July 21, 2007

A Second Coming.

Iraq is the biggest sacrifice any people can offer for the sake of "Truth".

The Iraqi "entreprise" or "experience" is the fig leaf that has unmasked many...
Many Americans, many Westerners, many Arabs, many Iranians...many Christians, many Jews and many Muslims...including the Dalai Lama. (So Buddhists save your breath.)

Iraq is our cross and Iraq is your salvation - of that I am certain. It is an intuitive knowledge. I just know it to be true. The same way I knew that the dream I had several months prior to the 2003 invasion to be a premonitory one.

Only does the dream, I had back then, make sense now. I alluded to that dream in one of my earliest posts and titled it "The Crucified Boy and his Ressurection.".

Six months or so, prior to our "Liberation", I had this powerful oneiric vision.
I remember waking up in the very early hours of the morning, drenched in sweat and crying my eyes out. I relayed that dream to some members of my family - a dream that forebode what was later to unfold in Reality.

I dreamt of a very old wooden cross planted on Iraqi soil. I saw two American GI's lifting a young boy (around 11), lifting him from his upper arms and nailing him on that cross.
In the dream, the sun set very quickly and everything got shrouded in a thick obscurity. The GI's walked away, leaving the boy on the cross.
I remember seeing the earth scorched brown black. I said to myself in the dream :
" Darkness has landed and will cover all of us."

I knew that America was not only going to invade us but will also crucify us one by one. After 13 years of embargo torture, we were to meet our final fate.

Needless to say the dream proved to be true. So we have been and continue to be crucified...

Surely something "good" will come out of all of this? Surely all this suffering cannot go to waste? Yes, something good will come out - Your salvation.

We are going to save you and liberate you. Save you and liberate you from the grips of your own Evil.

The Evil of your indifference, your apathy, your complacency, your blindness, your ignorance, your arrogance, your haughtiness, your greed, your lies, your deceit, your denial, your viciousness, your cruelty, your death wish...

Each one of us is a splinter on that wooden cross and the little boy is "Innocence".
And you have crucified Innocence and this Innocence will save you.

And we will resurrect. Maybe not on the third day, but resurrect we will. That is the grand Design, that is the Plan. I just know.

And you will have millions of resurrected bodies, young and old waiting for you with open arms. And you will come running, blinded by the Force that will transpierce you like beams of Light.

Each tear, each wound, each scar will be like golden drops of rain, like golden flags waving in the firmament. Flags of Victory.

And those of you who pretended to see whilst deliberately closing their eyes will be left out.
Left out in that same Darkness, on scorched desert grounds...Left out in that same Obscurity I saw in the dream.

How can you otherwise explain all that suffering? I tell you - It is nothing but a preparation.

Do not think you can simply turn on your heels and go back doing what you do best: lying, plundering, pillaging, stealing, raping, torturing, killing...It is not possible. Life is not an exercise in Futility.

So yes it is a preparation. For we are the Cross, the Body, the Flesh and the Blood.
And you are nothing but the thorns and the nails...

We will resurrect, I promise you.

So pay heed, for our second coming is in the making. And what a mighty one it will be.

Painting : Iraqi female artist, Betool Fekaiki.