January 20, 2008

Bits & Pieces from the Iraqi Coffin.

Uncle Abu Nabil, just arrived from Baghdad, via Erbil. He had much to tell us.

But before, I give you the latest news, I want to share with you a few impressions...

I was watching Al-Arabiya program “Men al Iraq” (from Iraq), and the guest of “honor” was none other than the CIA/Iranian Agent, embezzler, crook, Chalabi.

As you know Chalabi was put in charge of the De-Baathification program, which really consisted of massacring or imprisoning every single Baathist. This was done by Chalabi’s private militias in coordination with the thugs from Iran- Muqtada Al-Sadr’s militias, the Badr Brigades of Al-Hakeem SCII, Hezbollah/Iraq branch , the Iranian Quds Brigades and the American occupation forces.

This cleaning out of the Baathists was also done in conjunction with the sectarian cleansing of Sunnis, under the false allegation that all Sunnis are Baathists. Of course the Baath party had a majority of Shias , from the higher echelons all the way down...

In fact, some fake Baathists, basically Shias, were given posts in the various ministries, just because they were Shias. Their previous Baath affiliation did not seem to be a stumbling block in them gaining employment in the sectarian ministries.

I will not give names, not for the moment. They were considered redeemed since they provided vital information to Iran and the Americans. In other words they turned out to be collaborators.

According to this crook, murderer Chalabi, there are about 7’000 of them employed in the various ministries.

The new "Accountability and Justice" law was the subject of the interview on the Al-Arabiya.

The Iraqi presenter was quite clever, she cornered Chalabi on several occasions. He paused, stuttered and could not really reply to any of her questions. Basically what he said is the following:

- The de-baathification is still fully operational, the new "Accountability and Justice" is just a change of name.

- The 7’000 Baathists (mainly shias) currently working in various ministries will be hunted down, regardless of their change of heart.

- The clause in the "Accountability and Justice" law, that states that “all political parties are allowed a say” does not include the Baath party.

- When pressed to clarify the obvious contradiction of this clause with the de-Baathification , Chalabi replied that “All political parties in Iraq from the extreme Left to the extreme Right are allowed in Iraq except the Baath." He gave examples of post-Nazi Germany and post–Fascist Italy where these parties were outlawed.

- When asked, how come the sectarian militias part of the government are not tried for their sectarian killings, Chalabi replied that they were presented to Justice. And “Iraqi” law will take its course.

An obvious lie. Everyone knows that none of the militias who are part and parcel of the sectarian government will NOT be presented for trial on charges of mass murder and ethnic cleansing. They are part of the puppet government and fulfilling the American plan.

Who will try them, the Americans or the puppet Judicial system ? Give us a break, crook, CIA/Iranian agent, Chalabi.

Every single decent true Iraqi knows what kind of scum you are made of. And everyone knows that when you arrived to Baghdad on American tanks you were accompanied by the Iranian Quds brigades and some Iranian militaries and we have pictures to prove it.

So yes, the "Accountability and Justice" law is another ploy to finish off any nationalistic, patriotic Iraqi. A ploy that was already used in the past when a new law was issued asking all Iraqi military personnel to come forward to receive their pensions, they were executed in broad daylight. It was nothing but a cunning scheme by the sectarian Iranian Shia government to get them out of their hiding. And this new "Accountability and Justice" law is more of the same but even more lethal.
So be alerted.

It will undoubtedly provide some “meat “ for so-called political scientists who think they are finally seeing true Democracy in Iraq. Have none of it. There is no Democracy under occupation. And there has never been.

Now back to Uncle Abu Nabil.

Abu Nabil is not a Baathist, but is a retired judge and has very good contacts and inside information. He is half Sunni/half Shia. He has family in Basra, Baghdad and Erbil.

We talked for hours and he had a lot to tell me. I hope I can remember all the information. So here it is. And I would like you to read it CAREFULLY, SLOWLY and THINK ! (if that is not too much asking)

Basra (Southern Iraq)

- Most official and non official buildings have inscriptions in Farsee/Persian. They have been renamed in Persian.

- Farsee is spoken in Basra, alongside Arabic.

- Monetary dealings can be done in either Tooman (Iranian currency) or Iraqi dinars. That means when you buy something you can pay in both currencies.

- The pictures of Khomeini, Ahmadinajad, Al Hakeem, Muqtada Al-Sadr are everywhere. When you think that critiques of President Saddam Hussein accused him of imposing the personality cult and you see these pictures of turbaned snakes everywhere...Makes you wonder does it not?

- The Iranian and sectarian militias have infiltrated the highest echelons of police, army, government officials. Any criticism means death.

- ALL women are forced to veil. And the number of women murdered by those militias is much higher than the official figure given (153).

- People FEAR speaking out against all the human rights abuses that are taking place in Basra, for they run the risk of disappearing in no time.

- Corruption is endemic.

- Al Hakeem’son of SCII, Ammar, is known to be a notorious playboy, embezzler and crook, next to being a murderer. He is also providing free oil to Iran through dubious contracts that the central government of which he is a member is very well aware of.

- Kuwaitis are often seen in Basra and have numerous business deals with the Iranians there.

- Drugs and arms are the main bread and butter of the sectarian militias.

- Basra is now unofficially considered a state of its own.

Erbil (Northern Iraq)

- Masoud Barazani, the Kurdish, Mossad/CIA agent, crook, embezzler, thug, arm dealer, insists on changing the Iraqi flag.

- Several Iraqis have been imprisoned for waving the Iraqi flag in “Kurdistan.”

- He and his family have monopoly over all businesses and contracts to the annoyance of the Kurdish population. (Serves them right)

- Many Kurds do not approve of what is happening but are AFRAID to voice their discontent.

- The statues of Masoud Barazani and his father are found on every street corner. So are his pictures and that of his father. And the Kurds along with sectarian Shias, criticized President Saddam Hussein for having portraits.

- The majority of the Kurdish population is impoverished and does not have access to decent medical care.

- Honor killings against women, in the Kurdish villages are very common.

- Both Masood Barazani and Jalal Talabani (the so-called current president of Iraq) are dealing in Iraqi oil through dubious contracts, exporting it and cashing in the profits - just like their corrupt Shia counterparts.

Baghdad (Central Iraq)

- Baghdad in the past 6 months has changed even more. The road from the Airport to central Baghdad is unrecognizable. I asked the driver, "why have you taken a different route” to which he replied "It is not. That is the same route. I did not recognize it anymore.”

- There are concrete blocks, checkpoints, barbed wires, walls EVERYWHERE. Authorizations from BOTH the militias and the American forces are demanded to move from one neighborhood to another.

- The streets have become garbage containers. The garbage has reached the sky.

- There is a terrible shortage of electricity, water, and fuel.

- Inflation is over 110%.

- The health system is in shambles. Doctors cannot be found. Some have sought refuge in Erbil and most have escaped outside the country.

- It is common knowledge in Baghdad that those who murdered the scientists, academics and doctors were the IRANIAN Quds brigades and paid AMERICAN death contractors including the MOSSAD.

- It is common knowledge in Baghdad,that Al-Qaeda is financed by BOTH America and Iran.

- Rape is common. Many women are raped by militias, police and armed forces but they DARE NOT report it.

- Women are forced to take up the veil, including the few left Christian Baghdadis, even young school girls are veiled out of FEAR.

- Orphaned Children live in the streets. American troops throw a few candies their way, high above, from their humvees, as if feeding animals. Sometimes I wonder if these candies are not filled with poison like the drugs they exported to Iraq filled with AIDS.

- One finds so many drug addicts and drugs dealers in Baghdad (Something unheard of during our “dictatorship”)

- Many people DARE NOT send their children to school for security reasons. Also schools are frequent targets for both the sectarian militias and the American occupation forces.

- What were mixed neighborhoods are totally ethnically cleansed are now Shia only neighborhoods.

- A lot of the true Iraqi shias are AFRAID to speak out against the sectarian militias.

- In Sunni neighborhoods, you find on a regular basis, the IRANIAN Quds Brigades harassing the people, burning down Sunnis mosques, insulting and slandering. In one Sunni neighborhood, one week ago, they caught 4 Iranians cursing and slandering the Sunnis and the Americans were there and did nothing.

- You will see in most neighborhoods, including Sunni ones, pictures and portraits of Muqtada al Sadr, Abdel Azeez Al- Hakeem and other turbaned mullahs, with black or green flags waving. The Badr Brigades posters include the following remarks
“District no. 1,2, 3…Islamic Revolutionary Council of Iraq/Iranian Quds Brigades.” They control every district.

- Hadi Al-Amiri, military head of the armed Badr Brigades is known to be a notorious killer. Even Bremer said so in his memoirs. He too arrived on American tanks from Iran.

- Muqtada Al-Sadr so-called freeze on all “activities” are due to a fall out with Al-Hakeem head of SCII and Badr Brigades. This latter promised him and his Jaysh Al-Mahdi chunks of the bounty, if he agreed to ethnically cleanse Sunnis.
The SCII and Badr Brigades did not deliver, that is why Muqtada Al-Sadr and his Jaysh Al-Mahdi s decided to supposedly stop their sectarian cleansing until further notice.

- The Sawha or Awakening Councils are another American ploy to contain the Resistance. After being massacred by both the Iranian sectarian shias and Al-Qaeda, Sunnis and the Resistance have realized that both Al-Qaeda and the Shia sectarian militias were working for the Americans and the Iranians.

- People are AFRAID to speak out, they can easily be abducted, disappear, get imprisoned, or get killed by the militias, the police or the armed forces both American and Iraqi.

- Everyone hates the Americans. They shoot anyone standing in their way, physically eliminate them. When they drive around, if you don’t stop and stand aside, they shoot you. As simple as that.

- The Americans are aware of what Iran and its militias are doing in Baghdad. They are also aware of the sectarian nature of the Government, but they don’t seem to mind. As long as their presence is secured, that is all they care about.

- We are prisoners in our homes. No one dares go out, no one dares do anything. It is unbearable. You never know when a bullet or a mortar will fall on your head.

-Iraq is in bits and pieces. I don’t when and who will be put together again.

The above is what Uncle Abu Nabil said word for word. I knew all of that anyway but he just confirmed it to me. But what he was trying to tell me is that the situation is getting worse. And that Iraq and Baghdad in particular have dramatically changed.

As I said, we talked for a long time, so I have attempted to present you with highlights only.

We ended our conversation with a question he posed and I hope you will take time to ponder and answer it yourselves.

He said I really don’t understand why people are defending Iran against an American attack. Iran is in the heart of occupied Baghdad. The Americans we will eventually drive away, but Iran is a neighbor, It will be more difficult to get rid of that one. Why did the Americans hand Iraq to the Iranians? This I don’t understand. Must have been an agreement between both.”

Art work: Iraqi artist, Hashim Hanoon.