A Woman's Day.

Today is International Women's Day. I don't believe in it. I've become skeptical, a cynic when it comes to these big titles...the Iraqi occupation has done a great job on me.

For 8 years we've been hearing about this famous day, and the gender situation in Iraq is getting worse and worse. I've covered that topic a great length in previous posts on this blog and the Uncensored one and will not go into it again...

I mean you know the whole story - right ? We're basically much worse off on ALL levels since we've been liberated by American Democracy and Freedom.

I don't trust these International day slogans anymore, nor the women and men behind them. A question of giving oneself a good conscience for the day and having one's name published in some newspaper as the Woman of the Year...kind of bullshit.

So I want to do it differently this year. All talk about empowering women, I want to address men instead. OK I promise you will not get insults, I'll try my best...but my patience does run out with you males, because of that idiotic stubbornness, obstinacy, myopia, and power trip you're on...OK I failed in my promise, you just got insulted again.

But let's see things as they are, you all live in a great cocoon called Denial yet all facts and figures point to a TRUTH that Women world wide are more disfranchised then men, that they have less access to education, equal pay, health services etc and that they are THE GROUP par excellence that suffers the most from wars and occupations and that they are THE GROUP, the recipient of your violence worldwide. A violence that takes on many forms, and includes physical and verbal abuse, rape, trafficking, harassment, stalking and the rest...

Women live in a state of permanent fear, even on a subconscious level, because of your violence.
This is a fact, and you can deny it all you want, but it will remain a fact...and it will remain staring you in the eye and you will have a pain in the ass like myself, who will hurl insults at you, kick you in your butts metaphorically speaking, so you can wake up just a little and do something about your own selves.

Facing yourselves as you are, and recognizing your personal share of the responsibility in all of this mess is one of the best things you can contribute to the International Women's Day.

Oh and developing some morals, values and principles that you could live by in your interaction with the opposite sex would not hurt either...You'd be setting the best of examples to follow.

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