May 8, 2008

The" Hidden Imam" out of the Closet...

As I said in my uncensored blog, I am tired and don't have much stamina for political exposés...

So you will get it straight from me tonight, like every night...

I am not pleased with what's happening in Lebanon. Not pleased at all. Hezbollah and Amal, two Shiite parties, are playing a deadly game.

I said it before and will reiterate again, Hezbollah-the militia and Hezbollah has all the characteristics of a militia, is dying to spark a civil war in Lebanon.

Not because Hezbollah stands for truth and justice. Ze General Aoun is after all, a right wing fascist, and he is associated with these thugs. So is Frangieh.

Anyone who has been following the Lebanese scene knows what both Aoun and Frangieh stand for.

I foresee some form of a "coup" happening in Lebanon. The whole thing orchestrated and directed by Iran. And Hezbollah is active as per the Iranian agenda. Its sole purpose and mission is to execute what Iran wants. Forget the rhetoric and the anti-Israel bullshit.

Hezbollah doesn't give a fig about the Palestinians. Its latest contributing role in the destruction of Nahr Al-Bared is proof enough.

Today I heard the news about the "airport camera" stolen by Hezbollah in 2007.
A camera that monitors one particular runway where private jets of "prominent Lebanese politicians" land.

The story goes on to say that the plan is - Hezbollah attacks these politicians and blames Al-Qaeda for it.

Wasn't Al-Qaeda's branch, by the name of Jund Al-Islam, also involved in Nahr Al-Bared ?
30'000 Palestinians were displaced for the 3rd time -- and Hezbollah watched on...

I don't like this. This stinks to high heavens.

Furthermore, the main trade union which Hezbollah was supposedly endorsing, didn't even gather the necessary mobilization today in Beirut.

This means that this "general strike" or what goes by the name of a general strike is nothing but a pretext by the so-called "opposition" (made of Hezbollah and Aoun and Frangieh) to instigate a "civil war" in Lebanon Iraq style...

Everything that is happening in Lebanon today, reminds me of the exact same "strategy" employed in Baghdad.

In particular the Sadrist strategy - positing itself as some patriotic anti-occupation force, playing both the political and military (as in armed) card. Infiltrating the so-called police, army and "state" apparatus - more like the failed state apparatus. And marketing itself as some "grassroot" popular movement. While it does nothing but engage in a blatant sectarianism, thus fullfilling its mission for the "Wilyat Al-Faqih", the ultimate state of affairs where the Imam, the hidden Mahdi will finally appear, conducting the whole gory and gruesome tragedy and it's not comical either...

Hezbollah is doing exactly the same thing in Lebanon. The parallels are too glaring to ignore.

The hand behind both - Muqtada and Hezbollah - is none but Iran. It is so clear and so obvious to anyone who really cares to carefully look beyond the rhetoric.

What I said concerning Muqtada Al-Sadr holds true for Hezbollah.

Hezbollah is not anti-Israel, it's simply pro-Iran. Just like Muqtada Al-Sadr is not anti-US, he's simply pro-Iran.

You need to think in nuances and degrees. Not in slogans.

And I will make a bet with you right now -- and this is my bet.

Israel is happy with a Hezbollah around. This latter serves Israel's purpose of dividing and destabilizing - and in this case, along sectarian lines.

Hezbollah is no real threat to Israel. I know, I know, you will tell me the Israeli aggression on Lebanon etc...

And I say to you, look at the end result. Look regionally. Look at Iraq and what follows...
Who benefited and who benefits today ?

Do you understand now ?

OK let's make a deal from today onwards, whatever slogans you hear and however pleasing they are to your ears, do me a favor, suspend them and look beyond...

Just see who's emerging out of the closet.