November 5, 2007

No Sacred Cows.

There are no Sacred Cows under Occupation.

An Occupation is an occupation is an occupation...

If the occupier is an American, an Iranian, an Israeli or even a Martian -- It is and will remain an Occupation.

When Information Clearing House, took the "risk" of posting my last article "Drink It", and I am deliberately using the term "risk" because for ICH it was a risky business...for I did touch upon the lefties favorite Sacred Cow - Iran.

From the nature and quality of most of the comments I read there, I was in for NO surprises at all.

The same usual bullshit : Layla Anwar is a Mossad Agent, Red flags, psy ops, furthering the imperial divide and rule...and blah blah blah...

Boring lot that you are. Ignorant and Boring actually...

I am not sure what irritates me more, your ignorance or the fact that you are so damn boring in your repetitive slogans and slanders.

If IRAQIS are telling you and am not the only one, that Iran has a hand in the occupation of our country, then you are to listen to what we are telling you.

It is not you who decides who is deemed OK to occupy us and who is not.

WE the people of Iraq tell you who is occupying us not the other way around.

And for true Iraqis NO occupation is acceptable. Whether it is American or Iranian.

If the Iraqi Resistance says there is a dual American - Iranian occupation and if that same Resistance is the one who is resisting the occupier...then you are to shut up and listen/read what the Iraqi Resistance tells you.

Not Ahmadinajad, not your Clintons, not any of your so called anti-war Lefties. No.
You are to listen to the Iraqi Resistance and understand what it is telling you.

And you need to READ and inform yourselves before you spew your bullshit. Otherwise, you just keep confirming what I have always thought about the majority of you --Nothing but accomplices in Bad Faith.

And the Iraqi Resistance under its different factions, with its different sects and ethnicities is telling you there is a DUAL occupation of Iraq. Full stop.

And just as America is in some nasty quagmire and we did warn America, so will Iran end up in exactly the same quagmire...

Iraq is for the Iraqis.

Another simple Truth you need to shove down your throats.

End of story.