February 24, 2011

The Eye of Greed...

The Eye of Greed, or the I of Greed, there is no difference.

It is business as usual.

So many justifications, the business kind...if I don't go for it, someone else will...after all am helping the Iraqis...it's a clean business, no death involved...etc, etc...excuses and more excuses, lame ones...the bottom line is you're there for the profit...short term or long term does not matter...it's profit.

That means anyone who does business in Iraq, is a fucking profiteer. A profiteer of the Occupation, a profiteer of our mass graves, of our exile and our displacement.

I don't give a fuck how you look at it...

Any, ANY company, that does business in Iraq today is giving legitimacy to the invasion and occupation. Because it means that you are dealing with the present status quo, and the present status quo is built on DEATH. It is built on thousands of bodies, on the biggest war known since the 2nd World War, on silence, on indifference, on apathy, on lies...LIES and more BLOODY LIES.

I am talking about Ethics. 99% of you don't even know what the fucking word means. Go look it up. Ethics and Business don't mix...they never did.

Hundreds of companies and individuals landed in Iraq post 2003. They landed to pillage us. It's that simple. Yes it's that simple.

Companies, individuals from the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, Iran, Arab countries, all came to make a profit, they saw a fucking window of an opportunity...a fucking opportunity, an opportunist is always a profiteer.

Among those Arabs were prominent Palestinians, I have their names one by one...they worked not only with the puppets that are sodomizing, grilling our asses in dungeons, they even worked with the occupier himself. They won all sorts of contracts to feed, dress, clean, protect the mercenaries and the American invader. YES, Palestinians.

And those same people at night would hold charity dinners for the Cause...and they would praise Saddam Hussein, and cry over Baghdad and Jerusalem...but at the end of the day it was business as usual.

And those same people are urging us today to boycott Israeli products.

Never mind the Iraqi product, the product made of flesh and bones...these don't matter one bit...it's business as usual.

As for the Europeans, it's the same...

I remember a couple of years back, I was invited to some gathering and was approached by some European shit. He introduced himself, and told me that his business is in the medical industry.

I am interested in Medicine, so I wanted more details...he said am in the EYE industry, in the optical...when he asked me what I did for an occupation, I replied - I was just an Iraqi.

Assuming that he was working locally, I asked him how his business is doing...he said: business am afraid to say, is very good.

How so? I inquired. I work with eye lenses in Iraq, he said. We replace eyes with artificial ones...business is very good.

I can give you more examples, many more... of Americans, Asians, Indians, Latinos and the rest...

I have hundreds of examples to give you, on how it was, is, and it's business as usual.

So my Beloved, how many threw themselves on your dying body, on your corpse, out of Greed...hundreds, thousands...they'd kill you a thousand times over to make an extra dollar...they'd suck your bones, feast on your flesh for an extra dollar...

Never mind your mass graves, the floating bodies on your waters, the dying birds in your fields, never mind your prisons filled with detainees itching their scabs away, soothing their wounds with prayers, never mind all your women torn to pieces, never mind your beggars, your 10$ prostitutes for a piece of bread, never mind your street kids, lost wanderers, never mind any of that...

Money talks...

Big investments, let's go for the kill, profit shines - stars in a dark, obscure sky made of Death...

I need to vomit...again and again and again....

February 23, 2011

A Caption of an Iraqi Woman.

Watched some advertisement on al Sharqiya Iraqi TV the other day. Some publicity for Iraq.

This is not a post to endorse the Sharqiya which is the only palatable Iraqi TV I can watch and only for a limited period of time.

But that advertisement stayed with me for several days now. It is ONE OF THE BEST I have seen so far in my life. And if I say it is one of the best, I usually know what am talking about. I can always tell the best from the rest...the best -- a terrible rarity these days.

The camera zooms in on a bride dressed in white, holding a mirror, making herself beautiful for that special occasion and then sitting on a well cushioned engraved chair, holding a bouquet of flowers in her hands, resting on her lap and the bouquet covers her belly.

She says: How I wish my parents to be present today, this is the most important day of my life.
Why are my parents not here, why is my family absent ?

Then the camera zooms on the chair next to her's where her groom is supposed to be seated. The chair is empty.

The Bride then says : Where is everyone ? Why am I so alone ?

Then she continues...

Why did you kill me ? You who is supposed to protect me, why did you kill me ? You want to protect Iraq from me ? Iraq runs through my veins...

She then removes the bouquet held in her hands and that covered her belly, and there is a huge blotch of blood on her white dress, right on her womb.

She was the one shot and murdered in the new Iraq.

An Important Note on the 25th of February 2011.

This coming Friday, the 25th of February will supposedly be a day of massive protests throughout Iraq against corruption and lack of services.

From my readings and listening to various sources, it is clear to me, that the Iraqis who will engage in this day of protest are NOT asking for regime change, but are demanding better services, less corruption, jobs and the rest.

But this is not the main point of this post. My main point is a friendly warning to all those inside of Iraq who will participate in these demonstrations :

Both the government of Al-Maliki, members of his Dawa party as well as the official spokesman of the armed police forces Kassem Atta, are already warning of "terrorists infiltrating the crowds and blowing themselves up" and that Iraq can revert back to square 1 if people do not respect the "law".

My understanding of this warning is as follows :

- this is being used as a deterrent to scare people from joining.

- this fascist sectarian Shiite regime has already used terror means to paralyze Iraqi society, on many occasions. Last in line was during the so-called elections period where the Shiite parties were actually involved in blowing up homes, markets and government offices to retain power. I hope I am wrong, but this fascist Shiite sectarian puppet government may well use the same method again on the 25th of February.

- the third important point to retain for now, is that the head of the armed and police forces has issued a decree out of so called "security concerns", BANNING ALL LIVE media, press, tv coverage of these protests.

- and last but not least, there are very serious threats of blowing up the government offices where names of MPS, party members, etc figure, inculpated in corruption charges. One such office was blown up in Diyala on purpose to cover up names. Another office in Bikar, has a thick high concrete wall being built around it, so it will not be vandalized by protesters. As for the main HQ office which happens to be in the Karada district, in Baghdad, it is receiving similar threats daily from government officials, in other words from the Shiite sectarian mafia that is ruling Baghdad. Residents of Karada are living in a state of permanent fear, in particular those who live in proximity of this building, fear of being blown away along with all the evidence regarding names, embezzlement and corruption charges.

Forewarned is forearmed. So good luck.


Many have tried to silence me...different methods used.

Some tried to silence me out of their own personal paranoia. A paranoid believes everything alludes to him or her. They, in their grotesque self grandiosity, actually believe every single post I write, is about them. They are delusional and live life through projections of their own pitiful selves. I guess, I always touch raw spots in people, be it political or otherwise, if you take it personally you have a huge problem and I suggest you seek urgent and intensive psychiatric care now.

Other people use veiled threats, in the beginning they come across as "nice" and "concerned", and I as a writer, keep writing on the spur of the moment, when am inspired by a thought, an idea, a feeling or a situation...again this category of people believe this is an affront on their "persona" and start using the old stratagem of veiled and indirect threats and intimidation.

Yet another category of people, will read a post of mine, and will go literally raving mad, they unleash their poison on me, and use direct intimidation and threats against my own person, or my family, promising to seek me and them out and punish me/us for my "transgressions".

Others use a similar variant of the above and the threats are direct, straight to the point and usually involve Rape and Death...

The most "benign" method I came across so far, is the one of ridicule, critique of style, content, vocabulary, punctuation...combined with personal slurs, insults and allusions to my sexuality, gender, race and religion.

ALL of the above has not stopped for 5 years now.

A message to all these people and this is not the first time I send out a message like this one. A quick search through my blog and you will find several similar messages previously issued.


No one, absolutely no one, will dictate to me what I write and how I write.

No amount of threats overt or covert will achieve anything. Of this you can be absolutely certain.

And as one commenter on one of my posts republished on ICH and who goes by the name of Raymond said :

Layla, it is amazing how with so many few words, you manage to let all these worms crawl out from under the ruins...He was alluding to the ruined, destroyed Iraq, I suppose.

And because Iraq has been so ruined and destroyed, it is imperative that my voice goes on...and no amounts of bullets to the head, rape and torture threats will silence this voice here.

And this is MY Resistance.

February 18, 2011

Protesting Iraq.

Oh so now the Iraqis are protesting...protesting against what ?

Protesting against corruption, the 2nd most corrupt country in the world. Protesting for bread, for water and for electricity when 50% of the population is unemployed especially SUNNI ARABS. FACT.

Protest my ass. Where were you when the tanks rolled in ? where were you when the sectarian Shiites and their turbaned mullahs swayed you with a couple of hundred dollars for a finger dipped in purple ink for a "democratic" vote...

Where were you when we escaped in droves, living the lives of dogs in exile...where were you when the militias you praised and danced for decimated us all? Where the fuck were you?

Where were you when you let another sectarian whore from Iran take power again, for a second tenure and you sat and talked of national reconciliation and ballot boxes ?!

Where were you when the Iraqi Resistance was struggling against the invader ALONE ?

That same son of a bitch who put in place the most corrupt government that rips us all of...that is stealing your resources, that is torturing your own, that is letting thousands of us rot in jails like sub humans...so where the fuck were you ?

I see you on TVs with your ties and you airs, talking about constitution and law ? What fucking constitution and what fucking law ? There is NO constitution under Occupation, there is NO constitution under American and Iranian rule. And there is NO law.

Demanding better living conditions from puppets is IDIOCY. Hundreds of foreign companies are making a living off your backs, bringing in their own staff and leaving you, so called educated class working as blue collars in your own country. Ditto for the shit Iranian companies, that you bow to like fucking idols, just because they have a turban on, are stealing your resources, your land and everything you own, you fucking idiots.

And what about you fucked up Kurds? Do you think you are any better. Your Barazani to whom you dance like fucking monkeys, makes a cool 1 Million dollars a month as salary...and you tell me fucking Kurdistan. What Kurdistan you bunch of pastoral herd keepers? The Kurdistan that Israel is building for you ?!!!

So where were you ?

Now you are tearing your ID cards in protest, saying am no longer an Iraqi...

Give me a break you hypocrites.

Iraq is my biggest love and you are my biggest disappointment.

Go protest as much as you like, I will not lend you my voice. I've been a lone voice for the past 5 years and suffered the worst abuse in your name. Go protest all you like.

But you may need to remember one thing --it is not bread, jobs, electricity and water you need to protest for...you need to protest against being occupied first. That would be a good start.

February 17, 2011

The Impossible Love.

A beautiful song by Kazem El-Saher - The Impossible Love song.

I will give a rough translation that does not do full justice to the lyrics. The non Arabic speaker may not appreciate the depth of the words, but then you may...depending on how open your heart is...

And maybe this is also an attempt on my part to remind myself and indirectly others that the land of Uruk is also the land of Love, a self-less Love.

I love you so very much
knowing the road to you
is impossibly long
I know that you're the Woman
for whom there is no replacement
I also know that the age of tenderness has ended
and that of beautiful words has died.

I love you so very much
and I know I live in an exile
and you in an exile
and between us
storms, ligthning, thunder, snow and fire
I know, arriving to you
is an illusion
I know arriving to you
is suicide

And I rejoice
to tear myself into pieces
for your sake, my precious
and if I am to chose
I would try your love a second time, again.

You, whom I washed
from falling tree leaves
you, whom I covered
with patience, from the rain
I love you so very much...

I love you so very much
swimming in the ocean of your eyes
and I leave my reason behind
and run, run after my madness...

Oh you Woman,
Oh you woman who holds
the Heart between her hands
I asked you
in the name of God
Don't abandon me
Don't abandon me...
For what will become of me
if you are not.

I love you so very much, so very much
I prefer your Love's fire
than abdicate
can Love's captive resign ?
and what do I care
if I come out of Love alive
or killed...

February 5, 2011

Egypt : Some other Perspective.

Been thinking about Egypt a lot. This is a country I fell in love with in the past. I called it then "la magie des lieux" - the magic of places.

For me, Egypt represented many things. It represented history, civilization, culture, simplicity, and a certain wisdom...

The flip side was poverty, despair, struggle and human misery.

Some things in the Egyptian character (if one may call it that) I always appreciated...and other things I tremendously disliked. I suppose no love affair is perfect.

I can't claim to know Egypt very well, but I can safely say that I know it quite well. In any case, better than your (below)average Westerner who spends 99% of his/her time in Zamalek, working for an NGO and who will sit for hours pontificating about what is best for it. Landing with a blue print, a booklet and eating a couple of sandwiches of Falafel do not make you an expert.

And even though I am keeping a close eye on the latest events in Egypt, which I deem to be of great importance for the region, I still maintain that necessary skeptical distance. The proverbial grain of salt.

There are many levels to the story, many levels of understanding, that is.

On the one hand, there are genuine aspirations, demands, of let's assume the majority of the Egyptian people gathered in Tahrir Square - the Liberation Square. And from the looks of it, there is a stubborn regime refusing to immediately step down.

On the other hand, grosso modo put -- there is the actual Egyptian political opposition who is trying to make headways, inserting itself into the grass root movement and there is the United States of America.

Moving aside, taking some distance from the political brouhaha, there are some important points to note down :

Regardless of what one thinks of Hosni Mubarak -- and as an Iraqi who witnessed Gulf War 1 and 2, I don't have much good to say about him, in view of the overt Egyptian involvement in the occupation of Iraq --and Iraq will always remain a focal point of reference for me, and not including Iraq is missing the point.

Both Iraq and Egypt were considered Arab countries with "weight", with strategic, political, cultural, economic, social, intellectual...importance. And for many reasons : History, geography, learning, human resources, natural resources and a common struggle against British colonialism which culminated in Iraq with Abdel Karim Qassem and in Egypt with Gamal Abdel Nasser. These struggles for Independence were not without a price tag, both in human and material costs.

Hence for me, both countries represent the epicenters of the Arab world. One towards the Mashreq and the other towards the Maghreb. In other words Doors or as the West in its vulgar crass lingo calls it - windows of opportunities.

Bearing in mind the different levels mentioned above, ie. the orphaned grass root, the political opposition, and the United States (the Imperialistic replacement for the Old World), I can't help but notice the following :

- It is clear that at the popular (populace) level, the demands of the people are un-ambiguous. The demand for regime change is not open to debate. Do these 8M Egyptians as per the opposition claims - represent all of Egypt, all of its silent majority, is another story. But assuming that it does represent all of Egypt, where does that leave us ?

- Let's look now at the opposition parties - who constitutes them and who will be leading next?
The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is a key player, alongside some shady characters from the Wafd party and another even shadier character El-Baradei who greatly facilitated the task for the US in presenting its bogus charges for the occupation of Iraq.

- At the American level, we are witnessing a definite change of foreign strategy. I earnestly believe that the US has learned its lesson in Iraq (in toppling regimes) and has opted for an indirect approach capitalizing on mass grievances, enhancing, exacerbating popular demands, pleas, only to appear as some Savior of Reform and Democracy without the actual use of military force.
There is no doubt whatsoever, that both the US and the EU have washed their hands from Hosni Mubarak and his regime and are propping him up as some nasty dictator that needs to go NOW as per the statements of the US administration. In other words, the US is now dictating from afar, by using the mass protests, regime change in Egypt -- NOW.

- The reaction from the old regime is a recourse to some "reactive patriotism" with - We decide when we leave not you - the US. Hence, concessions have been made (regardless of how much you like or dislike Hosni Mubarak) - a stepping down in September, some promises of reforms, some public apologies, a reshuffling of his cabinet, presenting old members for trial on corruption charges, and the statement made by Mubarak himself : I am an Egyptian, I will die in Egypt...

- US interference under the guise of Democracy and Freedom led old schoolers like Fidel Castro and Chavez to side with the "Tyrant". They understood the plot. Experience has something to do with it.

Hence, the words that are circulating today, by the silent majority are - you have endured decades of Mubarak's rule, surely you can wait another 6 months until September, when he will step down.

The opposition, mainly the Muslim Brotherhood coupled with Al-Baradei echo the American administration mantra of - no, not in September but NOW.

From a regional perspective, Iran and to a much lesser degree Turkey, are hailing the Revolution against "Arab Tyranny". Iran in particular, issued several statements praising the End of Dictatorships in the Arab World.

Of course Iran is hardly well placed to do so, but seeing the delirium in the Arab street, it has no doubt scored a few extra points in its direction. And I do not exclude the very high possibility of the Muslim Brotherhood (who is in bed with Iran) to come out as the ultimately victorious ones. And by the way, that includes Tunisia...and all of that will be done in well calculated stages.

I also find it "interesting" that US foreign policy (forget the rhetoric) has clearly demonstrated the path it is to persevere in, namely :

- In Iraq -- the propping up of Iranian proxies under the guise of some democratically elected government.

- In Lebanon --the abandonment of the Saudi camp as represented by Hariri, in favor of some Hezbollah (Iran)take over.

- In Tunisia, a seemingly benevolent (alongside the Sarkozy French government) of a laissez faire approach to Tunisian domestic issues in the aftermath of Ben Ali's departure

- and now in Egypt, a similar stance vis à vis the "old dictator" and in favor of the opposition as mainly represented by the Muslim Brotherhood (always in bed with Iran) and Al-Baradei (the Iraq invasion facilitator and who incidentally has cordial relationships with the Islamic republic).

In one of my older posts, I spoke of a long American Iranian film. I believe that film is not about to end. I am expecting similar reproductions in Yemen and Libya, with the final scene in Saudi Arabia.

However, the axis of Evil -- Iraq, Syria, Iran -- shall remain relatively stable in the forthcoming future...I thought I'd mention that, just in case you need to divert your investments in Democracy.