The Impossible Love.

A beautiful song by Kazem El-Saher - The Impossible Love song.

I will give a rough translation that does not do full justice to the lyrics. The non Arabic speaker may not appreciate the depth of the words, but then you may...depending on how open your heart is...

And maybe this is also an attempt on my part to remind myself and indirectly others that the land of Uruk is also the land of Love, a self-less Love.

I love you so very much
knowing the road to you
is impossibly long
I know that you're the Woman
for whom there is no replacement
I also know that the age of tenderness has ended
and that of beautiful words has died.

I love you so very much
and I know I live in an exile
and you in an exile
and between us
storms, ligthning, thunder, snow and fire
I know, arriving to you
is an illusion
I know arriving to you
is suicide

And I rejoice
to tear myself into pieces
for your sake, my precious
and if I am to chose
I would try your love a second time, again.

You, whom I washed
from falling tree leaves
you, whom I covered
with patience, from the rain
I love you so very much...

I love you so very much
swimming in the ocean of your eyes
and I leave my reason behind
and run, run after my madness...

Oh you Woman,
Oh you woman who holds
the Heart between her hands
I asked you
in the name of God
Don't abandon me
Don't abandon me...
For what will become of me
if you are not.

I love you so very much, so very much
I prefer your Love's fire
than abdicate
can Love's captive resign ?
and what do I care
if I come out of Love alive
or killed...

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