January 30, 2008

An ambiguous Dream

Am on a short break, so I thought I'd share this dream with you, before I forget it...

I dreamt of Rabbi Yona Metzger, Chief Rabbi of Eretz Israel. And he was saying

"Drive them out, drive them out to the Desert. Drive them out to Sinai"

I guess reading news before going to sleep is not a very good idea. This Rabbi is considered one of the most influential international figures. If this guy is considered one of the most influential figures, that tells you a lot about the state of the world we live in...He also said in real life as opposed to dream life, that Muslims did not need Jerusalem, they had Mecca and Medina to contend with. (full article here and you must read it)

But the dream continues...

And I found myself in the desert, shouting " We have wandered long enough...we have wandered over 40 years. This land has always been ours - it's our promised land today "

Then my voice changed and I sounded like Golda Meir, and screamed at the top of my lungs.

" There is no such thing called Isghrael. Isghrael does not exist. All Jews from Europe, both East and West, should be shipped back to where they came from."

(Shit, I forgot to include American Jews in the dream)

Then the Rabbi looked at me with evil eyes and said "I am going to denounce you for anti-semitism. You are not a peaceful muslim"

I woke up perspiring, shaking and in a foul mood...

My only consolation is that in the dream even though I sounded like Golda Meir, I did not look like her.

What do you think this dream portends?

Painting : Iraqi artist, Dr.Mahoud Ahmed

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January 28, 2008

A Travesty...

The online dictionary defines travesty as:

1.a literary or artistic burlesque of a serious work or subject, characterized by grotesque or ludicrous incongruity of style, treatment, or subject matter.

2.a literary or artistic composition so inferior in quality as to be merely a grotesque imitation of its model.

3.any grotesque or debased likeness or imitation

Faithfull to my word and my promise, and in line with my last post, the time is ripe to expose travesties.

I find that noun totally appropriate to describe one political character who goes by the name of Nasrallah also known as the “Sayyed”.

Nasrallah is one of the most incongruous characters around. Incongruous is a polite word for a deceitful, lacking political and moral integrity, personage. And nothing is more apt to qualify Nasrallah but the latter.

Someone sent me this speech by the “Sayyed.” I read it.

Going past the usual verbiage that I am so used to by now, I noticed something worth EXPOSING and that is probably the only thing that caught my attention. Hence this post is devoted to him and by correlation to all of his supporters.

Nasrallah addresses the sons and daughters of Kerbala in his introduction.

You know where Kerbala is don’t you? Yes, you are right - Southern Iraq. What was called Iraq, but is now an official province of Iran.

But let me get on and not dwell on this “detail”, nor on the other “detail” when he calls Khameini “his Eminence and may God keep him..."

Not important for a so–called "Arab" patriotic nationalist, as “the Sayyed” likes to portray himself...Let me get to the real important stuff.

The paragraph that caught my attention, or should I say my rage is the following – An eloquent defense of Iran by a so-called "Arab" patriot. And I quote:

“Attack on Iran; siege of Syria.

What are the changes they said would take place in the region and on which they are counting? All I am going to tell you is part of the information available to us, but I am going to say it in a story-like manner in order to be very clear. I tell you now not to be afraid or worried. Anyway, listen to them. It was said that there was talk with this group that a US strike or a US war would be launched against Iran before May. Accordingly, Iran will be struck, Syria will be besieged, and the allies of Iran and Syria will be weakened - they classify everything as an Iranian-Syrian axis - and the situation will be in your favor 100 per cent.
I gave you this piece of information and now I will comment on it. My direct question to this group is: Are you sure that the Americans are telling you the truth? How many times have they said they will strike at Iran? If they strike at Iran and a war breaks out with Iran, will they or you guarantee the results? Who says war with Iran will achieve the US expectations? Who says war on Iran will not introduce a change in the region that might eliminate not only the Americans, but also all the Americans and their supporters?
Who guarantees this will not happen? They will come after a while and say I am making threats. No, I am saying facts. I am expecting things the way you expect a war on Iran to finish it off, weaken Syria, and destroy all the revolutionary and genuine national trends in the region. You have the right to expect things and I, too, have this right. I am saying this so that you will not waste your time by betting on things that may not take place and if they take place they might not at all be in your interest.”

I ask you to read this paragraph carefully. Then you get heated up as much as you like. But first read it carefully...

I have many remarks on this character, his incongruity and political hypocrisy.

The reason the “Sayyed” is giving assurances that any possible strike on Iran even though he dismisses its likelihood, is to the "advantage of the Region", is because of a very simple reality based fact – namely that the occupation and destruction of Iraq by the Americans and its handing it over to a sectarian Shia government whose main loyalty is to Iran does turn the table in favor of Iran.

Kerbala that he refers to in his introduction, is totally under Iranian control, so is Basrah, so is Diwaniah, so is Nejaf and so is Baghdad. So the “Sayyed” can afford to make promises for yet another “Divine Victory.”

The real backbone of the Arab world, Iraq has been shattered, with its vertebras lying like crushed dead bones on the ground...

Hence Nassrallah can easily claim yet another future "divine victory" should it be necessary...

And the ones who broke the backbone of the Arab world are none other than the Americans, the Iranians and the Israelis.

The other sentence that caught my attention is “destroy all revolutionary and genuine national trends in the region.”

Which genuine revolutionary and national trends ya travesty of a Sayyed ?

Iran’s and its militias in Baghdad, or Syria who was on the frontline in the first gulf War against Iraq? Or maybe your own group ya Sayyed?

The genuine revolutionary and national trends that you are referring to have been lynched, murdered, drilled, killed, raped, tortured, imprisoned and exiled...

The genuine revolutionary and national trends that you are referring to, have been eliminated by the Americans and your Iranian “eminences” and their militias, the militias of Jaysh Al Mahdi of Muqtada Al Sadr, of Al Hakeem, of Chalabi and of Al Maliki...Or maybe you did not know that ya Sayyed?

Just in case you forgot ya Nasrallah, I shall remind you. And do remember this Arab woman who reminds you - ya "patriotic, nationalist" that you are.

I will not even bother to go into your history and the history of your party.

We all know by now when and where it was formed and with which purpose.

But just in case you need me to refresh your memory when you were still a student of the not so great Sistani then, and after all, I am a few years older than you, so I will remind you...

Your Hezb ya Nasrallah was formed in Tehran to serve Khomeini in his war against all true patriots and nationalists and in particular the Iraqi ones. Do remember your Hezb’s bombing of the Iraqi Embassy in Beirut will you ?

Not only did your Hezb develop very close ties to the DAWA party and the SCII of Al- Hakeem that currently form the puppet government of Iraq and which consists of Muqtada Al-Sadr, Maliki, Jaafari, Hakeem...But your Hezb also made sure that during the current occupation of my country by the barbarian American Zionists that you supposedly denounce, it formed,trained and funded Hezbollah Iraq, and formed, trained and funded the Jaysh al Mahdi of Muqtada Al-Sadr.

The Iranian Quds Brigades were/are involved too, and divided their services between the Jaysh Al-Mahdi and the Badr Brigades. A nice multi-tentacles medusa of killers, don’t you think so, ya Sayyed?

Furthermore the aspiring mullah Muqtada Al-Sadr has visited you on several occasions to copy your “art” of playing politics and war at the same time.
Engage in the political process of the puppet government and at the same time keep his miliitas on alert – just like you.

And no, it is not to fight the Zionists but to torture, rape and murder more Iraqis in particular Sunnis, Palestinians and women.

But it does not stop there ya Nasrallah...ya sectarian hypocrite. It goes even further...

Your Sistani and your Iranian Ayatollahs from Nejef and Kerbala, the Dawa party, the SCII of Al-Hakeem, the Jaysh Al-Mahdi and Muqtada Al-Sadr have all landed thanks to the Americans tanks. But that does not seem to trouble you much. Kind of strange for someone calling himself an anti-American, anti-Zionist, a patriotic Arab nationalist don’t you think ?

Not only these sellouts from Iran that you so ardently support, murdered the true ARAB nationalist, patriotic legitimate president of this country, Saddam Hussein, and yes, your little aspiring mullah, Muqtada Al-Sadr was part of the lynching. Saddam recognized him in his last minutes...

But they also engaged in the most vile, heinous, criminal sectarian cleansing of the Arab Sunnis of this country, bringing down its population from 40% to 20%, through rape, torture, murder, imprisonment and exile.

And the remaining survivors are in ghettoes built by your Jaysh Al Mahdi, your Hezballah Iraq and the Americans.

Furthermore, the current sectarian Shia government of your “eminence” even refuses to extend basic services like electricity, water and garbage collection (forget schools and hospitals)- Ya Sayyed, ya Garbage enta.

Am not done yet...

Did we hear ONE condemnation from the Sayyed on the ethnic and sectarian cleansing undertaken by the sectarian Shia thugs that he supports? NO.

Did we hear ONE condemnation on the horrible body drilling, eyes gouging, teeth and nail plucking done by his sectarian Shia mates? NO.

Did we hear ONE condemnation on the daily rape, burning and murder of women mostly Sunnis and Christians, committed by his sectarian Shia criminals ? NO.

Patience, ya Sayyed am not finished yet...

Let’s talk about your anti-Zionism and your so-called support for the Palestinians shall we ?

Again, you are 40 and am a few years older than you. I can safely say that I’ve been engaged in the Palestinian cause even before you were born. So my memory is slightly longer than yours, ya Sayyed.

A bit of history here. Do you remember when your sister Party Amal of which your Hezb is an offshoot was massacring Palestinians? I do...

Ok, let’s forget the past for a little while...Let’s turn to the present.

When the Palestinian population in Iraq mainly in Baghdad dwindled down from 35’000 to 7’000, thanks to the cleansing that Muqtada Al-Sadr’s Jaysh Al-Mahdi that you support and the Badr Brigades of Al-Hakeem that you also support (and both are from your love-Iran) did we hear one condemnation from your part or your Hezb ? NO.

When the Palestinians of Iraq were massacred and the ones who escaped with nothing but the clothes on their back and are still living in tents on borders, did we hear one word of condemnation from you ? NO.

Total Silence. How come Ya “Hero” of anti-Zionism ?

Wait, wait...

When your Hezb joined the current Lebanese Army after your so called “Divine Victory” against the Enemy, and when that same army leveled Nahr Al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp to the grounds under the pretext of so called “Fath Al-Islam” - Did we hear one condemnation from you? NO.

When you talked of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and in Nahr Al-Bared being a "red line" not to be crossed. And 30’000 Palestinians from this camp have become refugees for the third time, did we hear one word of condemnation from you? NO.

Quite the contrary. I still hear some of your ardent members and supporters claim that over 150 of your finest Lebanese army men were killed and that turning Nahr Al-Bared to rubbles was a must. After all Fath al-Islam are nothing but Sunni, Mossad, American agents according to your analysis and their parroting of your worthless analysis...

Curiously, many Zionist, American hardliners are urging you for a rapprochement with Israel against the Arabs. I am not surprised ya Nasrallah. This is where you and your Iran are ultimately heading...

Ya Nasrallah, I have said enough so far.

Those who are orgasmic at your speeches, let them be. A misplaced politicized libido...poor things.

However, I and a good number of others have seen through you.

Iraq has been destroyed, beyond repair, thanks to the Americans, the Zionists and Iran with its “eminent” Ayatollahs like you like to call them and thanks to its mullahs and their criminal thugs and last but not least thanks to a travesty like yourself.

You and your supporters have no political, moral or intellectual integrity.

In fact, you and your herd have no shame. You are all a political sham of the first order. You are like a cheap aspiring belly dancer, who will follow the highest paid drummer and dance along....However your tune is very much Persian for a so-called Arab.

Yes, a Travesty indeed.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Mohaymen Sami.

January 26, 2008

Backlash behind a Veil...

Well what do you know - I really can’t stand it anymore.

I can’t stand the current Islamist discourse. I don’t care where it is coming from, I can’t stand it anymore. And I want to shout it out loud. FED UP!!!

I absolutely detest, abhor, despise, hate, the current Iraqi government. I hate the fucking mullahs.

I hate Sistani, Maliki, Jaafari, Muqtada al Sadr, Al Hakeem and there rest of the smelly retards - all those sectarian Shia shits from Iran.

I can’t stand Iran’s Ahmadinajad, Khomeini, Khatemi, Khameini...Kha, kha, kha, khara...(khara is shit in Arabic)

I am totally allergic to the snake Nasrallah and his fucked up sectarian Hezbollah, who says one thing and does another.

But it does not stop there...

I am a fed up with the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, the Salafists, the Wahabists...

And I am talking here as a WOMAN. These bastards stand against everything women of my generation fought for.

These people are an insult to Islam, they have deformed it, they have perverted it, they have turned it upside down...

Call things by their names. Call yourselves whatever you want, but keep Islam OUT of it. Islam is greater than your collective beards and turbans...

Yes, I am very fed up. I am fed up of listening to sermons 24/7 about how women should dress, what they should wear, not wear, how thick your veil should be, how long your dress, coat, colors or black...sick and tired of this shit.

Thousands of us women have fought only to see walking tents, clad in black covering their faces come and teach us about our religion.

Scrap beyond the surface, beyond the appearances, and you will find out that 75% of these women used to walk around in miniskirts not too long ago. Enough !

But suddenly piety has fallen on them, and now they think they have to teach everyone what religion is all about. They read a couple of free pamphlets and they have become experts. This is not Islam, this is pamphlet Islam. A big difference.

But it goes even further. They do not content themselves with applying their so called Islam to themselves. Oh no, they have to force it down our throats, their versions, their interpretations, their style...

Otherwise, we are considered either a kaffir or a nawaseb - Halal meat to rape, massacre, hang, burn, humiliate and ridicule...

Enough listening to Fatwas (religious decrees) based on sexual obsessions - theirs.

Cucumbers and tomatoes should not be mixed. One is male and the other female–Baghdad.

Women should not wear lipstick, and should veil or else...over 150 murdered-Basrah.

Women are not allowed to leave their homes, should veil, music is haram(forbidden) – Diyala.

Women should stick to blankets and men to sheets. One is female the other is male and the two should not mix – Gaza.

Women can’t drive and need a muhram (chaperon), they should cover their faces and not speak in public. It is awra (shameful) – Saudi Arabia.

Women can’t refuse their husbands taking on a muta’a (paid, temporary concubine) partner, should veil,and should not disobey, music and dancing are haram (forbidden) – Iran.

Men should avoid sitting on seats where women were seated before like buses - The heat residue may lead to zina thoughts (fornication) – Egypt.

A woman can only become president as long as she does not sit alone with another male head of state – Egypt.

And I have plenty more...plenty...

Give them more time and more American support and it will get even worse...American and Western Feminists can kiss IT, bunch of hypocrites.

And it does not stop there...Oh no!

Anyone not veiled, even a headscarf is considered “saqeeta” a fallen one.

And they have become judge, jury and verdict. Judging everyone else because they suddenly have monopoly over Islam. As if Islam or God’s word can be monopolized. They insult God that way and they know it not.

The discourse is even worse. It boils down to this - If you criticize us in any way, shape or form, that means that you are not only against us, but you are against Islam itself.

You are either with us or against us. Same as Bush no different.

Because they think they have become the official representatives of Islam, they consider their voices to be the voice of all of Islam and of all Muslims...

They hold the Truth and no one else does. They carry the correct understanding and no one else does...What arrogance! ENOUGH!

But wait a second here turbaned, bearded, walking tents females...hold it just one second and let us see whom are you supporting exactly.

The Muslim Brotherhood was financed by America as early on as the 30’s. Muslim brothers used to say, at least Amerikkka is not atheist like the Soviet Union.

The Talibans and Al-Qaeda were funded by America’s CIA and Pentagon.

Hamas was first funded by Israel’s Mossad.

The Wahabists, a movement that was created by Mohamed AbdelWahab (not the singer) was fully backed by the British in the 20’s.

Khomeinism and his smelly mullahs were encouraged by Western intelligence with the full participation of the CIA.

Hezbollah was formed by Khomeini’s Iran’s in the 70’s to fight seculars including Iraqi seculars like the Baath.

The current puppet Iranian sectarian Shia government in Iraq was BROUGHT ON BY THE AMERICANS.

So who the fuck do you think you are fooling with your discourses? Not me for sure.

And if you think your voices are very powerful then am raising mine too, to denounce every single one of you.

I know what you think. You say – here she is, a Mossad, anti-Arab, anti-Muslim, CIA agent, a Zionist, a reactionary who stands against the will of the people and national liberation movements.

KISS IT again.

YOU are the Mossad and the CIA agents, you are the REAL Zionists, the reactionaries and you are the anti-Arabs whose sole aim is to divide this people and this nation into a thousand states.

Hezbollahstan, Iraqishiastan, Hamastan, Salafistan...

You are the reactionary ones who oppress our voices and any form of critique.

You are anti-people, anti-women, anti any form of liberation.

But the worst part is that you are anti-Muslim and anti-Islam.

And because I LOVE Islam and what it stands for, I have to keep on denouncing you, your degenerate theories and your intellectual decadence.

Now you can all go to Hell !

Painting: Ali Taleb, "Bloom" 2006.

January 24, 2008

Look what they've done, ma...

I can’t get this song out my head. Been humming since yesterday...just can’t stop.

I sleep, wake up and am singing it. I walk the streets, and it follows me everywhere like a shadow. And as I type this, am listening to it...and singing along.

Maybe you can help.

I know everyone is engrossed with the tragedy of Gaza right now. And rightly so.

Got my own thoughts on Hamas though - will save them for later.

The only thing I can say, is that we have moved from a one state solution, to a two state solution to a three state solution...

Bantustan comes to mind. What a wonderful way to finish off the “Palestinian cause."

Expect the same in Lebanon soon. In Iraq on the other hand, it’s already a done deal.
Do thank Israel, Iran, and of course the U.S.A (and the poodle GB) and of course the Gulf countries plus others...Conspiracy? Nope. REALITY? Yes.

But I still can’t get this song out of my mind...It’s getting even more urgent.

Sing it along with me will you ?

Look what they’ve done to my song, ma
Look what they’ve done...
It was the only thing that I could do half right and
It’s turning out all wrong, ma.
Look what they‘ve done to my brain, ma...
Well, they’ve picked it like a chicken bone and
I think am half insane, ma
Look what they’ve done to my song...
I wish I could find a good book to live in...
Well, if I could find a real good book,
I’d never have to come out and look at
what the'y ve done to my song.
Ils ont changé ma chanson, ma.
C’est la seule chose que je peux faire
Et ce n’est pas bon, ma
Look what they’ve done to my song...
Tied up in a plastic bag and turned it
Upside down...
Look what they’ve done, ma...

If you don’t want it to rain, you can always click here and listen instead of sing.

The urge to hum this particular song, came after I heard the latest from Iraq.

No, not the usual 50 dead a day. No not that--something else...

Look what they’ve done to our flag, ma.
They turned it upside down, ma.
Tied it up and threw it to the grounds, ma...

From 1963-1991: the Iraqi flag had 3 green stars*** Unity (Arab and Iraqi unity), Freedom and Socialism.

From 1991-2003: “God is great” was added to the Iraqi flag, handwritten by the legitimate president of Iraq -Saddam Hussein.

In 2004, Bremer, the American Zionist gangster, cowboy tried to introduce a new flag. A blue crescent on a white background, and underneath two blues lines and a yellow one in the middle. Very close to the Israeli Zionist flag.

It was rejected. Iraqis had still a little honor left in 2004.

But, the sectarian nature of the new puppet government put in place by both the Americans and the Iranians, changed the handwriting of Saddam Hussein “God is great” to a Kufi calligraphy.

Kufi calligraphy comes from KUFA, the now Iranian sectarian Shiite enclave. And the three stars*** came to represent “Justice, Equality and Peace."

Please allow me to roll on the floor laughing...

What fucking Justice, Peace and Equality is there under a triple occupation- Iranian, American and Israeli ?

But, it did give us a foretaste of what was about to unfold...

The Bantustan of Iraq, with the South claiming to be a state of its own. And Kurdistan another independent state of its own.

The Kurds refused the Iraqi flag. I have mentioned it on several occasions. Any one carrying the Iraqi flag is imprisoned in so-called Kurdistan.

They have their own flag now. Red, white, and green with a yellow star in the middle. They might as well put the Star of David, would add up to exactly the same.

Lately, the chauvinist zionist Kurds have been pressing to have the flag totally changed. They wanted the stars removed, and “God is great" written in Yellow (yuk!) and with a blue lining for the Turkmen--hahahahah.
Is that before or after they annex Kirkuk?

(for more on the Iraqi flag, you can watch the Al-Jazeera video here)

Hot debates have ensued in the puppet Iraqi “parliament” and yesterday – the final decision was taken. The Iraqi flag will be red, black and white, and the stars will disappear.
And only “God is great” will be left, in Kufi writing naturally.

Morale of the story, you can kiss Unity, Freedom and Socialism goodbye. And you can settle for more red blood, black Iranian - Shiite mourning and the white bits of a vanquished Iraq.

And the hidden morale of the story is – No one will help us but God. That’s the only thing left in Iraq. Leave it to Allah. No one else can sort this mess.

Now the best part is - in a near future (once Bantustan is complete), they will ask Iraqi artists to come up with yet new propositions for new flags. And the Iraqi puppet government will choose accordingly who comes up with the best. If you are artistically endowed you may apply too.

But it does not stop there. They also want to change the national anthem. A beautiful national anthem with the most beautiful lyrics that stress that Iraqis will not bow down and surrender like slaves. That too will change soon.

This is your new Iraq. Anyone can come up with a new flag and a new national anthem.

These two that we held onto during hard times, giving us pride, strength and hope. And even that is taken away from us.

Look what they’ve done, ma...
They have invaded us, occupied us, killed us, destroyed our country, our history, our heritage, our people, humiliated us, pillaged us, plundered us, impoverished us, divided us, tortured us, raped us, imprisoned us, exiled us and now they changed our flag.

Look what they’ve done to us, our country and flag, ma...

Everyone is busy with Gaza, everyone is busy with everything else, while Iraq is being ripped apart, symbolically, politically, socially, economically...

Everybody is busy with something else while Iraq is being re-drawn, re-mapped to suit the American, Israeli and Iranian interests...

A whole nation changed beyond recognition, and their indifference is mightier than their swords.

Iraq is not sexy, not interesting and not romantic to them.

Look what they’ve done to our beautiful Iraq, ma

Look what they’ve done...

You can keep humming this song...But know, it will apply to other places, other flags and other people soon, very soon.

Keep at it and sing ...

Maybe it'll all be all right, ma
Maybe it'll all be OK
Well if the people are buying tears
Then I'm gonna be rich someday, ma
Look what they've done...

Painting: Iraqi artist, Abdel Ameer Alwan.

January 22, 2008

In the name of the Messiah & the Mahdi.

About a year ago, I mentioned that during an acute shortage of water, in 2003, American Christian missionaries would only give out drinking bottled water on condition that the Iraqi dying of thirst, converts to Christianity, there and then.

Today, I received a video about those missionaries in Iraq. I want you to watch it carefully. It does have English sub-titles.

At the end of the video, a Shia mullah says that the Americans missionaries in Iraq are no different from Al-Qaeda. I agree. But then who brought Al-Qaeda to Iraq?
The Americans. And who is currently funding them ? The Americans and the Iranians.
(see my post- Bits & Pieces from the Iraqi coffin)

But then I will also add they are no different from the sectarian Shias who have ethnically cleansed Baghdad, nor are they any different from the sectarian messianic Shias in Iran. They too believe that any non-shia is disposable material. That his/her extermination is Halal-authorized-encouraged.
Actually this is what a secular Shia friend told me and he happens to be well versed in Shia "theology" - Iranian flavor.

They too hide this basic belief behind all sorts of disguise just like their Christian missionaries counterpart.

The ones ruling Iraq today are the Americans who believe that Jesus was a blue eyed blond born in Arkansas and shall resurrect once Babylon the beast, is tamed.

And the Iranians and their cultist supporters believe the Mahdi will finally appear in the land of the two rivers, once their own cult has spread through, reaching Mecca...just like the Christian missionaries in this video.

Have you ever seen such a Democracy ?

Of course, needless to add, that since American/Iranian style democracy has landed on our heads, the Iraqi Christian population (Chaldeans, Assyrians...)who is one of the oldest in the region, has dwindled down from 2.5 million to about 600'000.

Some were exterminated and the rest fled or are in the process of seeking asylum.

Great job America. Say hello to Jesus for me.

And you Shias, Iran & Co, give my regards to your awaited, hidden Imam - the Mahdi.

Bunch of fucked up murderous psychopaths.

Video: uk.youtube. Radical Christian missionaries in Iraq. posted by Humanoo

January 21, 2008


It is late here, I want to fall asleep...

I switch off the small table lamp next to my bed. The obscurity is total. A thick black curtain envelops the room.

I close my eyes, the darkness gets even thicker, like a heavy thick veil...

I plunge my head into the pillow. I hear myself breathe. I feel my heartbeat. I hear the obscurity.

I am wide awake in the darkness.

My body says "am tired, let me go"...and my mind replays those images, waking my body up, every time it dozes off...

I get up, turn on the computer, my mind is very alert, my body drudging behind...

I want to chase the pictures away. But I can’t. They have followed me into the darkness of my room, tugging at my sleeve, shouting “Wake up, wake up, you can’t go to sleep.” And here I am.

A boy not older than 12, paralyzed and totally dependent on a breathing machine.
The machine has stopped. No electricity. A total blackout.

The whole family takes turns pumping air manually to keep him alive. A vigil of artificial air.

Hospitals in total darkness. Children, adults, the elderly, anyone relying on a life saving machine is right now, as am typing this, in his/her agonizing moments...

The place – Gaza.
The people – The Palestinians.

My mind takes me to other images.

Sudan - A gathering strongly condemning. “Where is your democracy?“ shouts one. “This is criminal” shouts the other...

Egypt – “Open the Rafah border now.” “We don’t need Bush’s democracy.” “Enough”...

Jordan – Many holding a candle vigil sitting on the cold grounds, in the heart of the night. A spontaneous gathering of protest. Several kids holding the Palestinian flag, and a picture of SADDAM HUSSEIN right next to it. They gathered from Baqa'a, Al-Wahdat, East Amman, West Amman, Zarqa... and carrying his picture? Why do you think this is so?

“Why are you here?” asks the TV anchorman.

“I want people to become aware and stop this carnage” replies a 10 year old.

“I am here because I support the children of Gaza” says another 12 years old.

It is very cold out there, it is well past midnight.

Compare those kids to yours – can you do that? There is no comparison.

A few politicians appear, they talk the usual nonsense. They say “the Arab governments have to intervene in this humanitarian crisis.

Excuse me?

Did the Arab governments intervene when 500’000 Iraqi children died due to 13 years of the most brutal sanctions ever?

Did the Arab governments intervene when Iraq was bombed senseless and left with no electricity and no water for over 5 years now?

Did anyone apart from a few voices here and there, utter anything against the squeezing into death of the Iraqi population?

Until today, we get one hour max of electricity per day. If you have the means you buy fuel for a generator and you get 4 hours of electricity per day. And even that is considered too much by some. Like the asshole who wrote to me and said. "Well you have 3 to 4 hours, why are you complaining?"

We have been in a blackout for over 5 years...

I remember every time we could find candles to buy or those cheap kerosene lamps that suffocate you in the night, we felt we found a treasure.

Batteries for flashlights were like diamonds.

Did anyone ask after the thousands of Iraqis young and old dying in hospitals with no electricity?

Did anyone care about the kidney patient relying on dialysis, or the crippled relying on a breathing machine?

NO ONE gave a fuck.

And NO ONE gives a fuck today.

Because today was like yesterday and is like tomorrow.

17 years of genocide, a slow sure genocide and no Arab government gave a damn. No Muslim government gave a damn.

A population that went down from 25 million or so to 20 million, 5 million less and no one still gives a damn.

No, quite the contrary.

You found Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the rest... rushing to its further annihilation.

You found so-called Muslim countries like Iran and its thug proxies like the Hezbollahs of this world, not only keeping a total silence about it but worse, training more of them in the art of killing.

You found the international community shrouded into deafness.

And you found the so-called left snoozing away, resting their heads on tombs and dead bodies...into a deep sleep.

What happened to Iraq is happening to Gaza and to the whole of the Palestinian cause.

What happened to Iraq WILL happen again in Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia...

Enough of your slogans, vile people.

Enough of your theories and your analysis.

Enough of your buying into clichés, banners and false flags.

Wake up. Wake up!

Wake up just like am awake right now.

Wake up like those 10 years old, fully awake in Sudan, Egypt and Jordan...

Wake up from the blackout you have fallen into, like some drinker who can’t hold his drink. Wake up from your amnesia, your indifference, your apathy, your complacency...wake up!

How many more Palestinians and Iraqis will it take for you to nudge you out from your slumber?
How much more blood and wasted innocent lives will it take you before your alarm bell rings?

How many more Iraqs and Palestines do you need?

How much more inter-cleansing does it take ?

You run like sheep after more banners and more slogans...

Look at the REALITY you bastards.

Look, look, look...

Why do you think I am still up writing ?

I want to slap with you this REALITY.

But as usual, you prefer slogans...easy made slogans, handy solutions made of WORDS.

You carry them like a key around your neck, but you can't open the fucking door.

And the door stares at you. And you can’t. You are paralyzed in the obscurity.

The darkness of a blacked out DEAD BRAIN.

You still hope that someone else will deliver or save...

You still hope that Mubarak, Abdallah, Khaddafi, Assad, Nasrallah, Ahmadinajad, Abbas, Hanieh, and God knows who else will deliver...and save.

You are fucking dumb.

You are worse than fucking dumb. You are a lazy, treacherous lot.

Stay in the obscurity.

Rot there.

But the little ones carrying the flag and the picture know it better than all of you put together.

They are sitting in the darkness, in the heart of the night, but they see.

Whilst you are not only deaf, but also blind.

Gaza, Baghdad, are in darkness.

Yes they are blacked-out.

Blacked out from your minds and hearts

You only allude to them when convenient, when it pays off...

The Enemy , we know who he is, who they are...

But do you see the rest ?

Do you see You ?

Do you see how your mimicking like monkeys, got us to where we are at ?

Of course you don’t. And you hardly ever will.

Gaza, Baghdad are in darkness.

And you are in total obscurity.

Stay asleep. Do stay asleep.

Your presence is like your absence.


Black, pitch black.

A blackout.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Sina Atta.

January 20, 2008

Bits & Pieces from the Iraqi Coffin.

Uncle Abu Nabil, just arrived from Baghdad, via Erbil. He had much to tell us.

But before, I give you the latest news, I want to share with you a few impressions...

I was watching Al-Arabiya program “Men al Iraq” (from Iraq), and the guest of “honor” was none other than the CIA/Iranian Agent, embezzler, crook, Chalabi.

As you know Chalabi was put in charge of the De-Baathification program, which really consisted of massacring or imprisoning every single Baathist. This was done by Chalabi’s private militias in coordination with the thugs from Iran- Muqtada Al-Sadr’s militias, the Badr Brigades of Al-Hakeem SCII, Hezbollah/Iraq branch , the Iranian Quds Brigades and the American occupation forces.

This cleaning out of the Baathists was also done in conjunction with the sectarian cleansing of Sunnis, under the false allegation that all Sunnis are Baathists. Of course the Baath party had a majority of Shias , from the higher echelons all the way down...

In fact, some fake Baathists, basically Shias, were given posts in the various ministries, just because they were Shias. Their previous Baath affiliation did not seem to be a stumbling block in them gaining employment in the sectarian ministries.

I will not give names, not for the moment. They were considered redeemed since they provided vital information to Iran and the Americans. In other words they turned out to be collaborators.

According to this crook, murderer Chalabi, there are about 7’000 of them employed in the various ministries.

The new "Accountability and Justice" law was the subject of the interview on the Al-Arabiya.

The Iraqi presenter was quite clever, she cornered Chalabi on several occasions. He paused, stuttered and could not really reply to any of her questions. Basically what he said is the following:

- The de-baathification is still fully operational, the new "Accountability and Justice" is just a change of name.

- The 7’000 Baathists (mainly shias) currently working in various ministries will be hunted down, regardless of their change of heart.

- The clause in the "Accountability and Justice" law, that states that “all political parties are allowed a say” does not include the Baath party.

- When pressed to clarify the obvious contradiction of this clause with the de-Baathification , Chalabi replied that “All political parties in Iraq from the extreme Left to the extreme Right are allowed in Iraq except the Baath." He gave examples of post-Nazi Germany and post–Fascist Italy where these parties were outlawed.

- When asked, how come the sectarian militias part of the government are not tried for their sectarian killings, Chalabi replied that they were presented to Justice. And “Iraqi” law will take its course.

An obvious lie. Everyone knows that none of the militias who are part and parcel of the sectarian government will NOT be presented for trial on charges of mass murder and ethnic cleansing. They are part of the puppet government and fulfilling the American plan.

Who will try them, the Americans or the puppet Judicial system ? Give us a break, crook, CIA/Iranian agent, Chalabi.

Every single decent true Iraqi knows what kind of scum you are made of. And everyone knows that when you arrived to Baghdad on American tanks you were accompanied by the Iranian Quds brigades and some Iranian militaries and we have pictures to prove it.

So yes, the "Accountability and Justice" law is another ploy to finish off any nationalistic, patriotic Iraqi. A ploy that was already used in the past when a new law was issued asking all Iraqi military personnel to come forward to receive their pensions, they were executed in broad daylight. It was nothing but a cunning scheme by the sectarian Iranian Shia government to get them out of their hiding. And this new "Accountability and Justice" law is more of the same but even more lethal.
So be alerted.

It will undoubtedly provide some “meat “ for so-called political scientists who think they are finally seeing true Democracy in Iraq. Have none of it. There is no Democracy under occupation. And there has never been.

Now back to Uncle Abu Nabil.

Abu Nabil is not a Baathist, but is a retired judge and has very good contacts and inside information. He is half Sunni/half Shia. He has family in Basra, Baghdad and Erbil.

We talked for hours and he had a lot to tell me. I hope I can remember all the information. So here it is. And I would like you to read it CAREFULLY, SLOWLY and THINK ! (if that is not too much asking)

Basra (Southern Iraq)

- Most official and non official buildings have inscriptions in Farsee/Persian. They have been renamed in Persian.

- Farsee is spoken in Basra, alongside Arabic.

- Monetary dealings can be done in either Tooman (Iranian currency) or Iraqi dinars. That means when you buy something you can pay in both currencies.

- The pictures of Khomeini, Ahmadinajad, Al Hakeem, Muqtada Al-Sadr are everywhere. When you think that critiques of President Saddam Hussein accused him of imposing the personality cult and you see these pictures of turbaned snakes everywhere...Makes you wonder does it not?

- The Iranian and sectarian militias have infiltrated the highest echelons of police, army, government officials. Any criticism means death.

- ALL women are forced to veil. And the number of women murdered by those militias is much higher than the official figure given (153).

- People FEAR speaking out against all the human rights abuses that are taking place in Basra, for they run the risk of disappearing in no time.

- Corruption is endemic.

- Al Hakeem’son of SCII, Ammar, is known to be a notorious playboy, embezzler and crook, next to being a murderer. He is also providing free oil to Iran through dubious contracts that the central government of which he is a member is very well aware of.

- Kuwaitis are often seen in Basra and have numerous business deals with the Iranians there.

- Drugs and arms are the main bread and butter of the sectarian militias.

- Basra is now unofficially considered a state of its own.

Erbil (Northern Iraq)

- Masoud Barazani, the Kurdish, Mossad/CIA agent, crook, embezzler, thug, arm dealer, insists on changing the Iraqi flag.

- Several Iraqis have been imprisoned for waving the Iraqi flag in “Kurdistan.”

- He and his family have monopoly over all businesses and contracts to the annoyance of the Kurdish population. (Serves them right)

- Many Kurds do not approve of what is happening but are AFRAID to voice their discontent.

- The statues of Masoud Barazani and his father are found on every street corner. So are his pictures and that of his father. And the Kurds along with sectarian Shias, criticized President Saddam Hussein for having portraits.

- The majority of the Kurdish population is impoverished and does not have access to decent medical care.

- Honor killings against women, in the Kurdish villages are very common.

- Both Masood Barazani and Jalal Talabani (the so-called current president of Iraq) are dealing in Iraqi oil through dubious contracts, exporting it and cashing in the profits - just like their corrupt Shia counterparts.

Baghdad (Central Iraq)

- Baghdad in the past 6 months has changed even more. The road from the Airport to central Baghdad is unrecognizable. I asked the driver, "why have you taken a different route” to which he replied "It is not. That is the same route. I did not recognize it anymore.”

- There are concrete blocks, checkpoints, barbed wires, walls EVERYWHERE. Authorizations from BOTH the militias and the American forces are demanded to move from one neighborhood to another.

- The streets have become garbage containers. The garbage has reached the sky.

- There is a terrible shortage of electricity, water, and fuel.

- Inflation is over 110%.

- The health system is in shambles. Doctors cannot be found. Some have sought refuge in Erbil and most have escaped outside the country.

- It is common knowledge in Baghdad that those who murdered the scientists, academics and doctors were the IRANIAN Quds brigades and paid AMERICAN death contractors including the MOSSAD.

- It is common knowledge in Baghdad,that Al-Qaeda is financed by BOTH America and Iran.

- Rape is common. Many women are raped by militias, police and armed forces but they DARE NOT report it.

- Women are forced to take up the veil, including the few left Christian Baghdadis, even young school girls are veiled out of FEAR.

- Orphaned Children live in the streets. American troops throw a few candies their way, high above, from their humvees, as if feeding animals. Sometimes I wonder if these candies are not filled with poison like the drugs they exported to Iraq filled with AIDS.

- One finds so many drug addicts and drugs dealers in Baghdad (Something unheard of during our “dictatorship”)

- Many people DARE NOT send their children to school for security reasons. Also schools are frequent targets for both the sectarian militias and the American occupation forces.

- What were mixed neighborhoods are totally ethnically cleansed are now Shia only neighborhoods.

- A lot of the true Iraqi shias are AFRAID to speak out against the sectarian militias.

- In Sunni neighborhoods, you find on a regular basis, the IRANIAN Quds Brigades harassing the people, burning down Sunnis mosques, insulting and slandering. In one Sunni neighborhood, one week ago, they caught 4 Iranians cursing and slandering the Sunnis and the Americans were there and did nothing.

- You will see in most neighborhoods, including Sunni ones, pictures and portraits of Muqtada al Sadr, Abdel Azeez Al- Hakeem and other turbaned mullahs, with black or green flags waving. The Badr Brigades posters include the following remarks
“District no. 1,2, 3…Islamic Revolutionary Council of Iraq/Iranian Quds Brigades.” They control every district.

- Hadi Al-Amiri, military head of the armed Badr Brigades is known to be a notorious killer. Even Bremer said so in his memoirs. He too arrived on American tanks from Iran.

- Muqtada Al-Sadr so-called freeze on all “activities” are due to a fall out with Al-Hakeem head of SCII and Badr Brigades. This latter promised him and his Jaysh Al-Mahdi chunks of the bounty, if he agreed to ethnically cleanse Sunnis.
The SCII and Badr Brigades did not deliver, that is why Muqtada Al-Sadr and his Jaysh Al-Mahdi s decided to supposedly stop their sectarian cleansing until further notice.

- The Sawha or Awakening Councils are another American ploy to contain the Resistance. After being massacred by both the Iranian sectarian shias and Al-Qaeda, Sunnis and the Resistance have realized that both Al-Qaeda and the Shia sectarian militias were working for the Americans and the Iranians.

- People are AFRAID to speak out, they can easily be abducted, disappear, get imprisoned, or get killed by the militias, the police or the armed forces both American and Iraqi.

- Everyone hates the Americans. They shoot anyone standing in their way, physically eliminate them. When they drive around, if you don’t stop and stand aside, they shoot you. As simple as that.

- The Americans are aware of what Iran and its militias are doing in Baghdad. They are also aware of the sectarian nature of the Government, but they don’t seem to mind. As long as their presence is secured, that is all they care about.

- We are prisoners in our homes. No one dares go out, no one dares do anything. It is unbearable. You never know when a bullet or a mortar will fall on your head.

-Iraq is in bits and pieces. I don’t when and who will be put together again.

The above is what Uncle Abu Nabil said word for word. I knew all of that anyway but he just confirmed it to me. But what he was trying to tell me is that the situation is getting worse. And that Iraq and Baghdad in particular have dramatically changed.

As I said, we talked for a long time, so I have attempted to present you with highlights only.

We ended our conversation with a question he posed and I hope you will take time to ponder and answer it yourselves.

He said I really don’t understand why people are defending Iran against an American attack. Iran is in the heart of occupied Baghdad. The Americans we will eventually drive away, but Iran is a neighbor, It will be more difficult to get rid of that one. Why did the Americans hand Iraq to the Iranians? This I don’t understand. Must have been an agreement between both.”

Art work: Iraqi artist, Hashim Hanoon.

January 19, 2008

To a Palestinian Child...

I read an “interesting” scientific study the other day.

According to American scientists - and you can trust Americans to come up with such findings – humans crave violence as much as sex. The urge is as strong and as natural, so it seems.

The findings were “conclusive evidence" based on experiments on rats. Must have been American rats, for sure.

Yes, America including its “intelligentsia” is plagued with violence.
It is a violent society and the ethos of violence is what rules it. Violence in the streets, in the job market, at home, in relationships, in sports and in politics...

Violence has many levels and many faces. You can find the whole gamut in the USA. They are experts in violence and they are proficient in exporting it to the four corners of the globe. A package of Coke, McDonald, Disney and Violence.

I personally do not agree with this biological determinism, even though, I do concede that America and Israel have not moved beyond primitive, base instincts...

For example, an experience I had today shows that violence is not endemic to the human mind, and it is not a natural state as these "scientists" argue.

I was in a cab and we were stuck in a long traffic jam. Next to me was a school minibus full of children. They were staring out of the window. So was I.

I engaged them. I made clown faces to them, stuck my tongue out and grimaced...
They giggled, and stuck their tongues out at me, contorting their faces, and pulling their ears in mockery...

We kept at this play for a while. The taxi driver thought I was nuts. The kids loved it and so did I. It was pure joy. We laughed across the window, and then waved goodbye as the traffic finally eased up.

I saw no violence in their eyes, no malice, no craving to inflict hurt.

Today, children were playing in the streets of Gaza, scores were rushed to hospital with blood pouring out of their little limbs, heads, eyes and nose...Israel bombed Gaza again.

40 dead, 100 injured and out of the 100, 45 were children. 45 children not older than 10, soaked in blood. Their own.
(These figures were quoted several times on Al Jazeera Arabic TV. And not the 1 dead and 35 injured. I don't understand why this sudden discrepancy. Is someone trying to hide the real figures?)

They interviewed a little one, about 6, with a bandaged head and the poor little thing was stuttering, with his face swollen up, and his eyes moist with tears...

He said “I was playing with my friends, and the bombs fell on us...they wanted to kill me."(they = Israelis, who else?!)

Yes you are right little one, they wanted to kill you.

They and the Americans are flip sides of the same coin. They grow, thrive and prosper on violence.

Their philosophy is like that of the American “scientists." They believe that the urge to kill and maim is as natural as making babies. But with a slight difference.

Maybe you will understand it better when you grow up, but I think you already know.

You already know that for them, Americans and Israelis, their philosophy can be summed up in one sentence - I can only live if you die.

I can only find security by killing you.

I can only prosper by impoverishing you.

I can only multiply by committing genocide against you.

I can only become strong, If I weaken you.
And I can only find peace and happiness when I wipe you out and you are no longer.

I am sure little one, you know all of that...I am not teaching you anything new here.
You probably also heard that Israel’s better half - America has produced 5 million orphaned children in Iraq. In Baghdad alone, 500’000 of them live in the streets in total destitution.

This is their way of liberating you and them.

The baby killers of Democracy and Human rights. The baby killers of Freedom.

But there is something you may have not realized yet. And I am going to let you onto that secret, little one.

These people are doomed. The Americans and the Israelis, government and people are doomed. They are spiritually bankrupt and morally corrupt...and they are doomed.

You will also realize that even though they oppress, violently oppress, they are also oppressing themselves.

They are killing themselves and they know it not. They are eradicating every fiber of humanness inside of themselves, and they have become like those rats in the laboratory.

They have managed to transform themselves into monsters, forsaking everything for “Self.”

They call it self preservation, self nurture, self growth...Do not believe those lies.

Their Self is like a empty hole, a bottomless hole, an abyss...They have no Self.

Little do they realize how dark it is all around them.

Little do they realize...

But you and I know it.

And through our common pain and struggle, we also know that they have not ceased digging their own graves.

You remember those swings?
Remember when it goes up it also goes down?
Same with them.

Remember the merry-go-round ?
Remember how you can get dizzy when it spins?
They are hideous rats on a merry-go-round. They spin and spin and will fall from their own violence.

My words may not be of great consolation to you or your little Iraq friends. They may not soothe you right now.
I know, your head and face are hurting and you just want the pain to go away...

So I will whisper it again in your ears as you are fighting to find some rest,
as you are struggling to run away from your nightmares...from your terror,
Their terror, they the “teghoghists”

I will murmur it to you, gently, soflty...little one, until you find some peaceful sleep, if you can.

They will NOT last.

P.S. For those who would like to watch Bush in a blue tie, with Shimon Peres in a blue tie, standing in front of the Blue and White flag of Shalom land, listening to doves of peace singing, click here. But I warn you, this video may give you strong urges, one of which is to violently vomit. Keep a bucket handy next to you, just in case.And by the way, Shimon Peres has had a face lift, he thinks he will live till Eternity...hahahahaha.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Yahya Hameed Al Faham.

January 17, 2008


You know, am a music addict.

Music, books and writing give me “sanity”... Without them, I'd be a lost soul.

In them, I found solace, companionship, resonance, agreement, similarities and knowledge...

Not that it has furthered the human “cause” in any way, but it has kept me somehow sane and...hopeful.

One singer that has contributed to my sanity, is Bob Marley. And one song in particular– Redemption song.

I don’t know the lyrics by heart, but I remember that one refrain, and sometimes it just re-surfaces and plays itself over and over in my head…

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
None but ourselves can free our mind...
How long shall they kill our Prophets
While we stand aside and look...?"

17 Years have elapsed...Seventeen Years, 17 Years, one and seven.

17 years have passed, since Desert Storm...Storms from the West, hot wind blowing from the Cold.

17 years and am still counting...Counting...

I wake up and sleep and I keep track, I add up. One plus one, plus two, plus three, plus a thousand, plus a million...
And I never finish adding up...

At times, I want to rip my clothes in defiance, exposing a naked body, naked to the wind...
I scream silently, hurling the numbers to the winds...to the walls, to the echoes in a dead valley.

In my mind, I take you by the collar and shake you...and I scream, look, look...look at all the dead prophets.

I take you by the collar and shake you, and scream, look, look, just look...

And you turn your head and your eyes away and you throw another theory my way.

17 years of continuous bleeding...

Sanction them, embargo them, bomb them, starve them, pollute them, annihilate them...
Erase them, one by one, erase them...Erase them.

And I scream, I am here. You will not.

And I hold on.

To my palm tree, to my ruins, to my memory, to my books, to my music...

And I hold on to a line from a poem, from a refrain...And I hold on.

I embrace them and tell them it will be just fine.

They have stopped believing me.

I rock them in my arms and chant secret mantras, "get well, I demand it..."

And they die in front of my eyes.

I say, "I beg of you don’t sell your kidney"

They smile and point towards a family of seven.

I cry out, "don’t sell your body."

They smile and point to hungry eyes.

17 years it has been going on…
17 years,
Governments have come and gone...

Once it’s democrats, once it’s republicans

And the years have passed...

The graves have swollen up with bodies

Until satiation,

But you are still not satisfied.

I have images - you sucking on intravenous bags,

Filled with blood, fresh red blood

You suck and suck...and request more...

17 years.

I see her shouting, "he’s got a hole in his back."

"She’s got two heads."

"He’s got no fingers."

"I’ve got lumps everywhere."

Meta. Metaphysics of politics. Metaphors. Metastasis...

"Take him, take her, free...I am giving it away."

How much, you ask ?

And you carry the little thing...carry it away.

17 years and so patient.

So resilient, so humble.

And we say “It is written”

And I say, You wrote it.

You wrote it for 17 years and more...

You scheduled it, planned it and executed it.

I blow in the palm of my hand.

And give myself a cool breeze,

I blow around, like some magical incantation,

I whisper go away...

I have my hand on the trigger and shout go away...

I undress in the anonymous dark, and say “Oh God , let it go away...”

I sit on pavements and wait for it to go away...

I explode myself and hope my body is a sacrifice that will take it away...


I am here

And you are there.

I see your eyes, your smiles, and 17 years written, tattooed over your bodies.

You take a piece of chalk, and tick another year away...

So do I...

And I am here and
You are there.
And we are facing each other.

Look into my eyes. Can you?

I can look into yours

Look if you can

But you will not.

You will throw more words in my face,

Like spit.

I wipe it off.

And look into yours...

You hold me and bend me

And penetrate my orifices...

I wash it all away

And I look at you.

You chain me, bruise me, and leave 17 years of scars on my flesh,

My wounds are open and I look at you.

Wherever you go, I will look at you.
Wherever you hide, I will look at you.
Wherever you run, I am here with you.
I am with you today,
I am with you tomorrow
I was here with you 17 years ago.
And even longer...

I hold the earth in my hands. I feel it in my hand,
I smell it and I smell blood mixed with soil...
I caress the walls,
I run my finger on them,
And my finger stops at your name
A name you etched, you carved...

I visit the ruins,
I chant, "oh spirits from afar..."
And your metal tanks shine in the sun
And they roar in my ears.

You are everywhere, in the opening of a body to the gates of this city.

And you keep repeating "Surrender"
And I keep looking at you...

My gaze is my weapon
My gaze is my pen
My gaze is my sword
My gaze is my resistance...

So where was I ?
Oh Yes, Redemption.

An American called Tom wrote to me, and “allowed” me to share this with you and this is what he had to say :

“How can one possibly respond to you?

I have been commenting on the obscenity that my government has been committing against the men, women and little children of your country from the relative comfort of my little apartment here...

The only death I have to deal with is from within the relative safety of a TV screen.

The only blood I've had to deal with is an occasional bloody nose (brought on, I'm sure from the frustration of knowing that I am a citizen of the new FASCIST EMPIRE - seriously)

I am going to make you a promise right here and now, Layla:

Americans - for all their faults and fucking stupidity - eventually do the right thing.

Here is my promise to you:

George W. Bush will be remembered as the first - pray, last - former chief executive of this once-great nation to go to federal prison.

He will die there.

I promise you that, Layla. As God is my witness, he will die there.

Don't give up on the American people, Layla. I would like to believe that there is, at least, a slim majority of us who want to do the right thing.”

We will all eventually die here Tom. You and I.
17 years have elapsed...
And am still waiting.
for the Redemption,

And here is the Redemption song for you.

Painting: Iraqi artist,Naji Hussein.

January 14, 2008


Westerners and Americans in particular, keep complaining that their lives are so stressful...

They carry their long faces along with their dead end weights, and say " Oh man, the stress..."

They uphold and constantly re-create the same system that makes them stressful...

And if you listen to them close enough,you will realize they are nothing but a bunch of spoiled brats...They are stressed because they have valued "work", above everything else...

They are stressed because they complicate their lives with stupidities and more things to manage...

They are stressed because they have been led to believe that Life owes it to them, that they are entitled simply because they are who they are...

They are stressed because they produce and eat junk. Stop producing the shit and stop eating it and you will not be stressed...

They are stressed because stress becomes their raison d'être, gives them meaning in life...for their lives are so fucking empty of anything substantial...

They RUSH to yoga and meditation classes to de-stress....They work out like addicts at the gym to keep fit so they don't have to be stressed. They run into lousy relationships because they are stressed from being alone...They acquire 20'000 things they do not need, because they are stressed...They work like donkeys so they can make more and buy more so they can become less stressed....

Yet they see none of that....They are just a bunch of whining jerks.

Well I will tell you what real stress is all about you motherfuckers.

Stress is when you have been no with water and no electricity for over 5 years. That is stress.

Stress is when you have no job because some fucking backward retard came and occupied your country, pillaged it and stripped you of your livelihood. That is stress.

Stress is when you run from hospital ward to hospital ward, from prison to prison, from militia to militia looking for your loved one only to recognize them from their teeth fillings in some morgue...That is stress alright.

Stress is when you pack your bags quickly and run to the nearest border only to be asked to return and in the meantime some american western motherfucker has bombed your house into a pile of stones... Yeah, that is stress.

Stress is when you see your family and loved ones dying in front of your eyes and you can't afford to buy them the basic medication to ease their pain...That is stress.

Stress is when your baby girl or baby boy is born looking like fucking Frankenstein, because some american motherfucker who is stressed out bombed your country with D.U.

Stress is when they walk into the middle of the night and you sleep with your clothes on, because you don't want them to see you half naked just in case, when they smash your door down, pull you from your hair or shirt out into the cold and place a sand bang over your fucking head. That is stress.

Stress is when you are a prisoner in your own country by some smelly shit faced, pimpled stinking american who has not even finished high school, and stress is when that same motherfucker rapes you and sodomizes you, tortures you and calls you a dirty Iraqi in your own fucking country...That is stress.

You want to know about stress you pieces of dung, I just gave it to you what stress is all about.

Now, tonight or tomorrow if you collapse from a heart attack because of your stress...you earned it you bunch of criminal bastards.

May you be stressed until you fucking croak, croak once and for all.

Not for the Norm...

For those who may consider themselves, out of "norm", you may consult the other blog.

Quick thoughts on Iran...

Am really behind in my writing. Or let me put it this way, can't write fast enough...

I really need to continue the "Iraq - Grandeur and Destruction series," but I simply don't have enough time.

Of course, I can always cut and paste news items for you, but then this is not my idea of blogging.

But I noticed Arab viewers are very good at cut and paste. Am not talking about the internet here, am talking about mental "cut and paste."

For instance, I was watching this program on al Jazeera the other night. It's called "Minbar Al Jazeera"

Minbar not to be confused with minibar...ok!, means "platform."

And in this context, this program means "platform of speech."

So people call in and give their views. They can't wait to call in.

But Al-Jazeera has this very bad habit of saying to the caller "Min ghayr tajreeh" meaning literally do not " wound." Of course, referring to whatever Arab government the caller is dying to insult...

The other night, the topic was on Iran. And I did not watch the whole thing, but did see parts of it.

And there was this caller, from ze Lebanon, and typically from what he said you could tell he is a hezbollah supporter and a shia. Usually they go together...

And this is what he said: "Why accuse Iran of terror ? Iran has NEVER hurt, one single Arab muslim..."

Why do Shias lie so much?

Why do Hezbollah and Iran supporters lie so much ?

Why do Arab sheep not stop and think ? Why do they swallow everything dished out to them with no questioning ?

Here is Iraq, next door, still bleeding to death, have you people got no shame?

You can take a firm stand against criminal America AND also take a firm stand against the equally criminal Iran.

You know very well Iran is AS guilty as America in the destruction of Iraq.

You know very well that Iran's militias are still fully operational in Iraq alongside the Americans.

You know very well that Iran has been AS instrumental as the USA in shaping the new Iraqi frontiers and in changing its flag.

You know very well that the Iraqi puppet government is not only sectarian in nature but is also Iranian.

You know very well that the millions of Iraqis exiled is the work of BOTH Iran and America

You also know very well that those that massacred the Palestinian population in Iraq are none other than the Iranian militias.

It is also common knowledge that everyday, not less than 10 Iranian armed intelligence are caught with fake ID's in Baghdad, caught harassing Sunni areas...

And if you don't know this then I will give it to you, Hezbollah that you praise as the great anti-zionist (my butt) was formed and funded in Tehran in the late 70's to FIGHT and DESTROY ANYTHING IRAQI IN LEBANON.

When will you people have some honor and stand for the Truth?

When will you people have some basic decency at least for those that have been massacred by the American- Iranian enterprise ?

But then, typical of most Arabs, you have no fucking shame...

You are parrots, who keep regurgitating the same slogans and clichés.

You are a hopeless case AS hopeless as the Americans.

January 13, 2008

An encounter with an American ass...

Today, I felt a little better, so I had a night out.

There is this little pub/café, supposedly an “alternative” place, where supposedly “alternative” people gather...Thank God, there were none tonight, none of these politically correct "alternatives."

I am not sure, if I consider myself as “alternative” having seen what “alternative” is all about.

I mean, hell, I’ve seen so called Arab leftist's “alternatives” and the “anti-war alternative” and even “alternative” websites and despite all these “alternatives,” I have witnessed the continuous destruction of Iraqi and Palestinian lives.

So what “alternative” are people on about, exactly?

It is all nonsense, nonsense and lies...There is no Arab left, left.
As for the anti-war movement, it is one huge sham and there is no “will of the people” bullshit.

Definitely no “American will of the people” bullshit. America has no people, it has groups and individuals.
Individuals are not a people. The individualistic mentality does not make a people. It makes a mass of something but not a people for sure.
And this mass of something is exactly what I encountered tonight...in this "alternative" setting... An "alternative" evening...

But, and this is a personal observation, I am starting to believe that I am seriously jinxed.

After all, I go out for a break, to be away from America and Americans only to end up with their asses in my face.

No exaggeration here, this is exactly what happened.

An American ass was in my face. I am only grateful that this huge butt did not fart too...That would have really been my end.

This is what happened, a transcript of the evening. Word for word.

The setting first.

This place is quite small. I mean really small. It consists of a few tables and one long bar/counter and a few stools.

Here I was sitting with my French friend Paul. Paul is a real character. He thinks he is the reincarnation of Louis Massignon, the Orientalist turned Marxist in this lifetime.

Paul has been living in this part of the world for donkeys years and he still can’t speak Arabic. Imagine some Arab living in Paris for that long and not speak French, he would be considered an outcast for sure. Not that an Arab in France is not already considered an outcast to start with...

Anyways, Paul’s Arabic consists of thank you, please, goodbye and the proverbial Salam Aleikom and a few swear words...

Next to Paul, was Randa, another friend who has just broken up with her boyfriend(a long story which I shall not repeat, since I heard it about a zillion times already) and Randa was moping and sulking all evening.

And here was Moi, me, and I must say, I was looking forward to the evening.

Paul can be quite entertaining with his heavy French accent and his Gauloises chain smoking, pretending to be a marxist version of Louis Massignon and punctuates every other word with “putain de merde.”

Randa was too busy checking her cell phone every 3 seconds, hoping her boyfriend had a change of heart or something...That left Paul and I babbling away about his Marxist Orientalism.

The barman, Ali, is Lebanese from South Lebanon. He arrived here some time ago, hoping to make a living. Ali’s friends, mostly Lebanese, frequent this place too. Ali is very generous with them, free drinks and all...when the "Patron" is not around.

So there was Paul, gloomy Randa, Hani (Ali’s friend), Hassan (Ali’s friend) and myself seated at the bar. The tables were empty.

After a while walked in a horde of Americans, about 7 of them. I’d say in their late 20’s.

My heart sank...

I could tell they were from the West coast.

You know, by now how I can detect the accent miles away...A squeak in my ears that lingers on and on...

The gals hugged Ali tightly. He then told me that was their way of trying to get free drinks...
The guys hated Ali, because Ali is a bit of hunk...And the guys could not compete with that. Plus he had gorgeous eyes...

And of course, where will these motherfuckers sit? Next to Layla, where else!

There were empty tables around, oh but no, they had to sit next to me.

Paul said “putain de merde, c’est quoi ce bordel d’Americains ?" and "putain de merde quel accent!” (rough translation - Holy shit, what are these yankees doing here and what a fucking accent.) See am not the only one who is allergic!

And they were LOUD, and I mean LOUD. And all I could hear was this screeching, shrill, nasal shit in my ears...

One of the gals, trying to seduce Ali into giving her a free beer, leaned across the wide counter and presented me with a full view of her ass...Right in my face.
I was silently praying that no further damage takes place...farts and all.

I stared hard at Ali, as if to tell him, do something NOW. So he did.

He politely asked her to sit properly on her stool, telling her that there are other customers next to her.

She paid no notice and continued doing what she does best, try to swindle a free drink from the barman...

Layla got really pissed by then. Pissed as hell.

I tapped her on her shoulder and said:

-Hey you, turn around.
-Yeah? she replied with a startled look.
-Do you realize how wide your backside is?
-Excuuuuuse me?
-What’s the matter, don’t you understand English ? I repeat. Do you realize how wide your butt is?
- What’d’ya mean?
-I mean do I have to have a full view of your ASS in my face? (Thinking to myself, these bastards are occupying my country, do they also have to occupy my vision?!)

She blushed a little and said Awww am sawwwry.
-So you should be, very sorry !

She finally sat down on that stool and she did not get her free drink either.
But she kept asking for more. More free - chips, olives, peanuts, carrots...with mendacity. Why are Americans so cheap?

So the guys left to play darts. And the 4 all American gals stayed at the bar...Impossible to carry my conversation with Louis Massignon.

But I overheard their conversation...and what a delight it was.

American ass - D’ya have a girl friend Aaaali?
Ali - Yes am engaged
American ass – Is she preeety, like us American women?
Ali - Much prettier
American ass – Why d’ya leave her behin’ (twirling her limp hair)
Ali - Who said I left her behind, we’re getting married soon
American ass – Why d’ya leave Lebanawn?
Ali - Coz Amrika won’t leave us

Touché Ali ! Nice one.

American ass – Teach me Ayrabic will ya?
Ali - Sure. Kiss em Amrika
American ass – Awww Wooowww, kiss us, how sweet! Lemme get it right. Kiss em America.
Ali – Yes that’s right. Kiss em Amrika

And am not exaggerating, Ali, Hani, Hassan, myself, Paul with his heavy French accent and even gloomy Randa joined the chorus. And we all went.

“Cheers, Kiss em Amrika”

American ass – Hey Guys, cm’on over here, they all wanna kiss us.

And we all went again, “Yeah that’s right, kiss em Amrika. Cheers again.”

It was a truly wonderful evening .

See how much us Ayrabs love you ?

You can learn these terms of endearment too. Just keep repeating it “Kiss em Amrika."

Painting : Iraqi artist, Jaber Alwan.

January 12, 2008

For Music Lovers...

On other blog, some Iraqi luth and guitar improvisations.

An Orgiastic Visit...

The Egyptians have a charming way of welcoming someone. They say in their dialect "Da zarna Al-Nabee" (roughly translated - we have been visited by the Prophet.)

Am sure the Kuwaitis are saying the same thing, adding "Ya Mashallah, khosh Ziyara" (What a good visit, praise the lord.)

Am sure the Israelis, are saying mazaltov and shalom, the dove of peace has fluttered over Jerusalem...

Both the Israelis and Kuwaitis have shed a few tears of joy and appreciation for this truly touching moment...So did the prophet, he cried in rememberance.

But the Kuwaitis also slaughtered a few lambs and stuffed them, roasted them and said Bismillah...

Their little ones cheered, "Baba Bush, Baba Bush", and the women painted henna on their hands as on a wedding day, ululated and clapped, saying "Allah yedeem nassrak ya Uncle Bush" (May God keep you victorious.)

I get goosebumps when I witness such an overt show of warmth and loving gratitude...I really do.

Am sure the Iranians are also celebrating since they are good friends with the Kuwaitis.
The mullahs in Qum have made a special speech for the Ashurra,(a supposedly sacred month for the Shias) in praise of the prophet or is it the long awaited mahdi, the hidden messiah that has finally appeared in the region ?

Nasrallah, the valiant combattant for Tehran, said, it was an insult that Bush should land during Ashurra, notice his reference to the shiite month. Nasrallah made no mention of it being a shame that the prophet should land on the Islamic New Year which was two days ago...

After all Nasrallah has to keep up with appearances, you know, for domestic consumption....After all, his sheep followers are still dressed in yellow flags beating on their bosoms...But secretly Nasrallah was given orders to tone it down...and he did.

Hamas being what it is, tries to emulate, but Hamas is one hell of a loser, they are heading towards an abyss and taking Gaza with them... But as long as they hold on to Wilayat Gaza, it seems to be ok.

As for Abu Mazen and Co, they were very elated too, just like the Kuwaitis and Israelis, the prophet did in fact visit them....

You must be wondering why all this jubilation ?

The prophet's mission has been accomplished - Iraq is no more.

And today it snowed for the first time in Baghdad, first time ever...We've just about seen it all.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Kathem Al-Dakheel

January 11, 2008

A Mesopotamian Riddle...

I am sure you have heard this truism before " Ask the right question, you will get the right answer."

So did it ever occur to you to ask why Iraq ? Why Iraq in particular ?
Why not Saudi Arabia, or Iran for that matter ?

I know you will tell me oil - Saudi Arabia has it and so does Iran.
Nuclear toys ? Iran has them, Saudi Arabia can acquire them, Iraq had none.
Geographical location and geo strategies? Well, we are neighbors, a question of a few kilometers.

Iraq as a "undemocratic dictatorship" - Saudi Arabia is one and Iran is definitely one too.

An fundamentalist system to be overthrown ? Wrong again. Iraq was secular.
And the fundies live next door - in Iran even more than in Saudi.

So come on, think hard, you the supposedly intelligent reader, so aware of international politics and chess games.

You, the one who loves to pontificate from your cushiony computer, expanding and theorizing...

Show me what you are capable of coming up with.

Still no clue?

Am not surprised.

You too, have insured that Iraq, that great nation, goes on the backburner.
Let her slip quietly from the memory, substract her from the equation, she is no longer necessary to reckon with...

Ah, of course, you have more important slogans now, new banners, new flags to wave...while you carefully construct your new "anti-imperialist" theories.

A new charade in a poorly rehearsed circus.

Thankfully, I do not blog for you but I blog for Her.

My mission is to make sure that Her name is never erased.

I will keep brandishing it in your faces, red hot letters, bloody letters, smudged in burnt charcoal, punctuated with a million corpses, a million skeletons, neatly placed, arranged, like one of those delicate flower arrangements that you can admire.

Admire with beatitude. Admire your theories, your slogans, your banners, your jargon, your clichés, your effervescent "revolutionary" zeals...

Ah! the fervor of politics when it grips you and you feel so important.

Little emperors seated on cushioned chairs behind computers.

Feel the power of your surge, the surge of your words, that pool of vomited words, that diarrhea of words, that rolls like an avalanche while you are secretly waiting for the applause...

Iraq made you into a "thinker", "an analyst", "a theoretician", "a brilliant journalist", "an interesting film maker" and it has even turned some of you oafs into "intellectuals" and " philosophers," did She not?

And what now? Now there are more burning issues, right?
The ruins, the debris, the left overs, the shattered lives...Not terribly engaging, right?

Let's tackle the next one, the next hot issue and compete for the scene, the podium, the show...or the hit counter.

She and I constantly mock you.

A black derision, the most sardonic of all humors...
We visit graves and tombs then we sit, have some tea and ridicule you.
We observe you running out breath, we observe you jumping like monkeys, we observe you making excuses and placating...we observe you cowering, retracting and hiding and we laugh...at you.

We have understood the game, the ploy, the plot, the mise en scène, the lights and the projectors. As a matter of fact, we understood it eons ago, when you were still not conceived. And He too, reminds us daily.

How can you erase that knowledge?

You have tried. A re-making, a re-shaping, re-creating a new race.

But we still hold on secretly, in the intimacy of our knowing and our fingers are still pointing in your direction. They did so in the past, and they do so today.

Mistaking our seeming silence for aquiescence is something you will inevitably do.

It is handy and comfortable, and you can go parading yourselves and your little earned medals, prizes, lectures, conferences, articles, publications and the rest of the paraphernalia that clothe your little personas.

And we sit here and watch you and we amuse ourselves...

You may think it is strange, for this is no laughing matter. Oh, but it is.

The simple riddle that you are still incapable of solving.

The simple question that you are still incapable of answering.

They mock you too.

Seven thousands of years of History coupled with numerous civilizations come and gone, leaving a pool of rare genes behind, distilled through centuries of knowing will surely provide an answer. Don't you think?

And what an astounding answer it is and will be.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Fouad Mirza.

January 5, 2008


Yesterday, late at night, I suddenly developed a very high fever. And when I say very high, I mean very high.

I felt my cheeks flushed red, and my body oozing fire...

Strange don't you think ?
I have no other symptoms, just a fever.

And when weird things happen to me and they do, I amuse myself in observing them.
I call it getting acquainted.

I say to myself, well let's see now, what is this fever telling you? or what is it trying to burn OUT of your body? Your Iraqi body.

Yes, I have an Iraqi body. It is no different from any other body around, but it seems that it is regarded differently...

Maybe my fever is a revolutionary call for Justice - like My Iraqi body is a body too. Stop messing around with it.

I think often of the Iraqi Body. The Iraqi body count, the shriveled Iraq body, the starving Iraqi body, the walled-in Iraqi body, the hungry Iraqi body, the tortured Iraqi body, the sold Iraqi body...

Yes the Iraqi body is often on my mind.

The body is where the temple lies so they say. And they spat on, raped and destroyed the Temple.

I cannot seem to divorce the Me and Them...We are somehow intimately intertwined.
I guess we carry each other on some cellular, genetic, historic level...

Even though Iraq is a multi-ethnic society or was before the Americans landed, now we do not have multi-ethnic - we have separate groupings living their lives.

And am not sure, "life" is a good word here...We have separate groups surviving alone, each in a ghetto.

You cannot compare Iraq to the USA for instance. The USA is an artificially constructed thing on stolen land, with no history, with no real melting pot and no real exchange. They pretend but then, let them pretend, you and I know better.

Iraq was different. It was no melting pot where people were segregated then eventually forced to get along. Iraq was a Mosaic.

You need to understand that word MOSAIC. And you need not be artistically inclined in ceramics to comprehend the term. Just take any piece of mosaic and admire it and then you will understand.

There is a holistic, organic precept, and the Prophet Mohammed alluded to it, when he said to the effect when one organ in the body is sick, the whole body is sick - referring to the Muslim Ummah in his case.

Iraq is very sick and she is running a high temperature.

For many years, Iraq had a strong immune system. It warded off many viruses and bacterias. Germs from Iran, Israel, Turkey, Saudi, Kuwait, Syria, and the rest of the hyenas as Gabriele Zamparini calls them.

The worm that ate away at her body was introduced in the 90's under the name of the sanctions backed by the U.N.

Imagine the U.N backing the starving of a people- but it happened.

That worm gnawed slowly at the body, but even then, the immune system was still functioning, a little slower but still functioning. People had enough to eat, a food rationing system was put in place, a system that was praised by that same U.N.
And people still had access to medical facilities even though drugs were rare - forbidden for "humanitarian" reasons! So, naturally her body showed weaknesses here and there.

Combined with the above - with lack of medication and other basic necessities - there was this other big Germ silently running rampant and it is called DEPLETED URANIUM.

This germ is no joke. Since this germ was introduced to Iraq, through an American/English Desert storm, cancer rates have multiplied by 10.
And when I said in the past and continue affirming that EVERYTHING (soil, water, trees, crops, bodies) is riddled with Depleted Uranium, it is the TRUTH.

The immune system weakened and the final blow came in 2003.

A huge armada of American, Iranian, Israeli and British viruses, germs, bacteria, fungi...invaded and occupied Her Body.

Cells divided and multiplied at a vertiginous rate and turned against their host devouring Her...And She has been running a very high temperature ever since.

The main killer cell was American made.

It is programmed to kill and can do nothing else but kill. It is its mission in this life. Destroy and kill. A very sick cell indeed.

Then you have insidious malignant cells who hide somewhere in a nucleus and coordinate the work of the main killer cell. These are the cells made in Israel and Iran.

Then you have opportunistic, parasitic cells that feed off the rest, and they are British cells...and a few other sub-strata of equally profiteering cells, like fleas on a cup of honey - Saudi, Kuwaiti, Syrian, Egyptian, Jordanian and last but not least Lebanese cells...Ask Hezbollah from ze Lebanon, he will tell you all about his training of Hezbollah and Al-Sadr militias in Baghdad and how he perfected for them the art of sectarian cleansing. But am reserving more for later.

Put together they form a criminal killer body. And She has been running a high temperature, a diabolical fever from hell, ever since...

The Iraq body of mosaics is no more - at least not for the time being.

It was too beautiful, too rich and too coveted for a long, long time. It had to be destroyed.
You know what I mean don't you? Like some sadistic man who destroys a woman he can't have. Same thing.

But in this Iraqi body, there was a fertile terrain for this panoply of sick cells to invade. An equally sick terrain made of sectarian Shias born, bred and funded in Iran and an equally sick terrain made of nazi like Kurds trained and funded by Israel, who believe in the superiority of their Aryan race.
The Shias on the other hand believe they have been eternally persecuted and lament all the time plus self flagellate of course, since over 1000 years. They also consider themselves a race apart even though they are Muslims in theory.

In both cases the Kurds and the Shias strangely resemble today's Jews. No wonder they want to erase the ARABIC signature from Her body. (More on the Shias in some other post. Gosh I have so much to write about...and I only have two hands.)

So the Iraqi cells were made to divide and each group was imprisoned behind a wall. Well not true. Not each group. Only the Sunni cells were imprisoned behind a wall.
The majority of those exiled - refugees, the majority of those imprisoned, the majority of those tortured, drilled, raped and dead are Sunnis. And when I say majority - I mean a nice 80%.

So when the despicable Cockburn says that Sunnis make up 20% of Iraq, he is lying as usual. He fails to mention that most Sunnis have been killed. He also conveniently fails to mention that Kurds are majority Sunni. So if you add the Arab, Kurds and Turkmen Sunnis you get a nice 55% Sunnis as opposed to 40 % Shias. The rest being Christians and other minorities.
But Cockburn on the Iranian payroll does nothing but dis-inform. Someone ought to withdraw his media license now !

Why this hatred against the Sunni cells when they belong to the same body?
Ask the Jews - the Kurdish, Shia, Iranian, American, British and Jewish Jews... Get my drift?

So Sunni cells live in ghettoes, behind high concrete walls - like the famous "soooneeeeee" Adhamyia, Sayydiya, Dora...

And since am obsessed with Walls and this may be the cause for my fever, I have to tell you the following.

Malcolm Lagauche brought my attention to this "interesting" piece of information and I thank him for it.

About a year ago, when talking of the Adhamiya wall, I noted in one of my posts that those who are building it were the American occupation forces alongside the Jaysh Al-Mahdi from the Muqtada al Sadr party - responsible alongside with the Badr Brigades for the ethnic cleansing of Baghdad.

(Incidentally Roads to Iraq blogspot. via uruknet.info reported that a few Iranians have been caught in Adhamiya. What were they doing there?)

Remember that the man behind the idea of walls is none other than the Iranian/CIA agent Chalabi. And Chalabi is a hardcore Zionist for sure.

Now Malcolm Lagauche's valuable piece of info and read it slowly. As a matter of fact I urge you to read my posts slowly. This is no instant coffee.

"Dar Babel for Studies & Information (Mosul) has issued a report (in Arabic, April 24, 2007) indicating that work on the "walls" that are now being put up in Iraq have been in preparation for over three months. This project is being headed by Ahmad Al-Chalabi in conjunction with the Israeli company of Zeef Belinsky who has a long track record in ghetto construction, and with Al-Mahdi Army's financing and labor. The document provides sufficient details on the six work locations producing these concrete blocks, for easier targeting." - (via PalestinianPundit)

and this one from Harper's magazine in 2004

"With unemployment as high as 67 percent, the imported products and foreign workers flooding across the borders have become a source of tremendous resentment in Iraq and yet another open tap fueling the insurgency. And Iraqis don't have to look far for reminders of this injustice; it's on display in the most ubiquitous symbol of the occupation: the blast wall. The ten-foot-high slabs of reinforced concrete are everywhere in Iraq, separating the protected-the people in upscale hotels, luxury homes, military bases, and, of course, the Green Zone-from the unprotected and exposed. If that wasn't injury enough, all the blast walls are imported, from Kurdistan, Turkey, or even farther afield, this despite the fact that Iraq was once a major manufacturer of cement, and could easily be again. There are seventeen state-owned cement factories across the country, but most are idle or working at only half capacity. According to the Ministry of Industry, not one of these factories has received a single contract to help with the reconstruction, even though they could produce the walls and meet other needs for cement at a greatly reduced cost. The CPA pays up to $1,000 per imported blast wall; local manufacturers say they could make them for $100. Minister Tofiq says there is a simple reason why the Americans refuse to help get Iraq's cement factories running again: among those making the decisions, "no one believes in the public sector."
1. Tofiq did say that several U.S. companies had expressed strong interest in buying the state-owned cement factories. This supports a widely held belief in Iraq that there is a deliberate strategy to neglect the state firms so that they can be sold more cheaply--a practice known as "starve then sell."
This kind of ideological blindness has turned Iraq's occupiers into prisoners of their own policies, hiding behind walls that, by their very existence, fuel the rage at the U.S. presence, thereby feeding the need for more walls. In Baghdad the concrete barriers have been given a popular nickname: Bremer Walls."

The Bremer-Chalabi-Israeli-Iranians Al.Hakim-Al.Sadr walls. No wonder I am so obsessed with those darned walls.

So am sure walls are the cause behind my sudden fever.

Or maybe it is that other piece of news that I read.

I did say in one of my posts, again, a year ago, that very desperate Iraqis are selling their children. I received a few e.mails calling me a liar.

The story is finally and officially out. Read this piece from Al Jazeerah via uruknet.info

The Swedish couple paid 10'000$ for the 2 year old girl. Had this Swedish couple working for an NGO really cared about this family, they could have provided for them on a regular basis instead of buying their daughter. But do you think anyone cares?

ICH ran the same piece. Go and read the comments. Hardly anyone commented.

But give them some story about a Mr. Goodbar criticizing Americans "customs and ways" and you will see it spammed with comments.

By the way one of your brave smelly female soldiers was run over by a humvee, after she fell out of it dead drunk and after having engaged in adulterous sex. I say adulterous since her darling fiançé was waiting for her back home in Amerikkka.
Her occupational lover just ran over her and left her in the streets and went to sleep. That's the way to go Mr Goodbar from the Amerikkkan Army ! (article here on ICH)

Do you understand now why I maintain that Americans are a hopeless case ?

I think it must have been this last piece of news about Iraqi children being sold out of dire desperation that really gave me a fever.
And from the article it is not a one off occurrence, it happens regularly. Remember I told you kids are being trafficked and sold in pedophile rings and working as maids. Well this is the confirmation for you.

And you still wonder why I hate you so ?

But, I am still trying to figure out what exactly brought this fever on.

Maybe it was this lentil soup and the couples of dates that I had.

My mother has this very bad habit that she is still unwilling to give up.
Every time she hears of someone coming from Baghdad she asks that they send her some special kind of lentil- yellowish colored ones and some dates.

I keep telling her "For God's sake, am sure they have lentils and dates here, do you really need this stuff from Baghdad? We have enough problems as is, do you also want to ensure our contamination with Depleted Uranium ?"

It's a fact- foodstuffs locally produced are contaminated with D.U.

And her reply is always the same: "I don't care, it's from my country"

And my comeback is always the same: "And your/our country is very sick"

She shrugs her shoulders and continues cooking that soup and arranging the dates.

Could it be the soup and the dates that gave me this fever ?

Or maybe the walls, the sold children, and the one thousand other ills that have plagued us?

I will not know for sure the exact cause - I better go and try to bring it down.

"Get some rest" a friend told me.

How can I rest, when Her body rages with Fever ? You tell me...

Painting: Iraqi artist,Fareed Al-Zaidi.