July 29, 2007

An Add'o'holic.

Hello, my name is Layla and am an add'o'holic.

I first noticed the signs of this insidious disease in 2003 and since then it has gone progressively worse. I did not cause it, cannot control it and am not sure if I can cure it.

For those who have never heard of this bizarre affliction, I will try to describe to you the symptoms maybe you can "relate".

My days are filled with this uncontrollable urge to add. Yes add, like make sum totals.
I have noticed that this obsession has turned into a compulsion and I feel totally powerless. My life has become truly unmanageable.

Only the other day, the urge took hold of me again. It was triggered off by learning about Iman's death.

So since that day, the compulsion has resurfaced with vehemence. I can't sleep, and instead of counting sheep, I make lists.

I have all sorts of lists in my head. A list of the dead, a list of the imprisoned, a list of the tortured, a list of the exiled, a list of those who disappeared...
So I add up and make complicated sum totals.

In fact I have a "neat" list for all those relatives and friends who passed away : Nabil, Khalid, Souhair's husband, Nadia's Mother, Hassan, Omar and Iman.

Then there is another list for those who have been imprisoned : Kamel, Omar (but Omar died in prison), Radhee and his family(in the Adhamiya concentration camp) and Nadia and her family (in the other concentration camp Al'Ameriya) and all the others in the Yarmook, Karrada, Amil, Mansur, Taji ghettos.

Then there is the list of those who were either battered or tortured : Kamel, Omar, Salam, Raouf, Souhair's husband.

Then there is the list of those who are physically ill and cannot get treatment : Radhee, Raouf, Zakaria, Randa, Auntie Sameera, Othman...

Then there is the list of those who have disappeared and cannot be reached : Sarkis, Ann, Kareem...

Then there is the list of those whore are exiled. My, this one is very long : Aisha, Bakr, Walid, Hisham, Nada, Mundhir, Afaf, Zaynab...Can't count...way too long.

Then there is the list of the unemployed : Radhee, Raouf, Othman, Aida - damn this one is long too. Nearly everyone I know is unemployed.

Then there is the list of the emotionally traumatized and that one is very,very long: All the above, including myself, my mom, and every single person I know.

Now according to my sums, that makes all my family, my relatives, my friends and our neighbors.

Then you need to add : relatives of relatives, friends of friends, neighbors' relatives and friends...

Now if my calculation is correct that makes ALL of US. Every single one of us (except maybe for the hookers in the Green Zone.) Yes that makes the whole country.

A whole country is about 21 million. Please do me a favor and do not quote that obsolete figure of 26 million anymore. And here is why.

Let us assume that prior to the sanctions, we were 25 million. The sanctions killed around 1.7 million (500'000 of which were children.) Then "Operation Freedom" easily claimed another 1 million and am not counting those who succumbed to their injuries.Then you add 2.2 million in exile since 2003 ( at rate of 2'500 a day!)(am not including the 2.2 million internally displaced).

So we have 2.7 million dead-murdered (and I say way more) + 2.2 exiled. That makes a total of 4.9 million absentees.

You subtract that sum from the initial 25 million and you are left with 20.1 million. But for the sake of simplicity, I shall round it to 20 Million.

In other words we are 5 million LESS. So do correct your figure next time. And I am being really generous in your favor.

I know that Western ideologues are very keen on Malthus's population control theories But that is a little too much don't you think ?

I mean I know, that you dislike the fact that we "breed like rabbits" and that some of your good hearted agencies and NGO's engaged in some heavy handed forced vasectomy & sterilization campaigns. Ask anyone from India and s/he will tell you all about it.
But to go to the extent of physical elimination as a method of population control strikes me as very...hmmm....Nazi. Don't you think ?
Again, ask the Palestinians under occupation, they have first hand experience of these kind of methods.

And if India and occupied Palestine sound too exotic for your taste and you get lost on a map finding them, you really do not need to go very far.Remember your native Americans. That is home alright. Assuming of course that you do remember and have not gone conveniently amnesic.

I really can't help it if you do not like giving life. I really can't help it if you opt for devoting your lives to the Dow Jones instead. But, hey that is not a reason to finish us off that way. Specially when you like to designate yourselves as a "civilized people".

Now if that is not GENOCIDE, I do not know what is.

But wait, my add'h'olism does not stop here. I also think of you.

As a matter of fact I have another list of all your soldiers. So far 4'000 gone.
That is the official figure. The unofficial one is in the thousands...

But that is not my most important list. The following one is.

Let me see...There are at least 175'000 American soldiers.
Add to those another 50'000 mercenaries - You will be able to get the exact figures from Blackwater Inc.
Am not including logistic support teams. I love this sentence. So sophisticated. Logistic support teams means: cooks, embassy employees, bodyguards, security agents, etc...
So far the first subtotal of those slaving for "democracy" is 225'000.

Wait am not done yet. I told you it is a compulsion.

Add to the 225'000, the Iraqi "army" and "police" force. And the official figure is around 360'00 - all trained by the U.S. That gives me another subtotal of 585'000.

Be patient, more to come...

Add to the 585'000 all the trained funded militias from Iran.
And here is a conservative estimate. See am being nice to Iran now.
There are 22 sectarian militias. The main players are:
- Muqtada Al Sadr and his drill boys The Jaysh al Mahdi - 50'000.
- Al Hakeem and his Badr Brigades - 25'000.
- The Maghawir Brigades of the Ministry of Interior "shock and awe" - 20'000.
- Hezbollah Iraq trained courtesy of Hassan Nassrallah, Lebanon - 3'000.

I have not included the militias of Chalabi, Sistani, Maliki,and the Iranian commandos of the Iranian Revolutionary Council. That gives me another sub total of 98'000 - Let us round it to 100'000 since I was so generous with Iran.

Wait, wait, more to come...

Then you have the Kurdish peshmergas who have been trained and armed by Israel and many of them were actively involved in the massacres of Fallujah.
Now they are concentrated in Baghdad since the "new security plan" took place.
I have no exact figure for Baghdad but let us say at least 20'000 according to the last report I read 6 months ago.

That makes a GRAND TOTAL of: 585'000 + 100'000 + 20'000 = 705'000.
Again let us round it since I did not count the Logistic support teams and gave an underestimate figure for the Peshmergas. So am rounding it to 710'000.

There are 710'000 armed killers roaming around....

Be patient, patience is a virtue. Ask me all about it.

Now this is how you have to proceed :
You divide the number of population by the number of killers.
20 Million divided by 710'000 = 28.1 (round it to 30).

So you actually have 1 killer per 30 Iraqis. And always bear in mind these are conservative estimates.

Now you can understand why the number of those who fled - exiled is 4.2 million and why the figure for Dead Iraqis is in the Million.

But you see, every compulsion has its up side....

700'000 killers roaming around. 1 for every 30. The biggest army in the world.

The No.1 army in the world. Sophisticated, developed, technologically advanced, surge after surge...applying : "professional Darwinism" as one of your Senior officers likes to call it.

And four years down the line, with its logistic support teams, its soldiers, its militias, its contractors, its mercenaries, its peshmergas, it has not been able to control and secure one neighborhood, not one alley way, not one street corner...

Now what do you call that? I call that DEFEAT.

Some of you think of Defeat the Hollywood way. Like soldiers head bent down, with bag packs walking away into the sunset...That is the movies Dears.

DEFEAT is when you have at least 700'000 assholes working for you and you keep increasing their numbers and you still can't make it.

See what I mean?

Now the flip side of Defeat is RESISTANCE.

Four years down the line, if you do not call that RESISTANCE, I do not know what is. And you are supposedly the No.1 army in the world.

You can surge all you want, bring in all the mercenaries in the world, pay trillions and trillions of dollars, hire every contractor possible, wheel and deal with every enemy you like, make pacts with militias, thugs, drillers, torturers, snipers...You are DEFEATED.

Let us face it, if you have not "secured" it in 4 years now, you will not do it in 10, 20 or even 50 years.

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, that is called RESISTANCE.

Hello, my name is Layla and am an add'o'holic.I did not cause it, cannot control it but am being cured and so are millions of others from your Death addiction.

Is that cause for celebration ? Why not indeed.
So repeat after me now.
Long Live the Muqawama - Long Live the Iraqi Resistance !

Painting : Iraqi artist, Mohammad Muhradin.