To a Palestinian Child...

I read an “interesting” scientific study the other day.

According to American scientists - and you can trust Americans to come up with such findings – humans crave violence as much as sex. The urge is as strong and as natural, so it seems.

The findings were “conclusive evidence" based on experiments on rats. Must have been American rats, for sure.

Yes, America including its “intelligentsia” is plagued with violence.
It is a violent society and the ethos of violence is what rules it. Violence in the streets, in the job market, at home, in relationships, in sports and in politics...

Violence has many levels and many faces. You can find the whole gamut in the USA. They are experts in violence and they are proficient in exporting it to the four corners of the globe. A package of Coke, McDonald, Disney and Violence.

I personally do not agree with this biological determinism, even though, I do concede that America and Israel have not moved beyond primitive, base instincts...

For example, an experience I had today shows that violence is not endemic to the human mind, and it is not a natural state as these "scientists" argue.

I was in a cab and we were stuck in a long traffic jam. Next to me was a school minibus full of children. They were staring out of the window. So was I.

I engaged them. I made clown faces to them, stuck my tongue out and grimaced...
They giggled, and stuck their tongues out at me, contorting their faces, and pulling their ears in mockery...

We kept at this play for a while. The taxi driver thought I was nuts. The kids loved it and so did I. It was pure joy. We laughed across the window, and then waved goodbye as the traffic finally eased up.

I saw no violence in their eyes, no malice, no craving to inflict hurt.

Today, children were playing in the streets of Gaza, scores were rushed to hospital with blood pouring out of their little limbs, heads, eyes and nose...Israel bombed Gaza again.

40 dead, 100 injured and out of the 100, 45 were children. 45 children not older than 10, soaked in blood. Their own.
(These figures were quoted several times on Al Jazeera Arabic TV. And not the 1 dead and 35 injured. I don't understand why this sudden discrepancy. Is someone trying to hide the real figures?)

They interviewed a little one, about 6, with a bandaged head and the poor little thing was stuttering, with his face swollen up, and his eyes moist with tears...

He said “I was playing with my friends, and the bombs fell on us...they wanted to kill me."(they = Israelis, who else?!)

Yes you are right little one, they wanted to kill you.

They and the Americans are flip sides of the same coin. They grow, thrive and prosper on violence.

Their philosophy is like that of the American “scientists." They believe that the urge to kill and maim is as natural as making babies. But with a slight difference.

Maybe you will understand it better when you grow up, but I think you already know.

You already know that for them, Americans and Israelis, their philosophy can be summed up in one sentence - I can only live if you die.

I can only find security by killing you.

I can only prosper by impoverishing you.

I can only multiply by committing genocide against you.

I can only become strong, If I weaken you.
And I can only find peace and happiness when I wipe you out and you are no longer.

I am sure little one, you know all of that...I am not teaching you anything new here.
You probably also heard that Israel’s better half - America has produced 5 million orphaned children in Iraq. In Baghdad alone, 500’000 of them live in the streets in total destitution.

This is their way of liberating you and them.

The baby killers of Democracy and Human rights. The baby killers of Freedom.

But there is something you may have not realized yet. And I am going to let you onto that secret, little one.

These people are doomed. The Americans and the Israelis, government and people are doomed. They are spiritually bankrupt and morally corrupt...and they are doomed.

You will also realize that even though they oppress, violently oppress, they are also oppressing themselves.

They are killing themselves and they know it not. They are eradicating every fiber of humanness inside of themselves, and they have become like those rats in the laboratory.

They have managed to transform themselves into monsters, forsaking everything for “Self.”

They call it self preservation, self nurture, self growth...Do not believe those lies.

Their Self is like a empty hole, a bottomless hole, an abyss...They have no Self.

Little do they realize how dark it is all around them.

Little do they realize...

But you and I know it.

And through our common pain and struggle, we also know that they have not ceased digging their own graves.

You remember those swings?
Remember when it goes up it also goes down?
Same with them.

Remember the merry-go-round ?
Remember how you can get dizzy when it spins?
They are hideous rats on a merry-go-round. They spin and spin and will fall from their own violence.

My words may not be of great consolation to you or your little Iraq friends. They may not soothe you right now.
I know, your head and face are hurting and you just want the pain to go away...

So I will whisper it again in your ears as you are fighting to find some rest,
as you are struggling to run away from your nightmares...from your terror,
Their terror, they the “teghoghists”

I will murmur it to you, gently, soflty...little one, until you find some peaceful sleep, if you can.

They will NOT last.

P.S. For those who would like to watch Bush in a blue tie, with Shimon Peres in a blue tie, standing in front of the Blue and White flag of Shalom land, listening to doves of peace singing, click here. But I warn you, this video may give you strong urges, one of which is to violently vomit. Keep a bucket handy next to you, just in case.And by the way, Shimon Peres has had a face lift, he thinks he will live till Eternity...hahahahaha.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Yahya Hameed Al Faham.


Anonymous said…
i wonder how many people died while they were filming that video

Anonymous said…
A quick note,

There seems to be a mess up in the figures.
Some media report 1 woman killed and 35 injured.
Al Jazeera reported more than once, 40 dead, 100 injured and out of the 100 injured, 45 of them were children!!!!
Anonymous said…
AGAIN there is a mess up in the numbers . Al Jazeerah englisn online quotes one thing and Arab Al Jazeerah TV quotes another!!!!
What is going on here????Am sticking with the first quote.
Anonymous said…
It doesn't matter which number you use sister...Israel and its backers have long since surpassed the thousands upon thousands number of murders commited against the original inhabitants of the land.

But you are correct, with every crime they commit, with every act of murder, they only bring their own destruction that much closer.
RhusLancia said…
That was nice of you to play with the kids. I thought for a second you might get your mind off sex & violence. But then with the Gaza story, it occurred to me that you want it to be the higher number. Tsk tsk. Have you no shame?
Anonymous said…
Even the death of one child is the 'higher number' and completely unacceptable.
Rhuslancia, have YOU no shame?
Anonymous said…

You flithy, despicable scum - these are children! I don't know if you ever have experienced war and had a child die in your arms - he had a very frightened look in his eyes, then suddenly his eyes rolled back and in a nano-second you feel the life force leave his body and you are holding a lifeless shell- an innocent child - dead, for what? May you eternally rot in hell!
Anonymous said…

Angel said…
Hello Layla,

Still some computer problems.

Lab Rats, very poetically put. I could think of some other names for them. It seems though, at the moment that Iraq and Palestine are being used by the USA as cages. It is definitely time for a change in fortune, is it not?

No-one knows the grief of loosing a child, unless they too have experienced it. It feels as if your insides are being torn out, and your heart is breaking in two.

You think, 'what if I had done this?' and 'what if I had done that?'. Always questioning. You wonder if the grief is ever going to leave you. The answer is no.

It appears in your dreams and when you least expect it, occasionally when you catch a glimpse of a child that has similar features, or when a favourite song is heard on the radio.

All child killers should be gaoled for life, not killed. Killing is too easy, they need to suffer, no matter what nationality or religion.

I watched Peres and Bush. You were right, it was sickening and I turned it off half way through. If Peres has had a lift, he has wasted his money and should find a new surgeon. Two creepy old men in bed together, figuratively speaking. Disgusting, the pair of them.
Anonymous said…
Why do cunts have this idiotic idea that children are sweet and innocent?
I remember kindergarten and the sadistic pranks we played on the class whipping boy or girl quite well.

I want to sodomize you with a knife whenever you mention children, Layla...
Anonymous said…
"Scandalously human" Layla :-) darling of a sleepless keeper of our innermost God-inspired distinguishing and dignifying infinitely admired and revered tireless torch-bearer of the enlightening, sense-making, harmony-giving Love in the Chaos-like amorphous, lawless, instinctual darkness of the Zionist and American unprecedented childlike-hearted gentle and furious avenger of the innocent victims of Iraq and Palestine...

...never, ever, ever lose faith in your, our lullaby's words of Hope...

I shall stay next to you by our little ones' side like early morning dew on downtrodden, crumpled small flower the Love we bear to them that is stronger than their and our so desperately fragile lives...and that, unlike Life, can and dares defy Death and vanquishes it...

May our visionary Leader, glorified Martyr's prophecy come true and the sacred lands of the Arabs be the grave, as they were the cradle, of all those so-called "civilizations" who deliberately chose to stray from the human path of Reason and Piety and regress to the level of beasts.
Anonymous said…
"I want to sodomize you with a knife whenever you mention children, Layla"


RhusLancia said…
anonymous: "Even the death of one child is the 'higher number' and completely unacceptable."

I agree, anonymous. So why does Layla hope for dozens of deaths instead of one? I think it is because she does not give a rat's ass for one or all. This is a cause célèbre and nothing more. If she were sincere, why does she say nothing about any of the Kurdish or Shia or Persian or Kuwaiti children her hero killed before 2003? She only cares for them when she can rail against the sanctions imposed to contain Big Mustache. Another cause célèbre, nothing more. The ones her hero killed- what about them? They do not register. They are sons and daughters of "traitors" I'm sure, destined to become "traitors" themselves or wives of "traitors". That about right, Layla?
Anonymous said…

RhusLancia said…
reminder, are you saying Layla does care about the Kurdish or Shia or Persian or Kuwaiti children her hero killed before 2003? I would love to stand corrected on this, but I have not yet seen any evidence that that is necessary.
RhusLancia said…
C'mon, Layla! Show up the ignorant Amreekan. Show me how you condemn your hero for all the Kurdish or Shia or Persian or Kuwaiti children your hero killed before 2003.
Anonymous said…
Ha Ha and Arabs aren't violent. Palastinians are a bunch of gangsters murdering each other at higher rates then anyone outside killing them. Arabs love violence and you know it. They beat their wives and children. Rape without having to worry the woman will report it. Islamists live for it. Your superiority complex is fucking sick. You are not better then an American yourself. You love describing death and destruction in the greatest detail.You save all the disgsting pictures and videos for your personal collection. Tell me, do you have Saddam's torture videos too? You secretly watch them, all those bad people get thrown off of buildings, have their feet whipped, their arms broken, limbs chopped off, beaten mercilessly. They deserved it, right? You are a pig.

And reminder. Shut the fuck up already, no one is paying attention. You are the fungus here.
Anonymous said…
rhuslancia, keep up the good work bothering Layla. She is lost cause but you are better then all the Americans who write in, kissing her ass. She insults them all individually and as a people and they cheer her for it. They are grovelling dogs. I prefer you.
Anonymous said…
"I can only live if you die" etc. etc.

Why, pray ?

Can't you spiritually retarded piles of genocidal colonizers' shit just live, enjoy security, prosper, multiply, become strong, find peace and happiness within the limited natural boundaries of your Glued-together States of America ?

Can't you barking mad seesaw sado-masochistic Dr. Mengele's Frankensteins just live, enjoy security, prosper, multiply, become strong, find peace and happiness back in the bosoms of your Russian, European and American countries of origin ?

Why on earth would a 6-year-old precious little thing from Palestine or Iraq have to die of wounds in the name of Israel, Eldorado, Atlantis, La-La Land, or whatever other bedtime tale "far, far away" kingdom ?

Why the hell would your insubstantial hot-air legends have to prevail over our true-life, flesh-and-blood, dearly loved realities ?

Why the fuck would we reasoning and feeling humans have to pay for your rat-like lack of faith, terror of death and incapacity to enjoy life ?
Anonymous said…
Was it WRONG when Saddam Hussein ordered the killing of Kurds and their children? Yes or No.

Was it wrong when Saddam ordered the shelling of Kuwait and Iran? Yes or No

Did the medical / scientific field in Iraq ever use rats to conduct testing and research? Yes or No

Is it wrong when A "Palestinian" sends a rocket over the border and into Israel and kills a child? Yes or No

Is it wrong when Israel kills a Palestinian child? Yes or No

Is it wrong when America kills an Iraqi child? Yes or No

Was Canada wrong for supporting the Indonesian invasion onto East Timor thereby killing innocent children? Yes or No

Everyone seems to know right from wrong but it continiues thru life as long as life has been existing. Whether the atrocities were carreid out by Babylon, Persians, Japan's ungodly invasion into China and surrounding areas, Hitler and his bombings on civilians and Britain and America responding likewise. The war upon Israel by Arab natios..Im sure children were killed in that short lived experience.

One can not morally say , well this is good and this is bad because this happened, therefore we believe in this and this is right. How hypocritical and how selfish really.

It ALL is bad.

Based on Layla writings, it seems as if she certainly misses her life when Saddam was 'in control'. She says as much in her writings. In those times her needs were being met. Were all Iraqis needs being met then? No. But Layla's were and she so much NEEDS those times to return.

She no longer is employed. Her employer is out of business. Yes, Layla was obviously alive in the days prior to the days when Saddam invaded Kuwait and Iran. That was OK with matter how many children's lives were snuffed out by Saddam. Isn't that right?

But it's different somehow is'nt it? Now the event effect YOU. Now you are suffering. Now you long for the memories. You use the dead children of Iraq as a leaning post. You use them the same way Bush used 9/11 and those deaths. You use them to promote yourself and you project that onto your full-hearted followers.

You use the many many dead Iraqi children as a prop for your stage and work into a frenzy of hatred....a frenzy of hatred to try to get back what you lost.

There are some very intelligent Iraqi women in organizations within Iraq that valiantly fighting for changes in organiztions for 'rights'. But you on the otherhand, promote more and more and more bloodshed while you hide behind a screen of dead Iraqi children. You use them as both a cover and a tool to try to get back what you lost.

I dont expect you to answer the above questions. I already know the answers to them.

Your heart has a hole in it now, sadly. Be careful what you try to fill it up with.
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
If you want to find who is responsible for all this violence than go after the puppet masters. They manipulate from the shadows. They live in a bubble while we kill each other. Follow the money and power trail.

We have been deceived and have been for a long time. Is no wonder this killing continues. The powerful and rich members of the elite secret societies are to blame.

Only when we all shift and focus on who they are and quit doing their bidding will this stop. They are the real enemy.
Anonymous said…
Apocalypto Hypocrite,

"Was it wrong when Saddam ordered the killing of Kurds and their children"
It was the IRANIANS who used chemicals on Halabja, if that's what you were referring to.
Saddam personally only ordered the rightful punishment of pro-Israel Kurdish separatist THUGS.

"Was it wrong when Saddam ordered the shelling of Kuwait and Iran ?"
The defense of Iraq against the Iranian AGGRESSION and the ANNEXATION of the 19th Iraqi province.
Both were LEGITIMATE, the latter was star-crossed.

"Did the medical/scientific field in Iraq ever use rats to conduct testing and research ?"
I beg your pardon ??? !!!
What relevance does that have ?
Are you a member of a society-for-the-prevention-of-cruelty-to-rats-and-to-hell-with-fellow-humans of some sort ? hahahahahahaha

"Is it wrong when a Palestinian sends a rocket over the border and into Israel and kills a child ?"
Peoples have the sacrosanct RIGHT to defend themselves against occupying foreign entities BY ANY AVAILABLE MEANS.
Israel should not be there in the first place.

"Is it wrong when Israel kills a Palestinian child ?"
"Is it wrong when America kills an Iraqi child ?"
And worse still, both are crimes against the WHOLE freedom-loving mankind.

"It is ALL bad"
O my, another universal pessimist freak out of the Circle of the Uncommitted...
Run after the "blank banner", SPINELESS COWARD, run !

Life is CHOICE.
annie said…
jesus, this is turning into troll central.

cowardrhus and his sidekicks must be very threatened by this powerful post. otherwise, why would they bother drinking water from this well. such a pity they can't get any decent commenters over at their governments propaganda blog they host. i guess nobody want to play at their little impotent house so they come trolling where the message is all too real. face it you genocidal maniacs, nobody buys your lying hate filled reconstructive narrative.
Anonymous said…
"Your heart has a hole in it now, sadly. Be careful what you try to fill it up with."

Piss off, Apocalypto, you patronizing holier-than-thou ignoramus.

Only those who truly care about IRAQ are entitled to give Mrs. Anwar "advice"...and not always either, right Layla ? ;-)
Anonymous said…
Yes, in the Arab World they rape. They commot HONOR KILLINGS and then blame others. They barter and bicker over selling a damm chicken in the streets. Damm, Just Pay The Guy Tightwads!

They sleep with their cousins and blow themselves up or balsy corpses of fellow Iraqis. They acquire weapons of all sorts and attack their neighbors. Beggars. Islmaic and sectarin beggars. Unbelievers.

Please stay online. This is a terrorist website. Layla wants to overthrow the "Shia led government" and get as many people as possible to carry out the killings and murders. Look over her blog closely and her likewise thinkers. She uses this website and blog to carry this out directly and indirectly. Its about revenge killing and killing Shias, Jews & Americans.

Prove where it is NOT.

I have been observing the hatred here for quite sometime now. The appropriate Iraqi & American authorities have been contacted. Stay on-line. There is nothing to fear.
Anonymous said…
Mossad Moose said...
"There is nothing to fear"

We fear nothing and nobody, especially not cowardly balls-less moles world's policemen wannabe such as you.

Layla Anwar, whoever she is and regardless of her "strategy", is speaking the TRUTH about the most horrendous deliberately inflicted tragedy ever.

I personally support her with all the strength of my feelings for the dignified and heroic people of Iraq whom she is so valorously defending.

So does every other sane, red-blooded, beating-hearted person who comes here and reads her soulful words with eyes limpid and free from ideological blinkers.

We are all ready to take full responsibility for our choice of Love before God and mankind.

Now do us and yourself a favor and fuck the hell off.
RhusLancia said…
Thanks, habibty. Layla indulges western lefties' self-loathing, so of course they love her and lick her boots while she spits on them. For these others, they do seem to hold their beliefs quite strongly. You'd think they'd be able to defend themselves rationally, but that is not the case.
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
Good evening Layla, I just want to say first of all thank you for this blog I am so proud of you for showing the world that we the women of the Arab world are not like the submissive types that the West believes that we are. Second of all thanks so much for educating the people that come to this blog about how low down dirty the Iraq Shiites are. The United States invaded Iraq for them and hand the country to them on a platter and what do those shits do? They loot and destroy and attack all the buildings and steal from inside of them. Dogs. They never cared for Iraq.
Anonymous said…
Fungus? No Rhuslancea is not fungas he is terrorist that celebrates the mass murder of Palestinian babies. Go and see for yourselves the animal types that he blogs with, the blogs that he visits and the cyber friends he has. They all have one disgusting thing in common which is the most vile hatred for Palestinians. But he also has an Arab fetish.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
I simply love this blogger, but she conveys a sense of loneliness and despair as if she felt she was the only Iraqi carrying the whole burden of resistance on her shoulders.

Earth calling Layla: there is a consummate, efficient national liberation movement doing a great part of the job for you - just in case you forgot about "it"...

Cheer up and keep writing your powerful articles confident that your country will soon be back to what it was before.

My best wishes.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…

More dead-enders that follow Laylas call to overthrow
Anonymous said…

More of what Layla needs and gets. Come children..come to the light..fight for glorious Meeeeeee....

Give me more blood...Moooore, MOOORE!!!

I am your Hitler, I am your Stalin....fight for your motherland like good little Germans!!...ooh I mean insurgent Saddamists..the fight is not over...come children.....spill the blood of Iranians..of Americans..of Jews...we will control the world one day...COME !
Anonymous said…
I would like to read for myself the "interesting" scientific study you mention. I suspect the quotation marks should be around scientific. Please post where it can be found, if that's possible.
Anonymous said…

Just another Friday nite in Layla house

chooser :-) ha
Anonymous said…

May I venture one little humble innocent personal question to you ?

Why do you keep visiting a blog you dislike, uh ?

Are you out on some sort of "evangelization mission" around the Iraqi blogosphere, preaching your Zionist-serving gospel of
cottonwooled, ignorant, holier-than-thou "pacifism" upon us suffering and struggling big bad passionate "savages" ?

Thanks but no thanks.

Say hello to Mossad & Co.
Anonymous said…
Hey fearless....yoohoo

Show everybody what a big fearless boy you are and give everybody observing this website your address. Come on now. Its ok. Just a few typed in lines and its over. You are 'fearless' aren't you??
Anonymous said…
Expand. I know Arabs fear Mossad and blame them for much of what goes on. But its ok brother. Theyre not around every corner waiting to pounce on you. Lighten up...enjoy life. No matter what the circumstances, always remmeber thatyou are in control.......make the most out of every situation. Look at the Sudanese. You dont see them whining as much as you. Those people down there are very strong and enduring. My heart goes out to them. But You.......well, what can I say? :-)

Germany rebuilt. China rebuilt. East Timor rebuilt. Japan rebuilt. Kuwait rebuilt. Iran rebuilt and on and on. So quit whining. Life is way too short and life is never offered to ANYBODY on a silver platter. Everybody in the world has their own sets of struggles and hardships. And Guess What?? So do Americans. But we enduuuuuuuure.
Anonymous said…
hurry up, Sharon is waiting for your enduuuuuuuuuuring deepthroat blowjob. Good appetite!
And don't forget GB, he too needs your enduuuuuuuuring blowjob care.
Anonymous said…
Clubcard, a.k.a. Apocalypto, a.k.a. Habibty has no other goals in his miserable useless existence but having someone called Layla Anwar and her guests persecuted for their opinions on a blog.

Very sad indeed :-(
Anonymous said…
Layla, your truth rings loud and clear
Anonymous said…
Your intelligence absolutely is amazing

The only detailed thoughts and conveyances have come from the americans onthis site. The "Iranian" has some very good thought too though.

You guys just fall back into name calling and one liners. You must make Layla proud.Its the same old same old...bombs, murder, revenge. Layla is great, Iraq will return, Iraqis are educated, Iraqis are intelligent, Iraqis are wise, Israel sucks, America sucks, the 'West' sucks, depleted uranium is bad,etc....etc.

You are entertaining though as I go thru some of the other posts. :-) but thats about it. Now go get into your latest fashions and comb you hair just right...:-)...and try to catch an eye.
Anonymous said…
This whores for YOU brother from another mother
RhusLancia said…
anonymous: "No Rhuslancea is not fungas he is terrorist that celebrates the mass murder of Palestinian babies."

Let's see. I wanted zero children killed, and you folks wanted sixty or more killed. I guess that makes me a terrorist, using Saddamist logic.
Anonymous said…
you must have done a perfect enduuuuuring blowjobbing on your regular clients.
But there's still some "food" left around your wonderful mouth, so don't waste it, lick it up!
Btw, "Your intelligence absolutely is amazing"!

Anonymous said…
The information gleaned on the internet claims that the initiation in scull and bones involves lying in a coffin naked and masturbating, blood curdling screams and running around kissing skulls.

The information gleaned on the internet regarding the bohemian grove. Mock sacrifices of children to an occult statue of an owl to rid oneself of care of other human beings.

Now these actions may not be against the law, but they portray a type of conditioning to associate sexual pleasure with death and getting rid of one's conscious.

These are the kind of leaders we have in america led by the elite globalist. It is no wonder our society is so pathetic.
Anonymous said…
Humans will not survive
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
I love this, Layla, what a gal! One minute I'm writhing in empathy, next your giggling like a child - running for me bucket & all, but last night. Last night I wore me Palestinian football shirt out to the pub (bearing in mind I live at the backend of the Abyss)& some young upstart assuredly warns me, 'You'll never beat the government silv, you'll never beat 'em!' To which I duly replied; 'But my dear boy, I don't have to. I don't know how many will die between now & then but rest assured, they will beat themselves. For now I have to remain content with the fact that tonight, the word 'Palestinian'has reached the vocabulary of some of your friends here.'

F**kin' sad innit? But keep it coming Layla...
Anonymous said…
Response to the 'talking pants'

If on these posting one is going to speak on behalf of your fearless leaders, Bush and Old Mert – be adept at it, silly billies!

Historical facts show that the US had no concern for the starving of,or deaths of Kuwaiti children.

America's deviously forced UN Economic Sanctions were initially put on both Iraq and Kuwait.

At the end of August 1990 the Indian and Philippine Goverments who represented the 172,00 Indians and 60,000 Filippinos working in Kuwait,demanded urgent international relief of food into Kuwait because of their concerns their people would die of starvation. The US said no. Because they were quite happy to starve all the men women and children in Kuwait in order to expel Iraq from there.

Of course the reason for Iraq invading Kuwait was conveniently not for public ears. In brief, Kuwait was illegally milking Iraq's Rumailia oil field, in spite of the Arab League fixing the Kuwait/Iraqi border 3 kms north of the southern tip of the oil fields. This was also in spite of President Saddam Hussein's many many appeals to UN members to have this issue sorted out.

Ironically, it was soon sorted out by the US after the Gulf War. they simply drew up new boundaries between Iraq and Kuwait and gave Iraqi's oil wells in the Rumeila field to Kuwait. They also threw in the Warbaand and Bubiyan islands as well, which had been another bone of contention which Iraq had unsuccesfully attempted to have addressed,

What a farce! The US dropped 88,500 tons of bombs on Iraq - the equivalent power of 7 Hiroshima sized Atomic Bombs. under the guise of their moral indignation that Iraq was trying to take Kuwait's land, which was Iraq's land in the first place.

And straight after the Gulf War, the Americans took Iraqi's sovereign land and gave it to Kuwait and nobody said boo, not even the righteous left! .

Also when it comes to the word 'invasion'. There is a massive difference between Iraqi marching into Kuwait, and playing a game of bluff than to America dropping the equivalent of 7 Atomic bombs on Iraq and its people in retaliation for this.

But then, America's hypocrisy knows no bounds – after all their pretentious moralising, they themselves illegally invaded and occupied the sovereign country of Iraq. This is the immorality of a nation in decline.
RhusLancia said…
bluegum: "Iraq was trying to take Kuwait's land, which was Iraq's land in the first place."

How come Kuwaitis were not so keen on being annexed back into their rightful country?
Anonymous said…

It was Saddam's fault it took 88,500 tons of bombs to get Iraq out of Kuwait. If he got out when he was told to then the bombing would have stopped.

This war wasn't about Iraq wanting it's sovern land back. It was about the fact they Kuwait loaned them billions during the Iraq-Iran war and they wanted to be repayed. Saddam was offended by this. He was the Master of the Arab world and was defending the entire Arab world from Iran. How dare they want to be repayed!!! He was broke from the war and he saw Kuwait as the perfect country to plunder and steal from.

Iraq wasn't just playing a game of bluff in Iraq, they were systematically stealing everything of value and taking it to Bagdad. They terrorized innocent people of Kuwait into being Iraqi. They killed and jailed people. They stole artifacts from museums and libraries. They took gold from the banks. Uday himself took all the luxury cars from Kuwaiti dealers. Bagdad markets overflowed with stolen clothes and food from Kuwait. Thats a bluff?

And if America took some of Iraq's sovern land too bad. That's what happens when you start a war and lose.

And like rhuslancia mentioned, what about the rights of the Kuwaiti people?
Anonymous said…
bluegum enjoys his life in Canada.

Why is this 'whiteboy' there? Is it as a result of British Empire or perhaps the French Empire? Maybe even the Spanish Empire but the again, the conqusitadors were not interested in the land of what is known as Canada.

Maybe he doen't even know his roots. With every age comes an Empire. Empires come and Empires go.

France enjoyed its Empire bu setting up mercantile colonie in "America", island countries and invaded a vast part of Africa..including Morocco, Algeria and so forthe. They even invaded many many parts of Asia.

The British Empire likewise. The Spanish Empire likewise but the conquistadors were mainly interested in the Central & South Americas, even though there were a few French colonialists there as well.

Babylon also had its age on being a conquering Empire. And so it goes.

But bluegum, as he lives a life in Canada...does he show 'respect' for past Empires that allowed him to set foot in Canada? Im sure his ancestory dates back to Europe as he points hypocritical fingers.
Go Back to Europe where you came from bluegum..its your roots.
Anonymous said…
Rhuslancia, do you really work for the CIA? It's so romantic....:) Just kidding. These people here are so paranoid. They are such liars too. I have never seen American people celebrate the mass murder of children ANYWHERE EVER. That's a fact. Period.
Anonymous said…
Exactly and well Said habibty.

They ARE paranoid. Everybody is out to get them. They look at a nickname and go "A-HA!" And then they go on with thoughts that one is CIA, Mossad or an Iranian secret agent or whatever.

They DO lie. And when one finally pens them down..they refuse to answer or go into elementary levels of name-calling which relly shows their true character. And ifone dosnt go in lock-step exactly as they believe, then they go into character assassinations. Defense mechanisms all.

For all Layla has posted on, she has never given to anybody, just exactly what she would like to see. The World today is extremely connected and no where is it greater that in trade & commerce.
With this being the case, Layla has never given:

How and to what extent should the EU be involved with the Middle East?

Jow and to what extent should China & Russia be involved with the Mid East?

Should the nation of Israel exist? If yes, then how would she like to see Israel's role....( same for Palestine?)

What should the UAE & Saudi Arabia's role be in World trade & commerce?

I saw a program of Lee Harvey Oswald. he was the social misfit that assassinated an American president ans was on his way to prison until he himslef was shot to death. Violence in politics can take place anywhere, but Oswald was in no way on his way to becoming a president. He was on his way to spening the rest of his life in prison. But in Iraq, Saddam DID become president.

In Canada, Australia, the US, the EU, Central & South America and in most of present day Asia...people have problems of all sorts and yes, killings do take place. But in the Mideast its EVERY SINGLE DAy something horrificis taking place. ALWAYS!

So what steps would Layla take to bring about world peace. I know she is not of the same lines as Martin Luther King or Ghandi but surely she must have some personal vision.
Anonymous said…

Quotes from Ghandi
Layla Anwar said…
Salam Layth,

You are right, as usual, one is too many. I was just wondering why the discrepancy in numbers ?
Layla Anwar said…

Hope your computer problems are sorted out.
You know, and they don't. You are also Iraqi in many ways. I don't want to sound pushy but you HAVE TO WRITE about it.
And I know you can and will.
Bless you and yours.
Layla Anwar said…
to the anonymous who wants to sodomize me with a knife.

And you call children sadists ?
Layla Anwar said…
nakhla, palm tree,

Tall, beautiful and proud just like your words...
Layla Anwar said…

Are you threatening me ?
You are the terrorist, the real terrorist, you are al Qaeda, the CIA, the Irnanian driller, the Mossad lyncher...
You do not scare me you piece of garbage. Go back to your drug of choice. America, alcohol, coke, the army, the intelligence agencies (hahahahaha) or whatever turns you on...
I will keep on denoucing you.
Layla Anwar said…

I bet you anything you must be a westerner, only westerners can come up with such patronizing remarks...
Get a blog dear, and show us your resistance!
Anonymous said…
Saddam's house when he was plundering Kuwait
Layla Anwar said…
IT moderator,

That's the way to go!
Layla Anwar said…

Thanks again for your thoughtful truths.
You may have the patience of Job, I don't.
So I will secretly rely on you, to give them the facts, figures and numbers which you so eloquently present.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Generalizing any one group of people is wrong no matter who does it. All groups are guilty of this. There is no "right" side to war. Do you think all Americans support the power elite? That is just plain ridiculous like we have any choice is what is going on. Are you not aware of the good people of America who put themselves at risk to speak out in protest of the inhumanities of our govt. Do you really think we all do not know how Israel treats people, what can we do about it except protest and vote against such things. Do you think Arab women are the only ones who cry at the loss of a child? Do you think the loss of all the children of wtc were unmourned? Open your eyes women of the world!!!!!! We are ALL HUMAN BEINGS with thoughts, feelings, and love to give not just hate. I believe by continuing the hate and ignorance of each other makes us no better than the war mongers. ONLY by united as a race of people can we combat WAR. The middle east has been at war for how long? If its not the Americans it will be someone else if you do not teach more than hate. If we all terrorize each other noone is better than any other who kill children. Its not just the Am govt who is corrupt, its many nations who play a part of this hate filled greed and power trip that has lost its HUMANITY. There are Americans for peace, justice, humanity, and freedom for all. There are Jews for peace too. Not all are blind to the games of the power elite nor do we want these things done in our name. However when you hate and judge indiscriminately you are no better than those you hate. When we as the human race evolve beyond violence and hate we will all know peace and sharing the wealth. I hope to see that someday and we will if we all embrace our common love of humanity we can overcome the hate. Have you ever studied chimpanzee behavior? Genetically humans are mostly chimp. They are violent as a species. Its time to evolve above our violent hairy cousins and make change for the world and stop acting like a bunch of hairless monkeys. Humans are the most destructive beings on earth destroying nature, and each other. We are ALL DOOMED if we cant find a better way!!!!! We are all one. My ancestors say we did not weave the web we are merely a strand in it. If we destroy the web we destroy ourselves and that is true. UNITE IN HUMANITY AND THE WAR MONGERS WILL CEASE TO EXIST AND ALL CHILDREN OF THE WORLD WILL LIVE IN PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blessings and peace.
Anonymous said…
23/1/08 9:25 PM, another pontificating ameronazi...

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