January 26, 2008

Backlash behind a Veil...

Well what do you know - I really can’t stand it anymore.

I can’t stand the current Islamist discourse. I don’t care where it is coming from, I can’t stand it anymore. And I want to shout it out loud. FED UP!!!

I absolutely detest, abhor, despise, hate, the current Iraqi government. I hate the fucking mullahs.

I hate Sistani, Maliki, Jaafari, Muqtada al Sadr, Al Hakeem and there rest of the smelly retards - all those sectarian Shia shits from Iran.

I can’t stand Iran’s Ahmadinajad, Khomeini, Khatemi, Khameini...Kha, kha, kha, khara...(khara is shit in Arabic)

I am totally allergic to the snake Nasrallah and his fucked up sectarian Hezbollah, who says one thing and does another.

But it does not stop there...

I am a fed up with the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, the Salafists, the Wahabists...

And I am talking here as a WOMAN. These bastards stand against everything women of my generation fought for.

These people are an insult to Islam, they have deformed it, they have perverted it, they have turned it upside down...

Call things by their names. Call yourselves whatever you want, but keep Islam OUT of it. Islam is greater than your collective beards and turbans...

Yes, I am very fed up. I am fed up of listening to sermons 24/7 about how women should dress, what they should wear, not wear, how thick your veil should be, how long your dress, coat, colors or black...sick and tired of this shit.

Thousands of us women have fought only to see walking tents, clad in black covering their faces come and teach us about our religion.

Scrap beyond the surface, beyond the appearances, and you will find out that 75% of these women used to walk around in miniskirts not too long ago. Enough !

But suddenly piety has fallen on them, and now they think they have to teach everyone what religion is all about. They read a couple of free pamphlets and they have become experts. This is not Islam, this is pamphlet Islam. A big difference.

But it goes even further. They do not content themselves with applying their so called Islam to themselves. Oh no, they have to force it down our throats, their versions, their interpretations, their style...

Otherwise, we are considered either a kaffir or a nawaseb - Halal meat to rape, massacre, hang, burn, humiliate and ridicule...

Enough listening to Fatwas (religious decrees) based on sexual obsessions - theirs.

Cucumbers and tomatoes should not be mixed. One is male and the other female–Baghdad.

Women should not wear lipstick, and should veil or else...over 150 murdered-Basrah.

Women are not allowed to leave their homes, should veil, music is haram(forbidden) – Diyala.

Women should stick to blankets and men to sheets. One is female the other is male and the two should not mix – Gaza.

Women can’t drive and need a muhram (chaperon), they should cover their faces and not speak in public. It is awra (shameful) – Saudi Arabia.

Women can’t refuse their husbands taking on a muta’a (paid, temporary concubine) partner, should veil,and should not disobey, music and dancing are haram (forbidden) – Iran.

Men should avoid sitting on seats where women were seated before like buses - The heat residue may lead to zina thoughts (fornication) – Egypt.

A woman can only become president as long as she does not sit alone with another male head of state – Egypt.

And I have plenty more...plenty...

Give them more time and more American support and it will get even worse...American and Western Feminists can kiss IT, bunch of hypocrites.

And it does not stop there...Oh no!

Anyone not veiled, even a headscarf is considered “saqeeta” a fallen one.

And they have become judge, jury and verdict. Judging everyone else because they suddenly have monopoly over Islam. As if Islam or God’s word can be monopolized. They insult God that way and they know it not.

The discourse is even worse. It boils down to this - If you criticize us in any way, shape or form, that means that you are not only against us, but you are against Islam itself.

You are either with us or against us. Same as Bush no different.

Because they think they have become the official representatives of Islam, they consider their voices to be the voice of all of Islam and of all Muslims...

They hold the Truth and no one else does. They carry the correct understanding and no one else does...What arrogance! ENOUGH!

But wait a second here turbaned, bearded, walking tents females...hold it just one second and let us see whom are you supporting exactly.

The Muslim Brotherhood was financed by America as early on as the 30’s. Muslim brothers used to say, at least Amerikkka is not atheist like the Soviet Union.

The Talibans and Al-Qaeda were funded by America’s CIA and Pentagon.

Hamas was first funded by Israel’s Mossad.

The Wahabists, a movement that was created by Mohamed AbdelWahab (not the singer) was fully backed by the British in the 20’s.

Khomeinism and his smelly mullahs were encouraged by Western intelligence with the full participation of the CIA.

Hezbollah was formed by Khomeini’s Iran’s in the 70’s to fight seculars including Iraqi seculars like the Baath.

The current puppet Iranian sectarian Shia government in Iraq was BROUGHT ON BY THE AMERICANS.

So who the fuck do you think you are fooling with your discourses? Not me for sure.

And if you think your voices are very powerful then am raising mine too, to denounce every single one of you.

I know what you think. You say – here she is, a Mossad, anti-Arab, anti-Muslim, CIA agent, a Zionist, a reactionary who stands against the will of the people and national liberation movements.

KISS IT again.

YOU are the Mossad and the CIA agents, you are the REAL Zionists, the reactionaries and you are the anti-Arabs whose sole aim is to divide this people and this nation into a thousand states.

Hezbollahstan, Iraqishiastan, Hamastan, Salafistan...

You are the reactionary ones who oppress our voices and any form of critique.

You are anti-people, anti-women, anti any form of liberation.

But the worst part is that you are anti-Muslim and anti-Islam.

And because I LOVE Islam and what it stands for, I have to keep on denouncing you, your degenerate theories and your intellectual decadence.

Now you can all go to Hell !

Painting: Ali Taleb, "Bloom" 2006.