January 14, 2008

Quick thoughts on Iran...

Am really behind in my writing. Or let me put it this way, can't write fast enough...

I really need to continue the "Iraq - Grandeur and Destruction series," but I simply don't have enough time.

Of course, I can always cut and paste news items for you, but then this is not my idea of blogging.

But I noticed Arab viewers are very good at cut and paste. Am not talking about the internet here, am talking about mental "cut and paste."

For instance, I was watching this program on al Jazeera the other night. It's called "Minbar Al Jazeera"

Minbar not to be confused with minibar...ok!, means "platform."

And in this context, this program means "platform of speech."

So people call in and give their views. They can't wait to call in.

But Al-Jazeera has this very bad habit of saying to the caller "Min ghayr tajreeh" meaning literally do not " wound." Of course, referring to whatever Arab government the caller is dying to insult...

The other night, the topic was on Iran. And I did not watch the whole thing, but did see parts of it.

And there was this caller, from ze Lebanon, and typically from what he said you could tell he is a hezbollah supporter and a shia. Usually they go together...

And this is what he said: "Why accuse Iran of terror ? Iran has NEVER hurt, one single Arab muslim..."

Why do Shias lie so much?

Why do Hezbollah and Iran supporters lie so much ?

Why do Arab sheep not stop and think ? Why do they swallow everything dished out to them with no questioning ?

Here is Iraq, next door, still bleeding to death, have you people got no shame?

You can take a firm stand against criminal America AND also take a firm stand against the equally criminal Iran.

You know very well Iran is AS guilty as America in the destruction of Iraq.

You know very well that Iran's militias are still fully operational in Iraq alongside the Americans.

You know very well that Iran has been AS instrumental as the USA in shaping the new Iraqi frontiers and in changing its flag.

You know very well that the Iraqi puppet government is not only sectarian in nature but is also Iranian.

You know very well that the millions of Iraqis exiled is the work of BOTH Iran and America

You also know very well that those that massacred the Palestinian population in Iraq are none other than the Iranian militias.

It is also common knowledge that everyday, not less than 10 Iranian armed intelligence are caught with fake ID's in Baghdad, caught harassing Sunni areas...

And if you don't know this then I will give it to you, Hezbollah that you praise as the great anti-zionist (my butt) was formed and funded in Tehran in the late 70's to FIGHT and DESTROY ANYTHING IRAQI IN LEBANON.

When will you people have some honor and stand for the Truth?

When will you people have some basic decency at least for those that have been massacred by the American- Iranian enterprise ?

But then, typical of most Arabs, you have no fucking shame...

You are parrots, who keep regurgitating the same slogans and clich├ęs.

You are a hopeless case AS hopeless as the Americans.