November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving or the Politics of Genocide

Thanksgiving and the Muslim Eid Al-Adha have coincided around the same dates.

In Eid Al Adha we give thanks to Allah, through a ritual of animal sacrifice, the Americans give thanks to their maker, through a ritual of human sacrifice from the first day the white man landed on native American land, until the present when that same white man, (who unfortunately now includes blacks and native Americans too) landed in Iraq, continuing that exact same 200 years old methodology of arrogance, theft, rape, torture, killing crowned with lies and deception - in short genocide.

It has not changed since...not one bit.

The first people to suffer the greed, arrogance, racism and criminality of the new world order, 200 years or so ago, were the native Americans. Today they are reduced to poverty, gang crime, alcoholism -- symptoms of total uprootedness and dispossession. So much for your culture of thanksgiving.

And to mark the occasion, I'll let you hear what America is all about, from the mouth of one of its original owners.

To watch part II, click here

November 22, 2009

Flash News from Occupied Iraq

- Puppet President Talabani and Adel Abdel Mahdi and Suleimani arrived in Tehran today.

- 15 unidentified bodies found across Diyala, and were buried today in mass grave. Reports say that the terrorism of sectarian violence has not stopped.

- Demonstrations in Diwaniya, organised by the Dawa party and Nouri al-Maliki, with slogans accusing Saleh Al-Mutlaq and Allawi of "Baathism", and condemning "return of Baathism in Iraq." Another preparation for the upcoming elections.

- Several Iraqi TV stations agree that the mute tape aired by Nouri Al-Maliki government showing 3 alleged "saddamist and baathist" culprits in red jump suits, confessing their role in the October explosions in Baghdad to be a theatrical farce and a bad film, in preparation for the up coming elections.

- Kurds are threatening to boycott election laws if they are not allocated more seats. Go figure what they mean by that.

- Several wounded and killed across Iraq through explosions, notably in Falluja and central Baghdad.

- A Pentagon deal has been signed for 1 billion dollars with puppet government for the sale of 15 helicopters. A reminder - last year a deal was signed with the Pentagon for the sum of 10 billion dollars for 140 tanks and 2 military transport airplanes.

End of news for now.

1000 Sacrificial Lambs for the Eid.

This is a very rushed post.

An article appeared in the Syrian daily Al-Watan, according to Ahmed Al Dulaimi, an Iraqi political researcher for the Babel institute, news have leaked that 1000 Iraqis related to the previous regime will be executed on the Eid Al Adha, to "commemorate" President Saddam Hussein lynching, among them will be 126 Iraqi women.

The reader needs to be aware, that the date of the Eid changes yearly according to the Islamic calendar. The Eid is next Thursday, 26th November 2009.

Article in Arabic can be found here

Furthermore, AP related today that following interrogation by Iraqi security forces, the captured individuals involved in the last deadly explosions of October admitted to being "Saddamists and Baathists". While news circulating in Baghdad point the finger to the ultra sectarian Shiite party of Al-Sagheer.

Also on the same subject, the psychopath from the Sadr movement and Jaysh al Mahdi -- Al Deraa, the mastermind of much of the terror campaign against Sunnis at the height of the ethnic cleansing, is back in Baghdad from Iran.

The executions about to take place is a move by Al-Maliki to gain the "trust" of the Iraqi street before the up coming elections, according to Ahmed Al-Dulaimi.

Don't like the Heat ?

You don't like the Heat ? Get out of the Kitchen.

Yes, it's that simple.

I am firm believer in Simplicity. But am no simpleton.

Been reading about the deteriorating mental health of your brave boys.

Follow the simple piece of advice above...

No need to cry wolf and no need for all those PTSDs. Get the fuck out now. That would be a long lasting, proven solution for your mental ills.

No need, no more, to worry about suicide and burning your girlfriend alive once you're back home....

Get the fuck out.

Out, as in OUT. And we will deal with the rest...Promise.

You don't have resilience, you don't have what it takes... I don't want to rub it in, but face don't.

We are armed to our teeth....

CIA and others just panicked now with -- armed to our teeth.

No need to panic.

You are armed, we are armed...different kinds of arms...not found in your war manuals...

Besides, you are on our territory...

You don't like the heat ?

Get the fuck out.

November 20, 2009

Friday's Dream or Short Notes on Sovereignty

Frankly I did not know what to exactly name this post. It all started with me waking up this Friday morning with another dream. More like a nightmare...

I dreamt, I landed in Baghdad airport. As I walked out of the main gate, I saw children street vendors, but they did not look very Iraqi to me. All of them had blond hair and blue eyes, then I saw ultra orthodox rabbis scurrying I asked  "Are you sure I landed in Baghdad ? " And a voice replied "Yes this is the new Baghdad. Iraq's face has changed for ever..."

I understood from the dream that all these "foreign" looking kids were nothing but products of rape, in other words illegitimate children.  As for the rabbis, this is self explanatory...

Of course, this got me thinking about notions of Sovereignty and the pathetic, ludicrous, debates that are currently taking place before the up coming Iraqi elections. These so-called politicians hold discourses as if they are actually running a sovereign country. They have engaged themselves in a huge political lie and have ended up believing it, continuously constructing and perfecting the lie and thus feeding the U.S Occupation project.

Delusional parliamentary debates and vetoes, some believing they are actually making a difference. They are so far up the deception ladder, that they, themselves, have forgotten that they are the product of the Occupation, a bit like those bastard street vending children. They have forgotten that they too, are the product of a gang rape, the gang rape of the Zionist project. The Zionist project led by America and in which Iran the whore for Babylon, played  the leading role...

And while these illegitimate offsprings of the Occupation are busy debating, ratifying, vetoing laws from a draft constitution that remains pending, the main players of this circus, are pocketing illegal money, stolen from Iraq's treasures, be it oil or other...and while these clowns are busy gesticulating, the main players are busy signing oil deals, privatizing the country's wealth, opening the door for more rape and for more bastards to be born...

The last in line is the buffoon Talabani's visit to France.

I must be a seer of some sort. At least you can give me credit for that. This is what I wrote in October 2008, following another dream I had and am quoting from that post -  A Long American-Iranian Film.

" I dreamt I had a close encounter with Ahmadinejad in Basra. (Southern Iraq) We met in a parking lot, whose grounds were covered in sleek oil. A parking lot filled with huge transport trucks. A parking lot next to the docks, by the port of Shatt Al-Arab, where cargo ships transport oil. It was Ahmadinejad's territory...He moved about with no body guards and no protection. He even offered me a dirty get away weekend to Paris - it's a miracle I did not turn frigid after this dream. My interpretation: He will strike a deal with the Zionist Sarkozy and Obama will share Basra with him. And that is already being done...behind the cameras."

In 2008, France was not officially on the Iraqi scene. It is only in May 2009, that the French - Iraqi rapprochement started with Maliki's ├ęclair visit to Paris, accompanied by 200 businessmen and Obama hailed its great importance.  This was preceded by Sarkozy's ├ęclair visit to Baghdad's Green Zone in February 2009. And since Maliki's visit to France, serious bilateral talks between the French Ambassador in Baghdad and his Iraqi counterpart have been taking place followed by the last buffoonery act, that of  puppet President Talabani's visit to Paris and here I will be quoting at great read on.

"PARIS: Iraqi President Jalal Talabani on Wednesday promised major deals – including large oil contracts – to French business chiefs keen to restore their place as Iraq’s top business partners. To warm applause, the Iraqi leader gave Baghdad’s strongest hint yet that it would grant French energy giant Total development contracts for two of its major oil fields at a rights auction next month. 

“You need to be brave, you need to be courageous and to invest in all sectors,” Talabani told a meeting with France’s influential Mouvement des Entreprises de France (MEDEF) employers’ association. “Iraq is a very promising basket for investors, without risk.

The 75-year-old leader said he wanted to see Total working in his country’s oil fields and would look favorably on its bids in an upcoming second round auction for exploration rights in Iraq. “We might favor a French bid whatever the figures. Don’t fear this auction …The figures aren’t everything. We want to see Total work in our oil fields,” Talabani said, to more applause from business leaders. 

Separately, Defense Minister Abdel-Qader Obeidi said Iraq “attaches a lot of importance to French arms,” hinting at further deals to follow the already announced purchase of 24 transport helicopters. 

Talabani has been given full honors during a three day state-visit to France that began Monday with a formal dinner with President Nicolas Sarkozy and has continued with talks with political and business chiefs. 

As President Sarkozy said, ‘This cooperation is a strategic choice for France and for Iraq"....

Talabani said his visit to Paris “has been a total success, a visit that has shown that doors are totally open to cooperation with France.” Total’s director general for exploration and production, Yves-Louis Darricarrere, confirmed his firm was putting together bids for the Majnoon and West Qurna oil fields, ahead of December’s auction. These fields are two of the most promising in Iraq and by 2016, Iraqi officials hope to see both pumping more than 1.2 million barrels per day. Forty-four companies are due to take part in bidding to develop 10 oil fields in the auction in December.

The warm overtures to France are in stark contrast to Iraqi attitudes in the immediate aftermath of the 2003 invasion, when many – including Talabani himself – were critical of French opposition to Saddam Hussein’s overthrow. 

After the war, US and British firms took the lion’s share of reconstruction contracts and France was partly shut out, although firms such as Lafarge cement have already managed to develop major investments. 

At the time of the war, when he was still one of the leaders of resistance against Saddam, Talabani warned that France’s perceived support for Baghdad would cost it lucrative contracts under the incoming regime. 
“Those who put their eggs in the dictator’s basket that their eggs will soon be broken,” he had said just weeks before the US-led invasion.

May I remind the reader at this point, that when President Saddam Hussein was being lynched, Talabani was eating caviar and drinking Champagne in his Georges V presidential suite in Paris, watching it happening on TV.

Bref, let's continue...

France’s ambassador now estimates that only 10 people die each day from bombings and attacks, and the French government shares its private sector’s enthusiasm for the market. (source here)

So you may asking yourself, yes so what ?

Well, re-read what I just bothered to write. The oil fields mentioned in the paragraphs above are situated in Southern Iraq. And Southern Iraq is known to be an Iranian enclave, run by the Shiite sectarian parties affiliated to Iran, of which Ammar Al-Hakeem of the Badr Brigades is a major smuggler. And this is just one example.

Furthermore, I really resent it when people are too lazy to connect the dots and start talking garbage politics when they are in fact ignorantly clueless.

What dots ?

I will give you the regional dots.

Iraq's rapprochement with France, is being done in parallel to Syria's great rapprochement to France where two developments are well worth mentioning :

a) Sarkozy's France is eager to play a proactive role in the Middle East peace talks by offering to host a summit to break the deadlock  and

b) while  Bashar Al-Assad's hails "trust" with France, and I quote : "Al-Assad hailed a "climate of trust" with France, welcoming a "resumption of good relations" between the two countries.Our correspondent said it comes after Sarkozy reached out to the Syrians a year ago. Remember they had a dreadful relationship when Jacques Chirac was president. Sarkozy said he was going to sort that out," Fisher (the correspondent) reported. "  it prefers "low level talks" with Israel mediated by Turkey.

Israel for its part, is "ready for Syria talks and calls to France to mediate."

On the Turkish front several interesting developments both domestically and regionally...

Turkey is active is solving its domestic issues with its own Kurdish population and in parallel has engaged in bilateral talks with Iraq's Kurdish leaders and is to open a consular section soon in Barazani's Erbil. Think Kirkuk oil fields. OK ?! Furthermore, there is a definitive Turkish - Iranian rapprochement, following the Turkish -Syrian enhanced relations where a) visas are no longer needed for citizens of these respective countries accompanied by enhanced economic cooperation  b) Syria is actively seeking a Turkish  mediation role in "low level talks" with Israel and Turkey has already provided that medium in the past.

Yes so what ? you're thinking to yourself again ...

Frankly at this stage, if you cannot see the bigger picture, behind the anti-Iran rhetoric by Israel, the U.S and its European partners, France included -- there's not much I can do more...

But being the generous soul that I am, I will give you one extra piece of the "puzzle" which is no puzzle at all.

Remember whom I saw in my Friday dream - the rabbis in Baghdad.

So while Palestinians and other Arab idiots are hailing Iran's "anti-Imperalist, anti-Zionist role", what is actually happening behind all those dots, is a comprehensive peace with the Zionist entity at the expense of those same Palestinians and Arab idiots who are barking in favor of Iran...hoping that the Whore for Babylon will deliver them...and behind the dots...while Iran is officially keeping up its anti-Israel rhetoric, behind the has turned U.S Occupied Babylon into a world Brothel.

Yes indeed, Iraq  before 2003, was the last bastion against both Imperialism and Zionism. And that is why Iraq today is no longer a sovereign country. And that is why Iraq had to be radically dismantled and have her face changed for ever.

November 18, 2009

Face the Music.

Come on people, you really ought to get your heads out of your butts and face the facts.

This operation Freedom of yours has been a TOTAL flop. From whichever angle you look at it, it's a TOTAL failure.

Article after article, even your mainstream media, your great brainwashing machine, can no longer hide the facts of your FAILURE.

Quickly browsing through the headlines and you would see that Iraq is ranked amongst the most corrupt countries in the world. That even your so called sham elections process, require "herculean efforts" as per the UN envoy, in order to reach the minimum standards of transparency and credibility. That Iraq is an environmental disaster area. That fraud and the swindling of contract money is endemic. That till this very day, there are daily killings of innocent civilians. That there is no infrastructure and no services. That till this very day curfews and banning of vehicles are declared every other day in some province. That even a 10000000 barracks and checkpoints are not providing security. That sectarianism is embedded into the new government. That public facilities are non existent. That 7 years on, not only there is STILL NO electricity and running water, but there is also a drought that has forced hundreds into urban migration. That the sectarian quota system is still very much in place and that the refugees and IDP issues are still very much pending. That homes are still occupied and threats are still issued preventing the effective return of any refugee. That massive ethnic cleansing is taking place in the North of the country. That this bullshit business of national reconciliation is nothing but bullshit. That Iran is literally controlling the South and the Center of the country. That it is impossible to tear down the walls segregating neighborhoods and more are being erected. That schools and hospitals are totally non functional. That the brain drain is continuing till this very day. That Iraqis have absolutely no faith in their government. That Iraqis live in a state of perpetual insecurity and fear. That unemployment is over 50%. That issues regarding victims of war occupation like widows and orphans in the millions, are still not being addressed. That waves of criminal activities like kidnapping for ransom are for ever increasing. That there are still 1000's of detainees held up with no charges. That Iraq is now one of the worst violators of Human rights with its arbitrary arrests and executions. That censorship and evidence of present torture are still very rampant... (you did set a wonderful example, didn't you?!)

Should I go on ?

Come on folks, face it. Your Operation Iraqi Freedom has been a total failure - a but like yourselves, really.

Someone ought to liberate us from all your "Freedom" and fast !

November 17, 2009

The Obama Song...

Sha'aban Abdel Raheem is a popular Egyptian singer, a kind of folk rapper. An eccentric, rather tacky looking dude, with simple songs that are sarcastic with double meanings, hard hitting, funny and politically wise.

This song was released when Obama came to power...Every time I listen to it, I crack up laughing...Of course it helps if you understand Arabic and the subtleties of the language. This is one has subtitles in English. Enjoy !


This dude who looks stoned 24/7 has another song on Swine Flu with double meanings as usual. You can check it out here. A cracker. It does help if you are stoned as well...but not necessarily.

A Short Note on the Iraqi Resistance.

I have much to write about, it may come across as spamming the reader with too many posts...but I have a new policy for this blog, like the one I had for the other Uncensored blog -- I shall write only for myself.

I want all of these posts as witnesses...I write for History.
I am no longer writing to inform...I am writing for the record...

Yesterday a spokesman for the Iraqi Resistance was shortly interviewed on Al-Jazeera.

He said in very simple terms :

We don't believe in the political and election process under Occupation. For us this is like Kiosk politics alluding to a vendor's mentality.
Now, there are some who are marketing themselves as the Resistance and have joined the political process time and time again (referring to Muqtada Al Sadr and the Sadrists.) They are no Resistance.
The truth is that we are all alone, all by ourselves, with no outside support, no external funding, nor external arming, and there is a huge blackout on us.
Many attempts and ploys have been made to discredit us. The Sahwa, the Al-Qaeda and others...but we resisted those as well...
In the very complex context we find ourselves in, we are doing what we can, the best we can...we have not stopped and we will not stop until Iraq is Free.

And he repeated:
We are ALL alone, with NO outside support from anyone.

So true. The Iraqi resistance has been all alone from the very beginning, with absolutely no support from anyone.

For seven years, it turned the Occupier's "cakewalk" into a quagmire and a graveyard...all alone...

It got no support from anyone. There is no funding and arming it like with Hamas and Hezbollah. So in that light, the Iraqi Resistance is way more resilient and way more brave and valiant than the other resistance movements...

It does not receive moral support and political acclaims like the other resistance movements do. It gets no coverage and no extensive interviews. No delegations flock to it and hardly anyone wants to engage it in a serious political dialogue like with the other resistance movements.

On the Arab level, it does not titillate as much as a Hezbollah who is supported and armed to its teeth by a regional superpower(Iran) nor does it evoke romantic visions of victory like Hamas did, who also has the full backing of Iran.

Yet the Iraqi Resistance relentlessly fought alone, totally fought not only the greatest superpower on earth, the US, not only GB, not only Iran and its sectarian militias who wiped out most of its members, not only the Kurdish Peshmergas trained by Israel, not only the mercenaries, snipers and contractors from the whole bloody globe, not only the Al-Qaeda, not only....

Yet not one word about this persevering, enduring, self sacrificing, unyielding pure, giving, resilient, brave, courageous, and noble Resistance.

Do you understand now why I only want to write to myself from now on ?

November 16, 2009

Gray Days, Black Days...

It feels as if the Sun no longer shines over Baghdad...It's a perpetual Maghreb. Maghreb as in Sunset.

Daily killings. On good days, around 10 to 15, on bad days, up to 3'000 and on so-so days around 500. Today another 12 killed in one Sunni village on the outskirts of Baghdad, murdered by men in uniforms.

And the day has just this evening the toll will be mounting.

That's for the killings.

Then you have the up coming executions of 126 women, on Eid Al Adha, another set of sacrificial lamb offerings. They worked for the previous regime as professionals serving their country. I am sure Iran is behind these executions. The spirit of sectarian Shiite vengeance is deep and malignant, it bears all the hallmarks of Iran's deep hatred for Iraq. Not just for the previous regime, oh no, but for Iraq and for Arab Iraqis in particular. Iran for me is ten times worse than Israel.

Since am on the subject of this racist Shiite entity, I must tell you that Iran has over 18 official bureaus in Iraq, running all kinds of Intelligence operatives and this was stated by Muwaffak Al-Rubaie, aka Karim Shahpour (spokesman for Maliki)

Am absolutely certain there are more unofficial ones, unaccounted for. Hell the whole puppet government,its ministries and the Shiite Hawza/Marjaiyah are run by Iran.

Alongside Iranian intelligence, there are 23 other countries with intelligence agencies operating in Iraq. I repeat 23 other countries. The most prominent ones are of course the American CIA and the Israeli Mossad.

And there are 88 security companies. I repeat 88 security companies operating in Baghdad alone, they are affiliated to Blackwater and to another UK based firm (I have forgotten the name, as usual) Needless to say, these firms are another cover for intelligence agencies.

All the above's goal is to ensure that Iraq remains in a perpetual state of bloody chaos. All the above's goal is to make sure that the Sun never shines on Baghdad again...

STOP the Execution of 126 Iraqi Women.

This is an urgent appeal regarding a piece of very serious information I have just received.

A decision has been taken to execute on the Eid Al Kabeer (in 2 weeks time) -- the Muslim feast marking the end of the Hajj pilgrimage the same time that President Saddam Hussein was murdered -- 126 Iraqi women on charges of "terrorism." These Iraqi women all hold higher University degrees and have worked as high cadres in the previous regime. That is their only crime.

Among the 126 women to be executed are: are the ex Head of Nuclear Energy Center (who was detained by the US occupying forces) and the ex minister of Work and Social Affairs.

This information was published on an Iraqi website called Iraqihurr in Arabic and that same piece of information was published in English by Women Solidarity for an Independent and Unified Iraq.

Please circulate this as widely as possible and check the addresses on the Women Solidarity website above -- to send your appeals to.

November 15, 2009

No Voice.

And why should ye not fight in the cause of Allah and of those who, being weak, are ill-treated (and oppressed)?- Men, women, and children, whose cry is: "Our Lord! Rescue us from this town, whose people are oppressors; and raise for us from thee one who will protect; and raise for us from thee one who will help! (the Koran. Chapter 4 The Women/ An-Nisa: Verse 75)

I feel terribly distressed...actually, I've been crying uncontrollably...and the tears don't seem to want to stop...

Today has been particularly hard on me. They must provide some kind of support for people who deal with traumatizing material on a daily basis...traumatic lives, traumatic pictures, traumatic stories, wrought with pain, immense suffering, silence, indifference, deep sadness and an anger that coils around itself like a snake about to explode, implode...

Assailed from all sides, whichever way I turn my head, I see only destruction and pain, endless pain...endless grief, endless misery...and the silence is sharper and deadlier than all the weapons, knives, and daggers of this world.

Why do I have the feeling that am alone witnessing all of this, where are the others? why is their voice so mute, why have they gone deaf and blind ? What are they doing in their corner, observing from afar ?

This is not a film, this is not an action film, not a video game, this is our lives...or what is left of them.

Why are they no tens of articles a day on Iraq's suffering - on its children, its prisoners, its women, its men, its walls...why are they no tens of articles daily on the continuous rape of Iraq, on the stealing of its water, its oil, its land by Iran. Why aren't they tens of articles daily on the abominable state of a country in total shambles...

How come they are no pictures of your city, send pictures, show the world what has become of your city, show the world what has become of your schools, hospitals, streets, buildings, the world what has become of your lives, of your health, of your neighborhood, your friends, your family...tell your story...tell your your wounds, cry your anger, write...expose, share...your silence is maddening, your absence is have left a vacuum for your torturers, and their paid whores to fill it in with garbage and sewage water like the garbage and putrid water that surrounds your homes and your lives...

Shamelessly sitting and observing...and am particularly referring to the Iraqi middle class youth, who are supposedly educated. Just now, another video emerged of a 60 year old man raped by two British soldiers in Basra, adding itself to the innumerable stories of rape, torture and sodomy that took and are still taking place in your country...and you sit and observe.

Neda Soltan, the young woman killed by the Iranian militias in Tehran, her boyfriend shared the story with the BBC, they are going to make a film about her. A scholarship was put out in her name at Oxford University, and posters were carried by Iranians making her the symbol of Revolt and Protest.

And you Iraqis, supposedly educated Iraqis, over 1 million of us have been murdered and you sit jerking off, immersed in shallowness and pettiness, mesmerized by the culture of McDonalds, Coca Cola, MTV and video have got no fucking shame at all.

And for the rest who have some conscience left, where are your Iraqi voices ? What are you doing, what are you doing instead ? Are you just going to let it go like this, that easily ?

SPEAK UP, For God's sake SPEAK UP.

November 13, 2009

Arabia Felix in the Grinder.Yemen etc...

It is so weird this blogging business, well it is in my case...

Whenever I think of a topic I may need to deal with and procrastinate over, things start happening around me, from different totally unrelated sources ,nudging me and I must say strongly at times, to get on with it...

Take for instance the subject of Arabia Felix - ancient name for Yemen.

I remember it was during the month of May 2009, while I was washing the dishes in a most monotonous manner, that Yemeni alarm bells flashed in front of my eyes right above my sink...Believe it or not but it's true. I had that sinking feeling that things were going to get out of hand in Yemen and that was back in May 2009.

I left the dishes in the sink and rushed to my computer and researched a little about Yemeni news, since Yemen was not being covered at all by any media outlets...and this is when I wrote on the 20th of May 2009, "Who's next for dinner ?"

Call it conspiratorial paranoia, but ever since the right wing U.S administration and its Zionists like Richard Perle (former adviser to Bibi Netanyahu) and other neocons concocted the blatant lies about Shiite oppression in Iraq...and ever since the Left and its other Zionist Chomsky spoke of "oppressed Shiites in the Arab world", my antennas have been up...

And I've mentioned it time and time again in almost all of my posts and I shall repeat it again tonight - wherever, whenever the Imperialist "Great Satan" needs to work out its plan, the "Axis of Evil" Iran will willingly play the sectarian card in the grand scheme of Divide and Rule. I will never cease repeating that.

I also mentioned time and time again, that after Iraq, will come Pakistan and Yemen and the ultimate stop over will be Saudi Arabia. Of this, I am certain. I have even given you the ideological (alongside the economic reasons) for that. But I don't wish to get into this angle now, I want to concentrate on Yemen which happens to find itself in a grinder and par la force des choses, Saudi Arabia has been drawn into the conflict as wished for by the partisans in Washington, Tel Aviv and Tehran.

And before you jump to your guns and accuse me of being a defender of feudal Wahhabi theocracy, and frankly I don't care if you do, try using your brains a little and try to differentiate between current partners and long term plans. In other words, the Saudi Royal family is NOT Saudi Arabia. Am talking of the destruction, weakening, partitioning of the Arab/Muslim world (as a concept however imperfect it is and even if you don't believe in it) and not about temporary clans and rulers...

And the best way to drain a country of its resources, again use your brains, resources is not only raw matter, but capacity, cohesiveness, brains, human energy, planning, development, growth, future vision by unleashing internal strife and conflict, border conflicts included...

So getting back to Yemen... I've been procrastinating writing about Yemen, maybe because in my head, it is now a done deal...and every time I know I should/must write about a topic and fail to do so, I am nudged through synchronicity i.e through totally unrelated events from different sources, pushing me to finally broach the subject I've been postponing...

I will not cover what is actually happening in Yemen now, all the details about Houthis fighting, the thousands of Yemenis displaced in very dire conditions, the weakening of the central government, the triggering of mistrust, the latching on political opportunism of the Yemeni opposition, the drawing in of Saudi Arabia in the conflict through a war of borders...and last but not least the sudden resurgence of Al-Qaeda in Yemen...

I want to devote this Yemeni chapter to Iran and the Left. And we'll take it from there.

The Left (also known as liberal,progressive) or as Reza Fiyouzat, the Iranian blogger in an excellent post calls them the clueless idiots, and I think Reza is being too polite here. I would call them the paid, sell out hypocritical bastards and in particular the Arab Left -- from journalists, to reporters, to media, to bloggers, to self proclaimed expert farts...

This grotesque group take on the Yemen story is roughly as follows : Saudi Arabia bad, Iran good. Yemen bad because helped by Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is Wahhabi, Wahhabi is pro-Israel, Wahhabi is Al-Qaeda. Iran good because anti -Israel,"anti Zionist and anti-Imperialist" And after all they are Muslims...

Of course for these cheap sell outs, it does not matter that Iran and its militias ethnically cleansed Iraq in collaboration with the Great Satan, nor does it matter that Iraq is now partitioned Balkan style, nor does it matter that a sectarian theocracy puppet government is in place, nor does it matter that the Zionists are literally ruling Kurdistan whom they supported with their "Free Kurdistan" of course not, none of that matters, because Iran and its cloned sheep in Lebanon and its fiery driller in Baghdad threw a few anti-imperialist rhetorical words down their way. The cliche jargon that these lapdogs swallow like bones without even chewing...

So according to those luminaries, the Houthis are another oppressed minority in Yemen, and some would even go as far as saying they are the majority. Like they did in Iraq and in Baghdad in particular where for every 1 Shiite, 3 Sunnis were killed and that is the official data from an American study (and it's a must read) and the rest were exiled to Syria and Jordan and elsewhere, bringing down the Sunni ARAB population in Baghdad alone to a mere 10%. And the Arab left hailed that as a great victory, because in the putrid minds of the Arab left, every Sunni is a Wahhabi and every Wahhabi is Al-Qaeda and pro-Zion and anti-Palestinian.
And that is how Iraq remains the Zionist Americans and the Zionist Iranians with the blessings of the Left !

So back to the Houthis, the Shiite "oppressed" rebels. A quick look at recent events are quite important, without going much into details as those are available online. And am using these details as an please use your brains en contrepartie.

A few weeks ago, the Yemeni government accused some elements in the Iranian government (trying to be diplomatic) of arming the Houthi rebels. A ship carrying Iranian arms was caught off the Yemeni coast, Iran denied it and two days later, another piece of news stated that the crew on board, destroyed all documents that implicating Iranian involvement. Then a few days later, Iran's FM M.Moutakki planned a visit to Yemen, which the Yemeni government declined to accept. Then a couple of days later, and this is very important, 5 Yemeni army officers were ambushed and murdered by Al-QAEDA and this according to the BBC. A piece of news that went unnoticed...

Now the Arab left luminaries and their shit analysis wants us to believe that Al-Qaeda is being pushed by Saudi Arabia in Yemen to kill the Houthis. Yet Al-Qaeda killed the Yemeni army officers. Saudi Arabia issued statements, stating that the Houthis and the Al-Qaeda were working together. Saudi Arabia said the truth. I will get back to that point later on as it has important implications...

Several reports then came out, pointing to heavy losses among the Yemeni army, in October alone, over 100 Yemeni soldiers were killed and the moral is very low as "the army did not know who it was fighting anymore..." in other words, there are not only the Houthis rebels involved in this conflict.

The conflict was pushed to the Saudi borders as expected, with the kidnapping and killing of several Saudi army officers...and 240 villages in Saudi Arabia have been evacuated and 50 schools closed as per the UNICEF report....

The Yemeni government insists that Iran is funding this sectarian movement and Iran denies it. Yet, a very interesting report came out in Watan Al Arabi 31/10/09 with the title "Tehran Aims to Turn Yemen into a Regional Arena for Conflict, as Part of Its Ongoing Dispute with Several Countries in the Region"

The article also states that there are training camps in Eritrea, run by the Iranian Quds Brigades (IRGC)-- yes the same ones that are running the show in Baghdad. Not mentioning the acquisition of land by people with direct links to Iran and to the Houthis in the Yemeni Maydi province where the Northern Yemeni port is, and where the last Iranian ship was caught transferring arms from the Asab port in Eritrea to Maydi port in Yemen, just a few kilometers apart.

The article then says that : on the 29th of October "One Houthi commander, Sheikh Abdallah Al-Mahdoun, who [had turned himself in], revealed [in October 2009] Iran's role in fanning the flames of the conflict in Sa'da, acknowledging in a newspaper interview that 'the Houthis had received unlimited help in arms and supplies, under the oversight of the IRGC and also of experts from Hizbullah.' He added that 'rebel leader 'Abd Al-Malik Al-Houthi had told him that things are going their way,' and that 'this is how they will restore the culture of Persia [to its glory], and will not stop at any border."

Please note that Hezbollah experts have trained the Mahdi Army of Muqtada Al-Sadr in Baghdad and no it's not to fight the Americans nor the Israelis, but to ethnically cleanse Baghdad city of non Shiites.

Four weeks ago, the Sadrists, yes the drillers of Muqtada Al-Sadr, first offered to mediate between the Yemeni government and the Houthis, then the last piece of news from their official website Nahrainnet, about 3 days ago, is an outright condemnation of the Yemeni government and accusing the Saudi government of using Jordanian commandos to fight the Shiite rebels. This is what I call spreading fire !

Of course at this stage two questions pop up : What has Hezbollah and the Sadrists drillers have to do with Yemen? Sectarian patronage and loyalty no doubt.

Let's continue...

On the 10th of November Iran's FM, Moutakki assured the Houthis of Iran's support and warned against "foreign intervention in Yemen" referring to Saudi Arabia bombing the rebels in its Saudi territory, all the while, continuously denying in the pathetic Shiite Taqiyya way, any Iranian involvement with the rebels. His warning went as far as to say : "Those who pour oil on the fire must know that they will not be spared from the smoke that billows..."

This has sent a few of the Gulf countries in a frenzy with : The turmoil in Yemen has sparked fears that Yemen could become the most dangerous new front in the War on Terror...and...regional tensions too have deepened as a result of the conflict in Yemen. Bahrain and Kuwait, both concerned about Shia influence in the region, together with Morocco have expressed their support for Saudi Arabia in attacking Houthi fighters. The show of solidarity between Arab states joins accusations leveled against religious schools affiliated to Shia beliefs and Iran for their support of the Houthis...."

And while this is going on, Ayatollah Jannati in Tehran is talking of a Shiite oppression and extermination, echoing in perfect unison, the claims of the Zionists in the White House, like Richard Perle and Co, and those of the tragico comic Left of Chomsky and Co.

So getting back to Al-Qaeda as I said I would...Al-Qaeda in Yemen is playing the exact same role it played in Iraq. In Baghdad, ask any Baghdadi and he will tell you there is no Al-Qaeda, they are all intelligence operatives, at the beginning they were run by the CIA and the Mossad and today they are run by Iran Quds Brigades.

The same goes for Yemen. That story that went unnoticed of the 5 Yemeni army officers ambushed and killed by Al-Qaeda, is a replica of the tactics used in Baghdad and other parts of Iraq by the USA and now by Iran. In other words, just in case you're not getting it: Al-Qaeda is also being financed and armed by Iran. And I've said it before, a top AQ leader no.2 in Iraq, is said to be hiding in Iran...

Yemen is in a bad state, very bad and deeply concerning. And as I mentioned in my post of 20th of May, there is not only the sectarians funded by Iran in the North, but there is also the southern separatist movement that is now ganging up against the central government as it is weakening, there is also the economic and serious water crisis, coupled with the grave refugee situation with well over 50'000 displaced in a few months only, in terrible conditions, plus the poverty, plus the very low moral of the army, and to top it all off Al-Qaeda.

Yemen is definitely in the grinder. But not only Yemen...

Iraq for 8 years kept the Shiite revivalist fascism at bay with one million Iraqi dead, in a bleeding war of attrition, and protected the Arab Gulf including the despicable Kuwait and the rest of the parasites...(not Yemen though. It had a very honorable stand) only to have them turn their backs on us...and now...

Well now, let them face the Persian music alone.

P.S: Wanted to write about Yemen's Jews and their secret transfer to the US in April 09, in preparation for...but will leave that for another post. This one is already too long.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Ziad Bakury.

November 11, 2009

Black & White.

I was listening to some Jazz and Blues. Billie Holiday to be precise. The black woman, the black in colored, as in different, as in OTHER.

I am black too, very black, with no pigmented skin... I love black...I love being black. The black sheep, the black female, the black witch, the black virgin, the black reality...

Black is good. Very good. My favorite color. It gave blues, jazz & reggae...Black is definitely good... and am all black.

Of course, am not referring to race, am referring to states of cultural and political referring to the history of being black, of being the Other...

Black for me is anyone who is not white.

Again, white is not a color, it is a concept.

You can be very white in skin but very black...and you can be very black in skin and very white...(think Condi Rice). And I've seen those black whites in Baghdad. Their black is whiter than snow...

I don't believe in ganging up against the white man. Allah has created all is not about race per's about vision, outlook, culture, politics, stands and's about colonialism and its tentacles...

As an Iraqi, I consider myself blacker than black...the blackest possible...

Stupid people believe that black and white is about skin color. That is too skin deep...go to the kernel...go to the crux...go to the essence.

Go to the is black and white, white and black...

Go to the Essence, it has no color.

Pivotal Kirkuk & Israeli Presence.

This is a rushed translation of an important article on Kirkuk written by Wajdi Anwar Mardan.

Title : Did you know that the Israeli command and operation center for target assassinations is based in Kirkuk and do the Iraqis know why the Israeli rush for property acquisitions in Kirkuk?

This article was written in reply to a question that appeared in the Jordanian daily, Al-Dustur, a few days ago, by the journalist Hayat.H.Attiyah and who started her article with : Israeli Jews of Iraqi origins return en masse to Iraq, and are settling particularly in Kirkuk where they are buying all kinds of property. The journalist Hayat Attiyah asks the question: Why Kirkuk ?

The author Wajdi Anwar Mardan says : Before replying to this journalist's question, we need to inform the reader that this is NOT a new piece of information.
He then goes on to say : After 9th April 2003, the day of the occupation of Baghdad, a large number of Israeli Mossad agents arrived in Iraq under several pseudo cover companies, the main one was called The Rafidain Company.

The first batch of arrivals was made of 900 Israeli spies. They were in charge of setting up specialized units in the target assassinations of Iraqi cadres, political figures and military personalities as well as Iraqi scientists and academics. For example in ONE year alone, 1000 Iraqi scientists were murdered.

Out of the 950 Israeli agents, 450 moved from Baghdad to Kirkuk. Currently they are occupying a house in the suburbs of the city of Kirkuk. Among these agents there is a group of Kurds who were trained by the CIA. These Kurds were flown from Northern Iraq to the island of Guam in 1996 for training.

The author then adds that most of the agents are fluent in English, and Arabic and speak this latter with an Iraqi accent. Since the beginning of this year -2009, they have been buying property/real estate in Kirkuk and its surroundings: lands, agricultural fields, houses and office buildings.

Over and above that, it (this group) has continued in its target assassinations of Turkmen and Arab personalities, including some Kurdish ones, plus the bombing of Turkmen parties HQs, with the aim of igniting ethnic strife in Kirkuk and the North of Iraq. These secret Israeli operatives are also still very active in Baghdad and Babel. (my note: alongside the Iranian secret intelligence operatives)

The author W.A.Mardan then poses the question: Why Kirkuk then ?

He gives more than one reason/explanation...

1) Historical : In Babylonian times, Nebuchadnezzar, in the year 576 BC, destroyed the Southern Hebrew city (Judea/Jerusalem) and took 50'000 Jews as captives to Babylon.
On his way to Babylon, he passed by Kirkuk, which was then a strategic route, the same borrowed by the Persian King Darius and his army who was defeated by Alexander the Macedonian in the Ar'ba'liu battle - currently called Erbil (my note : Erbil which is an old Assyrian word, meaning the 4 gates - nothing Kurdish about it).

So when Nebuchadnezzar arrived in Kirkuk, which was called Kar-kuk in Mesopotamian times meaning organized hard labour (my note : hard labour is still referred to as KAR in Arabic) - he saw on the eastern flank of the Khasa-so river (now called Khasa) 3 hills, fairly close to one another. Nebuchadnezzar then asked his captives to fetch sand and stones from the surrounding areas and fill the gaps between those three hills, so as to make on large hill and ordered them to build a fortress on it - hence the name Kirkuk or Kar-Kuk.

Once the construction completed, he then ordered the building of a underground cellar about 300 meters from the fortress main gate, called "Tob Qabu" (my note: in Arabic - Qabu or A'bu means cellar or anything constructed under the surface of something else. Qubba means dome. Hence the Turkish word Topkapi - under the dome)

The author then says, during the Abbasid times, out of respect for the (Hebrew) Prophets, a Mosque was built over this cellar/Qabu/also called Serdab (my note : Serdab comes from Ser (secret) and dab (passage)i.e a secret passage). This mosque namedMaqam al Anbiya -the High Place of the Prophets - is known today in Kirkuk as Prophet Daniel's Mosque known in Turkmen language as Daniel Beghmebir Jami'i. This mosque remains till this day the historical embodiment of this city and what happened in it.

This mosque was/is known to be a place of good omen that brings prosperity to its visitors. Before, Iraqi Jews of Kirkuk, i.e before their departure to Palestine in 1956, they also frequented this mosque to celebrate Yom Al-Kabeer i.e Yom Kippur with the blessings of the Imam of the Mosque - showing the extent of the religious tolerance that existed in Kirkuk.

The author then says, he also recalls as a child, another occasion when the Jews of Kirkuk used to gather in this mosque, and they used to collectively weep/lament there. So he asked his grandmother the reason why and she told him that this is the occasion when they would remember the destruction of their city in Jerusalem and the imprisonment of their prophet Daniel in this very place ie in the prophet Daniel Mosque.

The author concludes for this part; This is the story of the Jews and Kirkuk, as recounted to me by the elders of this city several decades ago. It may well be that more historical and archeological research be done on this, however the Serdab/Qabu/Cellar of the Mosque is the proof since it is the place of the three Hebrew prophets and they are buried there. This goes for the historical reason/explanation.

Now for the second reason...

2) Resources : As is already known, Kirkuk holds 60% of Iraq's oil reserves and has one of the finest quality of crude oil. And as per the previous regime's estimates, in order to extract 5 million barrels of oil a day, Kirkuk would need an investment of 8 billion dollars in its oil production fields/techniques. The author then adds, but since corruption and oil smuggling are now the norm in occupied Iraq, the estimates now range between 16 to 24 Billion dollars. Hence, this is why Israeli Jews are buying as much land as possible today in Kirkuk with the aim of turning it into the Las Vegas of the Middle East.

The third reason....

3) Strategy & Security for the Kurds : Israel has given guarantees to both Kurdish leaders, Talabani and Barazani, to protect the Federal autonomous region of Kurdistan from any internal (from within Iraq) or external threats, from Turkey, Syria or Iran.(my note:Turkey is seeking an active political breakthrough with its Kurds and Turkish rapprochement with the Iraqi Kurdish leadership was made, following the visit of the Turkish Foreign Minister to Erbil, where Turkey will be opening a consular section there soon, after it has already done so in Basra)

The author adds that according to the American-Israeli plan, Kirkuk is to become the capital of "Kurdistan." Hence the Jewish/Israeli presence in Kirkuk is of crucial strategic importance, in its proximity to Turkey, Syria and Iran.

The author concludes by saying that the American invasion and occupation of Iraq was mainly to protect Israel and ensure that it remains the only regional super power in the area. That American plan hinges upon the strengthening of its puppet government in Baghdad, and its continuous efforts to erase Iraq's Arabic and Islamic identity and stripping it of its ancient and contemporary history, civilization, heritage and role.

UPDATE : Just received this message from someone with close ties to Kirkuk. And this is what this person had to add to the above :

" Since April 2003 when the Peshmerga (Kurdish militias) invaded and took control of Kirkuk the Kurds have been buying properties and land in Kerkuk, we know this from our (Turkmen) relatives who live in Kerkuk.
Real Kirkukis can no longer afford to buy a house or a piece of land in their city. The young ones who are getting married are obliged to move out of the city to make room for Kurds from outside Kirkuk but also for Kurds from Iran, Syria, Turkey, all IMPORTED and FINANCED by the Kurdish warlords.
Kirkuk is now under control of the Kurdish mafia and the Mossad. A very dangerous situation for the future of Iraq. "

November 8, 2009


The day started well, until...

The day started well, on a good note...listening to Sacred Music, incense burning in the corner, drawing imperceptible smoke patterns, dancing in a coffee pot simmering on a low fire and the smell of Cardamon filling the quiet space...

The day started well, the sun shining brightly on a November day, the call to Friday prayer filling a spotless blue sky with Hope...


Until, I was reminded again...not that I ever forgot.
I was hoping for a lull...a temporary respite in between the lines, a full stop in a paragraph. Knowing fully well that other paragraphs will write themselves in this never ending chapter of our lives, writing themselves on the body of my Beloved...raping her again and again.

A gang rape of nations, a gang rape of different races, nationalities, religions and sects...a collective incensed, demoniacal grip on my Beloved...a vampire sucking her blood, tearing her limbs, chewing on her skin, munching her flesh, sucking on her bones...the Cannibalism of nations and races....

Green neon lights, dollar bills, shine in the obscurity surrounding her, in the silence gagging her...neon lights, a phosphorescent phosphorus, dance like laser beams, like the ones emitted from the top of underground discotheques, to the sound of techno and heavy metal, lead and mercury, crack and cocaine, with fake make believe smoke, rising from the dance floor, shrouding the flesh eaters in a demoniacal ecstasy -- a trance of red and black...pissing Black Water and vomiting Eagle's feathers in alcohol stained urinals...

Rapacious clawed fangs, digging into the flesh...her flesh, his flesh...Iraq's flesh...

Every syphilitic son of a bitch has visited her...visited her...oh no, not visited, raped her...every diseased son of a whore, every flea ridden, greasy, warty, stinking, bastard has forced himself upon her...

Americans, Iranians, British, Italians, Spaniards, Japanese, Slavs, South Americans,
Australians, South Africans, Filipinos, Bengals, Indians, Israelis, Egyptians, Syrians, Lebanese, Jordanians, Palestinians...

They all visited her as : soldiers, mercenaries, snipers, death squads, torturers, interrogators, contractors, translators, businessmen, facilitators, consultants, advisers, workers and the rest...

The last ones to add themselves to the long list of rapists and killers are the as mercenaries--the politically correct word is security agents.

When Africans, South Africans to be more precise, were caught fighting alongside the Israelis in Gaza, as mercenaries, courts were summoned, activists shouted, and lawsuits began...

But for 7 years, thousands of sons of bitches landed in Iraq, to make a quick buck and to enhance and perfect their killing techniques and not one of you bastards, bastards from various nationalities and races, lifted a finger...there was no Goldstone report, and no one was taken before a judge and a court...

Thousands of war profiteers, sucking on our blood, for seven years now...thousands of Whites, Asians, Latinos, Africans and Arabs...and all you did was shrug your shoulders...

One bitch was preaching to me about "international solidarity", well fuck you and fuck your international solidarity...our blood has been pouring in gallons for seven years but your politically correct red lines were not to be transgressed. Who could say that Filipinos, Bengals and Indians were after blood money, who could utter a word on Africans sucking on our blood, who could mention Jews and Israelis as prime murderers, and who dared talk about Iran, the whore, and its Shiite death squads. And who could say that Arabs including "prominent" Palestinians made millions of dollars from occupied bloody Iraq ?
Oh, your politically correct red lines, how they murdered us!

You can shove your international solidarity up your collective showed no true solidarity with us.

Iraq was not romantic or sexy enough for did not make political superstars out of you and did not feed your rotten egos like other causes...

Seven fucking years...and more Iraqis were killed by your silence than Palestinians murdered at the hands of the Zionists...and not one fucking report.

But you hate those simple truths. You have always hated the disturbs you and takes out of your comfort zone, your politically correct comfort zone, padded and cushioned with omissions, lies and willful forgetfulness...

But am here, like a sore disturb you, disturb you and mess your comfort zone...

And she's that incense stick burning in that corner, all by herself, all alone.

Picture: Iraqi Palm Tree in a Sandstorm.

November 6, 2009

Paranoia, Lies and Iran's Filthy Hands.

I was just zapping away, and I fell on a channel I had never bothered to watch before, called Al-Ghadeer.

It turned out to be another Iraqi satellite TV, funded by Iran and run by the Shiite Iraqi sectarians sell out and traitors.

The program was just the re-run of today's Friday sermon from Baghdad. Two groups, bearded men with silver rings from Qum and women in Iranian style chadors. The sermon was about Saddam Hussein and the Baathists.

The fake, corrupt charlatan of a mullah cleric was preaching to his faithful self flagellants, calling for a new Iraq and for solidarity with Iran, praising Larijani, head of the Iranian Shura (religious council) who congratulated Iraqis two days ago on their "new found democracy", calling for support and mobilization in favor of all of the sectarian Shiite parties including Al-Maliki's, calling for strong and loving ties with Iran, praising Larijani again and assuring his sheep listeners that Iran will "quench the thirst" of Iraqis and urged Iran to provide more "security" to the Iraqis and "protect" them specially in the South, from Saddam and the Baathists !

This cleric, this racist, Safavid, Shiite mullah, on Iran's payroll is spreading lies in the heart of "God's" house.

He is saying, as I am typing now...Saddam IS anti-Islam. For this son of a bitch from Shiastan, Muslims mean Shias only.

He is also saying that that Saddam banned all religious books, that Baathists are infidels, kaffirs, that Saddam killed all the clerics, that Saddam prevented Muslims (read Shiites) from praying in their mosques, that Saddam burned religious books, that Saddam forbade the call to prayer in all parts of Iraq, that Saddam forbade the reciting of the Koran, that Saddam (and Baathists) was and still is the Enemy of Islam. That all the "Tyrant's" effort (even from his grave) will not succeed, that Saddam and his Baath did nothing for Iraq or the Arab World, that he did nothing for the Palestinians, that he did nothing for the country, that he did not build anything, that all attempts of Baathists to return to power with Saddam Hussein as their leader will never materialize...

It's official : Shiites are as delusional paranoiacs as the Jews. And as good as fabricating their victim industry propaganda and even better than the Zionists in covering their deep racism under the cloak of Islam.

But more importantly, Iran and ALL of its parties inside and outside of Iran -- and that includes the sectarian Hezbollah who congratulated Maliki on his elections, and who trained and is still training the drillers of the Mahdi army militia in massacring Iraqis and Palestinians and who sent his condolences and his sympathies to the head of the Badr Brigade Militias of Al Hakeem who massacred Iraqis and Palestinians in the name of the Islamic Republic --- Iran (and all of its parties) is as filthy and as criminal as Israel.



Am in no mood for longish posts. I want to be parsimonious with words...adopt a minimalist approach, a bit like those traditional Japanese rooms, holding the bare essentials.

Been checking some Iraqi artwork, I am fanatic of Iraqi art...I usually get very excited, almost ecstatic...I surprised myself this time...It felt drab, dull, bland ...lost its luster, lost that quality of gripping me...of taking a hold of me and leaving me breathless... almost lifeless.

How come ?

A general fatigue no doubt. The artist must be tired too.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Shaker Hassan, "Objective Contemplations"

November 4, 2009

Abandoned Women - Baghdad's Widows.

I was once called a black Widow...that's fine with me...I consider my ex-husband as good as dead. And I stopped mourning him on the day of our divorce. Have you ever seen anyone mourn Chernobyl ? Well my ex was the second disaster after Chernobyl or should I say Iraq ?

Baghdad's widows on the other hand, don't share the same predicament. They are not "black widows" by choice.

I was watching a program the other day, and they interviewed a couple of those "black widows". It's funny, how the black obliterates all sects, all classes, all's funny how black obliterates it all...

There was this woman, very beautiful, living in a slum..slum is too nice of a word..her "home" consisted of a few bricks covered with plastic garbage bags, for a roof top...
She was a mother of 4. Her husband was tortured and killed by the death squads/militias. She borrowed money and built a little kiosk selling colored balloons...the puppet government's bulldozers arrived one morning and bulldozed her kiosk, her only income...

She said : " I don't want anything for myself...but who will feed my kids ? If Maliki is incapable of paying attention to us (widows) then let him leave that golden chair of his, and let someone else take over...I need to feed my kids. "

Another woman was also interviewed, same scene, pools of sewage, mountains of garbage surrounding her "home", which consisted again of a few bricks covered with plastic for a roof top...

Same story, husband killed by militias...left all alone, lost her family, her home, her job...and had to care for several kids...She cried and cried...the cameraman filmed her and produced a scoop...Tonight, she is still alone, crying...

Many stories...too many. If I tap into that, if I tap into the abandonment, if I tap into the scarcity, if I tap into the solitude, if I tap into the pain and the loss, if I tap into the grief...I will run out of pages.

I am not ready to lift that lid from that well...

Besides, words are words...they did not affect you before, they will not affect you today. Neither words, nor a thousand pictures...

I have become solution oriented...Sometimes the solutions are like some loose patchwork, sometimes they are just a band aid...sometimes they are very imperfect...but this is our Reality and this is what IS.

Facts, you hate them...I love them. Facts, you abhor them, I turn them into statues of worship because they are REALITY - OUR REALITY - OUR TRUTH.

A bit of history for you.

After the Iraq-Iran war, when we had over 1 Million of our men killed fighting off the madness of Iranian Khomeinism, which finally took over Iraq thanks to the American occupation...

After those 8 years of a bleeding war, President Saddam Hussein agreed for the re-insertion of polygamy i.e marrying a second wife, in parallel to the State providing for widows of the Iraq-Iran war : pensions, a piece of land, and having all their financial needs looked after by the State - from their children schooling to everything else; for being wives of martyrs.

President Saddam Hussein was greatly criticized by so called Feminists for this move in that particular context. The allegation was/is, by so called feminists one of them, an Iraqi American, who goes by the name of Zainab Salbi - is " Saddam reintroduced polygamy" thus usurping women's rights, that he and his regime have themselves encouraged and enacted...

Of course Zainab Salbi fails to mention that the ratio of women to men was more than other words there were more women than men...then, in the aftermath of the Iraq-Iran war.

Well, Zainab Salbi was blessed by the Clinton administration...I guess that absolves her blatant ignorance about the fate of Iraqi women, even though she tries to purport herself as the expert of that cause, amongst her western feminist circles...

That was then...

Today the ratio is 10 women or so to 1 men. Today, after 2003...after our "liberation". It's funny how our liberation finished off our men and tortured, raped and made widows out of our women. Don't you think ?

So what do Western "feminists" suggest, including the Zainab Salbi's of this world ?
While they're living safely and well tucked away in England and in the U.S, pontificating about women's rights...

The puppet Iraqi government that the majority of Western feminists and their lapdogs either supported or failed to out rightly condemn, is no longer supporting it's 2-3 million widows, 2-3 million widows since 2003...It has simply abandoned them.

Abandoned women to gangs, militias, prostitution, trafficking, poverty, disease, forgetfulness, indifference, callousness...

And we have junk feminists, assuring us that the Iraqi parliament has a ratio of 25% of puppet/junk females.

Who cares about puppet women? There are well over 2 million widows in Baghdad alone.

So what do you suggest "dear" sisters of Feminism ? What do you and your female lapdogs suggest ?

What theory will you come up with now ? How many hours, days, weeks, and years of debate do you need to come up with a solution ?

Because I want a solution...and fuck your theories.

Even though some Iraqi widows are forcing themselves into accepting marriage as second wives to feed their kids...many others are totally marginalized and forgotten...

What woman does not hate polygamous men ? All of us do...deep down, even the most "religious" amongst us.

But there is a greater Wisdom than yours and mine...

Polygamy or more aptly bigamy in the case of "liberated" Iraq and it's million of widows is a blessing.

Yes it is.

Widows, war widows, in a country torn to pieces thanks to you and your fucking democracy...are AS ENTITLED as any woman and as any Western woman to a decent life.

Baghdad's widows are entitled to husbands/partners, mates, fathers for their kids, support, emotional bonding, sex and the rest...

And those who are WILLING to be remarried, should be encouraged...

And in a country where your "brave" U.S men and "revolutionary" Iranian "Islamic" militias massacred thousands of our men, leaving 1 man to 10 women, then it is your duty to support Iraq's widows. Not just materially, but also morally...

And if that means a return of male polygamy/bigamy...then so be it.

In my opinion, it would be most hypocritical to bark about women's rights and assume that Iraq's widows will have to be relegated to lives of stoic austerity and celibacy just to fulfill your ideal of what gender relationships should be like -- when you yourselves, are unable to reach it in a state of "peace", i.e when you're not living or are products of war-occupation torn/massacred societies.

Besides, why are you so shocked ? 3/4 or more, if not more, of your men have affairs, outside of marriage/and so-called "committed relationships"...leaving you and her in the Dark/Obscurity for months and years...At least in our case, it's all legal and in the Light.

Painting : Iraqi female artist, Betool Fekaiki.

November 1, 2009

A Freedom Checklist...

You know how some people are addicted to their lists...they write everything down in lists...

They have shopping lists, that they leave many a times have I picked one of those lonely lists abandoned in some supermarket cart, once they check out...then they have to do lists, and they have invitation lists, and wedding lists, and guests lists, and cooking lists, and music lists, and lovers lists, and web lists, and company lists, and fortune lists and awards lists, and geographical lists, and...

All is listed...

I have only one list. My freedom list. It's actually a checklist. It has no order of priority, it's chaotic and haphazardly jotted down...I've had it on my wall for some years now...and I keep adding to it...I keep adding...

- buildings destroyed (V)
- homes in ruins (V)
- streets in rubble (V)
- mosques and churches destroyed(V)
- infrastructure smashed (V)
- checkpoints and barracks everywhere (V)
- parks turned into cemeteries (V)
- libraries burned down (V)
- schools in shambles (V)
- Universities closed down (V)
- hospitals dilapidated (V)
- black market for medication and medical equipment (V)
- doctors, nurses, academics, scientists killed or fled (V)
- unemployment over 50% (V)
- soaring rate of inflation (V)
- rampant disease, cancer rates soaring (V)
- deformed babies and infertile women (V)
- environmental pollution, toxic waste (V)
- breakdown of state services (V)
- mountains of garbage and pools of sewage(V)
- a savage poverty (V)
- archeological sites and antiquities destroyed and stolen (V)
- museums and galleries plundered and/or closed down
- children sold, abducted and trafficked (V)
- street children and orphans in thousands (V)
- trading in human organs (V)
- women abandoned and loss of rights (V)
- rape of women, honor killings, trafficking and kidnapping (V)
- forced prostitution (V)
- eliminating homosexuals (V)
- unprecedented gang crimes (V)
- drug cultivation, trafficking and addiction (V)
- prisons crammed with innocent (V)
- grotesque forms of torture (V)
- long lists of arbitrary arrests and executions (V)
- drought, rivers totally drying up (V)
- no running water (V)
- electricity a thing of the past (V)
- trees cut and fields abandoned (V)
- total reliance on imports (V)
- smuggling and illegal selling of oil (V)
- industrial and agricultural output zero (V)
- malignant corruption, bribery, clientelism, patronage (V)
- fraud and forgery of contracts, diplomas, tenders etc..(V)
- theft of public and state property and funds (V)
- malignant sectarianism and ethnic chauvinism (V)
- infiltration of state by foreign intelligence agents (V)
- American military bases everywhere (V)
- Iranian agents and operatives everywhere (V)
- discrimination according to ethnicity, religion, sect (V)
- eviction from homes (V)
- appropriation of lands and homes (V)
- forced exile (V)
- refugees in thousands (V)
- maimed and amputated in thousands (V)
- thousands of dead (V)
- killings, bombs, explosions daily (V)
- journalists targeted and killed (V)
- censorship and banning of books (V)
- total breakdown of cultural, artistic and literary life (V)
- a full comeback of ideological obscurantism (V)
- satellite TV channels (V)
- 100 toilet newspapers (V)

By the way (V) stands for DONE.

This is an open list and by no means exhaustive...It shall be updated regularly with more freedom checklist items...

And am holding on to this list, my freedom will not find it abandoned in some supermarket cart on your way out...

Painting: Iraqi artist, Muhamad Muhraddin, 2007.