November 29, 2007

Another Brick in the Wall...

I am not sure if I am in a Pink Floyd kind of mood or a Bob Marley one.

Another brick in the Wall.

Your brave boys just killed "at least" another 5 Iraqis including one child.

Cholera is gaining, and we are foaming at the mouth...
Even the clown, Ban Ki Moon is concerned.
He was concerned last week about violence against women, but he did not say one word about the sectarian Shias whom you called "very oppressed", slaughtering women with impunity...But hey, they are only women. Why should you care?!

Your other category of "poor oppressed" the Kurds, are flirting big time with oil companies, have bedded Israel, and have signed over 20 contracts so far.

One of your famous douche bags that goes by the name of P.Cockburn in an article in today's Independent, was so generous...really.

He said that there are 2.3 million internally displaced, one million of which are Kurds from Saddam's time.

This douche bag, Cockburn went against all the statistics from the Red Cross and the UN that stated that 2.3 million of those internally displaced, took place SINCE your occupation.

But Cockburn along with his brother have a political agenda. When they publish someone by the name of R.Amiri who is calling for more lynching a "save the kurdish honor" call, then you understand the hows and whys. These people have no shame.

Saddam has been gone for over 5 years now and they still want to incriminate him.
What a handy way to tone down your own crimes eh ?

Got news for you. The Kurds were NOT oppressed nor were the Shias, it is a LIE.
A lie you fabricated so you can invade, occupy and slaughter us.

Your Cockburns and your Chomskys are the worst propagators of this lie.
You are indeed a despicable lot.

This douche bag, Cockburn, did not mention that the Kurds have been engaging in a mighty ethnic cleansing of Arabs and Turkmens. Oh no, he would not.

He has no guts and no professional ethics to report such truths. He will tell you what you want to hear... He will massage your comfort zone and this is what he and others like him are good at doing.

In the meantime, am counting...and I will report truths to you. I am on no one's paycheck. So you listen to me.

Auntie Sameera is very ill. She can't breath anymore. There is only one functional hospital where she lives. No one dares venture out of the neighborhood. This neighborhood is run by the Mahdi rapists/thugs and the Badr Brigades of Al- Hakeem from Iran.

You know who Al-Hakeem is don't you?
He just met your criminal in D.C. And they discussed "the security of Iraq." And you know who he represents don't you? If you don't then you are a fucking idiot and I demand that you move to another blog.

Auntie Sameera was taken to the only functional hospital with ONE doctor in charge.
All the others have fled or were killed. Tell that to your fucking Cockburn will you?

This doctor is a generalist, who has not even finished his internship. Only one fucking doctor for a whole hospital. The family doctor cannot be reached. His cell phone is dead. Is he dead too ? We will find out soon.

She needs oxygen, there is none. She can't breath, there is no air, not even artificial air. You motherfuckers sucked it all out including your Cockburns and your Chomskys - you sucked it all out.

She is given 3 kinds of antibiotics, enough to kill her, after all the doctor is only a generalist.

"Get her a nurse" I shout on the phone.
"None will come around" her daughter says- There are no nurses left. (tell your fucking Cockburn ok?)
"Get her some vitamin shots" I shout some more
"There are no vitamins in the pharmacy" comes the reply.
"For fuck's sake, massage her with Vicks Vapo Rub- anything to alleviate the pneumonia."
"There is no Vicks Vapo Rub" comes the reply again. (Don't forget to tell your fucking Cockburn ok?)

I put the phone down, and If I can push my fist through this screen and smash your fucking faces and that of your Cockburns and Chomskys, I will do it.

If I can throw a massive brick your way and knock you down without you ever standing back on your feet, ever again, I will do it. If I can stone you to death, I shall be the one to cast the first stone...

I have one prayer for you. That everything, and I mean everything you have dished out our way, comes back to you a million folds. You and your families, your kids, your jobs, your lives, your bank accounts, and your country, wherever you are...

May you die a thousand deaths, may you have bricks falling on you, like rain...

May you not taste any peace, not now, not ever. May you become beggars, may your daughters turn into prostitutes, may you stop breathing and not find any air, may your children become orphans...

In Basrah alone, where your fucking Cockburn played Lawrence of Arabia not long ago, there are 160'000 orphans, who lost BOTH mother and father. 160'000 orphans with no food, with no shelter, with no homes, with nothing...

And you come and talk to me of morality and love ? And you come and talk to me of loving your neighbor, compassion and turning the other cheek ? Fuck you.

You turn the other cheek, sons of bitches, if you can.

You are sitting like cowards unable to do fuck all. As long you have your little stories unfolding, that is all you care about. Fuck you again. Fuck you a hundred times. Despicable worthless, shit of a people that you are ...

One of your brave boys, an English piece of shit, gets rich by taking money from poor drivers in Basrah, at checkpoints. He demands money from someone who hardly makes anything.

You come to my country and you loot. And you pillage, rape and steal. And you ask for more at checkpoints. Then you kill. Just like that. You kill, just like that.
You are fucking murderers.

God the contempt I have for you knows no bounds. The contempt that I have for those who aided you, Shias, Kurds and even Sunnis knows no bounds...

I did say I was in Bob Marley mood too...

Do you know how to "Stir it up"?

The majority of you don't. The majority of you are sheep.The majority of you are idiots.

But a very few do. They call it "stone by stone..."
What they are really saying is "brick by brick..."

Another brick in the Wall.

Painting:Iraqi female artist, Yaqeen Al-Dulaimi.