April 27, 2008

Response to a Comment.

Layth left me a comment on my post Awakening from Al-Qaeda. His comment is fairly long and so is my response, hence I opted to publish both in a post form.

Layth's comment is in italics.

Salam Layla,

Not too sure I can agree with some of what you said/concluded.

Firstly, the source of information you are using is Al-Sahwa and Al-Arabiya. Now, Al-Sahwa are complete traitors and sell-outs who have been formed by the US occupation and are maintained and funded by the same - hence they have zero credibility to speak about anything, especially when related to the fight for liberation (which they are not a part of - by the way). The second is Al-Arabiya which is a Saudi run station that is more pro-occupation than even Fox News (they run crap ads every day telling Iraqis to basically support the occupation by joining the puppet police/military and by giving information for any resistance activity they see).

Secondly, it is obvious that the noble Resistance has control of most of Salah Al-Deen province, especially the city of Mousel. The occupation and its puppets have been trying (and failing) for some time to fight the Resistance in this province. Suddenly, we get Sahwa garbage like this person telling us that the fictional boogey man (Al-Qaeda) is on the run and has moved into Salah Al-Deen as its last stronghold (yeah - sure!).

Mousel would never and can never be a foothold for Al-Qaeda because the people there are mainly military officers, and, the people there are not Salafi (unlike the Iraqis in and around the Anbar province) - therefore, the Salafi garbage ideology of Al-Qaeda would never find any welcome.

As for Al-Qaeda, I disagree with you completely that they are Iranian or Iranian backed. Al-Qaeda is a US/Saudi invention which was used primarily after 9-11 to allow the US a false pretex to carry out most of its military action in the Muslim regions.

In any case, I believe the Iraqis in particular and most Muslims in general have woken up to the fact that Al-Qaeda is a US pawn.

That being said, I do not believe Osama Bin Laden was ever a US/Saudi collaborator and, from reviewing his words and actions, I believe he was sincere (though misguided) - he has most prbably been dead since December 2001. However, I cannot say the same for Zawahri who clearly spews propaganda which almost always indirectly supports fake US statements and claims.

The game is big, and the stakes are high...But we will win.

Salutations to Izzat Al-Douri, the legal and legitimate President of the Republic of Iraq.

My response.

Salam Layth,

I will try to respond to your comment point by point,

1) TV station

It's true that Arabiya is Saudi backed, but then Al-Jazeera is Qatari backed and Qatar has diplomatic ties with Israel. Comparing Arabiya which I don't like to Fox news is not quite accurate in my opinion.

2) Sahwa

I am not sure I agree with your statement that ALL Sahwa members are sell outs. Even the IR admitted that a lot of its fighters joined the Sahwa, though the trend is reversing now. I am not pro-Sahwa myself, and this post was NOT a praise of it. I asked the reader to READ BETWEEN THE LINES- the ramifications are many.
One thing I am 100% sure of is :

- The Sunni population had a Damocles sword over its head. THEY WERE SQUEEZED AND ATTACKED BY a) The US forces b)the Iraqi forces of the puppet government c) the sectarian militias d) Al-Qaeda (whoever AQ is) and last but not least e) mercenaries, snipers, death contractors etc...

You and I and anyone CANNOT DENY, whatever our sect or religion is, that there has been a GENOCIDE against the Iraqis in general and the SUNNIS (and in second place and to a lesser extent, the CHRISTIANS) in particular.

Nor can anyone deny whatever our reticences are, that AQ has killed more Iraqis than Americans, and has pushed whomsoever into the arms of the Sahwa.

And lastly no one can deny that since the Sahwa were put in place, defending the Sunnis (even though they have some sort of temporary alliance with the Americans whom they probably considered the lesser of two evils. The first being the Iranian sectarian shiite militias) that there is a "seeming balance of power" restored.

I am not sure it will last though, as I firmly believe that a) Iran and its miltias in Iraq will NEVER accept Sunni armed groups, and b) Maliki said in his interview on that same Al-Arabiya and straight after that same program that the Sahwa's role is over. What did he mean by "over" I am not sure yet.

3) Al-Qaeda, Iran, US and COUNTERINSURGENCY.

Let me start with a few simple facts before I move on to generalities.

a) Every single person I meet who has freshly landed from Baghdad tells me that it is common knowledge that AQ is Iranian backed. I believe the "man/woman in the street" more than I believe any American or Iraqi politician.

b) Both this Sahwa guy and the IR spokesperson Dr.Shammari (amongst others) pointed out to the same fact that AQ was targeting the Sunnis and their families, their mosques but in particular and this is what stuck out very clearly , they were murdering "ex-army officers who had extensively fought in the IRAN-IRAQ war" and murdering " Resistance fighters."

c)Through my posts, I gave living examples of family members (including women) who were kidnapped and tortured by AQ and by " foreigners who spoke Arabic with an accent" besides the family members who have either disappeared in US prisons and who are still lingering there.

d) The above examples lead me to believe that AQ is definitely operating on two levels 1) terrorize the Sunni population into submission to the Status Quo (i.e puppet government and US occupation) and 2) AQ is being used through its ranks as a COUNTER-INSURGENCY force against all form of Resistance coming from those same Sunni areas. Hence the American policy of how it runs its camps make sense (keeping AQ to slaughter Iraqis, releasing AQ detainees...etc)

e) Counter-insurgency serves TWO parties in particular. The US occupier and the Iranian occupier. Both have a plan in Iraq and that is way too evident to deny by now.

f) Iran and AQ.

1) Logically speaking, ex-fighters and their leaders who were in Afghanistan, would most likely land in Iraq through Iran for starters. 2) both the US and Iran have a vested interest in finishing off the IR. Hence why is anyone surprised if Iran backs these same AQ ? 3) I believe that AQ is like some jelly medusa that was invented and is so elusive in its nature that it can easily be used or accomodate different political interests in Iraq. Which brings me to 4) I am therefore not at all surprised that the Mossad is heavily infiltrated in AQ, and I will not brush off the idea that AQ is a Mossad invention to start with.

g) Mosul,

Whenever the "plan" needs to be executed, AQ will be unleashed in that particular region where the "plan" needs to be completed. It is interesting to observe that when the Basrah fights were going on, AQ was lying low in the Anbar and in the centre. Once the Basrah fights were over, AQ reared its ugly head.

The battle FOR Mosul will require lots of AQ to give justification for both the puppet govt and the US forces to effect the changes they need there. One is clearing out the IR and two is carving up Mosul to fit the zionist Kurdish interests. Remember there is a plan for a division of Iraq, and it doesn't take place in two days.

4) Binladen.

I believe he is dead and his shadow is kept alive for obvious purposes. I am not sure I agree with your statement that his initial position was genuine and sincere. I have huge question marks on the whole concept of AQ from the very beginning, and what has transpired on the Iraqi grounds makes me believe that AQ has nothing to do with Islam or Muslims but more to do with Free-Masons, Shadow Groups and Zionists.

5) Informants

One can argue that this character Al-Jibbouri in the post, was released from US detention on condition that he becomes an informant for the Americans. That is a possibility too. But then one can argue that US was able to "buy" if I follow your logic many informants.
Which brings me to question Iraqi integrity in the long run and if liberation from any occupation is possible if Iraqis have lost so much of their integrity.
If the Shiites have pledged allegiance to their sect and "wilayat al faqih" above their country, and if the Sunnis according to your analysis are nothing but a bunch of sell outs who have pledged allegiance to the dollar instead of their country, and if lands are being sold to Jews in Babel and if the Christians have pledge allegiance to the West since it is closer to them ideologically than the Arabs, and if the Kurds have pledge allegiance to the Zionist idea of seperation, then in all frankness, one can recite the Fatiha over the whole of Iraq.

6) Izzzat Al-Duri

I hope he is alive and well. But please explain to me why does the Moharer have this need to give his whereabouts, as per the last statement, stating he is in the Wasit region. Would they like to give the names and descriptions of those who are with him too ?

7) The Iraqi Resistance

I don't know if the IR controls Salaheedin province or not.I cannot say.
All I know from the articles I've been reading is that the Resistance reports that come out in English and translated by M.Abu Nasr all praise the "anti-occupation patriotic forces "of the king driller, mass murderer of Iraqis, Muqtada Al-Sadr.

And this brings me to my last point. EVERYTHING is being done to SQUEEZE the valiant IR, be it on the grounds by Iran, the US, counterinsurgency, Sahwa, militias, mercenaries etc..or be it on the political level and media level, with tons and tons of articles praising the ones who butchered the Resistance. (like Al-Sadr and Iran).
I've said it before and will repeat it again, NO ONE in the international scene amongst countries support the true IR who has foiled the Zionist American plan and has paralyzed it in the region.
The Americans are bogged down in Iraq and Iran has been saved because of the IR. There is no doubt. But unfortunately and VERY SADLY, very few recognize openly and publicly the role of the IR in all of this.
Very sad indeed.

Long Live Iraq and Long live the valiant and glorious Iraqi Resistance.