February 28, 2009

An Update on my Previous Post.

I just finished watching the Youtube video from Al-Jazeera - ENGLISH --here on events in Ghazni-Afghanistan.

I noticed slight variations from the news I watched yesterday around 8pm on Al-Jazeera ARABIC.

I remember distinctly in the Arabic version, the same elderly person interviewed who features in the English video, said that --- the American troops stormed the Mosque and stomped their boots on the heads of those prostrated, then ransacked the place...he even put his hand to the back of his neck to show the exact location...

The English version does NOT report -- the stomping of soldiers boots on the heads of those prostrated in prayer. And that is a typical American practice as testified by many eventually released, innocent detainees from Kabul, Kandahar and Guantanamo...

How come ?

Imagine you are praying, in the evening or at dawn, you are prostrated in a quasi foetal position, in total surrender, at least physically, vulnerable because of your position, and someone walks in and places their boots on your neck and you can't lift your head up. You are bowing and prostrating to God and some other "human" , tells you by this act that he is in fact your God.

The image is important. You need to think about the image and what it means...

So why this discrepancy in news reporting between the English and Arabic version of the same event ?

Assuming that I heard wrong, about the nationality of the troops and they were indeed Poles and not Yankees, but why did al-Jazeera English omit to say what this elderly man fully witnessed ???

Is it because they do not wish "to hurt the sensitivities of their viewers" ?
Or is it because they are trying to cover up for these American practices ?
Especially bearing in mind the close collaboration you will be seeing in the coming months between the American admin and the "Islamic" Republic of Iran.

Such discrepancies from the same chain must be researched further and would make a good study topic in "Journalism."

Afghanistan - Another Forgotten People.

To my knowledge, the only website that regularly covers the crimes in Afghanistan is Uruknet. Other than this site, seems like the Afghan people are left to fend for themselves, cut off from the rest of the world, from Humanity...

I do not know much about the ancient history of Afghanistan...my knowledge of this country is rather limited and I only started paying closer interest after the Soviet invasion...

But when I come to think about it, I was "familiar" with the place through two Afghan items - a sheep skin coat and an embroidered dress. I am not sure that qualifies as familiarity, but in my mind it does.

I cannot remember where I got these from, it was ages ago...Maybe someone gave them to me. I grew very attached to both, for some unknown reason. I loved that long flowing dress and the white sheep skin coat, that smelled of -- sheep.

My friends would remark - "for God's sake, when are you going to get rid of this coat, every time you walk by, we smell a herd of sheep grazing." I did not care, I loved that coat. No matter how many times I took it to the dry cleaners, no matter how many times I left it outside for days on end, hoping the smell would vanish away - it still smelled of sheep. And I loved it because in my mind it was associated with green pastures, tranquility, generosity, simplicity and something grounded in the earth, in the land...

That was my first "exposure" to anything Afghan, ages ago. The second memory is when I actually met two Afghans. I found them to be very respectful, reserved, simple, generous, humble and proud at the same time...

I got to be friends with one of them, and I found in this person, steadfastness, patience, willpower, and that humility I mentioned above. Humility but not resignation. The Afghan people are no sheep.

So I guess I was left with these two impressions that stayed with me somewhere in the back of my mind...hence today, when I watched the news and saw more brutality and misery ripping the Afghan people, I cried my eyes out...

In Ghazni, hundreds of Afghan demonstrated against the US occupation forces there.

In a mosque, filled with about 25 men, praying, the Americans stormed in, and ransacked the holy place, placed their boots on the heads of the men who were prostrating, one of them was over 80 years old, ripped the Holy book, threw it to the floor, fired at the worshippers, insulted them...pictures of the Koran on the floor surrounded with bullets are stuck in my mind till this very minute.

The puppet government sent some anti-riot forces, who then sprayed the demonstrators with some red gas - weird looking stuff, I have never seen before.

I thought to myself, Afghanistan is in shambles, the people have become so impoverished, living in tents, hungry, cold, ill and the civilians are being tortured and massacred daily...and no one talks about it.

Not only are they getting massacred daily in silence, away from the projectors of the media who is keeping the lid tightly shut on events there, but Obama is promising yet another surge in Afghanistan. And Iran is promising to help Karzai.

For God's sake what is left of Afghanistan for another surge? The place is in total ruins.
Just go and look at some of the pictures, there is nothing left there...there is nothing left there to surge for.

What is this barbarity ? My mind can no longer comprehend this barbarity of the "civilized world." This has gone beyond politics. And where is it heading ?

And the silence -- the abominable silence regarding the crimes committed daily in Afghanistan is unbearable, truly unbearable...

And let us assume for argument's sake -- that even if the population there were getting fed up with the Taliban's rule, the way NATO and American troops are conducting themselves, makes people long back for the previous reign... As I said the Afghans are no sheep, and they are a very proud people. And I really can't see how America or any of its allies will win this one.

I mean, how many more Baghrams prisons and how much more torture can anyone inflict?How much more devastation and killing can anyone commit ?

From the memories I have kept, I can already tell you, it will not make a difference to the Afghan people. They have this warrior streak/quality to them...

You have not succeeded in breaking their spirit until this very day and you will not succeed in the future either. The Afghans are unbreakable when it comes to their dignity and honor. Do remember that -- on your 100th surge.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Khaled Al-Jader.

February 26, 2009

Delete and Rename...

About a year ago, some Iraqi blogger renamed me " Arab Woman Fuse".
I found that to be too funny...have not stopping laughing since...
He probably felt that I have a few wires missing, I guess.
So "fuse" I shall be. Sounds better than "blues". Don't you think ?

February 25, 2009

Liberate It !

Liberate them. Liberate this. Liberate it...
Shackles have wounded the soul, torn it apart
Chains embedded in wrists, dug into ankles, around heads,
like some embedded reporter...

Fighting the nightmare only to realize it is real,
it happened, it is happening...

No delegations à la Kerry visited,
No Pelosi came by,
No EU took photos...

Cover it up, cover it up...
Throw a blanket, a cloth,
Make it White...as white as snow.
No, better, dump them...

Mass graves, rivers, anonymous tombs...
Who will know ?
Who will speak ?
Who will testify ?
Sand thrown over dunes of blood and tears
Only the winds and the sky bore witness...

And the rest ?
Silent as stone,
as rock, as gravel, as rubbles...

The walls screamed,
The trees wept
The pavements wailed
The fields cried
The rivers agonized
The morgue full, pregnant
without a whisper...

And the rest ?

No security Council condemned
No lawyers filed suits
No war Crimes warrants were issued
No convoys arrived...

The courts are empty
The chairs vacant,
The judge, invisible...

Forgotten, forgotten, forgotten,

Hurry up, cover, cover...
Hurry up...

No need to cover,
No need to hide,
Take them all out.

From dust to dust
From nothing to nothingness,
Vacant, absent...gone.

Do you know his name ?
Does she have a number ?

Tattoos are erased,
peeled off with the skin
No Identity,
Who will recognize It ?

It. Is it an It ?
Or a She, maybe a He
Or it is Them ?

Them who ?
Where is the name?
Where is the number?
Any fingerprints ?
No Sir, just shadows
Take them all out.

Liberate Them
Liberate It...

Painting : Iraqi female artist, Betool Fekaiki.

February 23, 2009

Caught in a Bubble...

Am I a psychic or am I a psychic ? I must start charging money for political consultations instead of this totally free altruistic sharing...

Did I not say the following :

- In November 2008, regarding the Iraqi provincial elections, I said

"It is very possible that we might witness another inter Shiite front developing between Maliki's DAWA party and the Sadrists of Muqtada - yet again...This possible alliance between the Dawa and the Sadrists remains to be seen and I do not exclude it. Call it the race for power."

Well, well, what do you know - Maliki's party won the majority of the provincial electoral seats, and not less than 4 articles have pointed to the alliance between Sadr and Maliki --again with the drillers calling themselves "The Free Independent Thinkers" party of Iraq. Hahahahahaha

- In December 2008, with regards to Pakistan I said :

"I have mentioned it and/or alluded to it in most of my posts dealing with Iran, namely that Iran will be used by the US and its allies to stir sectarianism wherever a Shiite minority exists. I mentioned Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, Pakistan, Yemen and Saudi Arabia. I have come to this conclusion after close study of the Iraqi "experiment".
Already a year ago, I have been saying that Pakistan is next on the list. I maintain what I said..."

Today two news articles point in that direction. Pakistani Embassy in Tehran attacked and Iran fanning the fires of sectarianism in Pakistan. (article here)

- In October 2008, I said that Obama will seek an official rapprochement with Iran to win the "war" in Afghanistan.

Since, tens of articles, clearly argue that priority no.1 for the Obama administration is to defeat the Talibans. There has been another surge of about
20'000 American soldiers in Afghanistan, daily attacks on the Afghan civilians, and definitely an official rapprochement between the Obama admin and Iran where each is welcoming the other...hoping this time, to make public an official nuptial agreement instead of the secret muta'a marriage concluded in Baghdad between the Bush admin and Iran.

This, in parallel to the clear thawing of the icy relations between Syria and the USA. And as I have mentioned it before, time and time again, Syria insists on diplomatic ties with the U.S. This latter has already, partly lifted the sanctions by allowing the delivery of half a billion dollars worth of medical drugs to Syria as well as industrial spare parts.

Bear in mind the following whenever you want to get an accurate reading of the regional dynamics in the Middle East : The closer Iran and the US get and they are quite close and have been in Iraq, the closer Syria and other Iranian proxies
will warm up to the U.S, despite their official rhetoric to the contrary...

Pakistan and Afghanistan are definitely high priority on the American agenda and for those two countries, Iran's collaboration is very needed, as it has been in the past as in the case of Afghanistan where Iran provided military logistic support to the Americans and established very cordial ties with the puppet Karzai.

But Iran will not stop there...

Again, as I predicted, Iran has an expansionist policy vis à vis the Arab world, ever since Khomeini came to power in the late 70's. I distinctly recall him saying that the road to a "free" Jerusalem went through Baghdad and Bahrain... Baghdad stopped him. But now Iraq has become an Iranian foothold thanks to America, so who will stop Iran from its racist, chauvinistic, sectarian expansionism ?

Iran has Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Gaza (yes I know you do not like to hear that last one) and now it is claiming Bahrain...and tomorrow it will claim Saudi Arabia...hahahahaha

Seriously now, Bahrain is very upset. Yesterday it closed its ports to all Iranian ships as a sign of protest response to Ali Akbar Naqet Nouri (a highly placed mullah in the Khameini cabinet) who said that "Bahrain is Iran's 14th province"

Of course, Al Jazeera who is increasingly becoming the mouthpiece for Iran, failed to report this piece of news -- the closing of the Bahraini ports to Iranian ships but Al-Arabiya did. This was later followed by a debate between two spokesmen, one for the Bahraini government and the other for Iran. The latter alleges that "the shah gave Bahrain back following the 1971 treaty with Britain, in exchange for three Gulf Islands..."

The Bahraini official affirmed that Iran never ruled Bahrain and challenged the Iranian guy to provide the name of one single Iranian politician or representative in pre-1971 Bahrain, before the "shah gave Bahrain back to the Brits in exchange for the 3 islands"

The Bahraini guy then accused the Persian guy of political Taqiyya lies, deceit, manipulation...

He said "We are so used to your political taqiyya, it will not work with us..."

To which the Iranian guy replied "this is blown out of proportion as a cover up for Arab treason in Gaza"

To which the Bahraini guy replied "What has Gaza got to do with it, you keep using the Palestinian cause to justify your expansionist objectives..."

Turns out that the Iranians have forged and published some fake 1971 agreement between Iran and the vile snake, not so great Britain on the net, an agreement that the Bahrainis never heard of before....

Mind you this is not the first time Iran lays its claims to Bahrain. It happened in 2007 and 2002 and during Khomeini's time to the great irritation of the Bahrainis...

Oh well, serves them right.

Before I forget, one last piece of news, the Iraqis in Nejaf and Kerbala are complaining that the Iranians control everything there. The hotels, the restaurants, the travel agencies...and all the inscription and sign posts are in Farsee. Jawad Bolani (minister of interior) in response to the many complaints received from residents of these two cities, ordered that from now on the signposts, inscriptions and other posters be written in Arabic only...to which one Iraqi resident commented -- that still does not solve the fact that Iran controls Nejaf and Kerbala...and I add -- also controls the South, Basra and Baghdad...

Iraq stopped Persian expansionism in the past but who will stop it now ?

Maliki or the Sadrists or maybe Al-Hakeem clan from Tehran ? No, maybe Hezbollah will stop it, or the Syrian Baath...hahahahahahaha.

Yalla, Good Night, and don't let the Mullahs get you down...My crystal ball says they very well might.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Bassil Al-Obaidi.

February 21, 2009

No Coincidences -- Hasta Siempre !

I do not know about you, but I believe that "coincidences are when God wishes to remain anonymous"...

And for the past 48 hours, too many coincidences took place, too many for me to dismiss or ignore...

I know, I said I will not be writing anymore -- but I am (strongly) nudged, in a too obvious fashion to resume writing, whether I want, like it or not...And since my allergy to flagrant Injustices is greater than my fear, I am sitting here typing again...

I must admit that the many emails I received, asking me not to stop, gave me hope and made me realize that the hours and days of blogging in the obscurity were not wasted in vain...So for those of you who wrote to me - a big thank you. People like you make it worthwhile...but not only you.

A few others make it worthwhile..they are as anonymous as you are, maybe more so...and some of them have no fingers left to type, headless and no voices left to speak...and for them -- I shall continue...

Let me share with you the "coincidences" and you judge for yourselves...

Coincidence no.1

Ever since I was a young girl, I have been mesmerized by Che Guevara. When I reached puberty, and had enough pocket money, the first thing I did was buy a huge poster of Che, that I hung on my bedroom wall...while my female classmates were experimenting with different kinds of make up and some were still playing with Barbie dolls...
I was still immature to fully understand why I was so attracted to Che Guevara, but the magnet was there...and this attraction grew into a deep respect...
As a matter of fact Che Guevara, the man and the symbol have never left me...

So when I learned that a special program will be dedicated to him, I simply could not miss it. Someone had planted the seed...30 years ago. I think it was my late father. He never spoke to me of Che, but my father was the epitome of what I call a silent revolutionary. He was allergic to Injustice and I must have inherited this trait from him...My mother's allergy also greatly contributed...They were/are both revolutionaries in their own silent ways...Am I genetically wired to follow in the footsteps of the Che Guevaras -- Malgré moi?

Coincidence no.2

Yesterday, I was watching a program on Che Guevara. It was not really about Che Guevara alone, it was about all the Che Guevaras of this world...the dead, the alive and those about to be born...

For those who know nothing about Che, please go and read...I do not want to give you a historical biography here. Besides, I am assuming, if you are old enough to be reading political blogs, and you think you are so smart, then expand your knowledge instead of rotting away in mediocrity pretending you know when you know shit...

Suffice to tell you that Che's "physical" life stopped when the CIA aided by the Bolivians executed him in October 1967.

The program interviewed a couple of persons who met Che in person and it tackled the myth and symbol surrounding Guevara. Writers, musicians, politicians, activists, psychiatrists were interviewed for the program...It was clear that Che Guevara left a deep imprint on the political psyche of any man or woman striving for a just cause...striving for Justice - for Adl or Haq in Arabic. Haq also means Truth. And Truth MUST shine...It is in its nature to do so...

The chosen ones, chosen to carry the torch of Truth are not perfect precisely because they are humans. And there lies their huge responsibility, their weaknesses and their greatness...They are the revolutionaries, the martyrs, the sacrificers of the little self for the greater good...for Justice and for Truth. For Adl and for Haq. By the way Adl and Haq are two divine attributes from the 99 names of Allah /God, just in case you did not know.

And a common expression in Arabic and Iraqis have been using it a lot - hadha moo Haq - this is not Just/Right - this is not the Truth.

Back to the program...

Some likened Gamal Abdel Nasser to a Che, some called Sheikh Imam and Fouad Nejm
(two revolutionary artists from Egypt) a Che, some referred to Guevara Mahmoud Ahmed the Palestinian as another Che...Some said Mandela is a Guevara and others said the living Che in today's Arab world is Hassan Nasrallah (deep sighs).

Mum and I exchanged glances as our thoughts crossed in agreement - How come none mentioned Saddam Hussein in this program ?!

Why did this documentary from Al-Jazeera not mention Saddam Hussein and contented itself with ending the program with Hassan Nasrallah ? Shame on the Arab hypocrites. And there are so many of them...

Che was murdered by the Imperialists, so was Saddam. Che went to his execution with dignity, honor so did Saddam Hussein, Che was said to look "dreadful" by his capturers - the same was said about Saddam Hussein. Che asked for something to smoke in his final hours "Che held his head high, looked everyone straight in the eyes and asked only for something to smoke" so did Saddam in his last hours...

Moments before his execution Che was asked if he was thinking about his own immortality-- " No, I'm thinking about the immortality of the revolution." Che Guevara then told his executioner, "I know you've come to kill me. Shoot, coward, you are only going to kill a man." (for more-- click here)

And this is what the great Martyr Saddam Hussein said before his execution "Long live Iraq, Long Live Palestine, Long Live the Arab Ummah FREE..."

And minutes before his death - he replied ironically to his taunters, to Muqtada Al-Sadr and the rest of the traitors from Iran working for America - "Is this what manhood is all about ? Hiya hadhee el Rujula?"

Post-Execution : the body of Che was paraded around, naked, like the bodies of Saddam Hussein's sons and his own...paraded naked, photographed and passed around.

And just as the Imperialists could not kill Che even after his death, they found ways to market him, through portraits, t.shirts, mugs, lighters, flags, caps...and so they did with Saddam Hussein...When the same greed driven murderers produced -- toys, cartoons, films, baseball bats, punching bags, and the rest...carrying picture of Saddam...A way to ante up profits and denigrate, ridicule and commercialize the icons of Freedom, turning them into another consumer item...

And eliminating the Freedom fighters physically was not enough, they had to demystify them, debase them, erase their symbols, strip them of their meaning and what they stood for even after their physical death...and until this very day.

Some on the other hand described post-mortem Che as Christ like. Some described the execution of Saddam Hussein on the eve of the Muslim Eid, the ultimate self sacrifice as Christ like as well...

In Vallegrande, where Che is buried, till this very day, in the local churches, during Sunday mass, they pray for all the Saints and never forget to mention the Saint Ernesto. When they asked a local priest he said : "Saints died for the liberation of humans so did Guevara - so for us he is a Saint" And so did the martyr Saddam Hussein...

And did not Jesus say: Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for justice, for they shall be satisfied. Blessed are they who suffer persecution for justice sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven ?

And before I move on to coincidence no.3, Che described the Bolivian Communist Party as -- "distrustful, disloyal and stupid."

I do not know how Saddam Hussein would qualify the Iraqi Communist Party today, but seeing that they all secretly and not so secretly welcomed the American occupation of Iraq, voted and/or joined the mullahs parties like Al-Sadr and the Dawa parties, and/or aligned themselves with the butcher of Falluja like Allawi, would make them distrustful, disloyal and stupid too...Extend the latter qualifications to the Arab "leftists" "anti-imperialists", "revolutionaries" and the anti-war movement as well.

Coincidence no.3

I walked for over an hour today, and whilst wandering in the streets of this city, I was thinking about the program and Che and said to myself - Al Jazeera sucks so do the Arabs, no one mentioned Saddam Hussein. Pity, I can't write about that, now that am being silenced...with Death threats and the rest...

When I returned home, I opened my mail box only to find several pictures of Che attached to a beautiful mail from a loyal friend in Greece. The mail carried the following message :

"Stay with us.
Please don't give up. This is life. Some people love you, other people hate you.
You are "condemned " to win this battle.
I send you some Che photos, with his daughter...the Communist Parτy in Bolivia did not help him, in fact they handed him over to the CIA.
But he never dies. He lives in our hearts."

This mail sent shivers down my spine...that really was too much of a coincidence. This friend in Greece had not corresponded with me in ages...Why this ? Why now ? And along the same lines ?!

And this is when I decided to write this post. There were too many coincidences happening in two days...reminding me that my "little" concerns were unimportant and that I was to continue doing what am doing...with and despite all my imperfections, and in spite of all the rape and death threats that I have been receiving on a DAILY basis for the past months...And maybe this is also my own "little" way to say to my harassers -- Fuck you cowards, is this what "manhood" is all about ?

Coincidence no.4

From the time I watched the program and thought in my head -- it would be nice to write something about the parallels between Che Guevara and Saddam and while actually writing this post -- I took a few breaks and surfed around on youtube, trying to find a good version of the Sheikh Imam song in homage to Che Guevara. Could not find a good version of it, but I stumbled upon, through yet another coincidence on this fairly recent video that I had never seen before called "Guevara and Saddam" which seemed to echo my private thoughts, exactly...

This is starting to sound like some Paul Auster novel, but it is not...it is simply my corner of Truth to which I am gently and sometimes not so gently led to, again and again...

And while surfing for songs, I also discoverd an Oriental version of a homage to Che Guevara, which will be posted on my Uncensored blog.

There are definitely no coincidences. And Hasta Siempre can mean Farewell or Forever Your's...

February 18, 2009

To Hell with it...

I am seriously considering closing down this blog after having closed down the comment section.

I am sick and tired of receiving on a DAILY basis, emails and messages containing insults, slander, false accusations, rape and death threats.

I do understand that the topics I deal with, may be controversial for some and may provoke some occasional reactions. But this has gone way out of hand.

It started two years ago and the pressure and threats on my physical safety have been anted up to the point where I simply cannot tolerate it anymore...

I have had to deal with witnessing my country and its people being starved, bombed senseless, occupied and totally destroyed and this has been going on since the 90's and that has been "controversial" to me -- to say the least.

And despite my occasional outbursts of anger and at times raw rage, I did not go around threatening to KILL bloggers who did not share my perception of events, angst and grief.

As a matter of fact, I think I have been more than patient and tolerant, with the racists, sexists, slanderers, revisionists (of the Iraqi holocaust)and the rest of the deranged lot...

As a matter of fact, I have been too patient and too tolerant and now I say ENOUGH !

There are thousands of other bloggers around and I doubt any had to put up with the same amount of private and public insults, which don't really affect me in comparison to the rape and death threats that I have been subjected to, on a regular basis, every since my blog became known, talked about and quoted around...

And unlike the majority of the other bloggers, I did not content myself to provide links to pieces of news, but actually invested time, energy and my insides on these virtual pages...at times spitting out, at times cajoling and humoring, at times crying it out...on these virtual pages.

I do realize that the goal of this "campaign" is to shut me up and silence me for good. Some for political reasons and some out of sheer jealousy, envy, and spite. All jumping on the same bandwagon of assaults...

That tells and confirms to me that everything I have been writing rang the Truth.

So, I say -- TO HELL WITH IT ALL. I have given more than my fair share. It's been "nice knowing you" all and now the time has come to say GOODBYE.

A Farting Contest...

By the way, this is my 500th post. I am not sure as to whether I qualify for some sort of jubilee prize/present or not...In any event, jubilee or no jubilee, I shall keep typing away...

I must admit, Al-Jazeera keeps disappointing me, predictably so.

Ever since Qatar decided to align itself to Iran, almost everything (I did say almost -- so please do to take into account my nuances) fall in favor of Iran.

The last in line was tonight's program called "Itijah al Muakess" -- opposing views/directions.

The program coincided with the 30th anniversary of the "Islamic republic of Iran", the so-called "Islamic revolution."

Two guests, hosted by Faysal Al-Kassem -- Dr. Faysal Al-Kassem (very important the doctor part). Arabs (and they are not the only ones) are always impressed with titles...

In order to impress the viewers even more, they invited an Algerian "doctor" by the name of Khewlefeh and another humble looking guest, residing in London by the name of Mahmoud Ahmed Al-Ahwazi.

I need to qualify. Al-Ahwazi is a SHIA Arab from the Arab Al-Ahwaz region colonized by Iran for the past 83 years. Al-Ahwaz comprises a total of 10 Million Arab inhabitants -- repressed, oppressed, detained, tortured, by Safavid Iran, precisely because they are Arabs.

This Algerian "doctor" was singing the praises of Iran. From the way he spoke it was TOO obvious that he was on some Iranian payroll. Mind you, he is not the only one...Moreover, this Algerian "doctor" was allowed way more air time to voice his paid opinions than his counterpart.

He spoke of Dignity, Honor, and the Islamic republic... He kept mentioning the date
-- 3rd February 09. Date in which Iran sent its first outer space satellite and he also mentioned about 100 times -- Hezbollah's divine victory. He was ecstatic about both...I would too, if I were on Iranian payroll.

My mother said : So, what did this satellite and Hezbollah do for us Iraqis or for Gaza ?

I nodded in an unspoken silent agreement.

Mind you, I also farted on the 3rd of February. I recall that event very well.

My gases were propelled into strata-sphere along with the Iranian satellite. My brother sitting in close proximity, nearly had a heart attack. But it turned out to be a false alarm - his heart attack, that is.

To my utter dismay, my personal satellite did not have any quantitative/qualitative effects on current events...in Gaza or elsewhere...

Okay I know, farting is not very sexy. But hey you can't blame me for it. After all am just ruled by my "female biology." The Mullahs said so, no ?

Am really very sorry, I can't continue this post -- am laughing way too hard.

But I can still manage to relay the following :

- Iran gave the American puppet KARZAI of Afghanistan, half a billion dollars as a token of "friendship"


- 11 muslim institutions in Gaza, are receiving funds from Iran conditional upon they convert to Iranian "Shi'ism" - which they did...

and last but not least

- Over 15'000 Iranians visit Iraq each month - that is nearly 250'00 per annum. Thousands have already acquired the Iraqi nationality. Iran rules the Iraqi "State", the Iraqi inteligence services, the Police, the Ministries, the Provinces... And as far as I can recall, Iraq is still occupied by the U.S of A.

Oops, sorry. I did it again. Can you spot my Iraqi satellite way up there ?

No grave consequences, I hope. It's just a fart...

Shall be continued, promise ! Once I stop laughing...

Painting : (exceptionally) Egyptian Artist, George Bahgoury

February 16, 2009

Out of Africa...

Do you remember that film, entitled "Out of Africa" ? The story of a Danish "Lady" - the Baroness von Blixen something, who settled in Kenya...and wrote her memoirs about the place. She was a landowner...well not quite. She and her husband actually colonized the land -- plantations. The Kenyans, Kikuyus toiled their land on this plantation, in exchange for meager handouts, "gracefully" bestowed by this Danish "Lady".

I can't remember all the details of the film, but I do remember some of the scenery. I was impressed with the natural beauty of the African continent, of Kenya to be more precise. I also recall a few scenes of "natives" toiling the earth in the heat of the African sun, like in some labour camp... And I also have a fleeting memory of some elegant colonial, cool, shaded bedroom, all white, with a big bed covered by spotless "dentelle" sheets and over which hung a bright white "moustiquaire". A bed where Mrs.Blixen was able to reveal to her "higher self", the joys and pleasures of an exotic Eros, tinged with African flavors and hues...

I do not hold a particular urge to watch that film again...I suppose nothing has changed much in Africa since this novel was written...In my opinion it has gotten much worse. The Blixens of this world still have their fingers in the African pie, albeit in a much less "exotic" and "elegant" fashion...

But I did watch a documentary, the other day, on Africa -- directed and produced by Dan Edge and with a reporter called Stephen Grey.

A harrowing report/documentary which made the Kenyan plantation fields filled with the sweat of the "locals" look like playing/amusement parks...

Actually to be more precise, this new "film" did not start in Kenya, but in Egypt.
They say Egypt is the gate between Africa and the Arab world...so I guess it makes sense that it all starts there...

This "film" starts with Abu Omar, kidnapped from Milano by the CIA aided by the Italian secret services, on 17th February 2003, and flown to Egypt via Germany on charges of "terrorism". He "looked suspicious", as many others "looked suspicious". When telling his ordeal, it was a similar story, told time after time -- he was punched, beaten, handcuffed, eyes covered...the whole works...I need not repeat myself each time. The minute he landed and overheard the Egyptian dialect, he said
" My heart stopped..."

With no legal procedures whatsoever and no clear charges, Abu Omar was detained in Egypt where he was tortured and sodomized until he "lost consciousness..." He was left to rot there for a few years, until he was released with NO CHARGES.

I am sure you have already read about the secret network of flights of the CIA, to various destinations and the shadow secret prisons in Uzbekistan, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Lybia, Iraq Afghanistan, Pakistan, Guantanamo and Uganda.

From Pakistan alone, in 2007, 900 persons disappeared, kidnapped by the CIA "Network of Intelligence" and their families are STILL looking for them.

The rough estimate in these shadow/ghost prisons run by the CIA until 2007, is over 50'000 detainees, 85% of which turned out to be NOT terrorists.
In other words, NO ties to Al-Qaeda and the charges were dropped. In other words INNOCENT.

These 85% were arrested with no legal trial, no council, no jurisdiction, no charges...they simply looked "suspicious".

Other shadow, secret, ghost CIA prisons, and am sure you have read about them were located in Eastern Europe. (check the latest articles on Uruknet - there are about 3 or 4 of them on that subject)

Up until 2007, the favored places in Eastern Europe were Romania and Poland. Flights from Afghanistan would often stop over in Budapest and continue their routes to the above mentioned destinations. No one really knows what took place there and I doubt anyone will...These spots were considered "high interrogation centers", where all "methods" of high interrogation were used...out of sight.

In other words, the CIA's dirty work was undertaken by proxies in other countries, whitewashing the elegant facades of Democracy of the "greatest country on earth"...

According to this documentary, these Eastern European destinations have closed down since...but what you do not know, is that they have been transferred to Africa.

So ladies and gentleman, our first leg of the trip, to Africa, will stop over in Mombasa - Kenya.

A couple of names of detainees come to mind, arrested on NO charges - Abi Drogo (m) Fatima Chandeh, 25(f)and a few others I can't remember...

Fatima's case is quite interesting. Her husband looked "suspicious", and since they could not find him, they arrested her instead. She was interrogated and "threatened to be choked" if she gave no information about her husband's whereabouts. Her husband turned out to be a businessman and had NO ties to Al-Qaeda.

Fatima was not the only female, several others, a total of 40 something were arrested in Kenya and flown to Mogadishu's Somalian dungeons with their CHILDREN.

If you recall, Somalia was in a state of anarchy in 2007 and still is...Ethiopian troops were doing the Americans dirty work there. Some detainees were then transferred to Ethiopia but this is the second leg of our trip...so be patient and fasten your seat belts.

In total, about 85 were kidnapped from Kenya and flown to Somalia, including CHILDREN aged between 8 and 13.

In total about 11 to 15 CHILDREN were detained with their mothers and flown to Somalia. Some of them were whole families. Like the Fazul family -- him, his wife and their kids. Aboard on African Express flight (name of a real company). When African Express was contacted for information, they said that they were "forced to comply". African Express is a civil aircraft carrier.

Once in Somalia, they were totally cut off from the world. No legal council, no trials, no jurisdiction, no lawyers, no government, no Red Cross...but above all, no charges...

Our flight continues ladies and gentleman and this time I would like you to admire the scenery in Ethiopia, our final stop in this "film".

Some of the detainees from Somalia who were "transiting" there for a couple of years, were later flown to Ethiopia.

In Ethiopia, men and women were placed in the same cells. One woman even gave birth there, she was pregnant when arrested in Kenya. She said she was interrogated and beaten by the Americans in Ethiopia. She gave birth in that dungeon on the 18th of May 2008. Four other babies were born in Ethiopian secret prisons, their mothers had been arrested in Kenya and Somalia on NO CHARGES. They only looked "suspicious".
And according to this documentary, 19 prisoners have disappeared from the Ethiopian dungeons, "no one knows where they are..."

The reporter S.Grey managed to find that one woman who was kidnapped in Kenya and flown to Somalia and Ethiopia and released with no trial and no charges. She left Ethiopia to Tanzania, where her family lived. He interviewed her...She did not say much, but her eyes did...They spoke tons. She still does not know what has become of her husband ...as many others do not know what has become of theirs and what will become of themselves...

It was clear that the Americans and their proxies were using the wives and children of "suspects" as a method of harassment and torture -- to get information out

In Ethiopia, there were also about a dozen children detained, with their mothers.
Also a few other nationalities, one Swede, one Tunisian, some Asians, some Arabs, some Africans, they were all arrested because they "looked suspicious"...and flown to Ethiopia.

When the reporter interviewed them, they all smiled and said they were all being treated "very well"...

It turned out that the prison janitors told them prior to filming, that if they said that, they will be released right after the interview. The poor ones were conned. They are still lingering there...in the obscurity.

One young man was released, though. He was 20 years old...He told the story in some details...

He was a student, an English guy travelling with 3 others to Kenya for some field study or voluntary work, I cannot recall exactly. He was an English guy of Indo-Pakistani descent, that is.

He was arrested in Kenya then flown to Somalia, then from there to Ethiopia...
He said, they were all made to take off their shoes and place them in one big plastic bag, about 40 or so, of them. He saw many female and children shoes in this bag. He was fortunately released, as well as his mates when the British government intervened. He mentioned some miracle taking place, where he had access to some mobile phone...But what stuck in my mind, is the following :

As he was being released because of no charges (like the rest of the majority), he was asked to find and pick his shoes from the lot. He said "I remember seeing only three pairs left and I wondered what happened to the other pairs...the children and women shoes..."

Another thing he mentioned and which is very important, this was further corroborated by others in the documentary - namely that those who were doing the interrogations were no longer the CIA but the FBI.

From what I understood, it has become incumbent upon the FBI to continue where the CIA left off. And according to this documentary, the "intelligence network" of the FBI also includes -- French, Israeli, Swedish, Libyan and English partners.

Ladies and Gentlemen, our African film stops here for the time being. But unlike other films, this one does not have a cast. The names will remain shadows and secrets, just like their owners...There are no Blixens, Meryl Streeps or Robert Redfords starring in them...There are no colonial houses and bedrooms where you can recline in the African cool shades and inhale the scents of the green lush plantations...There are no love stories to tell, no exotic romance...

There is only terror, torture, injustice, despair, abandonment, forgetfulness, in these secret dungeons. There are only shadows and ghost stories - out of this African connection...

A list of an unnamed cast, silent unknown actors...

And as a Kenyan, tribal saying goes -- a "clear darkness" -- out of Africa.

NB: For those interested, I reiterate -- Documentary produced and directed by Dan EDGE, reporter Stephen GREY. An Arabic dubbed copy may be obtained from docs@aljazeera.net. Google it for the original English version.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Salem Al-Dabbagh.

February 12, 2009

American Democracy & the Art of Torture.

As I have mentioned before, I have been watching quite a bit of TV lately, unlike my usual self.

A program (on al-Jazeera, Arabic) I try not to miss at all, is Sami Al-Haj's detailed ordeal in Guantanamo.
It is on every Tuesday. I missed part I but did manage to watch part II and III and I strongly urge anyone who understands Arabic, to watch it too.

The program consists of a series of live interviews with Sami and how his nightmarish odyssey into the underworld of American democracy begun.

Briefly, he was arrested and detained in Kabul, then moved and detained in Kandahar, then flown to Guantanamo. Prisoner 345, 7 years of his life gone in the dungeons of American democracy. He survived it to testify. It served a purpose, I guess. But at what price !?

Watching him speak, is like watching a holocaust survivor out of a concentration camp. Nay, worse than a holocaust survivor. This man was detained, humiliated, tortured, traumatized for life, changed for ever, by American Democracy.

This man was interrogated hundreds of times in Afghanistan's dungeons, and his American interrogators were convinced that he was INNOCENT. He had enough proof that he had no ties to Al-Qaeda. They assured him that he will be released. And they asked him :

- What will you say about us, if we release you ?

His reply was:

- I will say the Truth.

He was flown to Guantanamo one week later. Flown to Guantanamo via Turkey.

I cannot go through all of what Sami recounted about his days in American prisons in Afghanistan before being transported like cattle to Guantanamo. But I will relay the essentials.

When Sami was asked what is it that refuses to go away from his memory, his reply was "the physical torture, one can forget that once the physical pain goes, but the mental/psychological humiliation/torture -- that will never go away."

He spoke at length about the disgusting conditions in which he was detained, with 40 others. The extreme cold - he was allowed only one blanket. He was not allowed to go to the toilet except 3 times a day and for 2 mn only. So he stopped drinking and eating anything. The toilet was a hole in the ground and he had to do his needs in front of everyone, with two American female soldiers, watching on from the roof, and making snide remarks. Drinking water was very scarce. One bottle to be shared by 40 men. Washing and ablutions were not allowed. Brushing teeth was not allowed. While detained in Afghanistan, he did not take a shower for 4 months until he saw " lice crawling up his skin ".

Food was given in a plastic bag, and he had to eat out of it "like a dog..with hands cuffed." The Americans would frequently give them pork to eat.

He and other detainees were constantly taunted, insulted, beaten, punched, humiliated...

In Kandahar, the toilet consisted of a bucket they had to pass around amongst each other to do their needs. The detainee then had to carry the bucket out, while his legs and hands were tied. Many a time, he would trip and fall and be covered in excrement and was not allowed to wash.

The Americans would not let the detainees perform their prayers. And when they did allow it, they would barge in and put their boots on the prostrating heads. The detainees were given Korans and Bibles. The Koran was regularly thrown into the bucket of excrement by the American soldiers.

The Americans would also use the detainees for fun. They shaved Sami's hair off and left a sign of the cross on his skull. Sometimes they would shave one eyebrow and leave the other, sometimes half the mustache or the goatee. Then, they would sit and make fun of him and the others. He and others became entertainment for American Democracy.

Some of the interrogators were Arab sell outs, am sure you will find similar samples of these on blogosphere. The Americans used all kinds of sell out Arabs for interrogation purposes. Egyptians, North Africans, Iraqis and the rest...like they did in Abu Ghraib. I sure do hope you remember Abu Ghraib in Baghdad. I do and will never forget Abu Ghraib.

Sami, believing he will be released, since innocent, was flown to Guantanamo instead. A flight that took over 16 hours, where he was tied with a metal chain from the hands, around the waist, down to the legs.

That is why subsequent pictures of detainees in Gitmo show them bending while walking. He sat in that plane, on the floor of the plane, surrounded by two American soldiers, the soldiers of democracy.

Each one had his finger below his jaw, right where his jugular is. If he nodded off in sleep, the finger would poke him in the jugular, from either side. Or he would be hit on the head if his head fell down in a fleeting slumber of freedom.

The program stopped at part III. But the birth pangs of "democracy" continued for another 6 years, in Guantanamo. (to be continued...after I watch next Tuesday's episode.)

Another detainee in Gitmo, Binyam Mohamed had his genitals sliced by American Democracy, with the help of the British. (article here).

In sum, over 700 detainees from Gitmo, were found INNOCENT, in other words NO CHARGES. There are about 250 left. More innocent ones whose lives have been changed for ever by American Democracy. Who will take them back ? Some are Turkmens, some Yemenis, some Chinese. These men can't go back to their countries from fear of added torture. What will happen to them ? Who will give them asylum ?

Oh God, the number of wasted, ruined lives in the name of American Democracy.

And since am on the subject of the Art of Torture, American style, I have to, absolutely must, write about the torture that took place and still goes on in democratically occupied Iraq.

Democratically occupied Iraq, where arbitrary arrests are still frequent. Where people disappear in more dungeons. Where detainees for the most part Sunni Arabs are still no tried and are crammed in the most abject conditions. Where women are raped in detention centers. Where children are still prisoners. Where torture is the norm. Where trials don't exist.

Kamel, my relative, has been moved again. From American detention to Iraqi detention, back to American detention and now back to Iraqi detention. Omar, what happened to Omar, the other relative ? Where are they ? What are the charges ? Millions of Dinars have already been paid - paid to janitors, prison directors, judges, lawyers, police and the rest... No one wants to release Kamel and Omar. They are ARAB SUNNIS. As simple as that. They are the fruits of American Democracy.

I go back to Abu Ghraib and the slicing of genitals, the hacking off of genitals to be more precise. Mind you the Brits fared quite well in that area too, in the South.

I don't want you to forget this picture. This picture encapsulates everything you need to understand about Torture, Racism, Sadism, Envy, Hatred, Spite, Revenge, Vindictiveness...and the rest of the demoniacal throes that inhabit "humans". All crowned by Democracy. In the name of Democracy. All, against an innocent people, in their own country.

Do you realize where we are heading ? I think we are already there. This democracy leaves me dumbfounded and speechless.

Faithful, in the footsteps of their masters, the current Iraqi government, in Baghdad, in the South, in "Kurdistan" follows the exact same techniques inherited from the Americans who in turn inherited them from the Israelis. I need to remind you, that the Israelis were "consulting experts" for the Americans in the art of torture, in Iraq.

An art of torture backed by "prominent" American "intellectuals", who provided the ideological, cultural and psychological background/framework to refine the art and make it more effective. Bernard Lewis, Vali Nasr, Fouad Ajami, R.Patai, to name a few...(notice the names well and their religious/sect affiliations)

This was followed with number one best sellers, like this book by other experts who got to practice the art of torture as expounded by American "academics" and produced -- " How to break a terrorist."

Millions have been broken by American democracy for sure. The birth pangs of a new world order have not ceased to give birth to broken, deformed monsters...it has given birth to ghosts and roaming spirits claiming their abode in dungeons and graves. Can't you see that ?

Funny how you cannot see that. Funny how you can lie to yourselves, with sentences like "a few bad apples" "a little excess" and still claim you are a democracy.

Funny...Not so funny.

What happened to the sliced genital ? Where did you throw it ? Or where did you hide it ? I remember you hid brains of dead Iraqis as trophies and you kept them in jars, that was as far back as 1991.

So if the detainee in question is still alive and wants to recuperate his genitals, in which jar and in which bin should he go looking for it ? Did you transport it to Guantanamo too, with ears and eyes muffed and covered ? Did you chain it with metal ? Or did you put it in a plexi glass container and deposited it in the New York museum of contemporary Art ?

Questions I keep asking myself...as I ponder on democracy - your democracy.

Sculpture : Iraqi artist, Hashem Hanoon.

February 8, 2009

Behind Walls of Silence...

A very sporadic Internet access has been a blessing...it has freed me to pursue other things - away from politics, accursed and damned politics...it has freed me to read, and read and read, watch tons of TV and renew my ties with the real world of the living...as opposed to the dead.

The dead end of politics.

Yet, still, some things keep screaming in your face, and no amount of eyes shutting or plugging cotton wool in your ears, will do.

A profound cry, a deep injustice that refuses to go away, that refuses to sit still, that refuses to be silenced. No amount of books, reading or any mundane activity will quell.

That profound cry, that deep injustice was and remains Iraq.

I am sure you are expecting me to comment on the new democracy, the sham democracy, the fraudulent democracy...

I have a lot to say, essential things to say, that your democracy will not uncover, because your democracy is based on a lie, on a deceptive lie that has cost over a million souls...the democracy of the dead.

They spoke to me...they said they will file a complaint to the supervising electoral bodies because they did not get to cast their votes. They did not get to dip their fingers in a purple ink and plaster a fake smile to the cameras...They said the only thing purple they remember is their purple black corpses murdered by Democracy...

I did not want to reply, I just nodded my head and hoped to fall asleep, hoped that they will fall asleep for good, once and for all...but they kept me awake and gripped my hand with firmness and ordered me to write, to write in the dead end of politics...in the dead end of Arab politics, in the dead end of Western politics...in the dead end of World politics, in the dead end.

So here I am again, the faithful daughter of this land, of this earth...that screams to me at night when all is dead silent...

Who silenced the outrage ? Was there an outrage to start with ?

I am glad that the outrage against the holocaust in Gaza has not ceased. Tons of articles, tons of songs, tons of poems, tons of theatrical plays, tons of speeches, tons and tons...That is very good, very promising. It should continue.

But where is your outrage at over 1 million Iraqis killed by Democracy ?

Where is your outrage at the 5 million refugees who refuse to return to the state of Democracy ?

Where is your outrage at the use of phosphorus bombs, napalm, DU, for well over 15 years against an innocent people ?

Where is your outrage at 13 years of a barbarian embargo that is still not lifted ?

Ban Ki Moon was in Baghdad discussing with the puppet Talabani, what measures he will take to lift the sanctions. Still ? Yes still...

Where is your outrage at the 500’000 Iraqi kids killed by the sanctions ?

Where is your outrage at the demolished homes, buildings, institutions, infrastructure and when Iraqis are still living in tents in their own country and others in slums outside their country ?

Where is your outrage when billion of dollars have been stolen from Iraq and no one is there to prosecute ?

Where is your outrage when militias, the same militias that form the current government who wants to pass itself as non - sectarian, tortured and murdered people and dumped them in mass graves ?

Did you know that some of the Sahwa men in the Anbar province have a new job ? They are fishermen today. Do you know what they fish until this very day ? Corpses from the Diyala river. Not one corpse, not two, but so far over 300 corpses, some of which were women, one in her wedding dress, have been fished from the Tigris and the Euphrates...the rivers of Democracy.

Did you know that still over 65 % of Iraqis are unemployed ?

Did you know that only 10’000 medical doctors are left in Iraq , the rest have been killed or in exile ?

Did you know that 99% of women in Iraq are veiled today, including little girls below the age of 5 ?

Did you know that the medical sector is in total shambles, that there is still no electricity, that the educational system is a total wasteland, that there are no professors left, that there are no teachers left, that that there are no services provided for the average Iraqi ?

Did you know that we still have 5 million orphaned kids and over 3 million widows ?

No they did not disappear with “democracy”

Did you know...did you know ?

Yes you knew...you knew...but you kept silent and you have remained silent.

Where is the same outrage that you showed for Lebanon and Gaza ? Where the fuck is it ?

I suppose we are not as plastically sexy of a cause as the Lebanese nor as romantically nostalgic as that of the Palestinians...

You knew, and you know and you are hiding behind walls of silence. All of you. Iraqis included.

Hiding behind the finger dipped in purple ink, hiding behind the chador of the politically correct, hiding behind the thick curtains of hypocrisy, hiding behind the walls of lies, hiding behind the mass graves of the innocent ones, hiding behind theories and analysis, hiding behind propaganda, hiding behind illusions of change...hiding.

Hiding the corpses that float, hiding the woman in her wedding dress mutilated beyond recognition because she was an Arab and a Sunni, hiding the orphans, hiding the refugees, hiding the torture marks, hiding...

A conspiracy of Silence.

A conspiracy of Silence in the dead end of politics.

Damn them all, the living and the dead. They keep nudging at me, screaming in my face, in the obscurity of the night.

Leave me alone and stop tugging at me with your skeletons.

But their voices are much stronger than mine, their cries much higher than mine and their loud silence much greater than mine...

So here I am again, in between the sporadic access, in between the virtual and the real, in between the living and the dead...Sitting behind a wall, that of your Silence.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Barakat Abbas Saeed.