January 22, 2008

In the name of the Messiah & the Mahdi.

About a year ago, I mentioned that during an acute shortage of water, in 2003, American Christian missionaries would only give out drinking bottled water on condition that the Iraqi dying of thirst, converts to Christianity, there and then.

Today, I received a video about those missionaries in Iraq. I want you to watch it carefully. It does have English sub-titles.

At the end of the video, a Shia mullah says that the Americans missionaries in Iraq are no different from Al-Qaeda. I agree. But then who brought Al-Qaeda to Iraq?
The Americans. And who is currently funding them ? The Americans and the Iranians.
(see my post- Bits & Pieces from the Iraqi coffin)

But then I will also add they are no different from the sectarian Shias who have ethnically cleansed Baghdad, nor are they any different from the sectarian messianic Shias in Iran. They too believe that any non-shia is disposable material. That his/her extermination is Halal-authorized-encouraged.
Actually this is what a secular Shia friend told me and he happens to be well versed in Shia "theology" - Iranian flavor.

They too hide this basic belief behind all sorts of disguise just like their Christian missionaries counterpart.

The ones ruling Iraq today are the Americans who believe that Jesus was a blue eyed blond born in Arkansas and shall resurrect once Babylon the beast, is tamed.

And the Iranians and their cultist supporters believe the Mahdi will finally appear in the land of the two rivers, once their own cult has spread through, reaching Mecca...just like the Christian missionaries in this video.

Have you ever seen such a Democracy ?

Of course, needless to add, that since American/Iranian style democracy has landed on our heads, the Iraqi Christian population (Chaldeans, Assyrians...)who is one of the oldest in the region, has dwindled down from 2.5 million to about 600'000.

Some were exterminated and the rest fled or are in the process of seeking asylum.

Great job America. Say hello to Jesus for me.

And you Shias, Iran & Co, give my regards to your awaited, hidden Imam - the Mahdi.

Bunch of fucked up murderous psychopaths.

Video: uk.youtube. Radical Christian missionaries in Iraq. posted by Humanoo