July 29, 2007

The Lion of Babylon.

I absolutely have to share this with you.

I just heard loud shoutings outside my window. And this is what I heard.

" Bel Roh, bel Dam, Nefdeek ya Saddam". I translate.

"With our soul and our blood we will sacrifice for you Saddam."

Yes you guessed right, the lions of Babylon won. 1-0

The lion of Babylon the statue was blown into pieces in Basrah yesterday by unidentified gumnen, but the Real Lion of Babylon will never die.

More victory to come - I promise you. I know my people.

Long live Iraq, Long live the Iraqi Resistance !


The statue of the Lion of Babylon in Basrah is not the only one that has been blown away.

Blown away by gunmen who are in most likelihood the Mahdi militias since their "brain", their king thug, mullah, Muqtada al Sadr, shuns football.

I have just heard that the Lion of Babylon in Hillah suffered the same fate, even worse.

The Lion of Babylon in Hillah, an old Babylonian piece of art, thousands of years old had its head chopped off with a saw by none other than the American , backward, barbarians, the uncivilized, uncultured, hordes from Uncle Sam's land.

They actually wanted to rip it away from its base but were unable to do so, so they sawed the head off instead.

The reason for this utter barbarity that is the trademark of Americans - Seems the blessed name of Saddam Hussein was engraved on it.

Back to our small victory of Babylonian cubs.

The commentator of al Jazeerah interviewed some of the supporters and this is what one had to say:

" We are very happy. Tell the Americans, the Iranians and the Israeli Jews that we will be driving them out one by one..."

Oh yes! That is the way to go.

That is the great example given to us by the great Leader and Martyr Saddam Hussein.

That is the way to go for sure. You will be driven out one by one.

I told you, the Lion of Babylon will never die.

Picture: courtesy of uruknet.info.