Look what they've done, ma...

I can’t get this song out my head. Been humming since yesterday...just can’t stop.

I sleep, wake up and am singing it. I walk the streets, and it follows me everywhere like a shadow. And as I type this, am listening to it...and singing along.

Maybe you can help.

I know everyone is engrossed with the tragedy of Gaza right now. And rightly so.

Got my own thoughts on Hamas though - will save them for later.

The only thing I can say, is that we have moved from a one state solution, to a two state solution to a three state solution...

Bantustan comes to mind. What a wonderful way to finish off the “Palestinian cause."

Expect the same in Lebanon soon. In Iraq on the other hand, it’s already a done deal.
Do thank Israel, Iran, and of course the U.S.A (and the poodle GB) and of course the Gulf countries plus others...Conspiracy? Nope. REALITY? Yes.

But I still can’t get this song out of my mind...It’s getting even more urgent.

Sing it along with me will you ?

Look what they’ve done to my song, ma
Look what they’ve done...
It was the only thing that I could do half right and
It’s turning out all wrong, ma.
Look what they‘ve done to my brain, ma...
Well, they’ve picked it like a chicken bone and
I think am half insane, ma
Look what they’ve done to my song...
I wish I could find a good book to live in...
Well, if I could find a real good book,
I’d never have to come out and look at
what the'y ve done to my song.
Ils ont changé ma chanson, ma.
C’est la seule chose que je peux faire
Et ce n’est pas bon, ma
Look what they’ve done to my song...
Tied up in a plastic bag and turned it
Upside down...
Look what they’ve done, ma...

If you don’t want it to rain, you can always click here and listen instead of sing.

The urge to hum this particular song, came after I heard the latest from Iraq.

No, not the usual 50 dead a day. No not that--something else...

Look what they’ve done to our flag, ma.
They turned it upside down, ma.
Tied it up and threw it to the grounds, ma...

From 1963-1991: the Iraqi flag had 3 green stars*** Unity (Arab and Iraqi unity), Freedom and Socialism.

From 1991-2003: “God is great” was added to the Iraqi flag, handwritten by the legitimate president of Iraq -Saddam Hussein.

In 2004, Bremer, the American Zionist gangster, cowboy tried to introduce a new flag. A blue crescent on a white background, and underneath two blues lines and a yellow one in the middle. Very close to the Israeli Zionist flag.

It was rejected. Iraqis had still a little honor left in 2004.

But, the sectarian nature of the new puppet government put in place by both the Americans and the Iranians, changed the handwriting of Saddam Hussein “God is great” to a Kufi calligraphy.

Kufi calligraphy comes from KUFA, the now Iranian sectarian Shiite enclave. And the three stars*** came to represent “Justice, Equality and Peace."

Please allow me to roll on the floor laughing...

What fucking Justice, Peace and Equality is there under a triple occupation- Iranian, American and Israeli ?

But, it did give us a foretaste of what was about to unfold...

The Bantustan of Iraq, with the South claiming to be a state of its own. And Kurdistan another independent state of its own.

The Kurds refused the Iraqi flag. I have mentioned it on several occasions. Any one carrying the Iraqi flag is imprisoned in so-called Kurdistan.

They have their own flag now. Red, white, and green with a yellow star in the middle. They might as well put the Star of David, would add up to exactly the same.

Lately, the chauvinist zionist Kurds have been pressing to have the flag totally changed. They wanted the stars removed, and “God is great" written in Yellow (yuk!) and with a blue lining for the Turkmen--hahahahah.
Is that before or after they annex Kirkuk?

(for more on the Iraqi flag, you can watch the Al-Jazeera video here)

Hot debates have ensued in the puppet Iraqi “parliament” and yesterday – the final decision was taken. The Iraqi flag will be red, black and white, and the stars will disappear.
And only “God is great” will be left, in Kufi writing naturally.

Morale of the story, you can kiss Unity, Freedom and Socialism goodbye. And you can settle for more red blood, black Iranian - Shiite mourning and the white bits of a vanquished Iraq.

And the hidden morale of the story is – No one will help us but God. That’s the only thing left in Iraq. Leave it to Allah. No one else can sort this mess.

Now the best part is - in a near future (once Bantustan is complete), they will ask Iraqi artists to come up with yet new propositions for new flags. And the Iraqi puppet government will choose accordingly who comes up with the best. If you are artistically endowed you may apply too.

But it does not stop there. They also want to change the national anthem. A beautiful national anthem with the most beautiful lyrics that stress that Iraqis will not bow down and surrender like slaves. That too will change soon.

This is your new Iraq. Anyone can come up with a new flag and a new national anthem.

These two that we held onto during hard times, giving us pride, strength and hope. And even that is taken away from us.

Look what they’ve done, ma...
They have invaded us, occupied us, killed us, destroyed our country, our history, our heritage, our people, humiliated us, pillaged us, plundered us, impoverished us, divided us, tortured us, raped us, imprisoned us, exiled us and now they changed our flag.

Look what they’ve done to us, our country and flag, ma...

Everyone is busy with Gaza, everyone is busy with everything else, while Iraq is being ripped apart, symbolically, politically, socially, economically...

Everybody is busy with something else while Iraq is being re-drawn, re-mapped to suit the American, Israeli and Iranian interests...

A whole nation changed beyond recognition, and their indifference is mightier than their swords.

Iraq is not sexy, not interesting and not romantic to them.

Look what they’ve done to our beautiful Iraq, ma

Look what they’ve done...

You can keep humming this song...But know, it will apply to other places, other flags and other people soon, very soon.

Keep at it and sing ...

Maybe it'll all be all right, ma
Maybe it'll all be OK
Well if the people are buying tears
Then I'm gonna be rich someday, ma
Look what they've done...

Painting: Iraqi artist, Abdel Ameer Alwan.


Anonymous said…
I hesitated on sending you this.

Anonymous said…

I think it might be more appropriate if the occupier's puppet government used the following bits and pieces to construct a new Iraqi flag.

First, we must ask ourselves. Will there actually be an Iraq in the near future? Could the occupying powers be contemplating a Balkan solution to the "problem"?

I know they have started using a combination of the El Salvadorean, Colombian, Guatemalan and Israeli methods of coercion...er, democracy: death squads, massive walls and checkpoints (cordon sanitaire), dependence on bombing raids, right-wing "people's" militias, torture-roundups-mass imprisonments, ethnic cleansing, sabotage of the average person's economy (disaster capitalism), destruction of soft targets and infrastructure, ... hey, the plutocrats are starting to do the same stuff here, in the US.

Back to the flag: if a future rump state called Iraq still exists, the flag should be designed as follows:
1. the background should combine the corporate logos of Halburton and Exxon.

2. a small square patch located at the flag's left corner should contain the US stars and strips.

3. Another corner should have a Coca-cola bottle silouette

4. And another corner should contain a small square containing a picture of a bottle of Viagra. This will symbolize how much America's effort, technology, resources and time went into fucking Iraq's people.

Of course, they enjoyed it! Didn't they? Who cares if they repeatedly said,"No!" We know when they said no they really meant, "Yes!"

5. Last, a memorable line must be written across the front of the flag: Iraq, Inc.

6. Oh yah, I forgot. The future rump state of Iraq needs a new national anthem. Hmmmmm. Maybe we should use the tune and properly converted lyrics of "London Bridge Is Falling Down."

For "London", substitute "Baghdad".

That also song will remind the still existing Iraqis to watch out when they attempt to cross the many bombed out and shoddily reconstructed bridges around town.

And during the second, third and fourth time around singing the song, the word "bridge" could be substituted with: buildings, electricity, sewage,... I think the song will have to be extended beyond four rounds: (substitute for "bridge": healthcare, schools, lamp posts, soldiers, and so on.

By the way, I appreciate your cultural offerings. The artwork above is stark, quiet and "cageless". Musically, it sounds like a Nocturne.
Anonymous said…
I've been horrified about the flag issue, Layla, and I really don't know what to say to you. Both the national flag and anthem are always considered sovereign,untouchable, by every nation in the world, and this debacle by a few IRAQIS in a sham 'Parliament' does not represent the will of the Iraqi people. I don't think I know of any nation where the flag has been desecrated as in Iraq, under cover of 'Parliamentary approval'. Certainly, President Saddam Hussein's addition of 'God is great' on the flag can be appreciated by all, whether Muslim or Christian and it definitely ADDS to the beauty of the Iraqi flag.

While I view all occupiers of Iraq with utter disgust (and more), in the case of the Iraqi flag (and now, you mention the beautiful anthem), I am filled with loathing for the TRAITOR IRAQIS who have allowed this to happen. Hopefully, their treason will be dealt with some day when patriotic Iraqis take on the reigns. With this action, one is inclined to believe that the RAPE of Iraq is now complete.

As for the Kurds of the north, I have come to the conclusion that they call themselves 'Iraqis' only when it suits them (as in the case of trouble with neighbouring Turkey)... how utterly disgusting.

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
I shall not "buy" your priceless daughterly tears, I shall shed mines next to you and let them fall to the blood-soaked ground at our feet and merge with yours in a purifying ocean of True Love for our common Mother.

Also, I shall try my hardest, and harder still, to help your valorous people lift the lazy-assed morning sun of liberation up, upper above Iraq's horizon, for as long as I live.

As for Unity, Freedom and Socialism, if you search the night skies attentively enough and with eyes wide open, disdainful of darkness and desirous of light, you shall make out the three green stars which the Invaders and the Safawides managed to wipe out from our loveable Iraqi national flag but could not prevent Allah, who is Greater than all tyrannical wannabe little gods on earth, from rescuing from the oblivion and setting in the firmament as the three resplendent fixed guides of all pure-hearted resisting Iraqis, Palestinians and Arabs in general on the path to Resurrection.

I blow you a kiss of "scandalous" Hope :-)

Long live IRAQ.
Anonymous said…
if you ask me, you attach too much importance to the puppets' "decrees".

all these unnatural, illegal changes (i.e. abominations) they bring about, constitution, flag, anthem, partition, de-ba'athification etc. etc. are transient, limited to their miserable tyranny's lifetime, and doomed to be declared null & void after the liberation and the restoration of the people's democratic republic of iraq.

it's "only" the lost human lives which, alas, can't be reconquered, but all the rest can and will.

that is, if the loyal iraqis left are patient enough to keep their beliefs and spirits, unlike the flag etc., unchanged until then.

i am, and i trust you to be too.
Unknown said…
The lot of it is disgusting. Also, you insult the poodles by refering to the Shrubster as such. I think he's more on par with the Ebola virus, or something.

I can't wait until the U.S. falls apart. I know I'm going down too in the process, but it's not going to be anywhere near as bad as what Iraq is going through. In fact, I can't see how anyone can compare our troubles here to those of Iraq. We're not getting our homes invaded on a daily basis by soldiers, or getting shot or bombed at every corner, or having our infrastructure blown to the stone-age, etc. . .

Be as well as you can be, under your circumstances. I couldn't have made it half as far as you.
Angel said…
Hello Layla,

They changed the Australian National Anthem some time ago. About 50% agreed with it. They tried to change the flag as well. There was a huge stink about it, and it didn't happen.

You are, of course right. Who ever has the upper hand in Iraq will be the major influence on the changes.

Right again about Palestine. It's on the news every night, and Iraq is barely mentioned anymore. You may as well not exist, unless you are being targetted by the Missionaries.

What have they done, indeed.

Stay safe.
Anonymous said…
Hello Layla,

I appreciate your eloquent writing, and your passion for your former Iraqi country, which only existed 30 or so years, under the iron fist of dictator Saddam.... SO, that all is fair to humanity, and the Mesopotamia inhabitants, you should go back to the history, and read back into the history beyond the former Iraqi republic of Saddam... I think, if you do that it will become clear to you that the Kurds have existed there way before the Arab with their fanatic Islamic religion, a religion that has brought much destruction and blood shed to humanity. As a Kurd, I'm more afraid from educated Arab nationalist people such as yourself than the other majority Islamist fundamentalist. After all, the Kurdish genocide of Halabja, the destruction of 3000 villages during the 80's, the mass killing of innocent Kurdish people, including children, men and woman happened in the hand of Saddam and his cronies.... How can I sympathize with you for shedding your tears now.. Where you totally disregard the faith of those who died in vain in the hand of your former king Saddam.....

Anonymous said…
Luke the Turd,

You are a fucked-up intellectually dishonest revisionist.

Every free thinking, reality-based, informed person is by now acquainted with the incontrovertible historical FACT that it was the IRANIANS who gassed Halabja, NOT the Iraqis, and the Western Intelligence agencies shuffled the cards afterwards as a part of the scientifically thought-out defamation campaign against the legitimate leadership of Iraq in preparation of Desert Storm.

No fucking other Middle-Eastern government in modern times ever granted a Kurdish minority as many recognitions, rights, opportunities, let alone virtual autonomy, as the SAINT Saddam Hussein and his SAINTLY Ba'ath Party did.

There were and still are conscientious and grateful Iraqis of Kurdish background, but too many are like you, retarded piles of Zion-loving treasonous thuggish dogshit who place the friggin blood "pride" above Citizenship.

Enjoy your long-wanked off over chauvinistic sub-statelet "Kurdistan" whilst you can, and shut the hell up.
Anonymous said…
Always good to read your posts Layla, and to see someone who also see this as I do. The Turks will surely annex Kirkuk and Mosul, But what about the Russians and Syria, I heard a whisper they were moving in as far as Rhamadi, with talk of building a pipeline to Syria. This sounds like it might be true, Lukoil are the ones who are talking. Do you know anything about this ?
Anonymous said…
I think we may use the "new flag" to wipe our asses, can't we ?

And also we may leave the "new anthem" for the collabo castratos to shrill inside their masters' buttholes until they are "voiceless" - in all senses.

And maybe we may even dare venture so far as to keep the "old" ones painted on our hearts and recorded in our minds - while fighting back with the sword of Salahudeen in our hands, of course.

If anyone on here has a better strategy, let it be known.

Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Al-Muqawama AL-IRAQIYA is kindly requested to get a move on.

Thank you.
Angel said…
And, of course, the Kurds did absolutely nothing what-so-ever. Goody Two Shoes? I think not.

They did not retaliate. Hmmm
They did not kidnap innocents. Hmmm
They did not ever kill Assyrian Christians. Hmmm

Let's not forget that they did not junp into bed with the Turks and commit GENOCIDE on 750,000 Armenian Christians and Coptic Greeks.

Nope, never did anything at all.

Anonymous said…
What is Brem-bummer doing messing with flags?

And am I the only one who finds Hoda's voice really irritating? Sounds like she has a constant (monotonous) cold
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Hey layla, remember you praising that traitor mohammad from last of traitors and i telling you he was a traitor who happened to be a sell out?

Well that great friend of yours rushlanCIA PRAISED and RECOMMENDED him on YOUR BLOG.


I told you you are an idiot.
Unknown said…
The ending if the US empire:


America – A Bankrupt Empire
Financial instability rooted in economic 'blowback' from our disastrous foreign policy
Layla Anwar said…

Hello. Don't forget next to halliburton/exxon, one may add a little turban floating somewhere...

Is it not amazing that a sovereign country has been invaded, occupied, and its flag changed under occupation and not one word from the so called western left and anti war movement?

I did say it in a previous thread, it is a fortunate fait accompli as far as they are concerned.

A total disgrace.
Layla Anwar said…
Little Deer,

Very well said, I agree with you totally. The IRAQI traitors including the Kurds and please add the ARAB traitors including the Arab left.

A whole sovereign nation has gone down the drains, down the gutter, seems no one understands or comprehends the magnitude.

I am not sure I will do much budging when the rest of the Middle East is broken into tiny pieces....
Layla Anwar said…

Nicely said indeed!
At least another person here that does not take it as an accomplished fact. I just hope that our voices are not getting dimmer...
Layla Anwar said…
identity loyalist,

Good spirits...Alas I need tangibles. Was Al Hajjaj correct after all?
Layla Anwar said…

Thanks for your comment, I suggest you go and read the history of the kurds, and their association with both Iran and Israel before farting away...

Besides what is a luke doing here teaching me about my country.
Oh please don't tell me , another left winger from the wild white west...

Bugger off luke, seen enough of your kind already.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Paul,

Am not sure about the turks annexing mosul and kirkuk...maybe the long term plan, who knows, anything is possible in Iraq...We have already seen the unthinkable, and no one seems to fucking care.

I was really referring to the kurds and the referendum on kirkuk, that is a definitely a hot issue and we are already seeing some of its repercussions.

The so called " insurgency" is conveniently moving up north in Mosul and Kirkuk.

Roads to Iraq blogspot stated today that it was no one but the kurds who planted the explosives that caused over 15 dead. Not the first time mind you.

Trust Israel to come to the rescue of the kurds like it is doing and has done in the past. Only sell out retards like luke above cannot see that.
Layla Anwar said…
In a hurry,

Amen to that...what are they doing? zzzzzzzzzzzzz snoozing away?
Anonymous said…
antiwar.com has not done their homework. Apparently they are believing the 'government' rhetoric of them ( the govt ), being broke. HEY!! THE FISH ARE BITING !!

Ofcourse when governments say they are broke or have no money, thats a sign millages will have to be passed and ofcourse taxes will have to be raised. Works like a charm.

I wonder if anybody ever wondered just what the American govt does with all that dough? Hmm, I wonder if they invest it?? Maybe a little in Wall Street? Maybe in 'overseas adventures?

Maybe in China? Hmmm Hey, if the U govt subsidises a corporation to locat ein China with ALL that cheap labor,,,wow...the profits will be astronomical, and we can invest even more in the stocks of that company.

If we need more money..no prob..the Federal Reserve will just crank the money-printers to full speed.

The US govt is Not broke. Most of the people are but the governments are doing Just Fine.
RhusLancia said…
bRABIDie: "Well that great friend of yours rushlanCIA PRAISED and RECOMMENDED him on YOUR BLOG."

pull my finger, zionist!
Anonymous said…
..and you thought they were coming to Iraq (and everywhere else they well please apparently ),to bring you the big "D" for Democracy.

sorry...think again..its about Money and Control.

Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
We get it, you hate Kurds. What a surprise! Arabs spent years massacring each other in Baghdad and go to Kurdistan to escape violence and attitudes like yours is the thanks they get for being truly brotherly to Iraqi Arabs.
Layla Anwar said…

it is not you who will teach me about loving my neighbor.
The Zionists Israelis and your ilk, the equally fucked up Americans supported a chauvinist seccessionist group like the Kurds.And since you do come across as very ignorant like most, let me remind you of one fact that may have eluded your little brainwashed worthless brains...namely that IRAQ is the ONLY country in the ME (compared to Iran, Syria and Turkey where sizeable Kurdish minorities exist)- Iraq is the only country that gave autonomy to the Kurds since 1974. So please go and instruct yourself and once you have done that go and fuck yourself. Thnak you.
Anonymous said…
Layla still CANN OT define Love.

SHe's so screwed up in the head. Maybe its the AIDS virus in the food.
Ha..really Layla.
You wrote that people were putting the AIDS virus in food that was given to Iraqis.

What a travesty. the AIDS virus can not survive outside the body but only for an extremely short time. Get your facts right before you opine.

But by all means, if you believe you are on to an AIDS discovery of sorts, contact the Minister of Health.



LAYLA ANNOUNCES THE BEGINNING OF A NEW ISLAMIC SHIFT. Layla Anwar, the self proclaimed see-er and know-er of everything important to and inside Iraq, has announced that she "LOVES Islam".
Anonymous said…

" The Trial You Will Never See "
Layla Anwar said…
hahahahahahahahahaha - amerikan wankers, the laughing stock of the world. Nothing, absolutely nothing beats american ignorance.
idiots! lol
Anonymous said…
no come back, just more elementary juvenile name calling. What a pathetic soul you are. No more free hand outs for Layla. Oh but dont get a job....oh no...just blame the world for your situation.

Saddam gambled nad lost and now he's dead as a doornail. In hell too perhaps :-)
Anonymous said…
One more thing. I was just at the masjed this past saturday night. There was a very nice banquet celebrating the birth of the couple's new son.

Im not Muslim. Im not a Jew nor am I Christian. But I seek to understand people Layla. Yes they are 'different' than what I am used to in many many ways. The dress, the look, the accent in English or their Arabic tongue.

The way they pray and the events the Imam talks of is 'different', for me.
But I go. I go for many reasons and they are reasons you will never ever understand Layla.

I try not to lok at Life and identify People by their differences Layla. If I looked at all the differences in the world, or even in my corner of the world, and chose to isolate myself because of the differences in all out individual ways of thinking..it would be a very sad and lonely world for all of us indeed.

These people are my friends and I am a friend to many of them too. I dont look at them and put a value on them as to what they can do for me or how can I benefit from them. They dont do that to me also.

Do take care Layla Anwar. I hope you do get what you want out of Life without causing harm to others.

Good luck Iraq
Anonymous said…
digi aka the primitive mental castrato baboon is doing overtime...
Anonymous said…

My what a dirty mouth you have. You don't know who I am but you label me a "Zionist Israeli"... yeah, that makes sense.

Some slavemasters in the antebellum South (of the USA) probably fed their slaves well and maybe even decided not to beat them or rape them. Does that mean that these slavemasters were good people? No, they were slavemasters. And just because Iraq as one of the four countries occupying Kurdish land decided, in one small way, to be nicer to the Kurds than the other three occupiers, this does NOT mean that any thanks is due. Might I remind you that an Iraqi leader, a leader you praise, committed genocide against the Kurds under the three star banner that you love oh so much? Go instruct yourself on that.
dilbertgeg said…
I just watched that movie on YOUTUBE, Saddam Hussein - The Trial you will never see.

Note the comment:
Infact, this documentary was never showed in US because of known reasons...

That's largely what's wrong with America. Ignorance by design.

I understand you saying that Saddam was better than the US attack and occupation, many people in the movie agree, I get it. I see your point about the flag thing and honor, and some Americans are nuts about our flag too, but I could care less. It's only a symbol, and the great values behind the symbol have been destroyed.

Of course I cannot comment on the differences btw Kurds v Iraqi Arabs and whatnot, but I hope it works out amicably. I'm born Jewish, anti-Zionist. "Tribe" is generally less important to Americans. Truth and justice is more important to me.

A lot of what is wrong started long before I was born.

"I never would have agreed to the formulation of the Central Intelligence Agency back in '47, if I had known it would become the American Gestapo. "
-- Harry S Truman (1961)

I knew something about the US situation in Iraq in the 80s-90s, but not much. I was working long days, busy, new career, life problems. I was not cold-hearted, but I was "not political", like most people are not too political. I was not driven to question US actions too much. I read the newspapers. I had no Internet. I didn't know that the news had been controlled by the CIA since the 1950s Cold War, or longer.

In 2002, I read "The Fire This Time, Let Iraq Live" by Ramsey Clark, and I tried to tell people, but the TV noise, the EMOTIONAL frenzy was too loud. A minority of people calling for SANITY were threatened, called traitors, drowned out. Not that the govt cared, they expected some dissent they could manage.

(That EMOTIONAL FRENZY is precisely the reason given by some people in charge of the US, who stated in writing -- this is not a "theory" -- that they NEEDED an attack on America, a bloodbath, something to terrorize and anger the population, and to blind us. It worked. Still, ordinary folks don't know what to do about this, but I hear that more and more people beginning to understand this and are saying it and defying the untruths. It is astonishing how some people are mentally immunized to hearing unpleasant truths which threaten their patriotic egos. You probably have similar experiences.)

I remember in the 1980s when Bush *CELEBRATED* Saddam, called him "our man", and vigorously defended Saddam from liberal critics of some of his brutality. Bush broke laws to give Saddam US tax money for weapons, and I'm quite sure Bush and Company pushed and prodded Saddam into the unnecessary War with Iran.

Saddam was a CIA asset going back to 1958 or 1963. There's a movie online called "Thanks for the Memories" with photos from Saddam's early life.

I am truly Sorry, I'm ashamed to say the US installed a puppet govt in Iraq, but I was just born into this mess.

Now I do everything I can to educate about what really happened and is still happening. Insanely, now that more and more has been exposed, some stupid Americans still reflexively feel justified, even tho Bush Jr. said on the big ol' television "what did Saddam have to do with 9-11" "NOTHING." There is a mindset that "anyone who criticizes the govt is either a traitor or a liberal dupe", but that mindset has shrunken to probably 20-30%, give or take. (Some think the war "went badly" some realize more of the bigger picture, all the different layers.)

I don't mean to add an excuse to my apology, but to explain, the technology of the USA, and the TV and psych testing the public, has enabled the rulers to develop a sophisticated system of propaganda and population control, stronger than control via religion but similar. The US propaganda uses religion too, as part of it, but there's a "buffet" of excuses and lies, information is channeled and controlled. An Iraqi man visited the US, and he understood, the Democrats get told humanitarian excuses for meddling, and the Republicans get told fear and threats and vengeance.

Things are changing, but slowly.

The American leaders don't hate Arabs, they just love corrupt ones. Bush is very close to many wealthy corrupt Arabs, because his family is wealthy and criminal. The American people are mixed, of course, depending on what propaganda they believe, and how enlightened and informed they are, and how well they can read between the lines of the "official stories".

I pray for Iraq and for the Iraqi people, and people suffering everywhere. There are people suffering and hungry in America too, and soldiers maimed by OUR leaders, stuffed into hospitals or homeless living in cars. We all need everyone's prayers.
Anonymous said…
Great work.

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