July 14, 2007

The Future is a Woman.

Don't you ever tire? I mean don't you ever get sick with so much killing? Does your stomach not churn? Do you not get queazy or are you on a permanent Death fix ?

Us, women and I in particular, have had it with your "urges", your killing fields and your killing games.

How many millions of dollars does it take to produce a bomb, a tank, a hand grenade...?

So much interest in terminating Life. Like you have participated in some big way in creating, reproducing Life.
Unless of course, you consider that an average 10 mn top max intercourse followed by a 5 seconds orgasm, as a major contribution to Life.

The rest we need to deal with. Carry an emerging life for 9 months, labour pains, birth pangs...
Maybe you are just an envious, jealous bunch.
Since you cannot give birth, you take Life and give Death instead. And we are always here behind to pick up the pieces and sometimes there are no pieces left because you have included us in your filthy equation.

I am sure you realize that Life is a not a Terminator movie. No, I take that back.
Anyone who produces, watches, and associates real Life to a crappy Terminator movie is demented. Demented people should be in asylums, certainly not roaming the streets and invading countries. And surely not ruling the World.

A good majority of men and the women who imitate them should be locked up. I have decreed so. That would be the only sane thing to do.

All the so called "women" who follow in men's footsteps of destruction, need intensive therapy and done behind iron bars - to reconnect with the essence of Life, the essence of the Feminine.

As for the men, they are to be sent to a huge forced labour, rehabilitation camp. They will be made to cook, clean, bake bread , iron and look after the children. The rest of the time they are to engage in meditating on the essence of the Feminine for at least 12 hours a day.
No, porn and female lingerie are not allowed as meditative props.

A huge barbedwire camp.
No guns, no sports, no hunting, no beer, no TV, no heavy metal rock shit...
Short of that, lobotomy is called for, pronto. Yes a lobotomy. Before they exterminate the rest of us and totally destroy the whole planet.

Just in case you had not noticed, I am sick and tired.
Sick and tired of that stupid lot called "men".
Sick and tired of your ways, your egomanias, your conceit, your narcissism, your power trips, your psychopathic, sadistic tendencies, your death, rape, control, possess - restless "desires", impulses, cravings...
Sick and tired of your myopia, your greed, your unbriddled, uncontrolled, senseless, meaningless "ambitions"...
Sick and tired of the rationalizing robots that you have become or maybe that you have always been.

And do you not dare give me this shit about your being fathers too. This is not my idea of paternity and besides who needs a father like that?

And do not give me this shit about blaming capitalism alone. Even so called non capitalistic societies have managed to screw up as bad.

And I certainly do not wish to hear about your so called religion - whatever it is.
You have even appropriated "God", grew It a beard, and called It a He with a capital H.

Enough! Enough of your destruction. Enough of your violence. Enough of your brutality. Enough of your ignorance. Enough of those empty, ugly shells you call selves.

Come to think of it, your overall "performance" over the last few centuries has been abysmal. And you have made a total mess of this world.

I dot not care how many times you have penetrated outerspace and landed on the moon.
What good does your landing on the moon is, if we can't even walk the streets in safety?

I do not care about your scientific "advancements" either. What good are your scientists, doctors and the rest...when women - women from the damned "South" are progressively more impoverished and sick?

I also do not care for your technological progress, your constructions, your edifices or your phalluses. What good are they, when they are turned up against us ?

And last but definitely not least, I do not care for your "men of God". Your priests, rabbis, sheikhs, mullahs, monks... They took themselves to be God and suddenly we have a million gods preaching.

Enough. You have not managed at all. In fact you have failed and it is high time you abdicate.

And if you insist and persist in grabbing and killing, then be my guest, grab your own life and be done with it, seriously done with it.

Yes this is what you should do and leave the future to us Women.
No, not the Tzibi Livni's , nor the Condi Lice's of this world. Certainly not to the Fancyme Pelosi's, nor the Hilarious Clinton's. Nor the Angela Murky's, nor the Segolene Disloyal's. No, not a western "woman"...Please!

Let her be an African HIV+ Woman (the one you infected because you were drunk and invicible), or a Latina with an iron fist, or any other from the "developing world" (we have been developing for a long, long time no?)

Or better still an Arab Woman - preferably of Sumerian origins with a fire raging in her belly. Yes let her be from Sumeria.
After all, you have killed our men - very dead. And rendered them useless...

A copy of yourselves - Dead and useless.

PS : As for you women, you got it all wrong. The meek shall not inherit the earth.

Painting: Iraqi female artist, Betool Fekaiki.