Flash News from Occupied Iraq

- Puppet President Talabani and Adel Abdel Mahdi and Suleimani arrived in Tehran today.

- 15 unidentified bodies found across Diyala, and were buried today in mass grave. Reports say that the terrorism of sectarian violence has not stopped.

- Demonstrations in Diwaniya, organised by the Dawa party and Nouri al-Maliki, with slogans accusing Saleh Al-Mutlaq and Allawi of "Baathism", and condemning "return of Baathism in Iraq." Another preparation for the upcoming elections.

- Several Iraqi TV stations agree that the mute tape aired by Nouri Al-Maliki government showing 3 alleged "saddamist and baathist" culprits in red jump suits, confessing their role in the October explosions in Baghdad to be a theatrical farce and a bad film, in preparation for the up coming elections.

- Kurds are threatening to boycott election laws if they are not allocated more seats. Go figure what they mean by that.

- Several wounded and killed across Iraq through explosions, notably in Falluja and central Baghdad.

- A Pentagon deal has been signed for 1 billion dollars with puppet government for the sale of 15 helicopters. A reminder - last year a deal was signed with the Pentagon for the sum of 10 billion dollars for 140 tanks and 2 military transport airplanes.

End of news for now.

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