May 16, 2008

Pathetic "Taqiyya".

"Taqiyya" the art of Dissimulation. An art in which Iran and its proxies in the Arab World are experts. An art tool of sectarianism that is infesting us and positing itself as "resistance" or "Muqawama" like the "Sayyed" of the Hezb militia or like Muqtada Al-Driller from the Mahdi militia, call it.

But nothing beats that piece of Taqiyya by Iran's Ahmadinejad when in a press conference yesterday, he affirmed "Iran has never been involved in Lebanese affairs".

You must agree this is really a pathetic affirmation. An affirmation that even the "Sayyed" and his militia will be insulted by.

Now what you are about to read is no Taqiyya. It is actually what a Shiite friend who is Lebanese, told me. He said that his sister lives in the Dahyia - Southern part of Beirut, controlled by the Hezb's militia. He was caught in Beirut and could not leave. It took him over 24 hours to get out, by road.

His sister calls him and tells him that when the Hezb took control of the Airport, 4 Iranian planes landed carrying ammunition and Hezb fighters who have just finished their training in Iran. This piece of news was common knowledge in the Dahiyah and was proudly circulating among the residents there.

Today at a press conference following the Arab meeting in Beirut - to resolve the crisis, Amr Moussa from the Arab League declared in a TV interview that "Washington and Iran have reached some informal agreement to solve the Lebanese crisis."

Ahmadinejad's pathetic affirmation that Iran is not involved in Lebanon is the art of dissimulation at its worst, in poor taste and very badly done as well. One would expect a slightly more intelligent approach from this chauvinistic, sectarian anti-Arab, criminal con man. But I guess these are the limits imposed by ethno-sectarian chauvinism, itself - Iran style. It can't go very far without being exposed.

And nothing exposed it for what it truly is, like Iraq's occupation did.