The Beirut "Coup de Blues"...

The French say I have a "coup de blues"...
A coup de blues is when the blues suddenly fall on your head, literally like a blow, wham...and you're down and out...

In Beirut, it is not a coup de blues, it is a coup of yellow ribbons, yellow armbands, yellow flags, black gear and face masks...

It is in fact, the black and yellow coup. It smells of guns, explosions and flesh...

Lebanon lived through 16 bloody years of civil war and the yellow and black armed men want to revive the memory in tears and blood.

For those whose imagination is not very fertile, the yellow and black refer to the Hezb. I will refrain from calling them Hezballah, because I don't believe they have anything to do with Allah or God. So I will just call them the yellow and black Hezb.
Hezb means a party. And what a party it is.

For those of you who are all excited and orgasmic about yet another "divine victory", and most of you are probably wearing red - I say to you, there is no divine victory here. There is Ahmadinejad and Iran's victory. Now if you think that Iran has become God, then that is another story. But am not in a theological mood and will not dispute your new God.

I am just an observer, and I love observing and this is exactly what you will get from me -- cool, detached observations, and I leave you to stew in your hysterical extasy...

Do forgive me if this will come across as a cold shower that might wake you, even though I very much doubt you will ever wake up, for you've been catatonically asleep for a long, long time...Hence, you have paved the way to reactionary sectarian mullahs to lead the so-called "resistance" that is giving you wet dreams right now, right now, as I type...

I shall put you aside, on some shelf, because this is where you've belonged and still do. On the shelf like in some souvenir shop, that people visit but no one wants to buy a single item from... Ya'ani as they say in Egyptian colloqial "a stampa"...Ya'ani a stamp for collectors...but even would be very lucky if this were the case...

So my observations are more important than your wet dreams...

I noticed that the "new Iraqi" flag and that of the Hezb are identical. Not so much in colors but the writing style. Same.

I also noticed that the Hezb congratulated Maliki for the "democratic elections", supported the mass sectarian killer Muqtada Al-Sadr and failed to condemn not only the sectarian cleansing in Iraq but also the murdering of Palestinians in Iraq.

I also noticed that the Hezb was engaged in the Nahr Al-Bared Palestinian camp in its cleansing.

I couldn't help but notice when the head of the Hezb, the "Sayyed" called for an all Shiite theocracy "Wilayat Al-Faqih" in his early speeches. And that in his last speech, on the occasion of the Ashoura (a Shiite religious day), he confirmed his sectarian zeal calling his followers "the sons and daughters of Kerbala."

I could not but notice that his "program" even though full of anti-Israeli slogans, is nothing but a sectarian one. And even though I despise Jumblatt, I do agree with him with what he said today - "if you want to know what will happen to Lebanon, you need to ask Ahmadinejad."and I add "ask Israel too..."

The pretexts and timings of the current events in Beirut did not escape my attention either.

Since when under the pretext of being offended because one of your members is sacked for spying (which is very probable), you go on a rampage and set the city on fire ?

Since when under the pretext of some general strike for wage increase, do you orchestrate a coup driving hundreds of your own people out of the city ?

You only engage in such thuggish behavior when you have a plan. And the plan is a coup d'├ętat and the control of West Beirut- for now at least.

And the timing. Did you notice the timing?

Just when the all Jewish state, Israel, is commemorating its 60th Birthday. One would have thought that the Hezb guns would be directed to Israel not to the Lebanese people...

And the other timing - when the US occupation army and the so-called Iraqi forces are up to their necks in Sadr City.

And the yet other timing - Summmertime. Summertime is when Lebanon is swamped with tourists and Lebanon being mainly a "service economy" lives off the revenues of the touristic period. The "Sayyed" obviously wants to paralyze Lebanon. Just like the Americans and the Iranian-Iraqi puppets have paralyzed the Iraqi economy.

A perfect timing - I must grant the yellow and black "Sayyed", that.

But the yellow and black "Sayyed" is nothing but a big fish in a small pond and that pond is Lebanon. He is not terribly interesting as such. He is another pawn.

I am more interested in the fisherman than the fish...

In this case, the fisherman is Iran. Of course. That same fisherman who collaborated with the ZIONIST Americans in Iraq. Collaborated to wreck its infrastructure, support its Kurds, cleanse it along sectarian lines, turning it from a secular, progressive country to a theocracy ruled by corrupt and incompetent bastards taking orders from turbaned Fascists and crew cut Nazis. Finally destroying it as per the ZIONIST AGENDA implemented by America.

If you fail to see that, then you will never be able to see anything of what is happening and will unfold in the Middle East.

If you fail to see that and want to remain stuck in psy-ops, jargon and slogans, then this is what you will end up - jargon and slogans. But do remember one thing, we are paying the price with our blood, the price of your denial and bad faith.

So Iran has not only collaborated with the Great Satan, the ZIONIST Great Satan, but it has managed to change the whole regional geo-political balance of power in its favor. And its favor is NOT an ARAB favor, it is a purely Persian-Sectarian flavor.

You may think to yourselves, so what? Persian or Arab doesn't make a difference.

Wrong, it does. This Persian little imperialistic power has nothing Arab about it.
Forget the religious bent. This little thuggish power is not interested in Islam, it is interested in Shiism that it posits as different and beyond Islam. Hence the qualification SECTARIAN.

And yes, preserving the ARAB identity is CRUCIAL. You know why ? Because when the Zionist Jews refer to the Palestinians, they don't refer to them as Palestinians or Muslims, they refer to them as "the Aghabs". So yes Arab is very important.

Arab not just in race, or language, or even religion, but Arab as in the concept, the symbol, the mission...

I can give a thousand reasons of the importance of being Arab and remaining Arab...

For starters colonial history. When the colonial powers till this very day say "Those Arabs, C'est Arabes!..." All the added reason to stay and remain an Arab.

So Arab beyond borders, beyond the stereotype, beyond the actual nationality, beyond the color, beyond religious affiliation...The Unity of Language. It is a powerful tool -- language.

A common language that goes beyond mere syllables. Why not?

Look at the European community, you don't even speak the same language. One speaks English, the other French, the other German, the other Spanish, the other Greek, Portuguese, Italian, Slavic...etc..

But I don't want to go off on a tangent here. Let me go back to Iran. And the blues sweep me again...

What has Iran achieved in real terms ?

It has helped the Zionist Great Satan totally destroy one Arab country - Iraq.
It has helped the Great Satan destroy another country Afghanistan. The Persians really look down on Afghans by the way. They call them the lice riddled people...Check with your leftist Iranian friends.
And now it is destroying Lebanon.

Since 1979, the year Khomeini came to power and ever since, Iran has not stopped barking about America, Israel, Zionism etc...

And what has Iran done in reality ? Did it fire one bullet towards Israel and the Great Satan? The Answer is NO.

What it did instead is drive Arabs in the arms of Israel and America or destroy those who refused to be driven in the Zionist/American arms - like Iraq.

And is that not what Israel wants ? An all conclusive peace truce with the Arabs ? And you can kiss the Palestinian cause goodbye for ever.

I said that to a friend the other day and will say it here publicly. Moshe Dayyan before he expired (goodriddance) said "I am not worried about the Aghabs. The only day they will worry me is when they are united into a cohesive force/front and democratic."

Can you in all honesty affirm to me right now that Iran has not played a dividing role amongst Arabs through its sectarian card. Can you tell me in all honesty that Iran has collaborated with the democratic forces in the Arab world ?

Unless of course you believe that Al-Hakeem, Maliki, Sadr and the Zionist Kurds, are the democratic and uniting forces in the Arab world. Or if you believe that the yellow and black "Sayyed" is a unifying and democratric force.

What Iran has achieved is very simple. It has made sure that Moshe Dayyan's worst nightmare doesn't come true.

As for the Arab "leftists" and Palestinians who are still having wet dreams, I am here to tell you enjoy your dual occupations - American/Israeli and Iranian.

I've been there and I've had my share of "coup de blues."

Forewarned is forearmed.

Meanwhile, I shall listen to Fayruz, the Lebanese icon, singing "Habeytak bil Sayf, habeytak bil shetee." - I loved you in Summer and I loved you in Winter.

And yes, Love loves even during shitty days...and does not know seasons, unlike the yellow and black "Sayyed".

Painting: Iraqi female artist, Betool Fekaiki.


Anonymous said…
Sorry, I stand on the other bank...

Keep treading this road and you'll have a grove named after you in Tel Aviv...
Anonymous said…
response to anonymous re:Tel Aviv

I thought it was only Zionist that were "accusative", when someone does not agree with them. So maybe that is what you are. Because you write in their style.

Layla has to courage of her convictions to explain her stand. Perhaps you could explain yours. I stand on a bank far away from the Middle East, and I thoroughly agree with her. She is spot on. And time will prove her right. I would be very interested in hearing why you do not agree with her. Because what you have posted here is meaningless, and uninformative. If you have a belief in being on the other bank, well at least surely you should have the courage of your convictions to substantiate why you do.
Anonymous said…
That is you, Layla... you give part of the truth but not all of it.
Maybe you don't know any better, or maybe you meant to do it... I think you meant to and you are generally not well informed anyhow, about many issues other than about "great" Saddam, who kissed the Americans' asses for long... and died on their hands like any traitor does.

Like you "forgot" to mention that Nasrallah's main complain was that your fave person Junblat wanted to block Hezbollah's communications network, for example.

Another point: Had the Arab leaders extended their hands to Nasrallah and Hamas and the rest (including the Iraqi resistance), they wouldn't have had to beg for help from outside, specifically from your mortal enemies, your neighbours, the Iranians.

Do you research before you go on writing your "informative" jargon.

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