March 31, 2011

Quench My Thirst....

How many of you out there quenched our thirst ?

How many of you out there cared enough about that dry mouth...seeking...

I am thirsty...

I am thirsty ...

I am thirsty...I drink you up

Sewage water...

Sewage water and my words

fall in puddles

putrid waters

made of your stench...

My belly touches the earth
while I bow down
tasting you,
while I quench my thirst
sewage water
putrid water
of you...

I smell you in my mouth
I gargle you
in the late evening
I vomit you in the morning
And the following day
I bow down
my belly touching the earth
sipping you
your taste
the taste of sewage...

PS: Thank you David for making the picture alive...

March 21, 2011


21st March 2011.

El-Iraqiya means the Iraqi She. The female, the woman, the mother, the grandmother, the aunt, the daughter, the sister, the friend, the wife, the partner...

21st of March is a good date to write about Her, about She. It happens to be the first day of Spring and Mother's day in the Arab world, in Iraq. And all women are mothers in the making...and not just biologically so. The latter would be a very limited, reductionist, simplistic usage of the term Motherhood.

And the she that I am, can only talk from my perspective, from my studies, from my observations, from my experience...

The Iraqi women I have known, the Iraqi women who raised me, the Iraqi women who nurtured me, the Iraqi women I have met in my lifetime...this is to them. Excluded are the female syphilitic sores and discharges of the Occupation.

It might come across as an Eulogy, and a well deserved one in my opinion.

In my eyes, El-Iraqiya is very special. The countless Iraqi women I have met were and are.
And without wanting to sound too arrogant, I can tell you that El-Iraqiya is like no other.

Am not talking about individuals here. Am talking about the women I grew up with, the society of women I have experienced and who have marked me.

So in my own personal experience, I have not come across one Iraqiya who was not strong. Not one. This may be due to historical and political reasons, not divorced from the history of Iraq.

Mesopotamia, Iraq has known numerous invasions by barbarians...this is something that has left its imprints on the Iraqiya. This is something that has shaped her and made her into who she is. Both on a personal and collective level.

We are not your standard run of the mill Middle Eastern girls. Nor God forbid, your Western girls.

Our ambitions and aspirations went beyond the crass, pop, understanding of the Feminine.

The Iraqiya through her struggles, trials and tribulations has been in a constant search for new understandings of what the word Feminine means. And she has experienced all the facets of it.

From - Resilience, to Patience, to Endurance, to Perseverance, to Struggle, to Battle, to Survival, to Love...

Do not ever underestimate that. And since you have done so already, I am here to redress the Balance. And I don't really care about the thousands of images portrayed of us. I know what mud we are made of and this is all what matters to me. Because you see, El-Iraqiya knows who she is and where she has come from...

Again am talking about women of my generation, a generation more and a generation less...I am not including in this conceptualization, the females who participated in any shape or form in the invasion of our homeland. Nor do I include those idiotic substance less females living in the West and elsewhere, who can't even talk the language anymore, and who have swallowed the so called "feminine" images of what a woman is or should be from video clips made in Lebanon and Egypt.

We had no video clips to emulate. No Rotana, no Mazzika, no Melody and no MTV. We had more important things to do. We had more important things than boob jobs, silicone implants, lip augmentation, and landing the right guy who will look after us. We had more important things than looking out for a bank account, a man's wallet and what kind of car he drove...

We were too busy creating, constructing and re-creating, re-constructing ourselves.

We studied, we worked hard, we managed, we led, we participated, we fought and we raised families all at once... The Iraqiya I know is no trivia and no nonsense...this we left for other females who have the luxuries of idleness...the mental, ideological, political idleness...

We buried our children and our men long before thinking of our own obituaries, and we scrambled with ingenuity when humanity forsook us through "intelligent" embargoes. And we ceased not...despite your perpetual violence and our perpetual -- fear, grief, losses, neglect, abandonment...

So who can you compare us to ? No one.

It is no coincidence that the first myths and legends were born in our land, it is no coincidence that Goddesses ruled with mercy and with is no coincidence at all.

That was all but a preparation for the Iraqiya...

And to Her, this is my humble dedication.

March 20, 2011

Eight Years On....

Eight years a today, like a yesterday, like a yesteryear, like years ago...
must have been the same date, more or less, maybe another full moon, maybe another first day of Spring...

Were we to be reborn on that Equinox of our lives ?

We just died in a long winter... a cold long winter...and the seasons passed and we are still hermits in a world gone silent. Frozen in lies and endless stories still recounted
in our names and after our deaths...

You see, there is no point anymore remembering - year 1, year 2, year 3, year 4, year ...year 8, year 10, year 20...

There is no point remembering...because when it was happening, when the fireworks of Freedom were grilling us alive, and the sound of the rooster mingled with the call for the morning prayers, from Minarets resounding, with Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar -- while fire poured from the skies - you were were silent while talking, you were silent while arguing, you were silent while debating, you were silent while laughing...

And eight years later...I commemorate that same Iraq.

You see, there is no point remembering anymore...

March 14, 2011


Is our blood so cheap ? Did not the same sperm and ovum that made you, made us ?
Is the color of blood not red ?
Are the veins, arteries, limbs, heads, noses, eyes, ears, legs, arms, not the same ?
Is that not our common denominator, is that not our common Destiny ?

I will tell you something today that will shock you.

I will tell you something from the children of the maiden slave that will rock you.

I will tell you we are more sacred than all of you.

We are the pioneers, we are at the forefront, we are the first, and we will be the last.

No, this is no arrogance, this is Truth.

For what we have witnessed, what we have seen, what we have not counted in words

Words mean nothing.

You need to rip my heart open and see but you can't do that. You will never be able to do that. Because the Heart is not just an organ and you don't have it in you.

March 12, 2011

Iraq - A Nation of Tears.

This video is a recent one, March 2011.

This video is a 17 minutes sample of your Democracy at work in the Iraq al Jadeed, in the new Iraq.

This video shows you the daily life for Baghdadis, through the eyes of a few.

I have no strength to write more words, I leave you to watch the fruits of your labor, of your indifference, your apathy and your deafening silence.

Video : Journeyman Pictures. A Nation of Tears - Iraq / 7th March 2011.

March 9, 2011

On Democracy...

Sometime ago, an ex boyfriend - that's why he became an ex, in other words history -called me a simpleton and an idiot. He said I understand nothing.

So maybe I understand nothing, maybe you understand please explain it to me.

What is this democracy of yours, am really very curious. No honestly, am not pulling your leg or just wondering...What does it mean ?

Because I still don't get it.

Is it purple fingers dipped in ink or red fingers of protests ? Is it Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib?
Is it Bush, Blair or Obama ? Is it Iraq, Afghanistan or drones in Pakistan...or maybe it's the price of oil going up and down ?

Really, am serious, do you care to explain it to me ?

Who the fuck do you think you are fooling with your democracy ? Me, an Iraqi ?!

No darlings, no one fools an Iraqi...your Democracy we tasted exile. Your Democracy, we tore it apart in pieces, and saw the rags it is made of...Your democracy we hear it daily coming as screams of agony from your dungeons of Freedom...Your democracy, we witnessed it when we unearthed mass graves of anonymous corpses...Your democracy we felt it, when we walked the streets fearful of bullets and bombs...Your Democracy stinks on our skin, because we still have no water. Your Democracy freezes us because we have no heating...Your democracy is cold, it's the cold corpse of Death in a morgue that we visit daily, it's the cold of cemeteries, it's the cold of the missing, it's the cold wind from the West...

What democracy are you talking about ? Please explain it to me.

March 8, 2011

A Woman's Day.

Today is International Women's Day. I don't believe in it. I've become skeptical, a cynic when it comes to these big titles...the Iraqi occupation has done a great job on me.

For 8 years we've been hearing about this famous day, and the gender situation in Iraq is getting worse and worse. I've covered that topic a great length in previous posts on this blog and the Uncensored one and will not go into it again...

I mean you know the whole story - right ? We're basically much worse off on ALL levels since we've been liberated by American Democracy and Freedom.

I don't trust these International day slogans anymore, nor the women and men behind them. A question of giving oneself a good conscience for the day and having one's name published in some newspaper as the Woman of the Year...kind of bullshit.

So I want to do it differently this year. All talk about empowering women, I want to address men instead. OK I promise you will not get insults, I'll try my best...but my patience does run out with you males, because of that idiotic stubbornness, obstinacy, myopia, and power trip you're on...OK I failed in my promise, you just got insulted again.

But let's see things as they are, you all live in a great cocoon called Denial yet all facts and figures point to a TRUTH that Women world wide are more disfranchised then men, that they have less access to education, equal pay, health services etc and that they are THE GROUP par excellence that suffers the most from wars and occupations and that they are THE GROUP, the recipient of your violence worldwide. A violence that takes on many forms, and includes physical and verbal abuse, rape, trafficking, harassment, stalking and the rest...

Women live in a state of permanent fear, even on a subconscious level, because of your violence.
This is a fact, and you can deny it all you want, but it will remain a fact...and it will remain staring you in the eye and you will have a pain in the ass like myself, who will hurl insults at you, kick you in your butts metaphorically speaking, so you can wake up just a little and do something about your own selves.

Facing yourselves as you are, and recognizing your personal share of the responsibility in all of this mess is one of the best things you can contribute to the International Women's Day.

Oh and developing some morals, values and principles that you could live by in your interaction with the opposite sex would not hurt either...You'd be setting the best of examples to follow.