January 12, 2008

An Orgiastic Visit...

The Egyptians have a charming way of welcoming someone. They say in their dialect "Da zarna Al-Nabee" (roughly translated - we have been visited by the Prophet.)

Am sure the Kuwaitis are saying the same thing, adding "Ya Mashallah, khosh Ziyara" (What a good visit, praise the lord.)

Am sure the Israelis, are saying mazaltov and shalom, the dove of peace has fluttered over Jerusalem...

Both the Israelis and Kuwaitis have shed a few tears of joy and appreciation for this truly touching moment...So did the prophet, he cried in rememberance.

But the Kuwaitis also slaughtered a few lambs and stuffed them, roasted them and said Bismillah...

Their little ones cheered, "Baba Bush, Baba Bush", and the women painted henna on their hands as on a wedding day, ululated and clapped, saying "Allah yedeem nassrak ya Uncle Bush" (May God keep you victorious.)

I get goosebumps when I witness such an overt show of warmth and loving gratitude...I really do.

Am sure the Iranians are also celebrating since they are good friends with the Kuwaitis.
The mullahs in Qum have made a special speech for the Ashurra,(a supposedly sacred month for the Shias) in praise of the prophet or is it the long awaited mahdi, the hidden messiah that has finally appeared in the region ?

Nasrallah, the valiant combattant for Tehran, said, it was an insult that Bush should land during Ashurra, notice his reference to the shiite month. Nasrallah made no mention of it being a shame that the prophet should land on the Islamic New Year which was two days ago...

After all Nasrallah has to keep up with appearances, you know, for domestic consumption....After all, his sheep followers are still dressed in yellow flags beating on their bosoms...But secretly Nasrallah was given orders to tone it down...and he did.

Hamas being what it is, tries to emulate, but Hamas is one hell of a loser, they are heading towards an abyss and taking Gaza with them... But as long as they hold on to Wilayat Gaza, it seems to be ok.

As for Abu Mazen and Co, they were very elated too, just like the Kuwaitis and Israelis, the prophet did in fact visit them....

You must be wondering why all this jubilation ?

The prophet's mission has been accomplished - Iraq is no more.

And today it snowed for the first time in Baghdad, first time ever...We've just about seen it all.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Kathem Al-Dakheel