July 15, 2007

Not so Kind...

I am very pissed.

I do not have many kind words towards my fellow Iraqis. Let me qualify here, before you start jumping to conclusions.

I have no kind words towards that category of Iraqis who gave it away for Free to the Americans and the Iranians. I have absolutely no respect for them, no consideration and zero sympathy.

I have zero respect for those bastards living and working in the Green zone.
I have total disdain for those who voted and now come meagerly complain about "lack of the promised democracy"..."but we voted" broken record. Sure you voted. You voted for your sects and your wallets.
I have absolutely no sympathy for those who applauded and filled their blogs with hurrays "Saddam is gone" and now cry over poor Iraq...and congratulate themselves with cheap words of sympathy coming from the occupier.

It took a bunch of your kind to make it happen. Now you have lost it all.
I do not want to be too cruel and say you deserve what you are getting because I happen to be in the same boat...
Oh how I wish someone would give me a life saving raft so I no longer have to be associated in name with you lot.

My condolences Iraqi hypocrites. You lost your country and made us, the rest, the silent majority who are not pocketing any of the American - Iranian "dough", pay for it with our bodies, blood, children, selves and sanity...

Al Hajjaj was right. You are "ahl al-shiqak wa al-nifaq".

Fuck you all.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Mohammed Al-Shammarey.