April 8, 2008

Getting one's knickers in a twist...

This is probably one of the English popular sayings I love most -- Getting one's knickers in a twist.

And this sentence describes beautifully well the current "brouhaha" , the sensational clamor, the confused over excitment...over the latest from Iraq.

Muqtada Al-Sadr in the limelight. But this is not the first time. He's been there before, back in 2004, in Najaf, when the U.S forces were pounding away...but hey, he did reach a deal...then joined the political process with 2/3 of the parliamentary seats under the control of his party plus 5 ministries...

And thanks to him, Al- Jaafari government came to power followed by Al-Maliki...

And Muqtada, with the help of the US army he now oh so resists, cleansed Baghdad of its sunnis, raped and drilled them to death...But he also had a go at the Palestinians helped by HEZBOLLAH-Iraq branch...and now they are in Chile and India, and those who could not get a generous offer, are still stranded between Syria and Iraq in tents... All courtesy of the Mahdi Army...

And thanks to the cement coming from the Talabani-Chalabi joint venture company with its HQ's in Tel-Aviv, Muqtada's men alongside the American forces built the walls that turned Baghdad into "cleansed" ghettoes...Where someone living in Aadamyia has no clue of what happens in Dora. Or have you become suddenly amnesic ?

Don't you just love such soit-disant resistance ?

Now suddenly he is THE Resistance ? Resistance to what and to whom exactly ?

Resistance against the US but a resistance pro-Iran ? Is that what Arabs and lefties call a Resistance these days ?

OK you may call me a "simpleton", but simpleton is a badge I will carry with pride --for the obvious does not elude me.

No one seeking a safe haven in Qom can pretend to be anti-Iranian involvement in Iraq. And Muqtada is in Qom. And no one in their right mind can pretend that Al-Dawa and SCII of Al-Hakeem are not Iranian inventions and proxies in Baghdad.

So why are you getting your knickers in such a twist and drawing up one scenario after another, so stupidly ?

The BALKANISATION OF IRAQ is not complete yet. The PARTITION OF IRAQ AS PER THE ZIONIST PLAN and fully backed by Iran is not complete yet...

Of course there will be a few tensions here and there...and the flexing of muscles and a show of force, but just as the US and the more radical elements from Qum reached an agreement in 2004 in Nejaf, they will reach it again in Baghdad in 2008.

The cake is divided, some are just hampering over who gets the bigger piece.

So save your energies and your boring political analysis and your "scenario d├ęsastre"...an agreement WILL be reached between Muqtada al-Sadr and Maliki, and between Iran and the US.

You just need to wait for the different "fatwas" from Qum, Kerbala and Najaf to come to an agreement. It may carry a moderate or radical Iranian flavor...but the end result is the same -- IRAQ is no longer.

Americans when they shook hands with Chalabi, Jaafari, Rubaie, Sadr, Maliki, Hakeem, did foresee such a possible outcome and went ahead with it. They will not backtrack now.

So stop your lamenting music, and listen to the silence of the Dead. The Iraqi Dead.

And do take off these knickers, you obviously are incapable of knowing which leg goes where, left or right...and which side is up. But do cover your asses, lest you catch a cold.

Good Night.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Sabah Majeed