Political Colors.

I keep receiving  -- questions, claims, "accusations", and sometimes insults like "hey you Baathist bitch " either asking me if I am Baathist or "accusing" me of being one, as if that is an accusation of some crime or hoping that I will feel insulted by being called one, as if being a Baathist is some kind of a political abomination...

I've said it before and will repeat it again . I am NOT a Baathist. I have NEVER belonged to ANY political party.

But wait a minute here, even if I were a Baathist, what's the big deal and where is the problem ? I see no problem at all.

At least the Baathists did something for Iraq. At least the Baathists developed Iraq into an advanced modern nation state,  nationalized its oil and used its resources wisely, constructed its infrastructure, roads, bridges, industry, agriculture, built excellent hospitals, schools and top notch universities, provided free health care and education,  trained and developed more academics, scientists, doctors, engineers and high cadres, invested in  public campaigns for women's rights, literacy, the eradication of disease, the eradication  of poverty through social reforms and progressive laws, reformed the agricultural system, safeguarded the cultural and historical heritage of the country, gave autonomy and rights to the Kurds as far back as the 70's when they still have none in Iran, Syria and Turkey, encouraged the arts and publications, supported financially and otherwise less privileged Arab and non Arab countries, extended free grants and scholarships to non Iraqis, gave 100% continuous support to the Palestinians, allowed non Iraqis to work and make a living in Iraq, gave women equal rights and access to all public spheres, encouraged sports and creativity be it in arts, music, ballet.. built a sovereign nation and defended it from external aggression through a capable and well trained army, made a lifetime commitment to the Arab cause and the Arab identity, protected ethnic and religious minorities, fought tribalism and tribal mentality, fought corruption and encouraged hard work and merit, strove to amalgamate concepts of secularism  and social progress within a multi-ethnic society without forfeiting its predominantly Muslim character...became in a very short span of time an important regional player...and more...

So where is the problem in being a Baathist ?

Let me tell you something, I see no problem in being a Baathist, but I see every possible problem in belonging to the sectarian Shiite Iranians like the terrorist Dawa party or the rapists and torturers like the sectarian  Sadrists or the sectarian criminals affiliated to the Islamic republic of Iran like the Hakeem group. I see every possible problem belonging to the chauvinistic Kurdish parties, who compete with Israel in their racism, and I see every problem in belonging to any party that applauded and kissed the hands of the American tyrannical occupier.

Besides which, I defy you to give me one single example, just one and show me what any of these parties that came with the occupation did for Iraq and for the Iraqis - just give me one positive example.

They tortured, raped, killed, destroyed, avenged, stole, pillaged, plundered and finally privatized the oil for Western grubs,  privatized all the industrial sector, divided the country, built walls, traded in our national heritage and artifacts, eroded women's rights, exiled  millions, terrorized people, destroyed the infrastructure, buildings, bridges, roads, sewage systems, communication lines, public transport, closed schools and universities, allowed illiteracy to make a comeback, dilapidated the health system,  traded in state and public property, institutionalized corruption as a method of dealing, introduced fraud and forgery, allowed regional powers like Iran to devastate the economy, did nothing to prevent ecological disasters like drought, pollution, toxic waste, garbage, are still unable to provide basic necessities like water and electricity, encouraged clientelism and tribalism, set one sect against another, discriminated against minorities, ethnically cleansed others, drove thousands out of their homes and illegally appropriated lands and houses from their rightful owners, appropriated public property and public space for their own personal accounts, massacred the Palestinians of Iraq,  neglected the welfare of its citizens and the most vulnerable groups like widows and orphans, invested ZERO in civic institutions to help the needy, promoted militias and death squads to positions of absolute power, instituted a system of patronage and privileges for their own clan,  turned the state treasury into their private bank, stole billions of dollars, and continue to do so, squandered the country's resources, failed to provide the minimum of security for its citizens, built more prisons and perfected the occupiers torture techniques, destroyed the rule of law and instigated corruption in the judiciary, arrested and executed people arbitrarily, established a sectarian theocracy under the fake cloaks of so-called democracy, allowed the enemies of Iraq to take a permanent foothold in the country,like Iranians and Israelis, thwarted all creative and artistic expression with an obscurantist ideology of political Shiism under the pretext of it being so-called Islamic, and this rotten lot continues in all of the above, and steals and steals some more....and I can go on and on for weeks on end...

So give me one good thing this depraved corrupt bunch has done for Iraq and the Iraqis. One good, concrete, tangible thing, just one .

Not one hospital was built, not one school was refurbished, not one library was opened, not one art center was invested it, not one road was repaired, not one field was planted, not one house was reconstructed...
The only thing that was constructed were checkpoints, barracks and mass of concrete walls, dividing and separating us as Iraqis.

This sectarian, chauvinistic, fascistic mafia that came with the Americans did nothing but perpetuate the crimes of the Occupiers, they were hand picked for that task.

And you still have the fucking audacity to talk to me about democracy in Iraq ? And you still have the fucking audacity to bad mouth Baathists ?

So tell me now, what's wrong with being a Baathist  ?  I see absolutely nothing wrong with it.

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