April 30, 2008

To Her in Music...

I am very touched by Ed.Schmidt's musical composition /piece, with the lyrics "To Her" from my Uncensored Arabwomanblues.blog.

I love the voice and the acoustic guitar. Thank you Ed.

You can leave your comments to Ed on his youtube page here.

April 29, 2008

28th of April...

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http://www.uruknet.info/ has been censored yet again by Google News.

This is not the 1st time but the 4th time that Google News cuts off Uruknet.

Uruknet is ranked by Alexa as the no.1, most popular news media on Iraq.

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April 28, 2008

Il Imperator hath spoken...

I don't have time to transcript the whole of the Al-Arabiya interview with the puppet PM Al-Maliki. And besides, I can't be bothered, he bores me to tears and his finger wagging reminds me of a drooling, salivating dog's tail basking in the limelight of some "celebrity".

Puppets are usually comical and this one is no exception. Except what is happening to Iraq is not funny at all.

But I will give you a summary of his garbage. And in no chronological order.

When asked by Elie Nakouzee, another hair gel covered head, Lebanese style, if his Excellency, Il Imperator waged the battle of Basrah in preparation FOR the Battle for Mosul this is what Maliki had to say.

I think I proved this is not a sectarian government. I proved it over and over again. All gangs will be dealt with in an equal fashion. Be it in Basrah or Mosul. And the battle for Mosul will happen in the coming days. The AQ are bandits infiltrated by Saddamists and they will be finished off.
What I've done in Basrah proves that I am not a sectarian. The Shiites and the Sunnis who don't uphold the rule of law will be treated the same way.

He added that initially he did not intend to wage a battle in Basrah. And that it was decided in 4 days only. Last minute kind of thing. What he had in mind was to "visit" Basrah and stop the gross human rights violations that were taking place there -They still are taking place your Excellency - and to stop the smugglers and the gangs from controlling the port of Basrah and from destroying government institutions.

When asked about his relationship with the Sadrists and the fact that Muqtada Al-Sadr claims that it's thanks to his party that Maliki got to power, this is what the puppet had to say.

Is the chicken from the egg or the egg from the chicken ? I embraced the Sadrists and gave them 5 seats from the DAWA party, offered it to them on top of the seats they already had. Muqtada says it's thanks to him but I say it's thanks to me that they joined the political process.

The reader can have a glimpse how the "Iraqi parliament" functions. Maliki gives seats to the Sadrists. Sounds more like a vendor in a kiosk, and not a Prime Minister for sure.

He repeated the following many times during the interview.

The Sadrists are our brothers, my arms will alway remain open to them. They have sacrificed a lot in the name of the great Sadr and the Mahdi. I am not against the Sadrists or Muqtada Al-Sadr, I am against the gang/criminal elements inside the Sadrists. They have been infiltrated by members of the previous regime, by Saddamists, and they need to purify their ranks. These Saddamists are the ones who are making alliance with the smugglers and gangs in Basrah. I want the constitution to be applied against these gangs. Muqtada Al-Sadr needs to purify these criminal elements from his ranks. But the Sadrists are our brothers and will remain our brothers.

Ironically Al-Sadr said the same about Maliki's party being infiltrated by Saddamists and gangs. And that Maliki needs to uphold the constitution.

What consititution? Would someone please tell me. What law and order? We are ruled by the dirtiest mafias ever. And our plight is falling on DEAF EARS.

He furthermore said that Sadr City is not under siege, and that this was Saddamist propaganda. And that the figure of 30-40% Iraqi support for the Sadrists is Saddamist propaganda too.
Yes, believe or not, this is what this joker said. But I agree with him on the support bit. The Sadrists don't have the mass support they and pro Iran "analysts" claim they have. The Sadrists are HATED in Baghdad. They've wrecked havoc in Iraqi lives.

When asked about the Sahwa

He said "What Sahwa ? The role of the Sahwa is over. The only leadership is that of the government."

When asked about Iran and if he still has 70 Iranian advisors working for him. something he admitted in a previous interview. Maliki said

I am not anti-Iran nor anti anyone. I am an Iraqi first and my concern is for Iraq and Iraq alone. I ask all countries and outside parties to stop meddling in Iraqi affairs, not particularly Iran.

Maybe Il Imperator needs to get rid of those 70 Iranian advisors first. Don't you think?

Concerning the Iraq Summit in Kuwait, this is what Maliki said.

I have already proved to the Arab countries that I am not a sectarian, and I urged them to write off the debts. I think they are now convinced that these debts are all due to the previous tyrannical regime who fought wars against Iran and Kuwait and that the Iraqi people had no say in those wars. Iran and Turkey have diplomatic ties with Iraq, why can't the Arab countries do the same?

Maliki, of course, conveniently omitted to mention that Iraq is still paying IRAN reparations. And that the Arabs still consider his government as a tool for Iran.

When asked if Maliki requested the Brits to withdraw from Basrah

This is not true. It's up to them if they wish to withdraw or not. I am absolutely confident that the Iraqi forces are ready to take over both Basrah and Mosul and the rest of Iraq. But it's up to the British to decide what they want to do with their troops.

Any last message to the Iraqis, he was asked

My message is a patriotic one. My loyalty is to Iraq first and foremost and I will not spill one drop of Iraqi blood in vain.

And thus the puppet Imperator spoke...

P.S: By the way this is not Maliki's portrait. He is not that handsome. But it's close. The silver rings and all...

Painting : Iraqi artist, Haidar Al-Bassri

April 27, 2008

Response to a Comment.

Layth left me a comment on my post Awakening from Al-Qaeda. His comment is fairly long and so is my response, hence I opted to publish both in a post form.

Layth's comment is in italics.

Salam Layla,

Not too sure I can agree with some of what you said/concluded.

Firstly, the source of information you are using is Al-Sahwa and Al-Arabiya. Now, Al-Sahwa are complete traitors and sell-outs who have been formed by the US occupation and are maintained and funded by the same - hence they have zero credibility to speak about anything, especially when related to the fight for liberation (which they are not a part of - by the way). The second is Al-Arabiya which is a Saudi run station that is more pro-occupation than even Fox News (they run crap ads every day telling Iraqis to basically support the occupation by joining the puppet police/military and by giving information for any resistance activity they see).

Secondly, it is obvious that the noble Resistance has control of most of Salah Al-Deen province, especially the city of Mousel. The occupation and its puppets have been trying (and failing) for some time to fight the Resistance in this province. Suddenly, we get Sahwa garbage like this person telling us that the fictional boogey man (Al-Qaeda) is on the run and has moved into Salah Al-Deen as its last stronghold (yeah - sure!).

Mousel would never and can never be a foothold for Al-Qaeda because the people there are mainly military officers, and, the people there are not Salafi (unlike the Iraqis in and around the Anbar province) - therefore, the Salafi garbage ideology of Al-Qaeda would never find any welcome.

As for Al-Qaeda, I disagree with you completely that they are Iranian or Iranian backed. Al-Qaeda is a US/Saudi invention which was used primarily after 9-11 to allow the US a false pretex to carry out most of its military action in the Muslim regions.

In any case, I believe the Iraqis in particular and most Muslims in general have woken up to the fact that Al-Qaeda is a US pawn.

That being said, I do not believe Osama Bin Laden was ever a US/Saudi collaborator and, from reviewing his words and actions, I believe he was sincere (though misguided) - he has most prbably been dead since December 2001. However, I cannot say the same for Zawahri who clearly spews propaganda which almost always indirectly supports fake US statements and claims.

The game is big, and the stakes are high...But we will win.

Salutations to Izzat Al-Douri, the legal and legitimate President of the Republic of Iraq.

My response.

Salam Layth,

I will try to respond to your comment point by point,

1) TV station

It's true that Arabiya is Saudi backed, but then Al-Jazeera is Qatari backed and Qatar has diplomatic ties with Israel. Comparing Arabiya which I don't like to Fox news is not quite accurate in my opinion.

2) Sahwa

I am not sure I agree with your statement that ALL Sahwa members are sell outs. Even the IR admitted that a lot of its fighters joined the Sahwa, though the trend is reversing now. I am not pro-Sahwa myself, and this post was NOT a praise of it. I asked the reader to READ BETWEEN THE LINES- the ramifications are many.
One thing I am 100% sure of is :

- The Sunni population had a Damocles sword over its head. THEY WERE SQUEEZED AND ATTACKED BY a) The US forces b)the Iraqi forces of the puppet government c) the sectarian militias d) Al-Qaeda (whoever AQ is) and last but not least e) mercenaries, snipers, death contractors etc...

You and I and anyone CANNOT DENY, whatever our sect or religion is, that there has been a GENOCIDE against the Iraqis in general and the SUNNIS (and in second place and to a lesser extent, the CHRISTIANS) in particular.

Nor can anyone deny whatever our reticences are, that AQ has killed more Iraqis than Americans, and has pushed whomsoever into the arms of the Sahwa.

And lastly no one can deny that since the Sahwa were put in place, defending the Sunnis (even though they have some sort of temporary alliance with the Americans whom they probably considered the lesser of two evils. The first being the Iranian sectarian shiite militias) that there is a "seeming balance of power" restored.

I am not sure it will last though, as I firmly believe that a) Iran and its miltias in Iraq will NEVER accept Sunni armed groups, and b) Maliki said in his interview on that same Al-Arabiya and straight after that same program that the Sahwa's role is over. What did he mean by "over" I am not sure yet.

3) Al-Qaeda, Iran, US and COUNTERINSURGENCY.

Let me start with a few simple facts before I move on to generalities.

a) Every single person I meet who has freshly landed from Baghdad tells me that it is common knowledge that AQ is Iranian backed. I believe the "man/woman in the street" more than I believe any American or Iraqi politician.

b) Both this Sahwa guy and the IR spokesperson Dr.Shammari (amongst others) pointed out to the same fact that AQ was targeting the Sunnis and their families, their mosques but in particular and this is what stuck out very clearly , they were murdering "ex-army officers who had extensively fought in the IRAN-IRAQ war" and murdering " Resistance fighters."

c)Through my posts, I gave living examples of family members (including women) who were kidnapped and tortured by AQ and by " foreigners who spoke Arabic with an accent" besides the family members who have either disappeared in US prisons and who are still lingering there.

d) The above examples lead me to believe that AQ is definitely operating on two levels 1) terrorize the Sunni population into submission to the Status Quo (i.e puppet government and US occupation) and 2) AQ is being used through its ranks as a COUNTER-INSURGENCY force against all form of Resistance coming from those same Sunni areas. Hence the American policy of how it runs its camps make sense (keeping AQ to slaughter Iraqis, releasing AQ detainees...etc)

e) Counter-insurgency serves TWO parties in particular. The US occupier and the Iranian occupier. Both have a plan in Iraq and that is way too evident to deny by now.

f) Iran and AQ.

1) Logically speaking, ex-fighters and their leaders who were in Afghanistan, would most likely land in Iraq through Iran for starters. 2) both the US and Iran have a vested interest in finishing off the IR. Hence why is anyone surprised if Iran backs these same AQ ? 3) I believe that AQ is like some jelly medusa that was invented and is so elusive in its nature that it can easily be used or accomodate different political interests in Iraq. Which brings me to 4) I am therefore not at all surprised that the Mossad is heavily infiltrated in AQ, and I will not brush off the idea that AQ is a Mossad invention to start with.

g) Mosul,

Whenever the "plan" needs to be executed, AQ will be unleashed in that particular region where the "plan" needs to be completed. It is interesting to observe that when the Basrah fights were going on, AQ was lying low in the Anbar and in the centre. Once the Basrah fights were over, AQ reared its ugly head.

The battle FOR Mosul will require lots of AQ to give justification for both the puppet govt and the US forces to effect the changes they need there. One is clearing out the IR and two is carving up Mosul to fit the zionist Kurdish interests. Remember there is a plan for a division of Iraq, and it doesn't take place in two days.

4) Binladen.

I believe he is dead and his shadow is kept alive for obvious purposes. I am not sure I agree with your statement that his initial position was genuine and sincere. I have huge question marks on the whole concept of AQ from the very beginning, and what has transpired on the Iraqi grounds makes me believe that AQ has nothing to do with Islam or Muslims but more to do with Free-Masons, Shadow Groups and Zionists.

5) Informants

One can argue that this character Al-Jibbouri in the post, was released from US detention on condition that he becomes an informant for the Americans. That is a possibility too. But then one can argue that US was able to "buy" if I follow your logic many informants.
Which brings me to question Iraqi integrity in the long run and if liberation from any occupation is possible if Iraqis have lost so much of their integrity.
If the Shiites have pledged allegiance to their sect and "wilayat al faqih" above their country, and if the Sunnis according to your analysis are nothing but a bunch of sell outs who have pledged allegiance to the dollar instead of their country, and if lands are being sold to Jews in Babel and if the Christians have pledge allegiance to the West since it is closer to them ideologically than the Arabs, and if the Kurds have pledge allegiance to the Zionist idea of seperation, then in all frankness, one can recite the Fatiha over the whole of Iraq.

6) Izzzat Al-Duri

I hope he is alive and well. But please explain to me why does the Moharer have this need to give his whereabouts, as per the last statement, stating he is in the Wasit region. Would they like to give the names and descriptions of those who are with him too ?

7) The Iraqi Resistance

I don't know if the IR controls Salaheedin province or not.I cannot say.
All I know from the articles I've been reading is that the Resistance reports that come out in English and translated by M.Abu Nasr all praise the "anti-occupation patriotic forces "of the king driller, mass murderer of Iraqis, Muqtada Al-Sadr.

And this brings me to my last point. EVERYTHING is being done to SQUEEZE the valiant IR, be it on the grounds by Iran, the US, counterinsurgency, Sahwa, militias, mercenaries etc..or be it on the political level and media level, with tons and tons of articles praising the ones who butchered the Resistance. (like Al-Sadr and Iran).
I've said it before and will repeat it again, NO ONE in the international scene amongst countries support the true IR who has foiled the Zionist American plan and has paralyzed it in the region.
The Americans are bogged down in Iraq and Iran has been saved because of the IR. There is no doubt. But unfortunately and VERY SADLY, very few recognize openly and publicly the role of the IR in all of this.
Very sad indeed.

Long Live Iraq and Long live the valiant and glorious Iraqi Resistance.


A short introduction to Iraqi music here

April 26, 2008

Awakening from "Al-Qaeda"

I’m torn here between two options. One is going out for a long walk in this warm afternoon and the other, sitting in this cluttered apartment, writing yet another post.

I weighed these two options in my head for some time, then this nagging voice said “if you don’t write it now, you will lose some vital information that needs to get out there. You owe it to Her to record and detail everything you’ve been made aware of...”

I dislike when this inner voice nags me that way. After all, I am tired of being “responsible” with a task I have not really chosen. At least, not on a conscious level. But being the dutiful daughter that I am and keeping my strong streak of rebelliousness under check, here I am sitting typing again...

I therefore ask you to read this post very carefully and make sure you note what’s written between the lines...

I want to share with you the story of one man who woke up from the Al-Qaeda trance.

This story is based on an interview conducted by Al-Arabiya TV. And this man’s name is “Mullah”, Nadhem Al-Jibbouri, from the God forsaken village “Al Dhulueiya” in the Salahedin province.

Nadhem Al-Jibbouri, an imam or a mullah? around 30 years old, was Al-Qaeda spokesperson under Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi. He was responsible for issuing Fatwas and responsible for the AQ's “PR” and Information bureau in the Salahedin province.

From a white turbaned man in a Dishdasha, (traditional robe), Nadhem Al-Jibbouri is today a man dressed in a suit with tons of gel on his hair, sitting in front of the Al-Arabiya camera. His new post, as the Awakening man in the Salahedin province earned him that new look.

Why did Nadhem have a change of heart ?

For starters Nadhem Al-Jibbouri was detained by the Americans back in 2004 for six months. After a series of “negotiations” between the elders of his tribe and the US forces, he was released. After all, they argued, he is nothing but an innocent Imam in a Mosque who has been illegally detained. And they are right, as many innocent Iraqis have been detained just because they are affiliated to some mosque.

After his release, Nadhem Al-Jibbouri joined Al-Qaeda, which was then under the leadership of Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi.

Nadhem gives a good insight into who and what Al-Qaeda is, in Iraq.

Al-Qaeda leadership in Iraq, at least in the Salahedin province is made exclusively of “foreigners” for the most part "Arabs" coming from Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The bulk of the AQ fighters are Iraqis who’ve had previous training in arms (according to him).

The way AQ operates is quite simple. Each village is considered a Wilayat and has its own Emir(prince) and these Emirs report to the higher up leader of the province which can be considered as the Grand Prince, Emir of the emirs. Each village becomes a mini Islamic state AQ style.

The names of these foreign leaders for the most part dead, are ; Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi(Jordan), Abu Obeida Al-Maghrebi (Morocco), Bandar Al-Obeidi(Saudi), Abdel Kareem Al-Masri (Egyptian) amongst others.

According to Nadhem Al–Jibbouri, today there are only 2000 AQ members (both leaders and fighters) in the whole of the Salahedin province, having been squeezed out from major areas by both the Sahwa (Awakening) and the US forces.

They are now mainly concentrated in Diyala whilst before they controlled 70% of all Sunni areas. He adds that AQ is on its way to dissolution, having withdrawn from some major Sunni areas. And he notes that the ones who have been trained as suicide bombers have been given away to other armed "militias" and he would not say whom.

I believe he meant the sectarian Shiite militias. The reason I believe this is because Nadhem Al-Jibbouri, textually said that the Awakenings had good relations with the Iraqi Resistance of the Islamic Army in Iraq (IAI) and with the Reform and Jihad group. In other words the Awakenings are not anti-Resistance and he adds as long as these “people don’t spill innocent Iraqi blood, whatever their sects or religion."

He added that Abu Salman al-Oteibi another AQ Emir from the Salahedin province, has now extended his operations to Kirkuk and Mosul.

According to Nadhem Al-Jibbouri, the people of Mosul see AQ as more merciful than the Peshmergas- the Kurdish militias. You need to make a note of that in your head, for when the coming Mosul battle goes full fledge, as promised by PM Al-Maliki yesterday, who said it's going to happen in the coming days.

So back to the question, why did Nadhem Al-Jibbouri have a change of heart ?

According to him, this took place when he realized that AQ killed more Iraqis in general and Sunnis in particular, than Americans.

He gives the number of 30’000 Sunnis in the Salahedin province alone, and 30’000 Sunnis in prisons , some in US prisons and some in AQ run prisons.

He adds that the brutality, violence and oppression that the Sunni population experienced under AQ raised many interrogation marks in his head.

Torture, beheadings, sieges of villages...where AQ would not allow food, water and electricity... Anyone wanting to seek a job in the Iraqi Police, was executed, (seems that the only jobs available for Iraqis today is to join the Iraqi police), the massacring of people in mosques and he gives an example of the local mosque in Dhulueiyah, called Al-Imran mosque where 1’000 men in prayer were attacked by the AQ in broad daylight.

He gives another example again from his village (who has 180 people with higher educational degrees and he kept repeating that number-- you must admit it’s not bad for a small forsaken village -–these people must be thankful to the previous government who extended education to the most remote places! Just have a look at the state of the Universities in today’s “liberated” Iraq). So in that village, in the space of 5 years the U.S killed 80 men, while the AQ, in the space of 2 months killed 275 men.

But there are more important examples that stick out like a sore thumb.

He said that AQ was deliberately killing ex-army officers who had over 25 years of experience and who were engaged in the Iraq- Iran war. This point was mentioned by Dr.Ibrahim Al Shammari as well, in his interview not long ago. (see here)

I will get to other important examples towards the end of the story. So keep reading...

Back to Nadhem and his love affair with AQ, gone sour.

So when AQ found out that Nadhem had a change of heart and issued a Fatwa against anyone who collaborates with them, they put a 100'000$ prize on his head. They tried killing him, but he escaped the assassination attempt but his brother was hit with gun shots, and his aide killed. This was the turning point in Nadhem’s "ideological outlook". And this is when he decided to join the Awakenings or Al-Sahwa.

But there were conditions that had to be respected...a mediator was needed.

That mediator is a relative by the name of Abdullah Hussein Jebara, who is Deputy Governor of Salahedin. Now, Mr Jebara’s brother who was a tribal Chief, was killed by AQ and the body of the deceased has not been found till this day. Mullah Nadhem called him to give his condolences and wanted to meet his relative.

The Deputy Governor, said he will meet Nadhem on two conditions. One is that he definitely leaves AQ and two that he needs to be sure that Nadhem “has no innocent Iraqi blood on his hands.” Once these two conditions are met, the Deputy Governor will extract guarantees from the US forces not to arrest his relative, Nadhem Al-Jibbouri. Nadhem was given clearance and he became one of the leaders of the Awakening in the Salahedin province.

Both, Mullah Nadhem and Abdallah Hussein Jebara have more to say about AQ. So keep reading...

When asked what methods the AQ used to attract Iraqis to its ranks. Nadhem says that the concept of Jihad is a known concept to most Iraqis and most Iraqis frequent mosques. AQ uses this concept to attract Iraqis with promises, but they are further indoctrinated to the point of becoming “under the influence”.

To illustrate his point he gives the example of Camp Bucca. Camp Bucca is a notorious U.S prison in Iraq. And Nadhem says that he told the Americans on many occasions that they should NOT mix the AQ detainees with other Iraqis in the same camp, because of that “influence”.

He gives an example of a 17 year old boy who was "under the influence" of AQ in the Bucca prison, and who murdered 5 Iraqis detainees in his cell. He says that executions of Iraqis detainees by AQ detainees are common.

He also says that he doesn’t understand why the Americans keep releasing AQ prisoners from the camp, even though the Americans have been told that these prisoners falsify their ID’s and move under these fake ID’s to other areas in Iraq.. Re-read that paragraph and several times, if necessary.

As for the future of AQ in Iraq

- As I mentioned above, he sees the leadership or what is left of it, moving to Kirkuk and Mosul.

- That the already trained suicide bombers, all very young for the most part, have been given away to other “ militias”

- that the leadership is definitely under the control of “neighboring countries”, he would not mention which countries but his relative the Deputy did.

-That Iraq will be witnessing an upsurge of “female suicide bombers” due to the “enormous pressures” exerted on the families of the AQ fighters, wives and daughters, and that this is backfiring.

-That those who support AQ are people who are very far removed from the areas in which AQ is present”.

-That the Iraqi Sunnis will never forgive AQ for what it has done to Iraqis, whatever their sect.

-That many Iraqi fighters withdrew from AQ and he defies AQ to find any support in the Sunni population. That AQ is on its way to dissolution (moving to Mosul perhaps!).

On the Awakenings this is what he had to say:

- The American occupation is a fait accompli. They are physically present in huge numbers, "this is not something we want, but this is the reality."

- The Sahwa has saved the Sunnis from extermination by both the AQ and the Shiite militias. And that it played a very important role in economically developing the Sunnis areas and most importantly in “restoring a balance of forces.” He refrained from saying much on the current regime, but he did say that “ideological differences” are there to reckon with. But for the moment, preserving the Sunnis and Iraqis regardess of their sect, is his most important task.

When asked by the interviewer what Nadhem Al-Jibbouri thought of the latest Zawahiri message to AQ in Iraq this is what he said “Why doesn’t Zawahari target the Shias of Iran, why is he against the Arab Shias of Iraq?.”

The Deputy Governor Abdallah Hussein Jebara had also a few things to say about AQ, which his relative Nadhem Al-Jibbouri didn’t overtly mention.

First he gave his opinion on AQ, saying that it is a terrorist organization and that Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi was the biggest terrorist in Iraq. He says that his relative Nadhem, believed Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi up to a point and then realized that AQ was no longer under Al-Zarqawi's control and that he was co-opted by a country. That his relative was only an "information officer" and that his followers who did not have innocent Iraqi blood on their hands were allowed to join the Awakenings. Those who did have blood on their hands were put to trial.

One very, very, interesting point he mentioned is that Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, arrived from Afghanistan via Iran accompanied by 300 foreign fighters. That he stayed in Iran for a while before landing in Iraq. That, when Al-Zarqawi was wounded the first time, he was transported to Iran, for medical treatment.

This Deputy governor unequivocally adds, that he has in his possession many documents proving the links between AQ leaders and Iran.

This is not the first time that this connection is mentioned, other people have said it before, and they are ordinary Iraqis who have nothing to do with politics. I did mention it myself in some of my previous posts.

He also said that Iran not only funds AQ through its embassies in neighboring countries and in Iraq, but also provide training camps for the AQ leaders in Iran. And that such meetings have been recorded and documented.

This exact same statement was made by another Iraqi politician who is a member of parliament by the name of Abdul Aziz Al-Timimi, who also said that Iranian intelligence is very much involved with the AQ’s operations in Iraq and that he too, has proof of it.

Now the reader is getting very confused, I understand. Why would Iran who is Shiite support AQ who is supposedly an all Sunni terror organization ?

And this is what the Deputy Governor replied. He said “I am going to give a political reply not a religious one. Iran wants a theocracy in Iraq, its style of theocracy. For the areas where Shiites are more influential, Iran funded and backed the sectarian Shiite militias” and he gave the example of Basrah. “In areas where Sunnis were most influential, Iran needed to penetrate these areas and it did so with AQ.” It's true that it's much easier for AQ to penetrate "predominantly" Sunni areas than Shiite areas and dominate and oppress its inhabitants.

But the Deputy’s take on the AQ story doesn’t stop there...

He also affirms that AQ is not only funded and infiltrated by Iranian intelligence alone but also by the Mossad. And that these foreign AQ leaders were heavily penetrated by the Mossad intelligence in their countries of origins. (Saudi, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt…)

And it doesn’t stop there either. Some of them, turned out not to be Muslims for starters.

When prompted to give a proof of how this can be so, he gave the example, a rather comical one straight from a black humor series.

One of the foreign AQ Emirs in the Al-Tharthar/ Samarra province wanted to marry the daughter of one of his Iraqi fighters. The marriage took place and two days later the daughter returns to her father wanting a divorce. When asked why, she said that her newly wed husband was not circumcised. So the Emir was “interrogated” (Iraqi style presumably) about this, and he finally admitted that he was not a Muslim.

The Deputy then adds that many of the AQ leaders/emirs captured and interrogated, turned out not to be Muslims. He did not say whether they were all checked for circumcision or not!

He used this example to illustrate the penetration of foreign intelligence in AQ.

And the story continues...

And as I have already reported the exact same in my previous post a year ago, the Deputy Governor, confirms that -- in the Babel province, several hundreds of Jews have been buying land there. Remember Babel is considered a holy land by the Zionists. They incite land owners with heavy cash, but they don’t buy the land directly themselves, they give proxies to “individuals” who undertake the transaction on their behalf. He added that they (the Jews) had a "long term plan"

It seems that the “Iraqi” government is aware of these land acquisitions. The deputy governor refused to comment if AQ was also involved in that...

I guess I’ve said enough so far. I will withhold my own conclusions from the reader and strongly encourage you to come to your own. Will maybe share mine in an update or in the comment section, or maybe not at all, as they probably are evident already...

But whatever conclusions you come to, and whatever your political leanings and beliefs are, you must admit one thing, THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A DIRTIER WAR OF OCCUPATION THAN THIS ONE. It will go down in History as the filthiest known to humankind.

And who can we thank but the Zionist Americans and their Muta’a concubines.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Saad Al-Mussawi.

April 25, 2008

Fresh Impressions from Baghdad.

I have a distant relative who lives in England. He went to Baghdad a month ago via Erbil, no visa required in his case as he holds the British nationality.

He stayed in Erbil for a few days and went to Sulaymania.

In Erbil, he says he needed "a translator" as Arabic was hardly spoken there. Thankfully, he managed with English.

He stayed in Sulaymania for a few days then head to Baghdad to visit his family and his in-laws whom he has not seen in several years.

These are his impressions of Baghdad today.

- Overall, most Baghdadis he met, both Sunnis and Shias are totally fed up with the Mullahs and their doctrines. Most Iraqis really want a "secular country" and a "secular government." ( Well they had a secular country before their "liberation" - bunch of Idiots!)

- The Baghdadis he met, both Sunnis and Shias (his wife is a Shia by the way) are quite happy to see Muqtada go for ever. They are sick and tired of the Mahdi Army and they see Iran's DIRECT hand over the latter. They also understand that Iran's new game having backed the other Iranian puppets (Maliki & Hakeem) is to weaken the present "government" so it can have another center of power more loyal to it than Maliki and Co who "looks as if he is too much in the American Camp."

- Sadr's support is not widespread as "analysts" in the West like to believe.
Sadr's support is limited to his own militia. According to this relative, even people who live in Sadr City are fed up with him and his gang, since the residents are forced to pay on a monthly basis some "commission" to the Mahdi gangs - a form of tax that goes directly to support the Sadr militias.

- "Iranian tourists" have swamped Baghdad. You can find them freely roaming there, with big concentrations in Al-Khadhem area (lieu of a religious Shrine). Next to Iranian "tourists", one can also find "lots of Bahrainis."

Even though this relative didn't visit Nejaf and Kerbala this time around, but he said he heard that both these places are full of "tourists" as well.

- In the "all sooooooooooneee" Ghettoes, like Aadhamiya, people are aware that Maliki is an Iranian backed sectarian, son of a bitch, but in support of his latest move against Sadr, whom they detest and with good reason since he exterminated half of the Sunni population, they even put up Maliki's pictures in a few grocery stores, encouraging him to finish off the Mahdi militia. I don't blame them.

- According to this distant relative, most of the Sahwa members are young men aged between 18 and 25, they are trying to keep some sense of law and order in the Sunni ghettos by keeping both the AQ and the Shiite militias away from them - which means that today "Aadhamiya has become one of the safest places in Baghdad." Hope it stays that way.

- There are two other neighborhoods that are relatively safe today in Baghdad; Al-Mansur and Karrada. And these three neighborhoods, Aadhamiya, Kerrada and Al-Mansur are the places most frequented by the Baghdadis. Curfew is still in place from 10 pm to 7 am all over Baghdad !

- Since Baghdad is clearly divided into walled off areas, areas like Al-Amil, Fadil... are no entry places. They are considered "most dangerous pockets where both militias and gangs reign."

- Again, according to this relative, "there's an upsurge of secular thinkers and publications in Baghdad", which according to him is a healthy reaction to both the sectarian ideological Shiite political climate and to Iran. (Again, what a bunch of sell-out idiots. You had that before!)

- The majority of women in both "predominantly" Sunni and Shiite areas are veiled, and it is rare to find a woman walking around with an uncovered head. YET, the cafés by the river are back to serving alcohol. Well, the ones he visited.

- In Basrah, the minute the Shiite militias of Al-Mahdi were "conquered" the cafés serving alcohol re-opened in no time. Seems that Iraqis are very secular indeed when it comes to their regular drink but not when it comes to women.

- "Baghdad has become ugly" this relative says. Concrete, wires and checkpoints everywhere and he adds "It will need ages before it returns to what it once was."

End of Report. Enjoy your "liberation."

Painting: Iraqi artist, Haidar Al-Basri.

April 24, 2008

For Spanish Readers.

To Whom It May Concern and if you're not comfortable with the English language.

My infatigable friend, Sinfo Fernandez from Rebelion.org , translated the articles below in Spanish. Thank you Sinfo, as always...


A Fox Trot in the Dark...

Fox Trot--“A social dance, in quadruple meter, performed by couples, characterized by various combinations of slow and quick steps.”(dictionary.online)

What is one to make of the current shuttle/shuffle diplomatic whirlpool, between Israel and Abu Mazen of the PA. Israel and Hamas, Israel and Syria, Israel and ?...

First let’s start with the "Syrian Bride." (a good film by the way)

Syria in the past has always denied having secret talks with Israel. The last series of secret talks were held in Istanbul not long ago between a prominent Syrian American businessman called Suleiman and some Israeli whom I believe was/is an ambassador to Turkey by the name of Alon (not sure of the exact name though, told you a thousand times am bad with names.)

Today though, it’s out in the open. Olmert is ready to give up/back the Golan Heights to Syria.

Been watching the news on both Al-Arabiya and Al-Jazeera. By the way am convinced that Al-Arabiya works for al-Maliki and Co. Will get back to that later once we finish the first part of our dance.

So Syria talking from a high position, with quite a bit of self-assuredness, said through its official spokesperson, that in the past Israel has been trying to get some major concessions from Syria in exchange for the Golan Heights. These concessions regard 1) its regional alliance with Iran and 2) the Palestinian refugees inside of Syria. Syria has made it clear that it will not accept any concessions on these two items. In other words, Syria is adamant about maintaining its “privileged " strategic relationship with Iran, intact. At least so far.

Even though it’s too soon to make conclusive judgments, I personally believe that Israel is very much aware of this “privileged” relation between Syria and Iran and I very much doubt that Israel will try to coax Syria out of its side dance with the Mullahs of Tehran. I believe a preliminary agreement has already been reached behind closed doors.

The coming weeks will tell for sure. If Iran is temporarily left on the back burner of international public propaganda or the opposite, if the tone against Iran antes up considerably, then you can be sure that a preliminary agreement with Syria does include Iran in the long term. In other words total silence and extremely loud barks amount to the same in international politics.

Am afraid to break it to my Palestinians friends but the same is happening with Hamas, the PA and Israel. (and I consider Hamas somewhat of a distant proxy for Iran – I did say somewhat distant)

Let’s see what we’ve got in that quadruple dance. We have Abdallah of Jordan visiting the White House as a “messenger of peace.” and we have the PA of Abass engaging in secret negotiations with Israel.

Al-Arabiya actually interviewed Abu Mazen in his private jet on his way to Washington D.C. Was hilarious actually. Next to him was seated Ereikat, who has his head phones on and looked as if he was comfortably snoozing away. Abu Mazen made sure to leave a copy of the Koran on the table in front of him, as if he is trying to tell the Palestinians - " hey guys, am a Muslim too, not just Hamas."

In reply to the question why are the negotiations so secret, Abu Mazen said that if he divulged their nature, then the media will screw it up for him. But he did assure all of us that whatever the outcome, he will keep us informed, eventually...

On the other side of the quadruple dance, Hamas and Israel via both Carter and Egypt are in my opinion definitely working out some sort of a deal. Never mind the loud barks, don’t pay attention to these, pay attention to the political context in which all of this is happening.

Before I forget, Israel deployed some of its soldiers inside Lebanese territory today, and they took a “fighting” position, and the Lebanese army just watched them...and took pictures.(hahahahaha). Of course, another meaningless flexing of muscles that no one paid attention to. After this third rate Rambo show, the Israeli soldiers went back to their bases. Of course one wonders what the fuck was that all about.

In Iraq on the other hand, I have a few juicy stories to report following Rice’s éclair visit.

First the hot news then the not so hot news...

Again saw it on Al-Arabiya but was not reported on Al-Jazeera. The American forces said they captured in Hamrain in the Salaheddin province “someone who looks like Izzat al-Durri, has the same age as Izzat al-Durri, but they are not sure if it is indeed Izzat al-Durri.” (typical American stupidity.) So this man who looks like Izzat al-Durri has been detained and they are “running some DNA tests to confirm if this is Izzat al-Durri or not Izzat Al-Durri”.

Two hours later, a report came out stating that this is not Izzat al-Durri.

But two minutes later after this report, the Iranian/Iraqi “Doctor” Muwafak Al-Rubaie (also known as Karim Shahpour) from the Dawa party, advisor to Al-Maliki said that “the Iraqi forces from the 4th and 5th division caught two terrorists groups in Hamrain –Salaheddin province, and that they were running NUCLEAR tests on them”

Of course the alleged Doctor in Neurology, M.Al-Rubaie, meant to say DNA tests. Just proves to you what I stated before, Al-Rubaie is no doctor but was a waiter in his dad’s restaurant, then became an accountant...then a "doctor advisor." But in the Western press he is portrayed as a Neurologist!

Meanwhile a trailer from an interview with “Dr.” Al-Maliki on Al-Arabiya (to be aired on Friday at 11 pm Saudi time) shows him saying “I proved over and over that I am not a sectarian, that I care deeply about the Iraqi people…”(Yeah sure and am Nefertiti)

Rumors circulating in Baghdad, say that Al-Sadr and Maliki might be reaching an agreement soon, but they are keeping the loud barks going. In fact, Maliki is encouraging the Sadrists to become like the Hezbollah organization, be involved in the political process, and in the “humanitarian social work” but give up their arms -at least in the South and in Baghdad – but to keep them well hidden in the dark for the upcoming Mosul battle...

If Israel and Syria succeed in their dance, and if the PA, Hamas and Israel succeed in theirs, you can be 100% sure, that a deal will be struck with Iran down the line –officially, that is.

As for the rest of the Arab Fox Trot ? They gave up Fox Trot ages ago and are now working as Go Go girls in a cabaret strip tease show.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Jaber Alwan.

April 22, 2008

Machiavelli or Paranoia ?

Something is bothering me. Actually a few things are bothering me, but am not sure where to begin...

It might be an attack of political paranoia, the DSM must really start including this “mental disorder” as it is epidemic in the Arab World, but not only in this part of the world...

But as the joke goes- just because am paranoid, doesn’t mean that they're not out there to get me.

And I believe the Arab people have been had. In particular the Iraqis and the Palestinians.

This paranoia attack has been triggered by three things, seemingly unrelated...

The first one was a “detail” I read in an article regarding Mullah Atari, also known as Muqtada Al-Sadr. The second was also triggered by another article I read regarding Hamas. And the third, triggered by the latest from Syria.

So let me start with the first, as it is nagging me. Mullah Atari is indeed a “nagging” issue for most relatively sane Iraqis, and in particular Iraqi women, and with me topping the list.

In the al- Jazeera article, Mullah Atari- the driller, said Sadr city is now like Gaza.

Interesting analogy from the driller of the Palestinians in Iraq, and definitely an interesting analogy when Muqtada didn’t mention the word Palestine not even once in his famous interview with the bland, in awe, Ghassan Ben Jeddu a few weeks ago.

Suddenly Gaza comes to his mind. Might the “struggles” be similar ? The reader wonders and concludes - supported by a list of abundant articles - that this might indeed be the case, hence confirming their own beliefs that Mullah Atari is indeed a patriotic, anti-American resistance force, standing for the “liberation” of Iraq from the US.


M.Al-Sadr also accused the Iraqi government of being "too close" to the Americans. And he adds "The occupation has made us target of its planes, tanks, air strikes and snipers. Without our SUPPORT this government would not have been formed..."But with its alliance with the occupier [the Iraqi government] is not independent and sovereign as we would like it to be."

Notice the wording. "TOO close". Too close to the Americans and drifting away from? From Iran, of course. This puppet government was born and raised in Iran after all.

Drifting away from a particular group/influence/interest within the Iranian government.

And that group is the hardliners, i.e Ahmadinejad and his followers. In other words, Al-Maliki by turning a temporary blind eye to the Sahwa (Arab Sunnis), and getting closer to the Americans has committed something akin to adultery. In other words, he is spending more time in the American bed than in the Iranian/Ahmadinejad bed. And Khomeini’s ghost is not too pleased with that imbalanced affair.

My political paranoia led me to dig a little deeper and pushed me to read more news coming from Iran. And to my surprise (not really), Ahmadinejad is currently involved in a huge domestic crisis with what he calls the “corrupt reformists”, referring to the Rafsandjani/Khatemi group.

This latter have been handing Ahmadinejad some pretty heavy criticisisms regarding his domestic policies, the over 20% inflation rate and other economic moves that are taking the country towards an internal abyss. This also led Ahmadinejad’s economic advisor to step down from office a few days ago.

This internal Iranian "war" is a real one. It is worth mentioning that the Khatemi/Rafsandajani group are the ones who have been calling for a rapprochement with the West, in particular the U.S.

So I thought to myself, could it be that besides the local Iraqi politics, such as the provincial elections and the power struggle for influence and power, could it be that the current Intra-Shiite conflict be a reflection of internal Iranian domestic politics ? Could it be that the Hakeem of the SCII and Al-Maliki opted for the Rafsandjani/Khatemi camp as opposed to the Ahmadinejadi one? And could it be that Muqtada Al-Sadr is Ahmadinejad's personal card against Maliki & Co for getting "TOO CLOSE" to the Americans?

I think so.

Overall, this would not make a great difference inside of Iraq and in particular in the South. The South will be divided between Iran and the US for sure. But it does make a difference within domestic Iranian politics between the hardliners and the reformists. In other words between a purist undiluted version of Khomeinism and one that is still Khomeinist but slightly more adaptable and realistic.

However for us, as Iraqis, the end result is very much the same. We are stuck with a sectarian fascist government put by the U.S. occupier. It’s only a question of degrees not of fundamentals.

Another thing that caught my attention is the bit of news that Muqtada is still in Iran contrary to popular belief. And that the notorious sectarian Al-Jaafari (who was PM before Maliki and is known for his sectarian policies- issued from the same fetid pond of sectarian political Shiism, like Al-Maliki, Rubaie, Al-Hakeem and Sadr -always keep in mind it’s about degrees not fundamentals) is currently in Iran.

There is also talk of forming a new government. Possibly a new alliance between Muqtada Al-Sadr and Al-Jaafari? Now, that will fall much better in line with the hardliners of Ahmadinejad’s aspirations than the Maliki who is getting “too close” to the Americans.

Overall, these latest tactics and discourses of Muqtada aka Mullah Atari, remind me of Nasrallah’s Hezbollah. The humanitarian work, the charity(for shiites only) the engaging in the political process and simultaneously holding the gun...for one big difference, Nasrallah is more intelligent than Muqtada, or should I say less stupid...

OK, you might be wondering what has that got to do with Hamas, Carter and Gaza ?

I’m getting there, bear my paranoia for a little while, will you ?

We all know that Ahmadinejad’s Iran supports Hamas, not because the Iranians have a particular love for the Palestinians or for the ARAB Palestinian cause (I think the Palestinian Iraqi experience is enough to dispel that myth) but because the Palestinian cause is a handy pawn to use – not so much against Israel, but against the Arab governments, depicting and revealing their impotence and treacherousness.

Moreover it serves another double purpose. First to show the so-called “principled” Iranian stand, which is quite easy, since Iran is one country in comparison to a disunited conglomerate of Arab countries with different political agendas. And, secondly it serves the purpose of discrediting any IDEA or political struggle based on Pan-Arabism. A notion which is automatically and unconsciously associated with the Arab masses.

Hence Iran, having figured out the Arab “street's“ weakness, was able to rally around itself the Arab masses under the banner of “anti-Americanism and anti-Zionism” whilst obliging like a good mistress in occupied Baghdad with the exact same men it denounces...

You need to understand these nuances, if you are to understand the dynamics by which current day Iran operates. Saddam Hussein understood it very well. It does take brains you know.

Back to Hamas.

Today, after Carter’s mediation, intervention, visit-- call it what you wish, Hamas spokesman said that it is ready to have a truce with Israel, provided this latter withdraws to the 67 borders, and I quote:

Mashaal says Hamas would accept a Palestinian state limited to the lands Israel seized in 1967 — an implicit acceptance that Israel would exist alongside that state.But Mashaal says the group would never outright formally recognize Israel.”

Now, I, the simpleton that I am, I don’t see where Mashaal and Arafat differ. Arafat accepted the 67 borders, and the notion of a Palestinian state alongside that of Israel. The only difference is that Arafat engaged in some peace accords with Israel.

I don’t want to get enmeshed in political quibblings over legalities and political philosophical notions on the meaning of “state existence”. But one thing that strikes me as bloody obvious is that an implicit acceptance of a state next to Israel and a truce, means a recognition of the state of Israel.

But that is not my main point. The point I really wanted to make, or more the parallel I wanted to draw, having been “inspired” by Muqtada Al-Sadr politicking, is -- can it be that that the current PA who deposed Arafat through murder, be likened to the current Maliki puppet government ? And can the current Hamas be likened to the current Sadr ? In other words, can it be that Hamas’s objections to Abbas and Co were/are that this latter was getting “too close” to the US/Israel - to the disliking of Ahmadinejad’s Iran ?

So from my simpleton’s perspective, I wonder, what was all this Hamas resistance about ?

What was this division in the heart of the Palestinian cause/movement, where you have the PA, Hamas, the Israeli Palestinians, and the Palestinian refugees each forming a different identity, under the one and same Israeli Zionist Occupation ?

Is that not reminiscent of the current Iraqi scene ?

Now let me be objective here, I am not blaming it ALL on Iran, the PA with its shameless striptease to the Zionists encouraged that too. But still, the parallels are striking in my opinion...or is just my political paranoia ?

Let them hammer away at Sadr City and Gaza’s innocents, so Iran’s Ahmadinejad and Israel can have their final say or accord ?

Israel may not agree to Hamas’s terms, but if it needed to strike a deal with Iran, it would consider it...after all they do have a common enemy “ Ayrabs, Aghabs, A’raaaab”,like the Americans, Israelis and Iranians pronounce it.

If I were Israel, I’d more worried about the potential of Arabism of the millions of Arabs (who had a Saddam Hussein and a Nasser for examples) than a few millions of isolated Iranians in an Arab sea. And Iran knows that. Hence its political Shi'ism marketed under the heading of anti-Zionism and anti–Americanism, hoping to embrace the “Arab masses”, through its various proxies in the region. Embracing through sectarian divisions that ironically serve the Israeli Zionistic interests.

If I were Israel, I would also make sure to keep dividing those Arab ”bastards” along sectarian and ethnic lines, so they can never rise to be a coherent WHOLE.
And what better ally can I have but Iran(A) and down the line Turkey(B), if plan A fails...

Now the third piece of news, another trigger for my political “paranoid delusions”,

“Syria's president has confirmed exchanging messages with Israel through an unnamed third party, saying that both sides are exploring the possibility of resuming peace negotiations.”

Syria is part of the "Axis of Evil" according to the U.S. Yet Syria obliged in Gulf War 1, when its soldiers were on the frontlines “liberating” Kuwait. Moreover, Syria has very amicable ties with Iran and Hezbollah and...the Maliki government.

So what’s the deal here?

Will Syria forfeit its amicable ties with Iran in exchange for the Golan heights and a peace treaty with Israel and leave Iran out, alone in the cold ?

Or will Syria through its power plays in Lebanon, force the Israelis to reckon with Syria and Iran as part of the deal ?

I am not quite sure which camp Syria will opt for. The Arab camp or the Alawite/Shiite camp with Iran.

Syria holds more cards than anyone cares to believe.

In parallel in Lebanon, two Phalangists were killed by the Lebanese Aoun/Hezbollah opposition. Not that I care much for the Phalangists of Lebanon, but just by coincidence the elections for a Lebanese President has been postponed again for the 100th time.

Is everyone buying time to figure out what the deal between US/Israel and Iran is ?
Is everyone buying time so either one can finally pronounce themselves out in the open ?

Meanwhile, " a cousin of Saddam Hussein known as "Chemical Ali" has been hospitalized after a hunger strike to protest his treatment during a complex legal and political fight that has delayed his death sentence for months, a defense lawyer said Monday..." Treatment under the US /Iran collaborative in Iraq.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi and the Palestinian ARAB PEOPLE are paying the Machiavellian price of the wheelings and dealings of their in abstentia “Princes”.

N.B: I need to make one thing very clear. I am AGAINST any strike on Iran and the Iranian people. After all, I am a good ARAB (and Muslim) neighbor. Just thought I'd mention it.
Another N.B: I'd rather write about love and perfumes...than sticking/stinking politics.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Qassem Naji

April 21, 2008

Belated Congratulations to a 5 year old.

You know something, it just dawned on me that I totally forgot to congratulate the "Iraqi" government, the Shiite Hawza and its Mullahs, the Militias, and our "brothers" the Kurds. Totally forgot to congratulate Iran and its stupendous president Ahmadinejad, and of course the great American brave boys, the wonderful American people, and their superb leader G.Bush.

I totally forgot that the New Iraq has turned 5, so please accept my sincere apologies. And since I can't send all of you a belated Birthday card, I offer you this little film specially designed for the occasion, extending to you my very best wishes.

Mabrook as we say in Arabic and Happy, Happy, Birthday.

Youtube video by namirkh2

April 20, 2008

On Myths, Sectarianism and Mass Graves.

You would undoubtedly agree with me that it’s bad enough having one’s country invaded, totally destroyed and one’s people exiled and murdered through a series of deliberate lies fabricated by the “greatest democracy on earth” America.

It is bad enough when that same country occupies with a sectarian agenda based on more lies, and when it instigates a civil war thanks to that agenda.

And it is bad enough to have your neighboring countries like Iran collaborate with the Occupier in not only occupying your country but also in helping the Occupier in starting a civil war by funding and arming the same people the occupying country put into power.

You must agree that’s pretty bad to say the least.

Now when these exact same lies are embraced by “leftists” analysts, journalists and bloggers, both Western and “Arab”, this gets even worse to the point of becoming grotesquely hideous.

And am about to give you some examples but before I do so, I urge you to seriously consider the following because it is very much related to what am about to later on expose.

Simply put, the sectarian/ethnic agenda the US came with consisted of the following myths/lies.

- Iraq is majority Shiite. And the lie adds --this latter group has been repressed by the previous government, hence this group did not have any adequate political and social representation in Iraqi society. So any liberation must take into account this “sect’s struggle and aspirations”

- The Kurds are a separate ethnicity from the Arabs. They too have been repressed by the previous government, hence any “liberation” must take into account their “ethnic struggle and aspirations.”

The above two myths were the principal premises on which America has operated until now.

Anyone with a modicum of insight can already spot the sectarian and ethnic division that America had in mind in the above claims.

In order to understand the conspiracy one first has to debunk these myths. And this is what I am intent on doing. So :

1) Under the previous regime, there was NO NOTION of SECT or ETHNICITY embedded in the prevailing political and social culture. Us as Iraqis never and I repeat NEVER thought or acted on that basis. It was simply NOT part of our culture.

2) The proof is that the rate of intermarriage between let’s say Shia, Sunnis and Kurds was the highest in the Arab World. Education can be used as another sociological barometer where ALL IRAQIS had access to education regardless of their sect and ethnicity. The same applies to Health services, Employment, etc...
These criteria can be used as a sociological index to demonstrate and affirm that there was NO NOTION of SECT or ETHNICITY in the Iraqi social fabric and culture prior to the Zionist American and Iranian occupations.

I defy anyone, and I mean anyone who can disprove the above. And I demand that I be shown ONE family which does not comprise of at least one Shia or Sunni relative, be it in the immediate or extended family.

3) At the level of the political apparatus -- the State. The majority of the Baath party members were Shiites at the top echelons. So was the Army including the Elite Republican Guards. Furthermore, the Baath party at its inception in 1968 included more Shiites than Sunnis . And this is a historical fact no one can disprove, whether one agrees with the ideology of the Baath or not.

4) The Kurds in Iraq were the only minority group in the Middle East to be granted autonomy as far back as 1974. The same is not applicable to Iran, Syria and Turkey where Kurdish minorities exist. I have written more than one post on this subject and will not repeat myself here, again.

5) Iraqis, whether Sunnis or Shias considered themselves Iraqis and Muslims and Arabs when applicable. Our sect was NOT A RELIGION by itself. Both Sunnism and Shiism are branches of Islam. Just as Kurds were NOT considered a RACE by itself. They were considered IRAQIS, but as a group with its own language and customs yet part of the IRAQI Mosaic. The same is applicable to other minorities such as Turkmen, Yezidis, Sabeans, and Christians. They were all part of the IRAQI MOSAIC, an indivisible part of it. And the previous government acted on that basis.

6) The massive propaganda campaign, regarding the so-called repression of Kurds and Shiites, a propaganda devised by the US, Iran and Israel as far back as the 90’s until the invasion in 2003, was nothing but preparing the Iraqi ground for its subsequent division along sectarian and ethnic lines.

7) To that effect, figures were twisted, changed, erased, re-arranged, exaggerated to fulfill the main objective i.e the division of Iraq.
Take as an example one the current myths propagated by both the sectarian puppet Iraqi regime and the US occupier –- The Shiites constitute 80% of the current population, and 20% are Sunnis. This myth has been circulating well before the invasion and taken as fact by nearly everyone including the notorious “left.”

Well got news for you. This is another fabricated LIE of humongous proportions.
The Iraqi people if you want to divide them ethnically -- grosso modo, you’d have Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen.

If you wanted to divide them on religious basis – you’d have Muslims, Christians, Yezidis and Sabeans.

If you wanted to divide them along ethnicity and religion – you’d have Arab Muslims, non Arab Muslims (Kurds/Turkmen), Armenians, Arab,Christians, Yezidis and Sabeans.

If you wanted to divide them by sect alone then in the Muslim group you’d have -- Sunnis and Shias

And in the Christian group you’d have -- Chaldeans, Assyrians, Protestants and Orthodox.

And add another subgroup -- Yezidis and Sabaeans.

Now in the Muslim grouping Sunnis and Shias – The Arab Sunnis formed 43% of the Iraqi population, the rest being Arab Shias and Arab Christians. Now if you add the Kurds who are majority Sunnis. You’d have a nice 55 %. So this nonsense of Iraq being 80% Shiite and 20 % Sunni is pure baloney.

However, with the introduction of this blatant racist sectarianism and ethnocentrism by the US and Iran since the 90’s and (even before in the case of Iran), led to the dwindling down of the Sunni population from 43% to 20%.

Do you know why? Because the majority of the Arab Sunnis have been either murdered or exiled. So yes, today the Sunnis are 20%. There are no more Arab Sunnis left and the Sunni Turkmen are following suite at the hands of the Kurds. And the Christians, the Sabeans and the Yazidis are being exiled or massacred by the sectarian militias.

So do you see how the plan is unfolding or not yet ? Everything is being done to push the demographic changes in the needed direction -- The elimination of Sunnis, the elimination of the Christians and other minorities, the elimination of the Turkmen-- so Zionist America and Iran can say: Iraq is majority Shiite and Kurd. Do you get it or not yet ?

Hence in the light of the above, the over 1.2 million dead, the 5 million displaced make sense. That is a logical, necessary thing to do, to achieve the desired result.

Now critiques from the “left” both Western and "Arab" argue that had the social fabric of Iraq been as cohesive as I expounded at the beginning, then the sectarian strife would have not taken place or that Iraqis would have not fallen into the sectarian trap.

Why can’t these people see the obvious, beats me. What is this thick idiotic indoctrination that the so-called “left” is infected with?

If the Iraqi social fabric was not solid and cohesive, it would have not taken 6 years of killings to try to achieve the agenda. It would have not taken armed militias from Iran, like Sadr, Badr, Dawa, Chalabi...it would have not taken so many armed mercenaries, snipers, contractors, dirty gangs, soldiers, weapons...

If there was no IRAQI cohesive social fabric, it would have been a "cakewalk" like Rumsfeld cheered. But it was no cakewalk. And still is not...

I can write more on the Iranian/American divisive, sectarian agenda for Iraq, but that would necessitate on my part another chapter that deals with Iran alone, Iran from Khomeini’s days till the present.

And knowing that most of you have a short attention span, I've tried simplifying it for you as much as possible so as not to make it too lengthy.

So what I exposed above is/was the American-Iranian agenda for Iraq.

Both America and Iran needed proxies to execute their agenda. They had to have not only soldiers, mercenaries, death contractors but also militias. This is where Iran’s role was most prominent. Not only it furnished America with sectarian politicians like Maliki, Sadr, Sistani, Hakeem, Jaafari, Rubaie and the rest...but also provided the militias to back its plan.

It armed the following sectarian Shiites in Iraq whose political loyalties and allegiances were to Iran’s and its political Shiism. These militias were/are

- The Badr of Al-Hakeem (SIIC) militia
- The Dawa party militia – of the Maliki, Jaafari group.
- The Ministry of Interior militia- Solaghr
- The Jaysh al-Mahdi of Muqtada Al-Sadr (who was also trained by Hezbollah, Lebanon)
- Hezbollah Iraq branch.
- And other small militias belonging to some other mullahs al-Sagheer, and this is to name only the major ones.

And not contending itself with the above, Iran had also its own Quds Revolutionary Brigades also knows as the Pasdaran, spread in Baghdad, the South, and in the North.

The Kurdish militias on the other hand, also known as the Peshmergas were trained and armed by Israel who has a representative bureau in "Kurdistan"

The first attempt on the part of the occupier to spark the sectarian war, was not in 2006 as most think, but in 2004 in Falluja.

The massive killings of the inhabitants of Falluja was the first signal to the Arab Iraqis. In this battle, the following militias collaborated with the US occupier.
The Badr, the Dawa and the Kurdish militias.

It is wrong to believe that the sectarian cleansing started in 2006, as I said it started in 2004 and continued in 2005 but came out fully in the open in 2006.

In 2006, the famous bombing of the Askari shrine in Samarra, was another turning point.

You need to know that the keepers of the Shrine in Samarra were Arab Sunnis until 2003. In other words this shrine has been there for decades and was never attacked by any Iraqi.

In 2006, the carnage against Iraqi Arab Sunnis started . Kidnappings, hideous tortures, and executions. This was crowned by the ultimate, the lynching of the President of Iraq at the hands of the same militias on the Sunni day of the Muslim Feast because the Shiites celebrated a day or two later as per the Iranian calendar. What later unfolded was even more gruesome...

The sectarian militias did not contend themselves with just killing, the most sadistic practices were also used – Drills, gouging eyes out, burning alive if your name was Sunni, rape and mutilation, offering of heads on trays, cutting up of bodies, crucifixions, ripping thorax apart and taking the heart as a trophy ...and the list is long.

These methods were used against mainly Arab Sunnis, Arab Christians and Arab Palestinians and Arab Shiites who were opposed to such methods.

There is also another important point to remember here, that these militias were/ARE THE ARMED WINGS of the CURRENT PLAYERS in the puppet regime.

In other words, they were “democratically elected” as the Americans like to believe. But what the Americans did not tell you is that over 1.5 million IRANIANS participated in these “elections.”

All the IRAQI families that escaped or were forcefully displaced from their homes will tell you that the MAIN MILITIA RESPONSIBLE for these horrendous executions, WAS/IS the JAYSH AL-MAHDI and the Badr Brigades and the Dawa militias. Those who remained were displaced to other neighborhoods and segregated in ghettoes behind walls, that the Mahdi army, out of all militias helped the US in building.

And they all insist it is mainly the Jayh Al Mahdi of Muqtada Al-Sadr who is the most responsible, simply because the Mahdi was/is the biggest and most "active" SECTARIAN MILITIA IN THE SOUTH AND IN BAGHDAD.

The majority of those tortured and murdered were Arab Sunnis and Christians. The majority of those who are still lingering in Iraqi and U.S prisons are Arab Sunnis. The majority of those who were first placed in ghettoes and no services (still is the case) are provided to their neighborhoods are Arab Sunnis.
The 4.5 million exiled Iraqis, majority Sunnis and Christians can’t all be lying!

Only two days ago, a huge mass grave of 4020 bodies was found in Mahdmoudiyah. A few days prior to that another mass grave was found in the same district with 114 bodies and yet another with more bodies thrown in the garbage dumps of the same district.

NOT ONE mainstream Western Media picked up the story.

AP reported about 1 week ago of a mass grave of 60 bodies in a “predominantly Shiite area” Mahdmoudiah. Mahmoudiah was not predominantly Shiite, but became so!

These 4020 bodies were the bodies of IRAQI, Arab Sunnis. The inhabitants of Mahmoudiah had reported these mass graves since 2005 and 2006 to the “Iraqi” authorities who refused to unearth it or even start an enquiry. And till this day, the sectarian puppet regime refuses to take all the necessary steps to find the culprits and try them.

The inhabitants said that “Jaysh Al-Mahdi, the Badr Brigades and the Dawa militias are responsible for these mass graves.” And not one Western press picked up this story.

Quite the opposite, the Western media and in particular the alternative media has not stopped praising the “humanitarian” work of JAM, their charity organizations, Hezbollah style, the “patriotic” "anti-occupation" stand of Muqtada Al-Sadr, his representing the "repressed" Shias of Iraq, etc...

Such eulogies can be found in the writings of the disingenuous P.Cockburn and the Counterpunch crowd -- here, and here where he says " Muqtada rarely deviated from his open opposition to the U.S. occupation, even when a majority of the Shia community was prepared to cooperate with the occupiers“ and in his latest where he states "From the beginning, Muqtada was the only Shia leader who has always opposed the US occupation.The Shia are the majority in Iraq and the Sadrists are a majority of this majority...They make up 30 to 40 per cent of the total Iraqi population."(referring to the sadrists)

What lovely encouragements for the Occupiers sectarian agenda!

In fact Cockburn has not stopped praising the accomplishments of the Chief Driller in Iraq. He praises him as anti American, anti-Occupation and a patriotic cunning Iraqi politician. The only thing that Cockburn got right is the word “cunning.”

The same applies to Pepe Escobar another admirer of the Chief sectarian cleanser of Baghdad and the hater and killer of Iraqi women. I don’t need to link to any of Escobar’s articles, they are all pro-Iran and pro Muqtada al-Sadr. Pick and choose at your own leisure.

The same goes to another joker –-and there are many of them around in the West, who goes by the name of N.Davies. He even goes to call Sadr the Mahatma Gandhi of Iraq.

Bloggers are not immune to such political garbage and/or deceptiveness. For instance, Palestinian Pundit and Ramzy Baroud and to name but a few. And I tell them both -- Your support for Hamas does not need to automatically translate into support for Iranian/Iraqi sectarianism. Do add the Global Research crowd who have not stopped prophesying an attack on Iran for the past 5 years ,already... And this is to name but a few.

Needless to remind the reader that Muqtada Al-Sadr just returned from Qom, that Muqtada Al-Sadr has nothing of anti-US occupation in him, but has a lot of pro-Iran in him.

"Muqtada Al-Sadr called upon "the American troops in his country to spare lives, and called them to unity and brotherhood with the Iraqi people. He affirmed that "Saddam Hussein and his followers are the enemies of Iraq, not the Americans." In a statement distributed in Najaf, excerpts of which were published in the newspaper al-Sabah [Saturday], he characterized the presence of US troops in Iraq as "that of guests", and described the Americans as a "peace-loving people." He described Saddam as a "sinful aggressor." He said, "The Iraqi people want only good for the Americans, and there is no enemy of Iraq except Saddam and his followers." (from Juan Cole's Blog)


Muqtada Al Sadr‘s militia was the main militia that finished off the Palestinians in Iraq. You can read all about it in the following articles. Article 1, article 2, article 3.

And, it is thanks to Muqtada Al-Sadr that both the sectarian Shiites government of Jaafari and Maliki came to power and it is thanks to Muqtada al Sadr and his militia that the Sunni ARAB population of Iraq has declined from 43 % to 20 %...and mark my words more is to come. Handing Iraq over to Iran necessitates the elimination of all IRAQI ARAB OPPOSITION to the Zionist American/ Iranian project.

Yet these deceptive parrots of the "left" want none of that. They have bought the sectarian agenda handed out by the US and Iranian occupiers. All of these above, talk in Shia and Sunni terms and dare proclaim knowledge of pre-occupied Iraq !

All of the above are willfully resistant to the idea of an Iranian infiltration and occupation of Iraq.
All of the above deny what Iraqis,themselves, have to say about the Iran backed sectarian militias who ruined their lives alongside the occupier’s forces.

All the above sidestep the important fact that Iraq is an Arab Nation and that in their buying into the mainstream discourse, they are actually stripping Iraq of its Arab identity. And I can say more and more...

And in all of the above, NOT ONE reported the mass grave of 4020 Iraqi bodies at the hands of the Jaysh Al-Mahdi and other sectarian Shiite militias from Iran. Not ONE.

This deliberate denial is akin to my denying that the Zionists Jews are exterminating the Palestinians. What would you call me had I proclaimed such a thing?

You would call me a Zionist or someone playing by the anti-Arab, Zionist agenda, would you not?

Painting: Iraqi artist, Hakam N.M.Al-Kateb

April 19, 2008

Heavy Metal in Baghdad...

I guess I've said it before -- I HATE Heavy Metal , Metallica, whatever the shit you call it. BUT--

For those of you out there who are into that kind of "music", you may want to check out this trailer about a heavy metal band in Baghdad - Accrasicauda (here)

And the interview with Soroosh Alvin (producer of this documentary) with English Al-Jazeera.(here)

I liked both videos. These Iraqi young men are courageous and smart compared to your retarded youth.

And as the producer said at the end of the interview, "we're such a spoiled bunch (in the US.)"

April 17, 2008

The Body under Occupation.

Flesh, carnal, bodies...Human bodies. Male bodies, female bodies...occupied bodies, occupied flesh, a carnal knowledge of the Occupation.

The Body, the Conduit, the Vehicle...

Bomb, arrest, detain, imprison, chain – constrict the space. Then, direct your personal attack on the “other”, that "living beast” -- beat, lash, strike, whip, wound, burn, break, smash, sodomize, rape, piss on, defecate on, shoot, kill --- the Body.

El-Cuerpo. The Centre point. Flesh of flesh. Dig into the matter of the Flesh...

Entries, openings, cavities, orifices, holes -- mouth, anus, vagina, ears, eyes, nostrils...where sensations move in and out, circulate, float, exchange, grasp, perceive, register, memorize, transmit, receive, give...

Invade and Occupy the senses.

Plant your presence in each entry, turn it into a check point for examination, for a search, for an optical scan, for a biometric evaluation, for a digital print...code It, number It, and erase its identity...

Cage the body and the senses –- sand bags over the head, ribbons over the eyes, tapes on the mouth, muffle the sounds with ear plugs, gag them with water, urine, or let them dry up with thirst and starve them...

Crush the vehicle, destroy it. Destroy the flesh of the flesh...but first...

Grab the skin, lacerate it, leave your marks before moving on, before disposing of It. Those appetizing tiny pores, millions of them...

Think, think, quickly, ingeniously, creatively, seize them for they are another opening for You. A million openings. Invade and occupy them, all of them.

The Epidermis, derma to derma, skin to skin. And the skin looks virgin like...a virgin land, an unlabored lush earth, a wild jungle, a savage nature...

Unveil It, strip It naked, expose It to your gaze. Use It, go ahead use It. It’s yours, you believe so.

Bend, twist, lay, squat, open, close, turn, sit, crawl, cross...front, back, sideways, up, down...

Tie, blow, strike, hang, bang, pound, punch, burn, wound, whip...

Now that you have invaded the millions of openings, the million pores...get to the bigger openings -- where secrets are buried, where the untold story remains hidden, where knowledge is concealed, where experience is obscured...Get to it.

The big holes. Accommodate yourselves inside, take up that space, force yourself into, penetrate It, possess It, own It, master It...with your force. For you are so powerful, or so you believe.
But don’t forget to insult and humiliate It, while you ravage away...

Now you can spit, relax and smoke your cigarette, chill out, lay back, and you are even entitled to smile with satisfaction. But don’t get complacent for you have more work to do with the Body, the Body under Occupation.

The Body is in the corner, cocooned, wrapped upon itself, a vegetable...

She is still breathing, his pulse is still beating, the Body is still resisting...Resisting You.

Get to it, get to it now.

The Derma, the Orifices...not enough. You need to get inside, much deeper...
There are still nerves you have not touched, intestines you have not reached, organs you have not palpated...

But how ? You think to yourself. Get those creative juices to flow. Come on, you can do better, much better...

Yes, you’re there. Pluck out the Viscera-- pull the nails out, hack the penis off, mutilate the labia, cut the ears, cut the tongue, gouge the eyes, drill the ribs, the back, the abdomen, the legs... Get to it now.

Paralyze It, but keep It a little alive for your orgy is not over.

Ah! the screams, the agony, the cries...bothersome? Maybe not. After all you earned them...

Now you are getting tired, you need a break, you need to rest. Finish It off. Keep banging It until It expires or simply shoot It.

Good job. You have done a great job.

Now, the trophies...

Kick ball with the head, rip the thorax apart and snatch the heart out, offer the limbs as a present to your family, keep the brains in a jar as a souvenir...

But if all of that is too gory and gruesome for you, and your stomach can’t digest more, and you’ve had your fill, you can always piss and shit on It instead.

Outside, is another round waiting...their eyes hollow, their bodies into skeletons, their cheekbones protruding with hunger and misery...Their clothes too loose, their complexions too ashen, their bodies too diseased, their stomachs too empty, their limbs to frail...they are another round of bodies under Occupation, waiting...

P.S: I wish to thank all the Iraqi victims, both those who died and those who survived, for having inspired me with their REAL stories, stories from their carnal experiences of the Body under Occupation.
I wish to thank my own Body too, for having courageously survived...survived the Occupation, so I can bear witness.

Painting: Iraqi Artist, Rahman Al-Jabri.


For those who wish to watch Redacted by De Palma. The whole film can be watched here.

It's 1h.30mn. And as M who forwarded me the link, satirically said "Get a pack of cigarettes, a bottle of your favorite drink....and watch on...and please don't forget the popcorns."

The film was inspired by REAL events in "liberated" Iraq, one of which is the rape of Abeer Al Janabi, 15 yo, who was gang raped by your brave boys and then burnt, and have her family massacred.

The pictures at the end of the film are REAL. So is your Occupation...

So enjoy your Occupation!

April 10, 2008

9th of April - The Fall of America

Everyone says that the 9th of April was the fall of Baghdad...And this Arab Woman says the 9th of April was the Fall of America.

At the gates of Babylon the Great, you are still struggling, fighting away, chasing this or the other, detaining, bombing from above, filling up morgues, hospitals, graveyards and embassies and borders with queues for exit visas.

Not ONE IRAQI wishes your presence. Not ONE IRAQI accepts your occupation.

And don't give me that shit about your democratic process and elections. You brought the whores from Iran to rule on your behalf and pimp for their Persian motherland.

You are small players in a game that still eludes you...the Iraqi Game is far greater and bigger than all of your strategies. You have lost in Iraq, you have been totally defeated - Politically, psychologically and economically...

Your tanks, your weapons, your artillery, your jets are nothing for us, for we are RESILIENCE and we are RESISTANCE.

You keep hiding in your camps and your Green Zone with the few Iraqi prostitutes who are willing to work for you. They don't represent us. They represent your brothel. And their days are numbered...just like yours.

Over 600'000 armed men; soldiers, mercenaries, contractors, intelligence, security, spies add to them the sectarian death militias that you and Iran have armed (Sadr, Dawa, Badr and others), add the Mossad, the Peshermgas of the dirty Zionist Kurds, add the ghettoes you built and where you segregated us, add the millions dead and exiled and maimed...And you still CAN'T CONTROL IRAQ.

Got news for you motherfuckers, you will NEVER CONTROL IRAQ, not in 6 years, not in 10 years, not in 20 years...

You can strategize and manoeuver all you want. Your DEFEAT is obvious, evident, glaring...

You have signed your own death warrant at the gates of Babylon, now face your own agony.

Five years on and not one heart and not one mind bears to see any of your stinking boys.

You have brought upon yourself the hate and the curse of all Iraqis, Arabs and the rest of the world...

At the gates of Babylon will be your total demise, and our total VICTORY. This, I promise you, America.

Long Live the Memory of the Great Martyr and Hero Saddam Hussein. Long Live the Glorious, Valiant Iraqi Resistance. Long Live Iraq.

and ...


April 8, 2008

Getting one's knickers in a twist...

This is probably one of the English popular sayings I love most -- Getting one's knickers in a twist.

And this sentence describes beautifully well the current "brouhaha" , the sensational clamor, the confused over excitment...over the latest from Iraq.

Muqtada Al-Sadr in the limelight. But this is not the first time. He's been there before, back in 2004, in Najaf, when the U.S forces were pounding away...but hey, he did reach a deal...then joined the political process with 2/3 of the parliamentary seats under the control of his party plus 5 ministries...

And thanks to him, Al- Jaafari government came to power followed by Al-Maliki...

And Muqtada, with the help of the US army he now oh so resists, cleansed Baghdad of its sunnis, raped and drilled them to death...But he also had a go at the Palestinians helped by HEZBOLLAH-Iraq branch...and now they are in Chile and India, and those who could not get a generous offer, are still stranded between Syria and Iraq in tents... All courtesy of the Mahdi Army...

And thanks to the cement coming from the Talabani-Chalabi joint venture company with its HQ's in Tel-Aviv, Muqtada's men alongside the American forces built the walls that turned Baghdad into "cleansed" ghettoes...Where someone living in Aadamyia has no clue of what happens in Dora. Or have you become suddenly amnesic ?

Don't you just love such soit-disant resistance ?

Now suddenly he is THE Resistance ? Resistance to what and to whom exactly ?

Resistance against the US but a resistance pro-Iran ? Is that what Arabs and lefties call a Resistance these days ?

OK you may call me a "simpleton", but simpleton is a badge I will carry with pride --for the obvious does not elude me.

No one seeking a safe haven in Qom can pretend to be anti-Iranian involvement in Iraq. And Muqtada is in Qom. And no one in their right mind can pretend that Al-Dawa and SCII of Al-Hakeem are not Iranian inventions and proxies in Baghdad.

So why are you getting your knickers in such a twist and drawing up one scenario after another, so stupidly ?

The BALKANISATION OF IRAQ is not complete yet. The PARTITION OF IRAQ AS PER THE ZIONIST PLAN and fully backed by Iran is not complete yet...

Of course there will be a few tensions here and there...and the flexing of muscles and a show of force, but just as the US and the more radical elements from Qum reached an agreement in 2004 in Nejaf, they will reach it again in Baghdad in 2008.

The cake is divided, some are just hampering over who gets the bigger piece.

So save your energies and your boring political analysis and your "scenario désastre"...an agreement WILL be reached between Muqtada al-Sadr and Maliki, and between Iran and the US.

You just need to wait for the different "fatwas" from Qum, Kerbala and Najaf to come to an agreement. It may carry a moderate or radical Iranian flavor...but the end result is the same -- IRAQ is no longer.

Americans when they shook hands with Chalabi, Jaafari, Rubaie, Sadr, Maliki, Hakeem, did foresee such a possible outcome and went ahead with it. They will not backtrack now.

So stop your lamenting music, and listen to the silence of the Dead. The Iraqi Dead.

And do take off these knickers, you obviously are incapable of knowing which leg goes where, left or right...and which side is up. But do cover your asses, lest you catch a cold.

Good Night.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Sabah Majeed

April 6, 2008

Mourning an "American Hero"

Mourning the loss of an "American Hero" HERE

Someone pass the tissues, please...

April 5, 2008

Through Iraqi Eyes - More Clips of "Liberation"

Did I ever tell you about my trip to the USA ? But that was ages ago...
That was when I still considered you somewhat (and do underline somewhat) of human beings...of course that has changed drastically, since...

Well, I had the misfortune of visiting your country. Friends told me that I was about to experience a very "sophisticated city" on the East Coast...

I had known Europe and I was sure "your sophisticated city" was much of an exaggeration. But I played along and promised myself to keep an open mind...

I found absolutely nothing sophisticated about you. I found then, and am sure it's gotten worse since -- I found a very shallow, ignorant, stressed out, aggressive, brash, brazen, jaded, apathetic, uncultured, empty, hollow, violent people...

Your streets were violent, the energies you gave off were violent, your urban structure was breeding ground for violence...and your "sophisticated" food sucked...It was an awful trip. I could not wait to leave...

I was feeling so anxious there, with all your nasty vibes, I actually borrowed some money from an acquaintance, changed the departure date which cost me nearly another plane ticket, and left earlier than scheduled...And what a relief it was !

But this is not really what I wanted to tell you. What I really wanted to share with you was an "incident" that happened in an elevator in one of your "sophisticated cities"...

I was in that elevator with a friend. And we were heading towards the 25th floor of some building whose architectural design was an insult to the Skies...

Standing next to us, was an Amercian couple with their very young daughter, she must have been around 5 or 6. A cute little girl wearing denim dungarees and with a head full of ginger colored curls...she looked adorable.

I smiled at her and spoke to her "you're a cute little girl. And my, what lovely curls you've got" I then patted her head and told her parents..."you have lovely little girl, bless her." in my typical Middle Eastern fashion.

The parents frowned, and the mother briskly pulled her daughter towards her, in a defensive manner...and they left the elevator a few floors before us.

My friend said abruptly "Layla you should never do that again!"
This friend has been living in the US for donkey years...poor thing.

Do what ?!

"You should never pat children here"

Why not ?

"They consider that child molesting."

Oh! for God's sake, give me a break , you can't be serious...it was just a show of affection for a child.

"I am serious, you should never do that again, otherwise you'll get yourself in trouble here..."

I was truly shocked...and thought to myself, what kind of perverted people are these, when even talking or joking around with a child can be misconstrued as sexual molesting ?

Then I remembered that I was in a very "sophisticated city." A city where everyone is politically correct, weighing their sentences and hiding tons of hypocrisy behind them...

I remembered I was in a "sophisticated city" where everyone tried so hard to look "sophisticated", hiding their neurosis, anally withholding feelings, masking their constipated minds behind rhetoric, jargon and garbage made self-help psychology...

I remembered that I was in a "sophisticated city" where aggressivity is repressed behind some sort of "sophisticated civilized" behavior, making everyone even more aggressive... chronically -- short tempered, irritated, angry and always whining...

Many years later, these "sophisticated" people invaded and occupied my country in the name of "civilized Freedom"...

Everything I knew to be true about you lot, was further confirmed during your unwanted, unwelcomed "visit" to Iraq.

In Iraq, the true, uncensored, unadulterated, unfiltered, face of America shines through...

This emotionally anally retentive people, this ignorant mentally constipated people, this arrogant, aggressive, profoundly dishonest people, this Godless, morally depraved people -- showed their true faces in Iraq.

This people who are oh! so politically correct, who take great pains in debating if a sentence is sexist or racist.. when words like black or white are quickly changed to caucasian or afro-american...otherwise it's oh! so blasphemous...

This deeply hypocritical, puritanical lot, who consider the word "fuck" to be a repulsive, foul, coarse, word prohibited for those below the age of 18.

This disgusting, repugnant people who see sexual abuse and molestation everywhere because they are abusive and molesters themselves...

This people with their "brave boys and girls" in Iraq.

And the video below exposes only the tip of the iceberg...

And by the way, I don't agree with the sentence in it that says you've "gone insane"...

You're not insane, you're simply a deeply racist (even the colored ones amongst you), perverted, immoral, hideous lot.

In Iraq, all of your true faces and colors have been unmasked for the World to witness and History to record.

Thank you M for the video