January 19, 2008

To a Palestinian Child...

I read an “interesting” scientific study the other day.

According to American scientists - and you can trust Americans to come up with such findings – humans crave violence as much as sex. The urge is as strong and as natural, so it seems.

The findings were “conclusive evidence" based on experiments on rats. Must have been American rats, for sure.

Yes, America including its “intelligentsia” is plagued with violence.
It is a violent society and the ethos of violence is what rules it. Violence in the streets, in the job market, at home, in relationships, in sports and in politics...

Violence has many levels and many faces. You can find the whole gamut in the USA. They are experts in violence and they are proficient in exporting it to the four corners of the globe. A package of Coke, McDonald, Disney and Violence.

I personally do not agree with this biological determinism, even though, I do concede that America and Israel have not moved beyond primitive, base instincts...

For example, an experience I had today shows that violence is not endemic to the human mind, and it is not a natural state as these "scientists" argue.

I was in a cab and we were stuck in a long traffic jam. Next to me was a school minibus full of children. They were staring out of the window. So was I.

I engaged them. I made clown faces to them, stuck my tongue out and grimaced...
They giggled, and stuck their tongues out at me, contorting their faces, and pulling their ears in mockery...

We kept at this play for a while. The taxi driver thought I was nuts. The kids loved it and so did I. It was pure joy. We laughed across the window, and then waved goodbye as the traffic finally eased up.

I saw no violence in their eyes, no malice, no craving to inflict hurt.

Today, children were playing in the streets of Gaza, scores were rushed to hospital with blood pouring out of their little limbs, heads, eyes and nose...Israel bombed Gaza again.

40 dead, 100 injured and out of the 100, 45 were children. 45 children not older than 10, soaked in blood. Their own.
(These figures were quoted several times on Al Jazeera Arabic TV. And not the 1 dead and 35 injured. I don't understand why this sudden discrepancy. Is someone trying to hide the real figures?)

They interviewed a little one, about 6, with a bandaged head and the poor little thing was stuttering, with his face swollen up, and his eyes moist with tears...

He said “I was playing with my friends, and the bombs fell on us...they wanted to kill me."(they = Israelis, who else?!)

Yes you are right little one, they wanted to kill you.

They and the Americans are flip sides of the same coin. They grow, thrive and prosper on violence.

Their philosophy is like that of the American “scientists." They believe that the urge to kill and maim is as natural as making babies. But with a slight difference.

Maybe you will understand it better when you grow up, but I think you already know.

You already know that for them, Americans and Israelis, their philosophy can be summed up in one sentence - I can only live if you die.

I can only find security by killing you.

I can only prosper by impoverishing you.

I can only multiply by committing genocide against you.

I can only become strong, If I weaken you.
And I can only find peace and happiness when I wipe you out and you are no longer.

I am sure little one, you know all of that...I am not teaching you anything new here.
You probably also heard that Israel’s better half - America has produced 5 million orphaned children in Iraq. In Baghdad alone, 500’000 of them live in the streets in total destitution.

This is their way of liberating you and them.

The baby killers of Democracy and Human rights. The baby killers of Freedom.

But there is something you may have not realized yet. And I am going to let you onto that secret, little one.

These people are doomed. The Americans and the Israelis, government and people are doomed. They are spiritually bankrupt and morally corrupt...and they are doomed.

You will also realize that even though they oppress, violently oppress, they are also oppressing themselves.

They are killing themselves and they know it not. They are eradicating every fiber of humanness inside of themselves, and they have become like those rats in the laboratory.

They have managed to transform themselves into monsters, forsaking everything for “Self.”

They call it self preservation, self nurture, self growth...Do not believe those lies.

Their Self is like a empty hole, a bottomless hole, an abyss...They have no Self.

Little do they realize how dark it is all around them.

Little do they realize...

But you and I know it.

And through our common pain and struggle, we also know that they have not ceased digging their own graves.

You remember those swings?
Remember when it goes up it also goes down?
Same with them.

Remember the merry-go-round ?
Remember how you can get dizzy when it spins?
They are hideous rats on a merry-go-round. They spin and spin and will fall from their own violence.

My words may not be of great consolation to you or your little Iraq friends. They may not soothe you right now.
I know, your head and face are hurting and you just want the pain to go away...

So I will whisper it again in your ears as you are fighting to find some rest,
as you are struggling to run away from your nightmares...from your terror,
Their terror, they the “teghoghists”

I will murmur it to you, gently, soflty...little one, until you find some peaceful sleep, if you can.

They will NOT last.

P.S. For those who would like to watch Bush in a blue tie, with Shimon Peres in a blue tie, standing in front of the Blue and White flag of Shalom land, listening to doves of peace singing, click here. But I warn you, this video may give you strong urges, one of which is to violently vomit. Keep a bucket handy next to you, just in case.And by the way, Shimon Peres has had a face lift, he thinks he will live till Eternity...hahahahaha.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Yahya Hameed Al Faham.