May 11, 2008

The realpolitiks of Dual-Occupations.

These two parts of the Al-Jazeerah video on Iraq provides a very good background information on the DYNAMICS of DUAL-OCCUPATION / US - IRAN.

Three guests - an American, an Iranian and an Egyptian.

I am aware that this video is dated March 08, month that Ahmadinejad visited U.S OCCUPIED Baghdad's GREEN ZONE and met with the Iraqi puppets.

This video also sheds light on the current events in Iraq, and what and who triggered and wishes to maintain the blood spilling.

You will notice that the "Arab representation" is totally absent. After watching thes two videos, you'll understand why.

Do pay attention to the Iranian speaker and his clever twisting of questions in Iran's favor. A good study in propaganda making - Iran positing itself as a "pro-arab people".

And do remember that we are talking about IRAQ here, and again as you will notice ARAB IRAQ is ABSENT too.

You will see the same happening in LEBANON soon...

Enjoy your dual occupations.

Video 1 - click here.

Video 2 - click here.