Una Storia Importante.

I think I've mentioned it before. There is this local radio station that plays oldies and occasionally some French and Italian songs.

I absolutely love Italian songs. Regretabbly, I didn't take the necessary time to learn Italian. I happen to believe that Italian is one of the most beautiful spoken language in the whole of Europe and Italian shoes (and clothes) are works of art...No doubt about it.

Coquetterie aside, Italian songs are lovely too...The song playing was "Una Storia Importante" by a singer called Eros Ramazzotti.

Fancy being called Eros in today’s Iraq.

If anything, today’s Mullah’s Iraq is anti-Eros par excellence. Cupid can go and hang himself or shoot himself with his own arrows.

“Eros” Iranian style is only reserved for the brave Iranian mullahs, their followers, and their “muta’a” boys and girls. And even then, it has nothing erotic to it. It’s like, let me remove my turban while you pull up your dress or pull down your trousers...sort of Eros.

But it’s all “halal” because it’s done behind closed doors – in the heat of the night.

And during the day, well it’s the same all over again. The turban is back in place, the beard is trimmed to the acceptable level denoting the Qum connection, and the sermons start...

Imam Hussein and Kerbala...Take that away from them and they will have to close shop. They will have nothing else to sell. They made big business out of it. Whips and all...Best S&M ever. Masochistically flog themselves and sadistically cleanse other Iraqis. Marquis de Sade comes across as fresh, bashful novice in comparison.

Then, they go and seek the benediction from their Persian father, the father of all eunuchs, the senile Ayatollah Sistani.

They kiss his hand and he massages his beard, pondering...and gives yet another fatwa (religious decree) as to how to ethnically cleanse without any visible blood marking the pavements of Baghdad...

In the meantime, the “nationalist” would be- Hojjat Al Islam- Muqtada the Driller, is studying Shia theology.

Understandably so, having never attended any theological school and having forsaken his love for billiard, blue jeans and harassing girls in the street, he is now burdened with the important task of ruling the ”new“ Iraq.

So he’s in -Shi’ism for dummies- classes, whilst his boys are filling up their pockets being known as the most corrupt bunch in the Ministries they hold. And going on their usual rampage of sectarian cleansing with style, bien entendu...

This piece of shit, Muqtada has even developed a special entry exam for anyone wanting to join/remain in his party.

On a side note, I find it disgusting that some, an equally nauseating bunch- having conveniently put aside the fact that Saddam Hussein at the gallows, seconds before his death said “Ya Muqtada heya hadhee al Marjallah" -"Muqtada is that what manhood is all about?” - are desperate to make an alliance with this psychopath murderer.

In fact, If you want to join his Jaysh al Mahdi, you need to sit for a multiple test exam. A test in Shia ethics.

For instance you will be asked how many muta’a (temporary) marriages can you contract at any one period of time. Or how to steal from the Treasury without being caught. Or how to use silent drills and still get away with it...Or better still, how to keep on mobilizing the “faithfuls” with the latest, remixed version of Hussein and the Kerbala story... Or simply rehearse out loud the “Muqtada, Muqtada” taunts just like when Saddam Hussein was standing with the noose around his neck soon to be lynched...

The other day, the Sadrists were trying for a rapprochement with Al–Hashemi (another joker from the Sunni Alliance).

They were complaining that they were targeted in Kerbala by another Shia group, the Badr Brigades of the SIIC, for being pro-Arab and they even caught Iranian snipers shooting at their Sadrist mate drillers.

A face saving tactic for sure. Everyone knows that ALL the shia parties and militias are disgustingly sectarian in nature.

Now they are simply quibbling over who gets what and hence, each accuses the other of being pro-Iran. When in fact they ALL are slaves, dogs to Iran.

Mind you all those shias – sectarian shias of course - are a filthy bunch.

I mean everyone knows about Ammar al-Hakeem's vagaries (head of the Badr Brigades of the SIIC), also known as the dirty playboy of Basrah...

And you know what is happening in Basrah don’t you?

Any woman who is not dressed to the likings of these filthy, sectarian shits, is found dead with a tag attached to her murdered body “indecently dressed.”

Read this: “A female lawyer in Basra contacted by the BBC by phone from London, who asked not to be named for fear of reprisals, said attacks on women in the city were occurring "every two or three days". She told the BBC about a university student who had been shot in the legs for not wearing an Islamic headscarf, or hijab. The lawyer also said that graffiti was painted on walls warning women to cover their heads or "be punished". She said she had been told by a group of men that she should be at home and get married instead of working. "They said to me: 'If anyone's willing to offer a good price for you, we wouldn't think twice about selling you"..."When they see a woman going out to work and being successful, I'm sorry, but they feel inferior to her."(article here)

But of course those hypocritical sectarian motherfuckers, do not mind the indecent undressing by the whores they contract for one night...

And what about Maliki? I mean look at Maliki. Every time I see him, I want to throw up. Honest to God. I keep my Alka Seltzer next to me just in case I get a nauseous bout. The guy looks as if he has not showered in an eternity, since he left Iran to be more precise...

You need to know that all these sectarian Shia groups, and it is common knowledge in Baghdad and elsewhere, are the most corrupt, dishonest, degenerate group around...

They falsify their diplomas, invent them when they have none, are signatories to fraudulent contracts, are oil smugglers, pimp leaders of pedophile rings, traders in religion, thugs dressed in suits, charlatans and murderers in the name of religion...

By God, you don’t know these people and what they stand for.

But then I think you do. And that is why you chose them and accommodated them to rule what was once a true nation. You chose them because they are an identical carbon copy of yourselves...And you love admiring your own moral turpitude, your own moral decay...

And Iran, where does Iran figure in all the above?

And this is where the story is important. A story which many of you have overlooked and/or pretended you did not see.

On October 25th, Reuters reports that Crocker warns of a growing power of the Shia Militias while having successfully finished off Al Qaeda insurgents- read the Resistance.(article here)

On November 5th, an article in Middle East Online bearing the very revealing title of “Teheran draws up Iraqi security plan” reads as follows “Iran’s government suggests integration of militias into security forces.“ (article here)

On November 11th, Azzaman Iraqi paper reports that “18’000 shia militias have joined the “Iraqi” police and army.” (article here)

On November 14th, again Reuters states “the US has given its full support to the SIIC" (Al Hakeem/Brigade group from Iran)in Iraq and its policy could be aiding Iran and might be alienating the Mahdi militias and the Sadrist party.(article here)


Newsweek's edition of 19th November, confirms “those (sadrists)deputies have been secretly meeting with Gen.David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, to discuss cooperation on improving security, according to two sources who declined to be identified because of the subject's sensitivity” (article here).

Another article dated November 14th, states that the current transformation of the Mahdi Army led by Muqtada Al-Sadr is done with the aim of becoming "a legitimate political group. This move is an expected outcome of progress in U.S.-Iranian talks on Iraq" (article here)


In an article dated November 15th by Sami Moubayed entitled “Muqtada moves to stop a Sunni 'surge'" says:

“Maliki gave an interview to the Saudi television channel al-Arabiyya, in which he asserted that "There is no civil war in Iraq." He added, "We don't have a militia problem in Iraq anymore." He wrapped up by noting that Iran does not have a decision-making influence on the Prime Minister's Office in Baghdad...Maliki knew that he was, to put it politely, not telling the truth. In addition to spreading false public relations about his administration's effectiveness in combating terrorism, the Iraqi premier was also doing something very important. He was reconciling with the Mahdi Army of Muqtada al-Sadr. Or at least, he was trying to find common ground with his former allies...This week, Muqtada called for a renewal of his truce with both American forces and those of the Iraqi government. It is a gesture of goodwill towards Maliki...On the surface, the truce renewal seems to serve Muqtada well, as a man working for collective security - even if it means putting controls on his own supporters. While the world observes his "truce", however, many of his men have flooded into the Iraqi security services, under a plea from none other than Maliki...Reportedly, 18,000 militiamen have joined the Iraqi security apparatus...a last-minute decision by Shi'ite leaders to get Shi'ite young men into the armed forces - regardless of their political affiliations - to prevent these posts from being filled by Sunnis... One the one hand, militias are being absorbed into the army. On the other hand, 1,500 Iraqis are returning to Iraq per day (according to the London-based al-Hayat) from Syria. That too is troubling the prime minister and Muqtada since most of those returning in large numbers are Sunnis. Maliki and Muqtada fear a rebirth of Iraqi Sunnis at the expense of Shi'ites. This explains 18,000 Shi'ites being formally authorized to hold arms by joining the Iraqi army...The only way to prevent the Sadrists from being a state-within-a-state was to let them become the state, or major power-sharers within the state… Muqtada could not - even if he wished - continue his military war against his opponents in the Iraqi arena (Americans included) Now it appears the political wheel has gone full circle, with Muqtada opting once again for the statesman's role.” (article here)

And today’s article in the Guardian states that the British officials are holding talks with the Mahdi army to draw them into the political process and it says:

“Major General Graham Binns said the security situation in Basra province - to be handed over to Iraqi forces next month - was improving and attacks against British and Iraqi forces had fallen by 90% since British troops withdrew from their last base in the centre of the city in September. Confirming the talks with the Mahdi army, first reported in the Guardian, Binns said: "We may get to the point where the main Sadrist strain will support the Iraqi security forces - that's the goal.” And he adds "The Sadrist militia is all powerful here - more powerful than Badr. If Badr was allowed to take on [the Mahdi army] in Basra, they'd lose pretty quickly," he said. The Badr brigade is a rival militia connected to Iraq's biggest Shia party, the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council.” (article here)

And Al Ahram weeeky in its edition of November 15th states that:

”Major General Rick Lynch, who is in charge of operations in southern Baghdad, Najaf and Karbala, said Iran's extensive influence in Baghdad is still visible despite signs that tensions between Washington and Tehran are ebbing. He added that his troops are chasing 20 Iraqi Shias who work for Al-Quds Brigade of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Last August, Lynch stated that 50 Iranian Revolutionary Guard members were in south Iraq, giving military training to Shia militia.”
(article here)

So Dear intelligent reader- and of course am assuming you're intelligent- what does all of that tell you?

Do remember the first quote/heading "Teheran drawns Iraq security plan"

So when will the strike against Iran take place? And more importantly, seeing our new rulers, how do you view the “future” of Iraq?

Did I say Iraq ? Sorry, my bad. I meant how do you view the future of Iranian Iraq?

And how do you view future Iranian- US/Israeli relations?

Do remember that Talabani head of the o’ poor oppressed kurds to whom you have extended your most empathetic Western support,left and right alike, is welcoming Shimon Peres of Israel to Iraq. (article here). And do remember that kurdish Talabani & Barazani and Shia Maliki, Al-Hakeem, Al Sadr are allies with each other and with the Americans.

But more importantly, how do you view the future of Iraqi women?

Do you think they will be mass printing the tags “indecently dressed” in Iran like they have done with the new Federal/Partitioned new Iraqi Map?

Do you think our female bodies will be mass partitioned having been ethnically cleansed?

And will the American and English feminists say anything about their brave men handing it over to the female hating mullahs or will they cheer in another stop the war against Iran march?

And what do I do with these female bodies?

Where shall I hide them ? Where shall I bury them?

In which mass grave? The American, British or Iranian mass graves ?

So tell me, is that not a Storia Importante?

I personally, definitely prefer Eros. Eros Ramazotti, that is and...Italian made shoes.

At least they are exciting in a healthy, pleasant, kind of way and give much to look forward to.

Don’t you agree?

Painting: Iraqi artist, Shaddad Abdel Qahhar.


Anonymous said…
"It was the Italians, hell-bent on acquiring an African empire, who got the ball rolling. In 1911 the Libyan Arab tribes opposed an Italian invasion. Their civilians were the first to be bombed from the air, when the infant Italian air force bombed the oases of Tagiura and Ain Zara in a reprisal attack. "

Yes the italians "is one of the most beautiful" killers, from the above to joining hitler to the romans to Iraq, OF COURSE.
Layla Anwar said…

I was referring to the Italian language which I still maintain is the most beautifully spoken one in Europe. And to Italian made shoes which I also maintain are works of art.

History is what is it and am sure Italy has its own share of crimes to reckon with.
Todd said…
I just don't know what the hell to say. Iraq, the U.S. gov. has opened a fucking pandora's box, and it must be pure hell right now. I HOPE 'things' get better for your country... and soon.
Anonymous said…
if somebody else had posted this about Italians, then layla would have protested, but since she did, then its ok. typical hypocrite, she is excellent though, she should apply at FOX news, she is an excellent propagandist. couple that with her anti-islamic jargon, and you have a winner. she reminds me of hitler, the hate that she has in her. maybe her mother is SHIiTe? and she hated her mother?

i spent a lot of time analyzing this creature. and i came to the conclusion that she has a love/hate relationship with her mother. she loves her but resents the fact that her mother is siding with her sister all the time. and to get back at her mother she keeps reminding her mother of her sins, to make her mother feel remorse, and maybe for her mother to see her hurt she has inside, in the hopes of her mother changing her ways.
her mother ofcourse is America, the mother she longs to be loved by as much as she loves her.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
"Regrettably, I didn't take the necessary time to learn Italian."

Am available for private lessons :-)
Anonymous said…
Excellent writing and reporting! Keep it up. Your factual insights are invaluable and your prose as good as the Italian opera, which I also love. It seems your prose might be inspired by the music to which you are listening--lyrical synchronization, passion, reverberating melodically together. Beautiful! --karlmarxWASRIGHT!
Anonymous said…
"So Dear intelligent reader - and of course am assuming you're intelligent"


Anonymous said…
Who was "Layla" ?
Anonymous said…
I forgot. KarlMarx, again. I have been meaning to add something to my comments under your previous blog regarding Marx and Science. I believe the commentary was at Foul Play, if I recall correctly. Anyway, here's a link to the eulogy Engels gave at Marx's burial in 1883, www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1883/death/burial.htm
I can not emphasize enough the importance of understanding what is called the "scientific methodology." This "methodology" is totally, completely, 100% incompatible with religious explanations. They are contradictory and mutually exclusive methodologies for understanding, exploring and explaining the material universe. They are incompatible at that level. Religion, per se, or, shall we say, faith, or, spirituality can co-exist with science, but, their explanatory methodologies are mutually exclusive, contradictory and incompatible. This is THE nub of the issue and is a critically, critically important one--it defines the modern world. I can't emphasize this enough. Not understanding it is very, very dangerous and leads to the underpinnings of Fascism, which exploits this lack of understanding.
Anonymous said…
Iraqi Mojo has always dreamt of realizing himself as a professional driller and is champing at the bit to go and try the exam, but his male chauvinist US Marine gay lover will keep him locked at home out of fear that carrier success might divide them.

Help liberate the Mojo !
Layla Anwar said…
Someone left a comment about me being a racist against Shia theology. Am sorry the comment was deleted by mistake. If this person is reading this - would you please comment again. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
Hello Layla; Excellent Article…
“… I just don't understand this chronic ailment by readers who try to force/impose their own style, political agenda, wishes, desires and hopes upon me and this blog.”
Yes I did cross the line and I apologize. I must learn to shed my “chronic ailment”
Qays! Or is it “Gays”. Maybe if someone had killed your friends and neighbors I wonder what your degree of hate would be. A little Sigmund in the making here.
Layla; May Allah keep you and yours safe.
Anonymous said…
Layla, I made a typo in my comment: it's "career" success, not "carrier".

In the Name of the Mojo, please correct it.
Anonymous said…
I sense JR's presence among us...
Narendra shenoy said…
Qays, I don't think the stuff that Layla's writing is propaganda, . Her allegations are pretty specific. Do women have the right to dress as they please? Apparently not, so far as the Shia brigade is concerned, from what I read, here and elsewhere. And the punishment for this transgression is a grisly and painful death.
Layla Anwar said…
Mohammed Ashruff,

Thank you and trust me no harm done. Be well.
Layla Anwar said…
Ciao bella,

Thanks, I shall keep that in mind. In the meantime, Dove l'Amore?
Layla Anwar said…

I have a lot of problems with this kind of "scientific determinism" myself. I start from the theoretical premise that even Science is not exact including empirical science. Hence the scientific methodology is open to errors...

When it comes to Marxism, I think it is VERY DANGEROUS to fall into a similar empiricism, we are dealing with non static things i.e human beings. Furthermore, I am wondering why is it that someone like Gramsci who was also a marxist, was open minded enough in his critical enquiry as to allow " the superstructure" or at least acknowledge that the superstructure of ideas, religion etc...also plays a dialectical role.

On another note, thanks for the accolade.
Anonymous said…
Please stop making anti-Shia statements. And stop criticizing Iraqi Mojo. He is a patriot and lover of the land of the two rivers. He is also a Sayeed.

Is "Layla Anwar" a troll invented to discredit sunni arabs as anti-Shia bigots?
Anonymous said…
anonymous re "sayeed mojo",


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