February 9, 2007

Forty Days Already ...

Forty days since you have been physically gone. It still feels like yesterday, the first day of the Eid.
Your spirit lives on...

This Video is in your memory.

For Arab Viewers this Video is in Arabic with the President of Iraq Saddam Hussein making a Du'aa, an invocation.

And another one here with a poem in dialectical Arabic composed by a Palestinian from occupied Palestine.

And this one here in Iraqi and Kurdish dialect for my true Iraqi brothers and sisters.

And the last one here for the dumb americans and co.

PS: The puppet said we are not allowed to commemorate.....lol

Video 1 showing: by KSM 199- Saddam the King.
Video 2 : SITHFE - The Eid Invocation./ King Saddam 2.
Video 3: by zzoo1- Never Forget You.
Video 4: by eeo1akk- Umm Al Maarik.
Video 5: eeo1akk- You can't touch this.