November 29, 2007

Another Brick in the Wall...

I am not sure if I am in a Pink Floyd kind of mood or a Bob Marley one.

Another brick in the Wall.

Your brave boys just killed "at least" another 5 Iraqis including one child.

Cholera is gaining, and we are foaming at the mouth...
Even the clown, Ban Ki Moon is concerned.
He was concerned last week about violence against women, but he did not say one word about the sectarian Shias whom you called "very oppressed", slaughtering women with impunity...But hey, they are only women. Why should you care?!

Your other category of "poor oppressed" the Kurds, are flirting big time with oil companies, have bedded Israel, and have signed over 20 contracts so far.

One of your famous douche bags that goes by the name of P.Cockburn in an article in today's Independent, was so generous...really.

He said that there are 2.3 million internally displaced, one million of which are Kurds from Saddam's time.

This douche bag, Cockburn went against all the statistics from the Red Cross and the UN that stated that 2.3 million of those internally displaced, took place SINCE your occupation.

But Cockburn along with his brother have a political agenda. When they publish someone by the name of R.Amiri who is calling for more lynching a "save the kurdish honor" call, then you understand the hows and whys. These people have no shame.

Saddam has been gone for over 5 years now and they still want to incriminate him.
What a handy way to tone down your own crimes eh ?

Got news for you. The Kurds were NOT oppressed nor were the Shias, it is a LIE.
A lie you fabricated so you can invade, occupy and slaughter us.

Your Cockburns and your Chomskys are the worst propagators of this lie.
You are indeed a despicable lot.

This douche bag, Cockburn, did not mention that the Kurds have been engaging in a mighty ethnic cleansing of Arabs and Turkmens. Oh no, he would not.

He has no guts and no professional ethics to report such truths. He will tell you what you want to hear... He will massage your comfort zone and this is what he and others like him are good at doing.

In the meantime, am counting...and I will report truths to you. I am on no one's paycheck. So you listen to me.

Auntie Sameera is very ill. She can't breath anymore. There is only one functional hospital where she lives. No one dares venture out of the neighborhood. This neighborhood is run by the Mahdi rapists/thugs and the Badr Brigades of Al- Hakeem from Iran.

You know who Al-Hakeem is don't you?
He just met your criminal in D.C. And they discussed "the security of Iraq." And you know who he represents don't you? If you don't then you are a fucking idiot and I demand that you move to another blog.

Auntie Sameera was taken to the only functional hospital with ONE doctor in charge.
All the others have fled or were killed. Tell that to your fucking Cockburn will you?

This doctor is a generalist, who has not even finished his internship. Only one fucking doctor for a whole hospital. The family doctor cannot be reached. His cell phone is dead. Is he dead too ? We will find out soon.

She needs oxygen, there is none. She can't breath, there is no air, not even artificial air. You motherfuckers sucked it all out including your Cockburns and your Chomskys - you sucked it all out.

She is given 3 kinds of antibiotics, enough to kill her, after all the doctor is only a generalist.

"Get her a nurse" I shout on the phone.
"None will come around" her daughter says- There are no nurses left. (tell your fucking Cockburn ok?)
"Get her some vitamin shots" I shout some more
"There are no vitamins in the pharmacy" comes the reply.
"For fuck's sake, massage her with Vicks Vapo Rub- anything to alleviate the pneumonia."
"There is no Vicks Vapo Rub" comes the reply again. (Don't forget to tell your fucking Cockburn ok?)

I put the phone down, and If I can push my fist through this screen and smash your fucking faces and that of your Cockburns and Chomskys, I will do it.

If I can throw a massive brick your way and knock you down without you ever standing back on your feet, ever again, I will do it. If I can stone you to death, I shall be the one to cast the first stone...

I have one prayer for you. That everything, and I mean everything you have dished out our way, comes back to you a million folds. You and your families, your kids, your jobs, your lives, your bank accounts, and your country, wherever you are...

May you die a thousand deaths, may you have bricks falling on you, like rain...

May you not taste any peace, not now, not ever. May you become beggars, may your daughters turn into prostitutes, may you stop breathing and not find any air, may your children become orphans...

In Basrah alone, where your fucking Cockburn played Lawrence of Arabia not long ago, there are 160'000 orphans, who lost BOTH mother and father. 160'000 orphans with no food, with no shelter, with no homes, with nothing...

And you come and talk to me of morality and love ? And you come and talk to me of loving your neighbor, compassion and turning the other cheek ? Fuck you.

You turn the other cheek, sons of bitches, if you can.

You are sitting like cowards unable to do fuck all. As long you have your little stories unfolding, that is all you care about. Fuck you again. Fuck you a hundred times. Despicable worthless, shit of a people that you are ...

One of your brave boys, an English piece of shit, gets rich by taking money from poor drivers in Basrah, at checkpoints. He demands money from someone who hardly makes anything.

You come to my country and you loot. And you pillage, rape and steal. And you ask for more at checkpoints. Then you kill. Just like that. You kill, just like that.
You are fucking murderers.

God the contempt I have for you knows no bounds. The contempt that I have for those who aided you, Shias, Kurds and even Sunnis knows no bounds...

I did say I was in Bob Marley mood too...

Do you know how to "Stir it up"?

The majority of you don't. The majority of you are sheep.The majority of you are idiots.

But a very few do. They call it "stone by stone..."
What they are really saying is "brick by brick..."

Another brick in the Wall.

Painting:Iraqi female artist, Yaqeen Al-Dulaimi.

November 27, 2007

Ground Zero from the Cold...

I am not sure if you have ever experienced that yourself, that of belonging to another universe, speaking a different language, even though you like to believe you are part of "it" all...the "here and now" of it all.

Less than one hour's flight lies between the "statelet" (as a friend calls it) and between my Beloved, and if feels as if more than a trillion miles separate those two realities.

Can you imagine what it must feel like between another group of statelets -also known as the United States- and statelets is what they are, and my Beloved ?

I'm someone who always prided herself on what I deemed to be a "great sense of adaptability." Yet language fails me tonight.

I'm someone who strongly believed in bridges and a common heritage beyond history and culture, but then again, am taught a lesson, lesson 101 in revising long held beliefs...

I was with a group of people. I was asked to speak so I spoke...

They asked me about torture and I spoke of isolation. The different forms of torture; mental, moral, spiritual, sexual, physical and the "Stockholm syndrome."

I spoke of torture and isolation relegating you back to your infantile state where you are forced to bond with your torturer. Because that is what torture and isolation are all about. They are meant to break you and regress you to ground Zero, a ground where you will seek any attachment to life even with your own regular visiting sadist.

I spoke of rows of orphans and widows begging for food, waiting desperately for morsels to fall into a dirty disposable plate, as disposable as their lives...

I spoke of a foreigner called an American waiting to fuck a hajji "coz it's so cool and gives an awesome feeling once you finish him off."

I spoke of the Eye Raqi being a foreigner in his/her own land, considered an excess, a nuisance, easily eliminated for the sake of "peace."

I spoke of the different methods of breaking a spirit, of erasing a history, a culture...of nullifying a presence...

I spoke of every time you inhale- the most basic of vital functions- there is an invisible dust lodging in your nose, lodging in your lungs and you know you might die from it and it's called Depleted Uranium.

I spoke about every time you ingest food, you know fully well it's contaminated with poison but, being human and needing to survive, you have no choice but to ingest it, knowing fully well, it will kill you.

I spoke of how being "human" has a price attached to it, depending on your race and your religion.

I spoke of our favorite color black, because it’s the only color that expresses who we are today.

I spoke of women and girls selling themselves and yet those same people that drove them to "it" ,target them and eliminate them for not obeying rules...rules imposed by a group of men who use God as the ultimate authority when they have no legitimacy themselves.

I spoke of many things...

But it's as if I was speaking in the void, in the cold...

It's as if I was speaking from ground Zero. And Zero echo is what I got.

I am someone who not only prided herself on her "sense of adaptability" but also on her keen sense of "observation."

And I observed...I observed alright.

I saw people checking their watches even though I only had a mere 20 minutes to speak.

I saw people diverting the subject. I saw people giggling. I saw people yawning. I saw people sending messages on their cell phones...

Am no boring speaker. I go straight to the point. I don't mince words. I give it the way it is...I give it the way it ought to be given.

But these people had more "important" things to do...

They had to catch up with the latest Egyptian TV serial. The Dow Jones. The girl friend - maybe this time they will convince her to bed. The business deal to finalize. The party they had to go to, where they can "shine" and make a final impression.

In sum, they had more "important things"...

At one point, I looked at "my audience" and saw a group of skulls and bones seated on red chairs, holding a cell phone in their hands...

I looked and felt am in a cemetery.

The moderator, sensing my silence, said "Ms. Anwar you have 5 more minutes."

I replied in a zombie trance like state "Will these 5 minutes make a difference?"

I did not even bother to wrap up.

There was no wrapping up to do, it's an ongoing story happening not too far away...

This is a statelet, not too far away and these were the reactions.

Can you imagine what it must be like in the "civilized" world?

Can you imagine what it must be like in the conglomerate of pathetic statelets called the United States?

There is no more time for niceties - listen to me, look at me kind of niceties. This is the time for another manifesto.

A shake you into a fucking Iraqi oblivion manifesto from ground Zero, a manifesto from the cold...

And I have always prided myself on delivering my promises. And a promise I am making to you. You will get it. For sure, you will.

From ground Zero, from the cold, you will get it.

Warm up to the idea, now. For it's coming...

Picture: Best ever.

November 23, 2007

In the Heart of the Night...

It is awfully quiet tonight. Usually my upstairs neighbors are terribly noisy.
They are what I consider nouveaux riches peasants. Or at least they pretend to be nouveaux riches. This building has nothing of new rich to it, more like new poor.
I am grateful that they are mute tonight. I hope they stay that way - always.

So it's a silent night for a change. I have the radio on, and late at night, several stations play the mythical Egyptian Diva, Um Kulthum. They always reserve late nights for her.

Hard to listen to Um Kulthum during the day. I suppose one needs to be in a contemplative mood for El-Sett (the grand Lady). And rightly so, her voice and the lyrics that clothes her music, can only be appreciated in the stillness of the night...

"You, the absent one, where are you? The past cannot be forgotten and the rememberance lives on, so you, absent one speak to me..."

Will the absent ones speak to us? Will they remember us?
There are so many of them, in the thousands. Gone, just like that.

What a terrible punishment has been inflicted on us...For what sin? For what crime?

I will never get over this great injustice. I don't think any true Iraqi will.

And I personally will never forgive it either...until Iraq is totally liberated and until all the damage has been repaired and compensated for and the criminals tried and even then, I am not sure I will be able to forgive...

There are millions of us out there, sitting in the heart of the night, unable to sleep. The nights are getting colder and the prospects are grim...

The wounds and scars are way too deep and many. Where do you start healing? Physically, emotionally, sexually, spiritually, financially, socially...?

Some of us try to draw strength from the absent,departed ones. We talk to them as if they are still around...

A foreigner, who works on a voluntary basis with Iraqi refugees called me this morning. It sounded very urgent.

"Layla,I need to meet you today, please" she said.

We agreed on a time and a place in some café.

I noticed that most Iraqi refugees don't go to cafés, as most are quite expensive. They sit on the benches just outside and buy something to drink from some street vendor. They sit and watch the rest having their drinks on the inside...and they sit on the benches for hours...looking.

Some can't even afford a street vendor, they are street vendors themselves, hardly making ends meet, just enough to pay for rent and the food is usually handed out in charity...

Am talking about educated people here, with university degrees and years of professional experience...Am taking about graduates here. Am talking about a whole middle class intelligentsia that resorts to street vending, or other menial jobs if they are lucky...whilst the rest of the majority sits at home and borrows money from relatives or friends. Borrowed money and borrowed time.

Am talking about a youth who can't afford to do anything for fun. Who stand idle in the streets gazing at others living their lives...when they too had one and were robbed of it. Am talking about mothers, fathers, sons and daughters made totally destitute, willfully destitute...

Some conveniently argue, it's because of the "violence" in Iraq.

Violence becomes some sort of an anonymous noun that just fell from the skies...just like that.

Those who put forward such arguments are the most deceitful of the whole lot. They fail to mention that this violence was/is deliberately instigated from the outside.

It makes them look good and guiltless after all "it's them who can't get along...nothing to do with us, us the respectable civilized ones...yet another proof of what a hopeless case these people are..."

Crime upon crime and injustice upon injustice for which some so-called Iraqis cheer and collaborate with. And the net is full of them.

Am not sure who is more despicable the American arrogant, psychopathic, piece of shit or the ones who pretend to be Iraqis and cheer the murderers? I think I will settle for the latter - definitely more despicable and more repugnant.

I finally met M.

"What's wrong, you sounded quite desperate" I asked.

"Layla..." and she could not finish her sentence, she broke in tears. Very unlike her as she is a very reserved person and comes across as cold and composed.

"'s very difficult, am sorry, it's very difficult. I have no one to speak to about this..."

She finally explained to me the cause of her obvious sorrow.

She is doing voluntary work with a small group of Iraqi youth, arranging for them to engage in constructive activities once a week, a question of keeping them off the streets or bring them outside their homebound prisons...These teenagers see in her a sort of a hero/savior and they have opened up to her about their failed dreams, their angst, their griefs, their losses...and she is overwhelmed and could not find anyone to confide in but me...

"How can I help you M, am not exactly in a position to do much..."

"I just need to speak to someone who will understand" she said..."I can't continue seeing this state of affairs and the indifference I encounter even among my one seems to care." she added.

"Gosh, M, did it take you two whole years to figure out that?"

Here is the savior trying to find comfort in one of the victims.
And here is the victim hoping to hear the absent ones speak to her.

And in -between her sniffing and her sighs, I overheard a conversation coming from the table next to us.

It was two medical doctors attending some conference. One was French and the other I could not tell. I recognized the French guy from his terrible English accent and he said to his colleague

"C'est terrible, very terrible, human life is so cheap in Iraq, it is worthless...I don't understand because in our countries life is so sacred..."

Yes indeed, Iraqi lives are so cheap and worthless and because you, and the majority of you, viewed them that way, you can easily continue in your indifference and carelessness...comparing and standing on your high "moral" grounds. Because you really believe you are such a moral people, don't you?

Add another injustice to the list. Or maybe this is the first injustice, the mother of all injustices and the mother of all crimes - Your perception of Iraqi lives as being so cheap and worthless - that has enabled you to continue slaughtering us for nearly 20 years now...

And the physical elimination was not enough for you, you had to also turn us into living shadows, surviving skeletons sitting on street benches, or prisoners of our cold lodgings not daring to venture out...turn us into menial workers, beggars, or prostitutes in a ruthless black market, waiting for a savior...

Do you realize the so many levels of crimes and injustices or are you still blind?

Knowing you, you will remain blind...

Since when do criminals admit to their crimes?

Shrouded in darkness, a pitch black obscurity, shrouded in a deafening silence, like this night...

With no eyes to see and no hearts to feel...And when you do, you rush to the victims for confirmation that you are actually seeing true or you place yourselves as the good samaritans taking pity on those "poor things."

The gap between us - you and I - has become irremediably vast.

I am not sure anything will bridge it anymore. If at all, it is up to you to make not one extra mile, but a million miles. And even then...

I never knew that silence, sitting in the heart of the velvety night could reveal such truths, bitter truths that no daylight or noise can attenuate or dispel...

True Iraqis need to realize that they are very much alone...that their lives are considered worthless and cheap, and that they have to rely on no one but themselves and the rememberance and presence of the Absent One.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Mazen Al-Janabi.

November 22, 2007

Falling Leaves...

I am very undecided tonight. I am not sure what to write about. I have a lot to say and I don't know what to tackle first.

Should I address Persian flavored Pistachio ice creams ?

Honestly, today someone offered me an ice cream, pistachio flavor. I don't like ice cream and I don't like pistachio flavors either. The green, I find to be a turn off...especially Iranian green.

But he said "Eat it, it's good Iranian pistachio."
I said "What happened to "Fustok Halabee" (Aleppo Pistachios from Syria)
He said "This is better...and cheaper and it's all the same.”

Funnily, I heard on the Radio, that the U.S. general is praising both Iran and Syria for helping America in "keeping the violence down" in Iraq i.e in helping the Surge.

Then I read on Uruknet that Amerikkka is annoyed with Israhell for importing Iranian pistachios. (article here)

This is way too freaky of a coincidence...

Then I thought to myself, to hell with Israel and Iran,(and Syria) and their pistachio nuts- flip sides of the same coin.
I am no mood to write about those two main off Palestinian and Iraqi bloood i.e Arab blood.

Then, I wondered if I should write about Americans instead, like, grace this degenerate bunch with an article?

Then I thought again and decided they are not worth my precious energy.
They are a junk people, a people made of "lead" hoping against hope to be transformed into gold in some alchemist laboratory. Will not happen.
Americans are the most stupid, backward lot any people can encounter...No amount of Alchemists will ever change that.

And besides their list of crimes is way too long, I would not know where to start and where to end... Americans are just a sick bunch. I don't like them at all. Just thinking about them, makes my stomach churn...left and right.

They are a dishonest, despicable lot and so fucking ignorant, I am not sure they realize how ignorant they are...Fuck them, I hope their bubble bursts very soon and they fall flat on their filthy faces. Can't stand them, criminals.

Then, I thought maybe I ought to write about the Brits, the English.
The English are a sick breed too. A sick breed of donkeys. They are the most perverted bunch in the whole of Europe.

I mean where else can you find 60 years old members of parliament dressed up in diapers waiting to be spanked by a dominatrix Nanny, but in England?

For those who have the misfortune of living in England, they need to check the "Sun or Daily Mirror" for such stories...And trust, they abound in England.
Must be the ghost of the unwashed, prude, Queen Victoria, still hovering over the tormented, pitiful, British soul...

The Brits are a fucked up bunch for sure...
I can tell you stories and stories about them. For starters their sense of hygiene leaves a lot to be desired.

Their notion of cleanliness is to soak their greasy slimy bodies in a bathtub.
The bathtub looks as if some pig swam in it and it takes hours to clean the grime from the edges...And they don't rinse either. They dry themselves with the soap on.

They do the same when washing dishes in the famous plastic English basin.
Ah! The English trademark, the famous English basin!

In that same basin, they soak their underwear, their toothbrush and wash their arses too.
Once a week naturally. When the boyfriend is around- that is. And even then, there are no guarantees.

I have lived with them long enough to have had the misfortune of observing them. They are a filthy lot.

But then, with a prune stuck down their throats or a cockney accent so ugly, that it even makes my dog seek shelter, they say in their usual patronizing ways.
"I must say those foreigners are dirty."

They easily forget their soaking in muck water once a fortnight of course...Or their 60 years old shitty diapers...

I have so many stories to tell you about British hypocrisy, but will save them for later...

And as a friend said to me once, "drop by drop..." And the Brits will not be spared.

Here is an Iraqi woman who will give it to you better than any dominatrix Nanny.
You just need to be very patient..."dears." And in the meantime, take that prune out of your mouth and shove it.

Enough on the Brits for tonight. I think you received a foretaste of what it is like being one...or living with one.

What is amazing though. Wrong. I take that back.

It is not amazing at all, it is expected from both of these two decadent, degenerate lots...

That of knowing what they already knew, they voted not once but twice for both, Bush and Blair. TWICE. An 8 years tenure.

For God's sake, what does that tell you about these people?

They will give you all sorts of excuses why they did so. Bullshit, don't believe them. They are lying. They are a filthy people, rotten to the core. No doubt about it.

Iraq was their golden colonialist opportunity to vent out all their past, repressed inferiority complexes.

Their racism, their spitefulness, their impotence and they ARE impotent, their evilness, the white race of pink skins and grime bathtub edges...

You need to trust me on that one. They are a horrible lying bunch of racist bastards.

But they have done worse than lie in Iraq. They have done much worse...

Iraq was their unrestrained experiment, where they could act out every single sick fantasy they harbor.

The fantasy of the pinkWestern prick finally having an erection. The fantasy of a frustrated peroxide blonde with limp hair finally having someone look at her. The fantasy of some pimply Chicano finally exercising some power. And that of some big fat black American ass finally getting some respect, by instilling fear... in the "local indigenous ones".

If you do not grasp these little psychological secrets, you understand nothing about the reality of Occupation.

And who did this bunch find as a helper? The sectarian Shias influenced by the Pistachios nuts from Iran.

So I thought, maybe I ought to write about what is happening to this group. The sectarian Shias from Qum pretending to be Iraqis.
And I have so many secrets to share about them.
I still see the faces of some of my female friends wiping their tears, when recounting the horrors of this evil sectarian bunch.

Yes, you guessed right, RAPE.

I can give you names and places and dates...but I will not. I protect my female friends.

The sectarian Shia bunch and most of them are sectarians, are driven by a hatred and envy that is difficult to explain. You can easily compare them to the Jews of Israel...

Their favorite target are Sunni women. Once they score with a Sunni woman, they are led to believe that their “sect,class...” - whatever you call it- ”knot” has finally untangled.

They are another vindictive, sick bunch.

It comes as no surprise that they have aligned themselves with the Iranians, Israelis, Americans and Brits.

So, No. I will not write about the Shias – sectarian Shias that is - tonight.

Once you understand their games and ploys, you will understand that they are nothing but a sick, worthless bunch, fit for collective rehabilitation...and even then, you cannot be sure you will get results... Ask my girlfriends.

So what shall I write about then ?

Maybe I ought to write about another of my favorite songs, "Autumn Leaves".
Yes I know it's another Jazzy one. I have heard all of its versions. French, English and even Arabic by Fairuz.

I am not sure whether the original is French, English or Arabic...

I think it’s French “Les Feuilles Mortes.” (Dead leaves)
But Arabic qualifies too...For there are so many autumn leaves falling over here, and regardless of the season.

Do you know it ? Those dead Autumn leaves ?

“The falling leaves drift by the window
The autumn leaves of red and gold
I see your lips, the summer kisses
The sun-burned hands I used to hold
Since you went away the days grow long
And soon I’ll hear old winters song
But I miss you most of all my darling
When autumn leaves start to fall”

I want to tell you about a falling leaf.
A leaf I have not seen or touched but who I already love...
An 9 years old fallen autumn leaf from Baghdad. His name is Faleh Mohamed.

"Nine-year-old Faleh Muhammad was abandoned by his family in April 2006. He was left to fend for himself in the streets of Baghdad, and later he was diagnosed with leukaemia.

"I miss my mother.In the last days before they left me, she was very sad. One day I woke up in the morning to find my father and mother had disappeared," Faleh said.

"We were living in an abandoned building near Hay Jamia'a District with three other families. I asked them about my parents and they told me they had left.
So I had to work to be able to eat because those families couldn't feed me," he said.

Faleh said he started begging in the streets of Baghdad and one day he had a serious headache and fainted. Helped by passers-by, he was taken to Yarmouk hospital and after two days diagnosed with leukaemia.

"I remember my father saying I was useless because I was rotten from the inside and I never understood why, but now I know that the reason for abandoning me was my disease," Faleh said, adding that his father was poor and could not afford the treatment.”


"The problem is even more serious among new-born babies and there are many cases of children aged 1-12 abandoned," said Mayada Marouf, a spokesperson for KCA.
Most of them have a life-threatening disease and their families cannot afford treatment.
All children whose parents have left them are suffering from serious psychological disorders, and the youngest urgently need a family to take care of them," Marouf said.
Poverty and violence have also forced parents to abandon a son to save the lives of their other children.
Specialists said the greatest concern is the long-term effect on an entire generation: the trauma of what is happening to those children is enormous.
Abandoned children carry long-term psychological effects. There is a strong possibility that they could change their behaviour after feeling ostracised"
In some cases they keep to themselves and don't want to speak to professionals or any other person. They feel they are on their own although there are people who want to help them.
The Iraqi Red Crescent (IRC) told... the rise in the number of abandoned children was alarming, the result of sectarian violence and drastic socio-economic problems.

An IRC employee, who preferred anonymity, told IRIN many parents leave their children with relatives who already have over 20 children to look after and are later abandoned or forced to work in the streets to supplement the household income.
It is not uncommon to see a houses teaming with children.

Over 1.6 million children under the age of 12 have become homeless in Iraq, according to the country's Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. That's almost 70 percent of the estimated 2.5 million Iraqis who are homeless inside the country.

"There are no reliable estimates of how many orphans and abandoned children are in Iraq today but we believe, according to some data collected by local NGOs, that over 8,000 children are in the same or a similar situation to that of Faleh," Mayada said.”

(article here)

These are my fallen Autumn darling little ones...

They fell in the streets with leukemia. They fell in the orphanage with cholera whilst they were chained to steel beds. An orphanage called Al- Hanan (i.e Tenderness.) They fell asleep in the cradle never to wake up...
These fresh, little, green leaves ushered in the fall of their lives.

They missed the sun kissed hands of their fathers, they missed the sun gold kisses of their mothers...
Abandoned like leaves...that have fallen off from a dying tree.

Next time you ask yourselves why I hate you so much, remember those fallen leaves...

And also remember what a fallen lot you all are, or... soon will be.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Ali Al Mimar, 1990.

November 20, 2007

How to become an Outcast.

For anyone interested on how to...please check my second blog. Am sure a few Arabs can relate to it.
And will welcome comments here - on this one -from those concerned.
For newcomers, click on view profile - scroll down the page and click on Uncensored Arabwomanblues.
Am also dressed like a Samourai for any warfare eventuality.

P.S. I shall not be doing that again, if you are keen on the flip side of occupation, do check the other blog regularly.

November 18, 2007

Fragile Lives...

Yesterday, I spent all evening until the early hours of the morning in Hospital.
Someone precious to me was taken in an emergency.
I sat by this "someone's" hospital bed for what felt like an eternity. Many hours...

And as this person was out of the "danger state" and was peacefully dozing off, I watched...and watched.

I sat there watching, praying, silently crying and thought to myself, this person lying in front of me could have been dead. And I imagined what it would have felt like...

The sense of loss was just too much.

Whenever there is attachment, there is a sense of loss. They go together.

Those who have refused to attach themselves to anything or anyone, are in fact protecting themselves from the possible pain of loss , the pain of separation - detachment, de-attachment...

I went out for a smoke and felt very cold, shivering cold...A strange sort of cold.
I was quivering like a leaf and while smoking my cigarette, I honestly don't know why, I thought of the Guantanamo prisoners being stripped naked and left in rooms with freezing temperatures for days...

Maybe the steel antiseptic atmosphere of the Hospital reminded me of Guantanamo - Prisoners of their bodies subjected to a thorough antiseptic cleansing, to be flushed away slowly like germs...

Or maybe seeing all those tubes reminded me of Guantanamo and the forced feeding.

Or was it the cold lifeless room of the hospital, or maybe just a cold northern wind blowing that night...I don't know.

I also thought of all those other Iraqis who have lost someone precious to them.

Going from morgue to morgue, searching for a body they could recognize, a few remains they can hug goodbye...

Or sitting by a bed watching the person they love exhale their final breaths, following an untreated illness, untreated due to lack.

Or losing someone they love, see them fall dead in front of their eyes following an iron, steel, raid - a raid chasing more unwanted bodies to be flushed...

Or a child wilting, agonizing away from lack of food and care...Or an elderly left to die alone in total abandonment...

All those prisoners of a body, a body to be flushed away like a germ, fought against like one fights a disease...

How many times can a heart be ripped apart?

How many times can a heart attach itself and be violently brutally separated from the "object" of its attachment?

How much grief can any one person contain?

But I also thought of other things too...

How a strong, sturdy, potent, superman can wither away from a tiny virus, a virus that one needs a microscope to detect...

How an epidemy can hit an arrogant, indifferent group of people and bring them to their knees in pleas...

I went "home", washed away. And when am that tired, I like listening to some jazz, which I did. I undressed and stood under the hot shower, just stood there for a long time...

And I heard that song play, another one of my favorites...The Cassandra Wilson version of "Fragile."

"If blood will flow when flesh and steel are one
Drying in the colour of the evening sun
Tomorrow's rain will wash the stains away
But something in our minds will always stay...

On and on the rain will fall
Like tears from a star
On and on the rain will say
How fragile we are, how fragile we are..."

Art Work : Iraqi artist, Hashim Hanoon "Broken Jars", 2007.

November 17, 2007

Una Storia Importante.

I think I've mentioned it before. There is this local radio station that plays oldies and occasionally some French and Italian songs.

I absolutely love Italian songs. Regretabbly, I didn't take the necessary time to learn Italian. I happen to believe that Italian is one of the most beautiful spoken language in the whole of Europe and Italian shoes (and clothes) are works of art...No doubt about it.

Coquetterie aside, Italian songs are lovely too...The song playing was "Una Storia Importante" by a singer called Eros Ramazzotti.

Fancy being called Eros in today’s Iraq.

If anything, today’s Mullah’s Iraq is anti-Eros par excellence. Cupid can go and hang himself or shoot himself with his own arrows.

“Eros” Iranian style is only reserved for the brave Iranian mullahs, their followers, and their “muta’a” boys and girls. And even then, it has nothing erotic to it. It’s like, let me remove my turban while you pull up your dress or pull down your trousers...sort of Eros.

But it’s all “halal” because it’s done behind closed doors – in the heat of the night.

And during the day, well it’s the same all over again. The turban is back in place, the beard is trimmed to the acceptable level denoting the Qum connection, and the sermons start...

Imam Hussein and Kerbala...Take that away from them and they will have to close shop. They will have nothing else to sell. They made big business out of it. Whips and all...Best S&M ever. Masochistically flog themselves and sadistically cleanse other Iraqis. Marquis de Sade comes across as fresh, bashful novice in comparison.

Then, they go and seek the benediction from their Persian father, the father of all eunuchs, the senile Ayatollah Sistani.

They kiss his hand and he massages his beard, pondering...and gives yet another fatwa (religious decree) as to how to ethnically cleanse without any visible blood marking the pavements of Baghdad...

In the meantime, the “nationalist” would be- Hojjat Al Islam- Muqtada the Driller, is studying Shia theology.

Understandably so, having never attended any theological school and having forsaken his love for billiard, blue jeans and harassing girls in the street, he is now burdened with the important task of ruling the ”new“ Iraq.

So he’s in -Shi’ism for dummies- classes, whilst his boys are filling up their pockets being known as the most corrupt bunch in the Ministries they hold. And going on their usual rampage of sectarian cleansing with style, bien entendu...

This piece of shit, Muqtada has even developed a special entry exam for anyone wanting to join/remain in his party.

On a side note, I find it disgusting that some, an equally nauseating bunch- having conveniently put aside the fact that Saddam Hussein at the gallows, seconds before his death said “Ya Muqtada heya hadhee al Marjallah" -"Muqtada is that what manhood is all about?” - are desperate to make an alliance with this psychopath murderer.

In fact, If you want to join his Jaysh al Mahdi, you need to sit for a multiple test exam. A test in Shia ethics.

For instance you will be asked how many muta’a (temporary) marriages can you contract at any one period of time. Or how to steal from the Treasury without being caught. Or how to use silent drills and still get away with it...Or better still, how to keep on mobilizing the “faithfuls” with the latest, remixed version of Hussein and the Kerbala story... Or simply rehearse out loud the “Muqtada, Muqtada” taunts just like when Saddam Hussein was standing with the noose around his neck soon to be lynched...

The other day, the Sadrists were trying for a rapprochement with Al–Hashemi (another joker from the Sunni Alliance).

They were complaining that they were targeted in Kerbala by another Shia group, the Badr Brigades of the SIIC, for being pro-Arab and they even caught Iranian snipers shooting at their Sadrist mate drillers.

A face saving tactic for sure. Everyone knows that ALL the shia parties and militias are disgustingly sectarian in nature.

Now they are simply quibbling over who gets what and hence, each accuses the other of being pro-Iran. When in fact they ALL are slaves, dogs to Iran.

Mind you all those shias – sectarian shias of course - are a filthy bunch.

I mean everyone knows about Ammar al-Hakeem's vagaries (head of the Badr Brigades of the SIIC), also known as the dirty playboy of Basrah...

And you know what is happening in Basrah don’t you?

Any woman who is not dressed to the likings of these filthy, sectarian shits, is found dead with a tag attached to her murdered body “indecently dressed.”

Read this: “A female lawyer in Basra contacted by the BBC by phone from London, who asked not to be named for fear of reprisals, said attacks on women in the city were occurring "every two or three days". She told the BBC about a university student who had been shot in the legs for not wearing an Islamic headscarf, or hijab. The lawyer also said that graffiti was painted on walls warning women to cover their heads or "be punished". She said she had been told by a group of men that she should be at home and get married instead of working. "They said to me: 'If anyone's willing to offer a good price for you, we wouldn't think twice about selling you"..."When they see a woman going out to work and being successful, I'm sorry, but they feel inferior to her."(article here)

But of course those hypocritical sectarian motherfuckers, do not mind the indecent undressing by the whores they contract for one night...

And what about Maliki? I mean look at Maliki. Every time I see him, I want to throw up. Honest to God. I keep my Alka Seltzer next to me just in case I get a nauseous bout. The guy looks as if he has not showered in an eternity, since he left Iran to be more precise...

You need to know that all these sectarian Shia groups, and it is common knowledge in Baghdad and elsewhere, are the most corrupt, dishonest, degenerate group around...

They falsify their diplomas, invent them when they have none, are signatories to fraudulent contracts, are oil smugglers, pimp leaders of pedophile rings, traders in religion, thugs dressed in suits, charlatans and murderers in the name of religion...

By God, you don’t know these people and what they stand for.

But then I think you do. And that is why you chose them and accommodated them to rule what was once a true nation. You chose them because they are an identical carbon copy of yourselves...And you love admiring your own moral turpitude, your own moral decay...

And Iran, where does Iran figure in all the above?

And this is where the story is important. A story which many of you have overlooked and/or pretended you did not see.

On October 25th, Reuters reports that Crocker warns of a growing power of the Shia Militias while having successfully finished off Al Qaeda insurgents- read the Resistance.(article here)

On November 5th, an article in Middle East Online bearing the very revealing title of “Teheran draws up Iraqi security plan” reads as follows “Iran’s government suggests integration of militias into security forces.“ (article here)

On November 11th, Azzaman Iraqi paper reports that “18’000 shia militias have joined the “Iraqi” police and army.” (article here)

On November 14th, again Reuters states “the US has given its full support to the SIIC" (Al Hakeem/Brigade group from Iran)in Iraq and its policy could be aiding Iran and might be alienating the Mahdi militias and the Sadrist party.(article here)


Newsweek's edition of 19th November, confirms “those (sadrists)deputies have been secretly meeting with Gen.David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, to discuss cooperation on improving security, according to two sources who declined to be identified because of the subject's sensitivity” (article here).

Another article dated November 14th, states that the current transformation of the Mahdi Army led by Muqtada Al-Sadr is done with the aim of becoming "a legitimate political group. This move is an expected outcome of progress in U.S.-Iranian talks on Iraq" (article here)


In an article dated November 15th by Sami Moubayed entitled “Muqtada moves to stop a Sunni 'surge'" says:

“Maliki gave an interview to the Saudi television channel al-Arabiyya, in which he asserted that "There is no civil war in Iraq." He added, "We don't have a militia problem in Iraq anymore." He wrapped up by noting that Iran does not have a decision-making influence on the Prime Minister's Office in Baghdad...Maliki knew that he was, to put it politely, not telling the truth. In addition to spreading false public relations about his administration's effectiveness in combating terrorism, the Iraqi premier was also doing something very important. He was reconciling with the Mahdi Army of Muqtada al-Sadr. Or at least, he was trying to find common ground with his former allies...This week, Muqtada called for a renewal of his truce with both American forces and those of the Iraqi government. It is a gesture of goodwill towards Maliki...On the surface, the truce renewal seems to serve Muqtada well, as a man working for collective security - even if it means putting controls on his own supporters. While the world observes his "truce", however, many of his men have flooded into the Iraqi security services, under a plea from none other than Maliki...Reportedly, 18,000 militiamen have joined the Iraqi security apparatus...a last-minute decision by Shi'ite leaders to get Shi'ite young men into the armed forces - regardless of their political affiliations - to prevent these posts from being filled by Sunnis... One the one hand, militias are being absorbed into the army. On the other hand, 1,500 Iraqis are returning to Iraq per day (according to the London-based al-Hayat) from Syria. That too is troubling the prime minister and Muqtada since most of those returning in large numbers are Sunnis. Maliki and Muqtada fear a rebirth of Iraqi Sunnis at the expense of Shi'ites. This explains 18,000 Shi'ites being formally authorized to hold arms by joining the Iraqi army...The only way to prevent the Sadrists from being a state-within-a-state was to let them become the state, or major power-sharers within the state… Muqtada could not - even if he wished - continue his military war against his opponents in the Iraqi arena (Americans included) Now it appears the political wheel has gone full circle, with Muqtada opting once again for the statesman's role.” (article here)

And today’s article in the Guardian states that the British officials are holding talks with the Mahdi army to draw them into the political process and it says:

“Major General Graham Binns said the security situation in Basra province - to be handed over to Iraqi forces next month - was improving and attacks against British and Iraqi forces had fallen by 90% since British troops withdrew from their last base in the centre of the city in September. Confirming the talks with the Mahdi army, first reported in the Guardian, Binns said: "We may get to the point where the main Sadrist strain will support the Iraqi security forces - that's the goal.” And he adds "The Sadrist militia is all powerful here - more powerful than Badr. If Badr was allowed to take on [the Mahdi army] in Basra, they'd lose pretty quickly," he said. The Badr brigade is a rival militia connected to Iraq's biggest Shia party, the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council.” (article here)

And Al Ahram weeeky in its edition of November 15th states that:

”Major General Rick Lynch, who is in charge of operations in southern Baghdad, Najaf and Karbala, said Iran's extensive influence in Baghdad is still visible despite signs that tensions between Washington and Tehran are ebbing. He added that his troops are chasing 20 Iraqi Shias who work for Al-Quds Brigade of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Last August, Lynch stated that 50 Iranian Revolutionary Guard members were in south Iraq, giving military training to Shia militia.”
(article here)

So Dear intelligent reader- and of course am assuming you're intelligent- what does all of that tell you?

Do remember the first quote/heading "Teheran drawns Iraq security plan"

So when will the strike against Iran take place? And more importantly, seeing our new rulers, how do you view the “future” of Iraq?

Did I say Iraq ? Sorry, my bad. I meant how do you view the future of Iranian Iraq?

And how do you view future Iranian- US/Israeli relations?

Do remember that Talabani head of the o’ poor oppressed kurds to whom you have extended your most empathetic Western support,left and right alike, is welcoming Shimon Peres of Israel to Iraq. (article here). And do remember that kurdish Talabani & Barazani and Shia Maliki, Al-Hakeem, Al Sadr are allies with each other and with the Americans.

But more importantly, how do you view the future of Iraqi women?

Do you think they will be mass printing the tags “indecently dressed” in Iran like they have done with the new Federal/Partitioned new Iraqi Map?

Do you think our female bodies will be mass partitioned having been ethnically cleansed?

And will the American and English feminists say anything about their brave men handing it over to the female hating mullahs or will they cheer in another stop the war against Iran march?

And what do I do with these female bodies?

Where shall I hide them ? Where shall I bury them?

In which mass grave? The American, British or Iranian mass graves ?

So tell me, is that not a Storia Importante?

I personally, definitely prefer Eros. Eros Ramazotti, that is and...Italian made shoes.

At least they are exciting in a healthy, pleasant, kind of way and give much to look forward to.

Don’t you agree?

Painting: Iraqi artist, Shaddad Abdel Qahhar.

November 16, 2007

"Pièce de Résistance"

I was invited for dinner. I thought to myself why not. I deserve a break after all.
It's not like am getting paid or charging anyone for sitting behind this computer . So why not indeed.

I was hoping to find that razor, knife, that would cut me away from it all- a bit like the surgeon's or midwife's knife that cuts the umbilical cord of the new born and proclaims it free and independent...

Alas, no such luck...

I might as well get used to the idea that I will never fit in. I might as well get used to the idea that I will remain a foreigner. I might as well get used to the idea that even though the "other" may temporarily accept me - he/she will make sure I will never belong.

In the West, they told me "Oh, so you're a Muslim Arab?!" And here they tell me "Oh so you're an Iraqi?!" And soon they will tell me" Oh, so you're a woman?!" and soon after I will be told "Oh so you're still alive?!" and shortly after I will be told "Oh so you're breathing our air now?!

One of them said "Why don't you return ?" I looked in his eyes for a long time and replied " Have you not heard of the Occupation?"
He replied back "Well, it has always been violent" and he continued picking on his salad leaf with great nonchalance...

He might as well have told me you don't exist, it would have amounted to the same.

Clearly, I was an excess. Clearly, I was at best tolerated and basically not wanted...

So why was I invited? Was it out of pity? Like someone took pity on me and said "Hey let's ask her over." Or was it to prove to themselves that they were above it?

Am not sure. I am a guest after all and will remain so, for as long as...

Then the topic changed- I could breathe easier... They talked of business, losing a couple of thousands, making them, the house, the christmas trip, the kids and also the anxiety about the future and its uncertainty...

I still could not get it. What were they complaining about, exactly?

Their universe had shrunk to their belly buttons, their navels. I think their universe was always limited to that. Nothing had changed - except me.

I have changed. Actually change is not the right word. I have been transformed, metamorphosed into something else... A place of great vulnerability yet one of great strength. I am not sure I understand it myself...

Maybe it's the battle for survival and beyond...Maybe it's a struggle to remain and count...I am not sure anymore what it is. All I know is that there is something going on and it's not over yet...

It may take some time for me to get used to it - this business of loss and being occupied. Every fiber in me rejects it though...

I have never accepted the "fait accompli." Specially not when it has been imposed from the outside by force...

Now it's a question of finding that place for me...that elusive place and starting all over again. I shun from the idea. I find in it, a great injustice, an impossibility, a deliberate unforgivable slight, like a slap in the face.

It curiously reminds me of when I was a little girl at school and the teacher had the habit of slapping us and say "Now do it." And I would feel her hand fly across my small face and leave its red hot marks...and every cell in my body would shout back "I will not."

I will not succumb to you, I will not bow, I will not surrender to your might and force...I will not.

It was a question of survival for me then, and it is now. Not just physical survival, but a moral and spiritual one too.

You try to forcefully shape my identity with your slaps and I will resist you - no question about it.

You will not make me into something am not supposed to be.

And despite your best efforts, I will not let you steal, rob me of who I am or who I took great pains to construct... This is my "pièce de résistance."

Whatever it takes, it does not matter... I shall not be broken.

Because this is what you want deep down - break me. Break that spirit, dampen that fire so you can finally extinguish it. And you will try several ploys.

Threats, torture, rape, money, exile, hunger, poverty, brutality, humiliation, rejection, abandonment...and death.

None will work. I stand firm. Today, more so than ever. I owe it to Her and to myself...

And so it shall be.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Ali Al-Mimar, 1990.

November 14, 2007

Uncensored Arabwomanblues

To Whom It May Concern

I have just published on my other blog (click here) a post on the Western Marxist/Leftist discourse and its "manufacturing of consent."

Just in case you may be interested and/or can relate.


November 13, 2007

Rock it.

Today was a good day.

I went with a group of "friends"- thank God none of them were Iraqis.

Iraqis are a lousy bunch to spend an evening with. Not because of our common problems. No, this has nothing to do with it. But because most Iraqis and in particular the shias are a bunch of lying motherfuckers...two faced sons of bitches.

Most of them are sectarian whores who pretend otherwise. It’s called Taqiyah in their jargon i.e the "art of dissimulation."

I am well placed to know. They have exterminated all Sunnis, in the name of their sect, their backward, shitty beliefs and in the name of your democracy - so I avoid them and you like the plague...

You both contaminate with your filth. And am a purist, not wanting to be contaminated and I intend to remain that way.

I know, it's not very politically correct of me to say so, but hey that's the truth. And Iraqi truth is very ugly these days...

Besides you did not find politically incorrect to divide and partition my country along sectarian and ethnic lines when these were non-existent before.
So fuck you and fuck your politically correct.

So thank God there were no Iraqis and I had a good night. Actually, a very good night.

I was in some joint that was playing live music.
Some short American unheard of in his own country, was tonight's "star."
He was suddenly made to look very tall and important. Yankee passport and all the right colors...

The guy was a lousy guitar player. After all, am a little bit of a "connaisseur" in matters of electrical guitar. After Santana and Clapton, surely this little sod can't come and pretend to be a guitar player...

This guy thought he was most talented, when in fact he was a nervous player. I was not sure if he was playing the chords or just banging them...venting out his Western existential insecurities and frustrations on some opposed to killing a few "Ayrabs."

Basically, a little, short, frustrated, neurotic, American man - an American sod. Like most Americans in the Middle East – incompetent, stupid, ignorant, gold diggers...sods.

Anyways this little thing was playing with two “locals” and at some point they played a Rock&Roll piece and it went like that “The House is rockin’ you don’t have to come knockin’.”

Radhee who lives in the all Sooneeee (when will you learn how to pronounce it you ignoramus) neighborhood told me that the smelly Americans came around his place, over 12 times in one month.

They didn’t knock for sure, they "rocked" the door down.

Radhee told them ”You’ve come around here for over 10 times, and each time you find nothing, don’t you tire?“
They said they’re looking for “insurgents."
He said "But you’ve been here over 10 times and you've found nothing and you keep breaking that door...”
And they would repeat like robots “we’re looking for insurgents.”

Radhee tells me they are accompanied by the Iraqi police, the sectarian whores, who keep insulting him with all kinds of sectarian slurs.

The Americans just stand there like fucking idiots because this is what Americans are--idiots.
And not just your army. Oh no. 99% of you are fucking idiots and you deserve the president you have. Another criminal moron made in your own image.

I am still to figure out how can idiots be such criminals...but then it must be made in America. It has to be.

If you only knew how much we make fun out of you. You have become a laughing stock in the eyes of the whole world. Nobody likes or respects you. And rightly so. You deserve nothing but utter contempt.

So they don’t do any knockin’ and they keep rockin’ that door...rockin’hard.
And each time Radhee has to either repair that door or change it.

Is that what Maliki, the asshole, means by “sectarian violence is now closed" ?

Does that mean that you, American shits and your sectarian Shia scum cohorts have finished off the Sunnis?

Hence, you can safely declare that “sectarian violence is closed?”

After you have raped us, gauged our eyes out, ripped our hearts out from our rib cages, drilled us, and slaughtered us in cold blood ?

I have all the pictures of your acts, by the way. I am keeping them for when you will be tried for crimes against humanity. And I shall be a witness.

And I also have safely kept the pictures and names of your shia mullahs and leaders sodomizing boys and mut’a girls...
They kept their socks and flannels on while doing it. Says a lot don’t you think ?
But then one cannot expect otherwise from sectarian rapists and pedophiles...

Ha! Keep on dreamin’.

There are no closed chapters in Iraq, as long as it occupied by American and sectarian Shia filth...

We will keep on rockin’ you, you motherfuckers. You and your collaborators.

You don’t believe me ?

Just by coincidence, the 1920 Revolutionary Brigade from the Iraqi Resistance, has started its operation “Rock HARD.” (article here)

And by God we will rock you and your collaborators very hard. Very hard indeed.

Oh yeah, the house will be rockin'...Rockin'so hard. And we shan’t be doing any knockin’ either...

In the meantime, keep at it you American criminals and you sectarian Shia rapists and pedophiles – Your days are counted.

So start the countdown now...You shall be rocked and knocked for sure.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Qais Al-Sindy/Iraqi Flag,2007.

November 11, 2007

A Message...

I had an “amazing” dream last night. And am not making it up either.

I dreamt that I was in some very narrow dormitory, that looked like a corridor more than anything else. It was dark and damp. There were 4 beds lined up, one next to the other.

These beds were fully occupied by armed men. One had a sectarian Shia, the other an American, the third a Kurd and the fourth I could not tell...

A man whose face I could not see for it was covered, suddenly came out of the closet and said to me whispering with a sense of urgency
“Get out now and make no noise, we don’t them to wake up.”
I replied, whispering back, trembling. “I have nowhere to go.”

He pointed to a balcony which was equally dark. I left hurriedly and lay low on the balcony.

It was very cold out there and he kept repeating. “Keep your head down, keep your head down. Make no noise.”

I crouched there for what seemed to be an eternity. Then one of the armed men woke up. He must have heard me. He branded his gun and was about to shoot me. I shouted.
Khalid, Khalid, the shia militiaman is going to rape and kill me – help me please, help me.”

At that point, I woke up drenched in sweat, trembling...And this has become a nearly habitual state for me.

It took me hours to recover from this “dream.” I thought about it for some time since some of my dreams happen to be premonitory ones or carry some important message...

I don’t personally know of any Khalid.
But in the dream, Khalid coming out of the closet, with his face covered, and we were stuck in a tight corridor where the armed men were snoozing...reminds me of the Iraqi Resistance.

Khalid appeared to give me a safe haven by urging me to crouch down on some cold balcony i.e keep a low profile on the outside...

Khalid was keeping a low profile too. He had his face covered, and came out of the closet i.e a hiding place.

And obviously, I, as a woman, refusing this whole notion of sects, am under constant threat from these sectarian shia men. The constant threat of rape and murder...

It is as if the dream was telling me that the Resistance is in urgent hiding for the time being following some serious "cleansing" by both the sectarian Shias, Americans and Kurds and another fourth whose identity I could not tell in the dream.

It’s as if the dream is telling me, the element of surprise will be, when they come out of the closet en masse...

Let the armed men “snooze” for the time being...and let the true Iraqis protect themselves first from the sectarian Iranian and Iraqi Shias, since those seem to be light snoozers- wanting to make sure they will rule alone, single handedly...

But why the name Khalid ? I can only think of one Khalid. Khalid ibn Al-Walid, the Islamic historic figure.

I refreshed my memory and re-read who Khalid ibn Al-Walid is, and this is what I found.

“Khālid ibn al-Walīd (592-642) also known as Sayf-Allah al-Maslul (the Drawn Sword of God or Sword of Allah), was one of the two famous Arab generals of the Rashidun army during the Muslim conquests of the 7th Century).
He is noted for his military prowess, commanding the forces of Muhammad and those of his immediate successors of the Rashidun Caliphate; Abu Bakr and Umar ibn al-Khattab. In having the distinction of being undefeated in over a hundred battles against the numerically superior forces of the Byzantine Roman Empire, Sassanid Persian Empire, and their allies, he is regarded as one of the finest military commanders in history. His greatest strategic achievements were his swift conquest of the Persian Empire and conquest of Roman Syria within three years from 633 to 636…”

And just as it so happens, by sheer “coincidence” someone carrying the name of “snoozer” commented on my last post by saying.

“Please try the Quran, it worked to remove the Romans and Persians out of Iraq the last time - part of why they both still hate it…”

My God! My knees feel like jelly and I have goose bumps all over...
This is yet, another one. One of the most amazing messages from the “other world.”

There is no doubt in my mind we will overcome the destroyers of Iraq in whatever guise they may appear. But we do need to remember Khalid Ibn Al-Walid from the Rashidun Army of the Prophet.

I am not sure about the timing – but Divine Victory will come – of that am certain.

In the meantime, I am to hide on some balcony, on the the coldness of Exile.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Qais Al-Sindi/Iraqi Flag. 2007.

November 10, 2007

Extreme Makeover...

I need to be relooked, made over...

I need to be revamped, refurbished, reshaped, remodeled, redone - All brand new.

I need a new wardrobe, new shoes, new furniture, new home, new car, new eyes, new body, new blood...A new heart.

I need a new passport, a new identity, a new name, a new nationality, a new language...

I need a new map, new borders, a new flag, a new country...

I need a new land, new neighbors, new people, new faces...

Someone find me a plastic surgeon. A surgeon for the heart, the mind, the soul...

Someone find me a musician who can play a tune I've never heard before.

I need a new song, a new melody, a new rhapsody...

Someone find me a new medical invention, a potion, a magical pill that will erase it all ....

Give me a new bag of new memories...

Anything , give me anything, away from the "new" hideous "people" of Iraq.

Anything, give me anything away from the "New" Iraq.

Painting: Iraqi Artist, Qais Al-Sindi /the Iraqi Flag.2007

November 8, 2007

An Intervisit - Afternoon Tea (2)

Following my Morning Coffee exchange with my neighbor, Paola Pisi - which I do hope you have enjoyed - I would like to let you in on the rest of our conversation which took us right into the afternoon in time for a nice cup of tea or should I say a small glass of strong Iraqi tea...

Prepare your own hot or cold drink and join us for the rest...

You mentioned at some point a pro-Iran line, can you elaborate on this ?

Following what I said before, I need to add that the support to Moqtada al-Sadr and his death squads must be seen in the more general pro-Iran political line of most of the anti-war movement and its alternative information.

Of course Iran has all the rights to use nuclear power for civilian purposes and most of Bush’s accusations against Iran are false and grotesque. Not only doesn’t Iran arm the Iraqi resistance, but the militias backed by Iran actively fight against that resistance. And the Iranian government, far from arming the resistance in Afghanistan, actively supports Karzai.

Iran has helped the wars of aggressions of the USA against Afghanistan and Iraq.
In Iraq, the sectarian militias backed by Iran have been carrying out ethnic cleansing in South Iraq and in Baghdad and massacred the Palestinians in Iraq.
All the Iraqis I know and all the Iraqi websites (non pro-Iraqi government) are explicit in calling this a double occupation: Iraq has been occupied by the US and by Iran.

A few days ago the spokesperson of one of the main groups of the Iraqi resistance, Islamic Army, stated on Al-Jazeera that the Iranian occupation is even worse than the American one (obviously the US are the main responsible ones for the Iraqi genocide, because without the American war of aggression there wouldn’t have been any occupation of Iraq).

But most of the alternative information on the alternative websites have completely ignored the criminal role of Iran in the wars of aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq and have constantly engaged in a defense of Ahmadinejad.

Everything Iran does is right, holy and blessed by Allah, every charge against Ahmedinejad is a U.S falsehood (when all accusations against Saddam Hussein were crystal clear true, no proof needed). Any news not favorable to Iran is published by those alternative websites with an alert sign next to it: war pimp alert.

Can we believe that they all are in good faith? Many are surely in good faith because four years of brainwashing made a lot of people no realize the absurdity of an anti-war movement engaged against a war that does not exist and indifferent to the one under way. But is not surely in good faith, the one who is orchestrating all this.
They are all at Ahmedinejad's feet, whatever he does: and this in spite of his active help in US attacks against Iraq and Afghanistan, and in despite of his support to puppet governments of Maliki and Karzai.

Iran has become the holy cow of the alternative information. Whoever dares to talk about the role of Iran in the Iraqi occupation is accused to be a servant of imperialism or worse.

In all this, the question of a possible war against Iran has had a blackmail function.

In the last three years the alternative websites have published dozens of articles on the coming war against Iran, far many more than on the real genocide of Iraqis.

During the past three years they have been speaking about next imminent unavoidable USA attack (often "nuclear") to Iran, they call the roll, they petition, they gather signatures against a war that does not exist and probably will never exist.
They are in mourning and preventive bereavement since four years for "Iranian nuclear holocaust" and don't give a damn about the real one - the Iraqi one.

They have given a thousand certain dates for USA attack (the last one was the 6th of April), and as the date is over without anything happened, obviously, they start all over again with the following date, endlessly.

As many others, I personally find difficult to believe there will be a war against Iran and obviously I am totally against such a war that would add devastation to devastation, sorrow to sorrow, and many innocent lives will again pay the prize of much madness.

Of course there are grave tensions between the US and Iran, tensions caused by the nuclear question but above all by the spoils of the Iraq war. De facto Iran is the real winner of the war against Iraq and the US now can’t leave the whole Iraq to Iran.

I personally believe that the US and Iran will finally reach an agreement without going to war. Of course I may be wrong – I certainly hope not. There has been too much bloodbath already.

It’s a fact that in the last three years every and any rumor has been interpreted by some part of the alternative information as the beginning of the war against Iran, even giving the exact dates – always wrong – of the possible start of the military hostilities, coming from anonymous sources, of course.

It’s sure anyway that in all these years the incessant propaganda, day after day, article after article, on the war against Iran has prevented any serious critical analysis on the role of Iran in the war of aggression and occupation against Iraq. Even worse, that propaganda helped to mask the actual Iraqi genocide, an “insignificant detail” next to the imminent (even nuclear) conflict against Iran.

In the last few days, even the ORB poll suggesting a total of 1,220,580 deaths as a result of the conflict in Iraq since 2003 has had in many alternative websites much less result and space (if any) than the much more important and significant denial to Ahmadinejad to visit the Ground Zero in New York (probably another sign that the war against Iran is coming?) or the arrest by the US of an Iranian in the Iraqi Kurdistan.

Obviously the US have no right to arrest Iranians in Iraq, for the simple reason that the US should not be in Iraq in the first place. For the same reason, the US should not have the right to arrest the Iraqis in Iraq, but we know that the US have been detaining tens of thousands of Iraqis without anyone screaming and denouncing this crime.

Recently the USA have revealed to have in detention 750 Iraqi children (the youngest are just 10 years old!): for them nobody has cried, protested and denounced the scandal. But we have read many articles a few weeks ago about the detention for a few hours of seven Iranians in Baghdad. It seems to me that Iraq has really only very few friends.

Recently Scott Ritter wrote an article, published by all the alternative media, with the title "Iraq Will Have to Wait." His thesis is that the Iraqi genocide is a minor event and that the US anti-war movement must focus on the Iran war.

Of the two problems (the reality of Iraq, the potential of Iran), Iran is by far the more important. The war in Iraq isn’t going to expand tenfold overnight. By simply doing nothing, the Democrats can rest assured that Bush’s bad policy will simply keep failing. War with Iran, on the other hand, can still be prevented.[…] The antiwar movement in America must make a strategic decision, and soon: Contain the war in Iraq, and stop a war from breaking out in Iran. The war in Iraq can be contained simply by letting war be war. There is no genuine good news coming out of Iraq. There won’t be as long as the United States is there. As callous as it sounds, let the war establish the news cycle, and let the reality of war serve to contain it. The surge has failed. Congress may not act decisively to bring the troops home, but it is highly unlikely that Congress will idly approve any massive expansion of an unpopular war that continues to fail so publicly.

Scott Ritter is spreading this thesis, based on anonymous information, since February 2005, when he wrote that Bush had already signed the order to attack Iran and that it would happen that same June.

Moreover, Ritter started to say that the Iraq war is a “minor event” compared to the imminent war against Iran.
(see also:

In March 2005 he revealed his anonymous sources: “someone”.

Late last year, in the aftermath of the 2004 Presidential election, I was contacted by someone close to the Bush administration about the situation in Iraq.”

This time though he made a correction: Bush didn’t sign the order to attack iran as yet but all must be ready for the following June. Why June?

“When I asked why that date, the source dropped the bombshell: because that was when the Pentagon was told to be prepared to launch a massive aerial attack against Iran, Iraq's neighbor to the east, in order to destroy the Iranian nuclear program.”

In June 2005 there was no the attack against Iran but Ritter insists: The US War with Iran has Already Begun.

This time the anonymous sources have completely changed the plot; there won’t be the aerial attacks but an attack from the ground:

“To the north, in neighbouring Azerbaijan, the US military is preparing a base of operations for a massive military presence that will foretell a major land-based campaign designed to capture Tehran. Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld's interest in Azerbaijan may have escaped the blinkered Western media, but Russia and the Caucasus nations understand only too well that the die has been cast regarding Azerbaijan's role in the upcoming war with Iran.”

Ritter’s rich, detailed account this time comes without any revelation of the sources but I guess it must have been again that “someone”.

In February 2006, Ritter again changes version and this time the attack against Iran becomes nuclear:

“Ritter also predicted the military strategy for war with Iran. First, American forces will bomb Iran. If Iranians don't overthrow the current government, as Bush hopes they will, Iran will probably attack Israel. Then, Ritter said, the United States will drop a nuclear bomb on Iran.”

But this is not the only Ritter’s revelation. Ritter writes:

“John Bolton, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, ‘will deliver a speech that has already been written. It says America cannot allow Iran to threaten the United States and we must unilaterally defend ourselves.’”

How does he know? "How do I know this? I've talked to Bolton's speechwriter," Ritter said.”

Why all these people must go to confide with talkative Ritter is a mystery nobody can explain. Anyway, Bolton could not make that speech because in the meanwhile after a few months he left his position at the U.N.

In October 2006 Ritter reveals that Israel didn’t want a war against Iraq but against Iran.

Who knows who told him this? Maybe that “someone”?

In January 2007 Ritter writes,

“If I were to be invited to go to Washington today and speak to the Democratic equivalent of the Republican Theme Team, I would spend very little time on the issue of Iraq. Right or wrong, the Iraq War was a product of domestic American politics, not any genuine threat to national security, and as such the solution for Iraq will be derived not from whatever happens inside Iraq, surge or no surge, but rather from what happens here in America.”

Since Scott Ritter started to voice his different oracles on the war against Iran and say that the war in Iraq was a minor event compare to the imminent attack against Iran (it was February 2005), more than a million Iraqis have been slaughtered.

Since Scott Ritter started to voice his different oracles on the war against Iran and say that the war in Iraq was a minor event compared to the imminent attack against Iran. It was February 2005 and a few months earlier, in the fall 2004, the first Lancet study was published with those 100,000 Iraqi deaths as a result of the war since the invasion in March 2003. Today we have more than 1.2 million Iraqi killed...

The effects of this disinformation campaign on the anti-war movement have been disastrous and the imminent war against Iran has been used to hijack the public attention from the real war and the real genocide against the Iraqi people.

Of course Ritter has not been the only one to ride this campaign. There have been hundreds of articles and analysis on the imminent war against Iran, always new dates were announced and in the meanwhile the Iraqi genocide was being ignored.

The brainwash has been so successful and the war that there isn’t has become for everybody more important than the real war and the real genocide that when Ritter wrote the last article saying that Iraq Will Have to Wait and that the war against Iran was far more important than the war against Iraq, people didn’t object the monstrosity of this statement. It had become normal in our age of propaganda and disinformation.

Another effect of this campaign has been to cut that little support to the Iraqi resistance since all the Iraqi resistance groups agree to denounce the double occupation, from the US and Iran.

Having been around Uuruk land for quite some, you probably know better than the average layperson , the current Iraqi scene, the players, and the forces. What are your impressions on that subject?

It’s already difficult to follow what is going on at the present but it's impossible to predict the future.

What is certain is that Iraq will be divided in three parts. This is probably the best article I have read on this subject.

It’s not clear if the sectarian Maliki Government will stay till the partition or there will be first the attempt of a fake national unity government.
Until recently there seemed to be a strong propaganda in favour of al-Sadr with a prospective of an Allawi-Sadr-Saleh-al-Mutlak’s government with the participation of some traitors who should represent the resistance and the involvement of the UN.

This project has been strongly supported from that part of the US establishment that has opposed the neo-cons from the beginning and that now has been collecting much support from within the US powerful interests, including some neo-cons now that probably the tripartition of Iraq - surely the original plan - has failed, at least for the moment.

Obviously an eventual Allawi-Sadr-Saleh-al-Mutlak’s government couldn’t be possibly worse than the actual Maliki’s puppets. But it could open the doors to an even greater criminalization of and war against the real resistance.

Even now the U.S propaganda tells us that there is only al-Qaeda that fights against the U.S occupation of Iraq. An eventual new government with inside traitors and the fake Iraqi resistance would probably mean an increasing of the U.S propaganda; all those outside this kind of government will be defined terrorists and all part of al-Qaeda, when every body knows that al-Qaeda in Iraq is a group marginalized and fought by the true Iraqi resistance (and probably – at least in part -it is a black-op: I don't like conspiracy theories in general, but it looks as al-Qaeda works for US interests).

In this case, the barbaric assassination of Saddam Hussein, the legitimate president of the Republic of Iraq would have been a metaphor of Iraq’s end: as the USA gave the Iraqi president to al-Sadr and his Mahdi Army so they could lynch him, in the same way the US could give the whole Iraq to the same criminals.

But in the latest weeks it seems al-Sadr has lost the support he used to have and it seems he was marginalized while Hakim seems to get more powerful. Maybe Maliki will succeed to stay in power till the partition of Iraq.

But again, this is just a hypothesis, and of course I still hope in the victory of the Iraqi resistance.

You mentioned that Iraq is finished as a country. Imagine you have a magic wand in your hands, what would it take to have an Iraq again?

I am not Iraqi so from my point of view, as a person from a Western country, the only magical thing would be to bring the clock back to before the 1991 war of aggression against Iraq and before the genocidal embargo; before the long war of aggression, started in 1991, waged by the West against your country.
For the rest, only Iraqis can decide what's better for their own country; certainly it's not for me to decide.

And so ended our afternoon conversation over a small glass of strong Iraqi tea.
I don't know why I have this bitter taste left in my mouth. Maybe truth is caustic to swallow...But at least, I have a good neighbor who speaks it.

May you pay heed as well, for time is running out and it will soon be a very dark night fall for all of us...

Painting: Iraqi artist, Jaber Alwan.

November 7, 2007

An Intervisit - Morning Coffee (1)

I have a neighbor. We cross each other's paths occasionally...
We sometimes wave hello and sometimes stop and exchange a few words from across our "garden fences."
I know that my neighbor, who also lives in Iraqi land, is an editor/publisher of some sort.
The other day, driven by both curiosity and an eagerness to get better acquainted with my neighbor, I invited her over for a virtual cup of coffee.

And since she lives in Uruk Land, I naturally, wanted to find out more...So we chatted a little... I will let you in on our conversation.

First let me introduce you to her. Her name is Paola Pisi and she is the editor of

And the following are bits and pieces of our meeting over a virtual cup of coffee...
Since what she had to tell was quite important. I will share it here with you, in its entirety.

So get yourself a cup of coffee, tea or your favorite drink and read on...

I have noticed you've been in the virtual uruknet land for quite a few years now. How did it all start? And today, with so many years of experience being in that virtual land, what are your feelings, impressions, thoughts...

Uruknet started in the spring of 2003, just after the invasion. Its goal was and still is to offer our readers news, comments and analysis from a wide range of sources. With so much propaganda, disinformation and fog of war, it seems to us the battle for information on the issue of Iraq in particular and more in general on the Middle East is paramount in these tragic years.

When we started, it seemed to us that almost everybody was against Iraq, in a way or in another. Four years later that impression has been reinforced by our experience.

Already at the time of the First Gulf War and then during the genocidal embargo, we assisted to a psychological war; even those who condemned the sanctions were at the same time condemning the Iraqi government and Saddam Hussein. In the West this psychological war resulted in a complete isolation of Iraq and after many years it has certainly helped the 2003 invasion of the country.

The US-led war of aggression against Iraq has been an illegal war according to international law and the UN Charter, the Nuremberg’s supreme international crime. All the following effects coming from that invasion are therefore illegal and outside the UN Charter.

All the crimes following the invasion have to be seen as the result of that invasion and ascribed to it. Opposing that war of aggression, that supreme international crime, should have meant calling for the respect of international legality and the UN Charter.

The anti-war movement and generally the left never demanded respect of legality and international right. In that case, they would have struggled for the only solution aligned to international law i.e. restoring the status quo ante the unlawful and criminal Anglo-American war of aggression.

Rejecting the illegal aggression carried out against Iraq should have involved the refusal of all its effects as a logical result, first of all the unlawful removal of the legitimate Saddam Hussein's government; and this whatever opinion one has on President Hussein and on the Baath Government.

By all standing international covenants, Saddam Hussein was Iraqi Republic's legitimate President until his assassination. Instead, the so-called anti-war movement and the so-called left have never drawn this logical and legal consequence.

Even those opposing the war have not called for the respect of international law and all its consequences. The legitimate government of Iraq, the only legitimate government of a country illegally invaded and occupied, has been abandoned by the international community while the sectarian Quisling forces were lynching Saddam Hussein and the other members of his government.

Yes, there have been protests on that scandal known as the trial and its many Kafkaesque absurdities. But the only real, serious point to make should have been the international illegality of a trial where the supreme international criminals and their collaborators put on trial their victims. The international community and the so-called anti-war movement have ignored this gargantuan scandal.

Instead, the so-called progressive anti-war movement backed uncritically, almost without exceptions, demonizing campaigns carried out by imperialist propaganda against President Saddam Hussein and the Baath Government.

They never inquired about the soundness of accusations without proofs coming from the same sources that had been spreading falsehood on WMD and on connections with al-Qaeda. On the contrary, "progressive" not only believed - or pretended to believe - to alleged Baath Government’s "crimes", but added to all this another absolutely false slanderous accusation, according to which Saddam Hussein was a servant of the USA and had been put in power by the CIA.

All this was based on anonymous rumors skillfully spread in order to lessen support to the Baath Government, and also based on a picture of Saddam and Rumsfeld together, that has been high-pressure posted millions of times until, although the picture itself doesn't prove anything, ends up by taking the place of missing evidence.

On the occasion of President Hussein's lynching, the only concern for most of the so-called progressive (besides defending legitimate Iraqi President's executioners, Moqtada al-Sadr and the Mahdi army) was to insult the assassinated President, writing that he always carried out USA orders, accomplices in his "crimes". Many "left-wing" websites even published this obscenity, signed by Marc Ash, entitled "Puppet kills puppet":

Now we got to the shameful point to read on the alternative websites the protest because the Americans haven’t allowed yet the lynching of Ali Hassan al-Majid, Sultan Hashem al-Tai and Hussein Rashid Al-Tikriti.

There is no need to comment of course.

The reason of so-called left and anti-war movements' behavior is surely a complex problem. All got mixed up: hired informers, opportunists who had never wanted to be marginalized by politically correct left, and also many people who are acting in good faith but have fallen in traps drawn up by imperialist propaganda (I myself know people absolutely above suspicion who firmly believe that Saddam was a CIA asset, and don't want to understand that the falsehood of "Saddam man of the Americans" has been the winning card the USA played since the first war in order to prevent Western left approval to the Baath government).

A certain role has been played by many opponents to Saddam living in exile in Western countries, who have been working promptly inside several movements, in order to direct them towards a "No to war No to Saddam" line (obviously, I surely don't want to blame all Saddam's opponents who live in exile: there are many of them who are worthy of respect and esteem, like Imad Khadduri or Iraq solidarity-al-Thawra group and many others).

Still, if anyone wants to go to the root of the matter, I think the real reason is that part of the anti-war movement and of the so-called left do not represent a real opposition to imperialism, but they rather represent the other face of imperialism itself. Her Majesty's Opposition, necessary and subsidiary to the system preservation.

All these reasons explain why the so-called anti-war movement – with just a few exceptions – has never supported the Iraqi resistance. Not only that, but a large and important part of the so-called anti-war movement has expressed sympathy and solidarity with the occupation troops, “our troops”, an occupation army responsible for more than one million Iraqi deaths and four millions Iraqi displaced.

This obscene contradiction is not even perceived as such by the “anti-war”.
It’s as if a pro-Palestinian movement needed to express solidarity and sympathy to the “Israeli” army or as if one of the moral and political imperatives of the anti-Nazi resistance were to express sympathy and solidarity to the Nazi army and the SS.

There have been in these past few weeks a little debate on why the anti-war movement hasn’t supported the Iraqi resistance.
As I said before, the so-called anti-war movement – from the first moment of the illegal war of aggression – has never asked for the respect of the UN Charter, for the restoration of the status quo ante bellum, the respect of international legality, in the case the restoration of the legitimate government of Iraq.

Instead, when the legitimate president of Iraq was captured by the illegal Occupation, one of the founding fathers of this Left, Noam Chomsky, wrote an article that started with the following paragraph:

“All people who have any concern for human rights, justice and integrity should be overjoyed by the capture of Saddam Hussein, and should be awaiting a fair trial for him by an international tribunal.”

(Then he continues with the usual lies of Saddam Hussein man of Washington, and therefore the responsibility of the USA in his “crimes”).

On this basis, how could anyone think that THIS anti-war movement, incapable of the most bashful babbling in favour of international right, could ever support legitimate Iraqi national resistance?

To all this we could add that since the very beginning Zionist and imperialist propaganda started speaking about "Sunni" and not "national" resistance (after having falsely described as "Sunni" the Baath Government, when under Saddam Hussein deputies were predominantly Shiite and vice-prime minister was a Christian), and many people fell into this trap too.

The head-on collision between resistance on one side and occupying and collaborationist sectarian militia on the other was described as a Shiite/Sunni civil war. Now many believe - or pretend to believe - that resistance places anonymous bombs that massacre thousands of innocent civilians.

If you are given only a few sentences to describe the Iraqi "experiment", how you would qualify it?

The “experiment” is completely succeeded; Iraq doesn’t exist anymore. The country has been completely destroyed, its People is still being exterminated through a genocide ignored by the international community and even by part of the “progressive left”. It’s difficult to find precedents of such barbarity in recent history. Iraq doesn’t exist anymore, maybe one day…

Being editor in charge of and working around the clock, I am sure you have seen tons and tons of articles, news clips, papers on Iraq. Bearing that in mind, what are your views on both the mainstream media and the alternative media?

It’s obvious that in an imperial system the mainstream media are in general functional to that system. There are good exceptions and of course many good journalists and writers who still do a very decent, honest work.

More problematic is the situation in the so-called alternative media. Here we have many good websites that offer excellent articles and analysis but there are also many other alternative websites that are the face of a fake opposition to the system they claim to oppose.

It’s evident that a fake democracy needs a fake opposition, based on weak ideas, if any. There are also too many alternative websites that seem to have the goal to distract their readers, with a conspiracy theory after the other.

Other websites publish all and its contrary, without a vision, a political line, without some ideas on priority and hierarchical importance. Too many go just after the mood of the day, the coup de theatre, the sensationalism, maybe just to have more readers.

In many cases the panorama is quite depressing, a postmodernism used to hide its emptiness. Again, as I said, there are many excellent alternative websites and many important writers, journalists and analysts in the alternative media (and sometimes even in the mainstream media).

So what do you think has been one of the major worst faults of the Western Left and anti- war movement?

To all the above, I add that maybe this is the worst fault of a substantial part of western left and anti-war movements: their tendency in favor of Moqtada al-Sadr, presented to the Western public as the great leader of the Iraqi resistance.

It’s a detail that all the Iraqi nationalist websites that support the Iraqi resistance write just the opposite about al-Sadr (often his Mahdi army is called the Anti-Christ army), one of the main enemies. Basically, all Iraqi bloggers, (right, left, centre, pro-Saddam, anti-Saddam, pro-resistance, anti-resistance) denounce continuously the monstrous crimes of al-Sadr’s Mahdi army.

All one has to do is to read the testimonies of the Iraqi displaced in Jordan and Syria; many among them stated that they fled Iraq to escape the persecutions by the Mahdi Army. But in the West, many among those who claim to defend the Iraqi people, praise continuously the virtues of al-Sadr and his Mahdi Army, responsible for the ethnic cleansing and co-responsible for the Iraqi genocide.

Therefore, most of the Western left and anti-war movements have done worse than non supporting the Iraqi resistance: they backed with all their forces Moqtada al Sadr and his death squads, engaged not only in fighting resistance, but also in Iraq ethnic cleansing: in this way many of self-styled progressives made themselves accomplices in Iraqi genocide.

A fake opposition from within the imperialist system can’t but support a fake opposition within the Quisling Iraqi government, as the al-Sadr’s movement.

In some cases there have also been some exiled opponents of Saddam Hussein, like Sami Ramadani in the UK Stop the War, the most Sadrist group of the antiwar movement in the West, whose demonstrations have seen the presence of Sheik Zangani, one of the many spokespersons of al-Sadr. Obviously the work of these Iraqi exiled have been possible because of the more general orientation pro-Iran and pro-Sadr of the most part of the so called left in the west.

From the beginning, the western left allied with al-Sadr since the so called Najaf uprising. Sadr had all the characteristics to become the hero of this left: he had welcomed the US as liberators and after the invaders had captured the Iraqi president, Sadr organized a popular demonstration to ask for Saddam Hussein’s killing without trial (and at last he’s been given what he had asked), and all the media in the West would write that Sadr was the son of a Shiite ayatollah killed by Saddam (obviously this is not true, there is no proof that the Iraqi government killed Mohammed Sadeq al-Sadr). Supporting Sadr for the left meant to not being accused to support the Baath or the Saddamists, which is to say, the resistance.

When finally al-Sadr got into the political process, the support from the western left has increased; in this way the left could support the quisling government and the big lie of an Iraqi government independent or quasi-independent from the occupation. Since after Najaf the Mahdi army didn’t fight the American occupation but focus on the killing of thousands of Iraqis, the western left didn’t have any problem; it could support our troops and the fake "Iraqi resistance" at the same time.

But the worst had still to come. At least from the first attack against the Samarra’s mosque, it’s been clear that the Mahdi army didn’t participate just to the killing of some few targets but it was doing a bloody ethnic cleansing in Baghdad and in the South of Iraq, slaughtering Sunni, nationalists, secular Shiites, and more in general anyone who would dare to oppose the occupation. Only in the three days immediately after Samara attack, the Sadr’s death squads massacred more than 3,000 innocent Iraqi civilians in Baghdad and occupied and destroyed more than 100 Sunni mosques.

On many Iraqi websites and blogs appeared hundreds of testimonies, photographs, videos of these crimes committed by these sadistic Sadrist psychopaths.
We’ve seen photos of children and babies massacred, with their eyes pulled out, just because they were Sunni.

In spite of the atrocious job made by the western mainstream media, some information about the Mahdi army was available for all to know and understand. We have all read stories of the sadrists killing people inside their own ministries, in particular the minister of health and the cruel and revolting persecution of the Palestinians living in Iraq by the Mahdi army.

What have the western left and antiwar movement done in front of all this?
They have given their support to this monster. The most absurd conspiracy theories started to appear in the so-called alternative media. The crimes that all the testimonies and the Iraqi victims denounced as committed by the Mahdi army were instead the work of improbable American death squads. Known and unknown alternative writers wrote that the western media wanted to criminalize al-Sadr, when actually the western media was doing quite the opposite.

Of course there are also US death squads in Iraq, but the existence of the death squads created and funded by the Occupying power cannot and must not be used to deny any involvement of the Badr Organisation and the Mahdi Army in the current Iraqi genocide. The civil war is clearly the aim of the occupation forces that try with any means to incite sectarian fights, to destroy the Arab, Iraqi national identity, so as to finally carry out the project of the tripartition of the country and one of the main means used by the Occupying power to create a civil conflict in that country is exactly the use of the sectarian militias.

One of the worst lies coming from the left was that al-Sadr was seen by the Iraqi nationalists and the Iraqi resistance as the leader able to unite the country against the American occupation. The most sectarian, and extremist of the Iraqi politicians was sold to the western public as the progressist, nationalist al-Sadr, the hero of the western antiwar crowds. In this way the left has promoted the genocide of the Sunni, nationalist Iraqis and made a true propaganda campaign, worse than Fox news.

It’s obvious that many of the promoters of al-Sadr in the West cannot be in good faith. The information on what was happening in Iraq was available to everyone.

As I said, the Iraqi websites supporting the Iraqi resistance have always been full of information denouncing the crimes of the Mahdi army and the resistance sees the Mahdi army as an enemy more dangerous than the occupation. It’s true that most of these websites are in Arabic but the translations were available on the internet.

There have also been several Iraqi bloggers, from all political tendencies and all agree on one thing: the terror coming from al-Sadr’s death squads. Why? Everybody in Iraq knows a friend or a relative or a neighbor who has been kidnapped, tortured and killed by the Mahdi army. Naturally many Western writers, journalists and bloggers who are not specialized in the Iraqi situation have been defending al-Sadr in good faith as a result of the many years of propaganda and disinformation that brought to a compete mystification of the reality on the ground. But whoever directs this choir surely is not in good faith.

When Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was lynched and assassinated by the Mahdy Army, the western left had to explain to its public opinion, completely disgusted by what had seen on TV, that what they had seen was actually the result of fantastic theories, circulated by the western progressists and antiwar campaigner to once again brainwash the population. It was not the al-Sadr movement who lynched the Iraqi President, as we all had watched on TV. No, it was... (you can fill this space with whatever you like: Americans, anti-Sadrists, everyone but the real responsible). The antiwar movement’s intellectuals had to cover once again the responsibilities of this monster.

Do you personally have any concrete examples that points to the above and would like to share ?

Just two episodes that I can tell you since I was directly involved.

Last year Gabriele Zamparini and I wrote a little piece on the kidnapping, torture and killing of one of President Saddam Hussein’s lawyer, Kahmis al-Obeidi. Providing qualified testimonies, we indicated as probable killers the Mahdy Army.

The BRussells Tribunal published an article by one Max Fuller where the author accused Zamparini and I to "do exactly what the occupation wanted". The aim of the BRussells Tribunal and Fuller was to defend the Mahdi Army and the Badr Brigades and to accuse whoever dared to expose to do exactly what the occupation wanted.

We replied with a long, detailed article where, one by one, all the lies of this Fuller and his supporters were unmasked and exposed for what they were. An inept attempt to hide the truth, defend the horrible crimes of the Mahdi army, the Badr brigades and obviously Iran. This Fuller had never written anything on Iraq before emerging as an expert on the Iraqi situation. His only goal was to provide a smokescreen to hide what the Shiite militias were doing in Iraq. The Brussells Tribunal is still selling Fuller’s lies to the four corners of the planet.

The second episode is even more revolting, if possible.

After the lynching and assassination of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, very few groups and internet websites expressed any real criticism and condemnation.

Among these, two linked websites: Workers World and International Action Center (the latter being the organization of Ramsey Clark, one of Saddam Hussein’s lawyers). These two organizations have also organized a protest demonstration for the occasion. This would have been a great job if the first preoccupation of these people had not been to defend the assassins of the Iraqi President!

Workers World issued a statement a few minutes after the lynching of the Iraqi president;

“...The Pentagon, which in fact is against any Iraqis who fight for their sovereignty, has also launched an offensive against the Shiite-based Mahdi Army. The Bush gang is scrambling to come up with a way of sending more troops to Iraq than those available in the U.S. Army and Marine Corps, National Guard and Reserves...”

Sara Flounder, a co-director of the International Action Center immediately after Saddam's lyinching, posted a shameful article in defence of al-Sadr and his drill boys ):

"It is also suspicious that an unofficial video was released showing alleged Mahdi Army members taunting Hussein. Hussein’s assassination follows news that the U.S. has stepped-up attacks and arrests of members of the Mahdi Army, led by Moqtada al-Sadr. This offensive too is part of a desperate attempt to further divide the country and cut off any avenues of negotiation or phased withdrawal for the U.S. forces.
According to sources who monitor Iraqi resistance web sites, these have contained messages warning resistance fighters that the U.S. occupiers are trying to provoke battles between the resistance and the Mahdi Army. These messages urge fighters to make the main target the U.S. occupation forces, and where possible to convince Mahdi Army militia forces to join the resistance against the U.S."

In the same article, Mrs. Flounder insulted President Hussein and sang the praises of the Iranian mullahs:

“In the 1980s Washington was ready to collaborate with the Saddam Hussein government when it wanted to use the Iraqis against the Iranian Revolution with the Iraq-Iran war. Saddam Hussein was not executed because the U.S. occupation forces considered him a dictator. Although he had in the past been willing to make deals and to maneuver with imperialism, Washington saw his real crime as his refusal to hand over sovereignty or the control of the rich resources of Iraq.”

( After all, not only the ultra pro-Iran Workers world but the most part of the western left has always taken the side of Iran against Iraq; when they had the choice between a reactionary theocracy and a socialist government, the western left had no doubts. Iran has become the symbol of the fight against imperialism and capitalism. )

Workers World website is strictly linked to Ramsey Clark organization. After three day this shameful article was reposted on IAC (Ramsey Clark's OFFICIAL website

Mrs. Sara Flouders and IAC center " organized protest demonstrations on Dec. 30 against the execution of Saddam" Hussein" (and in support of his executioners? ).

After Saddam's assassination Workers world and IACenter posted other articles in defence of his assassins, Moqtada al-Sadr and the Mahdi army.

But Sara Flouders went indeed beyond every limit. She wrote that the resistance websites praise Moqtada and the Mahdi army. Of course it's a lie: all the resistance websites hate that monster. Maybe they hate more al-Sadr than they do the occupiers themselves. So doing, Mrs. Flounders is besmirching the National Iraqi Resistance.

After having read Mrs. Flounders article, I sent her the following letter. Obviously I did not receive a reply.

Sent: Friday, January 05, 2007 1:41 AM
Subject: For the attention of Mr. Sara Flounders
Dear Mrs. Flounders,
I've just read your article "Bush prepares to escalate Iraq war".
It reads:

"It is also suspicious that an "unofficial video" was released showing alleged Mahdi Army members taunting Hussein. Hussein's assassination follows news that the U.S. has stepped-up attacks and arrests of members of the Mahdi Army, led by Moqtada al-Sadr. This offensive too is part of a desperate attempt to further divide the country and cut off any avenues of negotiation or phased withdrawal for the U.S. forces.
According to sources who monitor Iraqi resistance web sites, these have contained messages warning resistance fighters that the U.S. occupiers are trying to provoke battles between the resistance and the Mahdi Army. These messages urge fighters to make the main target the U.S. occupation forces, and where possible to convince Mahdi Army militia forces to join the resistance against the U.S.”

We too monitor Iraq resistance websites, and we have found only articles and messages blaming Mr. Moqtada al-Sadr and his genocidal gang for having assassinated the Iraqi President in a sordid sectarian lynching and for mass murdering iraqis. Probably we are monitoring different resistance websites.

This is indeed the first time that I see an article condemning an assassination and praising the assassins. Moreover, as far I as know, the Mahdi army fights against the Iraqi National Resistance.
Could you be so kind to tell me which are those resistance websites that defend Mr. Al-Sadr, so that I too can monitor them?
Many thanks.
Paola Pisi

PS: These are some pictures from Sadr City:

And as I said, I have not received a reply to this day.

This visit will be continued in Part 2 over a cup of afternoon tea. So do you join us, again.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Ahmad Sheyban.