In the name of the Messiah & the Mahdi.

About a year ago, I mentioned that during an acute shortage of water, in 2003, American Christian missionaries would only give out drinking bottled water on condition that the Iraqi dying of thirst, converts to Christianity, there and then.

Today, I received a video about those missionaries in Iraq. I want you to watch it carefully. It does have English sub-titles.

At the end of the video, a Shia mullah says that the Americans missionaries in Iraq are no different from Al-Qaeda. I agree. But then who brought Al-Qaeda to Iraq?
The Americans. And who is currently funding them ? The Americans and the Iranians.
(see my post- Bits & Pieces from the Iraqi coffin)

But then I will also add they are no different from the sectarian Shias who have ethnically cleansed Baghdad, nor are they any different from the sectarian messianic Shias in Iran. They too believe that any non-shia is disposable material. That his/her extermination is Halal-authorized-encouraged.
Actually this is what a secular Shia friend told me and he happens to be well versed in Shia "theology" - Iranian flavor.

They too hide this basic belief behind all sorts of disguise just like their Christian missionaries counterpart.

The ones ruling Iraq today are the Americans who believe that Jesus was a blue eyed blond born in Arkansas and shall resurrect once Babylon the beast, is tamed.

And the Iranians and their cultist supporters believe the Mahdi will finally appear in the land of the two rivers, once their own cult has spread through, reaching Mecca...just like the Christian missionaries in this video.

Have you ever seen such a Democracy ?

Of course, needless to add, that since American/Iranian style democracy has landed on our heads, the Iraqi Christian population (Chaldeans, Assyrians...)who is one of the oldest in the region, has dwindled down from 2.5 million to about 600'000.

Some were exterminated and the rest fled or are in the process of seeking asylum.

Great job America. Say hello to Jesus for me.

And you Shias, Iran & Co, give my regards to your awaited, hidden Imam - the Mahdi.

Bunch of fucked up murderous psychopaths.

Video: Radical Christian missionaries in Iraq. posted by Humanoo


Anonymous said…
There are no facts to support an 'Allah /God/ Jehova' exists. It's all mythical thinking.

Thru humanss existence on earth, they believed in all sorts of gods and painted them on cave walls or made stautues of them and concucted ceremonies. Some even gave human sacrifices or animal sacrifices. Religions of the gods are on every part of the world.

Jews believe in a return. Christinas believe the 'messiah / Jesus' has been here and await his return. Muslims believe in Isa ( Jesus ) and believe an imposter was crucified on the cross and not the real "prophet".

Its all hog-wash used in so many ways that only humans are capable of. The fact is we die and turn to worm food. We dont go to a special place of eternal peace or a land where virgins are waiting eagerly to please ( or whatever that that silly belief is to mean). Virgins waiting in heaven..HA!

Allahu Akbar? Oh really?

A god that destroys every living creature in cities and creates 'tests' in a game with Satan ( Shaetan ) and we are to idolize him? I dont think so.

With a loving. compassionate god like that, who needs enemies? Who needs 'shaetan' for that matter.

We live, we die..end of story.
Anonymous said…

You seem to be well versed in anti muslim propaganda - one can tell from your wordings. That is rather "interesting" for someone who tries to come across as some "atheist" whose body will turn into feed for worms.

Are you not a little racist perhaps? Your 72 virgins kind of points in that direction. One reads a lot of similarities with the muslim haters. No?
Anonymous said…
besides Uti, why do I have the feeling you did not even watch the Video?
Not one word on the missionaries huh?
Anonymous said…
Ahhh..ya see on ya see em all. All religiosos are programmed the same.

I know how missionaries work. They creep in with words thats supposed ta make ya feel tingly all over and next thing theyre trying to control ya and convert ya.

Im too free spirited for that. It works for some though so who am I to knock it. Just my opinon and opinions are like assholes...everybody's got one.

Besides, I see Bushs' mug on the video and I really have not much room for government in my life.
Layla Anwar said…
So I was right, you did not even bother to watch the missionaries and how they operate inside of IRAQ.
Anonymous said…
Im not anti-muslim nor anti-jewish nor anti-christian. I do some reading now and then and try to understand as much of this sorry world as I can. The Upanishads are an interestin read.

gotta go.........
Anonymous said…
damm yer quik. I gotta run. :-)

But nah...not interested in the video..waste of time for me.
Anonymous said…
Hey uti,

Enjoy your blinkers, but please don't come and pontificate on Iraq ok? Thanks.
Anonymous said…
Are the only people that mean or even exist, the people who act & think like you?

I said I have no interest in the video of George Bush or what his opinion is on missionaries. Jeez, whats up with you? Are you having a bad day? I was busy. I may look at it later or I may not. What difference does it really make anyway whether I care to hear King George or not? Is it really a big deal?

Sorry if I offended you and I was supposd to jump at the opportunity to see a liar speak on missionaries.

What happens in Iraq or to Iraq is beyond my control anyway. This government and George Bush doesnt care what you nor I opine about, Thats the reality if it. You and I and yer blog has no impact in the slightest bit whatsoever in what they did and what they will do.

Our opinions, no matter where we go on the internet and post, in reality, has no impact whatsoever on them. We can go to websites, read, write..whatever and has it changed a thing? No.

I know whats coming down the pipe for America. bad times are coming. Each year its been getting worse and '08 is sure to be a doozy. The stock market is gonna get whacked and I mean whacked good. The housing bubble is not done bursting yet. Oh..and these Americans that are losing their asses financially..the ones that are losing their homes and going into banl foreclosures.....these people were just mailing in their house keys to the banks and just walking away.

But ya know what the latest trend is? After they mail in the keys to the banks, they completely trash the house. I mean they break windows, put huge holes in the wall and the whole 9 yards. Its a revolt in a way. They're bucking the system and its long overdue.

Bush is sponsored by the corporate. More precisely, its the entire Bush Administartion and his lapdogs in the Legislative and Judicial branches. Notice how many times Bush will say that we are a nation of laws. he repeats this as if laws make a democrcay for a free society. Yes, laws can be of a benefit to a society but he uses establishing laws to give his government 'dictatorial' powers and one of his tools is the use of executive orders.

The American government has been sponsored by the corporate for some time. But in the case of this Bush administration, they are brazen about yer face about it. They seem to challenge the people just waiting for a moment to come where they can enact martial law.

The government's fiat money system, the one of creating money out of nothing and exporting it around the world to try to fight inflation at home?....its come full circle and is biting them and all of us right in the ass.
Im not telling you to, but if you get the time and are interested in it, look up the Federal Reserve Fraud or Exporting US Dollars Abroad to fight inflation. A book entitled, Pigs At The Trough or a book titled Free Lunch are other good reads.

I know whats going on in this country and I know its gonna get much worse before it even begins to get better.

Ive put out my feelers in other countries and have had job offers. If things get to a point where I feel its best to leave,I can do that. Im fortunate enough to be able to do that if I so choose. Others cant or wont for whatever the reasons.

Allot of rich people have been created out of this "Iraq War" and allot of already rich people have become even more rich. How Iraqis lived their life is no business of mine. It should not have been the American governments businees either.
Anonymous said…

well you obviously understood nothing. It is NOT George Bush's say on the misisonaries. It is the missionaries themselves and their practices in IRAQ. George Bush happen to share the same ideological roots with them.
It is about the need of Nazi America to forcefully convert Iraqis into Christianity, and protestant Christianity...And I must add it is not simply an economic war, the cultural/ideological dimension is VERY present.

Denying that is denying the OBVIOUS which I have tried to show by posting this video.

Enough said.
Anonymous said…
ok ok I watched it.
Anonymous said…
My general opnion with all the religions here in America, is let them be as long as they are within set laws and ordinances.

Occassinaly a religious person will knock on my door and I will listen to him or her but I wont accept their literature and when they are done I go back to whatever it was I was doing.

But with using an illegal invasion as an opportunity to come in behind the military to 'spread the gospel' is tasteless to say the least. One should not force a religious viewpoint onto others and especially going into Iraq, considering the events there.

I have many friends here who are Muslim Layla. They are the nicest people I know here and I really enjoy their company when we are together.

I have noticed a slight difference between Arab Muslims and Pakistani/Indian Muslims in certain social gatherings.

But yes, the happenings of what is in the video is not right. I know religions thru the centuries have spread into different countries and then another religion will come along and be the dominant religion, but Iraq does not need this. Its insulting actually and arrogant.
Anonymous said…

Laylas Resistance
Anonymous said…
"Layla" ?

Remember all those Union Organizers your Saddam Hussein had murdered? And you speak of solidarity ??

Recall all the Kurdistans your communist labor party murdered ??
Anonymous said…
any iraqi who converts to christianity needs a good slap in my opinion
Anonymous said…
There are no facts to support an 'Allah /God/ Jehova' exists. It's all mythical thinking.

Thru humanss existence on earth, they believed in all sorts of gods and painted them on cave walls or made stautues of them and concucted ceremonies. Some even gave human sacrifices or animal sacrifices. Religions of the gods are on every part of the world.

i agree.....religion is way past its sell by date
Anonymous said…
It is about the need of Nazi America to forcefully convert Iraqis into Christianity, and protestant Christianity...And I must add it is not simply an economic war, the cultural/ideological dimension is VERY present.

yeah that was the impression i got from the video....its disgusting
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
here's a few well fed murKins that might want to help out in eyerak
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla, as always, your thoughts are absolutely accurate. I'd seen this horrifying video a couple of days ago - 'evangelical Christians' should realise that they do NOT represent the real Christ - and, yes, He certainly wasn't the blonde, blue-eyed version of their warped beliefs.

As for faith, I've often had many moments of doubt, particularly after Iraq, because all that arises from the so-called 'Christian west' goes against everything that the central pillar of Christianity stood for - Peace, Love, Justice, Truth.

I hope any Iraqis who might waver (possibly due to hardships and difficulties) possess the wisdom to see through these frauds. Besides, they do not need to look across the oceans for REAL Christianity - it's been in their midst for over 2000 years.

In solidarity.
Angel said…
Hello Layla,

I have done what you suggested, with my Mother's blessing. Have a read, I think you may be quite surprised.

Re your video, now you know why I chose an alternative path. Talk about taking advantage of the disadvantaged, it's just not right.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla,

When bloggers post videos, it shows only a blank space on my screen for some reason. I would like to watch the video to see what you're talking about, but I can't.
Anonymous said…
Doug, you could copy and paste the link in the 'address' space and then 'enter'. I've had to do that with most posters' video links. Hope that helps.
Anonymous said…
When I was desperate to leave Iraq and it was impossible for a Jew to get a passport I was approached by our neighbor and friend who was a Seventh Day Adventist. She promised if I converted that she would have a 'wasta' that would be able to get me a passport. I was almost tempted - I can see how desperate people will do anything. I chose the 'easy' way out and paid a smuggler to smuggle me out -four years after...
Anonymous said…
Doug, and others who have problem viewing the video, here is the link. copy and paste

Back later...
Anonymous said…
Layla, how are the other 1000 Layali ?
Long time no see, me a bit worried.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla:

The US elite has already destroyed the many indigenous cultures, societies and peoples within the boundaries of the U.S.

One major component of their 17th to 19th c. ethnocidal mission were the protestant missionaries.

However, the 19th and early 20th c. Protestant missionaries who did imperialism's dirty work for the British and American plutocrats eventually started to take on the hues, culture and interests of their converted congregations in Africa, the South Pacific, etc.

That didn't sit well with the American oligarchs of the late-20th c.; as a result, the more politically active members of the oligarchy both funded and allied with Right-wing evangelical protestants.

In turn, these politically active right-wing protestants did their new Masters' bidding in return for political influence, faith-based government funding, and total access to do missionary work within the US armed forces.

(By the way, these same US government and corporate sponsered radical right protestant organizations were used to "spread the Word" in Catholic Latin America -the Church has sometimes organized the poor to better their situation, or protested against the lack of environmental concerns of US corporations operating in Latin America.)

(Furthermore, these "cultural ambassadors" for US imperialism have rapidly taken advantage of the social and cultural chaos that emerged with the collapse of "communism" in the SU and Eastern and Central Europe.)

Still, as obnoxioux, ethnocentric, arrogant and hypocritical as these evangelicals are, the actual agent of global ethnocide is the US's commerical entertainment industry.

When I lived and taught in Honduras, I noticed that none of the students had any knowledge of their folk music, folk tales, history and they had no respect for their rural population and its traditions.

Oh, there were evangelical organizations making converts and money hand over fist. In fact, these organizations were one of the few business opportunies available to enterprising politically unconnected money grubbers.

The mode of operation was: convert and I'll give you charity, a job, or protect you. In turn, you have to obey your boss (representing a US corporation), pay a tithe, do no-pay volunteer work for the church, and go to church and fill the collection plate.

However, the real cause of Honduras's mass cultural suicide was/is the overwhelming dominance of US pop culture especially within the cities.

For the poorer rural dwellers, their culture was/is dominated by the Mexican entertainment industry: telenovelas, rancheras, nortenos, Mexican variety shows, etc.

Still, Mexican cultural products have a much closer affinity to Honduran language and history than does US pop culture.

So,though the evangelical missionaries function as US imperialism's cats paws, the real destroyer of many people's culture is the US's huge, global entertainment industry.

Hey. Look what it did to us. It must be great!
Anonymous said…
Hey Layla:

I just viewed the German mini-documentary focusing on US Protestant evangelizing in Iraq.

One slogan stuck out, "aggressive love." Late-19th c. British missionaries who forcibly converted the "natives" called it, "muscular Christianity".

Of course, these mass conversions were done under the protection of the British gun.

"In return for flocking to our new English mission churches, we will find you nice jobs in either the new British plantations or you can help build the new infrastructure we need to ship your cheaply made products back to Britain."

If you read the missionary tracts and the descriptions of late-19 and early-20th c. British missionary societies, they read in ways that are eerily similar to the mini-documentary.

What's cool is that the new "Iraqian" Christian sects have their own foreign militia =the US military.

Of course, many of the Shi'ite militas are funded by Iran and I'm sure various Sunni militias get cash from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, but they are mostly home-grown organizations.

It is no wonder members of the Sunni and Shi'ite militias infiltrate the US supported Iraqi military, police and other services. They want to get the best technical training they can get; they DO have to keep up with the evangelical "Christian"'s militia: the US army. ;-)

So, the fact that Iraq, among many other countries under the heel of the US, have to put up with these religious fat heads is simply a repeat of the Decline-of-Imperialism 101.

When the UK was in its last throes of decline: economic depression, swimming in debt, over-extended military, a huge gap between the rich and the poor (Salvation Army anyone?), ravaged infrastructure (soft and hard), and a totally ignorant general population, it loudly preached (but didn't practice)the doctrines of Free Markets and Muscular Christianity.

And the post-WWI British Empire controlled or owned about a 4th of the world.

The British even had their media-star Christian general: "China" Gordon. (Thank the gods this jackass was speared to death in Khartoum.)

After WWII, the shibang fell like a house of cards.

So, look at it this way, how long can an Empire last when it is populated and militarized by so many meatheads...believers?

This evangelizing simply denotes the pathetic and murderous decline of a monster empire which refuses to die a quiet death. No. It has to be loud, obnoxious and troublesome to the rest of the world before its dead and buried.
steven rix said…
Sana saida watamaniyati an yashmala asilm kola l3alame.

It's kind of fucked up to convert people otherwise they'll be starving to death.
Anonymous said…
Balakirev, interesting posts - thank you. These evangelicals continue to flood Africa to this day and the poor African, in his poverty and desperation, clings to these fraudsters' words - for 'salvation after death' because he knows no better.

Hopefully, you are right that evangelisation denotes the decline of empire building.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Today Layla turns 61.

Anonymous said…
These people who call themselves Christians have themselves been deceived. Many of us know that 9/11 was a false flag operation and are appalled at the treachery of our government. In fact we who disagree with the Bush doctrine are considered radical Christians or home grown terrorist by the present administration. There are many who call them selves Christians, but few will actually be recognized by God. In fact it is written that those of us who are not willing to receive their mark will be hunted down like dogs. They have used Christianity for their own agenda. This is merely a face they have put on for the world. It is n wonder that so many hate Christians.
Layla Anwar said…

Thanks for your comments and for having finally watched the video despite your initial reticence.
Layla Anwar said…

You said, "religion is past its sell date..."

I am not sure I agree with that statement. I think what people make out of religion is the problem. Religion itself is not in my opinion.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Little Deer,

Thanks for your thoughtful comment.
I've known the same moments. Terrible indeed. Is that a test or something ? I am not sure anymore.

You said "they do not need to look across the oceans for REAL Christianity - it's been in their midst for over 2000 years."

SO TRUE. Iraqi christians and muslims have lived together for centuries and some even intermarried...

Christianity was born in the ME, here...not over there. I frankly don't understand why so called Western Christians fail to realize that simple fact.

Bless you and yours.
Layla Anwar said…
Hiya Angel,

I read what you mom ? wrote...I was not quite sure if she wrote it or you expanded on it.
But it is very beautifully written...Like some fable from 1001 nights. Well done.
Layla Anwar said…

Hope you have managed to see the video by now. I did provide a link in the comment section, for you to copy and paste. I don't understand though, why is it you can't view it? Are you using firefox or something ?
Layla Anwar said…

What other Laylas ? Am afraid I don't understand what you are alluding to. Please clarify. Thanks.
Layla Anwar said…

Very good comments, thank you. It sheds some important info however brief on the history of these missionaries. But to my knowledge, there have been catholic missionaries as well, in Africa notably. Where they any different and if yes, how so?

As for the militias in Iraq. Yes some are homegrown.
I do not know though that the shiite militias are homegrown. SCII, Badr Brigades, Dawa Militias, Sadr Militias and Hezbollah Iraqi branch are all funded and trained by IRAN. So are their leaders.

As for the Sunni side, Al Qaeda only formed 1 % of the sunni "insurgents". The rest were locals, with local weapons, they were/are resistance fighters. Lately part of them have been co-opted by the American military. They have not managed to infiltrate the Iraqi police or Army whatever that may mean - simply because they are not allowed to due to the sectarian nature of the current puppet govt.

So they formed an "army" of their own if you can call that way.

At the end of the day, the result is the same. Divide into small ghettoes, small armed bands, ensuring continuous "creative chaos".
Layla Anwar said…
its layla's birthday,

WRONG, am turning 75 today. Get your facts right.
Layla Anwar said…

Actually, I do not hate christians at all. Nor do I know any Arab who does. Christian Iraqis, Egyptians, Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians have always been part of the ME and will remain part of it.

This idea that Christians are hated, is a fallacy and a very useful propaganda tool to actually create hatred.

I am very proud of both my muslim and christian roots. How many Americans or Westernerners can claim the same, dual roots/allegiances?

It makes one wonder who are the real fanatics actually.
Anonymous said…
All those who were born in 1947 are to turn 61 within the end of the current year.

Layla was born in 1947.

Therefore, today Layla turns 61.

Anonymous said…
I was alluding to the 1001 Nights (Layali),of course.
I can see 1 Layla on here,what about the other 1000?
Anonymous said…
Hey Layla

Congratulations for making it to your 61st or 75th birthday, whichever it is.

Your writing style and verve, seems to me, to place you at much younger age than the above.

Various groups, probably, have infiltrated the puppet Iraqi security forces. Of course, it is difficult for Sunnis to do so because these official forces are predominately Shi'ite.

Though the occupiers may have coopted some Sunnis into "Awakening Councils", I believe many of them were previously involved in criminal, gang and other forms of illegal, non-insurgency activities. Correct me if I'm wrong.

What can we label the Iraqi insurgents? The label "insurgents" is one applied by the occupiers.
Could they be, instead, called the resistance (like the anti-Nazi French Resistance)?

Here are some other terms that may be useful: the patriotic resistance, anti-occupation forces, or Iraqi freedom fighters.

Not only is the label "insurgents" the occupier's definition of the anti-occupation forces, but it sounds like detergents. It is too soap-and-suds ;-)

During the late-19th and early 20th c.s, expanding Catholic countries like France, Belgium and Portugal tended be less preoccupied with Catholic missionary activity as compared to the UK and US.

Their elite tended to be guided by a more pragmatic attitude when it came to spreading religious beliefs.

Deadly imperialists such as Belgium's King Leopold simply wanted to exploit their holdings as rapidly and as efficiently as possible.

The French tended to promote a secular mission based on spreading the benefits of "civilization" and "progress".

Of course, the French would favor those native elite willing to convert or those who were already Catholic (like Lebanon's Marionite Christians).

The Germans were into running their colonies with efficiency and
discipline. The missionary asperations of the Lutheran and Catholic Church were far down on the elite's list of things-to-do.

In fact, earlier, Bismarck initiated a Kulturkampf against the Catholic Church, its organizations and its political party.

Unfortunately, it was the UK and the US that strongly supported and promoted the Protestant evangelization of their newly acquired colonies. (Yet, Britain did not dare introduce many missions into their larger and older holdings like India.

To give you an idea of the US oligarch's view of evangelical missionary work, read the list of reasons President McKinley gave for occupying the Philippines after it was taken from the Spaniards after Spain was defeated in the Spanish-American War (1898).

One of Mckinley's reasons: the US needed to Christianize them. Of course, most Filipinos were already Catholics...but that wasn't the same thing.

After kicking the Spaniards out of the Philippines, and after finally defeating the Philippine resistance (over 600,000 dead), the US systematically began to "Christianize" them.

(McKinley was not able to observe the benefits of Christianizing the Philippines because, shortly afterwords, a self-declared anarchist blew him away.)

In Iraq, your society is being systematically "Christianized" by the invadors as was done in the Philippines.

The US imperialists also seem intent on lowering both your standard of living and Iraq's general quality of life to the present day levels enjoyed by the average Filipino.
Anonymous said…
layla wakes up in the morning in a tent in the desert of najed and recites the shahada of submission to allah...then by midday travels on a pilgrinage to damascus and prays to virgin maryam...then again at dusk hops across the border and wanders amidst the ruined ruins of babylon performing sacred dances in honor of ishtar...and eventually under cover of darkness slips off to some unknown top-secret hiding place, switches on her pc and does as her own self pleases...

no wonder why every truth monopolizer, wannabe life and afterlife knower, from pat robertson to bin laden to the ayatollahs to the rabbis to the atheist western left would hate the sight of her.

moi, on the other hand, je l'aime bien :-) (from what she shows of herself on this blog, i mean) and am inconsolable for the loss of her tolerant, enlightened and full of grace garden of eden :-(

down with the unholy amerikkkan empire and its anti-jesus "christianity" !

may the one and only creator of this universe bless the souls of all honorable living and dead creatures who fight/fought for their identity and dignity against the tyranny of the wannabe little gods !

p.s. iraqi resistance is kindly requested to get a move on. thank you.
Anonymous said…
Mother Superior Layla, I have a little (?) sin of overpride and spitefulness on my conscience to confess.

Can you give me your absolution ?
Anonymous said…
A cat is a cat is a cat - on its pet human's lap or out in the streets.

As stray as it can happen to be, it can never really turn into a dog.

As a fierce loyal diehard pro-cat person, I shall arm myself with patience and wait for the lost pussies in the Center of the Dawn to come back to their senses and to the real serious chase.

I have spoken.
Anonymous said…
From the window I shall throw myself off to you. From the window.
Anonymous said…
I am wondering if people that saw that video that do not live in the US or have never spent anytime here..I wonder if they see that video and think- * oh my, all these Southern Baptists are getting tickets, flying to Iraq and are on a mission to convert.*

No, many many christians, including the Southern Baptist were and are against the invasion.

Yes, the "cultural / ideological dimensions" are present in this entire debacle. But they are only prsent to those that are active in it and limited to 'thoughts' for those tha are observing.

But, for me ( and this again obviously is just my own opinion ), I still believe the invasion was planned, developed and spearheaded by those with economic /(investment) motives. The invasion was the actual catalyst that created religious / cultural ocurrences.

In regards to Iran, I am of the belief that just as there were elements at work in the US ad Iraq...there are also elements at work between Iran and the US. The boyz with the huge wallets really dont see borders. They see dollar signs and contracts. They view the world different I would think. Money is money is matter where it comes from.

But the US world movers & shakers in the high stakes game of international business, will obviously see to it that their interests are promoted first and then protected. The US is very active with Qatar in trying to limit Qatari financial institutions from dealing with Iranian businessmen. They want to limit or cut off loans to Iranians for instance.

Its almost like, holding a gun to somebody and saying, * ok, lets see what ya got to deal with.

Also, the US government does invest in Wall Street. Keep this in mind.
Anonymous said…
Layla Anwar said...

You said, "religion is past its sell date..."

I am not sure I agree with that statement. I think what people make out of religion is the problem. Religion itself is not in my opinion.


i respectfully not saying reliigion is a problem just that its not true
Anonymous said…
Uti, you are very well read. I'm glad to see a yankee of your caliber.

but i bet your life you are wrong on the existence of God. time will tell soon all will get to know with certainty.

think of it this way, instead of laughing at the concept of God, for whatever reason. do you not think it is even more funny to think that we just happened?

if you see a stupid painting, will you believe it could have happened in a trillion years?

what about the stupid pyramids or mount rushmore or a lousy footprint?

if a hurricane passes over a junk yard is it not probably to create in its path a jumbo jet 747?

are these not funny concepts?

have you thought of your creation?
have you thought of the sperm and teh egg? have you thought about your hearts and lungs who work w/o any effort on your part but happen to be 2 of the most important things in your life?

have you thought about WHO ARE YOU? are you flesh and bones? a brain and a heart?

have you thought about WHO ARE YOU if you happen to have your face deformed in a fire burn or something?

isn't funny that if you keep a pentium II for a zillion years on the bench it will become a pentium XX?

think about life my friend, then please do think about the only sure thing, that is DEATH. it is waiting for all of us, even george w!
Anonymous said…
Thanx Abu Jihad

Yes about my views on religion. I don't laugh at them or people that choose religions for whatever those reasons are. People are involved in religions probably for many reasons.

But I do think about Life..and People and how the World has changed and how we humans not just kill each other, but how we are killing our planet. The earth is alive too..its made up of all sorts of systems and we humans hi-jack those systems. I think of such things, I think, every single day. We as a species are so short minded. Hmans are supposed to be different from 'animals', in that we are suppsed to have 'long-term thinking. Hm. I dont know.

But back to religions. I think Islam & Christianity have good ethical points within the writings. There are some things too that I would'nt use to live by. I'm not saying Im right ofcourse.

I have not read the Torah and just think that I know the very basics of that religion.

I think all 3 of these religions were onto something and may have been influenced by something that is not yet know the human-kind. If Im not mistaken, I think ancient Egypt was the first people to have a 1 god belief system. Speaking of which..I have a high interest in ancient Egypt as well as Mayan 'ways of life'. Both civilizations had 'time' exacted down to near perfection and were they both were excellent in engineering. The Mayans also had pyramids.

So then..ofcourse this leads me to an interest in the cosmos..the great beyond out in the stars and where did we come from and where do we go after we leave this plane of existence?

I cant bring myself into believing that we crawled out of the seas. But at the same time, I dont think the 3 major religions have it quite correct either. i think they were on the right path and knew of 'something'....a 'something' that is not yer fully known or made itself known to us humans. We catch or 'feel' glimpses of it's power and mystery though.

Dreams are interesting. Sometimes do you catch yerself in that state thats not quite sleep but still, not being fully awake? I love that feeling.
Moments of deja-vu are odd.

I mentioned last night to Layle, the Upanishads. The Far East, to me, is full of mysteries and they seem to have an almost serene approach and view to the Life and how they connect with that.

And I believe in the 'spirit wrold'. This is one of the things I mean when I said that sometime we humans catch glimpses of the 'something'. The 'something' that does exist yet we dont fully understand.
RhusLancia said…
Layla: "I don't understand though, why is it you can't view it? Are you using firefox or something ?"

No problem with embedded videos in FireFox. He probably has a security setting issue (allow ActiveX controls maybe?).
Anonymous said…
I forgot to mention one other thing Abu Jihad.

When I was a kid, I was fascinated by dinosaurs. Large reptilian beasts that walked the Earth millions of years ago.

I tried to picture in my mind's eye how that time would be when humans lived with these creatures. But later, I read where some people believe that the earth is 6 or 7 thousand years old.

Then one day I saw one picture of a fossilzed dinosaur footprint along a river bank, and inside this footprint, there was a human footprint that was likewise fossilized.
Angel said…
Hey Layla,

The first two paragraphs are my thoughts, feelings, including anger, that something like what is happening in the Middle East is overlooked and ignored.

The rest is from the first chapter of Yesterday's Children, and auto biographical.

I will write about the kids, soon. I had a reminder today, and it's a little raw at the moment.
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
Layla Anwar is the hidden Imam !
Anonymous said…
I tried to cut and paste it but it still wouldn't work. I get online at work, so maybe my employer is blocking access. Thanks for the suggestions and help though.
Angel said…
Layla, you are a hard taskmaster. It's as done as I can do it at the moment.
Anonymous said…
Again from the bottom of this Canadians heart Thankyou.
I just finished watching the video, and after a resounding puke I just had to recollect my thoughts and remember that this is nothing new. It has been going on since before the crusades which lasted for hundreds of years, same shit differant pile. The only real Differance is oil, other than that the money and the christans are exactaly the same.
Anonymous said…

The above link shows a bill that was enacted by the US Congress from 2005.

If anybody has an interest and does read it, the first paragraph of Mr.Wyden's speech briefly goes into a moment of what is basically name-calling. I tend to overlook such things and try to focus on the points.

When the US government puts sanctions on a country, it limits US corporatios from investing in the countries that are being sanctioned. This in turn then has a domino effect on the US 'economy', (whatever the hell the US economy really is).

When the US government placed sanctions on Iraq, it resulted in the same. These sanctions were also diabolic in how many many people suffered and died in Iraq because of them.

Sanctions have been in effect against Libya & Cuba as well as Iran.

But sanctions do not limit all trade & investment. Trade & investments can be made by a subsidiary of a parent company. The subsidiary of the parent company is located outside of the borders of the US. This is their way of working around sanctions so they can continue to make profits, while the country that is being sanctioned, can also achieve their goals.

Halliburton, one of the US international companies that was awarded a no-bid contract by George Bush's US government, has a very large presence in Iraq. As you can see by the link, Halliburton is also heavily invested in Iran.

So whether the vast majority of these American politcal figures scream at the top of their lungs or jump up and down and proclaim all sorts of things against another country, the bottom line that wins out at the end of the day is money...or more specifically...making it.

Its interesting that Halliburton moved its headquarters to Dubai. Im sure with this move, it allows them much more 'freedom' in their adventures of acquiring contracts to gain profit.
Vice president Dick Cheney was employed by Halliburton and still has a financial interest in the company.

Kuwait & Saudi Arabia have an enormous amount of 'money' invested in Wall Street. The UAE also does. Many of the Gulf Coast countries have purchased shares in "American" companies and in turn, the US government invests in Wall Street to 'earn a return'.

These types of relationships are now so inter-woven and entangled, that I dont see how they can ever be undone if they ever wanted to get out of this interdependancy.

Thrown into this mess are the countries that were part of the former Soviet Union and the interests around the Caspian Sea and the financial entanglements between China and the US.

To me, these people dont care about Iraqis or Americans..the 'regular people'. Regular people that simply want to wake up each day, go about their lives in a regular fashion, find love, get married, have children and to try to expereince life where they can be there for their families and not have to worry about what they will do to survive.

I sometimes wonder if all this spying on internet activities and listening in on phone conversations that the American govt now does..I wonder if its really just a way to listen in on corporate chatter. Or if this going around and freezing assets / bank accounts is really just a way to halt financial activites of a rival investing company.
Anonymous said…
Layla Anwar is the Messiah returned !
Unknown said…
Disgusting, yet perversely funny video. I have been butting heads with those folks my whole life practically. By age 13 they said I was officially "possessed" by the Devil! :)

Towards the end one of them said,"We want them to convert. All the Iraqians."
Anonymous said…
Well Layla you really needed uti on this blog commentary and thanks be that such men/women exist.jocelyn braddell
Anonymous said…
Abu Jihad, you make much more sense talking existential/spiritual matters than politics.

Kindly stick on to it.
Anonymous said…

For anybody interested, ( and I would advise all you Americans out there to have a looksy ),this is what its all about. This is big grand poo-pah.

Government debt, you Americans may ask? The US government IS NOT in debt. With their domestic & internatinal investments and taking the 'gross income' into account, the US government is making money hand over fist and not to mention profits over dead bodies and creating suffering.

Especially you Americans reading this..go to the website and after going to this link, read the page, then click on "view my front page" afterwards.

Oh, you may still say that the US dollar is dropping in value? It doesnt really matter to the US government. they have diversified their international investments on foriegn currencies as well. So if the dollar drops, they still make money.

Iraq was never the threat to America. Iran isn't either. Recall how the Bush Administration a few weeks ago was caught red-handed on how it lied about Iran's nuclear threat? Sound familiar?
Anonymous said…
Thanx Jocelyn. Im pretty sure i know your intent with that.

Layla is may or may not need my posts & links but if one follows the money, it shows motives and intent.

These people that are in the current US government and every'body' involved, come from the corporate world. They know about marketing, they know about finances, they know how to go about closing a deal. They know how to advertise and b.s.

Recall how after 9/11 Bush told Americans to go out and shop. Ha. W.T.F?

Or recall the airline put-options that nobody claimed after 9/11?

The US government has always had a disposition of bullying,( both overtly and covertly ) but this corporate adminstration has ratcheted it up 10 fold.

Notice how they like to work in the gray areas...places where situations have never really ocurred before? This way they feel they are immune from laws and set standards. But if there IS a law, then they ignore it or in other cases, write a new one that beneifits their cabal.
Unknown said…
Layla and other readers,
Please remember that "Pain is inevitable; Suffering is optional".
There can NEVER be an excuse or reason to be the cause of either.
and may your dreams be filled with pleasant memories.
Anonymous said…
Uti said...
"Iraq was never the threat to America. Iran isn't either."

Kindly spare us the comparison, thank you.

And set your mind at rest, your and your anti-war friends' darling of an "anti-imperialist bastion" (bwahahahahahahahaha) Iran runs no risk.

I'll dare say more, it will most probably be allowed to go "nucculeer" sooner than you expect and, hear ye, with the blessings of both the U.S. and Israel.

It's part of a not-so secret deal, you know..."do ut des", as the Romans said.

"Gimme a (drill-holding) hand in de-Ba'athifying, de-Arabizing, de-Sunnifying, disuniting and weakening Iraq and the Middle-East in general, and I'll give ya my imperial leave to exist, nay to lord it, in spite of yar fundamentalist terrorist undemocratic regime."

Power for (Arab) blood, as simple as that.

You are an intelligent and cultured person, do not let Ahmadimidget loving blur your vision.

Anonymous said…
Well, we all know what happened to the Romans.

I obviously am speaking for myself and my opinon in regards to Iran. The US government on the otherhand, laid out unsubstantiated claims against Saddam / Iraq and eveidently, appear to be doing the same with Iran.

I have no control over what George Bush says. I do know that I never had a fear of either one.

But I do note; that the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, for this year of 2008, will open up put & call options. More than a few Israelis operating out of Germany & Canada made a few bucks from the events surrounding 9/11....Ahmadimidget or no Ahmadimidget.
Anonymous said…
There are missionaries who go so far as to offer JOBS to unemployed people in exchange for their conversion to some religion or other.
Sometimes, though, they stumble upon self-respecting and/or already converted "preys" and end up with eggs on their ski-masked faces.
So is life.
Layla Anwar said…
politiques usa,

sorry missed your comment earlier on. Shukran jazeelan wa kol sana wa enta be alf khair.

And thanks for visiting. I believe this is your first time commenting here.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Angel,

MY GOD! I read it and it sent shivers down my spine. Thank you for your courage. Allow me to say that NONE in this family is guilty.
I am not sure that is any comfort to you but that is the truth.
May God give you patience.
Layla Anwar said…

I am actually 95, but pretend to be 75 and really stuck in my 40's.

The commment section here can be likened to a nuthouse...I suppose you gathered that by now.

Thank you for expounding on the missionaries, some valuable information. I still feel though that catholic missionaries in AFRICA did play a similar role to the evangelists. Maybe not as publicized but still tangible.

Back to Iraq. I deliberately used the word "insurgents" (quote/unquote)- I usually use the word " Resistance fighters" as I believe every people have a legitimate right to LIBERATE themselves from illegal occupations.

Insofar the "nature" of the Awakening's membership, hard to say for sure.

Since the fall of the Iraqi regime, one has witnessed so many gangs bud, the average decent Iraqi still wonders where these people emerged from. I do. Things happening today in Iraq are beyond belief. Things we have NEVER witnessed in the past.

Sickening indeed.
Layla Anwar said…
behind the scenes,

Layla Anwar said…

Yes I can absolve you. Kiss my ass that should wash away your sins.
Layla Anwar said…
Hello Silverfish,

And thanks for visiting and your comment.
Layla Anwar said…

good comments, I agree with someone here, I think when it comes Iran, the following truism is very applicable- " things are not always what they seem to be".
Layla Anwar said…

kindly follow Socrates example, finish yourself off...Thank you.
Layla Anwar said…

LOL, who will exorcise you?
Layla Anwar said…
asa'd the potato slicer,

Many of us are still waiting, hopeful and eager - Jump NOW!
Layla Anwar said…

that is very sweet....any words about an illegal brutal occupation perhaps?
Layla Anwar said…
RhuslanCIA, sumac colored truck,

I heard you are an EX-Marine, that explains a lot...TFOUH!
Anonymous said…
Layla, how does one who loves IRAQ and nothing else in this world live throughout these times ?

Please give me the "recipe", if you can.

God bless you.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Countries from Europe have been attracted to Iran for many lucrative investment opportunities.

There are many many articles and others relating to Dutch Shell and the Spanish oil giant as well. Iran is in heavy talks with Russia and China as well.

Iran is attracting alot of interests from European, Russian and Chinese investment firms but how it will all play out, wil be one day at a time.

American firms have moved into Iraq and Im sure they are eager to do likewise with Iran.(politics aside).
RhusLancia said…
Layla: "I heard you are an EX-Marine, that explains a lot...TFOUH!"

I see the Ashbal Layla have been to Last-of-Iraqis. Mazel tov!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting this Layla, I say death to all the stupid messianic pentecostal protestant loonies
Anonymous said…

If I copied this correctly, this is Part3 of a series of 5 Parts. I found parts 4 & 5 informative too, but you may find other Parts informative for yourself.

You probably are well aware of these matters or atleast some of them. Are they the definitive truths as they look to the future? Who can say? I know I cant. But looking back, I do see some truths contained in these videos.
Anonymous said…
you copied this correctly but whom among layala's dear friends or even layala herself will follow this thread. It is only a thread layala but it may be ariadne's. jocelyn
Layla Anwar said…
My name is LAYLA, not Layala...
Anonymous said…
sorry about the spelling Layla. I hope my mistake, as a word, did not confer some unwelcome meaning.jocelyn

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