Is our blood so cheap ? Did not the same sperm and ovum that made you, made us ?
Is the color of blood not red ?
Are the veins, arteries, limbs, heads, noses, eyes, ears, legs, arms, not the same ?
Is that not our common denominator, is that not our common Destiny ?

I will tell you something today that will shock you.

I will tell you something from the children of the maiden slave that will rock you.

I will tell you we are more sacred than all of you.

We are the pioneers, we are at the forefront, we are the first, and we will be the last.

No, this is no arrogance, this is Truth.

For what we have witnessed, what we have seen, what we have not counted in words

Words mean nothing.

You need to rip my heart open and see but you can't do that. You will never be able to do that. Because the Heart is not just an organ and you don't have it in you.

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