May 21, 2008

Your Hypocrisy keeps me awake...

Every day I promise myself "Thou shall not blog today" and then I read a piece of news that just makes me enraged.

Look at this one for instance -Iranian shelling of Iraqi/Kurdish villages - a member of the "Iraqi parliament" (hahahahahaha) is astonished over the government's position regarding these Iranian shelling.

This is not the first time that Iran shells Iraqi villages. Definitely not the first time since the occupation and definitely not the first time prior to the occupation. The whole Iran-Iraq war started with the daily shelling of Iraqi villages - a fact that your media refuses to acknowledge and mention.

The Imperial West and its pillar, the anti-war/left (another hahahahaha) never tire, till this very day of repeating "Saddam shelled Kurdish villages, Saddam displaced Iraqis, Saddam gassed his own people, Saddam tortured, Saddam eliminated all opposition ..." Bla-bla-bla...

I need not continue since you know the old fabricated refrain much better than I. You are were/are very proficient at it.

Of course all of the above, later transpired to be FALSE ACCUSATIONS, SLANDERS and DEMONIZATION part of a massive disinformation/propaganda campaign to JUSTIFY, RATIONALIZE and LEGITIMIZE the Zionist Anglo-American and Iranian occupations of Iraq.

But let's forget the past for one minute. Let me ask you this, did you read ONE condemnation of the current, ongoing Iranian shelling of Iraqi villages ? Of course not.

Why is that ? Did you ever ask yourself why is that ? Of course you wouldn't.

Are you a bunch of disgusting hypocrites ? An absolute YES.

OK now I can peacefully go to sleep.