are nice escapism...And naturally I want to escape from Iraq, and whatever Iraq has done to me.
But something else inside of me is tenacious, persevering, even though I have lost much hope. I honestly don't know what it is, somehow a part of me refuses to put Iraq on the back burner. A part of me absolutely refuses the "done deal" idea.

The game is larger than you and I, the plot was/is nothing but sheer Evil in its purest sense. America birthed an anti-Christ in the new Iraq. It resurrected an ancient devil that we had buried way back in the age of the Jahiliya, buried along with other skeletons from the age of Ignorance.

It always takes two to "procreate". In Iraq, these two were and still are the United States of America and Iran. I don't doubt that Israel was also in the delivery room, but let's put it this way, the surgeons are still the USA and Iran.

I've been blogging for over 5 years on Iraq, and I have maintained and still vehemently maintain, that IRAN has done as much if not more damage to Iraq than the Americans.  Iraq has been occupied for 9 years already, and it took 9 bloody years for (finally) the mainstream media to acknowledge that Iraq as it stands today is a deeply sectarian country, society...and somehow every one, 9 years later, are questioning how this is so.

Bad faith at its best...you knew it was so. You knew it will become so...You KNEW.

All of you knew but you DENIED. You basically lied...and lied some more about the intrinsic sectarian agenda of the U.S but more important you willfully denied Iran's role in upholding, developing, enhancing, maintaining this deeply sectarian agenda.

It  is only now, 9 years later, that a few articles make a bashful almost apologetic appearance, as if to say...yes Iraq has BECOME a deeply sectarian society thanks to us...but...

But...but...that famous "but" of yours...

When it comes to Iraq there is no ifs and no buts...because ALL of it was a humongous LIE from the very beginning.

A lie that has cost us thousands of dead, thousands of exiles, a lie that has cost us our past, our present and our future...oh you people of the grandiose lie !

The lie that started with this whom you -- call Curveball -- and after which the shameful Independent still quotes the screwed figure of 100'000 dead --nine years later... But wait a minute here, this is not how the lie started...Curveball  a CIA asset whose story was "sexed up". (I thought you had enough sex with your sexual liberation but it seems not - but that's another chapter), the story started way before 9/11 and alleged WMD's.

The story started when the USA decided that the Mullahs of Iran were to be the real partners in the new Middle East. Iraq was their first bastard offspring, an unregistered birth...

And Iraq is the bastard of the new world order. And what a bastard it grew to become.

A failed state, a finished state. An embezzler, a corrupt thug, a "voyou" of the new world order...an anti social psychopathic juvenile delinquent, a thief, a pickpocket, a peddler, a wannabee pimp, and in its adult form, in its skeleton form, in its revived form from the days of the Jahiliya, from the days of ignorance, a murderer, a killer, a sadistic vampire, the beast of Babylon...

It is only now that the presstitutes are talking of a sectarian Iraq (here and here) where the nomadic Kurds have build their illusory empire, kissing ass -- a bit of Iranian, a bit of Turkish, and lots of American ass and where a good deal of  Shiites still bow to the smelly feet of some debilitated Ayatollah from Qum.

Oh you fools, you fucking fools of Mesopotamia. Will you ever learn, did you ever learn ?!

Non Shiites, and non Kurds in the bastard Iraq, are a relic...don't argue with me...they are an extinct species...

Demographic change means the changing of structures...means the changing of maps, means the changing of geography...and vice versa...a change of structures, means a changing of maps, means of changing of geography, means a changing in demography....this is the plan.

This is THE PLAN.

The plan is to have a sectarian, ethnically divided Iraq.

And for those morons among you who still doubt Iran's "influence" you are ordered to read this - Iran vying to replace Ayatollah Sistani by Ayatollah Shahroudi, who served Iran's highest judiciary for over 10 years, who was the mastermind for the crackdown on the Iranian "spring" which you flippantly wrote off  as some "middle class caprice" a whim from Gucci followers...you shameless bastards, just like you are writing off a a genuine grassroot uprising in Syria...but then again that is another chapter...

Back to Iraq, I like to get my priorities right...and back to the Ayatollahs...

Shahroudi is not only considered as a viable replacement for the ailing Ayatollah Khameni and for the equally senile Ayatollah Sistani, Shahroudi is ALSO the spiritual guide of  Nouri Al Maliki's American installed DAWA party...oh but wait it gets better...his posters have already sprung up in Sadr city - the stronghold of your "anti imperialist" driller, rapist, Gandhi like idol, Muqtada Al-Sadr.

But wait a little more because am not quite done...

And who is the new US envoy ambassador to Iraq - none other but Brett McGurk. Brett McGurk is a STRONG pro Maliki. He has total faith in the sectarian puppet. What better new nominee to have in Iraq when Syria is burning a few miles away ?!

And the cherry on the cake--- I heard today that Obama sent a clear message to Iran stating : the USA is willing to accommodate the Iran nuclear program if this latter can provide guarantees that its program is  for peaceful means.

What does that say ?

It says that the American-Iranian (and Israeli) love film is here to stay with us for a few more years...until, until, until...another bastard is born. And until you wake up from your false ideological stupor.