A Reunion.

I feel so overwhelmed with sadness, I am unable to write much...I am actually forcing myself to write this post, hoping the act will help ease the pain...

I have met a relative who was jailed for many years by the American occupier. He has been finally released after 4 years of lingering and rotting away in prison with no charges.

He was transferred from one prison to another and was handed over to the puppet Iraqi forces where he spent his last two years of detention.

The puppets held him in a detention camp next to the ministry of Interior. He said it looked like an exact replica of Guantanamo. It consisted of metal cages covered with a white sheet. It is solely ruled by Shiites and 80% of all prisoners are Sunnis. The only Shiites inmates there are held for theft/kidnapping or forgery but no Shiite is held for political reasons.

I cannot go into all the details right now.

I met my relative after so many years. He is here for prolonged medical treatment.

Words are stuck in my throat choking me...

He has aged so much...He was tortured and electrocuted in the ministry of Interior He did not want to talk about it, he said "it's best to forget"...but he did say, the electrocutions were the worst. He said " Am now over it" and he hung his head low and I saw tears in his eyes...the wounds are too fresh and will remain so for a long time. I pretended I didn't see, so as not to embarrass him...We quickly changed subjects...

I asked him : Were there any Iranians ruling the prison ? He gave a faint smile and said: the whole government, apart from a very few, is Iranian.

I don't think I can finish this post right now...am too emotional. Will try tomorrow insha'Allah.

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