January 28, 2008

A Travesty...

The online dictionary defines travesty as:

1.a literary or artistic burlesque of a serious work or subject, characterized by grotesque or ludicrous incongruity of style, treatment, or subject matter.

2.a literary or artistic composition so inferior in quality as to be merely a grotesque imitation of its model.

3.any grotesque or debased likeness or imitation

Faithfull to my word and my promise, and in line with my last post, the time is ripe to expose travesties.

I find that noun totally appropriate to describe one political character who goes by the name of Nasrallah also known as the “Sayyed”.

Nasrallah is one of the most incongruous characters around. Incongruous is a polite word for a deceitful, lacking political and moral integrity, personage. And nothing is more apt to qualify Nasrallah but the latter.

Someone sent me this speech by the “Sayyed.” I read it.

Going past the usual verbiage that I am so used to by now, I noticed something worth EXPOSING and that is probably the only thing that caught my attention. Hence this post is devoted to him and by correlation to all of his supporters.

Nasrallah addresses the sons and daughters of Kerbala in his introduction.

You know where Kerbala is don’t you? Yes, you are right - Southern Iraq. What was called Iraq, but is now an official province of Iran.

But let me get on and not dwell on this “detail”, nor on the other “detail” when he calls Khameini “his Eminence and may God keep him..."

Not important for a so–called "Arab" patriotic nationalist, as “the Sayyed” likes to portray himself...Let me get to the real important stuff.

The paragraph that caught my attention, or should I say my rage is the following – An eloquent defense of Iran by a so-called "Arab" patriot. And I quote:

“Attack on Iran; siege of Syria.

What are the changes they said would take place in the region and on which they are counting? All I am going to tell you is part of the information available to us, but I am going to say it in a story-like manner in order to be very clear. I tell you now not to be afraid or worried. Anyway, listen to them. It was said that there was talk with this group that a US strike or a US war would be launched against Iran before May. Accordingly, Iran will be struck, Syria will be besieged, and the allies of Iran and Syria will be weakened - they classify everything as an Iranian-Syrian axis - and the situation will be in your favor 100 per cent.
I gave you this piece of information and now I will comment on it. My direct question to this group is: Are you sure that the Americans are telling you the truth? How many times have they said they will strike at Iran? If they strike at Iran and a war breaks out with Iran, will they or you guarantee the results? Who says war with Iran will achieve the US expectations? Who says war on Iran will not introduce a change in the region that might eliminate not only the Americans, but also all the Americans and their supporters?
Who guarantees this will not happen? They will come after a while and say I am making threats. No, I am saying facts. I am expecting things the way you expect a war on Iran to finish it off, weaken Syria, and destroy all the revolutionary and genuine national trends in the region. You have the right to expect things and I, too, have this right. I am saying this so that you will not waste your time by betting on things that may not take place and if they take place they might not at all be in your interest.”

I ask you to read this paragraph carefully. Then you get heated up as much as you like. But first read it carefully...

I have many remarks on this character, his incongruity and political hypocrisy.

The reason the “Sayyed” is giving assurances that any possible strike on Iran even though he dismisses its likelihood, is to the "advantage of the Region", is because of a very simple reality based fact – namely that the occupation and destruction of Iraq by the Americans and its handing it over to a sectarian Shia government whose main loyalty is to Iran does turn the table in favor of Iran.

Kerbala that he refers to in his introduction, is totally under Iranian control, so is Basrah, so is Diwaniah, so is Nejaf and so is Baghdad. So the “Sayyed” can afford to make promises for yet another “Divine Victory.”

The real backbone of the Arab world, Iraq has been shattered, with its vertebras lying like crushed dead bones on the ground...

Hence Nassrallah can easily claim yet another future "divine victory" should it be necessary...

And the ones who broke the backbone of the Arab world are none other than the Americans, the Iranians and the Israelis.

The other sentence that caught my attention is “destroy all revolutionary and genuine national trends in the region.”

Which genuine revolutionary and national trends ya travesty of a Sayyed ?

Iran’s and its militias in Baghdad, or Syria who was on the frontline in the first gulf War against Iraq? Or maybe your own group ya Sayyed?

The genuine revolutionary and national trends that you are referring to have been lynched, murdered, drilled, killed, raped, tortured, imprisoned and exiled...

The genuine revolutionary and national trends that you are referring to, have been eliminated by the Americans and your Iranian “eminences” and their militias, the militias of Jaysh Al Mahdi of Muqtada Al Sadr, of Al Hakeem, of Chalabi and of Al Maliki...Or maybe you did not know that ya Sayyed?

Just in case you forgot ya Nasrallah, I shall remind you. And do remember this Arab woman who reminds you - ya "patriotic, nationalist" that you are.

I will not even bother to go into your history and the history of your party.

We all know by now when and where it was formed and with which purpose.

But just in case you need me to refresh your memory when you were still a student of the not so great Sistani then, and after all, I am a few years older than you, so I will remind you...

Your Hezb ya Nasrallah was formed in Tehran to serve Khomeini in his war against all true patriots and nationalists and in particular the Iraqi ones. Do remember your Hezb’s bombing of the Iraqi Embassy in Beirut will you ?

Not only did your Hezb develop very close ties to the DAWA party and the SCII of Al- Hakeem that currently form the puppet government of Iraq and which consists of Muqtada Al-Sadr, Maliki, Jaafari, Hakeem...But your Hezb also made sure that during the current occupation of my country by the barbarian American Zionists that you supposedly denounce, it formed,trained and funded Hezbollah Iraq, and formed, trained and funded the Jaysh al Mahdi of Muqtada Al-Sadr.

The Iranian Quds Brigades were/are involved too, and divided their services between the Jaysh Al-Mahdi and the Badr Brigades. A nice multi-tentacles medusa of killers, don’t you think so, ya Sayyed?

Furthermore the aspiring mullah Muqtada Al-Sadr has visited you on several occasions to copy your “art” of playing politics and war at the same time.
Engage in the political process of the puppet government and at the same time keep his miliitas on alert – just like you.

And no, it is not to fight the Zionists but to torture, rape and murder more Iraqis in particular Sunnis, Palestinians and women.

But it does not stop there ya Nasrallah...ya sectarian hypocrite. It goes even further...

Your Sistani and your Iranian Ayatollahs from Nejef and Kerbala, the Dawa party, the SCII of Al-Hakeem, the Jaysh Al-Mahdi and Muqtada Al-Sadr have all landed thanks to the Americans tanks. But that does not seem to trouble you much. Kind of strange for someone calling himself an anti-American, anti-Zionist, a patriotic Arab nationalist don’t you think ?

Not only these sellouts from Iran that you so ardently support, murdered the true ARAB nationalist, patriotic legitimate president of this country, Saddam Hussein, and yes, your little aspiring mullah, Muqtada Al-Sadr was part of the lynching. Saddam recognized him in his last minutes...

But they also engaged in the most vile, heinous, criminal sectarian cleansing of the Arab Sunnis of this country, bringing down its population from 40% to 20%, through rape, torture, murder, imprisonment and exile.

And the remaining survivors are in ghettoes built by your Jaysh Al Mahdi, your Hezballah Iraq and the Americans.

Furthermore, the current sectarian Shia government of your “eminence” even refuses to extend basic services like electricity, water and garbage collection (forget schools and hospitals)- Ya Sayyed, ya Garbage enta.

Am not done yet...

Did we hear ONE condemnation from the Sayyed on the ethnic and sectarian cleansing undertaken by the sectarian Shia thugs that he supports? NO.

Did we hear ONE condemnation on the horrible body drilling, eyes gouging, teeth and nail plucking done by his sectarian Shia mates? NO.

Did we hear ONE condemnation on the daily rape, burning and murder of women mostly Sunnis and Christians, committed by his sectarian Shia criminals ? NO.

Patience, ya Sayyed am not finished yet...

Let’s talk about your anti-Zionism and your so-called support for the Palestinians shall we ?

Again, you are 40 and am a few years older than you. I can safely say that I’ve been engaged in the Palestinian cause even before you were born. So my memory is slightly longer than yours, ya Sayyed.

A bit of history here. Do you remember when your sister Party Amal of which your Hezb is an offshoot was massacring Palestinians? I do...

Ok, let’s forget the past for a little while...Let’s turn to the present.

When the Palestinian population in Iraq mainly in Baghdad dwindled down from 35’000 to 7’000, thanks to the cleansing that Muqtada Al-Sadr’s Jaysh Al-Mahdi that you support and the Badr Brigades of Al-Hakeem that you also support (and both are from your love-Iran) did we hear one condemnation from your part or your Hezb ? NO.

When the Palestinians of Iraq were massacred and the ones who escaped with nothing but the clothes on their back and are still living in tents on borders, did we hear one word of condemnation from you ? NO.

Total Silence. How come Ya “Hero” of anti-Zionism ?

Wait, wait...

When your Hezb joined the current Lebanese Army after your so called “Divine Victory” against the Enemy, and when that same army leveled Nahr Al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp to the grounds under the pretext of so called “Fath Al-Islam” - Did we hear one condemnation from you? NO.

When you talked of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and in Nahr Al-Bared being a "red line" not to be crossed. And 30’000 Palestinians from this camp have become refugees for the third time, did we hear one word of condemnation from you? NO.

Quite the contrary. I still hear some of your ardent members and supporters claim that over 150 of your finest Lebanese army men were killed and that turning Nahr Al-Bared to rubbles was a must. After all Fath al-Islam are nothing but Sunni, Mossad, American agents according to your analysis and their parroting of your worthless analysis...

Curiously, many Zionist, American hardliners are urging you for a rapprochement with Israel against the Arabs. I am not surprised ya Nasrallah. This is where you and your Iran are ultimately heading...

Ya Nasrallah, I have said enough so far.

Those who are orgasmic at your speeches, let them be. A misplaced politicized libido...poor things.

However, I and a good number of others have seen through you.

Iraq has been destroyed, beyond repair, thanks to the Americans, the Zionists and Iran with its “eminent” Ayatollahs like you like to call them and thanks to its mullahs and their criminal thugs and last but not least thanks to a travesty like yourself.

You and your supporters have no political, moral or intellectual integrity.

In fact, you and your herd have no shame. You are all a political sham of the first order. You are like a cheap aspiring belly dancer, who will follow the highest paid drummer and dance along....However your tune is very much Persian for a so-called Arab.

Yes, a Travesty indeed.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Mohaymen Sami.