December 30, 2009

Saddam Hussein 1937 -

I am on Twitter. And this past week, Twitter has known a hyperactivity of tweets, tweeting for Gaza. The Israeli Zionist war on Gaza took place on the 27th of December.

A frenzy of anti-Zionist tweets and I think that is a very good thing. Palestine should be, must be FREE. There are no two ways about it.

A man on the 30th of December 2006, on the day of the Eid and on the eve of the New Year, stood at the gallows, meeting his "fate", and said those same exact words -- in his last minutes, he said those exact same words, facing death in the eye - He said:

"Long live Iraq, Free - Long live Palestine, Free..."

He was no ordinary man. Sure, he was no God and he was no prophet, but he was no ordinary man.

How many of your world leaders, Arab leaders, any leader would exhibit so much courage, heroism, bravery, nobility, fortitude, deep faith, dignity and surrender like Saddam Hussein did in his last minutes? How many ? Name me one in history. Just one.

To my knowledge - NONE.

What does that tell you about the man ?

Yes, that's right, keep those lips sealed out of cowardice and political opportunism...keep them sealed.

Mine are not and will not be sealed...not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow, not in a hundred years...

History will not keep its lips sealed the deaf and mute shadows that you have become...

You are thinking -- he was a dictator, Iraq is better off.

Oh really ? Are you sure about that ? Are you sure about that, you -- revisionists of holocausts. Are you sure about that, you -- revisionists of genocides.

Show me the true face of dictatorship, show me the true face of tyranny today, you bunch of cowards, you bunch of political prostitutes of the new world order and of the new left...Yes that's right, show me the real face of tyranny, hiding behind your slogans, your tweets, your messages, your solidarity, your media, your articles, your blogs, your flags...

Today, I demand that you show me the real face of tyranny. Tonight, I want you to name it for me...

Was it really the face of the man that stood at the gallows with a rope around his neck on the 30th of December 2006 ? Was it ?

Despicable, stinking -- Arabs, Palestinian, Western -- writers, bloggers, journalists, and the rest... on that same day, many hours later, after they woke up from their joyful ejaculations from the lynching, they wrote "Don't cry for me Mesopotamia", "the Tyrant is finally dead", "It was not him, it was his double" and much more...while the sound of American bombs and tanks and the sound of Iranian drills were piercing us, piercing our homes, our ears, our bodies...

Saddam Hussein 1937 ---

There is no date of death. You know why, because Saddam Hussein is alive. Yes he is.

You think life is about physical forms only ? How deluded you are...

True honorable men live on by their thoughts, their struggles, their ideals, their sacrifices...

And Saddam Hussein, President Saddam Hussein lives on...yesterday, today, tomorrow...and for a hundred years to come...for he saw both Death and Truth in the eye...and he chose Truth over Death.

He is alive and you are all dead.

December 29, 2009

To Hell With Democracy...

To Hell with you and with your Democracy. To Hell with you and with your "Human Rights".

We have experienced nothing from your "democracy" and "freedom" but pain and loss. We have experienced nothing from your democracy but bombs, radiation, diseases,  imprisonment, torture, rapes, killings, ruins, exiile and death....

Fuck you and fuck your freedoms. And fuck your left, all of your left that barks about freedom and human rights.

You are a fucking circus and a sham all of you.

And take your theories, your books , your alternative readings, your sources, your gurus, your academics and shove them up your collective asses.

Am done with you shitty lot, am done with your pussy footings, am done with your reverence to mediocrity, am done with your fucking leftists gurus, am done with your theories of imperialism, capitalism, zionism, communism....

Seven years on and you still bark the same shit our way....the shit you read and regurgitate like fucking parrots, the shit from America, right from the heart of the beast  and its so called alternative media and experts, the fucking Arab experts sitting on their big fat greasy asses in the belly of the monster...the American experts  trained in Kibbutz, the constipated liberal Academia of my butt, the pedantic moronic politically know it all liberals progressives, the retarded dumb politically correct farts...I have seen it all.

Tell you what motherfuckers, rapists of nations, yes you are rapists of nations, I don't want your fucking democracy. I don't give a fuck about your so called human rights. I don't give a shit about your freedoms, all I want is to live. Give me back dictatorship now.

December 27, 2009

Climaxing Collective Psychosis

A few weeks back I was watching one of my favorite TV channels, National Geo Adventures. I like this channel because it combines travel, anthropology, geography, history and psychology all in just one program.

That day, there was a program on commemorating religious days by inflicting self inflicting pain on the self.

The program started with my least favorite country on the globe, the Philippines. Ordinary men who were preparing themselves to be crucified for a couple of hours, in the center of the village, and thus reenacting the crucifixion of Christ.

One of the guys said that while he was being crucified, literally, and was standing on that cross, he felt his sins being washed away and saw Jesus talk to him...

His subjective experience may very well be true, I just hope that in his after life he will not discover that there was no crucifixion to start with, and realize that Spirit cannot be crucified. You agree, it would amount to undergoing much self inflicted pain in this life time, for nothing. But, this another subject matter I will not go into now.

Then the program showed other groups in other countries, walking on hot coal, sticking arrows through their cheeks, walking long miles with chained bleeding swollen ankles, chewing and swallowing broken glass...the whole bloody works.

Many theories have been advanced as to why would any seemingly sane human being inflict some much bodily harm on himself.

A short note here, women are rarely seen engaging in such strange collective acts - I suppose we have experienced and still experience enough pain from male violence, under its many forms, a violence we are daily exposed to. Plus the sight of blood is no big thing for us, we are the only ones to regularly bleed.

And those of us women with too much inner pain, a consequence of bad treatment and prolonged grief from endless oppression and losses, self mutilate instead, or pull their hair out, or tear their clothes, but in secret...

I personally opt for writing, instead. Thank you but I have enough pain in my life and surely there must be other ways to exorcise it. I would personally advice with -- go ahead, keep a diary, stop holding those tears back and have a good cry but kindly, leave that sharp nail, razor, knife, whatever it is that brings you a relieving joy, and opt for something more constructive.

As I said, many theories have been advanced as to why would anyone find relief at the sight of blood and pain, theories ranging from pure masochism, to severe personality disorders to more esoteric explanations like mind over matter, trance and ecstasy, and of course the usual religious justifications, as the washing away of remorse/guilt/sins through Paaaiiinnn and more Paaaiiinnn.

I will not go through all the theories, this is not a dissertation.

However, an idea, more of a question just popped up in my head ; I am wondering if the self infliction of serious pain, does not protect one from a greater pain, like some incurable disease. You know the famous Woody Allen line - I don't get angry, I just develop tumors. Well this is what am thinking, anger at others or self lashed out in a good self whipping/flagellating session. Anyway, this is just a thought definitely worth exploring...but if that is the case, just go for a very long jog instead , that should get rid of the excess energy and is much healthier and safer. OK ?

Another thought just popped up in my mind ; if researchers are really serious about getting to the bottom of it, of it meaning -- the reasons behind self pain, (I can already picture the pervert Brits - very much into bottom spanking as a pass time - eyes twinkle with excitement, just at the thought of it...) so if these researchers are really serious about it, they should actually go and ask the Sadists of this world -- seriously.

My theory is, if you can't find the answer in the thing you are looking for, go and find it in its opposite.

So the logical thing to do would be to go and research the sadistic behavior of let's say --- the Americans. Now this is a good place to start. After all they can provide you with ample examples of ways and means of inflicting harm on others. Shit, they are experts in the field...they have the top notch advisers and scientists continuously developing and refining techniques in inflicting harm/pain onto others. Some of their best brains are to be found in Israel. Seriously, am not joking. The Jewish entity excels in that field.

And if for political reasons, you don't want to deal with the Beast, go to Iran. They're pretty good at this shit too. Their best area of expertise is in training others to do the shit work of real, no nonsense Paaaiiinnn. You know, the hardcore, serious, solid, good Sadism.

And if you really don't want to venture too far, you can always come to this poor Arab -Iraqi woman, who has pulled enough of her hair out, and she can tell you all about Sadism in Iraq.

You name it, we've had it...full technicolor screen, dolby stereo system, hardcore, real, live, gory stuff...even the Marquis de Sade presented his resignation saying -- you motherfuckers, you really beat me to it. And they did beat him to it.

You see, they received the best training ever...from the most brilliant experts in the field. The créme de la créme from America, England, Israel and Iran. Wow, is that not wonderful ?!

I mean, where on this fucking earth, can you find a congregation of the most advanced techniques in pain infliction, to conduct your research on Paaaiiinnn but in Iraq ?!

This is proving to be a long post but fuck it, I've had to go through a lot of your long bullshit myself...

Let's face it, Iraq is the best example to study, in this field. It beats Vietnam and Gaza by far. And I shall I tell you why.

You see, Iraq has been already fertilized by centuries of Pain, most notably with the seeds planted since the 15th century or so, by Safavid Iran, exalting Pain both on self and others, exalting it and elevating to a God like Manichean creature - more like a fucking horror zombie, if you ask me.

If you study closely the Shiite "culture" in Iraq, you will find it wringing with Paaaiiinnn. If you don't get the picture, think of the Jews and how much they love talking and indulging in their chronic Paaaiiinnn, exaggerating, aggrandizing and making good profit out of it. You get my drift ?

However, in the case of the Shiites of Iraq, it all starts with self inflicting pain, because if you dig deep in history, you will find out that the source of their pain, i.e their killing of Imam Ali and Hussein, were done by none other but themselves. This is something they don't like to talk about. Basically, the story goes, someone bribed a few of the partisans and these guys went for the kill. And that was fucking centuries ago.

I mean shit, they did it. They accepted the bribe. Right ? The Judas amongst them is not our fucking fault. And ever since, this Judas not only keeps self flagellating but also flagellates others. A bit like the Jews really.

Now the self flagellation is not only physical, it extends to all aspects - chronic lamentations, chronic latmias - pounding chest, wailing, pulling hair out, tearing clothes, chronic grief (occupations and wars aside), chronic mourning, chronic fucking BLACK. CHRONIC.

Now you can understand the great ideological affinity between the Jews and the Shiites. They share the exact same violent neurosis. And both have, with the twist of fate and politics, managed to project that violent neurosis on others...

So in Iraq, with the quadruple whammy of an occupation, and with top notch training from IRAN combined with the "refined" Anglo-American and Jewish Israeli methods, our "dear" chronic complainers and whiners -- the Shiites, not only fertilized the grounds the Safavid Persian way, oh no, they made it fucking bloom.

Basically, to give you a rough picture of our blooming fields, 12 months of the year they inflict their pain on others,(I will get to the methods later), and during one day of the year, the CLIMAX of Ashura, they inflict it on themselves.

Now the CLIMAX of Ashura,(religious mourning session which culminates in some serious no nonsense self flagellation) reminds me so much of the CLIMAX of their sectarian cleansing of the "impure", very much like the racial cleansing of Gaza by the "chosen pure ones.". Except for the drills.

You see, at the height of the Shiite sectarian pre-CLIMAX, the drill, (you can't get more phallic than that) was a necessary tool, an aphrodisiac, in the hands of the collective RAPISTS of religion. And how they loved using that drill, with the exact same fervor and zeal that you witness during the CLIMAX of their Ashura.

Sometimes drilling "impure" ones was not enough...and from the throes of the CLIMAX, surged the dark forces of cannibalism. Chests would be ripped open and "impure" Sunni hearts (yes the organ) would be presented as a gift, "impure" children heads would be presented on a tray to the parents, "impure" female genitals would be ganged raped and slashed with knives before dumping the corpses...I am not even going to mention the use of rods, chains and whips because these were nothing compared to the rest of the hardcore methods used by the chosen, pure, Shiite zealots. Remember, they had received excellent training.

I guess they were not as smart as the Jews who harvested Palestinian organs, but they did catch up later in the lucrative business..when rings of sectarian criminals would trade in Iraqi kidneys, corneas, livers, and take them to IRAN along with stolen Mesopotamian ancient artifacts.

What you have read above is no exaggeration. Those who have followed my blog regularly would have already come across all that, as it has been mentioned, in details, in my posts. Plus, I have a "cool" collections of pictures in my archives, plus hundreds of stories from witnesses and surviving victims. And if you insist, I shall publish them on this blog. Wait, I think I will give you one now.

The Drills took place in several locations in Baghdad, some in the Husseiniyat gatherings (Shiite religious gatherings), in the backroom of mosques, some in the Ministry of Interior whose ex-minister now runs the Ministry of Finance, some in the parties HQ of the Hakeem-Badr and Muqtada Al Sadr group, some in Sadr City where the kidnapped victims would be taken to meet their fate...

Impure then, now purified dead bodies would later be dumped in Nejaf and Kerbala, deliberately so, to make it a symbolic point for the non Shiites, the Arab Sunnis in particular, and to lay another trap for yet another victim, should the family of the murdered one wish to go and retrieve the now purified corpse.
Some did not get the luxury of this treatment, i.e a burial, they were thrown in numerous mass graves, and only discovered later, when the stench of decaying cadavers was too strong to bear...And I have more and more stories, hundreds of them...

And since I consider myself a Muslim, albeit of the impure sort, my religion has taught me "Insaf". Insaf means merciful fairness. And I want to be mercifully fair to the Shiites of Iraq and say that not all them supported the acts of their militias, but many of them did. The Shiite parties and the militias had the support of a good number of the Iraqi Shiites. And those who did not support their acts, still pledge allegiance to their clerics, who in most cases failed to condemn, and in some instances, quite the opposite. Many actually encouraged this "purification" process, the most notorious among them is still a member of parliament today, his name is Jalal Al-Sagheer, not mentioning other religious and political figures such as members of parliament and ministers who are still running the Iraqi show.

I personally have not read one letter/article of condemnation from ANY Shiite group, condemning the sectarian cleansing that took place in Baghdad. NOT ONE !

And I wish it stopped there, because the post-CLIMAX was shared by many others; Arabs, Muslim Sunnis, including Hamas and its supporters and the grotesque Muslim Brothers movement in Egypt, Palestinians, Leftists, anti-war clowns, Latin American anti-imperialists, so called patriotic resistance fighters like the Hezbollah and their head charlatan Nasrallah, and the rest...

Yes, the post-climax was shared by many because at the height of the ethnic/sectarian cleansing in U.S occupied Iraq, a cleansing conducted by the Shiite militias, Nasrallah of Ze Lebanon, found a good pretext under the orders of Iran, to divert attention AWAY from what was actually taking place in the Iraqi orgy, and engaged in a bloody war where he could claim a divine victory for his sectarian party, and thus reinforce the role of that criminal Shiite entity in the region...

And while our blood was being poured in gallons in the streets of Baghdad, while our bodies were being dumped in morgues and mass graves by the thousands and while sectarian WALLS, the same walls that you lot bark about in occupied Palestine, were being and are still being erected in Baghdad...all heads turned to Iran, ululating like women in a wedding celebration...drunk with pistachio flavored divine victory...

Wait am not done yet...

Am on a roll, an ecstatic roll, commemorating MY Ashura climax, commemorating MY battle of Kerbala, my battle against your hypocrisy, your silence, your complicity and your falsehood.

Am not done...

The reason I am mentioning this political charlatan Nasrallah, is because many have flocked like sheep to listen to his Ashura speech that spoke of Gaza.

You see, Nasrallah, Khameini, Ahmadinejad, all those pathological liars that you worship, will ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS use the anti-Zionist rhetoric as a cover up for their political agendas - agendas that have absolutely nothing to do with Palestine and destroying Israel. In particular Hezbollah and that quack Nasrallah who likes to portray himself as defending Ze "Arab" cause from Ze Lebanon.

Had it been the case, as a good number of you like to believe, then you would not have the following :

- You would not have Hezbollah of Ze Lebanon training Muqtada Al-Sadr drillers who are today part of the Iraqi political process and have always been. And specially not have them trained in liquidating the Palestinians of Iraq, because this is exactly what the Sadrists did. The Palestinians of Iraq are still in a no mans land in the fucking desert !

- You would not have Hezbollah congratulate the Shiite DAWA party, the party that came to power THANKS to the U.S occupation, and congratulate Nouri Al-Maliki the puppet PM on winning the elections.

- You would not have Hezbollah paying its commiserations when that criminal Abdel Aziz Al-Hakeem of the Badr brigades died, and give a long eulogy calling him a revolutionary martyr, because every one knows that Hakeem was not only an Iranian stooge but also one of the main puppets for AMERICA, and was able to return to what was once, this clean pure land, pure from this filth, thanks to American tanks. Today his son Ammar, the Basra thief, smuggler and playboy is continuing his father's dirty criminal work. Not only that, but the Badr Brigades along with the Sadrists and the Dawa party were known and are still known and that bastard Nasrallah knows it best, to have engaged in the MOST grotesque acts of torture and crimes against ARABS and Palestinians in IRAQ, notably in Baghdad and the South. And that piece of garbage, the Sayyed of Bullshit, Nasrallah knows it all too well...

But what do you get instead today ? You get the leftists, Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims and Christians monkeys, sheep, cattle...whirl in a frenzied trance climaxing on Ashura sermons with the psychopaths from Iran.

What do you get instead today ? You get the oratory speeches of collective orgasms, of collective delusions, of collective hallucinations, trembling, shivering, about to flagellate themselves, in some collective spill over of martyrdom, of blood letting, hair pulling, clothes tearing, ecstatic trance.

Who the fuck needs drugs, this is the ultimate trip. The Trip into illusions, the trip of delusions...

And what about the millions of Iraqis, ARAB Iraqis, who were meat for the continuous Ashura festivities, what about them ?

What about the crimes committed on them, what about the horrors they endured, what about their losses, their grief, their exile, their.....

What about them ARAB Iraqis, raped, tortured, murdered, OCCUPIED by the collective hands of the "anti-imperialist, anti-zionist" Ashura militias and at the collective hands of your acquiescence and silence, what about them ?

I know what you're saying secretly to yourselves, I know, I fucking know.

You are saying what Madeleine Albright said when asked about the millions of Iraqis who died during the 13 years of sanctions, during the brutal Zionist embargo, during the Zionist Siege, the same siege that is taking place now in Gaza, you are saying :

If this is the price to pay for eventually liberating Palestine, then the price is well worth it.

Nota Bene:  If you don't know what Ashura means, which you probably don't, since you know literally fuck all about anything, you can check it out  here.

Ya Tayr - O' Bird...

Yalla, no more " frontiers" and "borders" between my tearing down the walls of Separation.

Great song by a really talented Iraqi artist, singer, composer, Bashar Hussam Azzawi. An interpretation of an old Iraqi folk song...with Iraqi Art to accompany, by various artists.

Imperfect translation.

O' Bird, I am lost in my Fate
I neither belong to my family
nor to my love.

O' Bird, I am lost in my Fate
torn between forgetting and finding you
I yearn sometimes for them
and sometimes for you...

And I fly with the wind
if I know it passes by you
keeping you a quenching cup,
I drink from when thirsty...

O'Bird I am lost in my Fate
Visit my soul as a fleeting dream
without you,
I am a flower with no water,
I made you into my guiding moon
when my life is cloudy..
visit me,
the sight of you
is pure joy in my soul...

O' Bird, I am lost in my fate,
torn between forgetting
and finding you....

Youtube : qwqfaris, October 6, 2009.

December 26, 2009

Keeping it in the Family ?

Something is really bothering me about this piece of news here.

Iran has finally admitted that it has been keeping Osama's Bin Laden family, in a highly secret compound a few kilometers from the capital, Tehran.

And the story goes on to say that one of Bin Laden's daughters, Iman, escaped to the Saudi Embassy in Teheran. Why did she have to escape in the first place ?

The Iranian officials say they did not know the real identity of these people who crossed from Afghanistan, so why did they keep them in a highly secret compound then?

And Osama Bin Laden son's says that they (the Iranian authorities) knew exactly who this large family was and they have been in Iran for the past 8 years, since 2001, to be more precise...

Something is very fishy here...very, very fishy...

Don't you think ?

Joking Apart,

I love comedy and one of the best stand up comedians around is Russell Peters.
An Indian/Canadian, very politically incorrect and I have watched all of his videos on youtube. He is funny in his impersonations of accents, I even remember uploading a video of his about the English, which has since been removed from youtube.

I don't know if Russell Peters is actually his real name, or if he is trying to be smart and have his name resonate the same as Peter Sellers who was a genius.

OK, Russell is funny but he is no genius. His jokes are hilarious but he is no fucking genius...

As I said I watched all of his youtube shit, and I noticed something quite peculiar, well maybe it's not peculiar after all...

His jokes about Indians, Chinese, Italians, Sri Lankans are not offensive, sure they are politically incorrect but not offensive.

But the few youtube videos on the Arabs are offensive...You really ought to watch them over and over again...I sure did.

I personally don't mind someone making fun of the Arabs, (with allusions to the Palestinians and the Iraqis - 2 countries under occupations, like this wanker does)... I really don't. Hell, I do it all the time...

I don't mind it especially not when it's coming from a greasy cheap Indian...and greasy cheap Indians are known for their anti-Arab racism. Oh yes, they are.

I remember once in an Indian boutique, the woman said to me in the usual accent of theirs and the typical head shake

- where do you come from ?
- Arab
- I don't mean it bad..but Arabs are so dishonest...

I ignored her and asked her again..

- so how much did you say this costs ?
- 70 dollars only, (head shake) it's 100% silk (head shake)
- it's written polyester on the tag and does not look like it's worth more than 10 dollars, I bet  it cost you less than 2 rupees
- Oh no, it's silk, 100%, they made a printing error...

And Arabs are the dishonest ones, huh ?!

This bunch of curry smelling lot, really think they are more sophisticated with their cow worshiping dung, their monkey and elephant gods, their fucked up caste system which they rationalize with the all too handy concept of Karma plus their antiquated superstitions with their exclusion of widows, and their burning them alive for bringing bad luck to the crocked husband who has just kicked the bucket...not mentioning of course their dowry system that leaves women as slaves and their widespread practice of female infanticide...just to name a few...

Oh no, but Indians still like to believe they are much more sophisticated and advanced than them Arabs.

The other thing that bugs me with this white Indian, called Russell Peters is that he never makes fun of the Jews and the Israelis -- the chosen farts of the cosmos. Nor does he make fun of the fucktards morons called Americans.

I bet you on the Jewish/Israeli front he minds his words...for that ball-less greasy coward with his stupid hairdo that looks like "Tintin", knows all too well that the chosen farts will hang him from his teeny weeny Indian willy, that teeny weeny Indian dick of his,  should he dare to do so...hang him right in the middle of his fucked up Canada. Oh yeah.

Besides making fun of Arabs brings in greater crowds...and more dough for that Indian -- White, Jewish, ass licking -- faggot.

What do you expect when North America, including Canada, shits out its colored immigrants ? They come out a White Brown.

December 25, 2009

" Christmas " in Iraq.

The Christians of Iraq have had it REAL BAD since 2003. They have had it as bad as the Arab Sunnis, this group that has seen its population dwindle in Baghdad alone from 45% to around 15 % due to  ethnic cleansing, torture, arbitrary arrests, exile and targeted killings.

The number of Christians in Iraq has also dwindled to a mere 400'000 left. Many were killed, and a whole lot exiled... They have head their clergy assassinated, their churches bombed and have been excluded from important posts in the sectarian Shiite government put in place by none other than a so-called Christian superpower - the swamp of criminality and filth called America and not so great Britain.

There are virtually no Christians left in Iraq. They were the first inhabitants of this land and the first community of people to receive the message of Christ and embrace Christianity. The Chaldeans followed by the Assyrians are one of the most ancient Christians of the Middle East.

There are only a very few Christian families left in Southern Iraq, a handful in Baghdad, and those in the North, like the Nineveh province, where the majority of Chaldeans live, are being evicted from their homes, harassed daily, killed and pushed into exile.

Only yesterday, 2 churches in Mosul have been bombed again and the Archbishop of Mosul has not ceased sending out messages to the puppet government  with "please save us", "please protect us"...

Many Iraqi Christians lay the blame on the puppet sectarian government and on the Kurdish warlords for their plight. And rightly so.

The Christians of Iraq have never experienced a level of discrimination, harassment and violence like they have since 2003. It is truly unprecedented.

And each time I hear of one more attack against the Iraqi  Christian community, my blood boils with rage and my heart breaks with more sadness...and in my mind the major culprit remains that piece of shit called America.

I am no longer into Christmas myself. I used to buy a tree and decorate it, visited family and friends, bought presents and sent cards...not anymore. The same applies to the Muslim Eid. All these festivities have become devoid of meaning for me.  I go through the motions on each occasion but inside I feel nothing...

I feel nothing because there is no longer a sense of community, and even those of us in the diaspora of the mass exodus, are having a very tough time re-creating it.  Our families are split apart, dispersed, some have been imprisoned, some tortured, some kidnapped, some in need, some killed...and around these "holiday" seasons, the sore wounds re-open, glaring us in the face...

Yet, as an act of defiance, my family insisted on having the traditional Christmas eve dinner. So I went along with it...I ate and watched TV. That was my Christmas eve.

I zapped and zapped to the annoyance of everyone else and stopped zapping when a whole mass ceremony was aired live from Iraq on Al-Sharqiya TV, who dedicated this whole evening to the Christians of Iraq. I was most pleased with this TV station for doing so.

I love listening to the liturgy in Arabic mixed in with some Aramaic. Mass usually puts me to sleep but not this kind of mass. I watched eagerly the faces of those seated. What they were wearing, their facial expressions, the look in their eyes, any sign for me to interpret...

The women had their best clothes on, most had their heads covered with a thin veil made of dentelle, and they sat separate from the men, on one aisle, while the men, mostly in suits, sat on the other...I noticed they were fewer men than women and the men all seemed to be either above 55 or below 20. In other words the age group of 20 to 50 were absent. I wondered what had happened to them...

It was a Chaldean mass. The bishop had to borrow St John the Baptist church from the Assyrian community to conduct this Christmas eve mass and it was in Erbil, Northern Iraq.

The commentator said that in Baghdad and Mosul, the Christians were keeping a low profile this Christmas,
"out of respect for Ashurra". Ashurra is the month that commemorates the killing of Imam Hussein and is considered by the Shiites as a month of grieving and "repentance", accompanied by the traditional self flagellation....

Since when do the Christians of Iraq stop attending Christmas eve mass because of Ashurra ? This is unheard of before...Clearly, they feel threatened enough not to conduct mass on Christmas and in an act of self protection they have abstained from celebrating the birth of Christ.

The priest then gave a short sermon/speech, praying for all those who were killed, and all those who could not attend because they did not have the means to travel to Erbil, and all those who are not being employed because of their faith and all the students who have been kicked out of schools because of their faith...He prayed that Allah guides those responsible, he also said that Christmas is not about eating and drinking, and buying and celebrating, Christmas is about contemplating what Allah's message to the world is all about with the virgin birth of Jesus.

The priest used the word ALLAH, and asked Allah to protect the Christians of Iraq, all believers and Iraq herself.

I am stressing on the fact that the priest used the word ALLAH, because a lot of westerners are totally ignorant about Arab Christians and their use of the language when it comes to God. They think ALLAH is only the God of the Muslims - which of course is absolute nonsense.

Listening to this mass and the sermon made me even sadder...

Memories rushed before my eyes, and I remembered my grandmother with her veil and rosary and my grandfather and many others...and I remembered our gatherings, the warmth, the joy...the meaning...the love.

I also remembered Tariq Aziz, the loyal, righteous, faithful, kind man who is still in an American jail in IRAQ, very ill, and now in his 70's. I remembered him and his family in exile. And I don't know if they read me or not...but if they do -- know that I have not forgotten you.

And I felt the irony, the derision, the utter hypocrisy of the West...the Christian West who through its occupation crusade has totally devastated the first Christians of this world, the Christians of the East, the Christians of Iraq.

December 23, 2009

From Southern Iraq...

You've probably noticed that I have not said much about Iran's grabbing of the Faqa Iraqi oil well in the Mayssan province, in Southern Iraq.

I did not say much because not only was I expecting it but do you remember the dream/nightmare I shared with you and I recounted it in my post the Long American-Iranian film -- whereby I saw Ahmadinejad roaming the Southern city of Basra, as if he owned the place ?

So it really came as no surprise that the Faqa oil well of Imarra/Maysssan was taken over by the Iranian army.

Now, contrary to what you have been reading, if at all -- there has been NO withdrawal of the Iranian army from Mayssan province, neither partial nor total.

As a matter of fact, the Iranians drew a U shape delineating the new borders and these borders include oil well no.4 of the Mayssan province. And not only did they re-draw the borders that swallowed up an important oil field, but they also raised not one but two Iranian flags there.

Of course, Al Jazeera reported none of it, but Al Arabiya TV as well as Al-Sharqiya Iraqi Sat TV spoke about it at length.

Wait until you hear the "good" parts. And I will give them to you point by point.

- Demonstrations in Al-Imarra by the local inhabitants. Note that Al-Imarra is all Shiite. Demonstrations were staged by the Southern Arab Shiite tribes. The demonstrators were shouting No, No to Iran, No No to the Occupation! before being quickly dispersed by the puppet forces.

- Demonstrations in Kerbala where unions and syndicates of workers, students, jurists, professionals... gathered in front of the Iranian consulate demanding the immediate withdrawal of the Iranian army from the Mayssan province. The Iranian consulate barricaded itself in a radius of 150 meters of concrete to prevent demonstrators from reaching the main gates. Again the Southern Shiite tribes were involved in this demonstration.

Wait it gets better...

- The PEOPLE (as opposed to Sadrist party) of Al Thawra city now called Sadr City also voiced their deep discontentment. Many were interviewed and they had a go at the official spokesperson of Al Maliki; Ali Al-Dabbagh who belittled the take over by the Iranians, and two elderly men said, textually. " In 1979, we offered thousands of martyrs for a few inches of land and today, they(Iran) are not only swallowing land but also oil fields."

- The governor of the Mayssan province (a Shiite) was also not too pleased. Even though he was more diplomatic than the people demonstrating, he urged the puppet government to take "serious measures" to stop the Iranian army from infiltrating further into Southern Iraq. (hahahaha)

- Another head from the Southern tribe is also urging the "international community" (another hahahaha) to stop Iran from building its nuclear reactors along the Southern Iraqi borders stretching from Al-Imarra to Basra, as those "will adversely affect the health of the local population with radiation waste". Radiation waste over and above, the tons of Depleted Uranium that the barbaric, criminal USA used in Southern Iraq and not only there...

Now what do you think was the official reaction of the puppet government ?

Apart from Tarek Al Hashimi (VP) and the heads of the Southern tribes, news have it that explicit orders were given to those presiding the puppet parliament NOT to make any mention of Iran's latest moves in the Mayssan province and its appropriation of the oilfield there. Mind you this is NOT the 1st oil field it has appropriated in Southern Iraq. Definitely not the 1st, since 2003.

So here below is a sample of the official reactions from the Iraqi puppets.

- Ali Al-Dabbagh, spokesman for puppet Al-Maliki said to the effect; Let's not make mountains out of molehills, this is a "secondary issue" which has been resolved.

- Muwaffak Al-Rubai, also known as Karim Shahpour said textually " We need a slow and gentle diplomacy with our neighbors. Let us leave aside "Al-Antariyat". Antariyat referring to Antar Ibn Shaddad, a mythical Arab tribesman known for his bravery. Karim Shahpour was obviously referring to the Arab Southern tribes here.

- The cleric who is a spokesman for Muqtada Al-Sadr, the chief Driller of Baghdad, textually said after long and boring quotes from the Imam Al-Hussein, "Let us be lenient when our brothers transgress a little."

- The Kurdish foreign minister, H.Zebari, basically echoed what the puppet spokesmen said, adding : "these are problems we inherited from the previous regime who could not make peace with anyone."

- As for the Americans, what do you think their reaction was ? Admiral Mullen said that the USA was a little alarmed but that this is a private issue between two neighboring countries and Admiral Shit speaking on behalf of the shit US government urged these two countries to solve it in a peaceful and diplomatic way.

All the above quotes, I heard with my own two ears directly from the sectarian, fascist traitors and their Nazi masters mouths...

Now getting back to some of the demonstrators, one from Sadr city said " The Iraqi army should go and defend our lands "...

What Iraqi army you wanker ?!! There is no Iraqi army no more...

And talking about the EX-Iraqi army, Al Sharqiya TV, in a moment of fervor, ran not once but 3 times in the space of 30 mn, OLD pictures of an amazingly well trained, strong, well regimented, defiant army....which looked ready to not only defend but take up all the challenges that no other army can take...

In the same vein, the cowardly Saudi run Al-Arabiya, mentioned that maybe the "old chapters of the Iraq-Iran war are not completely over yet"...

As for "Arabic" Al-Jazeera and its silence on that matter, that in itself merits it to go the "poubelle" (garbage) of the media.

But as the Iraqi proverb goes " What's the point of your protest, after "kharab" (the destruction) of Basra !!"

For those still trying to figure out the map of Iraq, Basra represents the South.

We were several (family and friends) this evening glued to the TV screen, and I was watching this ongoing, never ending rape of my Beloved, and jotting down notes, some spontaneously shouted, as they saw the Iranian flags wavering over Southern Iraq mingled with old pictures of the Iraqi army:

" Waynak ya Saddam, waynak " (where are you Saddam, where are you ?)

And I thought to myself -- too fucking late "brothers", too fucking late.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Ali Al-Tajer.


I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me these days. I am having difficulty getting a grip on my emotions, I feel volatile, ready to fly off the handle any moment...

Believe it or not, this is not my usual self. I know I give off the impression that I am hot headed, but am not -- actually am quite cool headed, and know very well when to explode and when to hold back...

If I direct my anger at someone, a people, a place or a country, it is never gratuitous...I have an objective in mind. I like to think of myself as an ass kicker into Awareness, into Truth. Political, personal, collective Truths.

This of course has earned me the wrath of many, and naturally I paid the price and continue to do so in many ways I care not go into right now...

But I am faithful to my " mission."  I did not chose it, it chose me. And I do what I am urged to do...

You're probably wondering why this introduction. I don't know why, I presume it is because the ass kicking session is about to set in, and I being, the naturally kind woman that I am, would like to psychologically prepare you in advance.

Sometimes I speak straight facts, sometimes I use symbols. I am always hoping that the reader can use his/her imagination, creativity and draw lessons...

A part of me absolutely detests a good number of Iraqis. Not without reason, though.

There is one character defect in Iraqis, but maybe that is an inherent trait in all humans, but I don't care about all humans, I care about Iraq...that defect of character is called ingratitude. And with ingratitude comes cheap opportunism. And what happens to ungrateful people in the end? They bite their fingers with remorse - as we say in Arabic.

Well this is what is happening to the ungrateful ones in Iraq today. They are biting their fingers with remorse.

Who are those ones I am particularly referring to ? The Shiites of Iraq.

Let me be clear here, I am not talking about the sectarian Iranian puppet government you put in power, I am talking about ordinary Shiites who followed their clerics like sheep...and now it's all roast, nicely cooked on the not so gentile fires of Iranian racist imperialism. Oh yes.

But the Shiites are not the only ones, even though their open and unconditionally support for the Iranian sectarian parties which currently form the puppet government is all too obvious. And no, I will not let them off the hook...even though they are backtracking now (and I shall write about how they are backtracking, later.)
Too fucking late "fellow citizens" too fucking late.

But as I said they were not the only ones. Some Arab Sunnis, Christians, Assyrians,Turkmen and others...also shoulder a part of the responsibility. True, they were not as numerous as the Shiite herd but they also played a part in the downfall of my Beloved.

As for the Kurds, apart from a handful that speak out against the Occupation, the majority have been brainwashed with so much chauvinistic propaganda, that to me, I consider them as the main culprits along with the Shiites of Iraq, in Her downfall.

In other words, they fertilized the ground for the Anglo-American, Iranian and Israeli occupation of the Land of the two Rivers.

But it does not stop here. The Arabs, including the Palestinians, forgot all about our genocide, and sided with the power of rhetoric. The Iranian rhetoric.

And while the people of Iran are protesting en masse, defying the most vile militia in the world, those Arab "brethren" are still dancing like monkeys to the Iranian drums...

This is a chapter of our history I shall never, ever forget.

I did say in the past, Iraq was the fig leaf that fell and exposed all...

It still is and shall remain so.

And putting "petty nationalism " aside, as the despicable, corrupt,  Arab left likes to call it, and as the so-called "Muslim Brothers" refer to it, putting this aside, and not wanting to sound pompous or anything like that, especially not in the age of mass globalization of Ideologies, to which you have surrendered like slaves...

Putting this aside...

I reiterate, Iraq will remain the fig leaf that fell and exposed not just her Nakedness but yours, as well...

And trust me, it's not a pretty sight.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Saad Al-Kaabi.

December 22, 2009

A Reunion. 2

I have finally come round to finishing this post.

Finishing is a big word, there is no end here...nothing but a vicious circle that no one seems to be able to escape from...

I don't quite understand why I have been willfully procrastinating about this post.

I mean, I've already written about "hard" issues before. All of my posts are "hard" issues, yet I feel such reticence when it comes to writing about this particular relative and our meeting....

After all, this is not the first relative who has been through the grinder, the meat mincer of the Occupation...

R. went through it too, and I even posted the pictures of his black, red and green body on this blog, I called it the map of Iraq.

So why am I having such difficulties with this one ?

Of course, I can still write a brief summary of the information I learned. But I do not wish to do so -- R, K, O and A are not numbers, are not headless robots, are not some anonymous faceless person to me...

I need to write what was said but in the right context, giving respect to what was not said, re-introducing the human, personal dimension - a dimension that has been lost, obliterated, when it comes to Iraq and to Her people.

We've become numbers and even on that front, inaccurate ones...we've become the "oh no, not another one of them", we've become "oh well, they keep killing each other, let them deal with it", we've become, " my, what an ungrateful lot, after all what we've done for them and to them"...

How to write about a reunion with someone who smiles to you with eyes glistening with tears, held up in the corners, like in some army checkpoint ?

How to write about a reunion with someone whose scars are well hidden under his coat but keep nudging him into sitting sideways, on the edge of the seat, because it's too painful to sit straight...

How to write about a reunion where the pronoun "I" is hardly ever mentioned ?

How to write and preserve and give justice to the Dignity that was suspended like a lighted torch above us ?

I want to, but I simply can't for now.

I may need to "process" it (what a horrible word), slowly, bit by bits within myself if one can "process" such if one can transfer them from the pending file to the "done deal" if one can make abstraction of the if one can behead the person in one's mind...

Process -- I've been blogging for over 3 years and I am unable to process anything...

It's not like a one time trauma that you can eventually overcome through a talking cure...if at all. This is ongoing...and we're entering the 7th year now.

Spare me your thoughts of forgiveness for Christmas. Have some respect and stop infantilising others with your idiotic, hollow, preaching. Have some respect for the people whose lives you deeply damaged and ruined. We are not robots in one of your crap science fiction Hollywood films.

Have some respect.

This is no cheap thriller, nor some crass exotic novel you can peruse during your spare time.

Neither us, nor our lives, nor me, nor my blog, are some show where you can get the latest gossip...or where you can get it off in your minds with one more sign of victory or some hot piece of news...

Have some respect, as I am trying to keep the aura of respect intact around a reunion, I am still unable to write about.

December 17, 2009

Political Colors.

I keep receiving  -- questions, claims, "accusations", and sometimes insults like "hey you Baathist bitch " either asking me if I am Baathist or "accusing" me of being one, as if that is an accusation of some crime or hoping that I will feel insulted by being called one, as if being a Baathist is some kind of a political abomination...

I've said it before and will repeat it again . I am NOT a Baathist. I have NEVER belonged to ANY political party.

But wait a minute here, even if I were a Baathist, what's the big deal and where is the problem ? I see no problem at all.

At least the Baathists did something for Iraq. At least the Baathists developed Iraq into an advanced modern nation state,  nationalized its oil and used its resources wisely, constructed its infrastructure, roads, bridges, industry, agriculture, built excellent hospitals, schools and top notch universities, provided free health care and education,  trained and developed more academics, scientists, doctors, engineers and high cadres, invested in  public campaigns for women's rights, literacy, the eradication of disease, the eradication  of poverty through social reforms and progressive laws, reformed the agricultural system, safeguarded the cultural and historical heritage of the country, gave autonomy and rights to the Kurds as far back as the 70's when they still have none in Iran, Syria and Turkey, encouraged the arts and publications, supported financially and otherwise less privileged Arab and non Arab countries, extended free grants and scholarships to non Iraqis, gave 100% continuous support to the Palestinians, allowed non Iraqis to work and make a living in Iraq, gave women equal rights and access to all public spheres, encouraged sports and creativity be it in arts, music, ballet.. built a sovereign nation and defended it from external aggression through a capable and well trained army, made a lifetime commitment to the Arab cause and the Arab identity, protected ethnic and religious minorities, fought tribalism and tribal mentality, fought corruption and encouraged hard work and merit, strove to amalgamate concepts of secularism  and social progress within a multi-ethnic society without forfeiting its predominantly Muslim character...became in a very short span of time an important regional player...and more...

So where is the problem in being a Baathist ?

Let me tell you something, I see no problem in being a Baathist, but I see every possible problem in belonging to the sectarian Shiite Iranians like the terrorist Dawa party or the rapists and torturers like the sectarian  Sadrists or the sectarian criminals affiliated to the Islamic republic of Iran like the Hakeem group. I see every possible problem belonging to the chauvinistic Kurdish parties, who compete with Israel in their racism, and I see every problem in belonging to any party that applauded and kissed the hands of the American tyrannical occupier.

Besides which, I defy you to give me one single example, just one and show me what any of these parties that came with the occupation did for Iraq and for the Iraqis - just give me one positive example.

They tortured, raped, killed, destroyed, avenged, stole, pillaged, plundered and finally privatized the oil for Western grubs,  privatized all the industrial sector, divided the country, built walls, traded in our national heritage and artifacts, eroded women's rights, exiled  millions, terrorized people, destroyed the infrastructure, buildings, bridges, roads, sewage systems, communication lines, public transport, closed schools and universities, allowed illiteracy to make a comeback, dilapidated the health system,  traded in state and public property, institutionalized corruption as a method of dealing, introduced fraud and forgery, allowed regional powers like Iran to devastate the economy, did nothing to prevent ecological disasters like drought, pollution, toxic waste, garbage, are still unable to provide basic necessities like water and electricity, encouraged clientelism and tribalism, set one sect against another, discriminated against minorities, ethnically cleansed others, drove thousands out of their homes and illegally appropriated lands and houses from their rightful owners, appropriated public property and public space for their own personal accounts, massacred the Palestinians of Iraq,  neglected the welfare of its citizens and the most vulnerable groups like widows and orphans, invested ZERO in civic institutions to help the needy, promoted militias and death squads to positions of absolute power, instituted a system of patronage and privileges for their own clan,  turned the state treasury into their private bank, stole billions of dollars, and continue to do so, squandered the country's resources, failed to provide the minimum of security for its citizens, built more prisons and perfected the occupiers torture techniques, destroyed the rule of law and instigated corruption in the judiciary, arrested and executed people arbitrarily, established a sectarian theocracy under the fake cloaks of so-called democracy, allowed the enemies of Iraq to take a permanent foothold in the country,like Iranians and Israelis, thwarted all creative and artistic expression with an obscurantist ideology of political Shiism under the pretext of it being so-called Islamic, and this rotten lot continues in all of the above, and steals and steals some more....and I can go on and on for weeks on end...

So give me one good thing this depraved corrupt bunch has done for Iraq and the Iraqis. One good, concrete, tangible thing, just one .

Not one hospital was built, not one school was refurbished, not one library was opened, not one art center was invested it, not one road was repaired, not one field was planted, not one house was reconstructed...
The only thing that was constructed were checkpoints, barracks and mass of concrete walls, dividing and separating us as Iraqis.

This sectarian, chauvinistic, fascistic mafia that came with the Americans did nothing but perpetuate the crimes of the Occupiers, they were hand picked for that task.

And you still have the fucking audacity to talk to me about democracy in Iraq ? And you still have the fucking audacity to bad mouth Baathists ?

So tell me now, what's wrong with being a Baathist  ?  I see absolutely nothing wrong with it.

December 16, 2009


Since the pro-occupation, sectarian Shiite, Iranian  puppet government came to power, over and above illegal detention and torture, executions (with no trial) are common practice to the extent that even the dead wood, sleeping, snoring  UN has voiced its "concern".

A friend - thanks A.H - sent me this right now.

Resumption of death penalty in Iraq sparks UN concern 


 14 December 2009 – The resumption of the death penalty in Iraq earlier this year is a source of great concern to the United Nations, according to the world body’s latest report covering the human rights situation in the country. Iraqi officials have cited security conditions as a reason for the resumption of the executions, which had not been carried out since August 2007, this May, the new publication said.

“The secrecy surrounding the executions remained an additional issue of concern,” it noted.
Finding flaws in the administration of justice and violations of due process in criminal trials, the UN Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) and the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) had called on the Government earlier this year to declare a moratorium on all executions.
“It is of particular concern that many persons are convicted on the basis of confessions often gathered under duress or torture, while their right not to be compelled to testify against oneself or to confess guilt is often violated,” the report said. 

“Until these violations are addressed, the imposition of the death penalty by Iraqi courts will remain arbitrary and contrary to the international human rights standards.” 

The number of people receiving capital sentences has risen, with 324 death sentences having been handed down by the High Judicial Council in the first half of 2009. 

The first six months of this year was also characterized by further improvements in the security situation, but in spite of a drop in the number of attacks carried out, both indiscriminate and targeted killings continued, the publication said. 

Reports indicate that the number of attacks against people based on their perceived sexual orientation is on the rise, while many cases of violence against women and “honour”-related homicides go unpunished. 

“Significant progress remains to be achieved to fully restore the rule of law and to systematically address the issue of impunity,” the study underscored. “UNAMI has continuously stated that security in Iraq may not be sustainable unless significant steps are taken to uphold the rule of law and human rights and has continued to offer assistance to this end.” 

The number of civilian casualties has fallen, with the death toll in May being the lowest recorded since 2003. But number of civilians killed doubled the following month. 

“The UN reiterates that deliberate attacks against civilians are tantamount to crimes against humanity and violate the laws and customs applicable in armed conflict,” the report said. “The perpetrators should be brought to justice.”

End of text.  You can all go back to sleep now.

Sexual Harassment.

I usually reserve such posts for my other blog, the Uncensored Arabwomanblues (which incidentally I update regularly even though I do not advertise it) as I consider this latter my private "niche". I am not too sure what is so private about it, except my own illusion of privacy.

I really ought to continue my post about the reunion with my relative who arrived from Baghdad. The idea itself depresses me, because what he told me was so depressing and I was left with a very strong feeling that Baghdad and Iraq are a goner...
I wish not to talk about that right now...I am unable to do so, to be perfectly honest with you.

Hence a different subject matter - sexual harassment.

I have already touched upon this subject in my first posts - one of them was called "Decisions in a Closet" and the other "Some Thoughts on the Hijab". In the former I expressed my utter frustrations in having to carefully choose what clothes to wear so as not to give off the wrong signals, and in the latter I argued that more women are having recourse to the head veil as a form of public protection from the males roving eyes i.e from sexual harassment in the streets.

Today I read an article entitled Harassment across the Arab World drives Women Inside.

There is truth in that, judging by the ever increasing number of women who opt to veil themselves (veil as in head scarf) so as to avoid harassment by the men in public places.

My own recollections of sexual harassment in public places are many...the worst was in Cairo. It was beyond annoying, it was horrible. Taking public transport in Cairo was a nightmare. I also remember once an Egyptian passport control officer would not let me through unless I gave him my phone number. The flight was delayed because of this asshole. I gave in and gave him a fake number.

The second worst city for me was Damascus, followed by Beirut. One would think that the Lebanese men seeing such a parade of botoxed, siliconized Haifa Wehbe look alike would be saturated by now, but alas that is not the case. Amman fares a little better than the rest, but it would be a lie if I said there is no sexual harassment there. The worst case I experienced was again in the airport where one security officer decided that I was going to be his prey for that day. He gave me hell even though all my documents were in order. He went so far as to break my vitamin capsules with his dirty fingers, open my contact lenses kit, flip through my private notebook and read the contents and telephone numbers, rip open the folded sanitary pads in my hand bag, in front of everyone...and more which I do not wish to get into right now.

Oddly enough, in conservative Saudi Arabia I experienced no sexual harassment whatsoever in the streets but I did have two unpleasant encounters with the Mutaw'ah, the morality religious police when I was doing my small hajj, the Umra in Mecca and another incident in Medina.

It is obligatory to be veiled in Mecca, but not in Jeddah, I may add, not if you're a foreigner like myself. So here I was circumambulating the Kaba'a, the holiest of places, fully veiled from head to toe, but not my face, when a morality religious police came after me.

Cover up! he ordered.
I am already covered. There is nothing more to cover.
I said cover up, cover up your face.
It is not obligatory to cover the face in Islam. (most women have their faces uncovered during the Umra and the Hajj, except Saudi women)
It is haram !(forbidden) he continued...
Not Haram, you can't be more of a Muslim than the Prophet himself.

That shut him up and he left me in "peace".

In Medina, I had another incident with the morality police. I was visiting the prophet's tomb and the space allotted for the women visitors is much smaller than that of the men and women don't have access except during very limited hours. Hence the place can become dangerously crowded to the point of being killed by a stampede.
The women visiting time was up and the morality police holding sticks in their hand were driving us out from the Prophet's place like a herd of cattle...I lingered a little longer because I didn't have a chance to finish my prayers...So came towards me an eunuch, seriously he was one, I could tell because he had no beard and had a bit of a sissy voice and very smooth skin.

Ya horma - hey you woman, yalla get out!
Am not going out before I finish my prayers
I said get out now !
and he came towards me with his long baton
I am not leaving before I finish my prayers
Are you disobeying me ?
Yes I am.

And he got closer with his long stick and frankly I did not feel like getting a beating so I finished off my prayers fast, and left...

In the UAE, I have to say I experienced ZERO sexual harassment. I would go for long walks at night specially in Abu Dhabi and felt totally safe.

I left out Baghdad.

In Baghdad, men would sexually harass too, but much less than what I have experienced elsewhere. I remember driving in our sports shorts with female friends, on our way to the Tennis club, wearing relatively short skirts (compared to today anything is considered short), driving alone at night, walking the streets, and apart from a few comments from male passers by, I felt VERY safe. I never felt the fear of being raped or sexually assaulted.
Even during the sanction years when frustrations were high, Iraqi women, at least in Baghdad, were free to mingle and appropriate their share of the public space.

Some of the sexually harassing comments where along these lines " What a piece of cake " or "They say there is no flour in the market, where did this piece of cake come from ?" (not to be confused with Rumsfeld "cakewalk") and the standard reply by the women including moi was "they say there is no leather in the market, where did this shoe come from ?"

In other words, we fought back. Sometimes with words and sometimes with shoes. Iraqi women are quick to grab their shoes, sandals or slippers and throw them in the face of a predator...It's a tradition in Baghdad.

On the subject of shoe throwing, the first woman who taught me how to aim my shoe correctly, right on target, was my grandmother, bless her soul. She was an expert at it and damn good too. It was her weapon of mass deterrence.

Today in Baghdad, sexual harassment is not the exception but the norm. And I wish it stopped at that. Today in Baghdad, kidnapping and rape are the most widely used weapons against women.

Of course, needless to add, that all those incidents of public harassment took place in spite of my being conservatively dressed. And by conservative I mean no short skirts/dresses, no sleeveless t-shirts, no see through clothing, no legs showing, no cleavage... as a matter of fact, even dressed in a potato bag is no guarantee...

Again, needless to add, if I there was a male present with me, even if he is 20 years my junior, incidents like these would not take place. Forget Baghdad, because in Baghdad, they would shoot the man and take the woman.

And before concluding this post, I must add something else. That even though it is true that sexual harassment in public places does exist in the Arab world, I feel safer walking the streets of Cairo, Damascus, Beirut, Amman at night than I do in any Western country, and definitely safer than America.

Even though it is true that women are sexually harassed, it stays for the most part limited to language as in comments but rarely degenerates to acts of sexual assault like in the West.

I remember being terrified walking through parking lots, subway stations, campuses, parks and even main streets in Paris, London or New York. Terrified of being assaulted, robbed, raped or killed by male gangs or men high on drugs or alcohol.

It's kind of strange that Baghdad since 2003 has become a copy of any big American or European capital where women feel fearful all the time. Or maybe it's not that strange, after all.

Painting : Iraqi female artist, Betool Fekaiki 

December 14, 2009

A Reunion.

I feel so overwhelmed with sadness, I am unable to write much...I am actually forcing myself to write this post, hoping the act will help ease the pain...

I have met a relative who was jailed for many years by the American occupier. He has been finally released after 4 years of lingering and rotting away in prison with no charges.

He was transferred from one prison to another and was handed over to the puppet Iraqi forces where he spent his last two years of detention.

The puppets held him in a detention camp next to the ministry of Interior. He said it looked like an exact replica of Guantanamo. It consisted of metal cages covered with a white sheet. It is solely ruled by Shiites and 80% of all prisoners are Sunnis. The only Shiites inmates there are held for theft/kidnapping or forgery but no Shiite is held for political reasons.

I cannot go into all the details right now.

I met my relative after so many years. He is here for prolonged medical treatment.

Words are stuck in my throat choking me...

He has aged so much...He was tortured and electrocuted in the ministry of Interior He did not want to talk about it, he said "it's best to forget"...but he did say, the electrocutions were the worst. He said " Am now over it" and he hung his head low and I saw tears in his eyes...the wounds are too fresh and will remain so for a long time. I pretended I didn't see, so as not to embarrass him...We quickly changed subjects...

I asked him : Were there any Iranians ruling the prison ? He gave a faint smile and said: the whole government, apart from a very few, is Iranian.

I don't think I can finish this post right too emotional. Will try tomorrow insha'Allah.

December 12, 2009

Suffocating Suffixes...

Was reading the latest from the West Bank where Jewish settlers attacked a mosque in the village of Yasuf, torching the mosque's library and spraying death threats with " get ready to pay the price, we will burn you all." (source)

Now the article, and that is not the only one nor the first time, calls these culprits  hardline Jews. Fair enough.

Christians who aggress Muslims are also called hardline Christians.

Adjectives like hardline, extremist, ultra-orthodox, fundamentalist, occasionally fanatical...almost always precede; qualifying those particular groups, designating them apart from the rest of mainstream Jews and Christians. Again, fair enough.

But did you notice something when it comes to Muslims ? I sure did.

I have observed time and time again, the specific use of language to designate hardline and extremist Muslims. They are not called hardline Muslims they are called IslamIST.

Hardline Jews and Christians are not called JewishIST or ChristianIST but hardline Muslims are called IslamIST.

You see that is an important differentiation for me. Very important actually.

The repetitive use of certain terms ultimately end up coloring one's perceptions and suffixes possess this uncanny ability to remain affixed in our brains, in the use of our language and ultimately in our perception.

When one says, reads or hears the following sentence - an extremist, hardline, fanatical  Jew or Christian - there is a gap, a separation, a space between the adjective and the subject, meaning that the mind registers on some level, that not all Jews and Christians are extremists or fanatical.

However when you read the following label - Islamists attacked ...the mind registers Islam and by correlation Muslims. Thus Islam and Muslims become correlated on some level with the suffix IST. All Islam and all Muslims become on some subliminal level IslamiST.

This is so currently widespread that hardly anyone ever notices these important "nuances", they are taken as given and are never questioned.

Consequently any outward signs of religious affiliation becomes automatically labeled as IslamiST too.

A woman wearing the veil is an Islamist, a man with a beard becomes an Islamist, but a head covered Jewish woman (yes religious Jewish females also cover their hair) or a Jewish man with a beard, curls and a kippa are seen as "orthodox".
The same goes for a Christian actually. A man or a woman wearing a huge cross around their necks does not automatically make them a "Christianist" in the perception of others.

Muslims on the other hand, in particular those living in the West, have become singled out as THE group capable of the most extremist acts and are seen overall as an extremist group, regardless. They are all seen as IslamIST.

But when you come to think of it, it is in fact THE group of people that has been under the heaviest violent attacks, be it in single acts or in a collective acts. Be it as immigrants in the West, or as a people sitting in their own homes in their own countries, on their own land - Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Pakistan...

Robert Fisk (and am not too crazy about Fisk) said he calculated the number of foreign troops in the Muslim world and he came out with the conclusion that there are more Western/foreign "troops" in the Muslim world today than at any other time of history, and certainly more than  at the times of the Crusades in the medieval ages. Yet it is the Muslims who are the ISTs of this world and not the Jewish or Christian crusaders and colonialists.

It then comes as no surprise that Muslims feel they are suffocating under the weight of these suffixes attached to them by the Other and it comes as no surprise that these suffixes are precisely meant to suffocate them.

Keep suffocating and attacking a whole people under the heading of fighting "Islamists" and you can be sure they will end up becoming one in self-defense.

December 11, 2009

Obama W.Bush.

This is Obama's real name. Forget the Barack, the Hussein...

This name was coined by a smart writer for the New Statesman called Mehdi Hassan
and a very appropriate one too.

When receiving the Nobel "Peace" Prize, this "peacemaker" of the West, offered a striking defense for more American warmongering, murder and theft...

He said that "Evil should be vigorously opposed", a shadow standing in the footsteps of his spiritual father Bush : "I face the world as it is, and cannot stand idle in the face of threats to the American people," he told his audience in Oslo. "For make no mistake: Evil does exist in the world."

A passionate clamor for more, more and more, American "self-defense" and "moral" necessity.

With a surge of over 30'000 additional American "brave boys" read torturers, killers and rapists to Afghanistan, it is clear who this charlatan praised by the American "left" means by Evil. Meanwhile, the devil's aide, R.Gates is in Kirkuk -Iraq, stressing the crucial importance of American troops in Iraq. Adding that the mission of the American murderers is still"critical" and vital in this country of Ruins.

Meanwhile 44 oil companies are raping more of Iraq's oil in a public auction, in a public brothel...Decades of hard work to nationalize and secure our own resources and develop our country as a sovereign nation has been raped by your "self defense" and "morality." Iraq nationalized its oil after kicking the filthy Brits out and now we are back to square one.

American self defense ? American morality ?

Since 9/11, since 2001, for 8 bloody years, you have used this LIE to torture, rape, plunder, steal and kill...Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Pakistan...

Thousands of innocent civilians have been murdered by your lies...thousands of refugees, thousands of torture cases, thousands of lives destroyed, for ever damaged by your so-called "self-defense" and morality.

What morality ?

You are an IMMORAL nation, who has lost its conscience and soul. Actually it never had either.

Yes there is Evil in the world and its incarnated head is in America.

Obama W.Bush received the Nobel Peace prize of the warmongers and said :

"To say that force is sometimes necessary is not a call to cynicism, it is a recognition of history."

You are right Obama W.Bush - "Force is a recognition of History", and that is the only language that shall be used with Evil, for "Evil should be vigorously opposed"

Damn right.

December 10, 2009

Baghdad Interview

An outspoken Iraqi woman followed by reporter, interviewed by the BBC Radio after the latest spat of explosions that rocked Baghdad.
You hear for yourselves what the climate in Baghdad is like.
Thanks A.H for this.

December 9, 2009

Another Carnage in Baghdad...

The world did not stop with my silence/absence. Isn't that good to know ?! Another confirmation that am not God. And am sure some of you sighed with relief too. The bitch is gone for good, so you thought...

Guess what ? The Bitch is back with more news of your criminal, evil acts...

Another carnage in Baghdad...oh but you got used to that, or you think to yourselves -- damn those Iraqis or Eyeraqis, (very much doubt you learned how to spell in my absence) they just can't seem to get along...after all, we American (assholes) have pulled out. Right ?


First you have not pulled out, you have redeployed differently...

Secondly, those 5 huge explosions that killed 127 Iraqis and wounded 500, in Baghdad - Mansur, Shorja, Bab Al Mu'adatham, Cairo Street, Karrada have been blacked out by the puppet government news and Maliki and his Dawa group as well as the Hakeem Mafia of the Badr brigades from Iran control all media outlets in Iraq.

Spent the whole evening fishing for real news...and in alternative TV stations.

ALL the Iraqis, ordinary Iraqis trying to survive your Freedom and Democracy, blame the puppet government and IRANIAN operatives. ALL of them.

Surely they know more about what is happening to their lives, more than your half baked, screwed up analysis, no ?

I also noticed a pattern, a distinct, easy to spot pattern... Every time something happens in IRAN, it shits in Iraq -- in Baghdad to be more precise.

The first blasts in August coincided with the so-called Iranian elections. The second with protests in Tehran and quibbles over the nuclear dossier. The latest, with the mass demonstrations and arrests in Tehran.

Furthermore, contrary to the broken record of the puppet sectarian government of Nouri Al Maliki, who keeps blaming the Saddamists and Al Qaeda and the Baathists...
A short reminder: The Dawa party terrorist record cannot be forgotten either. When they poisoned water tanks in Baghdad in 1979, when they placed bombs in the 80's and killed innocent civilians in Baghdad.

Contrary to the Iranian propaganda from the rotten fascist, criminal, sectarian Shiite mullah, Jalal Al Sagheer who blames the last carnage on " 38'000 Baathists infiltrating the government..."

Contrary to the claims of the psychopathic party of Muqtada Al Sadr, the Shiite rapists and drillers of Baghdad, blaming it on corruption and the purchase of obsolete security technology, as if these bastards are not evil and corrupt themselves...

Contrary to whatever you may hear from anyone, this latest carnage is the work of the "democratic government" you pieces of shit installed in Baghdad.

And that's all you need to retain.

November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving or the Politics of Genocide

Thanksgiving and the Muslim Eid Al-Adha have coincided around the same dates.

In Eid Al Adha we give thanks to Allah, through a ritual of animal sacrifice, the Americans give thanks to their maker, through a ritual of human sacrifice from the first day the white man landed on native American land, until the present when that same white man, (who unfortunately now includes blacks and native Americans too) landed in Iraq, continuing that exact same 200 years old methodology of arrogance, theft, rape, torture, killing crowned with lies and deception - in short genocide.

It has not changed since...not one bit.

The first people to suffer the greed, arrogance, racism and criminality of the new world order, 200 years or so ago, were the native Americans. Today they are reduced to poverty, gang crime, alcoholism -- symptoms of total uprootedness and dispossession. So much for your culture of thanksgiving.

And to mark the occasion, I'll let you hear what America is all about, from the mouth of one of its original owners.

To watch part II, click here

November 22, 2009

Flash News from Occupied Iraq

- Puppet President Talabani and Adel Abdel Mahdi and Suleimani arrived in Tehran today.

- 15 unidentified bodies found across Diyala, and were buried today in mass grave. Reports say that the terrorism of sectarian violence has not stopped.

- Demonstrations in Diwaniya, organised by the Dawa party and Nouri al-Maliki, with slogans accusing Saleh Al-Mutlaq and Allawi of "Baathism", and condemning "return of Baathism in Iraq." Another preparation for the upcoming elections.

- Several Iraqi TV stations agree that the mute tape aired by Nouri Al-Maliki government showing 3 alleged "saddamist and baathist" culprits in red jump suits, confessing their role in the October explosions in Baghdad to be a theatrical farce and a bad film, in preparation for the up coming elections.

- Kurds are threatening to boycott election laws if they are not allocated more seats. Go figure what they mean by that.

- Several wounded and killed across Iraq through explosions, notably in Falluja and central Baghdad.

- A Pentagon deal has been signed for 1 billion dollars with puppet government for the sale of 15 helicopters. A reminder - last year a deal was signed with the Pentagon for the sum of 10 billion dollars for 140 tanks and 2 military transport airplanes.

End of news for now.

1000 Sacrificial Lambs for the Eid.

This is a very rushed post.

An article appeared in the Syrian daily Al-Watan, according to Ahmed Al Dulaimi, an Iraqi political researcher for the Babel institute, news have leaked that 1000 Iraqis related to the previous regime will be executed on the Eid Al Adha, to "commemorate" President Saddam Hussein lynching, among them will be 126 Iraqi women.

The reader needs to be aware, that the date of the Eid changes yearly according to the Islamic calendar. The Eid is next Thursday, 26th November 2009.

Article in Arabic can be found here

Furthermore, AP related today that following interrogation by Iraqi security forces, the captured individuals involved in the last deadly explosions of October admitted to being "Saddamists and Baathists". While news circulating in Baghdad point the finger to the ultra sectarian Shiite party of Al-Sagheer.

Also on the same subject, the psychopath from the Sadr movement and Jaysh al Mahdi -- Al Deraa, the mastermind of much of the terror campaign against Sunnis at the height of the ethnic cleansing, is back in Baghdad from Iran.

The executions about to take place is a move by Al-Maliki to gain the "trust" of the Iraqi street before the up coming elections, according to Ahmed Al-Dulaimi.

Don't like the Heat ?

You don't like the Heat ? Get out of the Kitchen.

Yes, it's that simple.

I am firm believer in Simplicity. But am no simpleton.

Been reading about the deteriorating mental health of your brave boys.

Follow the simple piece of advice above...

No need to cry wolf and no need for all those PTSDs. Get the fuck out now. That would be a long lasting, proven solution for your mental ills.

No need, no more, to worry about suicide and burning your girlfriend alive once you're back home....

Get the fuck out.

Out, as in OUT. And we will deal with the rest...Promise.

You don't have resilience, you don't have what it takes... I don't want to rub it in, but face don't.

We are armed to our teeth....

CIA and others just panicked now with -- armed to our teeth.

No need to panic.

You are armed, we are armed...different kinds of arms...not found in your war manuals...

Besides, you are on our territory...

You don't like the heat ?

Get the fuck out.

November 20, 2009

Friday's Dream or Short Notes on Sovereignty

Frankly I did not know what to exactly name this post. It all started with me waking up this Friday morning with another dream. More like a nightmare...

I dreamt, I landed in Baghdad airport. As I walked out of the main gate, I saw children street vendors, but they did not look very Iraqi to me. All of them had blond hair and blue eyes, then I saw ultra orthodox rabbis scurrying I asked  "Are you sure I landed in Baghdad ? " And a voice replied "Yes this is the new Baghdad. Iraq's face has changed for ever..."

I understood from the dream that all these "foreign" looking kids were nothing but products of rape, in other words illegitimate children.  As for the rabbis, this is self explanatory...

Of course, this got me thinking about notions of Sovereignty and the pathetic, ludicrous, debates that are currently taking place before the up coming Iraqi elections. These so-called politicians hold discourses as if they are actually running a sovereign country. They have engaged themselves in a huge political lie and have ended up believing it, continuously constructing and perfecting the lie and thus feeding the U.S Occupation project.

Delusional parliamentary debates and vetoes, some believing they are actually making a difference. They are so far up the deception ladder, that they, themselves, have forgotten that they are the product of the Occupation, a bit like those bastard street vending children. They have forgotten that they too, are the product of a gang rape, the gang rape of the Zionist project. The Zionist project led by America and in which Iran the whore for Babylon, played  the leading role...

And while these illegitimate offsprings of the Occupation are busy debating, ratifying, vetoing laws from a draft constitution that remains pending, the main players of this circus, are pocketing illegal money, stolen from Iraq's treasures, be it oil or other...and while these clowns are busy gesticulating, the main players are busy signing oil deals, privatizing the country's wealth, opening the door for more rape and for more bastards to be born...

The last in line is the buffoon Talabani's visit to France.

I must be a seer of some sort. At least you can give me credit for that. This is what I wrote in October 2008, following another dream I had and am quoting from that post -  A Long American-Iranian Film.

" I dreamt I had a close encounter with Ahmadinejad in Basra. (Southern Iraq) We met in a parking lot, whose grounds were covered in sleek oil. A parking lot filled with huge transport trucks. A parking lot next to the docks, by the port of Shatt Al-Arab, where cargo ships transport oil. It was Ahmadinejad's territory...He moved about with no body guards and no protection. He even offered me a dirty get away weekend to Paris - it's a miracle I did not turn frigid after this dream. My interpretation: He will strike a deal with the Zionist Sarkozy and Obama will share Basra with him. And that is already being done...behind the cameras."

In 2008, France was not officially on the Iraqi scene. It is only in May 2009, that the French - Iraqi rapprochement started with Maliki's éclair visit to Paris, accompanied by 200 businessmen and Obama hailed its great importance.  This was preceded by Sarkozy's éclair visit to Baghdad's Green Zone in February 2009. And since Maliki's visit to France, serious bilateral talks between the French Ambassador in Baghdad and his Iraqi counterpart have been taking place followed by the last buffoonery act, that of  puppet President Talabani's visit to Paris and here I will be quoting at great read on.

"PARIS: Iraqi President Jalal Talabani on Wednesday promised major deals – including large oil contracts – to French business chiefs keen to restore their place as Iraq’s top business partners. To warm applause, the Iraqi leader gave Baghdad’s strongest hint yet that it would grant French energy giant Total development contracts for two of its major oil fields at a rights auction next month. 

“You need to be brave, you need to be courageous and to invest in all sectors,” Talabani told a meeting with France’s influential Mouvement des Entreprises de France (MEDEF) employers’ association. “Iraq is a very promising basket for investors, without risk.

The 75-year-old leader said he wanted to see Total working in his country’s oil fields and would look favorably on its bids in an upcoming second round auction for exploration rights in Iraq. “We might favor a French bid whatever the figures. Don’t fear this auction …The figures aren’t everything. We want to see Total work in our oil fields,” Talabani said, to more applause from business leaders. 

Separately, Defense Minister Abdel-Qader Obeidi said Iraq “attaches a lot of importance to French arms,” hinting at further deals to follow the already announced purchase of 24 transport helicopters. 

Talabani has been given full honors during a three day state-visit to France that began Monday with a formal dinner with President Nicolas Sarkozy and has continued with talks with political and business chiefs. 

As President Sarkozy said, ‘This cooperation is a strategic choice for France and for Iraq"....

Talabani said his visit to Paris “has been a total success, a visit that has shown that doors are totally open to cooperation with France.” Total’s director general for exploration and production, Yves-Louis Darricarrere, confirmed his firm was putting together bids for the Majnoon and West Qurna oil fields, ahead of December’s auction. These fields are two of the most promising in Iraq and by 2016, Iraqi officials hope to see both pumping more than 1.2 million barrels per day. Forty-four companies are due to take part in bidding to develop 10 oil fields in the auction in December.

The warm overtures to France are in stark contrast to Iraqi attitudes in the immediate aftermath of the 2003 invasion, when many – including Talabani himself – were critical of French opposition to Saddam Hussein’s overthrow. 

After the war, US and British firms took the lion’s share of reconstruction contracts and France was partly shut out, although firms such as Lafarge cement have already managed to develop major investments. 

At the time of the war, when he was still one of the leaders of resistance against Saddam, Talabani warned that France’s perceived support for Baghdad would cost it lucrative contracts under the incoming regime. 
“Those who put their eggs in the dictator’s basket that their eggs will soon be broken,” he had said just weeks before the US-led invasion.

May I remind the reader at this point, that when President Saddam Hussein was being lynched, Talabani was eating caviar and drinking Champagne in his Georges V presidential suite in Paris, watching it happening on TV.

Bref, let's continue...

France’s ambassador now estimates that only 10 people die each day from bombings and attacks, and the French government shares its private sector’s enthusiasm for the market. (source here)

So you may asking yourself, yes so what ?

Well, re-read what I just bothered to write. The oil fields mentioned in the paragraphs above are situated in Southern Iraq. And Southern Iraq is known to be an Iranian enclave, run by the Shiite sectarian parties affiliated to Iran, of which Ammar Al-Hakeem of the Badr Brigades is a major smuggler. And this is just one example.

Furthermore, I really resent it when people are too lazy to connect the dots and start talking garbage politics when they are in fact ignorantly clueless.

What dots ?

I will give you the regional dots.

Iraq's rapprochement with France, is being done in parallel to Syria's great rapprochement to France where two developments are well worth mentioning :

a) Sarkozy's France is eager to play a proactive role in the Middle East peace talks by offering to host a summit to break the deadlock  and

b) while  Bashar Al-Assad's hails "trust" with France, and I quote : "Al-Assad hailed a "climate of trust" with France, welcoming a "resumption of good relations" between the two countries.Our correspondent said it comes after Sarkozy reached out to the Syrians a year ago. Remember they had a dreadful relationship when Jacques Chirac was president. Sarkozy said he was going to sort that out," Fisher (the correspondent) reported. "  it prefers "low level talks" with Israel mediated by Turkey.

Israel for its part, is "ready for Syria talks and calls to France to mediate."

On the Turkish front several interesting developments both domestically and regionally...

Turkey is active is solving its domestic issues with its own Kurdish population and in parallel has engaged in bilateral talks with Iraq's Kurdish leaders and is to open a consular section soon in Barazani's Erbil. Think Kirkuk oil fields. OK ?! Furthermore, there is a definitive Turkish - Iranian rapprochement, following the Turkish -Syrian enhanced relations where a) visas are no longer needed for citizens of these respective countries accompanied by enhanced economic cooperation  b) Syria is actively seeking a Turkish  mediation role in "low level talks" with Israel and Turkey has already provided that medium in the past.

Yes so what ? you're thinking to yourself again ...

Frankly at this stage, if you cannot see the bigger picture, behind the anti-Iran rhetoric by Israel, the U.S and its European partners, France included -- there's not much I can do more...

But being the generous soul that I am, I will give you one extra piece of the "puzzle" which is no puzzle at all.

Remember whom I saw in my Friday dream - the rabbis in Baghdad.

So while Palestinians and other Arab idiots are hailing Iran's "anti-Imperalist, anti-Zionist role", what is actually happening behind all those dots, is a comprehensive peace with the Zionist entity at the expense of those same Palestinians and Arab idiots who are barking in favor of Iran...hoping that the Whore for Babylon will deliver them...and behind the dots...while Iran is officially keeping up its anti-Israel rhetoric, behind the has turned U.S Occupied Babylon into a world Brothel.

Yes indeed, Iraq  before 2003, was the last bastion against both Imperialism and Zionism. And that is why Iraq today is no longer a sovereign country. And that is why Iraq had to be radically dismantled and have her face changed for ever.