November 13, 2007

Rock it.

Today was a good day.

I went with a group of "friends"- thank God none of them were Iraqis.

Iraqis are a lousy bunch to spend an evening with. Not because of our common problems. No, this has nothing to do with it. But because most Iraqis and in particular the shias are a bunch of lying motherfuckers...two faced sons of bitches.

Most of them are sectarian whores who pretend otherwise. It’s called Taqiyah in their jargon i.e the "art of dissimulation."

I am well placed to know. They have exterminated all Sunnis, in the name of their sect, their backward, shitty beliefs and in the name of your democracy - so I avoid them and you like the plague...

You both contaminate with your filth. And am a purist, not wanting to be contaminated and I intend to remain that way.

I know, it's not very politically correct of me to say so, but hey that's the truth. And Iraqi truth is very ugly these days...

Besides you did not find politically incorrect to divide and partition my country along sectarian and ethnic lines when these were non-existent before.
So fuck you and fuck your politically correct.

So thank God there were no Iraqis and I had a good night. Actually, a very good night.

I was in some joint that was playing live music.
Some short American unheard of in his own country, was tonight's "star."
He was suddenly made to look very tall and important. Yankee passport and all the right colors...

The guy was a lousy guitar player. After all, am a little bit of a "connaisseur" in matters of electrical guitar. After Santana and Clapton, surely this little sod can't come and pretend to be a guitar player...

This guy thought he was most talented, when in fact he was a nervous player. I was not sure if he was playing the chords or just banging them...venting out his Western existential insecurities and frustrations on some opposed to killing a few "Ayrabs."

Basically, a little, short, frustrated, neurotic, American man - an American sod. Like most Americans in the Middle East – incompetent, stupid, ignorant, gold diggers...sods.

Anyways this little thing was playing with two “locals” and at some point they played a Rock&Roll piece and it went like that “The House is rockin’ you don’t have to come knockin’.”

Radhee who lives in the all Sooneeee (when will you learn how to pronounce it you ignoramus) neighborhood told me that the smelly Americans came around his place, over 12 times in one month.

They didn’t knock for sure, they "rocked" the door down.

Radhee told them ”You’ve come around here for over 10 times, and each time you find nothing, don’t you tire?“
They said they’re looking for “insurgents."
He said "But you’ve been here over 10 times and you've found nothing and you keep breaking that door...”
And they would repeat like robots “we’re looking for insurgents.”

Radhee tells me they are accompanied by the Iraqi police, the sectarian whores, who keep insulting him with all kinds of sectarian slurs.

The Americans just stand there like fucking idiots because this is what Americans are--idiots.
And not just your army. Oh no. 99% of you are fucking idiots and you deserve the president you have. Another criminal moron made in your own image.

I am still to figure out how can idiots be such criminals...but then it must be made in America. It has to be.

If you only knew how much we make fun out of you. You have become a laughing stock in the eyes of the whole world. Nobody likes or respects you. And rightly so. You deserve nothing but utter contempt.

So they don’t do any knockin’ and they keep rockin’ that door...rockin’hard.
And each time Radhee has to either repair that door or change it.

Is that what Maliki, the asshole, means by “sectarian violence is now closed" ?

Does that mean that you, American shits and your sectarian Shia scum cohorts have finished off the Sunnis?

Hence, you can safely declare that “sectarian violence is closed?”

After you have raped us, gauged our eyes out, ripped our hearts out from our rib cages, drilled us, and slaughtered us in cold blood ?

I have all the pictures of your acts, by the way. I am keeping them for when you will be tried for crimes against humanity. And I shall be a witness.

And I also have safely kept the pictures and names of your shia mullahs and leaders sodomizing boys and mut’a girls...
They kept their socks and flannels on while doing it. Says a lot don’t you think ?
But then one cannot expect otherwise from sectarian rapists and pedophiles...

Ha! Keep on dreamin’.

There are no closed chapters in Iraq, as long as it occupied by American and sectarian Shia filth...

We will keep on rockin’ you, you motherfuckers. You and your collaborators.

You don’t believe me ?

Just by coincidence, the 1920 Revolutionary Brigade from the Iraqi Resistance, has started its operation “Rock HARD.” (article here)

And by God we will rock you and your collaborators very hard. Very hard indeed.

Oh yeah, the house will be rockin'...Rockin'so hard. And we shan’t be doing any knockin’ either...

In the meantime, keep at it you American criminals and you sectarian Shia rapists and pedophiles – Your days are counted.

So start the countdown now...You shall be rocked and knocked for sure.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Qais Al-Sindy/Iraqi Flag,2007.