You know, am a music addict.

Music, books and writing give me “sanity”... Without them, I'd be a lost soul.

In them, I found solace, companionship, resonance, agreement, similarities and knowledge...

Not that it has furthered the human “cause” in any way, but it has kept me somehow sane and...hopeful.

One singer that has contributed to my sanity, is Bob Marley. And one song in particular– Redemption song.

I don’t know the lyrics by heart, but I remember that one refrain, and sometimes it just re-surfaces and plays itself over and over in my head…

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
None but ourselves can free our mind...
How long shall they kill our Prophets
While we stand aside and look...?"

17 Years have elapsed...Seventeen Years, 17 Years, one and seven.

17 years have passed, since Desert Storm...Storms from the West, hot wind blowing from the Cold.

17 years and am still counting...Counting...

I wake up and sleep and I keep track, I add up. One plus one, plus two, plus three, plus a thousand, plus a million...
And I never finish adding up...

At times, I want to rip my clothes in defiance, exposing a naked body, naked to the wind...
I scream silently, hurling the numbers to the the walls, to the echoes in a dead valley.

In my mind, I take you by the collar and shake you...and I scream, look, look...look at all the dead prophets.

I take you by the collar and shake you, and scream, look, look, just look...

And you turn your head and your eyes away and you throw another theory my way.

17 years of continuous bleeding...

Sanction them, embargo them, bomb them, starve them, pollute them, annihilate them...
Erase them, one by one, erase them...Erase them.

And I scream, I am here. You will not.

And I hold on.

To my palm tree, to my ruins, to my memory, to my books, to my music...

And I hold on to a line from a poem, from a refrain...And I hold on.

I embrace them and tell them it will be just fine.

They have stopped believing me.

I rock them in my arms and chant secret mantras, "get well, I demand it..."

And they die in front of my eyes.

I say, "I beg of you don’t sell your kidney"

They smile and point towards a family of seven.

I cry out, "don’t sell your body."

They smile and point to hungry eyes.

17 years it has been going on…
17 years,
Governments have come and gone...

Once it’s democrats, once it’s republicans

And the years have passed...

The graves have swollen up with bodies

Until satiation,

But you are still not satisfied.

I have images - you sucking on intravenous bags,

Filled with blood, fresh red blood

You suck and suck...and request more...

17 years.

I see her shouting, "he’s got a hole in his back."

"She’s got two heads."

"He’s got no fingers."

"I’ve got lumps everywhere."

Meta. Metaphysics of politics. Metaphors. Metastasis...

"Take him, take her, free...I am giving it away."

How much, you ask ?

And you carry the little thing...carry it away.

17 years and so patient.

So resilient, so humble.

And we say “It is written”

And I say, You wrote it.

You wrote it for 17 years and more...

You scheduled it, planned it and executed it.

I blow in the palm of my hand.

And give myself a cool breeze,

I blow around, like some magical incantation,

I whisper go away...

I have my hand on the trigger and shout go away...

I undress in the anonymous dark, and say “Oh God , let it go away...”

I sit on pavements and wait for it to go away...

I explode myself and hope my body is a sacrifice that will take it away...


I am here

And you are there.

I see your eyes, your smiles, and 17 years written, tattooed over your bodies.

You take a piece of chalk, and tick another year away...

So do I...

And I am here and
You are there.
And we are facing each other.

Look into my eyes. Can you?

I can look into yours

Look if you can

But you will not.

You will throw more words in my face,

Like spit.

I wipe it off.

And look into yours...

You hold me and bend me

And penetrate my orifices...

I wash it all away

And I look at you.

You chain me, bruise me, and leave 17 years of scars on my flesh,

My wounds are open and I look at you.

Wherever you go, I will look at you.
Wherever you hide, I will look at you.
Wherever you run, I am here with you.
I am with you today,
I am with you tomorrow
I was here with you 17 years ago.
And even longer...

I hold the earth in my hands. I feel it in my hand,
I smell it and I smell blood mixed with soil...
I caress the walls,
I run my finger on them,
And my finger stops at your name
A name you etched, you carved...

I visit the ruins,
I chant, "oh spirits from afar..."
And your metal tanks shine in the sun
And they roar in my ears.

You are everywhere, in the opening of a body to the gates of this city.

And you keep repeating "Surrender"
And I keep looking at you...

My gaze is my weapon
My gaze is my pen
My gaze is my sword
My gaze is my resistance...

So where was I ?
Oh Yes, Redemption.

An American called Tom wrote to me, and “allowed” me to share this with you and this is what he had to say :

“How can one possibly respond to you?

I have been commenting on the obscenity that my government has been committing against the men, women and little children of your country from the relative comfort of my little apartment here...

The only death I have to deal with is from within the relative safety of a TV screen.

The only blood I've had to deal with is an occasional bloody nose (brought on, I'm sure from the frustration of knowing that I am a citizen of the new FASCIST EMPIRE - seriously)

I am going to make you a promise right here and now, Layla:

Americans - for all their faults and fucking stupidity - eventually do the right thing.

Here is my promise to you:

George W. Bush will be remembered as the first - pray, last - former chief executive of this once-great nation to go to federal prison.

He will die there.

I promise you that, Layla. As God is my witness, he will die there.

Don't give up on the American people, Layla. I would like to believe that there is, at least, a slim majority of us who want to do the right thing.”

We will all eventually die here Tom. You and I.
17 years have elapsed...
And am still waiting.
for the Redemption,

And here is the Redemption song for you.

Painting: Iraqi artist,Naji Hussein.


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Putin and "Russia" have constantly refused to let the Red Cross, visit Chechnyan "detainees."
Last refusal was today---
Anonymous said…
What did you say ?
RhusLancia said…
Has it really been 17 years since Saddam united the Arab world... against him ??
Anonymous said…
truth has an astonishing power, even if powerless the one saying it,
pray to God to give you all the strength,
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla, no words, except that I share your (collective) pain.

In solidarity and with love.
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
Throwing a little insignificant ventriloquist's puppet to rot in jail would change nothing.

Bush is not The Problem, nor are the Republicans, and not even the Neo-Cons.

The Problem is America's Spirit...lack thereof...which the satanic sorcerers of Zion limit themselves to convert into flesh, steel and fire.

We are staring into blind eyes, dearest sister.

We are screaming into deaf ears.

We are declaiming our poems to insensitive hearts.

We are exploding our living bodies along with walking corpses.

We are praying for the Redemption of non-existent souls.

We are not resisting the Evil, but the Nothingness.

That's why it is taking so long...

You can trust me to wait, and believe, and fight on Iraq's side till the end of time.

Inseparably yours,
Anonymous said…
"Music, books and writings give me sanity"

I owe those three things a world of good too.

Please do keep always your "soul's tastebuds" as alive, awake and sensitive to the little joy there is left around as your blessed eyes are to the infinite horror.

You will need your humanity to be able to enjoy the paradisiac blissfulness of the Liberation to the full...sooner than you expect ;-)

I blow a favourable gentle breeze of kisses your way.
Anonymous said…
This is for You, music lover :-)

And for the cry in every western citizen, not finding any place for it to emerge - but submitted to an ignorant fear.
Yes, we are mutants. It´s an ongoing affair.
The 8th of May 1945 is a Day of Shame.
From there on , little by little, we lost our souls. Or it withered away, slowly, in the high speed of "development".

Anonymous said…
layla do you believe in darwinism? or do you believe in an all powerful creator?
Anonymous said…
Layla, re: stress -

I gather (though it wasn't clear from the way it was posted on internationalclearinghouse) that you were writing about your experiences in occupied Iraq. And of course that is something I must respect your opinion on as something you live through day by day (and to some extent justifying your vented anger). And everything I've read about American conduct in Iraq makes your account ring true.

But I wonder if it's too easy to blame America for all of Iraq's problems? After all, they are not the ones engaged in mass suicide bombings. Don't you think that Iraqis need to take some responsibility for what is going on in their country? It seems to me all too easy to paint yourself as victims at the mercy of an evil empire. But that surely doesn't get us very far, does it?

Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Andrew said...
"After all, they are not the ones engaged in mass suicide bombings."

How fucking right you are...

Poor innocent little virginal white lilies CIA, Mossad and, hear ye, the Iranian Secret Services are absolutely not by any means in the least "engaged" in the breeding, brain-washing, financing, arming, and training of the false-flag counter-insurgency front that goes by the codename of "Al-Qaeda", along with the other forces of disgregation Peshmerga, Badr and Mahdi.


It's the life-loving, enlightened, secular, progressive, nearly-First Worlders Iraqis who have fallen heads over heels in luuuuuuuuuuuv with Thanatos and started blowing the shit out of each other for the fun of it, yippee !!!


Of cowwwwwwwwwwwwrse...

As you say, daaaaaaaaaarling...

And pigs fly.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,

It was deeply moving that you quoted me in your latest posting.

How can America possibly be reedeemed after what it has done to Iraq? I'd like to think that the election of the next president will make this nightmare go away but you and I both know that that is a falicy.

From my first posting on "The Rant" June 2, 2006:

On election day 2000 when the American people STUPIDLY send a corrupt, hideous, half-witted frat boy named George W. Bush to the Olval Office - TO THE WHITE HOUSE! - we effectively pointed the proverbial loaded pitsot at our own collective head. Four years later, on Election Day 2004 - make no mistake about it - we pulled the trigger.

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY
Tom Degan said…
I accidentally signed in as anonymous in that previous posting. Let every person know that I am proud to have my name associated with this brilliant and brave woman....

There. That's better.

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY
Anonymous said…
Long Live Muqtada.

Muqtada Layla Anwar friends forever.

They make a great couple don't they. :-)
Anonymous said…
"And my finger stops at your name
A name you etched, you carved..."

Whose name ?

Layla's ?

Remember...a body can't die twice...we have been murdered and it can't be done again...we have resurrected...and our souls can't be murdered...we only are the ones who can commit suicide...through killing of our beliefs and spirits...

Take care of yourself...and never, ever, ever give up hope in your beloved, patient and suffering Her "written" glorious destiny of Resurrection...

Anonymous said…
Muqtada's Cool, My Ass,

Is that the best you can make out of yourself ?

I guess so...

Poor little wild jungle beast who will croak and rot away without having understood fuck-all about Life...

It would be pathetic if it were not tragical.
Anonymous said…

I believe the Supreme Court installed George W. Bush into his position as a result of events from the 2000 'election'.

You are quoted as saying, "this once great nation.".

What makes a 'great nation' and when do you believe it was 'great'?
Anonymous said…

17/1/08 12:37 PM
Layla, E is ABSOLUTELY correct.
Anonymous said…

There already was a 'nation' here. The ancestors of these men, were called hostiles and savages by the White people and their government and 'rule of law'. These 'laws' of that time were designed to eventually force a nation of people into their own ways. Is this when the 'nation' finally became 'great'?

Was it not enough to commit domestic abuses and genocides, that America had to then look abroad and in foreign lands to commit further horrors?

What happened here in this land, can not ever be undone. That is unrealistic. But we must take knowledge from the past and recognize the past, inorder to see clearly with a spark of wisdom for the future.

I agree with E.
RhusLancia said…
Tom Degan's Daily Rant: "Let every person know that I am proud to have my name associated with this brilliant and brave woman...."

What's worse? A Master-Racist or a wannabe Master-Racist?
Anonymous said…
anti-numbskulls: let me see if i have this straight. america, with the help of its old ally, iran, is effectively bombing itself. thank goodness someone has a good grasp of the situation.

jhondie said…
Good stuff. Most Americans piss me off too, but America I love. Hopefully we can all move past these troubled times.
Anonymous said…

I was speaking of the criminal "mass suicide bombings" against Iraqi civilians, which happen to be carried out by US/UK/Israel/Iran-trained sectarian fall guys.

The surgical guerrilla actions aimed exclusively at occupiers and direct collaborators, on the other hand, are the wonderful work of the Iraqi national Resistance, which upon principle (and interest) never purposely hurts an innocent Iraqi and is warmly supported by the overwhelming majority of the population.

I hope I helped you sort out the muddle a little further.
Anonymous said…
ah yes, "surgical".. i've heard that word before in a military context somewhere..
Anonymous said…
I agree and inserted in my blog this song performed by Ziggy Marley Best. Cida from Brazil
Anonymous said…
"Sick of this conversation"...LUCKY YOU.

We on here and the innocent people of Iraq over there are sick of this...OCCUPATION, just fancy !

Peoples have the INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED SACROSANCT NATURAL RIGHT to defend themselves and their lands against occupiers BY ALL AVAILABLE MEANS, including ARMS.

Stop being such a fucking hypocritical moralist.
Anonymous said…
Let's put it this way.

IF the person who calls herself "Layla Anwar" is sincere in her position, feelings, beliefs and outlook on life as stated on this blog and the other, THEN long live her and eternal glory to her memory.

OTHERWISE, may whatever her hidden agenda is fail miserably and the curse of Allah be upon her soul.

Personally, I want and NEED to believe that the former is true.
Anonymous said…
Miaow ?
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you!
Layla Anwar said…
Little Deer,

Thank you as always...
God bless you and yours.
Layla Anwar said…
REMINDER is cute :-)
And does a great job at reminding...
Layla Anwar said…

This is eloquently and beautifully said. I agree with Ritalin, it is spot on!
Layla Anwar said…
Hello Nakhla,

Nice to "see" you again here...
I find writing about Iraq to be very draining to tell you the truth...
Should I switch to more mundane topics - like Britney's rehab or Paris Hilton boob job?

Little pleasures abound, and nice things come in small boxes...

Regards to you.
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you for the video link.
The music reminds me of that of Gilad Atzmon, similar notes...
Except he plays the sax...
And I really like his music.
Nice !
Layla Anwar said…

I believe someone has addressed your "concerns" already. I have nothing more to add.
Layla Anwar said…

Why do you ask? Did you find the missing link perchance?
Layla Anwar said…
Desert Wailer,

How long will you personally wail ?

Resurrection, yes of course, Her history has proved it over and over again...But did she have the Dawa, Sahwa, Supreme Councils, "Kurdistan"...then? Or Americans, Brits, Israelis, Persian theocrats, contractors, mercenaries, multinationals, IMF, etc...?

I think not.

Regards to you.
Layla Anwar said…

Hi, yes I agree with you. E is absolutely correct.
Layla Anwar said…
anti-numbskulls, that was well said and very funny....hahahahahaha.
Some of the commentators here are absolutely GREAT.
Layla Anwar said…

Keep both your dua'a and curses for yourself...
I owe you nothing.
Anonymous said…
layla, you remind me of the uber conscientious teacher who painstakingly observes her all of her students endeavors offering advice and encouragement.
Anonymous said…
I believe in interacting with the regular reader...
He/She spends time reading my posts, the least I can do is acknowledge in way or another...
If I don't feel the need to comment on the comment, I don't...So nothing is forced here.

Having said that, I tremendously dislike bloggers who always fail to respond to their readers or ignore them. I find that to be a sign of utmost arrogance.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
RhusLancia said…
Hi Layla,
We almost had a decent discussion with *I think* one of your regulars here. Too bad he/she pitched a fit and left. Why do you guys do that?
Anonymous said…

woe is me my beloved iraq is over-run

did you Ever stop to think in your short-sightedness that maybe, Maybe an Iranian women or a Kuwaiti woman suffered? No You have not. Its all about woeful Layla

Here's an idea. Go to an Iraqi child. Children have a much more clearer sense of life because they are not polluted with ego and hatred. So go to an Iraqi child and talk to her or him. Put it on youtube. Ortalk to an Iranian womane or a Kuwaiti woman that suffered when your president invaded and bombed thier countries for religious reasons, territory and oil.

You have such a hatred in you, you are a miserable wreck of a person. Did you ever protest the wars and invasions your president Saddam Hussein launched against your neighbors? HELL NO !
RhusLancia said…
Does anyone know where I can see an online copy of Three Whom God Should Not Have Created: Persians, Jews, and Flies ?? It is good to know what Saddam's influences were. Does anybody else think God might be offended by the sentiments of that pamphlet?
Anonymous said…
...and then you sit there and dish out insults as if you and your god damm country are so fucking high and mighty. Who the Hell do you think you are?

You probably cheered on your "TROOPS" as they invaded Iran and Kuwait and dont dare tell me you didnt.

All I got is my fuckin books, pictures, music and memories Woe Indeed. Maybe Allah thought it's Layla's time to do a bit of suffering. Huh? If THATS the case then you got one hell of a fight on your hands Layla.
Anonymous said…
Layla can't even answer a simple question whenone asks her if she is a follower of Darminism or creation.

Layla's defense mechanism kicked into gear with a typical psychological ploy when one doesn't want to give too much of themselves up. Layla's response was, "Why do you ask?"
What fucking difference does it make?

Just like in her story of the alledged American girl going into the bar that Layla frequents. In Layla rendition of events, she even says the bartender is very generous when there are no other patrons around. If you recall, nobody was in the bar when Layla & friends arrived. They had the place all to themselves with the 'generous bartender'.

THEN, in walks Miss America. Uh-Oh....the bartenders generosity just might have come to an end for Layla & freinds.

This lady doesn't fool me one fucking bit. But these people that hate America so damm much...she's good enough for them because that's the tie that binds.

None of them have said a damm thing about how the Saddam she misses, invaded and shelled Iran & Kuwait.
Anonymous said…
ah well layla, never mind. shan't be coming back anyway. there's no real debate here. maybe if i was in your shoes i wouldn't be interested in that either. all the best.
Anonymous said…


Pssst, Layla...thanks for the blush :-)
Anonymous said…
"Should I switch to more mundane tpics - like Britney's rehab or Paris Hilton's boob job ?"


There are already too many frivolous, uncommitted, individualistic so-called "Iraqi" wimps blogging, or should I say strutting around as it is.

All the Enemy needs is our Um Kulthum of political prose to turn into a Haifa Wehbeh ;-)

Keep up the hard but fruitful work.

Anonymous said…
"I tremendously dislike bloggers who always fail to respond to their readers or ignore them."

Any reference to a certain potato-slicer, lizard-chaser, eggplants-eater, window-jumper and wanker-in-chief of the Arab armchair Left is purely casual.

Anonymous said…

FOUR whom God should not have created: Persians, Jews, Flies, AND YANKS.
Anonymous said…
I have to say Light-Water is a fucking goodie-goodie, hypocritical, whitewashing, "all-the-same-istic", crass ignorant, anti-Iraqi revisionist Propaganda sucking UNEVOLVED APE.

Besides, what the friggin hell have Layla's or anyone's beliefs/guesses on the origin of the Universe got to do with the occupation of Iraq is something that goes beyond the average reasoning being's understanding.
Anonymous said…
response to Tom Degan's daily rant

Yes, George Bush is a criminal. But stop and think, Tom. There are three Criminal US Presidents who are responsible for the intentional destruction of Iraq and its people.

Bush Snr. was the criminal from 1990, Clinton took over the criminal reigns in 1993, then Bush Jnr. took over the criminal reigns in 2001.

They were all responsible for the crimes of genocide committed on the Iraqi people by the US-led UN Economic Sanctions, and the illegal US invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Just one of Clinton's vile acts among many, against the Iraqi people, was when he authorised the firing of 23 Tomahawk cruise missiles on Bagdad on 23rd June, 1993. He was responsible for the killing of many Iraqi civilians including children, and one of Iraq's revered artists, Leila Attar.

But now,I do not see the American people throwing stones at Bush Snr and Bill Clinton.

In fact it seems the American people do not see Bill Clinton as a criminal at all,as they clap and cheer him, and his wife, on the campaign trail.

It seems the short attention spans of many Americans has caused them to forget the intimate discussion Bill had with the world about his intimate interludes. What a character, and how opportunistic must Hilary be.

It now makes sense why many Americans who post on this blog in support of the US invasion and occupation express themselves through their pants, and think nothing of it. If it is good enough for a President - it is good enough for them.

As to ensuring Bush gets his deserts, I doubt this will happen. Because you American people have had eight long years to do something about getting rid of the the dubious “black-box” machine voting which brought Bush to power illegally – and you all have done nothing about it, except talk, and moan.

So as things stand, it seems it is just a matter of which criminal president you will get next.
Anonymous said…
Fazil...Kuwaiti or Persian ?

"You probably cheered on your TROOPS as they invaded Iran and Kuwait"

You mean as they finally responded to the continous defamation campaign, provocations, military aggressions by the barking mad rabid turbaned dog Khomeini, and as they rightfully annexated the 19th Province of the Republic of Iraq carved into a senseless, arrogant sub-state by the "dividing and ruling", oil-thirsty colonial powers ?

You bet she did, and so did all True Arabs: the oppressed people who have always loved and looked on Saddam Hussein as their one and only Leader, not the stupid, spineless, perverted U.S. vassals bathed in petrodollars.

Just wait until the Great Iraq rises from the ashes again, and you'll see how the "music" changes on the Middle-East "dance-floor".
Anonymous said…

In 1953, the CIA instigated a terrorist campaign in Iran which overthrew the democratically elected president, and then re-installed their former puppet regime. The US did this because Iran nationalized their oil; Iran had the audacity to believe that their oil belonged to them, not the US!

When the Iranian revolution overthrew our puppet in 1979, the US sought to curtail Iran’s expansion and influence. The US turned to its “friend” and “ally” Saddam Hussein, and Donald Rumsfeld paid him a visit in 1983 to assure him of our backing during the ongoing Iran/Iraq war.

At the time, most Americans had no problem with that war. You would be hard pressed to find ANY US mainstream news article condemning or even criticizing Iraq’s role in that war. The first real mention of Mr. Hussein’s “war crimes” came after the Iraqi president refused to follow the Saudi model by opening Iraq’s entire economy to US investment and control, and when Mr. Hussein threatened to sell oil in Euros instead of dollars. THAT was his “crime.” Everything else was a smokescreen. At the time of the Iran/Iraq war, Americans were mostly in favor of it.

So why do you bring up the Iran/Iraq war now? I believe it’s because you need a scapegoat for the US’ 17 year campaign of genocide against the Iraqi people – which has already killed several million innocent people (the numbers have been carefully documented by international relief organizations). I was in Iraq when Saddam Hussein was the president. Conditions were infinitely better then than now. Far more Iraqis have been killed by Bush (and preceding US war criminals) than who died in the Iran/Iraq war.

This suggests that Mr. Hussein was better for Iraqis than Mr. Bush, doesn’t it? So spit your venomous anger in the direction it belongs.
RhusLancia said…
homo sapiens sapiens: "anti-Iraqi revisionist Propaganda"

Light-Water is against all this pro-Saddam revisionist propaganda? Well good for him/her!

Hey HSS, since you are such a fan of Saddam's illegal invasions & occupations, can you tell me what they accomplished?

Oh sure, Saddam's illegal invasion and occupation of Kuwait (for oil!) united the Arab world (against him!) but what is your revisionist take on its benefits?
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
"Some of the commentators here are absolutely great."

Some of those some are not "some".

Anonymous said…

"I owe you nothing"

You obviously do not owe anyone information on "who you are", but you DO owe me and every other reader of your blog, especially those who seriously believe in Iraq's cause, COMPLETE SINCERITY on "what you stand for".

Otherwise, you would be what is called a DECEIVER.

I repeat that, personally, I am in NO position to allow myself the "luxury" of closing my heart to this one little ray of hope which your blog appears to represent.

Only, sometimes I happen to wonder if by any chance you would not be "too perfect" to be also real :-)

The Internet, you know, is the kingdom of TAQIYA, and the danger of being "led up the garden path", as they say, is a concrete one.

May you be truthful and prosper.

Victory to the Iraqi people !

Anonymous said…
Yes Doug, most countries have their own intelligence agancies. Israel and Mossad, US and it's CIA, Saddam and his M-14, Pakistan and its ISI, Nazi Germany and it's Gohlen Org, Soviet / Russian KGB, etc.

Why did Saddam work with the US's CIA??

Why do you think Prime Minister / General Abd al-Karim Qasim was assassinated? Saddam's Ba'ath party attempted his assassination in 1959. Why do you think that was? They got it right though in 1963 did'nt they?

Was the Ba'ath party just upset because of the events of the Baghdad Pact??

We ALL agree Saddam worked VERY closely with the CIA and vice / versa. NOBODY here can deny that. Nobody. So why did Saddam choose to do that?

Most of us have seen Rumsfeld and Saddam shaking hands with big grins on their faces. They had without a doubt, a working relationship. That was the US governement's choice and Saddam Hussein's choice. It wasn't mine and it wasn't yours.

Did Saddam continue to remain in negotiations regarding the Kuwaiti issues? No. He chose to invade a country that could not defend itself. Did Saddam have his military onthe border of Saudi Arabia and was getting ready to invade Arabia also? No. That was hype and propaganda. Was the Iraqi military throwing Kuwaiti babies from their incubators? I dont believe that either.

Was the US government 'arming' both the Iraqi military and the Iranian military simultaneously? Absolutely. Were they using armaments supplied to them from other countries? Absolutely. Is it insane? Fuck Yes its insane.

Just as equally insane is the 20 Billion dollar proposal to sell Arabia arms shipments while giving Israel their arms package. Russian weapon technology has been being sold to Iran.

When the US government pulls out of Iraq, the fighting will continue there. Mark my words. Will Layla and friends protest in the streets to stop all the bloodshed? No. They will give full support to their 'side'.

When one chooses a 'side' that is actively engaged in fighting and bloodshed, naturally there are going to be periods of 'winning' and 'losing'. The victories will be cheered and supported, while the losses will be lamented over and revenge is in order.

Its the cycle of violence.

But yes, I ma very certain a Kuwaiti mother somewhere has no son..a Kuwait wife lost her Iranian sister has lost her brother or a child in Iran has lost her father,just as an Iraqi child has sufferd so many losses.
Anonymous said…
Light Water,

I address you the same request as I did to your fellow-bullshitter Karma on another thread.

This is a blog, not your toilet-bowl.

Kindly refrain from defecating on here the old "Saddam was CIA" revisionistic lie which everyone knows by now was fabricated in order to alienate the Western and Arab Left's sympathies from the besieged legitimate Iraqi government throughout the embargo years.

How many more innocent Iraqis will have to die because of Your Holier-than-Thou Lord and Ladyships's fucking "moral scruples" to unconditionally support their representatives and defenders, yesterday Saddam Hussein and today the Iraqi national Resistance ???

I will not break my back scrubbing away your crap again, any further outcomes of incontinent ignorance on this theatre of the absurd kind of "subject" will be pitied and ignored.
RhusLancia said…
awb cleaning woman: "This is a blog, not your toilet bowl."

That's funny, because I just dropped a massive "Saddam" into my toilet bowl. What a relief! (just as dropping the "real" Saddam was)

So, the fact that you're denying he was a CIA asset, means he probably was.

It's funny and sad how willing you are to ascribe to Saddam principles he only gave lip service to in order to further his own power, but never actually implemented. Sucker. You'd think in retrospect you could see more clearly.
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,
My name is Jane Thompson, I am a young woman in my 20's and I write to you for advice.
I happen to be madly in love with a fellow-Iraqi of yours whom I "met" on a forum, except that I can't make out whether he is a patriot or a traitor.
His dead best friend, I came to know, was a sectarian millenarianist without rhyme or reason, but him, I am not sure.
He is always so damn secretive about his convictions and what's worse is a bit of a genius, as wily as a fox and tremendously clever at shuffling the cards and changing skin every time he feels one is getting too close to his true self.
I have to say I never met him personally.
What would you suggest me to do ?
Thank you so much in advance.
My best regards.
YoUnicorn said…
My Dearest Layla

Poetry ! Deep into our hearts.
Thank you

Bless YOU my dear,
courageous Sister !
Much love

jane thompson
My suggestion as a psychotherapist
why dont you get and pay a therapist to listen to your rubbish ???!!!!!
Or call the closest hospital in your area.
Layla is an Arab woman blogging the on going stupidity and madness of the empire and the destruction and genocide in Iraq.

May God help *ALL those* who are in dreamfakeland !
Anonymous said…
When Juno is set free, Jupiter comes down to earth, whispers an "end of a knight" tale in our ears...goodnight.
Anonymous said…
Your colleague Barabie is a worthless cunt.

All she has to say in defense of the Arab cause is "kess emak/eek", "you stupid ho" (as if she wasn't one, LOOOOOL) , "Jew" here, "Jew" there, "Jew" everywhere, without any logic, any grace, any strategy.

The few good points she has are all shamelessly borrowed from your blog, both ideas and typical expressions.

I believe she and Mojo should "intermarry" and go to hell NOW.
Anonymous said…
"How long will you personally wail ?"

Until tomorrow or throughout my earthly life and beyond.

It all depends on when my beloved Iraq will be liberated and become Herself again.

Why, dear ?

Are you personally already "hoarse" ?

Need a spoonful of the honey of friendship ? ;-)
Anonymous said…

You hold me and bend me

And penetrate my orifices...

Huh?! I don't THINK so.

Don't touch the BUTTER at her house, people.

Layla Anwar said…
Jane T,

Are you the same Jane who married Binladen's son and is a granny of 5? hahahahaha
Listen to Yolanda's advice and seek therapy.
Layla Anwar said…

Horrible name by the way...
What's the matter, is Mojo sick with the clap and has not be servicing you?
You sound quite frustrated for a free american rat!
Layla Anwar said…

I agree with some of your points, however, I believe you have reduced the plan for the invasion and occupation of Iraq to a simplistic formulae that has been repeated constantly in the media and which is FALSE.

First of all, most of the weapons acquired by Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq war were Chinese, Russian and French made and not American as people claim.

Secondly, and this very few people know, Saddam sent a letter to Khomeini when he came to power calling for good neighborly relationships and prosperity for both countries. Two months later, Khomeini started his campaign calling for REGIME change in Iraq. While Khomeini was given asylum in Iraq for 15 years until the Shah asked that he be extradited to France.
A year later, Khomeini was in Teheran leading his so called Islamic revolution, which as it turned out to be, has only one aim, to create a shia sectarian revolution starting with Baghdad and Basrah and it happened!

Thirdly, Saddam Hussein, had he been a real CIA agent as you claim, or a friend of the Americans, he would have easily left Iraq like the Shah did.
This ONE picture with Rumselfd means NOTHING. I can give you hundreds of pictures of Iranian officials with American officials, will that prove that Iran is a CIA agent ? Ok in that case , I agree it is...because

Fourthly, those who rolled in on American tanks were none others than those who were exiled in Iran, and hold the Iranian nationality. Like Hakeem, Maliki, Jaafari... and who form the current Iraqi puppet govt installed by the Americans.

Fifthly, you have forgotten two important things. That the Israelis have been calling for a regime change in Iraq since the 80's along with Iran, and you have also forgotten the Iran Contra affair.

I can go and on, but I think I have given you enough points to mull over.
Layla Anwar said…

Sorry to tell you but your comment is nonsense.
It shows more a paranoid mind than anything else...
What proves to be that you are not a CIA, Mossad, KGB, M15/16, Al Qaeda, Iranian, agent trying to gain my trust?
How can I be sure that you with a pseudo like "myself" is a not a prime deceiver ?

Wa Salam.
Layla Anwar said…
Lightwater sounds like those whining americans lynette in Minesotta, Louisa in Alabama, and Marielou in Kentucky...hahahahaha

Go away!
Anonymous said…

Hey, what happened to your potty-mouth just now? Where's your usual gutter/street whore language? Certainly you could sprinkle a few expletives around for me, couldn't you?

Listen, I'll help you out. Here's a LOVELY SNAPSHOT of a nice Iraqi man with a friend of yours.

Say cheese!

Anonymous said…
Oh ugly Jeffrey,

What's the matter again ? The word fuck you offends you now?
Or son of a whore is no longer pleasing to your ears?

Stale, you're definitely getting stale. I think you ought to change your slave lover Mojo for someone with more muscles....hahahahaha
Anonymous said…

Glad you loved the photo of your DEAR BROKEN-NECKED LOVER.

Man, the noose HAD to hurt, right?!

Did you see the photos of Saddam's corpse after they pulled him down? Wow, his head was twisted sideways and his neck was a damn bloody mess, wasn't it?

Uday, Qusay, Saddam.

Bing, boom, bam.

All gone.

Uday and Qusay got sliced up real fine by good ol' AMERICAN BULLETS. Nice carving job, fellas! It was cute how they laid Uday and Qusay up on those gurneys so we could see all the entry and exit wounds. Thanks, guys!

For Saddam they used a thick rope like you might buy at a hardware store for a couple bucks. Not too fancy. His fat belly and gravity did most of the work.


Anonymous said…
"Layla", don't try to be smart with me.

I KNOW that you have been working at the Al-Fajr Media Center for the sectarian millenarianist loonies.

You can thank your lucky stars that you are still an Iraqi citizen and that I keep by the promise I made upon the President's martydom to comply with his last letter wish and to pardon the "lost sheep", unless of course they are directly involved in the occupation crimes.

Something tells me, though, that the Iraqi national Resistance will not be as much understanding and compassionate towards you and your (ex?)colleagues after the Liberation.

Good luck with it.

Wa Salam.
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…




Anonymous said…
Someone please give the Armageddon cheerleader called "Firebrand" a lift to the nearest nuthouse where they can subject him to electroshock and frontal lobotomy.

Thank you.
Anonymous said…

This is my last reply to you.
You are following a classic tactic - preach falsehood so you can get the truth .
Will not work with me.
I don't even know who al Fajr is.
Now sod off.
Anonymous said…

I am not following any friggin "tactic", and you know it.

What I said was not falsehood, and you also know it.

Al-Fajr is a most treacherous CIA-backed "Al-Qaeda" website, and again you know it.

Do whatever the fuck you want with your spiritual inheritance, honor it or waste it, as you prefer.

I shall remain on the Iraqi Resistance's side with or without you.

Anonymous said…
Yes. Layla knows her her employer she is now in her latest performance.
Anonymous said…
Layla doesnt know the Al-Fajr???
wow.....especially for someone that absolutelty knows Everything???

Come on girl..Think :-)

Why do you miss Saddam? Are you blushing? Come on ...give us'profile'. ;-)
YoUnicorn said…
19/1/08 9:59 PM

WELL said !
the best option for the **anti-life firebrand** (?)
a lobotomy works perfectly !!!

Thank you
Anonymous said…
and for YOU too :-)

and who said muslimgirls didnt shake it for the world to see?? ha

oh this is too much fun

but time to go later days
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…

Rhus, Jane..don't feel bad..
Anonymous said…

Excerpts taken from the above link:

' The narcissist may never actuall say the words " I am better than you, I am perfect, infallible, invincible". They may not even consciously think such things but they feel, know & experince them as reality.

Such a sense of superiority cannot but help effect relationships. The narcissist does not believe in equality and democracy but a heirarchy with them at the top. They really dont believe that anyone, with a possible exception of a small elite they admire, is their equal and they see no reason why they should waste time on lesser beings (unless they are of some use).

They demand obedience, unconditional surrender and total, unquestioning commitment. Once a narcissist definse someone as "less" than themselves ( which is virtually everyone ), it is impossible to prove or to convince them otherwise.

To sustain their sense of superiority, narcissists deny faults, limitations, weaknesses and vulnerabilities. They never admit to being wrong or to making mistakes. They reject anything that challenges their narcissism because to them, by definition, anyone or anything that does not feed their ego, or agree with their view of themsleves as superior, is automatically wrong and worthless.

Anyone needing help, is an inferior who cant survive on his or her own. can lesser beings have anything to teach their superior? '
Anonymous said…
Notice how "Layla" does not give her views on how the China, Russia, the US, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Iran and the EU should come to terms and work towards goals in working relationships so that ALL interests are achieved.

Her thoughts and opinions only encompass her as an individual. Issues are of most importance as to how they effect her ( or in the larger sense, the Ba'athists ). When in fact, Iraq is comprised of anassortment of individuals and groups with differing interests.

It would be interesting to see her define 'LOVE' also. I really don't believe she is capable of it.

She borrows ideas from fellow posters such as concern for children and the Sudanese tragedies taking place. She will take an issue or subject matter, that she can use and attach to her 'self', so that it appears as if she has true empathy, she will use it. She clothes herself in that.

When in fact, she will refuse to acknowledge the suffering of the Kuwaitis, the Kurds, the Shias, the Iranians or anyother groups of peoples she deems as lesser and inferior to her beliefs. These are facts that are exprssed in much of her own writings and postings.

Though "Layla" is not on the level of Stalin, Hitler or Lenin ( or even Jim Jones ), she does portray many of her thoughts and opinion in 'generalizations' as they did.When she speaks of "the West" or speaks of "America" or "Americans", she does it thru generlizations. For example, in her writings she says that Americans ( the West even) are all fat and they all eat chemicals. In her usage, this means that all 300 million American citizens are fat and consume McDonalds and such or buy processed foods, etc.

I also read where she expresed that food coming into Iraq has the AIDS virus in it. This is so completely unrealistic in that the fact of the matter is, that the AIDS virus can only live outside the body for a very limited amount of time.

"Layla" goes on in her opinion entitled "STRESS". Again she opines in generalizations of the "West" and "Americans". She conveys to the reader that all 300 million citizens ( in America atleast) are "stressed"...that all seak a 'relief' thru meditation or going to the gym to workout because of "stress".
Some do ( and there is nothing wrong with it ) go to the gym to relieve stress. Layla portrays it as something bad or even terrible yet excercise in fact, is a very good way to improve over all health and I think any doctor in the World would agree with that.

Meditation is not bad. many people around the world meditate, and yes, even people living in the Mideast.

She goes on in her opinions and eventually succombs to calling ALL such people "motherfuckers", etc.

She speaks in generalities of how they "rush into lousy relationships". Do all single people, of the 300 million, rush into lousy realtionships?
She implies that people in the Mideat, or Arabs, or even Iraqis, do not have lousy relationships or maybe even that in Asia people do not have "lousy relationships". Do people in Asia, South America or Europe meditate or have lousy relationships? Has sha had a lousy relationship? Her opmions are at the level of generalizations and are sloppy at best.
Anonymous said…
Notice too, how "Layla" reacts in instances where she believe her superiority ( her narcissism ) may be threatned or challenged.

She tells the poster that is trying to convey something to "go away", "you're not welcome here", or responds in ways that are demeaning, sarcastic, and in many instances, extremely abusive. Look over her writings and postings.

She wants to project the image that the Mideast ( perhaps just her own idea of what Iraq is ), does not have immoral behavior, alcohalics, drugs, terrible television programs, sex outside of marriage, or meditation facilities or gyms or medicine or chemicals / herbicides / pesticides in and on their food and water. The fact of the matter is that they do have all of the above and bars and discos so much of what the "Western" culture has.

A narcissist believes themselves to be beyond reproach and the perfect speciman of human behavior and perfect in thought and above others with their appearance. She has posted for others to go "seek therapy" instead of engaging in an exchange of ideas that may be productive or beneficial.

I have seen where many "Westerners" and Americans have without a doubt condemned the actions of the American government and its approach in foreign affairs. These people have admitted to the wrongs being carried out. These people do not try to gloss over the abuses or try to paint a rosey picture, but condemn the illegal war. But "Layla" even destroys that.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla

Thanks for the info. I read your responses to those whom respond to your posts and learn.

The only problem I have when reading your insights, thoughts and views is that I have to sometimes read the sad, self-hating crap of Jeffrey, RusLancia, and others of their character.

(It is difficult to realize that people like Jeffrey, Rus, and others similar to them were actually born as small infants. As infants, each possessed a wide range of opportunities to become thinking, compassionate and truth-seeking human beings. Something blocked their journey of growth, understanding and development. I quess they are a product of the empire's cultural and mass pyschological underdevelopment.)

Last, I also love a wide continuum of music: 19th and 20th c. Russian classics, traditional music of Iran, Aizerbaijan, traditional US and French-gypsy jazz, traditional (or traditonally influenced) and folk and traditional (or influenced) popular music of Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, the Andes and Guatemala, and I love French chanson, Cape Verdian Morna, Portuguese Fado and Saudade, Spanish flamenco and zarzuela, Jewish klezmer and Sephardic ballads, and, last, the music of Scandinavia's new folk movements.

I don't know much about music from Arabic culture except when it has influenced world music groups like Radio Tarifa.

Last, please keep up with the commentary. We don't get to experience such honesty, intellectual clarity and passion in the US.

I believe we possessed such traits at one time.
Anonymous said…
NO, 'you' did not possess such traits at one time. You commited genocide on the "American Indians" and sold them and Africans into slavery. HELLO????

( it May have existed in a few perhaps )
Anonymous said…
Hi Uti

Since my my grandparents immigrated from both Norway and Germany in the late-90s, they probably were not directly involved in the Anglo- and Mexican-American genocide/ethnocide of Native Americans.

Of course, slavery was a dead issue by 1865 in the US. However, most African-Americans still lived in the debt-peonage apartheid system in the US South.

Until the end of WWII, many white ethnic Americans (such as my German-American grandfather)were delegated positions at the bottom of the factory system.

And many German-Americans were treated harshly (and sometimes killed by Anglo mobs) during WWI and WWII.

There was a famous book written about the plight of many ethnic whites in the US, "When Ethnics Were Blacks."

After WWII, with the destruction of many white ethnic communities, the free educational opportunities offered by the GI Bill, suburbanization, and the anti-communist Cold War, white ethnics were somewhat assimilated and many prospered.

The US capitalists needed well paid factory workers to be able to buy the products of US factories -somebody had to buy US factory made goods.

Why? Most of the rich industrialized nations took about 20 years to rebuild from the destruction of WWII and catch up with the US. Their populations couldn't afford to buy many consumer goods during the 50s and 60s.

Today, US capitalists view the majority of US citizens as either cannon fodder or debt peons. They don't need them as workers.

So, most US citizens are slowly drifting toward poverty under the domination of a corporate ruled government.

Unfortunately, to make sure the average US citizen passively accepts the destruction of the middle classes and political domination of the corporate oligarchy, the media, schools and churches act in concert to fatten and dumb down the average American: mental, emotional and cultural underdevelopment.

Eventually, economic underdevelopment will be thrown in.

So, please pity the population of a nation whose elite increasingly narrows the average person's life, emotions and taste for truth.

I know pity is hard for the many peoples who have had to face the thuggery, arrogance, ignorance and empty commercial culture which make up the face of American power.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Balakirev,

I suppose you are new to this blog. Thanks for visiting.
Don't worry about the rats, I hardly ever read what they say. I skip through. Or I may read one line and say to myself - oh the same american propaganda shit and I pass...

On the subject of music, see my other blog- there are a quite a few there. Some Cap Verde Saudade, Italian, French, Portuguese, Opera.
You may enjoy it.

Just click under view profile, then scroll down to the uncensored blog.

I think we like the same kind of music. That's nice. :-)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for both the musical tips and the download directions.

I am new to blogging. I was directed to yours via an alternative website I regularly read.

Thanks again.

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