Westerners and Americans in particular, keep complaining that their lives are so stressful...

They carry their long faces along with their dead end weights, and say " Oh man, the stress..."

They uphold and constantly re-create the same system that makes them stressful...

And if you listen to them close enough,you will realize they are nothing but a bunch of spoiled brats...They are stressed because they have valued "work", above everything else...

They are stressed because they complicate their lives with stupidities and more things to manage...

They are stressed because they have been led to believe that Life owes it to them, that they are entitled simply because they are who they are...

They are stressed because they produce and eat junk. Stop producing the shit and stop eating it and you will not be stressed...

They are stressed because stress becomes their raison d'être, gives them meaning in life...for their lives are so fucking empty of anything substantial...

They RUSH to yoga and meditation classes to de-stress....They work out like addicts at the gym to keep fit so they don't have to be stressed. They run into lousy relationships because they are stressed from being alone...They acquire 20'000 things they do not need, because they are stressed...They work like donkeys so they can make more and buy more so they can become less stressed....

Yet they see none of that....They are just a bunch of whining jerks.

Well I will tell you what real stress is all about you motherfuckers.

Stress is when you have been no with water and no electricity for over 5 years. That is stress.

Stress is when you have no job because some fucking backward retard came and occupied your country, pillaged it and stripped you of your livelihood. That is stress.

Stress is when you run from hospital ward to hospital ward, from prison to prison, from militia to militia looking for your loved one only to recognize them from their teeth fillings in some morgue...That is stress alright.

Stress is when you pack your bags quickly and run to the nearest border only to be asked to return and in the meantime some american western motherfucker has bombed your house into a pile of stones... Yeah, that is stress.

Stress is when you see your family and loved ones dying in front of your eyes and you can't afford to buy them the basic medication to ease their pain...That is stress.

Stress is when your baby girl or baby boy is born looking like fucking Frankenstein, because some american motherfucker who is stressed out bombed your country with D.U.

Stress is when they walk into the middle of the night and you sleep with your clothes on, because you don't want them to see you half naked just in case, when they smash your door down, pull you from your hair or shirt out into the cold and place a sand bang over your fucking head. That is stress.

Stress is when you are a prisoner in your own country by some smelly shit faced, pimpled stinking american who has not even finished high school, and stress is when that same motherfucker rapes you and sodomizes you, tortures you and calls you a dirty Iraqi in your own fucking country...That is stress.

You want to know about stress you pieces of dung, I just gave it to you what stress is all about.

Now, tonight or tomorrow if you collapse from a heart attack because of your earned it you bunch of criminal bastards.

May you be stressed until you fucking croak, croak once and for all.


Anonymous said…

Viva la Layla.

Now THAT was original.

You still need to get a job though you commy cunt.

Wow, do you have a ring in your nose or what?
Anonymous said…
Stress is for weak worry rats. Eat raw food and high protein, low fat and low carbs.

Unlike your lamb you cram down yor throats with you r hands.

Are there even gyms in Iraq? Probably not. what sports do you big nosed idiots play anyway beside fuuutbaahl?

You have no water sports other than swimming around in huge toilet bowls. No beaches. No hiking and clean fresh air. No sky diving or hang gliding or water skiing. No motorcycle races.

You Ahrahb mother fuckers really need to get with the program insetad of hanging out in discos and grinding on each other like a bunch of wild whores in heat.

and please be careful with the Dee You. I hear it's not good for your health. ;-)

Saddam made his choice and Sun City LOST. haha
Anonymous said…
Is Layla married?

Does Layla have a child?

Does Layla have all of her extremities?

Dis Layla's home get bombed?

Does Layla go out to bars at night?

Is Layla well fed?

Does Layla play with her pussy at night?

Does Layla have money to go the bars?

Does Layla have a life?

Is Layla comfortable?
Anonymous said…

It's a great stress reliever.
Or you can go on playing with your pussy. I really couldn't care less.

I won't shed a tear because you are a killer.
Anonymous said…
Buenos noches perro ;-)

ruff ruff
Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla, thanks again for this candid article. Everything you say is absolutely true.

You seem to have attracted some real scum to this site - pay no heed. I guess this is the result of 'stress' resulting from exposed to the Truth and they are offloading on you as they can't afford the psychologist's couch.

This scum would not have the time to send such posts if their 'elected' leaders (rigged elections aside) did not invade other lands to keep them fat and happy (usually developing countries whose people have been kept suppressed by these thieves so that they can continue stealing).
Anonymous said…
Sorry, typing correction for above:

'I guess this is the result of 'stress', resulting from being exposed to the Truth...'
Anonymous said…
I forgot to add to the three other, previous, "existential," paradoxical, contradictory truisms of human existence I listed, the following--"In order to keep it, one has to give it up." I do not know the origins of this statement. But, it most certainly is profoundly true. Shifting the subject. I am amazed that ANYONE can live in another country FOR A LONG TIME and NOT learn their language, at least, conversationally. I cannot understand how they FUNCTION in such a situation. A comparable one would be here, for example. IF someone who spoke Arabic NEVER learned any English (beyond a few words), they would NEVER be able to FUNCTION, exist, live. How do they get away with it elsewhere?? There is an imbalance in this situation. Not a healthy one. --karlmarxwasright.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla:

As you know, your blog will expose you to US citizens who don't realize they are only disposable and miserable slaves.

The still defend the ideas and behaviors that their Masters have set down for them. Since they do so, it would be more fair to characterize them as donkeys.

Their masters view them as donkeys. Whatever education these slaves receive basically trains them to be mental donkeys. The donkey will only be motivated by the masters' carrots and sticks.

They are not trained to be internally-motivated, to think for themselves, to be curious about other cultures and societies, to become self-aware.

At present, their Masters are motivating them using an ever decreasing amount of carrots, thus the stress.

In your country, our Masters depend primarily on using the stick to get what they want: control over access to your resources and, of course, government handouts (no-bid contracts, croney corruption, etc.)

The Masters apply the stick daily to many countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, the Pacific Islands...have I left out any place?

Unfortunately, Iraq has been designated the nation that has to be hardest (and longest in duration) hit with the US stick.

Last, the cowardly US slaves who express their own self-hatred when they express their gutter (donkey-educated) sentiments to you don't realize something very important.

Their Masters are accelerating the impoverishment and militarization of the US. In other words, the Masters are starting to rely more on the stick rather than the carrot
in order to control the donkeys on the bottom and middle within US society.

(Do you notice how these donkeys use terms like loser, commy cunt, etc.? Its ironic. Because the way they express themselves demonstrates that they are the losers, donkeys and the disposable disgards of their Masters' declining empire.)

I hope your blog contributes toward the de-donkeyfication of the losers that respond to your blogs. If it does, then these donkeys may start listening to what you have to say rather than defend their Masters by belittling you.

Thanks for your blog.
Anonymous said…
Dearest sister, believe me when I say that my whole self is shrunk to little more than a small lump of compressed earth-shattering wrath here in my throat...because of your, our Iraq...

The cottonwooled, glassy-nerved, velvet-testicled child monsters from the organized outrage against Nature that is the American so-called "civilization", know fuck all about real stress just like they know bloody hell about real peace of mind, and their all-encompassing ignorance of life is blighting the Iraqi body and soul like an army of locusts run wild on a plentiful croop.

May our merciful Resistance take good care of those nervous wrecks...subject them all to proper DEEP-SLEEP treatment ;-)
Anonymous said…
Commy cocks and cunts
Capitalistic cunts and cocks

Where are you fools headed?

Verbal contortionists. hahhaah Your all losers.
Anonymous said…
lump of wrath

Another short sighted reactionary killer with no goals but the desire to eat, drink and be merry.

Another camel-toe with hopes of grandeur.
Anonymous said…
Man, does anyone know how to properly remove wallpaper? I have been trying for weeks and just about have it done. No, I am not stressed over it. WOW, some serious hate in here. Dam!! I have no "beef" with anyone here. I know there's some that will tell me to fuck off and what not, but hey what can I do. You don't know me so who are you to judge. You know nothing about me. On that note, if anyone knows any "tricks" to removing wallpaper let me know. peace
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
**Unfortunately, Iraq has been designated the nation that has to be hardest (and longest in duration) hit with the US stick.**
14/1/08 7:16 PM *anonymous)

I have often wondered about this myself. What about Iraq that has so terrified the west particularly amerikka?? My guess is a fierce independance, something the slave masters want eradicated.
anon your post was excellent!!
Unknown said…
Me and my room-mate talk about this all the time, on how in the U.S., people bitch about the problems they generate themselves. Thanks to the stupidity of conspicuous consumption, having credit cards, kids they can't afford. . . All that's important is being a good consumer. That's all the U.S.ians are trained to be, not that I play the game.

The good new is the empire is dying, the bad news is they are going to try to take everyone with them. On the other hand, that seems to include its own population. ;O)

You're a great teacher, giving us the TRUTH, instead of the garbage the media feeds the people.

Thanks. You're the greatest
Anonymous said…
mr jlennon,

for the wallpaper removal, peacefully, you gotta lick, real long and real hard, wif lots of spit and sliva


p.s. if it be really recalcitrant, the wallpaper i mean, you could call in some fat ass murKins, beforehand feed em some onions, beans and beer and let em rip.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous 14/1/08 :
You are one of the few who gets it. More stick less carrot- they can dispense with the carrot now; there is no counterbalancing force to hold them in check. Read "Leo Strauss and the grand inquisitor" by Shadia Drury. Can you hear the Olympian laughter of the Straussian gods?-Laughing at us all. I can, and I suspect you can too.
Anonymous said…
stress is a sustained "fight-or-flight" reaction over a long period of time in the absence of any imminent threat.

that's the North American version. We're acting as if there's a tiger breathing down our necks, and we're doomed unless we keep moving moving moving... but, of course, there's no tiger.

whereas in Iraq, the danger is imminent, and sustained.

yeah - Layla has every right to hate us for our navel-gazing, self-serving, impotent inaction.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Thanks Molleja for the info. I will try that. Lots of saliva....roger thanks
Beans, Onions, Beer and let's add some Bratwurst in there...mmmm Dam, I'm hungry. Who's got the grill? PEACE
Anonymous said…
For the record, I don't feel like a donkey. Peace Oh, what's a murkin?
Tom Degan said…
You've got me on my knees.

I've read some powerful writing on the obscenity that my government is comitting against the men, women and little children of Iraq - but what you have to say absolutely floors me. No matter how powerful our words may at times me, they are mere doodlings when placed in comparison of someone like yourself who is forced to live in the belly of the American beast. You will definately have a link on my site.

God bless you....

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY
Anonymous said…
lump of wrath said...
Dearest sister, believe me when I say that my whole self is shrunk to little more than a small lump of compressed earth-shattering wrath here in my throat...because of your, our Iraq...

The cottonwooled, glassy-nerved, velvet-testicled child monsters from the organized outrage against Nature that is the American so-called "civilization", know fuck all about real stress just like they know bloody hell about real peace of mind, and their all-encompassing ignorance of life is blighting the Iraqi body and soul like an army of locusts run wild on a plentiful croop.

May our merciful Resistance take good care of those nervous wrecks...subject them all to proper DEEP-SLEEP treatment ;-)


well said
Anonymous said…
sin city, rooster and the rest of u dickheads plz can u fuck off
Anonymous said…
jlennon said...
For the record, I don't feel like a donkey. Peace Oh, what's a murkin?


fuck off u dopey twat
Anonymous said…
Thank you Layla for another moving piece. Ignore the drivel from the American idiots. You shine a light, and like cockroaches they scamper from it and make vile noises in the process.

The genocide against Iraq began in earnest in 1990 when the US\UN sanctions were imposed. What many people don’t know is that prior to the sanctions, the US Defense Intelligence Agency did a study (DIA filename: 511rept.91) in which they determined that within six months of imposing sanctions, Iraq’s water-treatment facilities would be degraded to the point where there would be outbreaks, “if not epidemics,” of waterborne diseases such as cholera, typhus, and dysentery. They WANTED Iraqi babies to die from these diseases.

They were in such a hurry to see their results that, instead of waiting six months for the sanctions to take hold, the US military waited only two and then hastened the process by bombing nearly every water-treatment facility in Iraq.

The intentional poisoning of Iraq’s drinking water followed by 13 years of sanctions, which prohibited the importation of even simple diarrhea medicines, fulfilled the DIA’s prediction. According to UNICEF, more than 500,000 children under the age of 5 – (over 1,000,000 Iraqis total) died as a direct result of the sanctions, as planned.

American cockroaches can’t understand the profound, enduring effects of such a calculated onslaught because they’re too busy running from light and making vile noises.
RhusLancia said…
Tom Degan's Daily Rant: "Layla,
You've got me on my knees."

Licking Saddam's boots like Layla & friends? They'll still probably hate you.
Anonymous said…
allah ak-barf.
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
America needs to fall and it needs to fall hard.

Why is it with a population of 300 million, they consume nearly a quarter of the earth's resources like a bunch of maggots?

Its a good thing for the world that wall street is crashing down.

Its a good thing that China owns America.

Its a good thing so many of Americans are financially losing their asses becuz nothing gets so many Americans moving and thinking than taking all their STUFF away.
Anonymous said…
Great piece Layla.
The level of brainwshing over here is ridiculous.
Too many stupid stupid motherfuckers, prime example, the name calling shitheads at the top, these scum aren't even human.
This illegal invasion and occupation is ruining your country and destroying America.
The country is going bankrupt and the brand image is tarnished beyond recognition.
Americans are now viewed as cancer thanks to Bush and the fucking puppetmasters.

The Depleted Uranium use is disgusting.
It's so fucked up.

There are many of us that despise what is going on.

Keep up the writing.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Tom Degan.

I visited you website. I see you are a very big fan of Teddy Roosevelt, a forner US republican president.

As I'm sure you are well aware of, there is much controversy over the sinking of America's USS Maine as it sat in Cuban waters.

As you know, at that time, Cuba was revolting agianst Spain. The controversy over the sinking of the USS Maine is, was it a put up deal by America so they could create a war with Spain and thereby take control and occupy Cuba, or was it an accident?

In any event, the American press went to work and began pushing for a war with Spain to take over the small island of Cuba. This is where your man, President Teddy Roosevelt, conquered Cuba.
Ryan said…
I did more for Iraq than "Layla" and I am a former US infantryman.

I spent a year and a half in Iraq in Mosul, Rawah (Anbar) and Baghdad and I never fired a shot at an Iraqi. Never harmed an Iraqi. And sure as hell helped a whole heap of Iraqis. All in under 5 hours of sleep a night and nothing but a sandy cot and a couple books to keep me company.

What "Layla" spews is garbage. And lies. I am sure that she has had many positive encounters with "evil Americans", she probably smiles at them, thanks them, and then comes home and writes horrible things about them.

You are what is wrong with Iraq, "Layla". Go outside and fix something (like I did), or shut the hell up.

Oh and BY THE WAY, BITCH. Its not AMERICANS that have destroyed your country, ITS YOUR FRIENDS.
Anonymous said…
The only way there will be peace in Iraq is if the Occupiers leave. I don't think it will happen soon but I and many others pray to God for this to happen so the pain and misery can stop.

Peace to all, except the braindead homosexuals who posted at the top and their like.
Anonymous said…
Ryan, I sympathize with your views - and the effort you applied and risk you took to help Iraqies, I really do. It's true not all Americans are assholes (though most are undereducated - and not alone in that by any means).

But someone dropped bombs on those Iraqi homes, those children, those hospitals and water treatment damns. It was an American pilot, with American orders from an American military with an war-mongering American president and a war-mongering American public to vote him back in. Some anger at America is natural yes?

Of course it was the American 'elite' which has done these things, and folks like you are their victims just like those dead and wounded Iraqi children... but a little better off yes?
Anonymous said…
Holier-than-thou Mohammed said:
"lump of wrath,
Another short-sighted reactionary killer with no goals but the desire to eat, drink and be merry."

Lump of wrath laughs at your speculative "mirror-climbing".

For your information, I am "another" damn good-sighted (and gorgeous-eyed) revolutionary, who has never harmed a fly, with the goal of restoring liberty, unity, peace and prosperity in her beloved Iraq, who nibbles at food, drinks still less and just has no heart to be "merry", even though she yearns for the three and the Life she was robbed of on a fucking dark moonless March night of five years ago.

Be proud of it and of everything else, agent of the Nothingness.
Anonymous said…
Sorry, but I don't do tricks for free and I don't take rain checks.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said...
"Of course it was the American elite which has done these things, and folks like you were its victims"

Yaaaaa, das ist correkt...they were "just obeying the orders" !!!



Kiss our Sumerian shoes, Ryan, you viscid, spineless uniformed worm, and crawl back under your 3-century-old rock.
Anonymous said…

I am a Vietnam veteran and as I remember the military is a little shy on members with skills and professions that would actually benefit people. Are you a skilled surgeon, a civil engineer, an accountant, a health care professional, etc? What did you do that an Iraqi person could not have done?

The object of an army is to destroy and kill - any other nicety is simply a public relations ploy to mollify the folks back home.

If you really want to help, tell all your fucking army buddies to get the hell out of Iraq - NOW!
jxh261 said…
Dear Layla -- This is the first time I've read your blog entries having found out about your writings recently.

We in America are not all like the sub-human pieces of dung that write foul comments and rape and pillage your land and people.

A lot of us are opposed to the occupation and were opposed to the invasion from the very beginning. I'm not asking for your forgiveness I'm begging for your understanding. Decades of fascist rule in the US has dwindled the collective intelligence of the people here.
RhusLancia said…
Draabit, Ryan! And thank you for your service.

I think, hope, and pray that Iraq will succeed thanks to efforts of the tens of thousands of soldiers like you and the millions of moderate Iraqis who are ready to leave the disasters of the past few decades behind them and move on to the stability, freedom, & prosperity they deserve.

Certainly the Master-Racist pining for the rightfully deposed and rightfully executed Saddam will continue. But let it fester and accumulate in little niches and enclaves such as this one, where it can wither and die on the vine as Iraq begins to prosper and recover.
jxh261 said…

Here are some thing that were done after deposing of Saddam.

Killed are 2.7 million (500,000 children), 2.2 million in exile (2,500 per day), 2.2 million internally displaced, so 2.7 million slaughtered and 4.9 million refugees. Subtract that from 25 million Iraqi population and you have 20 million (rounded off).

Are just the survivors considered moderatres?

I guess the Master-Racist pining is for Iraqi life that was better with Saddam, don't you agree?
Anonymous said…
Hello Layla.
I followed your advice and took a few days off to go back to Bridgeport, Connecticut, "on the tracks of Self".
To my great surprise, at the number of the alley where I recalled once was the Al-Rawi Bookshop, I found there was now the shuttered-down entrance of what a neon sign above indicated as a milonga.
It was still early in the evening, no other attraction in that road except a little café one block down, and not a soul around but the one lady seated at a table on the outside, lightly dressed even if it was a freezing cold evening, with a large hat and her eyes hidden behind a pair of sunglasses even if it was dusk, sipping from a coffee cup and staring at me with a curious smile, half-sardonic half-sorrowful...
I walked down to her and politely asked if by any chance she knew what had become of the bookshop, if it had been moved elsewhere or something, and she suddenly clouded over, stayed silent for a time that seemed to last for ages, then sighed deeply and answered me:
"Mr. Al-Rawi had failed. I killed him. Now everything of his has become mine."
And without even giving me the time to recover from the shock, she stood up and walked at a steady pace to the milonga, took a bunch of keys out of her bag and pulled up the shutter.
In that very moment, a large number of shouting night revellers emerged out of a sideroad into the alley and swarmed in what had once been my silent and solitary little rare books' dealer shop.
I felt my head spinning like mad and fainted.
When I came round, it was already dawning, and the alley was empty.
That very day, I took my return flight, and here I am, still clueless and in the total dark.
You are my only hope left.
Anonymous said…


Anonymous said…
I love our patient and suffering Iraq, Layla, I love nothing in this life but Her.

Keep kicking one by one all the doors of this unprecedented horror wide open in the gleefully smirking, foolishly smiling or death-like indifferent faces of the world.

My heart is not afraid of descending the stairs of consciousness hand in hand with yours into the tortuous ravines of Her Pain.

Together we shall penetrate the deepest profundities of the netherworld where Her ghost wanders in torment and lead Her up into the light, back to Life.

I blow you a kiss of Hope.

Yours ever,
Anonymous said…

With all due respect, there are plenty of people in America who do know the stress you speak of. There are millions of poor in horrible neighborhoods, filled with guns and drugs by people like Bush 41 (Daddy Bush), they fear for their lives daily, many are victims of race and gang wars, and unable to feed their families. There are also victims of DU here, but you've never been told of returning soldiers of Iraq War I, giving birth to deformed children. The poor often have the water and power turned off. There are many who must 'camp' because they cannot afford a home. Nevermind the fact, it is literally illegal to be homeless in America. Which gets people thrown in jail for being poor. The govt let in millions of Mexicans to take the livelihoods of poor blacks because they were getting too uppity in the 80-90s, and using affirmative actions to succeed in construction, union jobs, etc. And the govt sent in more drugs to destable the communities, so they would lose their homes. (look up Catherine Fitts, HUD and Solaris) You think because our cages look nicer on the tv screen that people aren't suffering? How many of those tv reports have been focused on poor and middle class? Those reports of stress you complain about, are really from the upper middle class and upbove, and so are all the stresses you name. Hundreds of millions of Americans don't have the money or time for yoga classes to de-stress. From what I understand you used to come from that upper level of class structure in Iraq. So, I understand why you would be drawn to that segment of people as a target of disdain. It might even seem familiar. However, that is a illusion of a very small percentage of our population. Failing for the lies on tv will get you no where, even if it is fluff pieces about stress and not the war. Besides, it is only meant to divide us. And by us, I mean the common man from around the world. As I've stated here before. Iraq must come to together and ignore all violence as a ruse to tear you apart even further. Don't fall for the tv reports of upper middle class citizens as a geniune representation of the common American. I'm sure it hasn't escaped you that same American tv is lying about the war in your country. So, ask yourself. Why would they be telling these particular stories about such a small segment of America? To create unrest. It has certainly worked with you, an ocean away.

I'm sorry to say, I don't expect the election to change the status of Iraq. Even if a Dem gets into the White House.

Don't worry the same men who attacked your country are planning another attack on our country...a la 9/11. You will surely feel a bit of satisfaction as Americans feel the horror of terror again. However, I'm sure you know that just means they will be coming with bigger bombs.

Sorry to be so bleak, but I'm sure you value honesty over someone lying and saying a Dem Pres will solve this horror show in Iraq.
Anonymous said…
karma just keeps on pontificating in his typical baboon style.
Has somebody heard some zoo seeking their lost baboon?...
Anonymous said…
"You will surely feel a bit of satisfaction as Americans feel the horror of terror again."

Actually, you Americans can only "feel" events, passively undergo them, but never "think" upon them, never draw any lessons from them...all sensation and no reasoning, like animals.

In any other country, 9/11 would have been a historical occasion for a collective conscience examination, moral renaissance and root-and branch political, social, economic and cultural your little America, it was the lame excuse for a further withdrawal into the indivualist shells on one side, and for the definitive "sheepification" of the non-existent "demos" under the banner of the most infantile, spineless, spoilt, self-righteous, self-justifying Manichaeism.

As for Layla, let me give you an eye-opener, my friend...

Her heart, in fact our hearts, are already "full up" with the Pain of our beloved Iraq, and just could find no "extra room" where to "accomodate" other feelings...not even the natural joy for the few and far between little good things that still happen to us in our everyday lives...let alone the trifling, miserly, and pointless, Schadenfreude you speak about.

We don't give a fucking damn about "destroying the West", unlike your scaremongering regime Propaganda would have you believe.

We just want, nay demand, the end of this illegal, unjust, cruel, vile, senseless, hubristic occupation and the restoration of Iraq's liberty, sovereignty and unity.
Anonymous said…

You are quite obsessed with discussing might want to talk to someone about that. Your baboon obsession seems to have damaged your reading comprehension. ;)
Anonymous said…
anonymous, are you the same who posted that hilarious one-liner about violins ?

what are you trying to do, outclass jr ? hahahahahahahahaha
Anonymous said…
Full up heart,

You seem to have missed the part where I state that 9/11 was commited by the same people who attacked Iraq.

America did go through all those things you claim it didn't. It's clearly you weren't paying attention to the reality in the states because you weren't here. However, Bush & his media cronies shaped how all that emotion would be utilized. People tried to speak out, people marched, people to this day are fighting to get the truth out about 9/11.

You are a fool for falling for the stuff to divide people. That is exactly what the elites want. The common man fighting amongst themselves. Every time you hate the common man in any country, you are in fact, hating yourself.

You know what I say is true. You know very few people are pulling the strings for billions of people on this planet. To fall for their Divide and Conquer techniques on the lowly to be one of their slaves. It is to carry water for those who steal from the masses. In other words, you are doing the work for them.

I don't carry their water. I don't carry their mental disease of racism. I don't carry their lies in my heart or my soul.

It is a shame you do. Even as I wrote in my post, that our leaders attacked the US on 9/11. You still mistakenly believe, that I would be scared about false propaganda about Islam and the west.

Psst...If I believe Bush commited 9/11, why would I believe his propaganda?

And another thing, Americans don't want this war, Bush and Co are looting our govt coffers and have destroyed our Constitution. We could give a fuck about Iraq. The typical US citizen never cared about Iraq, before they were forced to send their sons to die there. Why do you think they really care now? Most Americans are just trying to keep their homes, with ever increasing crappy jobs. Most Americans are one to two paychecks away from financial ruin. They are just running on their govt provided hamster wheel, as prices go through the roof and wages fall with a devalued dollar.
Anonymous said…

A situation has developed where people here that support all the forms of resistence, hate the 'west' and America.

It does not matter if that american is 2 months old or 90 years old. it does not matter if that american is black, asian, arabic, european, south american, central american, south pacific, african, russian, etc. It does not matter if the american is a coprporate executive making millions or even billions and it does not matter if that american is homeless living under the city streets and eating out the garbage cans. It does not matter if the amerian is dying of cancer or an imam sending money to help others around the world. it does not matter if the american is antiwar, left, right, independant or thinks the invasion is illegal. It does not matter. All you say can and will be used against you. the actual proof of this is apparent everywhere in this site. Thats the way it is.
Anonymous said…

Hmmmm...thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said…
Layla Anwar said…
Dear little Deer,

Hope you are well.
Trust America to see the last one of us, lame, childless, and a widow and jobless...Only then can they really pride themselves on a job well done.
And people ask me why I have no sympathy!?
Layla Anwar said…
Karl Marx,

Imbalance is rather an understatement don't you think?
Layla Anwar said…

May I borrow your copyrights on the
"the de-donkeyfication" term?
It is excellent...hahahahahaha
Layla Anwar said…
lump of wrath,

well said and very nice pseudo ;-)
Layla Anwar said…

You are damn right, it does not matter...anymore.
The sanctions and the bombs and the destruction did not filter out the good, the bad and the sick, nor did they filter out the young or the old...
Basically put, I don't give a damn what happens to your country.
Layla Anwar said…

With "all due respect" and your point is?
What is happening in Iraq is a result of AMERICAN OCCUPATION THAT FOLLOWED 13 YEARS OF SANCTIONS.
Is that like too difficult for you to understand? Is that too complex for insertion into your analysis?

What happens on your homefront, is not of IRAQI doing, I did say your system did I not?

The drugs, the racial wars, the homeless...Your stuff not mine.

But guess what ? You turned Iraq into a copy of your country where drugs, racial sectarian hatred, homelessness are now rampant...

Must be great being a proud American eh ?
Anonymous said…

They don't know much about how 'things' are. I do not mean this to be insulting but they do not understand or have the knowledge of what is going on in America. They do not need to know and they dont want to know.

Its not their fault.

Take the poor souls in Sudan who have been getting killed and are suffering in a genocide inthat country. Those people dont care about what is going on in America or what is going on in Iraq. They have their own problems. The tsunami victims and the hurricane victims here inthe US..they dont care about Sudan, Iraq, Iran or what corporate internationalist is making deal with who this week.

They dont know how the US Federal Reserve System came to be or how credit works and what financial disasters that can create. They dont know these types of things and they dont care to know.

From what I see today on this site, it's not only about the illegal invasion, the sanctions, the 1991 invasion and the bombing campaigns thru al of it..its also about Iranian influence and Iranian control in the 'Iraqi government' that was installed by the US corporate elitists.

It is also my understanding that while Saddam was the head of the Iraqi government, the atmosphere was was secular. Atleast that is what I have read here on this site. It was a time where women could persue professionalism and did not ahve to be concerned about the Islamic 'fundamentalists' carrying out acts against them. There was electricity, water. people were happy. This is pre Daddy Bush invasion inthe 90's.

So right now there is alot of hatred generated out of this when that era is compared to what has been going on since basically 1991.

The religious dynamics are active and a part of the mix. We don't have that in America. We can not relate to that either. We have many many religions here in America and most have disagreements but not to the point where warring factions in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq, leads to bloodshed and the brink of civil wars.

Its like Mars to us and we are like Mars to them. Wed ont need to understand it and they dont need to understand us. Maybe.....Maybe one day but not now..not anytime soon.
Anonymous said…
I know.

I visit a tremendous amount of websites and forums each week and I simply just tell everybody to not waste their time on Arab Woman Blues.

The people hate and this is simply the result and that cannot be changed.

Im telling American to not go there at all and anybody else that I can around the world becasue the world is being blamed.
Layla Anwar said…

Thanks for visiting...
Am glad you are having these discussions with your room mate...
America and Americans cannot continue doing what they are doing to the rest of the world and get away with it.
Something will have to snap somewhere...
This is the KARMIC LAW. It has to be.
Layla Anwar said…

It's been 17 years. I repeat 17 years since Desert Storm...
17 friggin years...
Inaction is another understatement.
Anonymous said…
Let them be Karma

Just stand back and let it happen becasue anything we say or try to useless. Let the war just playout I guess.
Layla Anwar said…
Tom Degan,

Hell and thank you for your comment. The horrors you heard of are only a mere 10% of what actually takes place...
I do not know about your political leanings...
But I do know that the Democrats watched with great indulgence the squeezing and asphyxiation of the Iraqi people during 13 years of sanctions. And the republicans completed the job.

Please read the comment by someone called Doug - he was in Baghdad.

Regards to you.
Layla Anwar said…

Is the in house, naturally driven comment
Layla Anwar said…

You did shit to Iraq, you did nothing but kill, abuse, humiliate, destroy, plunder, steal from the people, rape, torture you are a contemptible piece of shit and you are not welcome here.

Fuck you and fuck your Army.

Now go to hell.
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you for your great comment and for reminding people of the sanction years and the DELIBERATE criminal policies to slow turn the Iraqis into an agonizing lot.

I was reading about the bubonic plague yesterday and it seems one can willfuly spread it by leaving contaminated bodies around...

Maybe this is what America has next in mind.

I had a look at the pictures you took in Baghdad in 2003.

Very powerful. Finally someone who also saw the orange sky. It felt like an apocalyptic day. It was an apocalyptic day.
Anonymous said…
what is the cause behind the sudden influx of americans on this site????
Layla Anwar said…

"You have changed me instantly"
Take heart, I will not charge you for it :-)
Layla Anwar said…
anti ameronazis,

May I borrow your " kiss our sumerian shoes" ? It is priceless...hahahahahahahaha
Resis-dance said…
hi layla,

check out my latest for you!!!
Layla Anwar said…
TNT and Nick,

I guess you are first timers here. Thank you for visiting and your words of solidarity.
Anonymous said…
Resis-dance said...
hi layla,

check out my latest for you!!!


fuck off u dickhead.....dont u ever have nething useful to say??? stupid prick
Layla Anwar said…
jhx 261,

I understand that you are not ALL like that, I know that already...
But please tell me what difference does it make in our lives ?
What difference has it made in the past 17 years ?
It's gone from bad to worse to annihilation...
What have you got to say to that?
Layla Anwar said…
Fleur de Lys,

I think you should contact Paul Auster, your plot thickens...
Layla Anwar said…
Dear E,
Very beautifully said...I am not alone in the ravine. I just wish more people have the courage like yourself to go down there...
Layla Anwar said…
Full up heart,

You said it all!
The heart is too full already, yes indeed...
Layla Anwar said…
B announcement,

Who is al Mohajer ? And secondly am not into arranged marriages nor marriages of convenience...unlike America.
Layla Anwar said…

I am aware that you are vet, you said it yourself, so do forgive me for not having any kind words for Ryan and Co...I cannot bear to see or hear or read any of them.
Layla Anwar said…

Thanks as always...:-)
Anonymous said…

Clearly, being insulting is more important than the exchange of ideas. However while trying to insult my knowledge, you forgot to mention the previous Iraq war and it's destruction and the fact that Saddam worked for the CIA. You, as a Shia, personally benefitted from that arrangement at the expense of millions of Iraqis, so I can see how that fact would escape your righteous indignation now.

And you also forgot to mention how we sold BOTH you and Iran the weapons to blow eachother up. All for the price of a few released hostages. The fact of the matter, your country helped to destroy itself with hatred that spews from you now for Iran, long before America invaded in '91. The west has used your regional hatred to weaken your societies since petrocarbons became all the rage last century.

Divide and conquer. They even have a new map drawn. Have you seen it?

If they get their way Iraq will lose millions of acres of land.

And you wonder why I say you need to ignore the violence and come together? You wonder what the point of showing the misery they have caused in America, trying to open your eyes to the truth?

Because we are all doomed with these Divide and Conquer techniques. We, the comman man around the world, are all being hurt by the same pack of evil theives.

As I said on another post, if you are having so many probelms separating Americans from the elite. It makes me wonder about you, and if an alphabet agency is on your resume.

Bush has spent billions on propaganda both here and Iraq. Your continued ignorance to truths held by the common man around the world, even in Google-flitered China, is making me wonder if you are on the BushCo payroll.

Having extra money to go to bars is a luxury, not a necessity.

Anonymous said…
"please don't leave me now "

Are You There?
Anonymous said…
Karma I do not believe Layla is shia.
Anonymous said…

You are right...again. I was responding to her post, so I didn't see yours.

I thought it might be a language barrier, at first. Which could be worked through, when the misunderstandings were cleared up.

The fact they lack the ability to separate Americans from their government, is strange. Because, I don't really see a lot of govts honoring their citizen's wishes. So, I thought that universal truth, with some facts on the ground, would help bring us together.

Which also made me wonder if she wasn't paid to be obtuse, because there are so many wonderful Iraqis in America, who do understand those issues in great detail, long before they get here.

Thank you again for the info.
Anonymous said…
Yes the plagues are something is always something that can be used. US has them and so does Russia for sure. I think a look in Google lists who has what types of chemical & biological weapons, More is probably being developed this moment and of course the U & Russia till has those bigboys called intercontinental ballistic missiles. Those are still active and aimed right at each other and are a buttons push away.

The Russian and Amercain militaries and to some low extent, the Chinese play a game of cat and mouse under the oceans and seas with their submarines. It happens alot and there has been instances where this underwater game has nearly led to launching nuclear missiles due to human error.

In the past, the US government and it's military gave blankets to Indians that were infected with the small pox virus. This is the first recorded use of a biological 'agent' by the US government.

Sorry to distract but I thought the small pox issue was a little relevant.

ok...I'm american ( ashamed ) so I'm going to go pick my nose out in the hall for an hour. :-))
Anonymous said…

Thank you.

Good to know.

Even though I know you didn't share that to help my point.

That fact, makes it even more of a mystery why she can't understand people being exploited by their own governments. Since, she had a front row seat to the procedure during Saddam.

I guess that map will become a reality, as hatred, is more important than saving her country.

That is what the success of that map requires....more hatred and millions of unaccounted for weapons.
Anonymous said…

You are an IDIOT, but then that does not surprise me knowing where you come from.
According to your little petty putrid mind, I should stop living, not go to a café/pub and like your disgusting ilk right above, should be a widow, childless, joyless, limbless so you fucked backward retard can give yourself the rights to finally have some sympathy ?

Fuck you Karma, I don't need your shit here and you and your Al go and rot in your hell hole called America.
Anonymous said…

I spent today going over this websight and did some reading.I know it will take major efforts by citizens to get this damm corrupt government we have cleaned up.But now Im damm near convinced that Im useless and anything is in vain to stop this or help in anyway and just what will be will happen
Iv been talked out of it
Layla Anwar said…
Karma, you've had your stupid say here, anymore comments from you will be deleted.
I've had enough of your american crap.
Anonymous said…
Al, I left the christian church shorty after Iraq was invaded in 2003 in the military bombardment. I was just a quasi-churchgoer. I recall meetin with a few folks in the basement around a large table. The plan was to discuss things and events for the church and the community. I brought up the issue of trying to make people more aware of this insane war that was being planned. They looked at me strangely and events took place that led me to walk out nad away and to this day I nver returned to any organized religion. I wasnt even a 'good christian' but as religions often do to people that are trying to find answers or need 'Something', I found myselg going on occassions but knew also the inconsistencies of religious thoughts.
I never trusted Uncle Sam since I could remember. I always looked at the rich people as needing to be eaten with their arrogant & hoyty toyty spoiled ways. I been on the net in many ways doing all I can think of and doing all I possibley can do make people aware of the governemnt and this insanity of things happening in Iraq. I have a daughter nearly 15. I would without a doubt, most assuredly and without batting an eye, place a bullet in the head of any violator that laid a filthy hand on her in an abusive way. If she was raped, like what is happening in Iraq, a bullet would find their brain, but not until I first cut off their eyelids so they could not shut their eyes while I was doing what I would do to them. My life would be over.
I do give up. I give up here and the silly little war protesting I do at a certain intersection near my home with others and all the other little stupid ways I thought I may be helping in some little way.
I give up.
Anonymous said…
sorry for the confusion. the above was meant for karma. i was recalling something and got f'd up.
RhusLancia said…
jxh261: "I guess the Master-Racist pining is for Iraqi life that was better with Saddam, don't you agree?"

No. Disagree. There are Iraqis- quite a few I grant you- who survived Saddam's time and do in fact miss the relative stability of life under his yoke. They knew where the "red lines" were and generally avoided the sweeping repression he used to remain in power and bleed Iraq for his own benefit.

Layla Anwar and Friends ARE NOT those Iraqis. She misses the repression and the genocide AND the aggressive wars. Have you missed how she talks about the Shia and Kurds, even the Iraqi Sunni who did not lick Saddam's boots? You cite numbers of killed and displaced, but those numbers to Layla are not low enough, if only the victims were from the "right" categories of "traitorous" Iraqis, and the killing done by the thief Saddam and his criminal regime.

Layla Anwar cries for Saddam, NOT for Iraq. Bottom line.

jxh261: "Are just the survivors considered moderatres?"

If you would like to see how a moderate writes, try Mohammed at Last-of-Iraqis. Compare any piece of his to any of Layla's. He misses peace and stability, but he wants it to return and he is realistic about the past, present, and future. You can agree or disagree with him but still hope for the best for Iraq and Iraqis. Layla Anwar, if she is sincere and is not a Mossad tool, is an abomination.
Anonymous said…
Layla, you are 150% correct. I am very aware of what Uruk is going through, and what it has gone through since 1991.

I actually get pretty angry with people who tell me how "stressed" they are. I think, "You haven't got a clue..."

I cry for Uruk, but even my tears are wasted. I honour Iraq, but that does no good.

I have nothing more to add.
Anonymous said…
Typo: CIA/Mossad/Iranian Intelligence PAWN
Anonymous said…
layla u forgot to reply 2 the comments on "quick thoughts on iran".
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
When Juno is set free, Jupiter comes down to earth, whispers an "end of knight" tale in our ears...goodnight.
Anonymous said…
I believe the American anti-war wankers such as Karma and Al have been basking for too long in the naive, sentimental indulgence of a Riverbend or the opportunistic "broad-mindedness" of the Jarrar's.

Our Layla is made of a sterner stuff, guys with the Che room on here for your patronizing, self-gratifying "pity" and moralistic lectures.

If you truly care about her forgiveness and esteem, you've got to start opposing the war not just in order to bring your poor little mass-murderous boys back home, but out of True Love for the innocent People of Iraq, and even that not just from an "humanitarian" point of view, but also from the absolute respect of their history, culture, mentality, ideals, values - which does include the most-sacred veneration for their hero and martyr Saddam Hussein - and right to self-determine in the future as they will think best.

That's what I feel and do, and frankly I don't consider myself as an exceptionally gifted creature, just sensitive enough to appreciate the Beauty and defend it.

Can you too ?
Anonymous said…
layla, ya jarabiyatee, I luuuuuuuuv u.

plz muta'a me.
Anonymous said…
From the window I shall thrown my cut-off balls off to you. From the window.
Anonymous said…
Wanna give me a finger-job, Layla ?

No ??? !!!

How fucking dare you say no to me, you lowlife Zionist propagandist bitch ?

Kess emeek !
Anonymous said…
Hahahaha, the the-best-potato-slicer-award winner is practising hard to get another award - this time as a window jumper...
Anonymous said…

Yes I am a Vietnam veteran, drafted of course – here in the land of freedom and democracy I could either go to Vietnam or prison – I choose the former.

You do not have to apologize for not having any kind words for Ryan – let me finish:

Ryan- stop being a dumb fuck – educate yourself – the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq is a war crime. The first Iraqi child who died as a result of the sanctions was the first victim of a horrible, vicious act of genocide of which you were apart of and which continues to this day – there is no other way to describe it.

You think you’re there for spreading freedom and democracy – think again – it’s for the $30 Trillion dollars worth of oil that lies beneath the soil of Iraq and Bush and his cohorts don’t care how many American soldiers or Iraqi civilians are killed or injured. While you were out there with a bunk and some books, Bush and Cheney were getting 3 squares a day and climbing into a comfortable bed every night - you’re just a stooge, a hired gun – wake the fuck up!
niemandsland said…
Hi Layla,

Thanks for the article about stress! I couldn't agree more.
I'm from Holland, and your article applies to many dutch people as well.
The majority of the Dutch people never wanted to join in the iraq war, but our prime minister thinks it's best to be best buddies with the current US government.
Meanwhile, they have also placed rfid chips in our passports...I never even realised it happened, until after that event.

The best way gain more control is to have meak people, or people who are distracted by other events. Scaring people is a great way to make them meak.
Sometimes without them even realising it, or even rejecting the complete picture.

Take care, and please keep addressing the issues you observe.
Anonymous said…
what is with Rhuslancia's accusatory nonsense about Layla's admiration of Saddam? WHy should anyone give a toss about that? Whatever the man's misdeeds, it's enough to look at what came afterwards to see what he was holding in check - a noxious, backward fundamentalism that the US has ALWAYS fomented in the muslim world. Is Rhuslancia aware that the British recently chose Churchill as "Briton of the Millenium", Churchill! A man whose crimes make anything Saddam is accused of pale in comparison. Churchill, incidentally, was the first to authorize the use of poison gas against Iraqi Kurds in the 1920s.
Anonymous said…
It's OK, my poor dear Layla...OK with my humble self and also OK with the one and only legitimate Iraqi national Resistance.

C'est la guerre, as the French say..."every man for himself", etc. etc.

When everything will be back in its place, SO WILL YOU.

I remain at the service of Iraq, of the whole Iraq and of nothing but Iraq.

Iraqi Mojo said…
Stress is when your entire family is jailed for four miserable years by Saddam's Mukhabarat because a family member decided to flee Saddam's army.

Stress is watching your mother beheaded by Fedai'yye Saddam in front of the neighbors.

Stress is being raped by Uday Hussein and later being told on a blog that the rape didn't happen.

Stress is being tortured to death because you did not memorize the license plate of the car used by assailants who tried to kill the rapist and murderer Uday Hussein.

Stress is having to deal with your husband and son disappearing and later discovering that they were murdered by Saddam's filthy regime.

Stress is being an Iraqi Shi3i who's accused of being Iranian in a country run by a Sunni Arab dictator and being arrested by the Mukhabarat and escorted to the Iranian border, from where you had to walk through a mine-infested desert in order to reach safety.

Stress is watching your husband and son shot to death in your home because they are Shi3a.

Iraqis have been stressed for decades, sadly.
Anonymous said…
Layla does not see it that way
In URUKNET she says she "misses" the days of Saddam. As long as her needs personal needs were being met, all was well and she dreams of the days of Saddam.
Anonymous said…
trust the cia "iraqi" mojo to follow orders
jeffffferey whistled and he came running. spineless.
tell us mojo have u finished leasing ur ass to the yankees, or is that a life time mission?
Anonymous said…
Iraghi Mojo,

Stress is what YOU will experience WHEN your so-called "protectors", actually EXPLOITERS, U.S. uniformed locusts will be forced to beat a RETREAT and will abandon your turbaned psycho thugs of heroes IN THE LURCH and to the complete "mercy" of the rightfully furious crowds of TRUE IRAQIS whom they have persecuted, humiliated, tortured, maimed, drilled, raped, murdered or exiled according to the IRANIAN imperialistic strategy.

Remember, the Yanks could not care less whether you are a Saddam loyalist or a U.S. flag waver: to them, ALL Iraqis are "sand niggers", inferior beings, heathen savages, and so are YOU and your fellow-SECTARIAN Shiites strutting like peacocks over the pathetic semblance of decision-making power they were given in exchange for their high treason: nothing more than HANDKERCHIEVES to be THROWN AWAY as soon as you will be no longer needed.

Tick-tock tick-tock...

Good luck with your GARBAGE of a future.
Iraqi Mojo said…
Interesting because none of my relatives or family friends have been murdered by Americans. Many have been murdered & expelled from their homes by Saddam's filthy henchmen and Al Qaeda types.
Narendra shenoy said…
Ouch, girl, that's some writing!
Anonymous said…
well done for mojo's family.
Anonymous said…
my family was killed by saddam, boo hoo, pity me, saddam bad, daddy good, uncle good, cousin good, they're all iranians by the hoo hoo, they're all supporters of terrorists orgs by the hoo hoo, they're all involved in corruption charges, plotted coups, boo hoo hoo,
am iraqi mojo, america is the greatest, and saddam is bad man, you are good, i am good, boo hoo hoo.
Anonymous said…



Anonymous said…
good passionate debate.....lets keep it going guys
Iraqi Mojo said…
'The notion that the Sunni Arabs have a right to rule was stated openly by Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, an Iraqi journalist who had covered the fighting in Fallujah from the insurgents' side. Abdul-Ahad stated baldly in the Guardian on January 26, 2005, that "in Iraq — as is the case in most of the Muslim world — the Sunnis were always the natural-born leaders of the community." The prejudice of the Sunni-Arab insurgents was reported as fact. The Sunni Arabs, he claimed, "hate the Shia because they are backed by Iran, and they are killing the police because they are collaborators and because they are all Shia." In fact, the Iraqi policemen and national guardsmen fighting against the terrorists and insurgents in Ramadi, Tikrit, and much of western Iraq are primarily Sunni Arabs.

If there were any doubt as to what a return to the Sunni-Arab ascendancy would mean, one of Abdul-Ahad's Sunni-Arab sources summed it up well: "Our main aim is to drive the Americans out and then everything will go back to normal, as it was before." For Iraq's Kurds and Shia Arabs, "normal, as it was before" meant war and genocide, oppression and discrimination. For the Sunni Arabs, encouraged to regard themselves as a superior caste, it meant a right to rule — an ascendancy as objectionable as that which sustained apartheid.'
Anonymous said…
The Anfal Campaign
Anonymous said…
link is invalid u dickhead
Anonymous said…
Go to youtube and type in "buthcher of baghdad".

Look at the videos of Halabja. Knowing you, you will cheer and give salutes to Iaqis killing Iraqis. You will promote killing others and their family over the World Wide Web via this Arab Woman Blues website. You use this website as a vehicle to launch murder. This website is a terrorist organization and has been evidenced as such.

or,yes, type in Anfal Campaign in youtube.

Killing was going on in Iraq LONG before the US government invaded Iraq.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Iraqi Mojo said…
uno's link works for me. Click on this: The Anfal Campaign

Also check out Saddam's Road To Hell
RhusLancia said…
jr: "link is invalid u d*ckh**d"

it works fine
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Another, incase that did not work for somebody

Based on much of the postings here by Layla and her supporters that want to kill, I believe they want the US out of Iraq, not so much because of the destructiveness and miseries that has been brought...but because the Saddam Party is no longer in power in the country. I think they believe that thru further bloodshed ( If America was out ), they can fight and kill to regain control. THAT'S what this is all about. Not the American invasion per se.

THEY, do not like being pushed around and everything else that has been happening..but it was A-OK when Saddam and his followers were doing it to others.

Yet Layla will use as figures in her writings, all the casualties the sanctions caused. Its an accounting make over. She'll use the numbers to her advantage. Even though she will flee from discussing the numbers of civilians dead by the hands of the butcher of baghdad.

And watch, just like clockwork Layla wil come here, delete posts and say F You and proclaim her 'Not Welcomes".

Mao / Churchill / Lenin / Bush / Hussein / Hitler / Stalin / Layla Anwar ?
Anonymous said…
In the moralistic, hypocritical, in bad faith Zionist agent provocateur Uno's world:

Treasonous terrorist donkeys (Anfal) = Innocent defenceless dignified citizens (Iraqi "Freedom")

It's the world upside down.
Anonymous said…
Should all of them had been killed, upon the orders of Saddam Hussein?

Yes or No ?
RhusLancia said…
bingo, uno.

anonymous/'muhanad bayati', why such obsessions with Master-Racism and butt sex? Do you like it that way because there is more "Resistance" ??
Anonymous said…
Just look at the link:

It tells you all about the zionazis/ameronazis uno&rhuslancia&co: these primitive bumpkins are paid for "doing good" for Israhell and the Nazi States Of Amerikkka. Pure zio/ameronazi hasbara propaganda. Who buys this bullshit?!...
Anonymous said…

It is a documentary about Jewish Americans.

They've done it for African Americans, Mexicans, Irish, etc.

Geez...don't get your panties in a twist over PBS.

If you really want to be informed watch Frontline. Cheney's Law on that same page.
Anonymous said…

karma the JEW NAZI psycopath!!!


All's clear now, brainless baboon!!!

Anonymous said…
They can't answer the question. It was as simple a question as could possibley be made.

I dont mean to be insulting but straightforward in saying, that I have not seen any intelligent debates from the follower of Layla.

I see one-liners and name calling and a call for revenge and even more bloodshed.
Anonymous said…
UNO, your mom's pussy smells like dried up Chinese market fish.
Anonymous said…
Ok. Here's another question.

Surely the regular Layla supporters here have a vision of how they woule like Iraq to be governed and waht laws should be in place for their country.

Lets us imagine, hypothetically of course...that that day comes and all the Americans are out..all the contractors are out and everybody is 'free' to do with the oil as they would like.

Can anyone give me a quik synopsis of this and what they would like to see?
Anonymous said…

uno, due, tre... tutti uguali JEW NAZI animali!

zio/ameronazi hasbara propaganda!!!It's cheap, folks, who'll buy it?!

Anonymous said…

Your talk of food got me a bit hungry.

I think I better get to the gym and lift some weights for 90 minutes and then do some cardio-vascualr workouts. I've missed the last 3 days now and usually never miss a day.

Afterwards, I'm wondering... should I have Italian tonight or Mideastern? Both use some pretty good spices dont you think? Probably Mideastern tonight.

You should try getting some excercise too.

Have a good night.
Anonymous said…
hurry up!
Your father is waiting for your deepthroat blowjob! So you get your food, hungry nazi bumpkin, ha ha ha ha ha!
Anonymous said…
Sorry Anon, I don't like what the Jews have done to Palestinians....I'm Irish.

We taught you about the car bomb....your favorite tool. Where would you be without that precious Irish export? LOL

Anyway, like I said earlier, baboon as an insult falls flat in America, it just doesn't have the teeth you expect it to.

I'm sure it causes a riot of laughter out there, but out here.

It just makes you seem obsessed with you've been practicing monkey love with them.

But really Anon keep working that baboon joke, I'm sure you will find a way to make it funny!
Anonymous said…
Karma is an Irish JEW NAZI baboon!


What news!

Anonymous said…
I can understand why you hate Jews. Wolfowitz, Cheney, Perth, Rumsfeld, Cohen, Abrams, etc all part of the PNAC who have you in their cross hairs. I would hate them too if they blew up my country.

Oh wait...they did on 9/11. Why would I be a Jew Nazi, if I believe those men murdered American citizens, just so they could start a war with the Middle East.

Oh by the way, not sure if you heard, there is a missing nuke in America. Six went up in the air...only five landed.

Which means, those PNAC murders will probably target either the Middle East or America with it. Either way, is bad for you.

If they false flag us here in the US, expect some sand to turn to glass when they strike with the big stuff.

Good luck with your insults.

Those Jews aren't done with you yet.
Anonymous said…
Hey, folks, Karma the Irish JEW NAZI baboon is selling his merchandise. Quite cheap! Come and buy, folks! HAHAHAHAHA
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Using their own colloquism -( As it seems it is the only language one can communicate with them in)

A response to the hat full of ugly arse-holes who have anti-Hussein and anti-Arab postings -

No. the 'Butcher of Bagdad' as many Iraqis and westerners at the time referred to, was the Australian, Richard Butler. Get your facts right you muttonheads.

While a so-called inspector in Iraq He worked for the US Council of Foreign Relations,and was the king pawn the US used for starting off the invasion of Iraq.

There are some of us who can think and do research for ourselves, and already knew the true facts regarding Saddam Hussein before even finding Layla's site.

So it does not matter how many lies are spewed out here on these postings, because when one know the truth, they are like water off a ducks back.

It is interesting how even President Saddam Hussein in death still irritates these moronic gits.

With the death of President Saddam Hussein these nong-nongs in their permanent arrogant state of stupidity believe they can make people forget - not only 'death to humanity' but 'death to memory' as well, it seems.

But no such luck chaps!

For your lies stand out like a country shit house, with statements thrown out that stand alone, without the back-up of true facts. Read them carefully anyone in doubt - where are the facts? Where are those bloody facts everyone?

Well, negatives can be turned into positives. And the more Layla is demonised by these knives and forks, (dorks) the more we like her. And the more we like her truth and honesty.

And the more we re-inforce the truth about America, and as to why President Saddam Hussein was murdered by them and the Iranian theocracy. -'Fundamentalists United in Crime'

And the more we will demand loud and clear - 'Yankees Get Out Of Iraq'

The unquestionable truth is, that when it comes to economic and social benefits to all his people. Saddam Hussein soars way high above Bush.

And, as the sun goes down
Less We Forget!
Anonymous said…
Long Live Palestine!

Palestine Israel Hezbollah, Iraq, Iran Friends Forever!!!

All Hail the pro-Palestinian Iraqi Mojo!

To the enemies of Palestine, including Saddamists and Takfiri Jihadis:

“Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do.”

“Love thy enemy with all thy heart and all thy soul.”

God loves all Her children.

Fair maiden Layla Anwar, God loves you too. You go Girl.
Anonymous said…
"All Hail the pro-Palestinian Iraqi Mojo!"

Any doubt that those two homos are fucking each other?
Maury said…
I tried imagining what this vile creature that calls itself Layla looks like. All that came to mind was Darth Vader.......without the mask. Someone please put it out of its misery.
Anonymous said…
Layla is Iraqi and all Arab women know that Iraqi women are among the most beautiful--their eyes. Have you ever seen their eyes?
Layla, your high quality opinions have attracted some high quality commentary! I'm so happy for you. May your blog continue to be a success :)

Uno, what is this "anal campaign" you refer to? Is Layla involved in that one as well?
Anonymous said…

I detest to repeat myself, BUT you would make a fine "ignavo" (slowthful opportunist) in Dante's Inferno.

It simply CAN NOT be "all the same" to you between Good and Evil, Right and Wrong, Reason and Madness, History and Legend, Reality and Fairy Tale.

Either you make your fucking mind about things or piss the hell off.

We have already too many imbecilic pseudo-leftist wankers to deal with as it is.
Anonymous said…
Perry 1961,

Keep racking your baboon brains trying to picture our Layla's physical appearance.

I trust you will eventually make it to at least one decent erection without Viagra in your miserable life.
Anonymous said…
God Bless the Watan Arabi,

...and people like you for not giving it up :-)
RhusLancia said…
perry1961: "I tried imagining what this vile creature that calls itself Layla looks like."

Simple, Perry. Have you seen Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion? Layla Anwar is the character played by Jeanine Garofollo, complete with long black leather trench coat and skulking and brooding to & fro. You know- the one that invented a faster-burning cigarette for "women on the go"?
RhusLancia said…
Here you go, Perry. I doubt she's anywhere near as ugly as the beliefs she holds. Is that even possible?
Anonymous said…
Layla Anwar is the best blogger on the net. And this FACT is so much more obvious from the quantity and "quality" of the postings by the growing horde of zio/ameronazi scribblers and squeakers, who are paid for "doing good for Israhell and the Nazi States of AmeriKKKa. Aren't they cute?! Hahahahaha! Primitive brainless mental castrato baboons, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!
Anonymous said…

'The Interview' is good also. IMO

Hope this will be atleast a momentary stress-reliever.
Anonymous said…
Al said-" just let the war play out, I guess"
That is exactly what the ruling class (I don't really care if that term sounds anachronistic) wants you to do; they want you to feel as if anything you try to do is an exercise in futility. Don't allow that to happen.
Anonymous said…
911 temporarily blew the lid off. For the first time, Americans saw how much civil unrest there is in Saudi Arabia whose royal family would have long since been banished had it not bee for the US "support". Just as quickly as the lid was blown off it was re secured. I don't think that they actually needed a 911 as a pretext to invade Iraq. I think that this invasion is quite possibly 30 yrs in the making . It was around 1992 that Cheney said that whoever controls the spigots to the Persian gulf oil lines has a "stranglehold" on the world. They are now a step closer to that stranglehold and the noose is tightening- oil prices hitting 100 dollars a barrel for the first time in history. Breaking OPEC's pricing power has been a long time in the making. Had 911 not occurred , the invasion would have proceeded anyway.
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…

iraq kills kuwait
Maury said…
No way Rhus. Try the Iraqi version of Roseanne Barr. Fatter. Hairier. Passing gas and scratching her balls while singing the Iraqi anthem. She's certainly got the same quality fan base.
RhusLancia said…
Touchè, Perry!

"By our crabs, by our gas, we sacrifice for you Saddam!!"
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…

In some ways you are right, we wouldn't have needed 9/11 to go back to Iraq. Technically, we never left in '91. They still had the No-Fly-Zone, which was engaging the Iraqis on a consistant basis.

They certainly didn't need a 9/11 when they attacked the first time in '91. Bush 41 had tricked Saddam into invading Kuwait, by sending April Giilespie, and telling him the US wouldn't interfere with his regional claims. Since, Saddam was CIA, and he had received arms from VP Bush, due to the October Surprise '80. Which helped him fight Iran in that war (Who also received arms from us, for delaying the release of the hostages. Robert Parry did some great investigative work on this for Frontline, etc.). He had little reason to fear that Bush 41 was lying to him.

Anyway, if you read the PNAC doc. They know that the US public will not allow them to invade again to take him out, only to control/contain him. And they certainly wouldn't let them succeed at the other goal of transforming the whole Middle East. In other words, invade other countries as well as Iraq. Without a "Pearl Harbor" type of "cataclysmic event". Which is definitely true.

I completely agree with you that these are long term plans that are being realized. Frankly, I've known since the first WTC bombing that they were going to take the WTC down with planes the next time. They had that Les architect stating it was built to withstand a plane hitting it. I turned to my husband and said, that is how they are bringing it down.

However, I was literally raised to watch tv that way. To be suspicious and gather as much information from as many sources as possible to form such opinions.

Without a doubt, these men aren't done with Middle East, and it was no accident Bush 43 would say things like 'crusades' or 'WWIII'. These men are trying to rip the lid off of countries all over the world and steal everying they can. It is tragic.

Watch as privatization and the laws Bremer forced on them start to steal even more wealth. Such as forcing them to use GM seeds, rather than collect seeds like they've done forever, steals three times as much profit from the farmer than the seeds the Iraqis have cultivated.

A short segment from documentary 'The Corporation' about privatization, and the effect it can have. In America, we are going to be dealing with this same issues very soon. Considering, Bush looted our govt for so long, watch the fire sales happen on our infrastructure. As a false solution.

Anyway, the cross hairs weren't just trained on Iraq. As you watch Bush dismantle the protections for the common man in America. It is clear we were in the cross hairs as well. They needed 9/11 to accomplish as much as the Bush Admin wanted to shove through.

There is no way that man could have destroyed so much otherwise. To think anything different is to be in denial of war. I literally can't name a war or military action that wasn't started with a ruse...'false flag attack'. Can you?

I am probably more cynical than you about these guys. But I've just read too much, and have been right about too many predictions with them to think anything else.

'The Crazies' as Ray McGovern said everyone called them last century, are in control this century.

Not sure how much you've researched these guys, but it will take your breath away the things they've done.

Even Bush 41 said if the American public knew what the Bushes have done, they would be lynched.

"Sarah, if the people had ever known the truth about what we Bushes have done to this nation, we would be chased down in the streets and lynched." ~~ Bush 41 to reporter Sarah McClendon, Dec. 1992
Anonymous said…

In case you missed it, this is a blog, not your toilet bowl.

Kindly refrain from defecating on here the old "Saddam was CIA" revisionistic lie which everyone knows by now was fabricated in order to alienate the Western and Arab Left's sympathies from the besieged legitimate Iraqi government throughout the embargo years.

I may be slowly starting to get a little bit pissed off with having to wash away the bullcrap of people like yourself all the time.
RhusLancia said…
awb's cleaning woman: "In case you missed it, this is a blog, not your toilet bowl."

That's funny, because I just dropped a massive "Saddam" into my toilet bowl. What a relief! (just as dropping the "real" Saddam was)

So, the fact that you're denying he was a CIA asset, means he probably was.
Anonymous said…
It is interesting that you mention GM seeds. The more I read about the corporate dimension to the invasion, the more the name Monsanto keeps popping up. They co own (with the US dept of agriculture) the patent for the terminator gen- a gene that causes the gametes of a seedling to be sterile in the following generation. They have waged warfare on India's agriculture for yrs. If crops with the gene are planted in one field, the seeds carrying the genes travel (with pollen generally) through the air and wind up in other farmer's fields generally intermingle with the seeds of those fields and usually reduce the next generation of crop yield by a quarter. It is one of the most diabolical uses of technology since the advent of the atomic bomb- more insidious but very deadly.
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Why do "Arabs" treat Asians & East Indians, Pakestanis and surrouding areas so badly? The web is so full of Asian domestic workers that are beaten, raped & killed by "Arabs". Just check em out. The web is absolutely full of such atrocities and stories of terror. Its not just the men either. The Arab wives of these Arab men get jealous and then they beat the workers. Such an appauling tale really it is. ( oh...I know...all the workers asked for was their own fault. YEAH )

Im not going to be like Layla and blame an entire race of people or a whole geographical location the map for the behaviors of 'some'. I know there are good loving and kind Arabs. But this is really a terrible issue. Poor people come there and are in desperate need of work and then they are beaten and raped and murdered. This murdering people that come there for work is terrible.
Anonymous said…
hurry up, Sharon is waiting for your enduuuuuuuuuuring deepthroat blowjob. Good appetite!
And don't forget GB, he too needs your enduuuuuuuuring blowjob care.
Anonymous said…
Yes gigi & karma, its all about control.

We,no matter where we are in the world, no matter what religion, no matter what skin color, no matter what border we live within..THEY are coming. Iraq is just another step in and a process in their grand finale.

Governments are no good. Not a one in my opinion. But today especially, governments have mutated into a soverign nation unto themsleves.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Layla, I think you are guilty of the same simplification of the "Other" which allows one country to paint another civilization with a broad brush. Although I am not an Arab woman, I am indeed a Western Muslim woman. I think it's very easy to stereotype the other and curse like a truck driver and much harder to create a coherent thought that makes people realize the message you want to convey, while not completely alienating them and disrespecting them in turn. For a woman in her 40's I would expect more mature insight, and less pottymouth.

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