January 5, 2008


Yesterday, late at night, I suddenly developed a very high fever. And when I say very high, I mean very high.

I felt my cheeks flushed red, and my body oozing fire...

Strange don't you think ?
I have no other symptoms, just a fever.

And when weird things happen to me and they do, I amuse myself in observing them.
I call it getting acquainted.

I say to myself, well let's see now, what is this fever telling you? or what is it trying to burn OUT of your body? Your Iraqi body.

Yes, I have an Iraqi body. It is no different from any other body around, but it seems that it is regarded differently...

Maybe my fever is a revolutionary call for Justice - like My Iraqi body is a body too. Stop messing around with it.

I think often of the Iraqi Body. The Iraqi body count, the shriveled Iraq body, the starving Iraqi body, the walled-in Iraqi body, the hungry Iraqi body, the tortured Iraqi body, the sold Iraqi body...

Yes the Iraqi body is often on my mind.

The body is where the temple lies so they say. And they spat on, raped and destroyed the Temple.

I cannot seem to divorce the Me and Them...We are somehow intimately intertwined.
I guess we carry each other on some cellular, genetic, historic level...

Even though Iraq is a multi-ethnic society or was before the Americans landed, now we do not have multi-ethnic - we have separate groupings living their lives.

And am not sure, "life" is a good word here...We have separate groups surviving alone, each in a ghetto.

You cannot compare Iraq to the USA for instance. The USA is an artificially constructed thing on stolen land, with no history, with no real melting pot and no real exchange. They pretend but then, let them pretend, you and I know better.

Iraq was different. It was no melting pot where people were segregated then eventually forced to get along. Iraq was a Mosaic.

You need to understand that word MOSAIC. And you need not be artistically inclined in ceramics to comprehend the term. Just take any piece of mosaic and admire it and then you will understand.

There is a holistic, organic precept, and the Prophet Mohammed alluded to it, when he said to the effect when one organ in the body is sick, the whole body is sick - referring to the Muslim Ummah in his case.

Iraq is very sick and she is running a high temperature.

For many years, Iraq had a strong immune system. It warded off many viruses and bacterias. Germs from Iran, Israel, Turkey, Saudi, Kuwait, Syria, and the rest of the hyenas as Gabriele Zamparini calls them.

The worm that ate away at her body was introduced in the 90's under the name of the sanctions backed by the U.N.

Imagine the U.N backing the starving of a people- but it happened.

That worm gnawed slowly at the body, but even then, the immune system was still functioning, a little slower but still functioning. People had enough to eat, a food rationing system was put in place, a system that was praised by that same U.N.
And people still had access to medical facilities even though drugs were rare - forbidden for "humanitarian" reasons! So, naturally her body showed weaknesses here and there.

Combined with the above - with lack of medication and other basic necessities - there was this other big Germ silently running rampant and it is called DEPLETED URANIUM.

This germ is no joke. Since this germ was introduced to Iraq, through an American/English Desert storm, cancer rates have multiplied by 10.
And when I said in the past and continue affirming that EVERYTHING (soil, water, trees, crops, bodies) is riddled with Depleted Uranium, it is the TRUTH.

The immune system weakened and the final blow came in 2003.

A huge armada of American, Iranian, Israeli and British viruses, germs, bacteria, fungi...invaded and occupied Her Body.

Cells divided and multiplied at a vertiginous rate and turned against their host devouring Her...And She has been running a very high temperature ever since.

The main killer cell was American made.

It is programmed to kill and can do nothing else but kill. It is its mission in this life. Destroy and kill. A very sick cell indeed.

Then you have insidious malignant cells who hide somewhere in a nucleus and coordinate the work of the main killer cell. These are the cells made in Israel and Iran.

Then you have opportunistic, parasitic cells that feed off the rest, and they are British cells...and a few other sub-strata of equally profiteering cells, like fleas on a cup of honey - Saudi, Kuwaiti, Syrian, Egyptian, Jordanian and last but not least Lebanese cells...Ask Hezbollah from ze Lebanon, he will tell you all about his training of Hezbollah and Al-Sadr militias in Baghdad and how he perfected for them the art of sectarian cleansing. But am reserving more for later.

Put together they form a criminal killer body. And She has been running a high temperature, a diabolical fever from hell, ever since...

The Iraq body of mosaics is no more - at least not for the time being.

It was too beautiful, too rich and too coveted for a long, long time. It had to be destroyed.
You know what I mean don't you? Like some sadistic man who destroys a woman he can't have. Same thing.

But in this Iraqi body, there was a fertile terrain for this panoply of sick cells to invade. An equally sick terrain made of sectarian Shias born, bred and funded in Iran and an equally sick terrain made of nazi like Kurds trained and funded by Israel, who believe in the superiority of their Aryan race.
The Shias on the other hand believe they have been eternally persecuted and lament all the time plus self flagellate of course, since over 1000 years. They also consider themselves a race apart even though they are Muslims in theory.

In both cases the Kurds and the Shias strangely resemble today's Jews. No wonder they want to erase the ARABIC signature from Her body. (More on the Shias in some other post. Gosh I have so much to write about...and I only have two hands.)

So the Iraqi cells were made to divide and each group was imprisoned behind a wall. Well not true. Not each group. Only the Sunni cells were imprisoned behind a wall.
The majority of those exiled - refugees, the majority of those imprisoned, the majority of those tortured, drilled, raped and dead are Sunnis. And when I say majority - I mean a nice 80%.

So when the despicable Cockburn says that Sunnis make up 20% of Iraq, he is lying as usual. He fails to mention that most Sunnis have been killed. He also conveniently fails to mention that Kurds are majority Sunni. So if you add the Arab, Kurds and Turkmen Sunnis you get a nice 55% Sunnis as opposed to 40 % Shias. The rest being Christians and other minorities.
But Cockburn on the Iranian payroll does nothing but dis-inform. Someone ought to withdraw his media license now !

Why this hatred against the Sunni cells when they belong to the same body?
Ask the Jews - the Kurdish, Shia, Iranian, American, British and Jewish Jews... Get my drift?

So Sunni cells live in ghettoes, behind high concrete walls - like the famous "soooneeeeee" Adhamyia, Sayydiya, Dora...

And since am obsessed with Walls and this may be the cause for my fever, I have to tell you the following.

Malcolm Lagauche brought my attention to this "interesting" piece of information and I thank him for it.

About a year ago, when talking of the Adhamiya wall, I noted in one of my posts that those who are building it were the American occupation forces alongside the Jaysh Al-Mahdi from the Muqtada al Sadr party - responsible alongside with the Badr Brigades for the ethnic cleansing of Baghdad.

(Incidentally Roads to Iraq blogspot. via uruknet.info reported that a few Iranians have been caught in Adhamiya. What were they doing there?)

Remember that the man behind the idea of walls is none other than the Iranian/CIA agent Chalabi. And Chalabi is a hardcore Zionist for sure.

Now Malcolm Lagauche's valuable piece of info and read it slowly. As a matter of fact I urge you to read my posts slowly. This is no instant coffee.

"Dar Babel for Studies & Information (Mosul) has issued a report (in Arabic, April 24, 2007) indicating that work on the "walls" that are now being put up in Iraq have been in preparation for over three months. This project is being headed by Ahmad Al-Chalabi in conjunction with the Israeli company of Zeef Belinsky who has a long track record in ghetto construction, and with Al-Mahdi Army's financing and labor. The document provides sufficient details on the six work locations producing these concrete blocks, for easier targeting." - (via PalestinianPundit)

and this one from Harper's magazine in 2004

"With unemployment as high as 67 percent, the imported products and foreign workers flooding across the borders have become a source of tremendous resentment in Iraq and yet another open tap fueling the insurgency. And Iraqis don't have to look far for reminders of this injustice; it's on display in the most ubiquitous symbol of the occupation: the blast wall. The ten-foot-high slabs of reinforced concrete are everywhere in Iraq, separating the protected-the people in upscale hotels, luxury homes, military bases, and, of course, the Green Zone-from the unprotected and exposed. If that wasn't injury enough, all the blast walls are imported, from Kurdistan, Turkey, or even farther afield, this despite the fact that Iraq was once a major manufacturer of cement, and could easily be again. There are seventeen state-owned cement factories across the country, but most are idle or working at only half capacity. According to the Ministry of Industry, not one of these factories has received a single contract to help with the reconstruction, even though they could produce the walls and meet other needs for cement at a greatly reduced cost. The CPA pays up to $1,000 per imported blast wall; local manufacturers say they could make them for $100. Minister Tofiq says there is a simple reason why the Americans refuse to help get Iraq's cement factories running again: among those making the decisions, "no one believes in the public sector."
1. Tofiq did say that several U.S. companies had expressed strong interest in buying the state-owned cement factories. This supports a widely held belief in Iraq that there is a deliberate strategy to neglect the state firms so that they can be sold more cheaply--a practice known as "starve then sell."
This kind of ideological blindness has turned Iraq's occupiers into prisoners of their own policies, hiding behind walls that, by their very existence, fuel the rage at the U.S. presence, thereby feeding the need for more walls. In Baghdad the concrete barriers have been given a popular nickname: Bremer Walls."

The Bremer-Chalabi-Israeli-Iranians Al.Hakim-Al.Sadr walls. No wonder I am so obsessed with those darned walls.

So am sure walls are the cause behind my sudden fever.

Or maybe it is that other piece of news that I read.

I did say in one of my posts, again, a year ago, that very desperate Iraqis are selling their children. I received a few e.mails calling me a liar.

The story is finally and officially out. Read this piece from Al Jazeerah via uruknet.info

The Swedish couple paid 10'000$ for the 2 year old girl. Had this Swedish couple working for an NGO really cared about this family, they could have provided for them on a regular basis instead of buying their daughter. But do you think anyone cares?

ICH ran the same piece. Go and read the comments. Hardly anyone commented.

But give them some story about a Mr. Goodbar criticizing Americans "customs and ways" and you will see it spammed with comments.

By the way one of your brave smelly female soldiers was run over by a humvee, after she fell out of it dead drunk and after having engaged in adulterous sex. I say adulterous since her darling fiançé was waiting for her back home in Amerikkka.
Her occupational lover just ran over her and left her in the streets and went to sleep. That's the way to go Mr Goodbar from the Amerikkkan Army ! (article here on ICH)

Do you understand now why I maintain that Americans are a hopeless case ?

I think it must have been this last piece of news about Iraqi children being sold out of dire desperation that really gave me a fever.
And from the article it is not a one off occurrence, it happens regularly. Remember I told you kids are being trafficked and sold in pedophile rings and working as maids. Well this is the confirmation for you.

And you still wonder why I hate you so ?

But, I am still trying to figure out what exactly brought this fever on.

Maybe it was this lentil soup and the couples of dates that I had.

My mother has this very bad habit that she is still unwilling to give up.
Every time she hears of someone coming from Baghdad she asks that they send her some special kind of lentil- yellowish colored ones and some dates.

I keep telling her "For God's sake, am sure they have lentils and dates here, do you really need this stuff from Baghdad? We have enough problems as is, do you also want to ensure our contamination with Depleted Uranium ?"

It's a fact- foodstuffs locally produced are contaminated with D.U.

And her reply is always the same: "I don't care, it's from my country"

And my comeback is always the same: "And your/our country is very sick"

She shrugs her shoulders and continues cooking that soup and arranging the dates.

Could it be the soup and the dates that gave me this fever ?

Or maybe the walls, the sold children, and the one thousand other ills that have plagued us?

I will not know for sure the exact cause - I better go and try to bring it down.

"Get some rest" a friend told me.

How can I rest, when Her body rages with Fever ? You tell me...

Painting: Iraqi artist,Fareed Al-Zaidi.