January 30, 2008

An ambiguous Dream

Am on a short break, so I thought I'd share this dream with you, before I forget it...

I dreamt of Rabbi Yona Metzger, Chief Rabbi of Eretz Israel. And he was saying

"Drive them out, drive them out to the Desert. Drive them out to Sinai"

I guess reading news before going to sleep is not a very good idea. This Rabbi is considered one of the most influential international figures. If this guy is considered one of the most influential figures, that tells you a lot about the state of the world we live in...He also said in real life as opposed to dream life, that Muslims did not need Jerusalem, they had Mecca and Medina to contend with. (full article here and you must read it)

But the dream continues...

And I found myself in the desert, shouting " We have wandered long enough...we have wandered over 40 years. This land has always been ours - it's our promised land today "

Then my voice changed and I sounded like Golda Meir, and screamed at the top of my lungs.

" There is no such thing called Isghrael. Isghrael does not exist. All Jews from Europe, both East and West, should be shipped back to where they came from."

(Shit, I forgot to include American Jews in the dream)

Then the Rabbi looked at me with evil eyes and said "I am going to denounce you for anti-semitism. You are not a peaceful muslim"

I woke up perspiring, shaking and in a foul mood...

My only consolation is that in the dream even though I sounded like Golda Meir, I did not look like her.

What do you think this dream portends?

Painting : Iraqi artist, Dr.Mahoud Ahmed