Getting one's knickers in a twist...

This is probably one of the English popular sayings I love most -- Getting one's knickers in a twist.

And this sentence describes beautifully well the current "brouhaha" , the sensational clamor, the confused over excitment...over the latest from Iraq.

Muqtada Al-Sadr in the limelight. But this is not the first time. He's been there before, back in 2004, in Najaf, when the U.S forces were pounding away...but hey, he did reach a deal...then joined the political process with 2/3 of the parliamentary seats under the control of his party plus 5 ministries...

And thanks to him, Al- Jaafari government came to power followed by Al-Maliki...

And Muqtada, with the help of the US army he now oh so resists, cleansed Baghdad of its sunnis, raped and drilled them to death...But he also had a go at the Palestinians helped by HEZBOLLAH-Iraq branch...and now they are in Chile and India, and those who could not get a generous offer, are still stranded between Syria and Iraq in tents... All courtesy of the Mahdi Army...

And thanks to the cement coming from the Talabani-Chalabi joint venture company with its HQ's in Tel-Aviv, Muqtada's men alongside the American forces built the walls that turned Baghdad into "cleansed" ghettoes...Where someone living in Aadamyia has no clue of what happens in Dora. Or have you become suddenly amnesic ?

Don't you just love such soit-disant resistance ?

Now suddenly he is THE Resistance ? Resistance to what and to whom exactly ?

Resistance against the US but a resistance pro-Iran ? Is that what Arabs and lefties call a Resistance these days ?

OK you may call me a "simpleton", but simpleton is a badge I will carry with pride --for the obvious does not elude me.

No one seeking a safe haven in Qom can pretend to be anti-Iranian involvement in Iraq. And Muqtada is in Qom. And no one in their right mind can pretend that Al-Dawa and SCII of Al-Hakeem are not Iranian inventions and proxies in Baghdad.

So why are you getting your knickers in such a twist and drawing up one scenario after another, so stupidly ?

The BALKANISATION OF IRAQ is not complete yet. The PARTITION OF IRAQ AS PER THE ZIONIST PLAN and fully backed by Iran is not complete yet...

Of course there will be a few tensions here and there...and the flexing of muscles and a show of force, but just as the US and the more radical elements from Qum reached an agreement in 2004 in Nejaf, they will reach it again in Baghdad in 2008.

The cake is divided, some are just hampering over who gets the bigger piece.

So save your energies and your boring political analysis and your "scenario d├ęsastre" agreement WILL be reached between Muqtada al-Sadr and Maliki, and between Iran and the US.

You just need to wait for the different "fatwas" from Qum, Kerbala and Najaf to come to an agreement. It may carry a moderate or radical Iranian flavor...but the end result is the same -- IRAQ is no longer.

Americans when they shook hands with Chalabi, Jaafari, Rubaie, Sadr, Maliki, Hakeem, did foresee such a possible outcome and went ahead with it. They will not backtrack now.

So stop your lamenting music, and listen to the silence of the Dead. The Iraqi Dead.

And do take off these knickers, you obviously are incapable of knowing which leg goes where, left or right...and which side is up. But do cover your asses, lest you catch a cold.

Good Night.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Sabah Majeed


Anonymous said…
The phrase, "Iraq is no longer" has doubtlessly been uttered many times before such as when Kurds were being gassed, regime opponents were being murdered for speaking out, etc. It would be most correct to say, Iraq as it once was is dead. Nations have suffered through worse and so will Iraq. I'm not being cold, I'm being optimistic. And even though I have stated nothing wrong (but I dared to disagree with Layla!) I will wait for the usual insults that are always directed at anyone around here who expresses a differing opinion. You know: zionist, racist, facist, blah, blah, blah.
Anonymous said…
I tend to agree with you, Dissent. Only because, like you, I am also optimistic and live in hope. Everything Layla says is absolutely right ... except that the other side of the coin shows that all these occupiers, of different hues and evil goals, have NO control over any part of Iraq, apart from the Green Zone, which is being hammered daily - increasingly so, recently. The 'walls' have gone up; ethnic cleansing has taken place; everything's been destroyed, but ... I live in hope.

This would not have been the case if it wasn't for the heroic Iraqi national Resistance, which has held at bay the most 'powerful' army (as it has been repeatedly described) for FIVE years. That counts for a lot and is the reason for my HOPE.

In solidarity, Layla...the night is darkest just before dawn. Yes, this night is extremely long, but the dawn will come.

Long live Iraq - may it rise greater than it ever was, and may Iraqi Resistance grow from strength to strength.
Anonymous said…
I am astonished at dissent and little deer. Can they not see that hope is like a corpse in the corner of every soul alive in Iraq today. The corpse has his head raised on a pillow of hidden tears and his eyes open only to the dark of hell. there is no hope if you have lived through the last years in Iraq, if you have taken a daily estimate of the rest of the world, if you register the brutal damage being inflicted by the slum mercenaries of thought all over the world. The important thing is that Layla and others are the elements of a river of humanity that passes through the world in intimate places every hour of the night and day. this blog is Layla's intimate place and we are privileged to visit. Jocelyn
Anonymous said…
Jocelyn, when Hope is gone, everything is gone. A human without Hope may as well be dead... I am very, very aware of what's taking place in Iraq, and despite everything, it is still made up of the Living - I live by the maxim: When there is life, there is Hope. And since the Living in Iraq have to continue with life, however awful, they hope.. Hope that they will be free; Hope that this nightmare will end; Hope that they will get safely through the day; and countless other Hopes... and I am absolutely certain that Hope beats in every Iraqi heart, despite all the tragedies.

In solidarity, Layla.
Anonymous said…
Little Deer,

Hope is good. I hope the nightmare ends for you, for Layla, for Iraq. I hope to never again see planes fly into buildings. I hope to never have to explain that to my kids again.

Someday the US will leave Iraq, and when that happens, can you please enlighten us with your ("the resistance"?) vision for Iraq and it's relationship to the region. Please say yes or no to each. Go ahead, I won't fault you if you change your mind later.

- Equality of women
- property ownership
- hold political office
- Free dress code
- free movement
- military service
- voting rights
- marriage/divorce
- sexual orientation
- equality before courts - e.g. witnesses against men
- guarantee minimum percentage of legislators

- Equality of Sunnis, Shia, Kurds
- before the law
- resource/oil sharing

- Freedom of worship
- All religions allowed to build mosque, church, temple, synagogue...

- Free speech, except incitement to riot
- Free assembly
- Democratic Representation - government elected by people, unfettered elections
- No disqualification of candidates or overriding religious authority
- Candidates can be elected even if in jail
- Strong military or weak?
- Strong police or weak?
- Surveillance of "criminal" citizens?

- Liberties
- alcohol
- tobacco
- guns
- drugs
- sexual preference
- school choice
- auto choice
- light bulb choice? Don't laugh. Its not funny here.
- Freedom to paint house any color?
- Free to drive unsafe car?

- Taxes / redistribution of wealth
- low max rate (25%)
- high max rate (75%)
- Government "free" health care
- employer health care
- from each according to his ability to each according to his need
- individualism (anti-communism)
- entitlement (welfare)

- Big government or small?
- Authoritarian or libertarian?
- Oil wealth (OW) redistributed directly
- OW Sovereign wealth funds redistribute dividends to people? to government?
- Property owned by individual or community/government? Who owns means of production/OW?
- Upward mobility - are rich people allowed? Are poor allowed?
- Capitalism, socialism, or Communism?
- Free trade or protectionism?

- Closest socioeconomic model(s)
- Dubai model
- Saudi model
- Iran model
- US model
- EU model
- Russia model
- China model
- Empire building, nationalism, or balkanization?
- Absolute morals or relative ones?

Greg from USA
Unknown said…
To Greg from USA,

One of the models that has been presented for a post liberated Iraq is the following:

I am aware that a few other ideas have also been floated around by some of the Resistance groups.
Anonymous said…
Greg from USA:

That seems very much what the US needs. Could you please answer them all for us first, Greg? But you'd have to be very honest - there is a tendency to be dishonest in your part of the world.

I think Iraqi Resistance is not interested in your list - all it wants - and peace and justice loving people the world over - is for you, uncivilised barbarians, to GET OUT of their country. Forgotten that Iraq is the CRADLE OF CIVILISATION, Greg? That there's NOTHING you can teach Iraqis?

Well done, Layth! But, perhaps, Greg won't understand it, because his so-called 'Constitution' isn't worth the paper it's written on!

By the way, what did IRAQ have to do with planes flying into your buildings? Please teach your kids to treat other nations with respect - that would be a good start.

In solidarity, Layla
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla, perhaps a glimmer of hope?

When observing the world media, it becomes apparent that George Orwell's reference to 'double-speak' has in these times been superseded to “opposite speak”. In the case of Iraq, the USA pretended that the theocratic fundamentalist government of Iran was – the axis of evil, and a dire enemy of the USA people. This lie continues to this day. Yet the reality is that Iran is one of the USA's closest buddies. So close the USA has installed them into Iraq as equal partners in the continuing brutal oppression of the Iraqi population.

We also see this “opposite speak” in regard to opium growing in Afghanistan. Before the USA invaded Afghanistan, 92% of opium production had ceased. Remember! Then the USA upon arriving in Afghanistan, immediately did a deal with the Northern Alliance ,wherein the NA could grow opium in return for supporting the USA's military forces against the Taliban.

Since the USA's invasion of Afghanistan opium production has soared. Yet USA “opposite speak” tells us is our daily media the Taliban are to blame for this.

It also appears that the USA's previous enemy to hate – the Muslims, have presently being removed from our airways and daily newspapers, and our new enemy to hate is China.

One might ask what has this to do with Iraq? Well, as “opposite speak” was the prime big winner for the USA's successful illegal occupation and invasion of Iraq. Surely the present anti-Chinese “opposite speak” is relevant. In turn therefore, to expose the enemy's “opposite speak”, we need to observe closely how it works.

In relation to China, the first procedure in this “opposite speak” was Bush meeting with the Lama. From this the Tibet protests followed. Two dozen people lost their lives. But what we were not told was that the main people targeted were immigrants in Tibet, mainly Han Chinese and Uygur Muslims. Five of these immigrants were burnt to death in their shops. Along with this we have so-called human rights activists like Bernard-Henri Levy and Daniel Cohn-Bendit calling for a boycott of the China Olympics. Forget about Israel's brutal denial of human rights against the whole Palestinian population folks. Its China we are after now.

And along with the Israeli daily media, as I am typing this, I can hear the “opposite speak” on our Aust. government ABC airways It comes in the form of a talk-back set up to encourage and entice anti-Chinese mantra. And with a bit of tickling inside their ear-holes, the obedient little paper cut-out listeners responded instantaneously. And they have now been spewing out their anti-China sentiments for the past five minutes. Up until Bush met with the Lama, these same paper cut-outs never said one bad word about China, whom we heavily rely on to keep our economy afloat.
(Remember the USA anti-Saddam Hussein “opposite speak” - this is exactly how it was done.)

Now arising out of the USA/Lama orchestrated violence in Tibet, the paper-cut outs around the world are out there protesting around the globe against China's human rights, while these same paper-cut outs ignore the continuing average daily death and injury and human suffering of civilian Iraqis being carried out by the USA/Israel/Iran and other allies including Aust. Bearing in mind the reality of these crimes – reflect the genocide of humans on a large scale..

To understand why these paper-cut outs dangling from their USA controlled strings, are out there doing their stuff against China at present, involves the issue of the USA's occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo etc., the issue of USA economic decline, and the fact that China does not have a 'corporate free market' . In other words, the USA cannot walk into China and take over the Chinese government owned structures, businesses and resources which would help get the USA out of its present economic slide. Its a case of we want what you've got and we need it now.

From all this USA driven political manipulation and world human brainwashing, perhaps unconventionally, I see a glimmer of hope for Iraq. Because contrary to the “opposite speak” of the USA as to how successful their surge in Iraq is, and how long they intend to stay there. I see their present new desperate direction of “opposite speak” against China as a sign that due to the USA's economic decline, they will not be able to hold out in Iraq for as long as their “opposite speak" would have us believe.

In solidarity,

PS was going to apologise for length of this article. But if it is good enough for that lump of CIA spawned USA man to cover these posts with his USA shit
then I see no need to apologise.
Anonymous said…


this is just a rather simple constitution for a democratic republic. You know GOD DAMN WELL this is NOT what the "iraqi resistance" wants. They want to kill and maim and destroy untill they have dominance over everyone.

This is what good and decent people want. Life, liberty, property. A twenty percent tax cap! Seriously, stop supporting the terrorists, get something like this ratified through elections. And I guarantee you will attract the best and brightest from across the arab world.

If this is seriously what you want, then you need to get involved in the political process. Get involved with either Democrat international or Socialist international. Democrat international is more capitalist/nationalist oriented, which could be good considering Iraq needs some explosive growth and a sense of nationhood. But on the other hand, most of your money comes right out of the ground so you need mechanisms for wealth distribution.

In any case, violence is not the answer. America does not want subjects, it wants comrades.
Anonymous said…
anonymous 9/4/08 7:08 AM, the ameronazi psychopath...
Anonymous said…
Above yet another bloody CIA spawned piece of inhumanity spewing out the usual garbage over these posts.

Lets have a look at just a couple of the USA's present Comrades.There is the Iranian Comrade Moqtada Sadr the driller and killer of Iraqis. There is also the USA's Comrade Iranian Mullahs intending to help themselves to Iraq's oil, and anything else they can get their hands on in Iraq, and there is Comrade Old Mert from Israel,whose social policy is to kill a Palestinian every day. I believe he has his bloody hands into Iraq also.

And the latest USA comrade is 'the Lama' It seems a 19 yr. old Canadian tourist in Tibet witnessed 4 or 5 Tibetan men stoning and kicking a Han Chinese to death. Also five (5) young Chinese women employees huddled together hiding in the second story of their workplace were burnt to death,when the Tibetan rioters set fire to the building.

Kenwood said "The Muslim district was entirely destroyed - every store was destroyed." (AFP Kathmandu Mar 18th)

But this is nothing new when it comes to the USA and 'the Lama's comradeship.Even by early 1960, the USA/CIA spent $1.7 million per annum in Tibet and gave $180,000 annually to their Comrade the Dalai Lama for his personal needs.

Now this is what the above piece of USA inhumanity is talking about when he refers to 'USA COMRADES" . This is "Comradeship the American Way" folks!

And again as I type this, I hear "Opposite Speak" from our Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.telling the Chinese he is concerned about their human rights. Not that he is concerned about the human rights of the immigrant Tibetans who were mercilessly murdered by those 'Lama" CIA funded Tibetans in this recent uprising.

Remember the CIA-funded uprisings against President Saddam Hussein? In both cases the same USA/CIA. The only difference being different race different place.
Anonymous said…
Thank you, Bluegum... your input here is much needed and very important. I found your post on 'opposite speak' particularly interesting and pertinent: where wrong is right; bad is good, etc. How else can one explain when one sees the imbecile in the white house telling the world that 'the 'surge' is working', while, at the very same time, the world sees Baghdad in flames?

I didn't know much about the Dalai Lama (except from the point of 'spirituality', which I now realise is a fraud), but, yes, the problems in Tibet scream of US involvement. The wretched debt-ridden, evil, murderous and mendacious nation is obviously out to discredit China. How/when will these horrors end, and the US brought down to its knees?

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,

I agree that some Iranians are cooperating in the occupation of Iraq. This occupation is facilitating the current ongoing genocide.

However, I hope you have noticed that there is also a movement to break with this situation. If we want to be free in the Middle East, we need to not only respect eachother, we need to actively defend eachother in our moments of need. If we are too much of cowerds to help out, the least we can do is not to cooperate with genocidal maniacs who have murdered 1,000,000 Iraqi citizens.
Anonymous said…
Little Deer: "IR is not interested in your list - all it wants - ... - is for you, uncivilised barbarians, to GET OUT of their country"

I thought so. You are in such a hurry to kick us out that you are doomed to repeat our mistake. You will not win the peace. This is your model: "After taking power, the unity of the Mujahideen evaporated and fighting began between them. Gulbuddin Hekmatyar was blamed for a rocket attack on the government, prompting Dostum to launch a campaign against him. Dostum later joined forces with Hekmatyar and fighting destroyed much of Kabul as the nation was split along ethnic lines. In 1994, the predominately Pashtun Taliban Movement was formed in southern Afghanistan with Pakistani support. It made rapid gains for the next two years against both Dostum and Tajik commander Ahmad Shah Massoud; in 1996 the Taliban took the capital." Civil war in Afghanistan

Layth, I read the first couple of pages of your constitution. Besides being written by a third grader, it looks great. Tell me, what is the difference between that constitution and the one you have now? Why don't countries ever just start with a successful countries constitution? Canada, Australia, Ireland, UK, Sweden, Germany,Japan... Everyone is reinventing the wheel and doing a crappy job

Other than Layth, no one answered my questions. Thats because YOU HAVE NO ANSWERS. I have the answers but I don't want to give them out until you try and put some effort in first.

bluegum, you are "spooked", 95% nuts. You are opposite-brained

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
"This is not the republic I came to see; this is not the republic of my imagination...The more I think of its youth and strength, the poorer and more trifling in a thousand aspects it appears in my eyes." - Charles Dickens, 1842. "American Notes" - impression of 19th Century America.

This Dickensian version of "The Ugly American" reflects Dicken's genius for observation and power of psychological insight.

In year 2008 history shows that the "Ugly American" through time, has continued to become even more uglier.
Anonymous said…
bluegum, ya ain't so grand yerself! Where ya from?

"At a dinner in his honor in New York on April 18, 1868 Dickens, alluding to negative aspects of the 1842 trip, noted that both he and America had undergone considerable change since his last visit. He commented on the excellent treatment he had received from everyone he came in contact with on this trip and vowed to include these words as an appendix to every copy of the two books in which he refers to America" - David Perdue's Dickens page

Who gives a hoot what Dickens had to say anyway? Ever been to the USA?

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
Wow, so instead of addressing my point you use your favorite meaningless phrase and shout conspiracy theories. You are a hack bluegum, a pathetic, hopeless hack. Your thinly veiled penis envy has left you with no coherent thought and no identity of your own. You are completely unable to think except as a foil to something better than yourself.
Anonymous said…
It appears the "Ugly American" piece of
CIA inhumanity that has just spoken, doth protest too much. It just goes to show "Truth is mightier than the Sword". Observe him wriggling and squirming!

Seems my posting on the issue of "OPPOSITE SPEAK" HAS SENT HIM INTO A FRENZY?

He does not seem to understand we got his point from his first post.... Invasive,brash,brassy,ignorant,arrogant, insensitive and untruthful - he makes the perfect illustration to Layla's succinct and vivid descriptive writings of the "Ugly American"

Anonymous said…
Invasive? I'll show you invasive you boot-licking worm! Your pithy parody of an Orwellian concept "opposite speak" is an excellent example of the complete lack of critical thought among third-world malcontents such as yourself.

So Bluegum, what's your fetish? what boots do you prefer to lick? Arab Nationalism? The Caliphate? Marxism? My hunch is that without someone telling you want think and how to behave, you would be utterly lost. Because you sir, are a mouth-breathing cunt who can't manage his affairs in the absence of tyrants. Eat shit, and good night
Anonymous said…

The aforementioned posting is a wonderful illustration of "THE INVASIVE UGLY AMERICAN!" Just image thousands of these excuses for humanity invading ones country.
Anonymous said…
Greg says "In 1996 the taliban took the capital.".

One year later, where did the Taliban leaders fly to? Did they fly to Canada to sample moose feces? Maybe they flew to Australia to check on the plight of the Aboriginees to do a study on the WalkAbout. But I dont think so. Since Im a gambler, Im bettinh they flew to America; yeah....Houston, Taxes to be exact.

Now they could've been discussing part ownership in the Houston Oilers football team but I dont thinks thats the oily kind of business they had in mind..nor was it the persons they met in Texas.

See..there was a liitle bit of oil up there in that Afghan know, the kind of oil that produces gasoline to maker yer car go vroom vroom so you can go get food at the store or get DVD to watch with yer family at night.

Anyway...the Taliban were just the shit...the cool dudes on the block and even Bhutto knew she may be able to use them. Yeah the Taliban beat the shit out of the women, shot a few actually out in the fields..hell they even put a stop to nearly all music. And this is just the type of God Blessed folks the apes in Washington DC just love to schmooze up next to.
So anyways, the Taliban comes to Houston, Texas cus the bog American oil boys want to set up a deal with these nice young polite boyz from Afghanistan in hopes that they will offer the oil-corp some protection when theyre in there extarcting all that oil with their new pipelines.

But Bridas, an Argentinian oil-corp was already in the area workin and Unocal wanted a piece of the action and thats exactly why the American flew the Taliban to Texas.
The Taliban made their choice and they decided on Bridas and the rest is history as they say.

Now I dont know if you told yer kids that side of the story but I see above you say that you hope to never have to explain why planes flew into a building again. If you do decide to explain to yer kids this side of the story, it may be a great opportunity to explain to them how insurance policies work cus Silverstein made a fortune by taking out an insurance policy on his World Trade Center buildings covering terrorism right before 9/11.

I tell ya, those American made buildings musy have been pretty damm cheap, especially the one that came down that wasn't even hit. Oh and isn't James Baker a saint. My god we need more American like him. He was so generous with his time and efforts that he flew all the way to Saudi Arabia to protect them from lawsuits. God what Patriot!! That fucker can stoke my dick anytime he wants...hell he can even kiss it!

Yer points on a govt for Iraq are nice. Wish we had it hear in America. Don't you comrade?
Anonymous said…
For you Layla, and all our Iraqi brothers and sisters, and all those whose children and friends, homes, lives and futures have been destroyed by the Americans. An editorial I wrote for Now Public:
Anonymous said…

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